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  1. [!] Cracks his riding crop against his thigh, with a loud whip for Edwin to hear, as he catches him playing with his toy sword. "Back to your studies, Master Sarkozy. High Imperial, Avignon, Li-Ren Culture, Haensetic Secession...all topics of study for today. You'll have time to player Soldier later" [!] He let out an exasperated sigh, the struggle of raising up the next generation of Imperials who could wield the arts as well as a blade weighed on him for a moment. As he says privately to himself. "Let us not revel in war, young De Sarkozy. There will be a time when you are ready for ho
  2. *A letter written directed to the Foreign Office in Yong Ping* OOC: Please don't reply if you couldn't read this. "Koh-ha Li, While we are minor office, the Imperial Office of Immigration deals daily with refugees who flee their home nations due to an inability to protect their peoples or some internal persecutions or claims of hostility against their own citizens. We investigate all complaints made by these refugees, and any potential criminal behavior that may require they be expatriated to their host nation. This Office shares in the compassion of the Koh-ha for all re
  3. [!] Receives the encyclical, and beams with a great smile that the Holy Father addresses him by name. He makes the sign of the Lorraine.
  4. To all who see, these present greetings, the following individuals have completed NEW CITIZEN INDUCTION and as such have proven to be patriotic, dutiful citizens who seek to better themselves and the Holy Orenian Empire. Let none doubt the commitment, industriousness, and willingness of the faithful citizen ever moving onward to a more perfect nation. CLASS 001 - Tobias' Bounty - 1819 Name: Citizen Martin Helson (Greener#5669) Race: Human Desired Residency: Redenford (Awaiting Residency) Desired Occupation: ISA (Employed) Name: Citizen Brunle (CuteDuck#4312) Race: Orc D
  5. Dear voice, How does one proclaim a temporal war against the seat of the Pontiff, and it's bulwark - the Holy Orenian Empire. There is no war on Orenia that is not also a condemnation of the Church - in some way. The two are inseperable in so many ways. We would do better to have our spiritual leaders in the field with our Soldiers, guiding them to make just actions and keeping them in spiritual communion with Canonist teaching. Instead you demoralize them from afar and grant pardons for our Canonist brothers to watch an Army from the Red Faith march against M
  6. [!] The High Elf Would hand deliver the open letter to the office of the Holy Father in Providence "Holy Father, Can you hear us? The plea's of the faithful, have been calling unto you - without answer. The Holy Empire has been attacked, and we need our Shepherd. Your silence right now is deafening - as we wait with bated breath as to when you will lead your flock and encourage the faithful in this time of need where our faith has been threatened by another nation. Do you have something to say? Anything of this affair? Our Soldiers - your faithful - are fighting, and dying,
  7. Minuvas Melphestaus, Imperial High Elven Scholar, is making the following published books on political theory available with limited sale to the public. Each book shall have a limited production, but will be available for private sale and production upon request. These non-illustrated works are the dense writings of nearly two decades of research, observation, and reflections. Hegemon Parts I & II: "This two part book series is the premiere of the collection, forming the political foundation of all future works by the author. Part I addresses the theore
  8. *A letter is returned by bird* "Your Grace, I thank you for taking the time to respond to the writing in question, for I am low station and but an observer to conflict; had more people taken to writing, than wrangling of swords, we may have avoided this conflict all together. For there is common ground at the table of friendship, even in disagreement. And I do disagree. I disagree that, as Oren is the accused party, that it bears the burden of proof to show that military action taken against a military target is justified. Though I would agree a joint team of i
  9. There should be articles of war drafted signed by the great nations, but you are wrong to proclaim neutrality and proclaim a 'Massacre or Elysium' - fabricated tales. Imagine the good the Iron Accord could would wield if it were renamed and invited all the great nations to it, and all were held responsible to it's agreed articles. We should call it the Battle of Elysium until a through investigation can uncover the truths after the war. Until then, the losers are always likened to drum up their defeat as inhumane and the winners always likely to declare their victory
  10. We must thank the King for his efforts, even if they fall short. As he has yet to bring any Nordlanders to court for their support of the Trolls against his Kingdom, there is no attempt to hold them to account for the starvation of his people, we must remain suspect of the authority he wields over these other two nations. A good many citizens of Haense, many I call comrade, are maimed and wounded due to that conflict without restitution from their King. Let us hope he defends Holy Orenia better than his own subjects. I presume the Kingdom of Nordland has equally seen
  11. No signature. No seal. We are to suppose, I guess, that the author of the Nordland newspaper must have written this gossip column. Many tales of this bloodshed end with 'The [child] or [mother] fled into their room" they emphasize the fear but not the fact that Orenia spared the women and children, only by the horror they felt of foreign armies on their soil. As war tends to do. Let us look at this document for the strangeness that it is. First, it bears no legal authority. It lacks the signature of the Duke or any signature at all, it's
  12. The revelry is not in carnage, but the early and tactical defeat of a standing Army of a nation which has declared war on another. The Duke and his Army were not innocent bystanders, and we should not afford such a false status to combatants. Thus we can determine the Elysium dukedom was neccesary military target. That the offer to spare combat to those who did not raise arms reinforces that it was with as few casualties as possible. Are there now 'Civilian' Duchies and 'military' ones? Thisi would be a new style of peerage unbeknownst to us historians. For most peers swear an oath to fight on
  13. Minuvas would later write in his memorials of the war. "Although the Nordlanders would decry the action, Oren struck an early operational blow with the capture of the Duke of Elysium; the early capitulation and secession of the Duchy struck thrice fold at the heart of their war effort. Firstly, it removed an important Ducal level leader from the fight - and rightly respected leader of the Rangers denouncing their King, and the Duke leaving the Kingdom of Nordlan publicly was a morale shock to the people of Nordland. Second, it made the war real for both s
  14. [!] Rubs the ear of his hound, sipping on his morning tea while reviewing the proclamation. He kicks a single leg up over the other, looking off into the Providence horizon. "Wars fought for purity and religion....rarely do they end cleanly...God Save the Emperor, God save the Empire"
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