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  1. VIZIERAL AND OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS Proclaimed in an era of Calming Winds of Magic CHAMBER OF FIRE Vizier Ayche has requested retirement from his position of leadership, to serve as an advisor and Soldier in the Chamber of Fire and I have accepted this warrior-Magis request. Let it be noted in our great magisterial records; AYCHE of the Great Magi House TEMPEST has served as a leal and loyal agent of the void during a nearly thirty year period of service within the Chamber of Fire as its Vizier, Eldritch of our War forces in the coalition war, and perhaps of greatest consequence - as the Hero of the BATTLE OF PARADOX did Ayche fight at my side against the attempted COUP of LANRE CERUSIL. After the discovery Cerusils use of necromantic artifact and in spite of the aide of Draconic allies, AYCHE and the Chamber of Fire did drive this from our city - resulting in an era of unbridled growth of the City States. For this reason we shall allow the Vizier to retain the ceremonial stylizing of ELDRITCH, an otherwise wartime only rank, in retirement, in honor of his accomplishments and honor him with the rank of MASTER. HOUSE TEMPEST Let it be noted in our great magisterial records; FAERYEL of the Ruling House of FAHRAZAD is to be elevated to that of Vizier of Fire. May she inspire our warrior-magi of Hohkmat for a new era and strike fear in our enemies. THAYMARK APOSTACY Let it be noted in our great magisterial records; Our specialized force designated to combat and defeat the apostate magi and their dark agents shall undergo a change in leadership. Henceforth YERA of Magister House SYLVEIRA and HAUS of Magister House PARADOX are henceforth relieved from their joint-duties of Thaymark Leadership that they might focus on their upcoming KAGGATH. My apprentice, the Grand-Apprentice, FAERYEL of Ruling House FAHRAZAD shall be appointed as the new leader of the Thaymark and shall strike with resolve against the Necromancer, the Demon, and agents of Apostacy. ON RELATIONS TO THE CHURCH OF CANON AND ACCUSATIONS OF DARK APOSTACY Hohkmat is no stranger to accusations of dark magic within our walls, as the fears of Ando Alur still remain fresh in the minds of a great many historians. We pride ourselves in the fact that no allegations have ever been found to be true in our city. We believe this good natured behavior has contributed to the Pontiff of the Church of Canon in his enlightened sanctioning of our magics among the human realms. Our leaders, myself included, are tested to ensure no taint. We have not attacked the High Pontiff, unlike some who would try to besmirch our name. We have killed more Dark Spawn than most nations can take credit for. We have slayed the anathema when the Canonist realms have asked us to. Yet our good name is often carried on the wind by fearful and jealous individuals, whose agenda is as naked as a newborn babe. We would not see those who lash tongues to triumph over our good works, and thus I decree the following. It is diktat. We shall establish a permanent diplomatic office to the Holy See of the Canonist Church. We shall select a representative to ensure communication with the Holy See, and while it is unlikely there will be agreement on a host of issues - our ambassador shall strive to keep these issues within the threshold below that of conflict. It is diktat. That the Paladins of Xan shall henceforth be welcome in Hohkmat, as they have never been denied, though in keeping with the laws of the Canonist nations in which we reside- shall be restricted in the use of their magics while in our territory. They are however offered an additional caveat: extrajudicial attempts at execution of our citizens on suspicion shall be met with fierce hostility. SO BOUND GRAND-MAGISTER, Sorcerer-King, Hierophant of the Mysteries, Master of the Ziggurat of Hohkmat
  2. -1 This is the only mobility ability skillset for a player archetype that requires space and mobility to employ it's skills with limited or no ability to counter close combat other than being a scion. Every other mainline magic has the ability to be disconnected and still fight, not voidal. Without distance, and the ability for limited mobility generation, you're seriously crippling a mage. The nerfs ro distance don't allow escape from an encounter, arguably it's primary function. Mounted goon will run you down in 3 turns.
  3. The Grand Magister was pleased to hear of the success of his fellow desert dwellers, for in the desert - there is always struggle.
  4. *A note is penned to his southern friend* Rex of Krug, While I will not interfere in the private wishes of both my Chieftains, if this is the means by which they want to pursue their Kaggath - nor will I deny your right to privately judge individuals as the Rexdom sees fit to do so. But I am their MageRex, and this matter is internal to we Magi, and I have heard the cause of both these individuals and judge their conflict to be resolved by a trial by KAGGATH (An Honor Klomp). This is the way we agree to resolve our disputes, and the method to which all Magisters are bound to obey. I am culturally, and as their leader, obligated to resolve disputes between my Chieftains in our traditions. They should not dishonor themselves by attending such a trial. That the Chieftain of Kaethul has appealed gives me concern that she feels her cause is weak and she fears she cannot resolve it by KAGGATH, but that is a matter for her to gain strength. No punishment from the Rexdom of two of the most senior members of my Clan can be held as valid in our eyes without my consent. Such an illegal trial would be an ill begotten way to earn my disfavor for otherwise worthy relationship. I am encouraged that we might speak more on this topic. However if we do not, I will be instructing my Chieftains to forego their attendance. -Razad the Magerex" @Narthok ----- Separate letters are sent to Yera and Haus @Ewdrawings @PrimnyaQuorum "Neither of you will be attending a trial held by the Rexdom. Seek your victory in struggle and battle, as you knew was the way when you accepted your throne. The KAGGATH is your judge, the KAGGATH is your liberation. Do not try to escape your responsibility. If you believe I will allow two of my most senior magi have a foreign power impose their will on them you are more mad than I already thought you both to be. You may both think me old and soft, and I have not personally had to muster my own retinue ever since Lanre came into possession of a Necromantic artifact and him and his damn Azdrazi were fighting us, but make no mistake I will enforce my will in this manner. I am not some immortal elf but I promise my ghost will linger long after my death to haunt you and your children if you mock the magical state with this. You may write your letters of protest to the Chamber of Earth - the accusations between you two has one solution: KAGGATH. Choose the path of shame and it will be known -R" A smaller section is left only for Yera: Yera I've given you an exceptionally long leash to do as you please, because your efforts contributed to the greater magical good. This relationship has benefited us both. Your recent public stunt besmirching the capital, trying to rope me into your issues with Haus, and now this gimmick with the Orcs is souring on me. I do not want another rival as a Magister. Cooperation has always suited you better. Will we smooth this over? If Im a rival, it's because you are making me one"
  5. The Grand Magister looked through a very old archive of letters "What is our nations stance on the Barony? Oh we recognize it and the Baron? Ah well, yes, I remember now...I like a good autocrat. If this becomes a problem for the Baron, someone let me know...we can help him restore discipline" He would remark privately to an aspirant.
  6. "Ah, selectively choosing what to believe in the Canonist faith is all the rage now a days it seems." Remarks the voidal Mage, Razad. "Have these people even talked to a mage?" He scoffs
  7. "Posturing...jockeying for public opinion....distortions of truth...truly. Some might even say she is gifted..." "This Kaggath shall prove to be one of the better ones. Also, now my private letters remarking on my own ugliness are made public. Truly, an embarrassment. Why cannot I just be an old aggravated mage who worries about the pools of my oasis as I debate voidal theory - I imagine Fahrazad must have had it easier" 3,000 Minas is a large sum, though. I only wonder who will take it.
  8. The Grand Magister would file Haus note, awaiting to see what response might await.
  9. Two Elven Magisters locked in Kaggath, as they slay eachothers retinue before focusing on eachother Ancient Kaggath Magister House Paradox * Magister House Silveira THE DECREE IS MADE Having come to a state of beyond discourse, I discharge my duties as Grand Magister in authorizing KAGGATH, a sanctioned war between two Magister Houses. As these two houses have risen to a state of dispute between each other that is endangering the balance and stability of the state, only power may restore order and prevent decades of violence. Ancient Kaggath has served as the tool by which the Hakad have used to resolve the ungovernable nature of the most powerful of magi since we have thrown away the shackles of servitude from the warlords who enslaved us, condensing these disputes in time. This ancient code is perhaps one of the only strictly adhered to tenants of Hohkmat, given the unruly nature of Mages. Reserved only for the highest echelons of power. It is the ‘great challenge’. The struggle of powers. All who take up our mantle and claim one of our thrones as the most powerful Magi in Aevos are bound by it. Victory, liberation. Defeat, ruination. THE RULES ARE CAST Each Magister may call on the entirety of their power base and employ all tools at their disposal to seal victory in this conflict to assert their will with the following exceptions. All Members of the Chamber of Earth and the Chamber of Fire are off limits for recruitment. All destruction, vandalism, and violence is restricted only to the holdings of the Magisters in question (District of Paradox, District of Greed, City-State of Kaethul and any undeclared or unknown private properties). Once allegiances are declared, no outside interference may be offered by any non participating party upon commencement of the Kaggath. All parties are absolved of punishment for acts taken as a part of Kaggath within all involved territories of Hohkmat (Paradox,Greed, Kaethul) and who are also participants in the conflict; but are subject to the laws and norms of acts conducted in foreign territories. The Houses are responsible for their power bases actions in these instances. Mages may choose to remain unaffiliated and uninvolved. Any violations of the rules are to be appealed directly to the Grand Magister. The Chamber of Fire shall be prepared to punish violators. The Kaggath ends upon forfeit or by declaration of the Grand Magister. The apprentice of the House shall continue the Kaggath if the Master is slain. The Houses may negotiate a cessation between them at any time. THE OUTCOMES; MADE CLEAR The winning Magister may seize the life of the losing Magister; at the discretion of the Grand Magister, properties may be transferred from the defeated to the victor. This feud shall then be declared over. In the event there are no heirs of a house remaining at the conclusion of the Kaggath, a masterless house's holdings shall return to the Grand Magister for distribution to another Magister. Otherwise, magical true lineage shall apply. MY Authority of these Magisters is Supreme. Judgment reserved to Kaggath alone. Their Fates are now Bound. ALLEGIANCES TO A MAGISTER HOUSE MAY BE DECLARED FORMALLY, SENDING YOUR DECLARATION TO THE SACRED ZIGGURAT OF HOHKMAT AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATION DECLARE TO THE ZIGGURAT (OOC: Signups begin today, and end next Sunday. Events will begin that week)
  10. Razad would remark to a small council of mages "Curious....our treaty bound friends trying to disparage us in the dark, while they themselves are hosting agents of the enemy, while I wait endlessly for those forces they promised to help us fight the demon and the necromancer..." With a flick of a wrist a quill and parchment hover into his hands "I should write Valindra about this, a devoted Canonist Mage." @Morigung-oog "Dearest friend, It would seem the Lurinites can't seem to help but crossbow themselves in the foot. I'd not see our own people do the same, and I'm interested in establishing more permanent and formal relations with the Church...let us meet. -The Binder of Fates"
  11. "Whatever business the Church and Lurin have, has nothing to do with Hohkmat....keep us out of your written writing."
  12. The Grand Magister cradles his fingers within his ominous ziggurat, he stares among the Magister thrones within , particularly at the throne of Haus "Paradox has been busy as of late. Fetch my apprentices...." he says to one of the aspirants at his side.
  13. The Magerex of Hohkmat shall endeavor to be there (although I personally will be at work OOCly)
  14. The Grand Magister of Hohkmat would note that it seemed followers of the Canonist flock seemed to only adhere to the decisions of their Pontiff, whence it suited their political interests or limited world view. "How...narrow of them" he would remark to some Magi around a table, taking a puff from a hookah pipe passed to him. He would eventually pen a note to the monk, if only briefly. "You say you visit the town of sorcerers frequently. I hope you might stop by my office during your next visit, so that you might converse one scholar to another. I trust if I ask you questions, you won't perceive that as a slight - but rather intellectual curiosity. " Hastily signed. Razad the Fatebinder
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