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  1. Richard Harver laughed as he read the poster "An option I never considered! Likely for the best, but who knows. Good to see Vik out and about again"
  2. Richard Harver would take a sip of vodka. He read over it as he tightened his arm to himself, readying for watching a training. “Those bastards can try cutting ears but shit with us and well cut their throats”
  3. Richard Harver would give a quick little salute for his brigade and the Grenadiers "You have done us all justice with this one Vlad!"
  4. Richard Harver would look over the new requirements for promotion, laughing at the 15 required years for Master sergeant as he had over twice the amount of time required.
  5. Seargent Richard Harver had already seen the might of the enemy before. The legionaries were worthy advisory’s and deserved respect when plans would need to be drawn. But he also knew about their current lack of siege equipment and that providence was well armed with cannons for a very good reason.
  6. Richard Harver would laugh “they tried but we stopped them. And well dam well do it again”
  7. Richard Harver had no idea who this was but he pretended to anyways before his arm fell off while holding the note and it blew away.
  8. Rhys var Ruthern would smile, ready to lead the Helsreach legion in the defense of their newfound allies.
  9. The Socialist's Southern Hampshire would have its seeds planted. The Trotsky inspired America would soon rise. Group Name: Socialist South Hampshire Discord: PaleOmnivore390 Starting Point allocation: 2 Manpower 3 Weapons 5 supplies Starting Location: Target on small coast in southern NH near lots of military basses 1450 Greenland Rd Ste 1, Greenland, NH 03840
  10. Linder Tsecsar would see the poster and smile. He was exited to see his mother taking such steps. He would start to spread the word subliminally in order to help.
  11. Richard Harver would nod as he heard the report "in my absence it seems we are still a powerful light of streangth lead by the most trusted men i know."
  12. The same way Richard always got news from listening to nurses unconscious in his bed he caught wind of parts of the flier. In his mind he smiled but also felt enraged that he was stuck in bed.
  13. Even though Richard was in a coma he overheard the nurses occasionally. It was mostly nonsense but when he put put together the pieces of Captain Viktoriya's story he wept inside. He thought "How could this happen!? Can't they see the wrong in their ways?"
  14. Richard Harver would sit, cleaning his sword "they had it coming for them. we were minding our own busyness but no, you were mad and threw a tantrum. Guess well just teach you lesson after lesson."
  15. Richard Harver would sit in the hospital bed reading the report after waking up and frown at the missed chance to show of all of his recent trainings. “Dam it! I knew this would happen one day!”
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