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    Riryvra's parents' were people who valued their freedom above everything else. Their parents, Riryvra's grandparents, had been victims of the Black Scourge, which caused the two to flee together. It had started as a means for survival, but the need to keep moving and not stay in one place never left them, even after so long, and they quickly found out the hard way after Riryvra was born that having a child was the biggest restriction to the freedom that they couldn't live without. After Riryvra turned 6, they left them on a village all on their own. The village more than happily took him in, raising him together, and he grew up surrounding by people who raised him and kids their age who they were friends with, but nothing could really fill that missing place of unconditional parental love. He had some basic schooling from the adults in the village, but as it was a rather small village and not much knowledge outside of things for basic living like hunting and medicine were needed, they never learned much besides that. The village was in itself a happy place to grow up, but the majority of it's residents were halflings so he stood out and never really felt like he belonged there. When they were 16, they left the village on their own and he began traveling without a destination in mind, though he was always looking for somewhere they felt like they could fit in. He would stay for a few days from place to place, doing odd tasks and labor around for people to pay for a place to stay and meals and occasionally money for bigger jobs. Several years of this led to them becoming a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, though he particularly enjoyed hunting. In addition to a lack of close friends, they also have little to no romantic experience, though he doesn't have any particular interest in it, not having ever gotten close enough to someone to consider romance or develop the feelings for it. He is now continuing to explore the world around him, traveling and searching for the place he fits.
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