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  1. *Madame Blande’s assistant bursts into her decorative tent brimming with excitement, seemingly alarmed by whatever he was holding. She took the paper and quickly read it. Her curious expression quickly shifted to one of grave concern. She stood in front of a lit purple candle and uttered a small prayer, and then equipped her traveler’s pouch, collected her deck of cards and immediately headed north to Curon.* “Whatever force infects Curon’s energy shall be purified by all that is divine and benevolent. I will make sure of it.”
  2. This is very, very well-written. Just one question: Whenever I’ve interacted with Frost Witches, they’ve always had a player-character ice construct (ivojur?). Will those be brought back as well? I think have player ice minions is an immersive element to being a Frost Witch, or any mage for that matter.
  3. +1. Excellent idea! Can’t wait to see it play out.
  4. I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea. It would be nice to have actual player-created sea creatures with their own magic, culture, and perhaps even cities under the ocean. The effect on political and magical RP would be immense (one nation wouldn’t be able to control or easily exterminate everything), and the RP would be very unique. +1 I hope this gets implemented.
  5. MC name: Boknice275 Character Name: Weatherby (Karlov) Lionheart Discord (Optional): you already have it Race: human Age: 30 (I think) Do you know any magic currently?: no Which subject do you plan to learn?: Fire Evocation, Conjuration, and defense against the dark arts Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: yes.
  6. Let me remind all of you: The process of meeting or gaining information about the cult is done ICly. I would never recruit OOCly as that is metagame and makes no sense, which is why there is a provision in the application that asks how did you find out ICly? Just to dissuade those who think so from thinking that we're OOCly recruiting. We're not. After we meet ICly/you gain information ICly you apply here, simple.
  7. As night befalls the lands of Axios, you'd notice a glimmer of red light flickering aggressively in the distance. As you get closer to the source the glimmer forms into a radiant light, nearly blinding you. After closing your eyes in response to the initial shock, you'd see a statue composed of red matter infront of you. A red hooded man would approach you as you gazed upon it and would proceed to lift his fingers, which were smothered in red blood, and press them against your head to make the shape of a bestial head with two, curved horns on each side of it. "You may now enter th
  8. Name: Pywaln Wistari [Mc Name]: boknice275 Race: Wood elf Magic you wish to study: Illusory magic and Ice Evocation Guild you wish to be associated with: Sancturary mages guild.
  9. I don't see a reason why this idea should be delayed any longer..
  10. OOC Application Minecraft name: boknice275 Skype ID (Required): kingjohnrocks/Icriulis Time zone: EST Have you been banned sometime in the past 6 months? - Nope. What are your characters? Is one of them a ghost? If not, would you be willing to make one and possibly PK a character to do it? Wilbury Hekerbeth - A wizard. A deacon in the Church of the Canon - Arthur wienfield. And I plan on PKIng wilbury for this. What sort of allegiances have any of your characters held in the past?: Allegencies to the Creator, Karovia, and himself. What sort of roleplay do you specialize in
  11. Just to get a better idea: How does one defend themselves with water evo? How does one launch an offensive assault with water evo?
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