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  1. Pharisianism I come to you, my beloved, to bring a kingdom upon the world; a kingdom much like mine in the ethereal plane. A kingdom where all traces of grime, dust, and imperfection are eradicated. A kingdom where crystalline purity beams in the hearts of all who inhabit it. A kingdom where my sword pierces the heart of all Buurz-spawn and their father, Iblees, the Captain of deceit and betrayal, and where mine children are schooled in the art of purging. Indeed, in my kingdom there are many rooms, but all of them contain virtue. I give you power over the impure of the world and their children, should you hear my call. No serpent shall tangle you, no arrow shall pierce your breast, no voice of evil fold you into its measure, nor shall any worm or dragon entangle you. Will you hear my call and beckon my blessings to establish a fount of crystalline beauty upon your world, or will you shut your ears? My vast pools of perfection wait for you, my children. My legions of crystalline warriors and divine magus stand in my realm waiting for your invocation. But it is up to you to heed my call, for if you do I shall answer.” - An excerpt from the Scroll of Pharis, translated from Old Blah into common by her shamans. What is Pharisianism? Pharisianism is a rediscovered spiritual faith thought to be remnants of an ancient religion practiced by followers of Scorthuz, the spirit of purity. Pharisian lore dictates that the Scorthuz worshipers of old once used crystals to connect to the spiritual ideal of purity. Through these idiosyncratic practices, Scorthuzian shamans discovered a realm of shimmering crystal light during a spirit walk, and heard a soft voice coming from a woman made entirely of numerous brightly colored crystals; Zoisite, Wulfenite, Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye were the most pronounced of the innumerable materials lining her humanoid body. The woman announced herself as Pharis, spirit of divine purging and crystalline purity, and spoke on several matters concerning spiritualist lands, philosophy, and the world. Pharisianism is based off of several ‘scrolls’ which contain translated text from their conversations with Pharis. Several ancient Scortuzians became devout followers of Pharis after this, whereas many simply saw her as insignificant next to Scorthuz himself. For the latter reason, Pharis worship has been largely forgotten and was only rediscovered by Scorthuzian elf Agis Penweather. The scrolls have been preserved and contain the basic ‘ethos’ for Pharisian beliefs. Who is Pharis? Pharis is the lesser spirit of crystalline purging and divine purity under Scorthuz. She embodies Scorthuz’s emphasis on destroying impurities, through force and prayer, and she emphasizes the concept of purity through crystal metaphors. Crystals, for Pharis and her followers, are spiritual tools that connect mortals to Platonic ‘forms’ (perfect ideas) that express the true desires of purity. Crystals are often associated with light or untapped energies, all of which can be used for the purposes of purity. Pharis starts at one basic premise: everything is energy. And the difference between a spiritualist and a non-spiritualist is their recognition of their fact. Crystals, given their supposed divine connection, are conduits of this energy. Only when crystal wielders tie these tools to divine powers, like herself, can they access this universal energy. Purging is conceptualized rather viscerally under Pharis’s philosophy. Whereas crystals represent pure uses of energy, they can also be used to clear poor manifestations of energy, such as buurz spawn, voidal corruption, soul taint, and so forth. The main difference between Pharis and Scorthuz is their aesthetics and emphasis on spiritual access. Many Scorthuzians use water and other tools as vessels for Scorthuz’s power, though ideally Scorthuz’s power can be exercised through many mediums. For Pharis and her followers, crystals are an essential part of spiritual worship, because they have their own spiritual significance independent of her; though they can only be used effectively with her blessing. Unlike most Scorthuzians, Pharis also believes crystals are not merely tools, but also gateways into higher understanding. Thus, it is not odd for a Pharis follower to wear crystals all over their body, or use crystalline tools or weapons in work and combat. Pharis’s form of purity emphasizes the inherent divinity of all who seek to wield it. Mortals are merely divine spirits residing in a fleshly coil. If mortals have divinity in them, she argues, then you must remain pure of mind, heart, body, and soul as a divine being. Pharisian divinity should not be mistaken as saying her followers are Gods; far from it. Pharisians believe they are transcendent, and can overcome the imperfections of their mortal coil by applying Pharis’s wisdom and guidance throughout their life. While no mortal will ever be perfect, they can come quite close through wielding Pharis’s principles (and power) when necessary. Those who forsake purity and give in to soul taint have lost their divinity and must be purged, lest they bring the same fate upon the rest of the world. The crystalline kingdom cannot manifest in the face of corruption. Tenets of Pharisianism Remain pure in body, mind, soul, spirit. Do not entertain to words, indulge behaviors, or even eat foods that will cause corruption to any aspect of your being. All buurz-spawn must face crystalline judgment. Call upon the name of Pharis as you rid the mortal plane of their influence. Virtue is a matter of habituation. Practice daily cleansing through water blessed by Pharis, and use crystals to meditate on matters of life and soul. Show no measure towards impurity. Any action or behavior that conforms your soul to the world or contrary spiritual powers is impure. Practicing the void, consorting with buurz-spawn, consuming substances that cause your passions to inflame - all should be avoided. Pharis demands worship, but she is not a jealous deity. You may also honor other spirits of a similar nature to her, so long as she is glorified through your relationship with them. Children are the most precious manifestations of divine potential in the world. You will spare them and protect them when you can. If a child is afflicted with soul corruption, you will not harm them. Bring them to Pharis’s cleansing waters. The life of the mind feeds the soul; read and consume as much knowledge as possible, but stay wary of the knowledge of evil. The soul is more righteous than the body; do not judge others for their appearances or identities, but evaluate their souls. Excerpts from Pharis On Purging: My children, thine has gifted you the ability to tread upon the machinations of the deceiver and the impure. By calling forth my name, or any of the patrons of my Crystalline realm of purity who bear my authority, you have total dominion over all forms of corruption or taint. Let my name guide your sword and spear; may it reinforce your shield, and cover your soul from the seductions that would rend it unpleasing to my sight. Before you purge the impure, beloved, bless your blades with sacred invocations to my name, for it is the language of victory. On Virtue Children, are you not a spirit? You are a soul contained within a coil, not mere coil alone. As a being of divinity, you must order your soul in accordance to its measure. Meditate on my teachings; call my name in your times of curiosity and wonder; follow my tenets, keep your actions regulated by things of the spirit. Then and only then will you embody the true virtue of purity. On Children All descendants are souls contained in mortal coil. But my children, none are more innocent or precious than children. The youth of a child represents their future potential; a divine spark waiting to get lit into a blazing light of growth. You must preserve the soul of a child as long as possible. If a child is afflicted by the dark one, bring them to one of my priests or my sacred waters, for that is the way of crystalline light. On Canonism Children, do you not know that you are all created divinely? Pay heed not to the words or deeds of those who would convince you that divinity rests beyond the world or in the numerated skies. Divinity is in you, my children, and you must call upon my name to access the Crystalline fire inside of you. Upon death you shall join me amongst my crystalline kingdom in a pure state, should you heed my virtues and remain pure. Beloved, do not fall prey to the political and social machinations of organized churches, used by corrupted men to spread impurity and destruction across the world. Follow the Crystalline light to my realms and you shall remain forever sustained, in this life and the next. On Sacrifice Children, I have called you out from the practice of ritualistic and human sacrifice as a sacrament of worship. Such practices as sacraments are both barbaric, impure, and beneath my calling to you as transcendent beings. My name shall be honored by admissions of the spirit, not burnt flesh. However, it is quite righteous and pleasing to me to extinguish the impure & the wicked through such means. But this is no offering, children. It is merely a righteous act of purging in my name, and it shall be treated as such. On Magic True magic, my beloved, rests in the crystalline power of my kingdom. I bequeath upon you the cleansing fire of my form, my sparkling waters of my kingdom, and the brilliant sapphire light of my throne room, upon which you can transmute and transform even the most stubborn circumstances. All authority that comes from outside of the realm of the spirit, such as that of the wretched Inferi, buurz-spawn generally, or the void, are contrary to my blessing. Avoid such entanglements lest your soul be rendered null in my eyes. On Aengudaemon worship Beloved, do you not know that purity is a divine ideal? My form is established by immaculate ideals, conceptions of purity and virtue that are indecipherable to the mortal mind. If you were to gaze upon my true form, your mind and mortality would shatter into bits. Do you not know that you are inheritors of a divine ideal, moving ever-so closely towards a transcendent state through my teachings? Never shall you be greater than me, beloved; but one day shall you assume my nature, like all others who inherit my kingdom. And yet, there are those amongst you that claim the mantle for divinity for themselves. Entities such as glowing idol Xan, or the wretched Azdromoth, the deceiver Iblees, the troubled Malchediael, and others I have not yet mentioned. All of these beings presume divinity and do not recognize your innate god-spark. My beloved, be wary of those entrapped by such forces, and do not pay heed to their so-called ‘blessings’. Focus on your soul and meditate on my teachings, for they are the only true path to transcendence. Allies of Pharis A set of spirits are oftentimes worshiped and invoked alongside Pharis by her followers. These spirits are not numerous and are not seen as competitors to Pharis, but forces that compliment her goals. Okal - Spirit of the Sacred Knowledge of Crystalline Purity and The Occult - Lesser of Theruz. And there I saw a bright light manifest in the form of a man, wreathed in flowing crystalline robes and wielding a brilliant fire in his hands. He spoke to me with a golden, booming voice and said "my brother, receive the gift of the knowledge of purity, for through it your soul shall flourish!" And with a roaring crack of thunder my spirit was filled with pure bliss; I had received the knowledge of my future, should my soul remain on purity's path. - Excerpt from Scroll of Okal, divine magician of knowledge. Okal represents the divine manifestation of righteous knowledge. Pharisians call upon Okal to gain more insights into purity in general, and they invoke his power against profane words and knowledge that come from Buurz, Aengudaemons, and other contrary forces. Pharisian shamans have been known to wield him against darkspawn Magi to counteract their incantations and spells with the divine might of crystalline language. Furthermore, Okal is used to gain knowledge into esoteric matters without having to resort to seers, psychics, or other beings that may not honor Pharis or her concepts. He takes the image of a magician wearing long white robes. Dromond - Patron of Crystalline Fortitude and Strength - Lesser Aspect of Leyd And there he stands: a titan in our hearts, the giant of purity's fortitude stands at the ready upon our call. When we invoke him, our bodies become awash with supernatural strength; our spirits and morale are made unassailable; and the impure tremble in the knowledge of their eventual fate. Lo', for when I called upon his authority to best the Inferi, I saw buurz as tall as towers sputter and writhe as their infernal power would no longer work for them. They began attacking their own ranks, falling down en masse, whlist the forces of purity remained emboldened. Friends, this is the power bestowed upon us through Pharis's servant Dromond; the power over even the most intimidating of enemies. Fear no man or spirit with this bulwark of righteousness by your side. - Excerpt from the Scroll of Fortitude, spoken by an ancient Pharisian prophet. This spirit takes the form of a hulking, towering golem made of various crystals. He is the mightiest warrior in the Pharisian canon and can be called invoked to strengthen one’s own mind against impurity, and to strike at the strongest of the impure. He promises victory to all who faithfully invoke his name. His will can also be turned directly against the impure, for he represents the might of Pharis manifest into solid form. Pharisian warriors often invoke his name during battles with mighty foes, and crystal armor may be worn to express gratitude for the spirit's protection.
  2. [!] The Scorthuzian elf meditates in the holy temple of the Ker that towers over Nor'asth, Luara's city. He reflects on the events of the day in light of several factors, including his duty to Scorthuz's Ivory kingdom of Purity and Cleansing. Sarah was only the beginning, Agis surmised; darkspawn, the impure, the spook afflicted throughout spiritualist territories -- and Almaris for that matter -- must be pursued, put to trial, and purged by the power of Scorthuz. But with the worm on the horizon and Iblees agents sprinkled throughout the continent, this would be no simple feat. He mutters a few words under his breath amidst this contemplative state "The Kingdom of Purity shall be made manifest upon this realm. I prophesy it, by the name of Scorthuz. And with the power vested in me by Almighty Dazkur, as a wielder of his Aegis, all foes to this end will find our efforts unassailable. These words shall not come unto me void.." [!] And with that, Agis returns back to his meditative state, loosing himself in the things of purity, virtue, protection, justice, pure concepts that represent the spirits he seeks out. There was much work to be done.
  3. [!] The knight gazes over the missive for a moment with a pained expression on his countenance. After a few moments of silence, he shakes his head and speaks. "Either the church fully excommunicates these heretics and declares a holy crusade, or it loses all credibility in the eyes of the FAITHFUL. May Almighty GOD's judgment upon these deceitful darkspawn sympathizers be swift."
  4. This makes sense to me and is a much needed addition. +1
  5. I like it, though I would add that Nephilim flame is vulnerable to air or water evocation (malflame, for example, disperses upon being hit by a T3 Air evo spell)
  6. [!] The Armakkakin wizard, clad in golden robes that bear the symbols of his Sunlit Patron, gazes upon the announcement from the high prophet. With a sly smile upon his face, the wizard gazes towards the steps of the Grand City and trudges forth with pride, shouting: "May Armakak's loight shoine brightleh upon our efforts, lads!"
  7. [!] The newly christened Templar gazes upon the latest missive from the Ibleesian forces with righteous scorn upon his countenance. The fire of GOD, reinforced by the tenets of Owynism, burn strongly within the knight as Archangel Michael's radiant blessing continues to grow within his soul, strengthening it; imbuing it with divine courage. He grits his teeth as he looks out upon the Aaunian countryside, thinking about the profane prophecy given to him by the Owl in the lushes of Celia'unor. He turns towards a piece of sacred iconography of Exalted Owyn on his wall and subsequently signs the Lorraine over his body. He speaks subtly. "May GOD use me and every other warrior in his service as he did you against the Hordes of Iblees, Exalted Owyn. May my sword constitute burning judgment towards their hordes.. As for the Owl.." The knight pauses, gripping the mid-section of his Lunarite mace which radiates a silvery white light. "May his head fall beneath thine righteous judgment!" And with that proclamation, he brings the full brunt of his mace down upon a small piece of rock upon his table, smashing it into bits. The knight exits his tent and mounts his steed, riding off towards Khamer'Parbat to prepare his apprentices for what is to come.
  8. [!] The Sulianpolite Scorthuzian elf gazes upon the missive with a strong expression of disgust upon his countenance. Once he concludes reading, he sets the paper down and stares towards the sturdy walls of Krugmar, which are quite visible from the heights of Sulianpoli. A devious smile comes across his face as he retreats to the armory, muttering the following words under his breath "Hak-Scorthuz. May our LORD of purity wash away this Ibleesian traitor from this world and the next, forevermore!"
  9. I, for one, think this amendment is a welcomed addition! Hydromancy is incredibly nerfed at the moment, giving very little reason to have it even for utility purposes (housemagery and a bucket of water can arguably cover all of the non-combative uses of water evo). I might agree that the sword evocation is a bit questionable, but everything else (dry ice, freezing water blasts) are necessary additions to strengthen the magic. OP, you'll have to explain how the water evocationists can maintain concentration to sustain a voidal blade while fighting. If you can get over that hurdle I think you have a winning project! +1 for me.
  10. As a long-time magic RPer, this lore contains such rich possibilities for RP, character development, aesthetics, lore, and so forth. I cannot endorse this enough. +1 hoping to see this go into lore.
  11. [!] The following missive is sent throughout the principalities within the Kingdom of Aaun that were nearest to the Duchy of Adria, although it is conceivable that it has spread beyond Aaun’s borders. It contains the following warning. To the people of Adria and surrounding towns: Over the past few Saints Weeks, our Duchy has undergone three separate assaults from an unknown eldritch being. I have personally witnessed and seen these occurrences from many angles. They have led to Adrians being cursed, maimed, and killed by dark forces that manifest as shadows and disembodied voices. The first of these occurrences involved a man who goes by the name Yavonna discussing a tome alongside our Duchy’s many campfires. The tome ended up unleashing a dark horror across Adria which summoned several skeletal apparitions to attack our lands. When Yavonna was decapitated, this dark force somehow pieced his body back together and allowed him to flee. The second event was more sinister. A shadowy horror, wrapped in tendrils whilst bearing a form of complete darkness, manifested upon Adria and began its assault. This horror attacked us with a combination of tendril strikes and magical blood. In fact, it summoned a circle of blood to protect it and afflict anyone within its radius with terrible maladies. I managed to slay this creature with my flaming Blainbraid, causing it to recede back into the Abyss. During this encounter the creature managed to curse two people, inciting one of them to fight against my fellow defenders, while causing the other to lose consciousness and experience mental torment upon awakening. During the attack, three individuals were taken through the blood unwillingly to the city of Hae’lunor. However, the three returned with word that Yavonna had assisted them, then let them go. I took one of the victims to the Paladin’s keep to treat her affliction. A pool of accursed blood manifested around us while we were in the Keep and forcibly teleported us to a keep in old Hae’lunor. It was there we met Yavonna, who did all he could to convince us to strike a deal with him. I refused, of course. When we announced our unwillingness to accept his bargain, a mass of shadows jumped towards me and began to crush my body with immense weight. Had the Paladins not arrived in time, I would have likely been lost to the crushing weight of sorcerer’s dark magicks. Shortly after the paladins arrived a fight broke out between the Warriors of Xan and the dark sorcerer. The combined might of paladins and Druii present were enough to seemingly defeat Yavonna; a chandelier whipped by druidic vines crushed his body, while several stabbing attacks before then riddled him with fatal wounds. However, just like before his master reanimated his body and began speaking through him. At that moment, the evil power controlling him sent its power across the room and blocked all divinely-connected individuals from their patrons, including mine. The paladins, nor I, or the druids, could access their blessings whilst the entity maintained its spell, rendering us virtually powerless against its whims. Eventually it released us, but not before assuring me of one thing: It will conquer Adria and persist its wretched assaults until this goal is accomplished. This was the promise made to me by the evil power controlling Yavonna, the sorcerer. During the most recent attack, it marked three people whose names I shall leave anonymous. The entity called out three names in particular through Yavonna and claimed it would return to collect them, allowing them a temporary “peace.” Dear friends, this entity is deadly. I am not sure what nature it belongs to, but I am most certain that it will ruthlessly pursue the people of Adria and the marked until it has claimed them. This entity has shown the ability to: Summon minions at will, sometimes entire groups of them. Nullify deific sorceries with the wave of a hand. Invade the mind seamlessly and bestow curses upon its victims. Wield blood as a weapon against descendant-kind to debilitating effects. For all of these reasons and more I, as a protector of the Duchy of Adria and a Knight under House Sarkozic, recommend that all Adrians remain indoors and avoid interacting with the man named Yavonna should he return. He is incredibly dangerous. He is a conduit for a powerful entity that has no qualms with attacking your soul. All denizens of the Kingdom of Aaun should remain alert for Yavonna as well. He wears a green robe and a black hat, often walking around with a tome in tow. Rest assured, several measures are being taken to address this problem. But most importantly we must all remember one enduring truth: GOD is resolute over all evil, no matter how dark or powerful it seems. The LIGHT of the Seven Skies will burn these shadows to ash and keep the realm of Man intact. As an agent of the Seven Skies, I will ensure GOD's judgment drives this entity away from our lands and all of Almaris, forever. GOD bless you all, and may Archangel Michael be your sword and shield. Sincerely, Ser Philip the Righteous Knight of House Sarkozic Defender of the realm Agent of the Seven Skies Alexei Volkov, Cossack of The Host of Saint Arpad ((OOC: Written by boknice275 and Breadnugget7567))
  12. The recently christened Templar receives word of the King's passing while sitting in his small tent in the Duchy of Adria. Phil looks up from his studies and stares towards the sky, falling into a deep reminiscent day-dream about the Karl and his few interactions with them. Images flash through his mind of the hellish Inferni invasion of Karosgard, where he fought alongside Haenseti soldiers and allies against the legions of Iblees. Memories of Karl confronting the infernal Prince of Carrion valiantly with his blade appear before the Knight's imagination. Those memories are shortly replaced with the sounds of Haenseti nobles bickering for the crown over the King's fallen body after he had soundly defeated the infernal Prince. A moment or two later, Phil returns back to his normal state of mind and exhales. He rises to his feet and signs the Lorraine over himself, taking off his steel gauntlets and placing them on the ground as a sign of respect and remembrance. He kneels, dutifully praying towards patron, called Angel Michael in the Canonist faith but known as Malchediael to others, and Ex. Owyn on the condition of Karl's soul. "Mighty hosts and servant of our LORD who reigns in the Seven Skies, may the King's soul make it to his rest peacefully and with grace. Holy Saints, intercede on behalf of this warrior so that he may be accepted before the LORD's domain. Amen." With that, Phil rises to his feet and exits his tent and immediately hops atop his steed. He whips the reins down and gallops northward towards the Kingdom of Haense.
  13. OOC ((MC Name: Boknice275 )) ((Discord: ChristianJ#0755 )) ((Timezone: EST )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Grymus Irongut. Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I seek membership to expand my knowledge of the arcane arts, defend all descendants from those who would bring them harm, and demonstrate the blessings of Ogradhad to all willing to see. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? None. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus. When should you be contacted for an interview? As soon as humanly possible. OOC: I will answer anytime I am near the computer!
  14. A rough sketch of the monstrosity discussed [!] The following missive is distributed throughout the lands on thick parchment paper, with heavier concentrations appearing in the Kingdom of Aaun and areas surrounding it. It is attached to trees, wood posts, and other structures capable of holding paper. The following text is written in golden ink. An Imminent Threat To All Beloved descendants of all the lands, I come with news of a grave threat. Before I proceed I must introduce myself: I am Sir Philip Lionheart, known by some as Phil the Righteous or simply Phil. I am charged with the protection of the people of Adria, in part, and the preservation of all innocents against the unjust and wicked, at large. I have fought numerous darkspawn in Aaun and throughout the lands of Almaris with vigor and dedication. My heart bleeds for innocent souls who fall prey to dark desires. A few moons ago myself and a few others were headed to Minitz to investigate another matter that I may notify you all about someday. On the road to Minitz we traveled through my home of Adria and encountered an eldritch creature. Indeed, his form reflects the most vilest constitution that ever entered mortal minds: the being's stomach was shaped like a jagged-maw which dripped with bile and water; he had tentacles wreathed around his body which caused him to 'float' towards others as if he was on water, it's eyes were like an endless void of darkness without a glimmer of hope within them. When I approached the creature for questioning I asked him what his purpose was in the realm of men, as I do with all darkspawn I confront. I question them not to share pleasantries, but to form a basis to convict and evict them from whence they do not belong. The creature remarked that he was "cursed by a dark magician" and he was thus searching for GOD to seek revenge. Shortly thereafter I commanded him to leave Adria, where I expressly have authority as a knight under Duke Sarkozic, and the realm of men generally, where I have authority as a wielder of the flame of Owyn under the authority of almighty GOD. Instead of complying with my request, it began to summon a green slime that snaked across it's body and surrounded it's hands. I took no chances after this clear sign of aggression. I quickly maneuvered to the east and approached the being with every intention of ending it before it could harm anyone else. What happened next was horrid: it cast the substance towards me and a circle of flames surrounded my person. I foolishly tried to step over the flames, an action that would be my undoing. They proceeded to flare up and consume my entire body, tho' only my face received any injuries. Every other part of my body did not even feel any 'heat' from the flames, leading me to believe they are from a demonic source. More on this in a moment. After burning me and rebuffing an attack from my colleague who threw a spear at it, the being bargained with two jesters who tried to save me. The creature's demands to leave me alone were simple: he wanted to become empowered to "kill" Inferi. This may sound like the musings of a would-be monster hunter, but alas beloved, they were nothing of the sort. As I recovered from my burn wounds I witnessed the creature produce a crab from it's maw which crawled upon the hands of one of the jesters. The creature asked the jester how did they feel about holding an Inferi. From that statement I can deduce that this creature is a conjuring demon cursed with the tools of Iblees; I fought these same creatures in Haense not too long ago, as did many of us. The creature also told the jesters that if they hadn't been present he would have "eaten my soul." He also remarked that I should be lucky that his flame wasn't "cursed" because I would have became schizophrenic. These are the ravings of an absolute madman, not a seeker of truth searching for divinity. Shortly after these remarks, he mounted his steed and claimed he would continue his search for God, and then galloped off into the sun. The presence of darkspawn in any territory of Almaris should concern us, but this particular instance is especially egregious. The sketch above is only a very rough and probably unreliable depiction of the creature, but it is a start. This creature does not make any pretense of secrecy; it will reveal itself and it's corrupt goals without any problem. My advice is that if anyone sees this creature on the road and is ill prepared to fight it, do not engage and contact either me or another holy man. I will not rest until this so-called "seeker of God" is brought to justice and burned at the stake. For those of us who share the Canonist faith, Holy Owyn's sword is a powerful symbol not merely because of it's prowess against the dark, but what it represents to all of us who have faith in GOD: the ultimate judgment and demise of Iblees children at the sword of the Righteous. I prophesy that the destruction of this eldritch sea demon is imminent. Over the weeks I will be organizing a hunt for this particular creature. If you wish to participate in my hunt for this being, send an aviary to me in Adria or wander around the Kingdom of Aaun, as I am sure to be patrolling for other evil ones. Once again, if you come across this being alone or if you and others are ill-prepared, DO NOT ENGAGE. This creature is capable of conjuring Inferi that assume the appearance of sea creatures and he can use accursed flames to burn unprotected skin. He also bested me and a colleague at the same time. His demise will be the work of the combined efforts of descendants throughout the land, not a single hero trying to score renown. If this creature wishes to meet GOD, I have no problem sending his soul directly to him for ultimate oblivion. GOD bless all of you, and may the light of Owyn shield you from the dark ones." -Signed, Sir Phil the Righteous of Adria.
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