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  1. Captain Hieran reads the report with a nod. "Jolly good, I thought I was sending them on a death mission... " He Mumbles before looking up at the formation of recruits looking up at him "what? Oh bloody hell - I mean god save the emperor and spiffing job to those brave lads I sent... To win of course"
  2. Captain Hieran Melphestaus reads the invite with a proud smile "Jolly good. I'd go as far as to say..Im proud of you" He says with a hearty smile and a small chuckle "Really - spiffing job lad"
  3. The Cavalries Order of 1855 By issued Order of Captain Hieran Melphestaus, all cavalrymen of the Imperial State army are ordered to depart from providence in formation to investigate the arising threats discovered by one Lieutenant Thomas Glabraith. From the recent field report, it is understood that this bandit group operates in an organised manner, with there own form of officers and leadership. High Command suspects that this group have set up posts around Orenian land - surrounding our Capital. ~*~ Signed - Captain Hieran Melphestaus
  4. Captain Melphestaus reads the missive with a smile and a nod. "Spiffing job to those fine soldiers eh? They'll make fantastic officers one day, that I have no doubt." He lets out a contented nod before rallying his cavalrymen to investigate the surrounding area
  5. Lord Hieran shrugs. "You're right - thats it. My entire mind is changed an I'll leave. My mistake entirely."
  6. The Imperial Cavalries Captain perks a brow "Hmm Ravar...is that a type of soup?"
  7. Captain Melphestaus reads over the Missive with a stroke of his chin. "Havent seen one of these in a while..." He ponders to himself at the seat of his office. "Not a bad thing of course. I'm just not one for these relations. Not my place. But spiffing work - of course"
  8. The Grand Ebon Sale In the deep woods of Ebonwood, a long lost property lies vacant. Under the legal ownership of Ebonwood - The Ethereal council of the Ebonwood Principatus have chosen to sell the grand building in out woods. Once an elven tavern of the pale woods - now it is in your grasp. The building has space for over 15 residents, a pre built bank and we offer discounts to those who can bring a large group - and life to the surrounding principatus. As an Elven Princedom, we are looking for a Mali from across Almaris - for we are elves in unity. PRICING: SUBMIT AN OFFER: BUILDING INFO:
  9. The Imperial Cavalries Captain reads over the missive with a perked brow, rather biased in his view. "I do hope the next Lord Mayor will be more....Diligent...than the current." He states rather plainly, clicking an armour plate into place, before mounting a steed and catering through the gates, laying the missive in his bag.
  10. Lord Hieran reads over the missive with a slow nod "ah, what fun. Should be rather interesting." He states, before returning to his office.
  11. Lord Hieran nods, slowly but of course surely. "Always had a silver tongue brother. A talent with the pen, rather than the blade. Well written as always. I'd say we have....5 saints minutes before the other elves get angry about a misspelt word or something." He states rather plainly, before reclining into his seat.
  12. Lord Hieran shrugs "Orenian Cinnamon Buns? Suppose they arent bad. Better than the damb kebabs" He states, spitting out some kebab, before sheathing his sword and putting the missive aside
  13. Hieran nods slowly upon the words, stroking his chin with an armoured hand as he does so. "Hm, Politics". He states plainly, before returning to an afternoon tea.
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