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  1. A mali ker read the missive from deep within the confines of a fur tent. The burning crackle of a fire accompanies the man as he examines the parchment before him. Once a Lord Marshal of the Kingdom, a light smile escapes Hieran Melphestaus. "That monarch really was something, one of the few humans who seemed to be as old as I."
  2. Hieran Melphestaus reads over the missive. His time in the Brotherhood may have ended some years ago, but the Coat of Arms always caught his eye. "Oh? Young Sviatoslav... He always did stand apart from the other in his unit." The ker would hum, before returning to his brewery.
  3. Hieran Melphestaus raises a mug of tea to the heavens, from the port at which him and his predecessor first met
  4. THE RESIGNATION OF LORD MARSHAL HIERAN MELPHESTAUS ‘STAY IN THE BLOB - WE’RE WINNING!!!’ - Lord Marshal Hieran Melphestaus upon the field of battle at the 2nd Mog Clan raid. __________________________ AN EMPTY OFFICE As the Kingdom of Haense grew, so followed the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. A family of such military prowess, I could see no other to fill its place as the blade of the Hanseti-Ruska. Those who stood by my side are not my soldiers, Not my canon fodder to send into the ranks of my enemies. Nae, each and every one was brethren to me. We were not a royal army - we were a brotherhood. And the finest I have ever seen at that. But, while each soldier shined like a star in the night sky, there is always one that must rise and fall. And today, I hold that place. Like the atmosphere's sun, there must come a day when my command shall set - and now is when that day comes to a close. Death does not end my time upon almaris, though as Lord Marshal Johann Barclay did before me, I pass the reigns to the officers that worked beside me - each a fine candidate for my position, and that much is for the King to decide. My blade is placed within its sheathe. A podium left empty and a uniform unworn. Though this is the end for me, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl has no future than a prosperous one. And as I rest, I watch for this future, and look upon it with great fondness. Farewell my Brotherhood, may GOD guide you. __________________________ IV JOVEO MAAN, His Royal Majesty KARL III by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera His Excellency, Hieran Melphestaus, Lord Marshal of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl
  5. Lord Marshal Hieran Melphestaus salutes the fallen Sergeant.
  7. "Yes." States Lord Marshal Hieran Melphestaus as he signs off his officers to the council.
  8. The Lord Marshal of the BSK unsheathes his blades as he rallies the North under the banner of HRM Karl III to fight for their GOD.
  9. The Haeseni monarchs Lord Marshal raises his blade to rally the Northmen Army to fight those who stand against GOD.
  10. THE BROTHERHOOD CEREMONIES OF 443 E.S KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the LORD MARSHAL On this 12th day of TOV AG YERMEY of 443 E.S. It is on this Saints day that the soldiers and brethren of the BSK assembled to raise the ranks and recognise those soldiers who have proven most vigilant in battle. In one of the largest promotion pools in recent history - Commandos, Hussars, Officers and enlisted soldiers all formed as one to salute new commanders within the Brotherhood. In response to the prior battle, 4 soldiers were awarded the ‘Sparrows Valour’ for their bravery in the battlefield against their new foe - ‘The Enlightened’ NOTABLE PROMOTIONS The following soldiers were awarded commanding ranks for their continued diligence and work within the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Recognised as some of the best within our ranks. Alongside these officer changes, 10 soldiers were promoted to the rank of Armsman The following are named: THOMUND BISHOP For his continued ambition and prowess within the navy, Lieutenant Thomund Bishop has been raised to the rank of Captain, set to lead the Royal Operations Division and its members. He is recognised as a commanding figure of the Brotherhood, second to none but the Marshal and the Crown. AGIS MELPHESTAUS Due to the young Kers undying dedication, he has been given command of the Royal Hussars. Sergeant Melphestaus has been named the Velky Hussar of the RHU and is to lead them with valour and prowess on the front lines. SVIATOSLAV This Armsman had been the leader of the Commandos since their instigation. His ability to lead and recruit is unquestionable, and is seen as one of the finest the BSK has to offer. Therefore, he has been brought into the Officer core as a Sergeant, expanding his duties past just the commandos. EULIE LIVARAI As the head medic of the BSK, the young Mali has shown time and time again their dedication to the Crown Land. Carrying out every order immediately and to a perfect extent. It is seen fit to raise him to the rank of Sergeant, where as a healer of the army he shall stand as one of the officer core. MEDALS BESTOWED For their prowess on the battlefield against the Enlightened, the following soldiers were bestowed the ‘Sparrows Valour’ for proving leading men upon the battlefield: Sebastian Bishop Agis Livarai Sergei Aleksandre Sviatoslav Godunov IV JOVEO MAAN His Excellency Hieran Melphestaus, Lord Marshal of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl
  11. The bane of the ISA waits for the final post to be mentioned (These posts are actually insanely written)
  12. THE ROYAL HUSSAR UNIT OF THE BSK A Royal Hussar moving to the field of battle upon a mighty warhorse possessed only by those in this unit INTRODUCTION The hussars are the most elite of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. These men and women had proven their dedication and worth through both battle and diligence. This task force of Hussars is made up of none but the best within the Royal Infantry Division. In the 92nd year of the second age, this unit was instigated into the 4th Brotherhood of Saint Karl, who gathered the most promising of his brethren in his keep and gave them armors adorned with gold and the most exclusive pelts he could find. To their saddles this man attached wings, letting them rise far above the expectations he had for them. Except for the oath needed to become a part of the brotherhood of saint Karl, the Hussars swear a commitment to the others in their new unit. An Oath so sacred its importance is held alongside that which they took to their Marshal. In which they swear to protect Haense and the king from all, to the last breath they take. THE HUSSAR INITIATION Before one becomes a fully fledged hussar, they are to train under some of the best. They’ll undergo rigorous survival training, learn the art of most armaments, and the works of a steed. Once they master the art of combat and reach the rank of Footman, an elder hussar will assist them on a hunt. On that hunt, they’ll be rid of their equipment, except for their horse and a saddle. They’ll survive in the cold until they slay a bear of the north, with weapons they forged themselves. Should one fail to win the battle but survive are never once looked on by the Hussars again. Those who triumph in their fight, shall be named a Royal Hussar. THE HUSSARS OATH Henceforth my soul belongs to the hussars. If I ever dare to betray my brethren, the ground shall flow with my blood, my spear shall be broken apart. I shall defend the kingdom with my body, I shall defend the kingdom with my mind, I shall defend the kingdom with my blood, I shall defend the kingdom with my spirit, Such I promise to myself, my ancestors, and my brethren. THE HUSSARS SPECIALIZATIONS During battle, the Hussars are considered the line breakers, the sight to look upon when all seems lost. One shall never falter nor retreat. One shall never take a fight as lost. Wielding the weapons forged by their own two hands, the prowess exerted by these soldiers never fails to raise the morale of the Brotherhood. As well as being considered elite ground fighters, the Hussars are expected to be trained in the following: HEAVY CAVALRY As per definition, the Royal Hussars are experts of the steed. Armed with golden lances and a fine warhorse, they break the lines and spirits of an enemy. While not restricted to this, Hussars are expected to be masters of the horse. BLADESMITHING As per the initiation, Hussars are to forge their own weapon. each must be familiar with basic metals, and some may even strive for metals of mythic nature. When the time calls, positions like the Staff Farrier are to distribute these fine weapons to all who require them. JOUSTING It is not uncommon for a Hussar to train themselves through the sport of the joust. Not only does the game strengthen the bonds of soldiers, but allows them to master their accuracy with a lance, therefore dominating within the battlefield. THE ROYAL HUSSAR COMMAND STRUCTURE The Royal Hussars are a unit of the Royal Infantry Division. While all maintaining traditional BSK ranks, members of this task force hold certain titles in order to delegate their duties and ensure those within the task force are taken under the wings of the Hussars quickly and effectively. THE VELKY HUSSAR The Velky Hussar is the Commanding Officer of the unit. Loyal to both their Captain and Lord Marshal, the Velky Hussar ensures that the task force maintains an elite tier level of expertise, as well as an effective ability to rally soldiers to swiftly take care of disputes. THE STANDARD BEARER The Standard Bearer of the Hussars is deemed the second in command to the Velky Hussar. While an image of prowess and martial ability, this Hussar must also scour the initiate and footman pools for any worthy of taking the initiation. THE STAFF FARRIER The Staff Farrier is generally considered to be a position to relieve duties from their superiors. Both ensuring Hussars are supplied with gear and are prepared for a battle ahead are duties that this Hussar must hold close, and carry out with diligence and effectiveness. THE ROYAL HUSSARS A Royal Hussar is a soldier chosen by the Velky Hussar to be initiated into the elite force of the Royal Infantry Division. Trained by their superiors and expected to carry out their duties with twice the effectiveness as before. THE PEONS Peons are those hand picked but untrained. Expected to become a Hussar after initiation, and take up the mantle of those who came before. SIGNED, His Excellency Hieran melphestaus, Lord Marshal of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl Sergeant Agis Melphestaus, Velky Hussar of the RHU Tavisha Markov, Captain of the Royal Infantry Division
  13. "Yub yub" states the Lord Marshal of the BSK
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