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  1. Rumors and sightings in the West The body of Minuvas, seen as gaunt and Ill had finished it's travels from the Ebonwood. Onlookers who may have seen the procession would have noted the sickly look to the Elf, unsure if it was a corpse being escorted to the grave or a living descendant. The Ebonwood people, friends of Minuvas and adherants to the way of Malin led the great procession of Elves from the former Imperial territory where they lived. By Malin's Will the people suffered no assault or ambush, having to ferry across perilous water travel, and hostile foreign forests. Traveling along paths used by the very people of Elvenesse that seemed intent to kill their leader. Uruks roamed the wilderness, looking for Elysians - though no doubt would also have liked to have befouled the Elven people. Enduring the hardships of the road, the month long journey saw the Elves had arrived finally..... In Vortice. The great procession came to an end. The hiding, the scurrying, waiting for patrols to pass - they had arrived in Talon's port pleading with their Elven leader to take them in. The Benevolent Lenora , took them all in. Minuvas' body taken somewhere unknown. The refugees began to fill Vortice streets with anticipation of the future, fond remembrance of Ilandria, and as they were approaching half the year with no sign of Minuvas health improving. They now called for healers and doctors across the realm to come look at the Elf. Malin's flock would live in exile this day, but their eyes already looked to the horizon.
  2. He who ‘Speaks’ for Malin (Part III) [ An Elf hurriedly ran into the room, “Quick! Get everything…everything. The books, the artifacts…get it all” the panic on the Elf was apparent as the healer tending to Minuvas dabbed a cool cloth on his “Wh…whats going on?” “Didn’t you hear? They say that Frederick fellow won the war, and he’s coming to kill us all” “Wait…w…why? What did we do…?” “It doesn’t matter, you want to debate this while some White Rose freaks come here to murder us. Or some Fenn decides were not a part of their future - or do you want to live!? We’ve gotta get out of here” “Wait, what about Minuvas….should we bring the headband?” “The bastard is dead, do you really think you’d want him to live to see this anyway?” “He’s not dead!” ……. “ No..I..suppose you are right” They looked between each other, realizing they might have consigned the man to death “Okay no…go grab some folks who believe in him, his ways, get all of those books he wrote - we will lead the procession from the city with his body.” They looked at eachother,then ran their hands along Minuvas’ forehead “We know no King but Malin” and his body was taken from Imperial Lands, his regent Veronna escorting his body, leaving behind a place he had called home for over a century] The Drifting had gone on again for some time. Once Minuvas had thought it a punishment, but now he had lost complete track of time. Whether he had been here for a few moments or all of eternity seemed irrelevant and unknown to him. For some time, the nothingness was maddening. But eventually….it became serenity and peace. His consciousness traveled the cosmos of his mind, the endless void about him. He felt himself slip away, memories of who he was, where he was from, what he believed melted off his body. Like the melt of a snowman on an unexpectedly warm summer day, each drip of water is like a memory departing him. But deep in his conscience was a core that was using all of what was left of him to hold himself together. From becoming nothing. “En Guard!” The Dark Elf boy cried, the sword penetrating into Minuvas’ chest. “Agh! You got me, its the end!” Minuvas grasped the wooden toy sword, making a dramatic sounding death in theatrical style. After a pause, Minuvas rose to give a speech “It was on this day that the conqueror showed his true colors, a tyrant! Oppressing the people!” He would continue for a few minutes, orating a lengthy monologue to the Dark Elf who mostly seemed uninterested. An Older High Elf walked by them “Enough with the games you two….always with the speeches Minuvas, you and Hieran run along…go get some bread from the market, it will be dusk soon in Helena” The image paused, blurring, Minuvas found himself looking at his child self and brother, looking and pondering. “I don’t remember this at all”. Yet Minuvas was nothing but a thought. His physical body did not exist, only his conscious mind - looking onward at a century old memory. “It was you” That ancient figure said in his low and lumbering powerful voice. “Was?” “I have remade you” The figure said, it's very words as he spoke and constructed Minuvas into reality before him now. “Who am I now?” He said as he looked down at himself coming into existence, unsure of what he was any more. Just a thought, something that occupies some dark space of some strange universe somewhere? “Who are you now?” The figure returned the question. Frustration. Now he came fully into his form, remembering these conversations. His mind began to anchor around this frustration. Without saying anything, as if already penetrated with in his mind “You do not approve? I have remade you as you see yourself. If you do not like what you see, it is you to blame” “I …what? I didn’t say anything” “You were almost ready. You still hold on. You speak less, but think the same” He told the stubborn High Elf “Am I to be judged for what I keep to myself?” Protested Minuvas, proud of his restraint - he felt. “The poison of the soul does not require the affirmation of your words to make it any more deadly. There is still arrogance. Divisiveness” He waited some time, silently - a full day perhaps, drifting with Minuvas before the figure added. “What good is a voice, if it cannot speak its heart?” “You continue to torment me, my King.” “The ignorant learn through pain” It added “I must be horribly ignorant” Minuvas said sarcastically “So you say” He rumbled. “Do you know who you are yet?” it adds “I am…Minuvas” The Elf added A long hmm, as if thinking “You are ignorant, but less than before. You are still not ready” And so came the nothingness once more. Embraced like an old friend, ah the comforting feeling of…being nothing…it wasn’t long before any doubts and frustrations he had melted once more away into the river of his mind. [The people hoisted Minuvas’ body onto the wooden platform, the Elves hoisting his body out of the Ebonwood. The procession was unceremonial, conducted in the dead of night to avoid Human patrols - only whispers of where it was to be taken. There was no doubt many thought these Elves who had been the target of countless hate would scatter to the winds, but the Elves of the Ebonwood knew home is where their people are - not the land where it settles. There was nothing long or drawn out about it. There were no weeping Imperials to bid a citizen a farewell, most of them were dead. The hushed whispers of his escorts could not raise too loud lest they attracted the attention of roadside bandits - or worse - How could it be? Minuvas wasn’t awake, his entire life had changed and he knew nothing of it.] ‘A Note sent to the Melphestaus Family: Family Melphestaus, The head of the House is too ill to continue leading it. It is the best medical advice received thus far that Minuvas may soon depart the realm of the living. You are encouraged to say your farewells to him, the next opportunity to do so may be at the foot of a tombstone.’ Chadwick Hemmington, Melphestaus family butler
  3. He who ‘Speaks’ for Malin (Part II) [ “He’s as cold as a corpse.” the Elven healer holding Minuvas’ hand said “Maybe he is one….I hear they’re making funeral preparations for him” remarked another who brought him new linens, and a cup of tea. “Bring that tea here into his mouth, the one that Luthriel said to make…and don’t say that! You would condemn the Elf in his own home? I’ve heard a rumor that if you speak ill of him, Malin himself will curse you” the other folded the linens and look over “You don’t actually believe that, do you? I mean, I like the guy and all, he took us in when every other Elven place thought we were freaks or lessers” a long solem pause between them “I don’t know. I used to think he was just a nice Elf who was a little crazy, but now….who knows. Don't you just feel something changing around here?” “Yeah, I do. A Civil War for the Humans, you know once they’re done killing themselves they’ll try to kill us” another long pause “If he lives, maybe…I dunno” the Elf threw a rag at the other “Stop with that if he lives! He will live, he must!”] How long had he drifted in nothing. Three days? Three weeks? A month, it might as well have been eternity at this point. He could sense nothing, feel nothing, he had only awareness of his drifting - left contemplating his last words so long ago to what he presumed was his Father. But after another month of this drifting, his eyes squinted suddenly - the darkness interrupted by a glorious sunrise over his face - and he felt once more. Warmth at first, then, the feeling of cool grass beneath his body. As if awaking from a dream, he rose once more in a field. He was wearing nothing but a simple white garment. Another dream? He reached for his ears, they were still jagged and cut - a damn shitty dream, he thought. This serenity ended when he saw a beautiful Elfess, in the woods, she was conjuring a great magic gate of marble - pulsing with a radiant light. Her very appearance was motherly, instantly drawing Minuvas to her like a moth to a flame. Many more of the pale, silver colored Elves followed soon, entering into this portal within- thousands into it! “Breathtaking…” That ancient and powerful figure said, now sitting with one legged propped between the other next to Minuvas. “Is this…the work of Larihei?” “So you say…” Such an obtuse answer, does nothing clear come from him. There was an awkward silence that followed them for a long time. Watching what occurred before them. Eventually Minuvas thought to prod the Elf’s primordial thoughts. “Aren’t you mad at her, she betrayed you, disobeyed your commands…took your people away” The Elf’s hue of his eyes changed once more when discussing Larihei “Do you anger at your infant child, Elf, when they stomp their feet and disobey you?” Before he could ponder the answer to that question a great crash shook Minuvas from his feet. He was now to the rear of a ship which had just smashed into shallow shoals. Minuvas stumbled to gain his footing, the ancient figure with arms behind his back kept a perfect balance - his bare feet seemed to sway his body in rhythm with the waves, never betraying his stance. Minuvas was drenched in the thundering rain and waves, choking on sea water - and hate. As if anger incarnate had swelled into his very mind. Another Elfess reached for a weapon, raising it high “Kill them all! Take everything!” the other Elves on the ship roared, leaping from the vessel and slaughtering and plundering the coastal town. The rain and the lightning drenched the town with wails, and in a single crack of lightning, Minuvas was transported to a great throne room. The same Elfess was now in chains before that ancient figure, who stood no longer at his side, but in command of the room itself. Minuvas could not hear the words, but the ancient figure gave a commanding point of his finger into the distance and she was dragged away. “One of his daughters left him, the other he sent away…to die by her own son’s hand” Minuvas remarked at the scene. The figure’s voice rose in anger “You speak. But you rarely know. You are still ignorant.” Minuvas pleaded “Tell me! Why do you torment me with this. Surely you are a demon, a shadow an agent of ibleese….I am being punished in some Valah conjured hell” “So you say it is” A deafening roar caused Minuvas to cover his ears. He turned around, transported to a new place. A fantastical dragon, not the great terror of ibleese, but a different one. The Dragon became a humanoid, and it embraced another bronze colored Elfess. The Earth swallowed the one who was a dragon.Tears filled the eyes of the bronzed elf. The Bronzed Elf departed,bow in hand, none followed her. “And the last of his daughters followed in his footsteps…leaving her people. His children, Aheral, Ker…Ame” The ancient figure responded, his language seemed older than existence but when he used the names for the subraces it was foreign, barely translating in Minuvas’ mind. The being itself struggled with the words, creation that had occurred beyond his power “You have seen, you have heard. Do you understand, have you listened?” Minuvas knew each word he spoke was being measured, thinking carefully before he responded“I have seen ....arrogance, a thousand fold. Division. Pain” A long silence “And who do you say that you are yet, Elf?” “I am the Elven Prince Minuvas Melphestaus, speaker of Malin” He says defiantly “You are still ignorant, unworthy. You do not yet know me as King” Minuvas wailed into the darkness of the void. Spiraling into they very nothing once more. His body had become nothing, only his thoughts drifted in the cosmic beyond. Alone. Cold. Dark, left only with the feeling of “Unworthy” in his mind. [The Healer looked him over “I’m not sure what else we can do. His condition isn’t improving. He shows the faintest signs of life, I’m not sure how much longer before he is no longer among the living....it is best we notify his relatives.”]
  4. He who ‘Speaks’ for Malin: Part I [ Blood soaked the dark oaken table within the tree palace of Ebonwood. Minuvas' body had been bludgeoned, sliced, his head especially damaged. He had been stripped unceremoniously after his attack, like a mugged highway victim. Beads of sweat formed on his head, his body shook as his eyes rolled into his head, and foam dripped from the side of his mouth. Courtiers and healers poured in "Everyone who doesn't know shite about medicine, get out!" yelled someone. "A warm cloth! Hurry!. infection! I need clean cloths, more clean cloths...By Malin, there's blood everywhere" Mourners wailed at the base of the tree palace. " Who!? Why!?" they cried. Wondering if this was the end. A martyr for Malin. The Ebonwood had known no elf like Minuvas, and they wondered if all they would know now would be of his history. This was the reality occuring around Minuvas, yet he experienced none of it. He was in another reality…another place entirely] Darkness. Drifting. Minuvas floated in his consciousness for days, alone, in pain…silent. Almost madenning. Then, it seemed when all light was finally to extinguish - he found himself in a tree palace, a balcony overlooking a horizon of forest, filled with Elves and their cities as far as he could see. He stood, confused, for some time before he spoke - not expecting noise to form from his thoughts as if his own conscientiousness had been reborn "Where am I.."he blurted out. The voice that responded spoke in a tongue that was alien, ancient, and powerful. Reality itself seemed to come into being around the sounds that were uttered, contorting vibrations into literal creation as it said "You are in Malinor" Shocked, surprised, yet not afraid. Minuvas realized he understood the Elf's language despite realizing he could not speak his tongue "What, how, Am I dead?" "You say that you are." A frustrating response, he thought. It was then Minuvas realized his ability to rationalize and use logic were available fully to him. He outstretched his hands, like a newborn realizing the sensation of their own fingers before looking to thefl figure. "Are you Aengul? A Daemon? Is this some illusion, a simulacrum?" The figure, he just realized, up until his point was entirely blurry. Only now did the Elf come fully into his focused visage, sitting on a throne that stood thrice the size of Minuvas. Firm hands gripped the edges of the throne, peering down at the small Minuvas. A crown adorned the Elf's head, his light colored hair and lightly bronzed skin, the hues of his eyes now blue, he spoke "What do you say that I am?" "Are you my father? " Minuvas replied. The figure said in a low echo , "I am not your father, but I am your Father" and in his ancient and powerful tongue the words' meaning were clear. "I say than, that you are King alone" Minuvas proudly stated, expecting admiration for his response. "So I am. Yet who are you? "I am Minuvas Melphestaus, Aheral Princep of Ebonwood, Warden of the Pale Aldemar" The figure clicked his tongue "Your words are foreign. Speak plainly, Elf " He tried again "I am Minuvas Melphestaus" Silence. "I speak for Malin" He added, finally. "You speak for me?" The figure seemed to raise in a voice that might be taken for anger, rising from his throne, the hues in his eyes taking a darker tone "I was the first of the brothers, I have communed with spirits as old as the world. I conquered ibleese, fought the great devouring dragon and slew the spirits that would consume the Elven people" The figure seemed to return to a calm state, returning to sit. Was this ..arrogance? Minuvas had witnessed. No sooner did Minuvas finish this thought did that ancestrally powerful voice rise once more "To what reason would I need you, to speak, for me?" And now the Elf had become similar in stature to Minuvas, approaching him directly to stare him in his face. Minuvas was over his head. Whatever he was dealing with was a primordial, and powerful entity that possessed an intelligence and wit far surpassing his own. He could not help but look away in embarrassment. "You are afraid. Ashamed. This is the first time you are speechless" the figure grinned. "I am. I do not feel I am worthy" "You are not. But I have chosen you" "Why? Why me? You yourself seemed to cast doubt on the need for a speaker. I was raised by Humans. The Princes, many would see me dead." Minuvas would say as he paced about the room, clearly brought to a distraught state. The figure snorted "A thousand crowns of a thousand Princes and Elven Kings will never amount to one gram of the purpose I have invested in you" "I am persecuted, hunted" Minuvas claimed in exasperation "I cannot do this anymore. End me, if it be your will" "You cast a mirror into the eyes of my children and you make them afraid. For you tell them of their arrogance and greed and they hear the truth. " "Am I to die for the Truth?" "If you must." He coldly responded. before adding "Have you cast a mirror to yourself, Princeps…..Warden….Aheral…How else do you divide your lineage from me, and claim yourself worthy to speak of me as King?" The feeling of guilt, shame, arrogance now struck Minuvas and he was again cast into the driftless void of his mind. Return to nothingness. Alone in nothingness…… [We're losing him! Someone go get a damn Doctor, we're losing the Princeps!]
  5. Ebonwood: Proclamation of Extremus His Serene Highness, Saneyir Minuvas Melphestaus, Mali, Speaker of Malin, Princeps of the Ebonwood, Warden of the Pale of Aldemar, makes the following statement in regards to the current situation in Oren. To our Imperial Valah friends, the children of Horen of whom we have made friendship with. We know this must seem to you a crisis. In the past century, I have seen not one but four conflicts for the legal succession of the Imperial Crown. Two of which I have directly served at the pleasure of that Crown. While it will offer no comfort to the suffering levies called to war, or the peasants and farmers who thought they had peace - now called back to armed conflict, I offer you two words of advice: these conflicts are rarely 'civil' but in time, they will end. We do not know the proclaimed Emperor Peter IV, nor his younger brother King Frederick I. I once deeply knew the Imperial Family, for many years, raising their children and mentoring and serving the household since the era of Peter the third. Princess Josephine Augusta provided me with an Imperial education unmatched in all of Almaris. The sovereign's father Emperor Philip III honored the Mali people with a simple promise, pay the Imperial tax, defend the Imperial Crown, and the Mali people shall be safe and left alone. I intend to honor this arrangement with whoever sits on the throne. Yet these sovereigns are strangers to me. The Elves, as a general rule, have no business involving themselves in the conflict between the fighting of the Imperial Household. We were proud to fight with the Empire against the Bortu who unjustly struck off the ears of our Mali brothers and sisters, but we have no business deciding Valah peerages and their leaders for the Humans of this Empire. We have heard disparaging rumors that the younger Imperial Prince, now styled King Frederick I, and we hope these are but rumors, shall support factions that would seek to repress and destroy the Ebonwood - I would warn the Young King against such an action.I have not forgotten the betrayals against the Sons of Malin, my ancestors,a century ago - a betrayal I had believed I could forgive , yet I am glad I have not forgot. I would have no qualm turning to our cousins from Fenn, Haelun'or or Elvenesse to find a sovereign who would respect our people to avoid this butchery, and where I shall rally the Order of Malin against any leader who seeks to committ genocide against the Elves. I shall remember this betrayal long after your children are in the grave - if true. Further, it is difficult to deny Imperial Law - Peter IV is the legal successor to the crown. Yet we already begin arrangements to meet with Frederick I and Peter IV respectively to determine the force of each-others claim, and dispel the rumors already being written to my palace. Not to determine who is justified for anyone other than the Elves. We encourage each Sovereign to meet us, and we shall measure their words carefully. I say to Emperor Peter IV and King Frederick I, do you come to reign as a terror over the Elven people or as friends as your ancestors before? Our people made an agreement between Empress Anastasia I and Emperor Philip III, binding upon their legal successor. This legal succession is in dispute, and thus we must declare a state of emergency for the Ebonwood. I declare a state of extremus within the Imperial territory of “The Ebonwood”, and decree the following. I. In order to preserve the continuity of government, the Ebonwood is now a Client-State-Protectorate of Oren, owing its fealty to the legal successor to the Imperial Crown as outlined in the Ebonwood agreement. Its status in this conflict, as of today, is NEUTRALITY. However, this decision is not final - I make this decision as Malin’s Will to ensure the safety of Elven people caught between Valah wars on each other. II. The Ebonwood shall execute full domestic and foreign diplomatic autonomy, to include the use of its Paramilitary wing of the Order of Malin and with the ability to enter agreements with other nations as a Sovereign entity. III. I have recalled Colonel Hieran Melphestaus from his duty as Colonel of the Imperial Legion, for his safety, and he has accepted this request. IV. All Elves of the Empire are directed to stand down from this conflict, until such time - if at all - a legal successor has been affirmed OR a genuine threat to Elves has been determined. As Every Emperor in Oren has been crowned by the Pontiff, to include Emperor Philip III and Empress Anastasia I to whom the Valah Church claimed anathema, we shall acknowledge this legitimate action as the historical and satisfactory precedent to affirm the legality of any claim. V. The Order of Malin is directed to take up no arms. As Speaker for Malin, I declare at this time that there is no threat against Mali kind. For our adherents outside of the Empire, we encourage a partial mobilization and preparation to answer further summons should either sovereign decide to take action in spilling Elven blood. VI. Ebonwood taxes shall be placed into a seperate account, to be paid in full, upon determination of the legal successor to the Orenian Crown. VII. As a client-state of Oren, in return for lands, it's full autonomy, and the defensive guarantee of its sovereignty, Ebonwood shall pay it's rents, and fight to defend the Imperial realm when jeopardized by foreign invaders - for the legal sovereign of Oren. VIII. The Ebonwood, at this time, shall not raise arms or pledge fealty to either Sovereign - with our oath of service still in effect for the Imperial Crown , we acknowledge the holder of the Imperial Crown is in dispute. IX. The Ebonwood shall endeavor to meet with each Sovereign to determine the validity of their claim, and the threat to Elves in this Empire. X. We ask that each of the participants in this conflict do not fight in Ebonwood territory, though we will take refugees, and aid the sick, wounded, and suffering from either side. XI. Violation of this recognition shall be seen as a threat to Elven kind, constituting a breaking of the Imperial oath to our people. We shall immediately declare for the other side of this conflict, and look to move our people into a place with a more benevolent Elven sovereign. THERE IS NO KING BUT MALIN Reverence - Community-Humility-Temperance-Industry
  6. Revealed Appointments to Office I - oem kae ito iyat sirame ito kae'leh, nae oroment, llir'Malinor. Malin’s people lived in tranquil peace with those around them at the time of Kingship, never lusting for the territories of the other descendants. So too, we find Malin’s peace. We declare an official cessation to the Pinemaw demonstration by a single individual to be ended. Further, we welcome a Clan of Kha to the Ebonwood - though not adherents to the way of Malin, we remember our Father’s teaching to live alongside many splendid friends of the world. Lastly, we fill many talented positions across our realm with talented individuals. Reverence - Community-Humility-Temperance-Industry II -niut Mar’Malin ito iheiuhii’iyat Revelations of Malin by Self-Reflection oem. Government Announcements. The Domain of Pinemaw is now a dissolved title. It is returned to the Imperial Crown for their pleasure. The domain of ‘Mirame’ (common: Warm Forest) is established in its place. The Kha Nossir Khurukar is named as Gwaithor of Clan Khurukar within the Ebonwood. May you find kinship with the realm of Malin. The Elfess Taliyu is named as Gwaithor of the Bird’s Nest Winery and Vineyard. May Malin bring you industriousness. The Elfess Axilya is named as Gwaithor of ‘.Mirame’. May Malin bring you Community. The Elf Ayred Daemyar is to be named as Head Medic of the Ebonwood. May Malin bring you industriousness. niut. Military Appointments. Significant reforms are to be announced in a second revelation related entirely to the Order of Malin. The positions pre-empt this revelation, but warrant announcement. The Half-Elf, Mr. Goodman, is to be appointed as an Eramite and Drill Instructor of the Third Chapter of the Order of Malin, ‘The Chapter of Valke’dyte”. The Elf Agis Livarai is to be named as an Eramite of the Second Chapter of the Order of Malin, “The Chapter of Artha’lemoth”. Signed, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, MINUVAS ‘ELVERHILIN’ MELPHESTAUS, saneyir OF MALIN, PRINCEPS OF THE EBONWOOD, WARDEN OF THE PALE OF ALDEMAR
  7. "Another Sarkozy? One of the few good Valah noble houses. I am dismayed at the loss of such a young life" Laments Minuvas to a nearby courtier in his tree palace.
  8. "The beauty of children of Malin and their thoughts on the world never cease to amaze me. I would love to hear this writer speak to me privately" He gestures to a courtier in the Palace "See if you can find them near amathea"
  9. Received the copy on his desk "Ah. My niece has a way with such words. I wonder if she got it from Hieran or Zirath..." he wonders aloud from his tree palace.
  10. "We congratule the new Prince and welcome heartily the success of the Ker people. Prepare for him a gift, and send our emissary". He remarks to a nearby courtier
  11. [A large Flagon of Rum would be sent to Zirath with an attached note] "You've done a great deal for the Mali , cousin. A rest well earned. Clan R'ikarth remains a special place in the hearts of the Melphestaus family and the people of Ebonwood. We shall never forget the generosity of Stygian Hollow and the kinship of the clan. May you tend to a life of peace and free from the traumas of the day. -Min
  12. I have provided all relevant information to a Moderator in order to be transparent and to assure anyone about any such concerns. Thanks!
  13. On Wolves and the Flock I - oem kae ito iyat sirame ito kae'leh, nae oroment, llir'Malinor. This past Elven Day the Uruk horde and their Valah friends yet again see fit to target the Elves of Ebonwood, and it's heart ilandria. The curse of violence rings in them - and it shall be met in a manner that Uruk understand best : Violence. We are no strangers to foreign invaders, and we no longer attempt to appeal their good reason to leave us alone. As Malin once desired to live content in his woods, long have we sought the same - only to be nipped at by biting fleas. Unable to breach our walls, we are surprised by the Orcs cunning in infiltrating the gates and underestimated their deception. Whomever has taken advantage of our benevolence in having gained entry to our city shall be found, and given Malin's justice. To the Druii and Mali across Almaris who came to the aid of Ebonwood in saving our prescious tree palace, a grateful Ahernan and a hearty debt owed. To our lari'onn and mal'onn of Nevaehlen who heal the tree it is decreed that should the Ebonwood cross paths on the field of the Tripartite conflict, we shall spare conflict and make all attempt to negotiate Nevaehlen captors from Orenian prisons. We must fight fully against the Bortu who are led by a King who comes for the ears of Malin's kin. As Saneyir of Malin - I declare there shall be no conflict between Malin's people. To the Monarch and the Mali people of Vortice who extinguished the fire with the help of our ancestors. We affirm our fellowship with the Vortician people, and make offerings to the ancestors this eve. I use this opportunity to let the one known as Peralien Maelstrom know that she is to be summoned before the Ethereal Council of Ebonwood, to answer for her actions in the threatening of Malin's realm with the indiscriminate use of alchemical fire which threatened the Mali citizens and the Ker ancestor shrines of Vortice . At this time, until the completion of this investigation, she is stripped of Gwaithorship of Pinemaw which is to be passed to a Rayalia of Pinemaw. To the many Mali across Almaris who rallied to our city, regardless of national origin. Malin Lives! Let none say his people do not live in fellowship, casting aside their petty disputes for the betterment of all Elves. We shall come to call on these friendships soon, for the Uruks seem fit to make enemy with the realm of Elves - and it is pehaps time we answer their call with bronze. Signed, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, MINUVAS ‘ELVERHILIN’ MELPHESTAUS, saneyir OF THE MALIN’ONN, PRINCEPS OF THE EBONWOOD, WARDEN OF THE PALE OF ALDEMAR
  14. "A good day for Vortice" Minuvas remarks, penning a note.
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