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  1. Razad had not passed a even a year ago, and in eternity he was fighting a thousand glorious magical battles in the heavens, in continuous Kaggath against his enemies. But he paused in his current conquests, a ripple sent across whatever real space he did exist in, pausing to think of the Old Professor. A strange interruption, he thought, that the wizard whom he had found a kindred spirit should suddenly cross his mind - was Amador trying to scry him? Truly, we must continue our conversation where we left off... Zzzrack! The thunderous crack of an enemy lightning bolt crashes near his feet, sundering the rock near and interrupts his thoughts. Razad would begin to discharge projectiles of sharpened stone across the battlefield slaying the charging enemy contingency... and...
  2. Portrait of Razad the Fatebinder in formal Regalia Official Release from the estate of House Fahrazad The following is released from the estate of the ruling House of Fahrazad of Hohkmat, the official shorthand historical account of Grand Magister Razad the Fatebinder and his last will and testimony. Official History Born Razad of an unknown tribe, Razad is a native of the nomadic Hakad tribes. Birth mother and father unrecorded, he was taken in by The Weaver, Grand Magister of the tribe of Hakad and made an apprentice at the age of 12. Razad did defeat his master in Kaggath at the age of 18, becoming Grand Magister by rite of the challenge and besting two other apprentices for the title and taking up the regnant styling of ‘The Fatebinder’. Razad continued to lead the tribe in Almaris, and made a decision to end the tribe's nomadic nature in the desert- calling together all of the great Magi of the continent to prove their worth to serve as Magisters of his tribe. Prior to this time, mages were scattered and leaderless - pursuing hundreds of individual pursuits with no communal goals or purpose. Razad, Binder of Fates, did bring them together and this formed the nascent beginnings of Hohkmat. During the flight from Almaris - it is known that Razad did receive near mortal injuries that caused his disconnection from the void. His connection was restored by a Lurinite benefactor that Razad did not name in his will. Leading the tribe of Magi to the shores of Aevos, Razad was beset by many challenges - but made diplomatic peace with the Petrans who did allow him to grow and flourish from a small gathering of tribesmen into a flourishing city. Razad did personally oversee the construction of this city, the institutions and the preservation of the traditions of Hohkmat. For its first forty years, Hohkmat did fend off demons, internal threats and coups, and achieved victory in a war on its doorstep. The Magisters of the City plotted for power and thrones, and Razad successfully removed those from power or had killed the greatest challenges to Hohkmat early in his reign. Chief among them were Magisters Lanre Cerusil and Yera Silveira, who official records conclude as having engaged in apostate magic. Razad did also cultivate those around him, as the Grand Magister had an impeccable ability to identify talent and bring forth the best in those around him. He promoted Magisters Laurissa, Sulieronn, and Haus to their seats of power. This era of Hohkmat history was called the ‘Age of Strife’ by the Grand Magister, for its brutal nature of competition for Hohkmats survival and stability. Kaggath became a regular, brutal, and necessary means in which to restore order among the city of Mages - a culling the Grand Magister believed was neccesary to prevent the most evil Magi from seizing power and holding it early on. Following the upheaval of the Kaggath between Magisters Haus and Silveira, Razad declared a new era of study, knowledge, and magic - an end to violence. The next 10 years of his reign Razad did call the ‘Age of Transition’, in which the old institutions of conflict and strife were to be dismantled, believing he had stabilized the Magisters into less hostile polities. Under his scrupulous leadership, Hohkmat saw extreme financial excellence, the design of a brand new city, a complete redesign of the nation into an academy in which it's premiere function was magical instruction and the growth of the city into the epicenter for the study and promotion of magic and a well founded educational curriculum. Razad had approved two apprentices to train as his heir, and their education did continue well into this age. The remaining years of his reign did complete the transition into the ‘Age of Creation'. During this age, the one we currently live in, Hohkmat would continue to become an outstanding academy. Unexpectedly becoming independent, Razad did quickly secure the defense of the nation - his treaties with the Church of Canon and the Heartlanders cornerstones of this political process. The Magisters did challenge Razad for his throne, but he did demand the old traditions be honored. In full ceremonial regalia, Razad did engage in Kaggath with his apprentice, Faeryel of House Fahrazad. Their struggle ended in victory for his apprentice, Razads final worlds were ‘What is the Masters, will one day belong to the apprentice’ He did remove his bone mask and turban to look his apprentice in the eyes, thrust into her hands the ceremonial staff of the Grand Magister and did depart this world with the face of honor of the tradition of the tribe of the Mage-Nomads of which he was raised. Razad featured in full ceremonial battle-garb Formal Will The House of Fahrazad does now acknowledge Faeryel , of the regnant name of ‘The Scholar’ as new Master of the ruling House, and shall begin to archive her reign. The house shall enter into a three day period of mourning, preparing Fatebinders body for ceremonial burial, and then a three day jubilee in celebration of the ascent of a new Master. Razad the Fatebinder, Grand Magister, King of Sorcerers did reign for over a century as leader of the people of Hohkmat. He believed that conflict and competition are inevitable, and that the Grand Magister must suffer the weight of the nation in private. For this reason, it was the Grand Magister's wish that no private letters or counter narrative from his private archives be exposed to the public, believing history will judge him well for his deeds. Razad has fought his last Kaggath, and in his tradition - it is bad luck for the dead to cast words from beyond the grave - and so he has left no public rebukes of those who sat on his council other than the following scroll, ‘Fate has come to pass as it must. The inevitably of change, for nothing is eternal. The void preserve me, and you all, in the days to come’ There is not a mage on the continent of Aevos who does not know his name, for fame or notoriety, and the world of magic has forever been impacted by a nomad Wizard from a desert Farfolk tribe who shall be remembered in the halls of Hohkmat forever. He did bind the Mages together. (The following info is known only by those present, and the info in Razads head - to him alone). Razad did see the hesitation in his apprentice's eyes in declaring her statement. He assumed she felt shame at deposing her master, but Razad knew this is the way of Hakad..ultimately the way of all Magi. To die by an assassin's blade, or a scheme was no way for the King of Mages to die - he would die as he was meant to: KAGGATH. “Faeryel…this is how it was always supposed to be. How it must be….this is our way, this our tradition. Kaggath is inevitable, let us see if you are ready to earn what is yours. Do not mourn, as your Master, this is my wish..." Razad stood opposite the hall of his apprentice, he did place the bone mask of his master The Weaver upon his face, grip his war staff, and his attendants did place the Grand Magister's ceremonial armor upon him. He was old, and felt the great weight of his master's garb. Every time he donned this armor his enemies were killed, his opponents defeated. Razad had a century of magical victories, in combat, in debate, in politics. No one mage could dare say they were his equal in all of Hohkmat. Yet despite knowing this was the way, he did hide his remorse in fighting his apprentice beyond his bone mask- knowing that he may have to kill her. A great bout took place beneath the Chamber of Fire, the crashing sound of stone and blade as the two fought… Seeing his apprentice wield a flaming sword charging towards him, he again saw what he thought was hesitation and unhappiness. Razad did give his apprentice a final lesson, of humility and of a power beyond what any of his Chamber of Magisters could ever grasp - for their schemes were as short sighted as their egos were large. He did call off his magical summons, gripped Faeryel’s blade of flame, and leaned his body fully into her blade. He doesn't remember much beyond this, he was barely able to make out the other spectators in the room…he removed his turban and his bone mask, uttered words almost instantly to his apprentice that he believes were ones a proud father might remark to a proud daughter and ...it all just gets so… Letters were left by the Grand Magister for release by his estate upon his succession. OOC: And to those who are trying to start a new group, never forget....people are always out to put you down. Do what you want.
  3. Issued Year 179 of the Second Age ARTICLE I: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I. The Academy of Hohkmat acknowledges the sovereignty of the Queendom of Vikela, and the right to govern their lands. Inversely, the Queendom of Vikela acknowledges The Academy of Hohkmat’s right to govern within the bounds of their state. ARTİCLE II: NON-AGGRESSION I. The Academy of Hohkmat and the Queendom of Vikela (Henceforth referred to as ‘the signatories’) pledge to each other to adhere to principles of peace between each other. They shall not wage war upon one another, nor shall they raise arms against one another, or try to bring harm to the integrity of one another’s realms. II. This includes but is not limited to: supporting mercenaries and/or bandits in attacks against a signatory; making claims about a signatory with the intent to ruin the reputation of its culture, people, or leadership; and using the well-intentioned articles of this pact to disadvantage another signatory. ARTICLE III: ACADEMIC EXCHANGE I. The signatories agree to the exchange of magical goods and knowledge to further the academic progress of both states, specifically within the realms of the arcane and the alchemical. II. The signatories will encourage tutelage in arcane and alchemical arts across borders, allowing free passage to citizens between both states for learning and visiting purposes. Students from the Queendom of Vikela will be allowed and encouraged to seek tutelage in The Academy of Hohkmat, and inversely, the same will be afforded to students of Hohkmat to the Queendom of Vikela. III. Both signatories are permitted to request copies of books from the other signatory’s public libraries, to fill gaps of knowledge within their own. These requests will be processed and assessed through each state’s Head Librarian. IV. The signatories will encourage attendance to academic events hosted by either state, such as classes, demonstrations, and the creations of magical artifacts. V. The signatories will agree to assist one another where possible, in the creation of new magical artifacts and feats. ARTİCLE IV: TRADE I. Alongside encouraging the exchange of arcane goods, the signatories will promote all forms of trade between states. Merchants from each signatory will be allowed free passage and a right to advertise their goods in the other’s state. II. Both signatories will receive a tax-free market stall of their choice in the other’s territory, which will remain untaxed unless the agreement is found to be terminated. ARTICLE V: COOPERATION & APOSTASY I. The signatories mutually acknowledge the threat that dark, infernal, and necromantic beings pose against the people of Aevos, as well as the threat of rogue magi and wielders of forbidden magic (All henceforth collectively referred to as ‘apostates’). Both signatories pledge their full efforts to seek out and destroy these threats where they are discovered. II. The signatories agree to share information regarding the possible locations and operations of apostates, and to provide mutual assistance regarding their extermination. Hohkmat’s Chamber of Fire will seek to work with the Queendom of Vikela’s military forces in the event of an apostate threat on either state. III. The signatories agree to communicate freely regarding suspicions of apostate creatures or sorcerers within the other’s state, encouraging and collaborating on investigations to root out infiltrators. IV. Any sorcerer or student of Hohkmat or citizen of Vikela discovered as an apostate in the other’s state will be extradited back to their state of origin for trial. V. The signatories will also share information on the creation and location of any Voidal Tears, and will provide mutual assistance to each other in closing these rifts in the Veil. ARTICLE VI: DURATION & TERMINATION I. This agreement will go into effect immediately upon signing, and will last until one of the two parties chooses to break the agreement, requiring a year of advance notice before the pact is terminated. SOVRÈN MAJESTÉ, Reine Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Queen of Vikela, La Violetta TÈT MINISTER OF MAJI, Member of the Crystal Court, Lord Nepir ‘Wolfguard’ SO BOUND GRAND-MAGISTER, Sorcerer-King, Hierophant of the Mysteries, Master of the Ziggurat of Hohkmat FAERYEL of FAHRAZAD GRAND-APPRENTICE, Mistress of the Chamber of Stars
  4. Vizier Appointments to Government “FULL TIME POSITIONS” We declare the following changes within the Chamber of Stars, the government which manages the state of Hohkmat, to better suit the academic institution which it is meant to support. Resignations Having served our nation admirably, Lady Rhae’lin of the Magister House Ashwood, has determined it is time to resign from a near 75 years of tenure at the Academy as the Vizier of Earth. Under her leadership the Chamber of Earth has become one of the most institutionally important organizations of the government. She will continue to serve, at her leisure, within the Chamber and amongst the Academy as she takes on a more relaxed role within the Academy. The Vizier parted the following words to the Academy upon her retirement, “Effective immediately, I submit my resignation as the Vizier of the Chamber of Earth. This decision was made after careful consideration and reflection on the coming academic renaissance within the realm of Hohkmat. My focus hereon will be shifted to a depth of research that will prevent my full confinement to Chamber duties. To my colleagues and friends, I thank you for the time and support you have offered throughout my tenure here. It would not have been possible with each and every one of you.” Lady, Rhae’lin of House Ashwood Weaver of the Void Appointments Effective immediately, we do appoint Sarah of the Great House of Artenin to the position of VIZIER of the CHAMBER OF FIRE. Effective immediately, we do appoint Tatsu Arakawa of Clan Tatsu to the position of VIZIER of the CHAMBER OF EARTH. Both Magi do come to this chamber highly recommended with years of service already to the Academy and the free peoples of Hohkmat. SO BOUND GRAND-MAGISTER, Sorcerer-King, Hierophant of the Mysteries, Master of the Ziggurat of Hohkmat FAERYEL of FAHRAZAD GRAND-APPRENTICE, Mistress of the Chamber of Stars
  5. A letter would sent promptly to the mage "Enrollment in our Academy is the fastest way to find a teacher; it is a structured system, and our Circle of Creation facilitates the arts you profess to pursue. Our Magical Academy does require a series of studies to be completed before one can be fully embraced as a student. However, you will ultimately find it to be rewarding, a vast improvement to your magical education, and not cheaply earned. You may enroll in studies directly at Academy itself, where you may receive your tome of knowledge. " Official Correspondence from the Academy of Hohkmat
  6. The Grand Magister did look on with approval, having long awaited the vindication of his people against rumors of darkness. He did wriggle his moustache at the description of Sulieronn, perhaps the most fitting characterization of the Elf he had seen in his short human life.
  7. A Wizard did sit upon his palatial throne, a venerable Army of wizards uncommitted to this war effort between two powerful beings toiled in the halls of voidal studies. And they were left to ponder, for none had asked for their help, and so they remain dedicated to those studies alone. "What's all this about?" Was the only thing Razad could muster to someone in the chamber of fire @Lord_of_losers
  8. Now Hiring “FULL TIME POSITIONS” We are seeking instructors and professors for the Academy of Hohkmat in the following fields. ALCHEMY BARDMANCY HOUSEMAGERY DIVINE MAGIC Instructors and teachers will be employed within the Academy’s “Circle of Practical Arts”. Instructors are not required to be Mages, but should be comfortable working with an entirely all mage institution. Duties and Responsibilities include: 1. Providing classes to the general student body in your field. You may hire assistants as necessary. Instruction should focus on how your field of expertise interacts with Voidal arts and its users and be relevant to the student. 2. Managing, designing, and maintaining the physical space for your profession - renovation expenses will be paid for by the Academy. 3. To adhere to all Academy rules and regulations, taking direction from the ‘Head of the Academy’ and the Master of the Circle of Practical Pursuits. Salary Negotiable Send a letter to the Grand Magister, Razad the Fatebinder if interested. SO BOUND GRAND-MAGISTER, Sorcerer-King, Hierophant of the Mysteries, Master of the Ziggurat of Hohkmat
  9. "Archbishop, We will write, and do hope to see you soon." -Fatebinder The letter is written in a fine Qalasheen script, of a well-practiced writer.
  10. The Magelight Invitation “JUST AS THE MAGELIGHT GUIDES US THROUGH DARKNESS - SO SHALL THE ACADEMY LEAD OUR JOURNEY IN SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDY” We do invite all those wizards, mages, sorcerers, bards, housemages, and magic users of Hohkmat, past and present, and all those who desire to walk the path of the mage to join the Academy of Hohkmat on the celebration of its new institutions. Current residents of Hohkmat are expected to attend. The Grand Magister shall address the nation of magi, and aspiring magi, on all the challenges and the new routine of the academy. The new Circle Masters of the academy shall be named, and the initial schedule of academic instruction is to be produced. Bold announcements of the future of the study of magic are expected to be made. If you want to learn magic, this is the time and place to be. We further make special invitations to other academic institutions of magic and learning, as we undergo a massive reconstruction of our academy, to invite them to be a part of this journey. Special Regards to The College of Bards The Northern Geographic Society (NGS) (OOC: 21 APR, 2000 PST) SO BOUND GRAND-MAGISTER, Sorcerer-King, Hierophant of the Mysteries, Master of the Ziggurat of Hohkmat ooc: Also find out more here https://discord.gg/rteb7Nt6eA
  11. THE GRAND DIKTAT OF RAZAD FATEBINDER REFORMATION OF THE ACADEMY OF HOHKMAT & DECLARATION OF SOVEREIGNTY STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Let this be our great legacy. The first sovereign nation of Mages to grace history is to emerge, and I shall wear its mantle as its Sorcerous-King and Grand Magister. Our collective national purpose in the pursuit of magic. We shall be a neutral people, who focus inward in our pursuits - venturing out when asked, or to combat the horrors of the void when necessary - ever mindful to look inward as well as outward. Let our values, beliefs, and institutional structure of this declaration serve as my legacy to Hohkmat - long beyond my death - and become the core of its existence now and in the future. Let this will be bound not only by me, but by all magi, in all of Aevos - the voice of all those who practice the void. This is the AGE OF CREATION , and it shall serve us wisely until the return of the AGE OF STRIFE. I. The Core of Hohkmat Ia. The Three Mysteries: The Law IaII. The Current Diktats Ib. Hakad: The Culture Ic. The Mages Guild: The Foundation II. The Government of Hohkmat IIa. The Grand Magister IIb. The Chamber of Magisters IIc. The Chamber of Stars IIcI. Wind IIcII. Earth IIcIII. Fire IIcIV. Water III. The Academy of the Sorcerous Path IIIa. The Headmaster of the Academy IIIb. Citizens of Hohkmat IIIbI. Circle IIIbII. Rank IIIc. The Tome of Knowledge IIId. The Circles IIIdI. Circle Masters IIIdII. Evocation IIIdIII. Creation IIIdIV. Esotericiam I. THE CORE OF HOHKMAT Central to our existence, our core are our values. It is our community - it shall take us beyond the days of small collectives of magi guilds. Our right to nationhood. IA. The Three Mysteries - The Law The three mysteries guide the use of magic within Hohkmat. They are derived from when Fahrazad the Great first institutionalized them as a way to bring the warring Mage-Lords bound by a loose codex of laws. Their interpretation is not meant to be rigid; their understanding changes with each change of regime though some mysteries are perceived as mostly unchanging - such as magic true lineage succession. The Grand Magister clarifies the law through Diktats. THE FIRST MYSTERY - THE GREAT PARADOX From the first day a descendant connects to the void, he is threat and a boon. The Great Paradox instructs how to reconcile with this dual nature of the mage, and avoid catastrophe. THE SECOND MYSTERY - THE ETERNAL PURSUIT A mage is never content, and never so satisfied to claim to know everything. We must compete, we must strive and progress, we must know. Cheap solutions, Dark Apostacy, have no place in the pursuit. . THE THIRD MYSTERY - THE SORCEROUS PATH All magic walk the path. Without magic, we have no inheritance to what we are. The mystery of the Sorcerous path centers us in the importance of this journey. Being a mage is central to our identity. IAI. Current Diktats The following mysteries were interpreted by Grand-Magister Razad Fahrazad the Fatebinder. 1. Lesser Diktat of Razad: Established that Thanium and Null-Arcana is illegal within Hohkmat without permit. 2. The Diktat of Fahrazad: Established that the Grand Magister's successor shall be chosen by vote. Established that Magisters shall have their apprentice approved by the Grand Magister. 3. The Eternity Dikat: Established public entities for those wearing the status of ‘Master’ in Hohkmat. IB. Hakad - The Culture The Hakad are a nomadic desert farfolk group of primarily human origin, though other Farfolk descendants are not uncommon. Their history dates back to the time of Godfrey, son of Horen. During this time the Hakad lived harshly under slavers for nearly 200 years, until they discovered magic - using it to overthrow their masters. These new Mage-Lords squabble amongst themselves until they were united, willingly or otherwise, by Fahrazad the Great. The Hakad share many similarities with the Qal’asheen - and could be considered a subculture of this ethnic group. What distinguishes Hakad from other desert cultures has been the pre-eminent focus of magic that has dominated their lives. They value those who are talented with it, and show pity on those who are not. The ruling class of people within the Hakad are mages. The Hakad formalized their nation-state in the deserts of Almaris, creating the current city state of Hohkmat.The Hakad share a special relation to the Petrine peoples, to whom they consider their closest and longest allies. IC. The Mages Guild - The Institution The Mages Guild laid the framework for much of the initial institutional structure of Hohkmat, and continues to influence it today. Many of its members were founding members when the Hakad formalized their tribe into a nation-state. Hohkmat lacks a rigid definition on the use of magic, like the guild did ,but has adopted some of the more important tenets of the Mages Guild. This includes a pursuit towards political neutrality and a goal towards protecting against magical anomalies. Hohkmat thus considers itself a continuation of the legacy of the mage guild made into a national entity. II. THE GOVERNMENT OF HOHKMAT General. Official Name: The Academy of Hohkmat (Hohkmat) Government Type: Feudal Mageocracy Sovereign: The Grand Magister, King of Sorcerers Sigil: The Seal of Sorcerery State Animal: The Yisar The Government of Hohkmat is a mageocracy. This means that the most talented mages are awarded nobility and the right to govern and maintain the realm. The sovereign of this government is the Grand Magister - who serves as head of state and government. The sovereigns advisors are the highest ranking Magi in the realm known as Lord and Lady Magisters, responsible for many of the domestic concerns of the State. Beneath these two institutions is the Chamber of Stars and the Academy of the Sorcerous Path. The Chamber of Stars conducts all of the necessary administrative and bureaucratic functions of the state such as collecting taxes and signing foreign treaties. The Academy of the Sorcerous Path is the most important institution of Hohkmat, as all members of society will interact with it and be subject to it.The Academy is the heart of Hohkmat, and without it - there is no city. IIa. Seat of The Grand Magister, King of Sorcerers The Grand Magister is head of state and head of Government of Hohkmat. Their authority is unlimited. They are invested with full authority over the city state, to include appointments and revocation to any and all offices, and are solely the entrusted authority for domestic and international affairs. Practically, it is expected these duties are largely handled by the Chamber of Stars and the Lord-Magisters. Allowing the Grand Magister to focus on long-term strategic projects of the State. Often monumental undertakings that cannot have them pinned down by daily Governance. Grand Magister Succession: The Grand Magister shall, when they deem it necessary, summon the Chamber of Lord Magisters to choose two apprentices to the Grand magister. Initial Appointment. 1. The Grand-apprentices shall require a majority vote from the Chamber of Lord-Magisters, including their apprentices, to be named 2. If a Lord-Magister is nominated, they may not vote during the entire process. 3. If a Lord-Magister is accepted, they must vacate their seat and allow their own apprentice to rule. The apprentice shall only rule temporarily, unless their Master is named as the Grand Magister - which they shall formally ascend as a Lord or Lady Magister. 4. The Grand Magister shall oversee this blind vote. 5. Upon majority approval, the apprentices shall take on the title “Grand Apprentice”. One shall be named as Head of the Academy, and one shall oversee the duties of the Chamber of Stars. Final Succession. 1. Upon death or abdication by the Grand Magister, the Vizier of the Chamber of Earth shall summon the Chamber of Lord-Magisters. 2. The Chamber shall conduct voting and debate until one apprentice is chosen unanimously to lead the city-state. A Magister may vote absent as a form of protest, though not hold up a decision. 3. The Chamber of Earth shall continue to hold the blind votes until a candidate receives the necessary votes. 4. The succeeding apprentice shall be named as Grand Magister and take on the house name of the previous Grand Magister. 5. The losing apprentice shall retain an honorific position within the ruling family, and shall remain in the line of succession. If they were a Lord or Lady Magister, they shall return to their previous position and must go through the entire nomination process again. Eligibility 1. 30 years or older. 2. Must be a talented mage of capable ability and upstanding reputation. 3. If not human, must agree to rule for no longer than a standard human lifetime, 120 years. 4. Must reside in Hohkmat and be objectively invested in its continued success. IIb. The Chamber of Lord Magisters. The most talented and capable mages in Hohkmat are elevated to a seat of Lord-Magistracy. These Lord and Lady-Magisters exercise their legal influence in numerous ways. Important among them is the law, as Magisters are the sole judicial authority in Hohkmat in judging matters of Apostasy (Dark Magic) or Rogue Magi (Mages who are sworn enemies of Hohkmat). None can overrule them save the Grand Magister. A Magister may choose to officiate justice however they seem fit. IIbI.Second, the Magisters are the chief advisors to the Grand Magister as apart of the ruling council called the Chamber of Lord Magisters. They shall be voting members in choosing the successor to the Grand Magister. IIbII.The Magisters are also afforded an entire district of significant land, to which they are to rule over. They may build what they want in it, they may tax who lives in it, and may pass any laws that do not conflict with the national ones. IIbIII. The most important responsibility of the Lord and Lady Magisters is to fulfill the role of Circle Masters within the Academy, schools of magical thought in which every mage of Hohkmat must be associated with. The Lord-Magisters shall directly control the instruction, upbringing, and curating of every Mage that enters Hohkmat. IIbIV. Challenge to Rule. In the event that a Lord-Magister has proven deceased, inactive, or immensely incompetent or guilty of crimes - the Grand Magister may remove them and appoint a new one at his discretion. Alternatively, a unanimous vote by the Chamber of Lord Magisters can remove a Magister from their position. IIc. The Chamber of Stars. The Chamber of Stars is the bureaucratic state of the nation. It is led by Viziers who perform administrative, but necessary, functions of the Government.These Viziers hold important political station in Hohkmat - however the nature of their position affords them no authority over any activities of the Academy, which shall remain under the purview of the Chamber of Lord Magisters. The Chamber reports directly to the Grand Magister, taking no direction from the Magisters. IIcI. Chamber of Fire. Responsible for the Defense of the nation. It shall comprise a standing cadre of elite battle-mages. In addition, it shall ensure every Mage in Hohkmat receives a basis of limited combative training. IIcII.Chamber of Wind. IIcIIa.Diplomacy: The Chamber of Wind is responsible for ensuring the foreign affairs of the nation. The Vizier is delegated to make deals on behalf of the Grand Magister. IIcIIb.Trade: The Chamber of Wind is further responsible for the financial health of the nation - arranging domestic and foreign trade agreements and the procurement of necessary supplies for the circles. IIcIII.Chamber of Earth. IIcIIIa. Shall ensure the basic administration of the state. This includes the assessment and collection of taxes, an upkeep of citizen roles, and all other clerical responsibilities of running the nation. A supply of competent builders should be kept on hand within the Chamber. IIcIIIb. Additionally, the Vizier of the Chamber of Earth shall serve as the Master of the Circle of Practical pursuits. Promoting and advancing studies related to Bardmancy, Housemagery, Alchemy and any other non-voidal but magical or scholarly education. IIcIIIc. The Vizier of Earth shall oversee the voting process of the Chamber of Lord Magisters for the final vote on succession of the Grand Magister. IIcIIId. Lastly, the Vizier if Earth shall oversee the distribution and accurate filing for all Tomes of Knowledge, archiving and overseeing this programs accuracy. III. Academy of the Sorcerous Path. The Academy is the most important institution in Hohkmat. A stream of curriculum is afforded to all magi who come here, and students are quickly made into teachers themselves. There is no Hohkmat without an Academy. Within the academy are designated Circles, each Circle is led by a master who determines who serves on its staff and how it functions. All Citizens of Hohkmat are identified by a combination of their Circle and Rank. IIIa. The Headmaster of the Academy. The Heir of Hohkmat shall take on the role of Headmaster of the Academy as their principal title. They shall serve as the Circle Master of Aspirants and Novices, as well as supervising the Head Librarian. IIIb. Head Librarian. The Librarian is responsible for organizing the massive collection of books and artifacts within the reliquary and safeguarding their knowledge. They will restrict access to this knowledge based on rank and circle, or by political treaty, at the request of the Circle Masters. They shall consistently pursue to expand the librarians knowledge, especially in regards to magical knowledge. IIIc. Citizens of Hohkmat. All magical Citizens of Hohkmat belong to the academy. Their rank in this academy is what affords them political and legal status. A citizen's status is therefore defined by two elements, the personal circle they have aligned with and their measurable ability as a mage validated by the state called rank. IIIcI. Circles. Every Citizen upon completion of their novice year of teaching will align against a circle. This is a philosophical and moral approach to magic, and whille each circle prefers certain methods and ways of magic and instruction - it is not completely restrictive. A Circle of Evocation mage may choose, for example, to take up artificery. Just as one studying geology may decide to take a class in history. This alignment is not permanent, but one may be reduced in rank if transferring between circles. The Gaining Circle Master is responsible for recognizing another circles ranks. So a mage may change their preferences over time as they come to know their personal magic style. IIIcII. Rank. Every Citizen is recognized with a rank commensurate with measurable and demonstrable magic skills. Each rank comes with increased access to areas of the library, reliquary, robes and uniforms, and any other special access a Circle Master deems appropriate for that circle. From lowest to highest, the ranks are [Aspirant - Novice - Journeyman - Adept - Master - Sage] IIIc. The Tome of Knowledge. All Citizens of Hohkmat must possess their Tome of Knowledge, and should be presentable in a reasonable time if asked. This document serves as proof of citizenship and proof of rank and circle. It is especially important to provide the Librarian when wishing to access records or artifacts. IIId. The Circles. IIIdI. Circle Masters. Serving as the senior professional cadre of the academy, they oversee the education of all mages of Hohkmat and all staff within their purview. These positions are exclusively filled by Magisters, with the exception of the circle of practical pursuits. Curriculum. Curriculum of the Academy is carefully thought out and planned. Modifications of the curriculum shall be decided by the Chamber of Lord Magisters. Aspirant & Novice Robes IIIdII. Circle of Novices and Aspirants. Arguably the most important as every mage must first join this circle. Upon completion, and graduation, from this circle - a mage must set out on a new path of study if they wish to advance their knowledge. The remaining circles are exclusive, and while a mage may learn arts from competing schools - they may only declare themselves a member of one of the three at a given time. Master Mage of Evocation IIIdIII. Circle of Evocation. The Circle of Evocation prepares its students to utilize destructive magics that will enable them to fight and defend themselves and others. (Translocation, Elemental Evocations, Eminence) Master Mage of Creation IIIdIV. Circle of Creation. The Circle of Creation focuses its magi on using its magic to craft and shape the world around them. (Conjuration, Transfiguration, Artificery, Golemancy, Atronach Creation) Master Mage of Esotericism IIIdV. Circle of Esotericism. Any number of exotic and unusual magics exist in this world, from the ability to peer into the veil, to divinate futures - the circle of Esoterism focuses on these studies. (Divination, Illusion, Veil Watching) SO BOUND GRAND-MAGISTER, Sorcerer-King, Hierophant of the Mysteries, Master of the Ziggurat of Hohkmat
  12. THE GREY TOWER PROCLAMATION THE POLITICAL PURSUITS OF THE ACADEMY HOHKMAT STATEMENT OF PURPOSE We do declare unto the nations of Aevos with our newfound liberty - that Hohkmat stands principally not as a nation, but a sovereign Academy. No longer “The City State of Hohkmat” we are now officially to be called “The Academy of Hohkmat”. An institute and independent University. This document shall serve as guidance to the diplomats and leaders of the great magical academy that is Hohkmat, and as a notification of intent to the nations and peoples of Aevos. As Hohkmat finds itself in the very heart of the continent at a central crossroads to many nations, it is our intent to make our political stance clear with no room for ambiguity among all peoples of Aevos - as a self governing academy we have for us a unique political purpose. We remain a private people, content to fight the monsters of the world and pursue research for the betterment of all descendant-kind. The principal political purpose and goals of Hohkmat are; The pursuit of the studies of magic as the premier academic nation focused around the development of mages. And protection of the realm against the horrors of the void. I. SUPREME NEUTRALITY Henceforth Hohkmat shall pursue diplomatic neutrality with all nations as the basic tenant of its political existence. This shall entail; A. Non-Aggression Pacts with all nations and politically independent institutions. Free embassy and merchant space for any nation that desires it. B. Hohkmat shall not recognize any extradition requirements. C. Hohkmat shall not recognize the sovereignty of any nation that is not considered a legal entity by the majority of Aevos or is in a state of rebellion. Hohkmat shall take no sides in civil wars or rebellions. D. Hohkmat shall not raise its banner in the defense or offense of any political cause, save those reasons outlined below. E. Any treaties with Hohkmat must recognize their neutrality, and non-interference by foreign powers. F. Hohkmat shall make no attempt to expand its borders, nor subjugate its political competitors. G. Hohkmat shall never authorize the movement of foreign armies through its territory for the purpose of waging war abroad. Nations are asked to respect our neutral ground. H. Hohkmat retains the right to trade freely among all nations, however it shall never sell weapons of war or artifacts which might be used for a military purpose to nations actively at war. II.. APOSTATE MAGIC & CREATURES OF THE VOID We will take up a cause of violence against those enemies that seek to rot us from within and without. For Necromancers, Demons, and horrors of the void flourish in our world. For these reasons shall the Mages of Hohkmat rally their war mages to the battlefield. III. THE RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE A. Hohkmat shall not be a pacifist nation, we shall wield our magic to defend and protect ourselves and no nation may deny us this right. B. Those who attempt to enter our cities and pollute our people with dark magics shall be struck down - without prejudice. C.Hohkmat reserves the right to defend its borders. We shall aggressively take to the field of battle against those who would seek to bring our nation to ruin or violate our right to neutral existence. D.All citizens of Hohkmat are obligated to defend its neutrality, and are conscripted into the defense of the nation. Refusing to defend the nation shall be considered a criminal act. E. Hohkmat reserves the right to enter into defensive treaties if in its interest of its survival from a threat which does not respect its neutrality. IV. NO SAFE HARBOR Hohkmat shall not harbor criminals seeking refuge from other sovereign powers who are not Citizens of Hohkmat. Nor shall we extradite those criminals to foreign courts. Criminals seeking to evade the laws of their home nation, shall be expelled from the city - so that they shall not distract from our mission of study and knowledge. V. TREATIES IN EFFECT As of the announcement of the independence of Hohkmat, we henceforth recognize the status of the following political treaties. The Independence of Hohkmat (The Heartland Confederation-Hohkmat): IN FULL FORCE. The Second Jagodar Accord (Lurin-Hohkmat): IN FULL FORCE. To be modified to meet new extradition requirements. The Silver-Arcanium Agreement (Haelun’or-Hohkmat): IN FULL FORCE. No modifications required. The Crystalin Pact (Vikela-Hohkmat): NULLIFIED. In accordance with article V, section B, the treaty is nullified when Hohkmat gains independence. Hohkmat shall pursue to elevate this treaty to one of NON-AGGRESSION. The Agreement to Destroy that which Threatents the veil (Celianor-Hohkmat): NULLIFIED. In accordance with section VI, the tear in question has been closed. Hohkmat shall pursue a pact of NON-AGGRESSION with the Celianor elves and their mages. The Merzhin-Garmont Traite (Petra-Hohkmat): NULLIFIED. As a result of the dissolution of and merger of the Petran state into the Heartland confederation, Hohkmat is now considered a sovereign and independent nation. SO BOUND GRAND-MAGISTER, Sorcerer-King, Hierophant of the Mysteries, Master of the Ziggurat of Hohkmat
  13. Razad , leader of Mages, could not help but feel vindicated at this long known understanding "Though it is regrettable she has any association as a mage, her reputation continues to bring harm to all mages by these associations....."
  14. A certain Mage far away, would not be surprised by such accusations. He remarks simply "The truth always comes forth..."
  15. Minuvas wonders if this was a famous Dame Viktoriya marriage ad... @TreeSmoothie Conversely, Razad had never met this mage...and sighed at the idea of mages being afraid in public.
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