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  1. Basil? A total shrew of a man to be sure. However, a Cardinal of the Church deserves better than to be cut down in cold blood. Even he did not deserve this. The Savoyards must answer for this. They are killing Priests in their city.
  2. Due to the nature of the Imperial Bureaucracy, Minuvas would continue to forward documents to the Undersecretary for approval. He would not, in fact, learn of his disappearance for a few months. When after becoming frustrated that the average expected correspondence time between government agencies was being surpassed. After storming into Othamans office wondering what was causing the delay, he found a cleaned up and office with piled up letters being addressed to Othaman. After filing an inquiry with the ISA about why Othaman had seemed to have abandoned his work, and that he should be 'encouraged' to fulfill his post, his request was processed and sent back to Minuvas a few months later stating it was believed that Othaman was not present; Minuvas elevated the matter directly to the Foreign Secretary herself using the formal arbitration process between Ministries. After this process was complete, Minuvas was notified of Othamans apparent death. Nearly a year after the death itself, Minuvas comments "I knew Othaman in his youth, and saw him come of age. Such is the turnoil of human. May he rest in peace"
  3. "I'm not sure about this man, but his math checks out. Where is his name on the ballet box, I don't see it" a ministry Clerk mumbles something to Minuvas "What do you mean he's not running for election in Oren. That's a pity" "
  4. "Pruvia? He seemed a decent fellow....but well, now that the Ministry must spend our afternoon in the Archives penning all new records...I am quite biffed" The Elf remarks, preparing new peerage forms and getting quills and ink pots ready.
  5. Living not too far away the Imperial Elves of the Alpine would see the smoke and fire, looking at his kin he would immediately begin organizing help at the sight "Our Citizens need help in New Esbec, Hieran ( @bufffsanta), gather a small party of Ker and see what survivors are there....leave no stone unturned. The Sarkozy's are good friends of mine and I know them to have called New Esbec their home, please return with word of their good health and condition.. Bring me word of Tobias ( @Qizu) and Edwin ( @Guzr) should you find anything. Don't get hurt, we don't know what caused this fire." The Elf would spend most of the day mustering Elves of the Alpine to do what they could to contain the fires from spreading further from Esbec and into the woods where they live, attempting to rescue whoever they could from amongst the ash and fire. Whether they were aware of the town's population was irrelevant, the Elves were called to serve their fellow Citizen - and to protect the forests of Greater Alpine.
  6. A Sign of Fealty The Full Recognition of Imperial Elves Summoned by his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Philip II... The Imperial Elves of the Greater Alpine answered in numbers fitting their respect for the crown. Being received by their Emperor as Imperials, as Citizens - given the full rights and privileges and equality granted to all his subjects. A respect not given to this community for centuries. After addressing his Imperial subjects, and leading them to prayer, a symbolic gift of authority was given to His Imperial Majesty by his Elven subjects - the Scepter of “Aurumcal Lye'Domir” which in Imperial Elven translates to “The Blessed Scepter of the Emperor”. This Scepter was crafted in Elven appearance and styling, but with a blend of heartland forging techniques - representing this community in its truest form, Elves who have learned from and enjoined humans in companionship - not competition. Imperial Elves. It is rumored that the Emperor was moved to a rare scene of emotion at the gift, thanking his subjects with tremendous regard. Following the address, his Imperial Majesty invited his Elven subjects to a fitting feast. A Depiction of Minuvas Melphestaus, Dressed in Imperial Garb, with presentation of gifts , 1838 A courtier transcribed the exchange between the Elves and His Imperial Majesty…. Minuvas Melphestaus: 'We are pleased to answer the summons of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Philip II and to be invited into his imperial visage this eve. We do so not as Elves, but for the first time, in centuries, as Imperials - having been enjoined to rights and privilege's as full Citizens of this most holy Empire in which we have not always been entitled.” “Our journey before his Imperial Majesty was not a simple one. It has been fraught with racism, prejudice - the cutting of ears, the humbling ourselves as second class citizens. We were the muts - the exiles, the outcasts, the forgotten even in our old lands. Not pure enough, not radical enough, too tolerant or a litany of other crimes and levies placed against our forefathers cast out from the Elven Princedoms. Yet we were there for the coming of the exalted Godfrey, and saw the age of man upon us, awed by the visage of the messenger of GOD and the Uniter not just of humanity - but the globe.” “Since the time of Malinor, we have remained true to the promises made by our ancestors nearly 400 years ago when they kneeled to serve your ancestor, and namesake, Emperor Philip I. For it was my grandfather who saw then, what many have been blinded to see even now. That the age of conflict between the children of Malin . and the children of Horen must end, if we were ever to ascend to an age of 'Providence' and the seven skies - we must be united against our own sins, and our own faults. That we Mali are kindred brothers to our Human friends, and through the union of our spirits and intellect can we overcome our curses - being strong where the other falters. My brother is to present you with the Scepter of Aurumcal Lye'Domir a thrice blessed Moonglow Scepter that we hope shall serve as a symbol of your authority over your Elven subjects. In the Imperial elven dialect it translates to 'The Blessed Scepter of the Emperor'. Its craftsmanship represents the fusion of our ancient elven heritage and modern Imperial Heartland forging techniques. Having been crafted by my brother Hieran, and thrice blessed by the Priests of the Canonist Church - we hope that may we come to continually to reaffirm our oaths of loyalty and service to his Imperial Majesty and his successors upon this symbol" An artist depiction of the ‘Scepter of the Blessed Emperor’ (Aurumcal Lye’Domir)
  7. To The Canonist Elves of the Empire, Many of my Kin have reached suitable age and maturity to enter into Canonist bonds of marriage with other Elves. As the Scion of House Melphestaus, I have discouraged my families participation in the Imperial Social season - for it would be most inappropriate for an Elf to be seen socializing with the young human ladies and men of the realm, and thus now pursue this formal letter to begin marriage negotiations with interested parties. We have no interest in extravagant weddings with long list is guests; the preference is the minimal Church requirement for the ceremony, and the formalization of appropriate Imperial documentation. We are all busy citizens with places to be, and Imperial jobs to perform. The below named individuals of my family are fully eligible by law for marriage, and that as is customary In Elven tradition it is our desire to begin the discussion for marriage arrangements between interested Elven families. Though it should be noted that I will only consider Canonist Elves, or those who will convert before the day of the wedding. I assure that each of my family members is capable of producing children and that they are of full Elven heritage. Nationality of interested partners is of passing concern; though the threat of acid baths of Haelun'Or do not allow me or my kin to return there. Location for weddings is irrelevant so long as it is a Canonist Church, my family can provide a Priest familiar with working with and spiritually guiding Elves if required. Males Hieran Livarai De Melphestaus - Dark Elf* Minuvas Melphestaus - High Elf. Garith Daemyar De Melphestaus - Wood Elf Female Imiru Melphestaus - High Elf Ilith Melphestaus - High Elf *Requires partner of incredible patience, who enjoys travel, spirited adventure, and elements of danger. The missive has a tear off section at the bottom with am address to write letters to "The Ravenmour"
  8. "One would usurp the Sutican Crown with this Savoyard mockery and expect them to be devout Canonists, lining the streets with crucified individuals in one breath and in the other - openly tolerating devilry. I hope the good Father would pay more concession, next time, to seek out the full tenets of Canondom other than hostility and aggression and pray for mercy and patience. Obedience is a admirable trait as well. One cannot be blind to recognize that the Church's spiritual authority originates certainly in the seven skies, but it is exercised through temporal authority. It is foolish to presume that this authority given to the secular realm by the Holy Father binds no requirements upon us as adherants of the faith. This authority is not some sort of separate and distant responsibility distinct from the Church. Chief among this temporal authority granted by GOD , and affirmed by the Holy Father is the Emperor, and his obligation as first among equals in the Canonist realm. Though in recognition of this temporal authority, we are obligated to respect the wishes of all Canonist Princes in their realms - and appeal to their better senses when they act in disunity with the spiritual authority that has enobled them. Father Paul is not wrong to chastise the Canonist realm, snakes lurk among the grass in all of them - he was simply naive in believing Savoyards would not abandon him after he was used to weaponize the faith in their favor" He would remark to those about Providence who would ask his opinion on the subject.
  9. Surrounded by a bevy of Elves, from young children to even Elder ones, a friend remarks "What do you think about this?" The Elf shrugs "I am an Imperial, my duty is to Empire, and Emperor" and with that he returns to sipping his wine around a fireplace adorned with an Orenian flag and a statue of the late Emperor John VIII. He looks to the Elves gathered about him "Now than, let me tell all you children about one of the bravest Elven Soldiers to ever serve the Imperium, a Knight by the name of Dame Viktoriya...this is her story of how she fought back the demons of Ibleese in a town called Helena..."
  10. Would remark about his brothers work when asked "That we live in a nation that allows one to be critical of their representative government, to encourage healthy progress of her functions and methods of implementation is a tribute to His Imperial Majesty and all Orenians. Regardless of whether you think my brother is correct or incorrect in his observations." "Perhaps" he adds "We might see some politiking akin to the days of the Josephites and Everadines, and the creation of more robust parties?" The Elf would nod, his glorious and superior wig would bounce lightly and impress, causing 3 rounds of the 'stun' effect on nearby passerbys, as he went to complete other business. Later, he pen a written letter to his brother he would leave for him, 'Thucydides, You have a way of making friends lately....'
  11. The young Elves would gather around Minuvas "Why do they hate Wigs so much?" Minuvas, sporting a refined long and glamorous wig replied in response "Because, my family, they lack hygiene. An Oolog does not scrub its teeth, letting filth grow between the gaps. So too does a man without a wig suffer from letting his natural hair be scalded and dirtied by the elements, when One fails to take care of your own hygiene - can you be trusted to be placed in charge of very many things?" "Wigless men, frail title seeking carrion that flocK about the deathbed of an Emperor seeking scraps of table meat, are rather sad sights - let them rabble rouse as their lot is fond of doing. They make a great deal of noise, but are just harmless and foul." Another Elven child, giggling at the Elder Melphestaus' statement would grab one of the Elf's wigs and run about the estate as the other Elves chased...Minuvas letting out a long, refined, sigh. The children delighted by a wig chase.
  12. Would look to Father Hans Braun @Chopper774"Father, when might you begin getting us a written copy of Saint Pius' works to discuss with the children?" The Elf would comment to the Priest.
  13. "Oh? Was this the man he met the other day? Yes, a most faithful servant. He was rather helpful in assuring Canonist law was followed in his Church, I thank him for his support" Minuvas would remark, unsurprised by the missive
  14. "Saint Pius, pray for us!" Minuvas would remark while he prayed at the Shrine of St. Pius at the Ravenmour. The Elf would wonder if the Saint had realized that a Shrine built and a Bridge dedicated to him had been built in the growing Elven community within the greater Alpine. Seeing nearly 3 Elven Baptisms a saints week these last three saints weeks.
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