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  1. Are you sure the results of your experiment indicate 'gender bias'? Could the upsetting variable be that few people - myself included - enjoy interacting with child characters? Child/family RP is a niche that not everyone's character goals are suited for. Another thing to consider: you did not attempt your experiment at the same location, same time, with the same playergroup. You went to two very different locations (with arguably different playergroups) and different character concepts. It makes sense that you received a different result due to selection, not necessarily gender bias or discriminatory thoughts. Much of LOTC's playerbase is here for one reason: to escape the pressures of reality through immersion in a high fantasy context. The digital medium is a barrier to actually understanding *who* other players are unless you take the time to speak to them on Discord for a significant amount of time. Even in that instance, you will likely not know the full extent of their values. If "gender bias" does exist and it is difficult to detect inrl, wouldn't it be even more hard to discern through a screen, separated by pixels and avatars who have no bearing on our true selves? I certainly do not want you to feel like others dislike you because you're a female. Anyone who truly has those mentalities already has significant character flaws that do not reflect on you as a person. But it isn't the best idea to presume this disdain when the evidence of it is murky.
  2. [!] Upon hearing news of the disaster in Aaun the venerable Knight rises to his feet and exhales. A sense of dread comes over Ser Philip's face as he contemplates the implications of the day's events. Who could have done this? Was it a freak act of nature or a work of sorcery or neither? How will Canondom recover from this blow to the heart of it's lands? These considerations and more weighed upon the Knight as he prepared to ride into Aaun to survey the damage. Before he left his chambers in warm Balian the Knight turns to face a sacred iconography of Owyn, which depicts him wielding a sword alight with the FIRE OF GOD. The Knight mutters a simple utterance beneath his breath as he turns from the depiction and departs, heading towards Aaun: "May GOD's fire warm the afflicted and deliver us from all Evil."
  3. "The order of the Black GOD," the venerable knight spat as he examined the missive before him, "has now threatened Master Oijin, one of the true GOD's anointed upon these realms?" Philip then looked up from the missive and gazed towards a piece of sacred iconography depicting Exalted Oyn wielding a flaming sword. Philip then turned towards the edge of his chambers where his glowing longsword and Radiant shield laid dormant, unused by the old knight since he entered retirement. The knight stares in the direction of his armaments for a moment, his gaze shifting between them and the sacred iconography. He then rises from his former meditative posture and approaches his armaments, wrapping his fingers around the aurum clad hilt of his longsword and pulling it from its sheath. "Shrrrinnnnggg" it rang out across the cavernous room. Upon receiving the knight's touch the longsword immediately radiates a bright blue light, a mixture of holy power and the glimmerstone embedded in the blade, the Flexio scribblings upon the blade also beginning to glow with a distinctive color. "O' Owyn," Philip said, pointing his blade towards the Sacred image, "may this SWORD unleash the Light of GOD against his Foes as you did against Harren, the Deceiver and his hordes." Philip then reached for his helmet and put it on with his free hand, turning towards the door. "It is time for another crusade." He muttered, exiting his residence as he went off to gathering allies against the impending Xionist threat. "By cross and Radiant Star, with GOD's eternal Flame lofted 'pon my sword, and his favor invested in my Shield, the Black GOD shall be vanquished!" The Righteous Knight had returned.
  4. "Those Kazin's will be the downfall of Urkium and the land of the spirits." Pharaoh Atemu muttered as he gazed upon a piece of sacred iconography depicting Theu'uth, God of Heka and Rah'mun wisdom. "They must be expelled lest Isfet gains an advantage on us all."
  5. "Fear.." the Pharaoh of Ka'tau Atemu-Ta muttered as he gazed at the An-Gho's missive stoically, "is the essence of Isfet. There is no fear in the assured victory of Ka'tau's triumphant return to this realm, An-Gho." Atemu said, slowly shaking his head before he crumpled up the missive and tossed it towards the fire. "The wyrms are running short on time. All will know the authority of Ka'tau upon their demise." Atemu then walked towards a golden book titled 'Execration prayers,' thumbing through it until he reached two pertinent titles: "THE SPELL TO ANNIHILATE THE AN-GHO, DRACONIC AGENT OF ISFET" and "THE SPELL OF SPOILING THE ISFETIAN DRACONIC". He then wrote a note instructing his priests and fellow Rah'muns to continuously invoke the prayers in hopes of hastening the purging of the Draconic. The Pharaoh was determined to ensure Ka'tau's will.
  6. Shrine established [T1] OOC:
  7. Pharaoh Atemu and Twin-Sun Pharaoh Pamphilos of the Bronze Bands standing before a statue of the Cow Goddess of pure water, Hesthor, nestled in the middle of the Azdrazi homeland. “Atet-aketh-amun!” The Pharaoh uttered the last phrase of the shamanic sacred incantation of Pure Waters, invoking the power of Lady Hesthor. Atemu then opened his eyes to see the ingenuity of his flock. There stood a marble statue shaped in the form of a Cowhead, from which pours pure waters consecrated by divine powers. The surroundings, formerly a dying mire with coarse soil and polluted waters, had been transformed into a flourishing verdant wetland through Hesthorian heka. Coarse soil was made fertile and green. Dirty waters became sparkling clean. Lilies, roses, and tall grasses grew where lifelessness previously flourished. This sight of Immaculate purity stood amidst the fire scorned lands of the Azdrazi, a direct contestation to the authority of Azdromoth and his children. [!] Shortly after the consecration Atemu would pen the following missive and distribute it across Aevos through his numerous assistants. Its contents rest beneath the symbol of an Ankh cross and a white cow head, depicting Hesthor, lesser spirit of Scorthuz. I, Atemu-Ta, Pharaoh of the Rah’mun peoples, voice of Ka’tau, horn of Hesthor, twin-sun of the Bronze Band, gleaming light of the Ra’tuhmet, have escaped the clutches of the draconic ones and have returned to exact justice upon their ranks. The Isfetian children of the corrupted Azdromoth, the Azdrazi, made an attempt on my life in an egregious violation of diplomacy and national sovereignty. An agent of the draconic Isfetians who goes by the name “The Scribe '' first approached me with an interest in learning about the Rah’mun faith and following our ways. Eventually, being as trusting as I am, I prepared to offer him a spot amongst my people should he pass our trials. The “Scribe '' notified his draconic allies and ambushed me in San Velku in the Iron Horde on the day of his potential admission. Several Azdrazi - archers, foot soldiers, and foul magisters - emerged from every part of the city and began attacking everyone in sight. They scorched a Urkium to death and harmed many others in the process of procuring me. Once they captured me - which only happened on account of The Scribe’s betrayal, striking me against my head and leaving me unconscious - they took me to their lair. There, I met an individual who calls himself Ut'torvioth and he made it clear. He felt insulted that I only mentioned the An-Gho in my initial missive condemning the draconic Isfetians and not him. What ensued was a series of horrors meant to turn my soul towards the clutches of the False Draconic lord. My limbs were pulled apart; my tongue was cut, my body was whipped, and my mind was afflicted with images of an imposing draconic figure with a putrid eye, staring into the depths of my soul. I was told to repent to this Eye several times unless I wished to have the cause of my sin taken from me - my tongue. Images of war pounded against my mind, poisoned my body, but they could not assail my soul. I resisted. I do not worship false powers. I do not bow to the entities of Isfet whose time in existence is limited and will be finished by the coming of Ka’tau and the Divine Three, who shall overthrow the Aengudaemonica pretenders from their thrones of power and chain them to obsolescence. After being cut up, whipped, maimed, and beaten, I was left to die in an unknown place. It is only by the Light of the spirits and Ka’tau herself that I am writing this missive to you today in full health. And it is by the command of Lady Hesthor that judgment falls upon the draconic ranks imminently. And it shall. Before the invasion upon the Iron Horde’s sovereign lands and the betrayal of the “Scribe,” Lady Hesthor demanded the Azdrazi face imminent judgment. Now after these atrocious events, she demands complete and utter annihilation. We, the followers of the spirits, shall seek out the destruction of the Azdrazi wherever they are - including in their own territory. Should the Azdrazi search their own lands they will find, in the middle of the fire scorned plains where life is suffocated, a flourishing verdant wetland marked by a shrine devoted to Lady Hesthor and her power. She has used her pure waters to wrest a mere portion of the land from the mark of Azdromoth and conform it to her image; immaculate, pure, and full of life. And she managed to best your own Lord within the presence of your own foul territory. And it will not be long until the whole of the Azdrazi homeland is overrun with her power and brimming verdant life and milken rivers imbued with Hesthorian Heka. Let my words be known: Hesthor’s kingdom is overflowing and spilling into these mortal realms, and it shall soon uproot Azdromoth’s authority from this realm entirely, and his children will share his fate. To the children of Azdromoth: You should not have left me alive. Your destiny was always sealed, but now the Heavens of Ka are actively working for your annihilation. Hesthor is one of many aspects of Ka’tau that will ensure your defeat. The Ra’tuhmet himself, Lord of Eternal Sunlight, shall join the fray next and fry you with his Light as Hesthor’s pools drown your souls. Your defeat is imminent; your father will not be able to save you nor will your magicks or dishonorable battle tactics. We, the followers of the spirits, are here and present. Let this be an omen of things to come: you have trifled with the wrong forces. The Kingdoms of Purity will see your defeat administered through its own power. You no longer fight me or any of my men; you fight the very forces of Order and Creation themselves. You have been forewarned. Ready yourselves for ultimate judgment. Signed Atemu Ta Pharaoh of the Rah’muns Twin-Sun of The Bronze Band Voice of Ka’tau Gleaming light of the Ra’tuhmet Kyro High Priest of Oti Shai High Priest of the Ra’tuhmet Pamphilos Pharaoh of the Bronze Band, High Priest of the Pure Path Keeper of Source Gormôhk Motsham of the Horde, Voice of the Spirits
  8. I love this lore! Good stuff. I echo @Mannamannaa's question as well. Would shamanic 'holy' magic (Scorthuz) be able to impact this CA?
  9. [!] After a period of deep deliberation and meditation, the voice of Ka’tau emerges from his temple and approaches the defiled shrine of Scorthuz. With the assistance of his allies, he reconstructs the defiled shrine and proceeds back to his temple. From his temple the following proclamation emerges. The following missive is sent throughout the lands of Aevos. It's contents rest beneath the symbol of an Ankh cross and a white cow head, depicting Hesthor. I, Atemu-Ta, Pharaoh of the Rah’mun peoples, voice of Ka’tau, horn of Hesthor, twin-sun of the Bronze Band, gleaming light of the Ra’tuhmet, have heard an exhortation from the realms of milken purity. The people of the Rah’mun have rebuilt the defiled shrine of Scorthuz, spirit of Purity, purging, and cleansing, within the Horde's capital and are now resolved to ensure Lady Hesthor’s rivers of purity flow throughout this world. A declaration has been made from the Heavens of Ka. As prophet of Ka’tau, I come to deliver this message to you. Hesthor, our spirit of pure waters, has condemned the draconic Isfetians (chaos agents) known as Azdrazi and their foul Dragon-head the An-Gho. These foul beings, much like their father Azdromoth who is twisted by the powers of the Arch-Deceiver, have sunk their scales into the societies of descendants throughout Aevos. They kidnap descendants, twist their institutions towards the goals of their foul lord, and do the bidding of their corrupted Father at a whim. For far too long have descendants feared these ancient beasts and deferred to their rule. Only recently have the misguided Canonists turned the Azdrazi from their favor, but many rumors establish many Canonists as non-committed to the Pure Path against the Azdrazi. Lady Hesthor, cow mother of pure waters, Lord Scorthuz, and Lord Ramazet of the Pure Path, all say enough. Judgment has come for Azdromoth and all of his children from the realms of spiritual purity. Hesthor has unleashed a flood of purifying Heka waters to overtake and consume the children of Azdromoth whole. She demands her waters set against the Azdrazi to flood their domain until it has been completely cleansed from the material world. She has commanded spiritualists and followers of the Path of purity to use her authority to annihilate the draconic worm wherever they may reside. Henceforth, by the command of the voice of Hesthor, all spiritualists and shamans are obligated to capture or kill Azdrazi on sight. Any Azdrazi caught within the lands of the spiritualists must be purged immediately. Any captured Azdrazi must be sacrificed to the nearest shrine of Hesthor as a devotion to the immaculate authority of the Pure Kingdoms. Any sightings of Azdrazi are to be reported to Pharaoh Atemu or any senior shaman available. Furthermore, the pure Heka (magic) of Hesthor will be unleashed upon lands and areas where Azdrazi are suspected, and this power will be applied directly to purge the souls of individual Azdrazi when they are encountered. The Isfetian dragons shall know the power all buurz fear to experience. Faithful Rah’muns, followers of the Pure Path, shamans and fellow spiritualists are encouraged to pray the Execration Prayers which are attached to this pamphlet. The specific prayers to use for this quest are THE SPELL OF SPOILING THE ISFETIAN DRACONIC to ruin draconic magics, and THE SPELL TO ANNIHILATE THE AN-GHO, DRACONIC AGENT OF ISFET. These spells shall assist in unleashing Hesthor’s waters to drown the Azdrazi and their source of power with purging Heka. The domains of purity are now completely at war against the An-Gho, the draconic worms beneath him, and his father Azdromoth. This effort will continue until the worms are eradicated from Aevos and Hesthor’s power has overtaken their domain, much like she overtook the Inferi Kazul in the form of a mighty, scalding flood when Prophet Naseret called forth her power long ago. The world shall know the same immaculate pure waters called forth from the realms of Ka centuries ago, and it shall establish Ka’tau as the resolute universal order of this world. May Hesthor's waters rush forth, and and her Immaculate domain triumph over the draconic plague. So shall it be. Signed, Atemu-Ta, Pharaoh of the Rahmuns, voice of Ka’tau, Twin Sun of the Bronze Band. Skriptgoth of the Horde Gormôhk Motsham of the Horde, Voice of the Spirits, Druglord of the south. [!] Attached below are a copy of the Execration Prayers noted earlier in the missive. OOC:
  10. [!] The venerable Knight sat idle at his desk within the bustling capital of Balian, staring blankly at sacred iconography of Exalted Owyn the Baneslayer. All manner of thoughts raced through the former Grand Inquisitor's head as he contemplated the unknown fate of the fledgling Inquisitor Ontillas. The Inquisition, he thought, was meant to be GOD's vanguard against the exploits of Iblees, and yet it has proven unable to even protect its own ranks from danger. The old knight stood to his feet, his gaze never leaving the blessed Icon of Owyn for a moment. Tears began to slowly well up in his eyes. "GOD, forgive your people for our inaction against evil. Exalted Owyn, forgive your descendants of the Holy Flame for their inability to snuff out these evils and overthrow them, as you overthrew wicked Harren and foul Iblees. " Philip muttered before falling to his knees, tears now trickling down his face and beads falling from his eyes. "GOD, forgive ME for failing your people! May this failure not go in vain. May the nations of Man redeem themselves.." Philip then stopped and fell silent, remaining in a place of quiet prayer for a few passing moments. He then stood to his feet and reached out to grab his sword, which immediately shone a bright holy light upon receiving his touch. He then went to exit his home with a look of determination in his face, reflected in his tone. "We shall rise up a generation of Owyns. And with this blessed power, this world shall be delivered from its foes."
  11. Hesthor, cow spirit of pure waters, bovine purging, and soul preservation, lesser of Scorthuz. The Prophet of Rah’tuma, the long lost culture whose faith of Ka’tau characterized their way of life, traversed the realms of purity once written about in the canons of his people. From these realms poureth the bounties of Hesthor, cow goddess of pure waters. It was these waters which vanuqished Iblees from the realm more than once, and overcame the machinations of the Aengu-daemons with the strongest of Heka. This same Heka which appears as powerful cascading streams of milken purity was needed once more. The first Rah’muns were not merely guided by the Ra’tuhmet’s light alone, but they were also protected and preserved through Hesthor’s waters. What might the world look like should her waters run freely again, from the heavens of Ka’tau into the realms of Men? These questions consume the mind of Atemu as he traverses through the realms of purity with two adherents of the faith of Ka’tau. The domain of purity, headed by Scorthuz, came in a kaleidoscope of manifestations. In this particular instance, they walked the grounds at the perimeter of Hesthor’s realm, governed by a spirit once lost to time: Ramazet, God of the Pure Path of Heka. Ramazet stood before the group sat upon his canoe, which floated upon waters glowing with the essence of Hesthor, a union of milk and regular waters which sparkled with immaculate purity. “YE who wish to embark upon the pure path, state your names.” Ramazet remarked. After a brief discussion, Ramazet demanded a penalty for passage: construct a shrine to his glory in the material realm and come back with followers. Atemu approached the ancient spirit and merely locked eyes with him, a smile manifest upon his bronze-colored face.”Allow us passage to the cow goddess and all in the realm of Rah’tuma shall know your name once again, ancient spirit.” Atemu’s bargain sufficed, and the spirit sheperded him and his group to the realms of Hesthor. Hesthor’s domain was just as described in the old Rah’mun lore: The landscape is replete with sparkling oases of milk, water, and honey, which are surrounded by half-men half-cow priests all bearing the cross of Ka’tau upon their bodies and the Cowbell of Hesthor around their necks. Towering obelisks of marble and diamond glimmered in the atmosphere, radiating pure Heka from their structures. A single building defined the tone of the realm. A silver pyramid surrounded by several marble obelisks shone brightly, overrun with a hue of pure silver-blue light. A cadre of cow-men and priests emerge from the center of the pyramids, four of each surrounding both sides of the divine Litter they held. Sitting upon the Litter rests a woman with the head of a cow and the body of a human woman, strewn with jewlery, wearing a cowbell with an eye of Ka’tau inscribed upon it, and wielding an Ankh sceptre pouring with pure waters from its head. The Cow-goddess, known as Hesthor of pure waters, the second light of Creation after the birth of the Ra’tuhmet, gazed kindly upon Atemu and his coterie. Atemu fell to his feet, beckoning favor from Hesthor and asking to represent her upon the mortal plain. “My child, you shall bring forth my waters from the source of these heavens of Ka, my domain, and they shall flow freely throughout your world.” “Mighty Hesthor,” Atemu began, “the agents of Isfet which wander our land, these foul darkspawn, will your waters give my people authority over them?” “Shhh,” Hesthor said, placing her bovine finger to her mouth as she poured fourth a cup of water towards the spiritual form of the Pharaoh, “rest easy, my child; you shall have the authority to bring forth my Heka to wash out all that is impure. Now take this bequeathment and go..” Atemu’s body radiated with a blue light as ethereal waters with the consistency of milk overtook both him and his cadre, sending their souls back into the mortal realm. Atemu, the latest Pharaoh and prophet of the Rah’mun peoples, now possessed the mandate of purity in his soul. He would now wield Hesthor's Heka to purify the Creation in the name of Ka'tau, and call forth the power of his Lady so all may be cleansed. And so shall the river of purity flow strong in this world..
  12. [!] The venerable Knight simply sighed as he gazed across the missive's contents. His apprentice had gone awry, and was now running athwart of the whole of Canondom. "Gavre has gone too far. Whether he deserves the continued use of the blessing is an open question. Much to consider." Phil then set the missive down and wrote a few letters of his own.
  13. Ka’tau personified upon an Ankh cross. [!] A missive is sent across the lands bearing the symbol of Ankh cross. Upon reading the missive, the following is seen: Denizens of Aevos, I am Atemu-Ta. I am the prophet of the Rah’mun faith of Ka’tau and the emissary of our gods. I write to you to provide tools in this time when the forces of Isfet (chaos) arise against descendants. The maleific filth of Moz Strimoza arises in the shadows of Aevos. Ka’tau herself has given me visions of this threat, and this foresight has been confirmed by the mutterings of descendant societies around this land. Ka’tau is the universal law of harmony, justice, truth, and order which binds all of Creation together. The one who is known as “Iblees” is merely an agent of Isfet under a different name and he strongly opposes Ka’tau. The Dwarves call him Khorvad, and other cultures name him accordingly. As a force of disorder and chaos in this world, my people are called into necessary conflict against him. When Isfet arose in the form of Keop during the beginning of our people’s history, Naseret called forth the power of Ka’tau and drove the forces of darkness from our world. When Kazul, an Inferi lieutenant of Iblees, came forth and ravaged the world, the Immaculate Oasis of Hesthor washed away his forces with a single invocation. Our people have overcome this ‘Iblees’ before and we shall do it again. The early priests of Rah’mun society bequeathed the “Execration Prayers” to posterity. These prayers include pointed invocations to the deities of Ka’tau to destroy, confuse, harm, and annihilate the forces of Isfet and all of its agents. Until recently these prayers have been lost to time, driven to near-extinction much like Rah’mun society itself. All agents of Isfet - ALL of the Aengudaemons and their followers, Iblees, contrary spirits, voidal entities, wizards, horrors, and powers, enemies of Ka’tau, enemies of Rah’tuma, enemies of the Pharaoh, worshipers of a faith contrary to the spirits - are included in these prayers. Should the descendants in Aevos state these prayers as instructed by the guide below, the forces of Isfet shall find their powers failing, their plans confused, and their souls annihilated. Instructions before praying: Stand in a quiet place before the symbol of the Ankh cross or another shrine of the Ka’tau faith. Remain steadily and orderly, as the divine law of Ka’tau exists. Hold either a figurine, a paper with an inscription upon it, or an image of the mind before the symbol of Ka’tau. The image, figurine, or inscription should depict the target of your prayers in some form. As you begin the Execration prayer, you should proceed to either rip up or stomp upon the paper, batter the figurine with physical force, or imagine the mental image being consumed by respective powers. HERE BEGINS THE BOOK OF THE FELLING OF Isfet THE FOE OF Ka’tau and her Domains AND THE FOE OF Pharaoh Atemu-Ta, the justified, which is performed daily in the temple of the Divine Three, Lords and ladies of Ka’tau, who dwells in the Heavens. THE SPELL OF SPITTING Upon ISFET O’ Foul Isfet, called IBLEES by some, be spat upon by all children of Creation [Repeat four times]. May your name be defiled and disgraced; your maleific power shunned by all and abandoned by all hosts; may the very thought of your presence hinder and ruin your works in the hearts of Descendants. May the hearts of the workers of Isfet be weighted down with shame, disgust, that their hands proceed to fail to serve Isfet. May their works be poison to their minds and bodies and cause disorder to your cause. This is done for the sterling Ra’tuhmet and the Pharaoh, his divine agent and wielder of Ankh. Ra’tuhmet comes in victory; Ra’tuhmet’s rays disperse the darkness and bring forth Ka’tau’s order; Ra’tuhmet is triumphant, Ra’tuhmet is resolute, may his golden sunlight expose, shame, terrorize, weaken, and burn the Agents of Isfet. The Ra’tuhmet’s light exposes, shame, terrorize, and weaken Iblees. May Pharaoh be empowered to cut, decapitate, and crush all foes of his reign, and trample over he who is called Iblees. May Kazul fall by the might of Pharaoh’s strike empowered by the hot rays of the Ra’tuhmet. THE SPELL OF DROWNING ISFET IN PURE WATERS Hesthor, we call upon you that you may receive Isfet the evil one, and flood him where he stands and provide him no escape. Fill his lungs with your scalding waters of milken purity and light, and have your everlasting waters consume him. Admonish his agents and consume them with your pure waters. Let their shadow, soul, physical bodies, shells, doppelgangers, and every unit of their existence be snuffed out and drowned by your endless Immaculate waters. Let your power crush their souls like a heavy wave. Empower Pharaoh to call forth your authority over the impure. Pharaoh has drowned the impure! [Repeat four times]. Hesthor has defeated Isfet! [Repeat four times]. THE SPELL OF OUTWITTING AND OVERTHROWING THE ARMIES OF ISFET The ironclad spear of Kalthet fells the foul armies of Isfet. O’ mighty Kalthet, may your spears outwit the ranks of Isfet; expose and ruin their foul warplans; lower their strategies into impotence. Kalthet, your spear has battered the heads of the foes of Ka’tau and the Pharaoh. Raise up thy ironclad spear, O’ Kalthet, and cut to pieces the enemies of Ka’tau, the foes of Pharaoh, and the armies of Isfet. Let the most elite of their ranks fall first, and then may all others suffer your spear’s rampage. Come, O’ Kalthet, so that the wicked in their trenches and barracks may drop their weapons and bow to thee and submit to Ka’tau. Empower Pharaoh, who adores your wit, to thrust forth your spear into the eye of Isfet and strike his ranks with Blindness so they may not tell friend from foe, nor may they wield their weapons or powers against anyone. The spear, wit, and might of Kalthet is against thee, foes of Ka’tau, enemies of the Rah’mun, and those who despise Pharaoh. The spear cuts your stomach, it shatters your kneecaps, it impales your skull, it disarms you. May the spear assail you until you submit to Ka’tau or succumb to its might. O’ Kalthet, favor Pharaoh and the Rah’muns in all battles, so they might crush the foes of Creation. Kalthet is victorious over Isfet! [4 times] Pharaoh is victorious over his FOES! [4 times] Rah’muns are victorious over Isfet! [4 times]. THE SPELL OF TAKING THE SPEAR TO SMITE ISFET LO’ Kalthet has once more raised her iron spear of wit and brass against Isfet. She has impaled his skull, ravaged his body, and abolished his knees. Kalthet, batter Isfet with the force of your spear! Strike endlessly into their hearts and pierce their soul so their body and spirit might be wounded! Assail them so they have no peace. Scatter their minds to the wind so they may never succeed against Ka’tau. Tear their shadow and spiritual form asunder! Kalthet, impale Pharaoh’s enemies. Empower him to overcome them in intelligence and strategy. Set forth your siege weapons to lay ruin in the ranks of Isfet. Divide them. Ruin them. Annihilate them with your immaculate spear-strike. Pharaoh has smote the forces of Isfet! [Repeat four times]. Kalthet has outwitted the armies of Isfet [repeat four times]! THE SPELL OF DEVOURING ISFET BY RA’TUHMET FIRE O’ Flaming Eye, in the form of the Resolute Ra’tuhmet, may your ire consume the whole of Isfet. May the Ra’tuhmet’s fire be in thee, Isfet and his agents. Fire consume you, fire devour you, fire tear you asunder, fire dispel your blackest darkness. May the Ra’tuhmet’s fire oppose you at every turn, assail you in your life and dreams. May the Flaming Eye’s gaze lock upon you forever and cause all your plans and actions to catch fire. May the Flaming Eye’s wrath consume your shade, soul, and body simultaneously. The fire shall devour you throughout time; past, present, future; and throughout dimensions, spiritual and mortal. The Ra'tuhmet has burned his foes! [Repeat four times]! THE SPELL OF DECLARING JUDGMENT UPON ISFET O’ Ka’tau, cosmic and spiritual law of Creation, judge the forces of ISFET! Ye who harmonize existence, cause the Agents of Isfet not to be well. May every edge of Creation oppose them; may their penalty be announced in the heavens and wrought forth in the material. Cause the punishment for their wickedness to multiply forty-times over. May their misdeeds assail them, ruin them, and convict their soul. May the weight of their evil consume them, seven-fold. May their souls, shadow, and powers be rendered impotent, seized by the force of Ka’tau. Empower Pharaoh to hold the law of Ka'tau in his hands and enact it against Isfet. Ka'tau has judged and overthrown the forces of Isfet! [repeat four times]. Pharaoh has executed judgment against the forces of Isfet! [repeat four times]. THE SPELL OF REBUKING ISFET Ra’tuhmet, show the evil one Isfet, that his ways are foolish, rebuke him and lead us, your faithful people, not into darkness but into the light, deliver us from deceit and all impurity and rebuke the evil one who lives within us. Break the shackles of Isfet that are upon us, and take us away from corruption. Set us apart O' Ra’tuhmet, that we may follow the path of Ka’tau that leads us to life and not the path of Isfet that leads to death. Empower Pharaoh and his faithful to deliver this rebuke fiercely upon the enemy! THE SPELL OF BREAKING THE MAGICS OF ISFET WITH HEKA O’ Theu'th, lord of Heka, make conjuration against Isfet with your magic. The Lord of HEKA is against you, Isfett. Heka, the magic of spiritual law, overturns and spoils your foul spells, conjurations, dark animations, mind control, and all other magics of Isfet. May Heka crush your powers like a hammer, breaking their form, causing them to fail. Every spell and curse cast shall be countered and cancelled by Heka. May Heka turn your curses upon you, so they shall consume your soul whole. May Heka cause the forces of Isfet to fall into their own traps. May the Lord of Heka make conjuration against you with his magic; may Heka undo your presence in existence. May the Lord of Heka’s conjurations entangle your spells and absorb them. May he fell you, cut you up, blind your sight, and condemn you to the ire of the Flaming Eye for ultimate judgment. Wherever you flee, north, south, east, west, or beneath the Earth, or between realms, Heka’s arts will follow you; they will assail you; they shall consume you whole. May the Flaming Eye’s gaze burn you like a furnace; it’s heat shall destroy you, and it shall be everlasting. Be ye repelled by Heka. Heka counters your dark magicks. Heka makes all your spells impotent. May Heka reverse spoil future threats before they manifest. May all rituals which disrupt Ka’tau fail. Be ye annihilated, workers of the dark arts, agents of Isfet, defilers of Ka’tau. May Pharaoh wield Heka to hasten your demise. Pharaoh has dispelled the foul magics of Isfet! [Repeat four times]. Theu'th has triumphed over Isfet! [Repeat four times]. THE SPELL OF STIFLING ISFET MAGICS BY PURE WATERS Hesthor, may your pure waters consume the works of Isfet, who goes by Iblees among many other names. May your obelisks of purity cause the spells of Isfet to falter. The Oases of your heavens shall pour upon the rituals of Isfet like a waterfall and crush them. Be they annihilated and crushed by these heavenly waters. Flood their ritual sites and lairs, overturn their altars with your cascading waters, drown their magi, and undo their powers. May the void’s works be undone, and it’s corruption cleansed by your glory. May the filth of Moz Strimoza drown in your presence. May your waters flood, consume, and purge their foul arts. The magic of Isfet shall fail and be annhilated by your waters, O’ Hesthor. The taint of your spells succumbs to Hesthor’s authority. Hesthor, set your pure hooves against the powers of Isfet. Hesthor, BATTER the magics of Isfet and its practitioners with your thunderous booming hooves; DROWN and CRUSH them with the force of your crashing waves of purity. Empower Pharaoh to use your hooves, horns, and waters to annihilate the enemy. Pharaoh has crushed his foes! [recite for times]. Hesthor has purged the impure! [recite four times]. Ka’tau has set forth judgment [recite four times]. THE SPELL OF SPOILING THE ISFETIAN DRACONIC The DRACONIC Isfet, known as AZDRAZI, shall bring forth no flame. Theu'th, send forth a conjuration to seize their Draconic fire, stay their tongues, and harden their hearts. Theu'th, your arts shall chill them with cold and bitterness freeze to freeze blood and harden their veins. Hesthor, CLAIM dominion over Azdromoth’s foul fire and consume it with your waters. Wash it away. Hesthor, wash away the red-hot Draconics with your Immaculate Waters. Drown them, batter them with your hooves! May your waters snuff out their fires, flood their fiery veins, and purge away their souls. Your waters shall consume and purge the fiery souls of all Draconics. May they be made UNDONE. May they be annihilated. May their shadow, body, and spirit be defeated. Theu'th and Hesthor, empower Pharaoh to annihilate the Draconics and overcome their foul fire. May Pharaoh wield Theu'th to conjure against the Draconics. Pharaoh, use Hesthor’s waves to flood the draconics. Pharaoh shall crush his foes [repeat four times]. Hesthor’s waters have drowned the dragon [repeat four times]. Theu'th’s magic has defeated their fire [repeat four times]. THE SPELL OF DIMMING THE FALSE SUN Ra’tuhmet, your Eternal Sunlight usurps the false Isfetian idol Xan. Your golden chariot and flaming Heka drives away the pretender Aengul’s power. May your flaming sceptre shatter the false sun into one-million pieces; and along with it the powers of its agents. your light shall arise above the false light, and all shall know you as the Ra’tuhmet, Lord of Eternal sunlight, crafter of Creation. The wielders of false light shall find their powers dimmed, impotent, shattered and fragmented,. Ra’tuhmet, collapse the fortresses of false light. Smite them beneath your fiery might. Assail Xan’s agents with your Flaming glare. Terrorize them, shatter their souls and body with your sceptre, abolish their authority forever. Empower Pharaoh to overcome them with your eternal light. The Ra’tuhmet is victorious [repeat four times]. Pharaoh has crushed the Agents of Xan [repeat four times]. THE SPELL OF SHATTERING ISFET BINDS, MENTAL AND PHYSICAL O’ Ahura-Ma, our lady of Freedom, set your emerald wings of freedom against Isfet’s oppression! Terrorize and scatter the magical and physical chains of Isfet. Your power shall liberate all held in captivity by necromancers, liches, Azdrazi, and other agents of Isfet. Ahura-ma, set your wings to shatter the all-consuming blood-lust slavery of vampirism. Embolden the spirits of descendants against the tyranny of Isfet! Inspire them so they may never fall into his trap! All traps of Isfet are shattered by Ahura-Ma’s emerald might. All captors, tyrants, and slavers, spiritual, physical, and magical, are annihilated by Ahura-Ma’s judgment. Ahura-Ma, crush, cut, incapacitate, and ruin the slaving ranks of Isfet. Shatter the prisons of Isfet, and convict the captors and tyrants. May the Freedom Mother’s emerald fire abolish all forms of mind control from Isfet’s forces. Terrorize the Bone-Lord; cause his entrapping magics to fail. Empower Pharaoh to bring forth freedom to the enslaved in your name. Pharaoh has liberated the captives of Isfet! [Repeat four times]. Ahura-Ma has obliterated the prisons and binds of Isfet! [repeat four times] Condemning the forces of ISFET By All of their Names O’ The combined powers of Ka’tau shall assail, cut up, terrorize, and annihilate the agents of Isfet by all their names. Be ye condemned and judged NOW: False light Xan, the Arch-Deceiver Iblees, Keop, Malchediael, the corrupted Azdromoth, Brathmordakin pretenders, the Canon ‘God,’ the Principalities of Moz Strimoza and their lieutenants and denizens, The Supreme Horrors and Powers of the void, and all of their subordinates and their powers, Void Magic in all forms, the Undead in all their forms, the restless dead (poltergeists, ghosts), Moris, Creatures of Darkness who Dwell in the caves, vampires, frost witches, Nazterak, occultists who raise the dead and their constructs, profane cults or groups of any Isfetian power, all practitioners, wizards, witches, and seekers of the void. Any and all forces not mentioned which oppose the goal of Ka’tau or her spirits. Be ye all condemned, convicted, and judged harshly for your crimes against Creation. May your powers fail you, may you be cut up, may your heads be crushed, may your hands not work, may you go blind forever, may you go mute forever, may your realms of power be sealed permanentely and forcefully disconnected from this world, so your arts may never manifest again; May you be assailed by the Flaming Eye wherever you go. May your powers turn against you and consume you, rather than the descendants, Pharaoh, or the Rah’muns. Judgment shall not cease until you are annihilated. Ka’tau has judged her foes [repeat four times]. Pharaoh has executed Ka’tau’s judgment upon all her foes [repeat four times]. THE SPELL OF BANISHING CREATURES OF THE NIGHT O’ Oti, lord of eternal moonlight, let your light banish away the creatures of shadow and night. May no shadow or agent of Darkness pierce your pale light. May it shine upon the darkest crevices and run Isfet’s shadows from their hiding place. Your light shall protect the children of Ka’tau and guide them in the darkness. Oti, empower Pharaoh to trample over the creatures of the night. Pharaoh has crushed the night-creatures! [repeat four times]. THE SPELL TO FELL THE BONE-LORD, AGENT OF ISFET O’ Hesthor, send a wave of pure HEKA waters against the Bone-Lord, a foul agent of Isfet. May his bones shatter and melt beneath the wave; may his accursed soul drown in pure waters, and be sent to Ka’tau for ultimate judgment. May the wave condemn him to torment. May the wave convict his heart with disgust; may he despise himself, his works, his master, and his allies, and shall he turn against them. May your waters reverse every curse he uttered upon descendants; cleanse the land he afflicted; BATTER, trample, and drown his constructs in your pure waters. Boil his spirit in your waters as he drowns; inflict upon him the pain of the Living, as a pure soul would. Annihilate him. Hesthor, empower Pharaoh to crush the Bone-Lord’s head with your hooves. Condemn him to eternal drowning, so the forces of purity and Heka might beset him forever. Theu'th, make conjuration against him to seize his arts, destroy his maleific authority, and ravage his body. Pharaoh has crushed the Bone-Lord [repeat four times]. Hesthor has trampled and drowned the Bone-Lord [repeat four times]. Theu'th has spoiled the Bone-Lord’s arts; the Dark Arts are defeated! [repeat four times]. THE SPELL TO ANNIHILATE THE AN-GHO, DRACONIC AGENT OF ISFET O' Hesthor, may your HEKA in the form of pure waters consume the An-Gho. May the pure waters BATTER him, toss him, and purge his soul of foul Fire eternally. May he be condemned to your wrath, O' Hesthor. May your waters drown his lungs, and afflict His mind with disgust for his fallen nature. May your pure waves overturn his altars, flood his fortresses and centers of power, and sever the connection with his master, the foul Azdromoth. Hesthor, BATTER Azdromoth with your divine hooves of bovine purging, and then send your waters to sweep away his essence forever. O' Hesthor, bruise, cut up, crush, and drown the An-Gho, his agents, his kingdom, and his master. May their flooded lungs produce no fire; may their minds turn inward in disgust; and may your voice and image scald their souls, so they might know what true power is. May your domain triumph over the Draconics and their Heralds. Theu'th, lord of HEKA, make conjuration against the An-Gho and his powers. Freeze his scales so they may become impotent. Chill his veins with mighty HEKA so they may not produce fire. May your conjuration lock and seize all of his powers. Hesthor, Empower Pharaoh to crush the An-Gho beneath your banner of purity. Empower him to use your horns and waters to wash away the Azdrazi FILTH! Pharaoh has crushed the An-Gho! [Repeat four times]. Hesthor's domain has defeated the Azdrazi! [repeat four times]. Theu'th has defeated Draconic power! [repeat four times] Ka'tau has judged and overthrown Azdromoth from his seat of power [repeat four times]. Old Blah Translations for these prayers [coming soon] OOC:
  14. Symbol of the spirit Ka'tau, personification of universal law. The Book of Ka’tau Divinely inspired stories and tales of the Rah’mun peoples, translated from the writings and speeches of the prophets, lector priests, and Pharaohs. Translated and Delivered by: Atemu-Ta Amun Prophet, Voice of Ka’tau, Sword of the Ra’tuhmet, Pharaoh of Rah’tuma Book 1: Creation story. The following tale has been passed down in the oral traditions of the Rah’mun peoples, who follow the faith of Ka’tau. Ka’tau is a spiritualist faith which affirms an animistic worldview. Adherents of Ka’tau believe in a single universal law of justice and harmony which binds all of existence together and takes many forms. The various spirits of the faith represent the different faces of Ka’tau, creating an endless list of entities which represent every facet of existence. The main three entities given credence by most practitioners of the faith are the Ra’tuhmet, an eagle-headed lord of eternal sunlight; Hesthor, a cow lady of pure waters, soul preservation, and bovine purging; and Kalthet, a lion-headed lady of grand strategy and Rah’mun battles. This story explains the Rah’mun origin story. The Rah’muns believe that before anything existed the universe was merely a void. Ka’tau herself, the personification of the universal law, brought forth the Ra’tuhmet as the first light which filled the void. The Ra’tuhmet then forged the stars, the world, and everything within it. At the edges of this void emerged Kalthet and Hesthor, who both claimed different aspects of the newly created world. The Creation story contains the emergence of Keop, the mortal enemy of Ka’tau, and Iblees and his general Kazul and their activities against the early descendants. This book is considered the most sacred of all the Rah’mun texts and is essential reading for any followers of the faith. All should read and understand with the fullness of their heart this sacred story. The text [links here]: Book of Ka'tau: Creation. OOC:
  15. Ka’tau personified upon an Ankh cross. The People of Rah’Tuma [!] A missive is sent across the lands bearing the symbol of Ankh cross. Upon reading the missive, the following is seen: Greetings, sons and daughters of Aevos. I am Atemu-Ta. I am the Amun prophet of the Rah’mun peoples who dwell in the deserts of these lands. I speak as both pharaoh and a high priest for my people, who follow the spiritual faith of Ka’tau in our everyday lives. Ka’tau is the universal cosmic law of all of Creation comprised of the concepts of justice, order, and harmony. Everything that exists is intertwined with and bound by Ka’tau. The Rah’mun people are custodians of this divine order and use it to inform their daily lives. We are also a contemplative and ingenuitive people who seek to order their lives around divine principles. But we are also cognizant of the demands of Ka’tau upon all: ankh-amun-atet. This world is consumed by dark powers which seek to subvert and suppress the innocent. The Aengudaemons seek to enslave all to their tyrannical goals. Voidal magi and their foul arts pervert the natural order and preach false philosophies. Infernal beasts who burn the soul with fallen fire. Accursed workers of witchcraft and all manner of deviltry defy Ka’tau flagrantly from the influence of Keop. The ways of the Rah’mun are free from these distortions and offer a different path. Our teachings, brought forth by the first prophet and pharaoh Naseret, put emphasis on the spirits and descendant kind’s direct relationship with them. Our people practice and study purity, combat readiness, philosophy, architecture, farming, and much more beneath the resolute Sun of the Ra’tuhmet. We wander the deserts and brave the unknown for all of Creation has a story to tell. All are welcomed to study our ways and join our people. Signed, Atemu-Ta, Amun Prophet of Ka'tau, Voice of the Divine Three, Pharaoh of the Rah'mun people. (OOC: Heyo! I’m starting an egyptian themed shamanic/spiritualist group. If you’d like to join our growing community be sure to stop by the Discord and say hello! https://discord.gg/YeMRZvtN7E Additionally, here is more information about the religion of Ka'tau)
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