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  1. Ancestral Laws of Vistulia ᛜᛥᛜ A sacred scripture of laws from the Greater Clandom of Vistulia, transcribed by the late High Elder Casimir Vilchyc, published and revised on the 97th year of the reborn age by High Elder Gabriel Pasciak, and by his charge, Alfie Pasciak. This text would find itself widely spread throughout the Freemen of the Greater Clandom, its pages each carefully inked by hand in a deft script. Table of Contents I. Ancestral Runestone II. Runestone of Life and Freedom III. Runestone of War and Strength IV. Runestone of Faith V. Runestone of Magic ᛜᛥᛜ I. Ancestral Runestone Etched into the sacred runestones are the messages which shall guide the Greater Clandom of Vistulia as it is born anew in this era. With guidance from the ancestors of different tribes, seek the glory and pride which was long forgotten. Seek unison of those who still hold true to the ancestral ways of the highlands, to defend each other from the dangers that the world bears upon our scattered and shattered cultures, faiths, and kin. Adhere to the messages left for your kin, follow them to the best of your ability, ensure that whatever evil the world may hold shall be held back and will not spread within the lands of the united tribes. May these runestones guide you through the darkest of times, may they provide the spark of light you need when doubt besets your mind, may clans unite under one banner, and together may they bring back the long forgotten path that descendants should follow. II. Runestone of Life and Freedom It is the right of every Freeman of the Greater Clandom of Vistulia to live a good life; to choose their own path and their own ambitions in life, striving to achieve their plans and dreams. But do not forget the Ancestral path, in which the glory and pride of the Greater Clandom stands as equal to its own success - for united we are strongest, united we may reach the most, but divided, the Clandom shall fall and once again become but a gathering of foreign clans, without a united purpose or goal. Right of Freemen Each descendant that follows the path of the Ancestors and shows loyalty to the Greater Clandom can face a trial to become a Freeman. As a Freeman, one holds all of the rights from the Ancestral Laws, and with it they are seen as a part of the Greater Clandom, and are taken under the care of the High Elder. Right of Exalting Creatures and creations–made without wicked intent–that hold a will of their own, may be granted the right of exaltation by the High Elder or the Law Keeper. With it, they shall be recognized as Freemen and hold all of the rights that befall upon a normal Freeman. Right of Freedom The Right of Freedom falls not upon only the Freemen of the Greater Clandom, but upon all of the descendants of the realm. Every living being has the right to freedom and shall never be enslaved. It is an Ancestral blessing to live a free life, and Freemen shall value their freedom, as well as the freedom of others, above all. Holding prisoners who have wronged the Ancestral Law or fought wars against the Greater Clandom is considered just, but those taken prisoner shall never be extorted, whether for work or some other purposes. Right of Choice All Freemen have the right to choose on matters pertaining to their life; be that their clan allegiance, the profession they choose, the goals they strive to achieve, or anything else. One may call upon this right to deny the demands of another Freeman, however it may not be called upon if an oath placed by a given Freeman forces them to follow such demands. Right of Oaths Every Freeman may place an oath by their own choosing, according to the Right of Choice. While every Freeman will be expected to defend their land and people, joining the militaristic ranks of the Greater Clandom remains a matter of one’s free will, not to be tampered by force or demand. Every Freeman may also offer an oath to another Freeman, and such oaths shall be held as sacred, as long as they do not break the Ancestral Law. Right of Kin To form kin of one’s own–be that by culture, or by forming one’s own family–is a blessed right that shall not be denied to any Freeman. As long as a given kin adheres to the Ancestral Laws or follows the Elders Oath, they shall be recognized and may request at the Narada to be given a last name of their own choosing or one that the High Elder may deem fit for them. Right of Home To have a roof over their head is the right of every Freeman. No tax may be taken from such a house, nor any money needs to be paid for the acquisition of it, but with it comes the Duty of Affiliation. To receive housing, one must request it from the High Elder or Vodirej. Their responsibility is to provide a home for the given Freeman. If none are befitting or available at the time, they shall offer an alternative, and inform the Freeman when a suitable housing next becomes available. Duty of Righteousness All Freemen have the duty to follow Ancestral Laws. To go against these laws is a sin against the very Ancestors and against all other Freemen. Every Freeman has the responsibility to protect the Greater Clandom from failure, and adhering to the Ancestral Laws stands as the most prominent way to aid the High Elder, as well the clans. Duty of the Oathkeeper To place an oath out of free will is a great show of trust and loyalty, be that to one of the clans, groups, or to another Freeman. And to break such, especially without prior request to be relieved of it, is a sin of the worst sort according to the Ancestral Law. Word given by a Freeman should always be seen as the most sacred of things. To tarnish such trust in the word of a Freeman is a disgrace upon the entirety of the Clandom and shall not be taken lightly. There are only a handful of situations where Oath Breaking may not be punished. Duty of Affiliation To use one's rights as a Freeman is to consider oneself a man or woman of the Greater Clandom. With such, one should never doubt their affiliation, and stand proud as a Freeman of the Greater Clandom. To be a Freeman is to aid the Greater Clandom in both times of need and in times of peace. To be a Freeman is to not only own a house, but to be present in tending the very land your home sits upon, granted to you as a right of your own. To disregard the Duty of Affiliation is to forfeit one’s rights as a Freeman–be that housing, or any of the other associated privileges of said title. A Freeman is allowed to travel the world freely as they wish, but they must still maintain standing amongst the community, whether it be the attendance of the Naradas, tending to their own slice of land, or adhering to their own duties among the Greater Clandom. Duty of Loyalty To be granted the rights of a Freeman means to be loyal to the Greater Clandom. If an individual’s loyalty lies beyond the regions of the Greater Clandom, they should not pursue the blessing of Freemen. Whether that be in everyday life, or in times of war, the well-being of the Greater Clandom should take priority over most other matters. Sin of the Greedy To seek wealth is a human thing - it brings security, comfort, as well as power and status amongst many. But, when greed takes over one's mind and causes them to stumble so low as to steal from other descendants, rob one of their hard-earned coin, or to lie and deceive others for self-gain–this, alongside many more acts of avarice, shall be seen as falling to the sin of greed, for which one may be punished or put to trial. Sin of the Wrathful To defend oneself is a blessed right. To fight against those who are of evil nature and aim to harm the Greater Clandom is a righteous duty. But, to fall for one’s own wrath and cause harm to another of the Freemen is one of the greatest sins. To kill another over personal quarrels, rather than present them to those gathered at the Narada is seen as a grave crime. To be guided by hate, and to risk the entirety of the Greater Clandom is amongst the worst of the sins. Sin of a Deceiver Amongst all of the traits that a Freeman should hold, oath-keeping, and truthfulness are the most renowned. To stand by one’s oaths, even when one’s life is at stake, is the greatest pride one can bring to themselves, to their clan, and to the Ancestors. But to deceive, lie, or shatter the oaths a Freeman has sworn is the greatest dishonour and a sin against the Ancestors–for the name of a liar shall pass down onto their child, and the name of a liar shall be made the responsibility of their father. May the worth of a word spoken by a Freeman of the Greater Clandom never leave doubt to all who receive it. III. Runestone of War and Strength There exist three truths that will always exist in this world: War, Nature, and Death. The Greater Clandom will be forced to face the first of these truths, war, many times. May the guidance of the Ancestors bring peace of mind to the troubled, and may their word lead Clandom and the Freemen to a blessed victory in battle. Right of Safety All Freemen have the right to protect themselves and the Greater Clandom–the right to feel safe whilst living in the Ancestral Lands, and to let their lives flourish without fearing each minute for their own well-being. Right of Arms To bear a weapon upon oneself is a primal right which none may deny, as long as the weapon itself is not of a cursed or outlawed origin. Yet, one may not pull the weapon out and hold it freely; instead drawing it only when one’s well-being–or the well-being of other Freemen–is endangered. Right of Combat If both sides of a quarrel wish to brawl with one another in the streets, in the arena, or elsewhere, it shall not be denied; solving arguments by fist or by word is equal in value and leads to the same path of forgiveness. Yet - you may not use weapons, nor intend to kill each other. Such actions may be granted only by the Right of Blood. Right of Blood If the wronged side feels that the grievance is large enough that forgiveness is not possible, they may bring the matter before the High Elder during Narada; presenting their case, offering a reason for single combat, and setting terms of such is a granted right. Yet, High Elder and the Law Keeper have the final vote whether to grant blessing of the single combat. They will always propose an alternative solution that shan’t involve violence, but if they deem the wrong-doing to be unforgivable, then they may also grant their blessing for combat, set the date and location of the duel, establish the rules that the duel must adhere to, and ask for Ancestral overwatch. To fail to show up to an agreed single combat is seen as a crime against the Ancestors and shall be judged accordingly by the High Elder or the Law Keeper. Duty of Obedience During times of peace and times of war, those among the Greater Clandom’s military force are granted with a blessed right of giving orders. Those who were oathed into the warband act as a guard force and as a standing army. Having to face dangers that the world may bear first hand, they are granted the right of giving orders to the Freemen, as to ensure their safety and well being. To defy the orders of the highest ranked Freeman in a given situation is a sin against the Ancestors and may be pursued as a crime. Duty of Defense In times of war, all Freemen should be ready to defend the Greater Clandom. They should be ready at all times to defend the lands from raids and the dangers that may come with war, and on the day of the battle, all Freemen shall join together and support the defence. Only together will all of the clans survive, only together shall a victory be achieved. Duty of Preparation Faced with dangers of the world, hostilities of other parties, and much more, all Freemen ought to ensure that they are ready for possible combat. To bear arms, to hold armour, to have knowledge of fight, it is all seen as a common right and common duty of the Freemen, for the Greater Clandom is built upon the strength of the Highlanders. Sin of Wicked War Tools It is outlawed within the Greater Clandom to possess weapons, armour, or any other tool that comes from a wicked origin; whether crafted by a sinful user of the Arcane, or constructed from metal that is inherently seen as tainted and wicked. Amongst the outlawed materials are Azhlsteel, Boomsteel, Demonsteel, Thanhium, Dracanium, and those other materials that share the same wicked qualities as those mentioned. If such equipment is even held by a given person within the Greater Clandom, they shall be detained and have the wicked tool taken away, so that it may be destroyed. IV. Runestone of Faith Right of Faith Every Freeman has the right to believe in whichever faith that they choose for themselves, as long as such is not seen as sinful, or demands the conversion of others. To pursue the faith that befits one’s mind and soul is a sacred privilege which shall not be taken away from those who abide by the Ancestral Law. Right of Celebration To hold festivities of one’s faith is a right for all of the Freeman and kin. To celebrate the gods of their own and ask for their blessing is a sacred right that shall be upheld throughout the lands of the Greater Clandom. It is imperative, though, to make sure that the festivities thrown shall not go against the Ancestral Laws, nor will they send harm upon other Freemen, descendants, or nature. Right of Burial Every Freeman has the right to be buried in accordance with their faith or tradition. Only those who have wronged the Ancestral Law severely enough to be stripped of their Freemanship and branded as shamed by the Ancestors shall be buried with nei their proper path, yet still with full honours as the body is returned to nature. Right of Seerhood A Freeman has the right to become a seer of their given faith and to act as a conduit between the realm of the living and the realm of the gods. They may offer guidance to those who ask for it, and act as support to those who truly need it. Yet, the seer shall never seek to convert other kinsmen against their will, whether by ploy of scheming, manipulation, or by open questioning. To each faith is their own, to each right of the choice shall never be stripped. Duty of Restraint Faith shall never hold power over the actions and decisions within the Greater Clandom when it comes to the matters of all the clans and all the Freemen. It shall be the gentle warmth that helps those who are lost or confused, it shall be the pillar of support for the frail and hurt, but it shall never be used as a sword against another, nor shall it ever be used as a reason for hatred. May all who sit at the table during the Narada know that only the Ancestors shall be seen as the guides to the path ahead. May everyone's Ancestors be the reason for mutual festivities and understanding of one another. Different languages, cultures and faith shall not hinder the union of those under the Greater Clandom; in the end, all shall be done to bring pride to the Ancestors of all. Duty of Respect Despite the differences held between various clans and families, it is the duty of each and every Freeman to not let these differences hinder unity; or, at the very least, it is the duty of every Freeman to tolerate others. Respect for thy fellow man shall bestow us a blessed path; speaking as one for the betterment of the Greater Clandom, and partaking in mutual work for the pride of the Ancestors, shall bind those of the Greater Clandom together. Sin of the Harmful No faith that strives to harm another descendent, for any purpose, shall ever hold a place in the Greater Clandom. Nor will any faith that seeks to ruin nature hold a place in the Greater Clandom. Nor any faith which bestows its blessing upon the broken paths that bring sin into the realm, and wrong the Ancestral Law. Sin of the Tainted No faith that follows the paths of the tainted and wicked–or worships creatures of evil–shall ever hold a place in the Greater Clandom. Nor any faith which seeks to corrupt the minds and souls of its believers or other descendants. Sin of the Undying No faith that strives to bring wretched immortality into this world, whether it be by the act of prolonging one’s life, or by reverting faith and raising one to a state of undeath, shall ever hold a place in the Greater Clandom. To face death–to face Ancestral judgement–is the sacred duty of every Freeman. V. Runestone of Magic Permitted Arcana Permitted Arcana are those which do not come from wicked origins, those which do not seek to create things of evil nature, and those which cannot be used to harm another Freeman within the lands of the Greater Clandom. List of the Permitted Arcana: Housemagery Bardmancy Golemancy Animii (In Restricted Form) Druidism (In Restricted Form) Paladinism (In Restricted Form) Alchemy (In Restricted Form) Restricted Arcana Restricted Arcana are those which do not come from wicked origins, and those which do not seek to create things of evil nature, but can be used to harm descendants or creatures of various forms. These Arcana may only be used by the Greater Magi. List of the Restricted Arcana: Animii (Unrestricted) Druidism (Unrestricted) Paladinism (Unrestricted) Alchemy (Unrestricted) Shamanism (Restricted) Forbidden Arcana Forbidden Arcana are those which may be hard to come by, difficult to decipher, or come from an unknown origin. Before any of these Arcana are allowed within the Greater Clandom, the Magi Overseer shall convene with the High Elder and Elders of the clans. Together, they shall decide if these Arcana adhere to the Ancestral Laws, or if they are deemed wicked. If the arcana is found wrong, yet not evil by nature, they shall simply remain forbidden and unused by any Magi. List of the Forbidden Arcana: Shamanism (Unrestricted) Sinful Arcana Sinful Arcana are those which come from wicked origin, those which seek to create things of evil nature, and those which are used solely for the harm of descendants. Too many in these realms have suffered by the hands of abhorrent magic that originates from wicked, twisted paths. Too many in these realms have been sentenced to witness the deaths or injuries of others by these ungodly acts. It is by the Ancestral Law that all these Arcana are forever scorned and outlawed. List of the Sinful Arcana: Voidal Magic Necromancy Azdrazi Magic Blood Magic All Magic seen universally as evil and corrupt Right of Knowledge Learning and knowing the righteous and uncorrupted paths of magic is treated as a right that all Freemen hold; whether it is simply to be familiar with these Arcana, or to pursue a path of unnatural powers for themselves. Similarly, Freemen bear a right to know of the outlawed Sinful Arcana. However, this knowledge shall only be kept as a way of understanding, identifying, and protecting the Greater Clandom from these wicked magics. Right of Usage Those amongst the Freemen who are recognized by the High Elder or the Magi Overseer as worthy of being awarded the title of Magi shall be allowed to use magic within the lands of the Greater Clandom, in accordance with the Ancestral Laws. These Freemen may pursue the paths of the Permitted Arcana as a Lower Magi. Once recognized and seen as trustworthy, they may apply to be granted the title of Greater Magi, which extends the Right of Usage to the Restricted Arcana. To become a Lesser Magi, one has to be of undoubted morality; one who does whatever may be best for the Greater Clandom, the Freemen, and those of the entire realm. Uncertainty and doubt may lead to one’s soul being easily corrupted by magic. Right of Tutoring Those amongst the Freemen who aspire to become a Magi bear the right to be guided through the weaving path of Arcana. After a Freeman partakes in the trial held by the Magi Overseer, they will be assigned a Greater Magi to watch over and guide them through the Arcana. The Greater Magi shall aid the Lesser Magi with all that is required, and assure that the Lesser Magi's morality stands strong. Only by the order of a Greater Magi may a Lesser Magi tap into the Restricted Arcana; however, the Greater Magi that allows this bears full responsibility over any situations that may arise. Duty of Understanding Those amongst the Freemen who pursue the paths of the Magi bear the sacred duty to fully understand the Arcana they wish to learn. They must fully understand the consequences, responsibilities, and restrictions of their actions. Failure to do these things shall be seen as irresponsible, and the Lesser Magi may be punished. These punishments are decreed by the Magi Overseer and High Elder. Being considered worthy to walk the path of the Magi is considered a reward of the highest order, yet this path holds far greater responsibility than most other professions. Duty of Restraint To be recognized as a Magi is among the greatest of honours. However, those who dedicate themselves to becoming Magi must show restraint. These Magi shall not use the magic they have learned carelessly throughout their life. These Arcana shall only be used for the betterment of other Freemen of the Greater Clandom. Furthermore, those who a Magi seeks to aid must agree to be aided by the use of magic as well -- An exception to this rule is a case of endangerment; if the life of a Freeman is jeopardised, a Magi shall use their magic at their own discretion. In battle, a Magi shall only use magic if ordered by the High Elder or his Council, or if the life of another Freeman depends on it. In order for a Magi to use magic freely during battle, they must seek a council with the High Elder or Magi Overseer, and obtain explicit privilege to do so. Sin of Magi Madness The use of magic within the Greater Clandom from a foreign mage is considered sinful, and shall not be taken lightly. Those who attempt the usage of Permitted or Restricted Arcana without having undergone the trial of the Magi shall only be issued a warning once. Repeated offenses shall result in a trial held by the High Elder and Magi Overseer. Usage of Forbidden Arcana shall be met with the quick apprehension of the offending mage, and they will face a trial held by the High Elder and Magi Overseer. Usage of Sinful Arcana is considered a crime of the highest degree, seen akin to the attempted murder of a Freeman. The offending mage shall be apprehended if feasible, but if the life of any Freeman is seen as endangered, the offending mage shall be seen as a threat and may be slain without further hesitation. Signed, of Pasnia, High Elder and Tvorca of the Greater Clandom of Vistulia
  2. Vistulian Narada of the 94th Year of the Reborn Age ᛜᛥᛜ On the 10th of The Grand Harvest, 94th Year of the Reborn Age, the Freemen of Vistulia were joined at their yearly Narada by their northern brethren. The mood was serious, but the air of camaraderie had taken at least some of the edge off. They waited there together, awaiting the arrival of the High Elder, so that they could discuss the following topics. On the topic of Norland, and of War The Norlanders were the first to speak their piece, urgent as their tidings were. They awaited High Elder Casimir Vilchyc’s motion, then described that which had, for the last stone’s day, given them cause to worry for their nation’s future. Odin Freysson Ruric’s companion, ‘Noble Stone’ recounted the story as such: “Recently, Haense held a Duma – a public meeting over governance. A long-standing Norlander, Boots, travelled to Haense that day to seek employment as a mercenary. He sat down at the Duma to pass the time, and whilst he was there, the King brought up the subject of a title Norland and Haense had shared, ‘Protector of the Highlanders’. He wanted to claim the title solely for Haense, claiming Norland was unworthy of it… There are rumblings of war against Haense.” With this lain before those gathered, the High Elder asked then – did the Norlanders seek Vistulian aid in the event that war should erupt between the two nations? – Odin and his retinue affirmed this desire, and the Vistulians then agreed to aid the Norlanders in any way they could – be that blade, quill, or strategems, should relations between the involved parties deteriorate On the topic of a Ritual for Koshei, God of War Turning attentions back to himself, High Elder Casimir Vilchyc announced the organization of a ritual to appease Koshei, that he might bless the warriors of Vistulia with strength in the coming years, preparing the vojaks of the Greater Clandom for what might yet come. First, a sacrifice was to be given in the form of spilt animal blood. Then, should the threat of war become a reality, a banner would be raised in the center of the village. If the Greater Clandom of Vistulia and its allies persevere in this looming conflict, a new section of the banner would be designed and sewn onto the banner to commemorate victory. Should they fail – the banner would be burnt to nothing but ash. On the topic of The Greater Clandom of Vistulia Moving on, Casimir spoke on the officiating of the title of The Greater Clandom of Vistulia, and all associated alterations in the governing of the Greater Clandom – from which would now sprout other Clandoms. To begin with, however, Casimir Vilchyc – previously the Piast – would henceforth dissolve the Piastdom, instead donning the title of High Elder, a name more befitting of the leader of the Clan Elders. Next, the High Elder – recognizing the Ancestral rights of Clan Elders Dalebor Kos, and Gabriel Pasciak – provided both men with Clandom titles of their own, with which to unite the peoples of their respective cultures. Dalebor Kos refrained from yet choosing a name for his Clandom. Gabriel Pasciak selected the name 'Pasnia', under which the Pasnian clans would be able to flourish. On the topic of the Law Keeper Continuing the topic of governance, High Elder Casimir Vilchyc declared Clan Elder Gabriel Pasciak the Law Keeper of Vistulia – immediately conferring all rights and responsibilities of the title. In the absence of the High Elder, the Law Keeper would act as regent – his word holding equal sway to the High Elder’s in regards to law and judgement. On the topic of Ancestral Law Finally, the High Elder spoke on the matter of Ancestral Law – those infallible laws that would guide the Vistulians in all things – They texts had been collected and revised, and would in the near future be brought forth for the entirety of the Greater Clandom of Vistulia to acquaint themselves with. Casimir Vilchyc made plain the importance of viewing these laws, familiarizing oneself with them, and adhering to their message – for the words of the Ancestral Laws reflect the guidelines which all Freemen should live by. ᛜᛥᛜ
  3. TO THOSE WHO PITY EVIL Year 93 of the Reborn Age ᛜᛥᛜ [!] A notice was nailed into every corner-post, notice-board, and gatehouse of the Greater Clandom of Vistulia. It was penned with sharp strokes, and by a vindictive hand. The undead creatures that festered within the Clandom like some malignant tumor have been excised – but in their place, throngs of misguided, sympathetic fools have revealed to the public eye the nature of their cultish beliefs, their allegiances, and that they PITY EVIL. The Greater Clandom of Vistulia wishes to make one thing certain to these individuals – there will be no honor shown towards you, for you are as the very undead that you defend – that is, a BLIGHT that will not be tolerated. You are not Freemen. You will be sought out, found, and then you will be treated just the same as the undead scourge. You will be killed. There is no ambiguity as to the nature of the Ancestral Law. Its very texts are writ with the upmost of clarity. You are as oathbreakers. You have betrayed your kin, and you have disgraced those who came before us. There shall be no mercy for your ilk. HVALA VISTULIA ᛜᛥᛜ
  4. Vistulian Narada of the 93rd Year of the Reborn Age ᛜᛥᛜ On the 10th of The Grand Harvest, 93rd Year of the Reborn Age, the Freemen of Vistulia joined each other in the Great Hall once more. Their numbers were thinned, for fate had been cruel – men revealed as beasts, and soured relations borne of rumor had run rampant. Still, they congregated, and those few left were of a tougher sort. They discussed the following topics together, not as a leader to his people, or the people to their leader, but as equals. On the topic of a new Clan Beginning the Narada, Piast Casimir Vilchyc climbed the stand and struck the shaft of his bearded greataxe against the floorboards, calling for the attention of all those gathered. He made plain his desire to offer Councilman Gabriel and Novivoj Alfie the opportunity to create for themselves a fourth clan within the Clandom – a proposition that was gratefully accepted. Henceforth, Gabriel would be recognized as a Clan Elder, inheriting all associated authority and responsibilities. At his earliest opportunity, Gabriel would select and announce the surname for all those who would pledge themselves to his family through the act of blooding. The Clandom would now host four clans – Vilchyc, Cingedoz, Kos, and the as of yet unnamed fourth led by Gabriel. Henceforth, one of the presently-vacant clan halls would be claimed as property of the newly-formed clan. Those seeking to obtain membership with the newly-formed clan would be advised to seek out and enquire after Gabriel or his charge, Alfie. On the topic of the Renowned Clans The Piast then moved swiftly to the next topic. He spoke on the withering of trust among the Freemen, of the evils that had pervaded the Clandom and run amok due to an naively infirm hand, and what would be done to quell this evil – to abolish it and ensure the clandom would never be so weak as to suffer under it ever again. Casimir Vilchyc called the Elders of the renowned clans before him – Brennus hal’Cingedoz, Dalebor Kos, and Gabriel – to first attest to their faith in the Piast, that there would be no doubt that they trusted him wholly and completely. Then, the Piast delegated to each of the Elders their individual responsibilities and empowered them to hold further sway over those things that their families were accomplished in. Dalebor Kos, and the Clan of Kos would henceforth hold domain over protection of the Piast. It is their sworn duty to train the most elite of the vojaks – independent of the ranks of the Clansguard – in pursuit of this purpose. To this end, the Clan of Kos is now recognized as a renowned clan, and their Elder is permitted to blood into the family any of those muz or dzievka they deem skilled and loyal enough to defend the Piast. Brennus hal’Cingedoz, and the clan of Cingedoz would henceforth hold sole rule over neighboring Crannogtown, so long as this rule should adhere to the Ancestral Law. Additionally, it is their responsibility to manage the coffers of the Clandom, ensuring that the Freemen are never empty-handed. To this end, Clan of Cingedoz is now recognized as a renowned clan, and their Elder is permitted to blood into the family any of those muz or dzievka they deem shrewd enough to deal in trade. Gabriel, and his newly-formed clan would henceforth take up the mantle of architectural and literary pursuits, devoting themselves to dictating plans for construction and spreading news of the Clandom across the realm. To this end, Gabriel’s clan is now recognized as a renowned clan, and their Elder is permitted to blood into the family any of those muz or dzievka they deem discerning enough to put quill to parchment. On the topic of Freemen Continuing his speech, the Piast next spoke on the title of Freeman – a title that should denote pride, worth, and renown – and how it had been taken too lightly or carelessly by those who sought to number among the muz and dzievka of the Clandom. To remedy this, the Piast offered an elegant solution to be voted upon by the three Elders of the renowned clans. Each and every person who desires to become a Freeman, would now be required to succeed at a trial catered to their talents and ambitions, and to be oathed into the Clandom by the Piast, Casimir Vilchyc, and his family. These trials and subsequent oaths would ensure that each and every muz and dzievka of the Clandom is devoted to their crafts and unwavering in their support of their fellows and the Clandom as a whole. Failure to oblige this requirement, or neglecting to complete one’s trial would mean that one does not truly seek to be worthy of the Clandom, and thus, would be denied the privilege of becoming Freemen. On the topic of Han’s Trial Hans Nowak, prolific baker of Vistulia was the first to accept the challenge of Freemen. He stood, proclaimed his strengths and aspirations, and awaited for the elder Vilchyc’s response. The Piast considered his talents, and then explained his trial thusly: “Your trial shall be seen in accordance to that exactly. You are to prove your worth as a baker, as farmer. I expect you to have every Elder from the Isles – me, Dalebor, Brennus, and Gabriel – receive a dish worthy of true praise. Every Elder has to approve of your cooking on the next Narada. And to that, youare to bring a barrel of hay for our cattle to grow.” On the topic of Valka’s Trial Next, Valka accepted the challenge, and made clear her desire to join the Vilchyc clan. She explained her prowess, her ambitions, and the Piast took them into consideration. He then explained her trial thusly: “Yu arre to brring moi furr of a wolf slain by yu.” Casimir began, lowering his axe a bit.“ And with it, yu arre to smith an heirrloom weapon forr yurrself. Iedin that yu will pass upon yurr child when time comes. Of trrue worrth and skill. May yu prrove worrth and with it, yu will be blooded into Vilchyc clan, Valka of the Vistulian Clandom.” ᛜᛥᛜ With this news, the mood was lightened. A hope welled in those Vistulians who yet remained true to their country. HVALA VISTULIA!
  5. ᛜ THE CHANGING OF THE SEASONS ᛜ ᛜᛥᛜ ᛜᛥᛜ [!] A parchment was nailed indelicately to notice boards across Almaris – It had been penned by a meticulous hand, each letter flourishing in its own right. Along the edges, childish drawings joined the text, self-indulgent and innocent in their depicting the Changing of the Seasons. ᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜ The long nights of Snow’s Maiden hang over us. Bies’s chill winds blight the crops, their growth utterly stifled by his wicked touch. His reign draws to a close, however - and once more shall Iskra reclaim her rightful seat of power. Her harvests shall prevail, bringing bountiful food to the Freemen of the Isles… and their guests. When the Sun once more smiles upon the lands – when the harvests are finished, and the stores are piled high with the spoils of the yoke, the Piast of the Clandom, Casimir Vilchyc, and his Council (and AliNa ViLcHyC) extend invitations to all those souls interested in a day of revelry, feasting, and competition. Measures of strength shall be taken, skill with the sword, with riding – and for those less inclined towards the martial pursuits, there shall always be a place for drinking and harmless merriment. Guests are encouraged – but not required – to bring whatever delicacies or drink they desire from their homelands, however strange. The Clandom is a place to experience all cultures, and this extends to the cuisine just the same. Additionally, the Piast’s daughter, Alina Vilchyc, would invite the following. ᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜ Illarion Ibarellan and the subjects of the Principality of Celia'nor. (@VoxyNoir) ᛜᛥᛜ Blessed by Ancestors, Odin Freysson Ruric, King of Norland, and all of its citizenry (@ichigomaster98) ᛜᛥᛜ Renowned Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal, and the followers of the Horde (@DrunkPapaBear) ᛜᛥᛜ Garedyn the Green, High Chief of Hefrumm with his Kin (@VerminHunter)
  6. ⇹⇹A FREEMAN DISGRACED⇹⇹ ᛜᛥᛜ 92nd year of the Reborn Age “She is an Elf, and I, a Human… I simply could not bear the thought of leaving her alone in this world.” [!] Depiction of the Last Path that an undead takes upon meeting his demise. Surrounded by spirits of the Ancestors, shamed, faced with all of his sins and crimes - to reach the gates of Bies and be thrown for eternity into his frozen realm. The months prior had been unkind to the people of Vistulia – misdirection, honeyed words, outright lies. A blight had fallen over the Freemen, manifesting itself in the shape of how many evil creatures? It hadn’t mattered then, they had already made a victim of a young Clansguard, caught up in the naïve passions of youth as he was. The perpetrators of this cruel act had been caught and punished, burned in the sacred flames of Svarog without mercy, but their victims would suffer a fate perhaps more severe. Freemen of all ages and sorts had gathered in the Great Hall, normally a place of open discussions, merriment, and drinking – now an oppressive tribunal, where the Piast, Casimir Vilchyc would act as the judge, jury, and executioner of the will of the Ancestors. He stood upon the podium, front and centre, with a bearded great-axe clasped in his hands. Lifting it from the ground, the elder Vilchyc crushed it against the rough-hewn floorboards with a resounding crack that sounded off the timber walls of the room. His one-eyed gaze was firmly fixed upon a younger man who sat further down the hall, and he beckoned him to the roaring flames of Svarog that guttered and roiled in the bonfire before him. Ian returned the stare only momentarily, clutching all the while to the hand of his beloved – an Elven woman by the name of Arya. He wavered there, unwilling to ignore the order, but at once was afraid of what would follow if he obeyed. He stood, then moved with all the lethargy of a man walking to his death. His eyes dropped to the floor, the crackling of the flames seeming as if to beckon the Clansguard straight into the fire. And then he waited. The Piast recited from memory those two promises to the Ancestors – promises which every Freeman of Vistulia must adhere to – that Ian had turned his back on, betraying those who had come before him. First, the man had committed the betrayal of immortality. He had sought of his own volition, those wicked powers that would offer him immortality, and thus an escape from the judgement that all Freemen face after drawing their last, dying breaths. His beloved wept, nails digging into her flesh as she writhed in despair over this first proclamation. Then, he betrayed the Ancestors once more, through his consorting with those creatures that offered him immortality. Foul things, born of the most wretched ways – feasting on the flesh and blood of men with no remorse for their actions. This was the gravest offence and one that alone would earn any Freeman a swift and unpitying death. And she wept more, folding her arms over her head as tears ran down her cheeks. She could not bear to look. Ian remained there, listening morosely as the mounting list of his offences was proclaimed for all to hear, but he did not protest. When the Piast asked him if he would deny these things, he only offered a “ No.” in response, shaking his head weakly. Then, the Piast asked him if he had any plea, any defence for himself, to justify such damnable actions, and the man spoke thusly. “ I do. You see... I decided to seek out him for help, because of my love for Arya. She is an elf, and I, a Human, it is known that elves live longer… And I simply could not bear the thought of leaving Arya alone in this world...” The crowd shuffled uneasily. Some among their number scoffed, unaffected by the romantic plight put forth in the man’s defense – others took to looking appalled, sympathetic even. One among them even jeered, raising his voice to incite more severe punishment. Perhaps most worryingly for the man and his despairing love, though, was the cold, one-eyed stare that still found its way over Svarog’s flame and judged Ian for all he was worth. The Piast locked the man in place with this stare alone, and the Clansguard would know before Casimir even spoke, that his words found no sympathetic purchase. The elder Vilchyc motioned for his companion, Kargarn Doomforged, to administer the test that would truly damn the man: aurum and salt water. The gilded tip of a spear was thrust into Ian’s grasp, and he clutched the weapon – no effect. Next, the bottled seawater was poured over the guard, and his flesh bubbled and burnt as if seared by unseen flames. The now-revealed Corcituri loosed a wail and looked towards the yet-silent Piast pleadingly. Amongst the gathered rose a voice of compassion towards the creature - one that understood how important love and family can be in the life of a Freeman. Seeking to sway the Piast for a lesser punishment, they asked “If your wife were to live a centuries longer life than you, would you not seek to join her on this journey? If your daughter was to live a life of such length, would you not seek to guide her through it more?” To which not a second had even passed, as a brutal in its honesty answer was placed. “Never.” “Our short lives are not a curse, but a blessing that Radaghast has placed upon us. Our true curse is the wrath we feel to one another. The greed that clouds our mind and makes us commit the worst of the crimes. The weakness of our mind that we do not wish to better. It is our sacred duty and our blessed right to live those short lives trying not to fall to our curses. To live a short and worthy life, so we may be granted with a blessed afterlife, or punished with an eternity of torment for the lack of our will. To seek immortality is the gravest of sins one can face.” After which he was faced with silence. One that may have not been of full acceptance and understanding, but one that showed that his decision will not be denied. Forced to bring judgment upon the man. When the Piast finally did speak, it reflected the way he glared at the man – cold, and calculated, though he maintained the proud manner he always had. He spoke at length, condemning the man’s actions and his very being, reminding him of the grim fate that awaited those Freemen who consort with evil. Death. But the Piast understood that the mind of young blood is weak. Gdie sie mlodi kohai, stari nie wdayo. (Where young are in love, old should not interfere.) Perhaps he had seen that this man was lied to, manipulated and guided by evil to reach his sinful goal. Perhaps it was not sympathy, but the pious will of a true Radaghastian to restore the world to its righteous state, cleansed of the undead taint. Whatever fueled his verdict, the Piast designed instead to offer the man a choice – he would walk a path of redemption lined with hardships of near suicidal proportion, or he would die a tarnished fool, to suffer an afterlife of pain and cold. Hunted as a twisted and unredeemable monster. The path was described thusly: I. He would be marked with the brand of the tarnished. An icon seared into the flesh of his dominant hand. Should this mark dare to heal because of his ungodly curse, he would have to carve it anew in flesh with a knife, again, and again. II. He would be stripped of all the rights of a Freeman, seen as a betrayer, and a creature of pure evil. III. He would be forced to rid himself of the curse – the sickness that which he had wilfully brought upon himself for selfish purposes. Failure to do so would mean being purged of the sickness utilizing the sacred fire of Svarog. IV. He would be forced to travel to the farthest reaches of the northern lands. From there, alone, he would have to destroy a great beast and return to the Clandom its hide. Failure to slay such a beast would indicate cowardice and result in his death. V. He would, upon the success of the previous tasks, return to the Clandom and place an oath of servitude to the Freemen. Under it, he would not be allowed to leave its borders, nor would he be allowed to act against the wishes of its people. With many of his sacred Ancestral Rights stripped off him. Finally, he would not be allowed to live out the eternal life that he had sought. And again the crowd shuffled with that same unease. Cries of protest were sounded, and roars of vindictive satisfaction were heard over the top of all else. But the Piast would not be swayed from his decision. He glared at the guilty creature and awaited his answer. Would he accept the challenge, and earn the favour of the Ancestors once more, or would he die a coward? Ian’s answer came in the form of a weak nod, eyes sunken to the floor still as his shoulder continued to pock and deteriorate under the burning of the seawater. Words failed him a moment before he finally stuttered out his affirmation. “ Yes. I accept.” And with that, he was shunned. Those gathered in the Great Hall followed the Piast as he guided the wretch to the gates, wending down the road until the group reached the edge of Vistulia. Ian stepped forth, out through the mouth of that imposing gatehouse and turned back to be met with waves, sobs, sneers, and a singular: “ Zdrovia.” Vistulian Plea to the Lightbringers For years now we have faced wicked abominations coming to our land, disguising themselves as descendants, attacking our kinsmen, and bringing chaos and disruption to the innocent. Swaying the weak-willed onto evil paths, adoring them with lies of grandeur, of safety, of hope. For years we have fought them back. Time after time bringing our blades down upon them, cleansing and purging them with Svarogs flames, with success repelling them away. But as this everlasting fight continues, I - Casimir Vilchyc, Piast of the Vistulian Clandom - understand that there shall come the day when we may lose against them if nothing will be done. I ask those who see themselves as the bringers of the light to aid me in this unending battle. To aid in keeping lands of the Clandom safe from the twisted and wicked paths of the dark magical arcanas. So that my kin and many more to come may live in peace, knowing that at night only nightmares of the past may haunt them and not the nightmares that had escaped the realm of dreams and forced themselves upon the descendant world. May your guidance aid the Freemen in making sure that evil will shudder at the very thought of bothering our lands, our people. May your guidance aid us in bringing Svietovids will upon this world, and help to remove the corruption, the taint. Casimir Vilchyc, Piast of the Vistulian Clandom, Vodz of the Vilchyc Clan, Uniter of Tribes
  7. Vistulian Narada of the 92nd Year of the Reborn Age ᛜᛥᛜ On the 10th of The Grand Harvest, 92nd Year of the Reborn Age, the Freemen of Vistulia gathered in their hall to discuss a great many things as they had in the years prior, and the years to come. Whispered words among the Vistulians were strained, for the mood was tense, and the future of their allies boded ill. The following topics were discussed. On the topic of House Jindle Joined this year by King Odin Freysson Ruric of Norland and his delegates, the Narada was began with grim news from Vistulia’s northern brothers: Horde-aligned force ‘House Jindle’ – a family of Mali’ker bandits – have lain siege to the roads surrounding Alisgrad, and have attacked the city itself twicely, demanding to be paid a tribute to stay further acts of violence against the Norlandic people. Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal was allegedly notified of the aggressive advance of its subjects, but chose not to act on the matter. The intention of the Norlanders is to demand recompense. A weregild will be issued that demands the surrender of all members of the Jindle family, financial repayment, and a public missive declaring the culpability of The Horde in allowing for bandits to raid neutral nations – something that should never have been tolerated under the Frostfire Pact. Citing a complete intolerance for the act of breaking an oath, a vote was issued by Piast Casimir Vilchyc, to decide whether the whole of Vistulia should involve themselves once more in the conflicts of the north. A near-unanimous vote has dictated that the Freemen of Vistulia would provide support to the people of Norland in the face of perceived Horde hostilities. Further, Piast Casimir Vilchyc, would attempt to broker peace between all three parties, stemming the need for violence. On the topic of the new Vojvodz The Piast took the stand after the Norlanders had departed to bring news of his wife and current Vojvodz, Jasna Vilchyc, and her failing health. As a result of her decline, the Piast enquired after both Dalebor Kos, and Tadeusz Kutrzeba as potential candidates to replace Jasna Vilchyc as Vojvodz. After Dalebor Kos expressed reluctance to fulfill this role, Tadeusz Kutrzeba instead opted to don the mantle. Thus, in one Elven dien’s time, Mlodivoj Tadeusz shall ascend the ranks of the Clansguard and be sworn in as Vojvodz by Piast Casimir Vilchyc – becoming acting general of Vistulian military forces. On the topic of the Vodirej Speaking then on a need for a dedicated Vistulian host – someone who would welcome strangers to the village, to make events, and to ensure that every Muz would have a home – the Piast invited Maja Kos to the position of Vodirej. Though hesitant, Maja would accept the role under the condition that she be able to obtain tutelage from those who had served those duties before her. Additionally, Maja would ask that she be allowed to employ others to assist in her role – a request that was gladly obliged On the topic of Horses and Stables Skarbnic Toorvuld spoke his piece when he informed those gathered of his recent acquisition of a sizeable herd of horses during his travels. These steeds would serve to help bolster the numbers of the Vistulian herd, and would be given to those Freemen in need of a horse. Citing a need to expand Vistulian trade, and to promote across the realm the virtues of the athletic Vistulian horse stock, the Piast called for the construction of a stable outside the city. The plans for which shall be completed in due time by Skarbnic Toorvuld and Tvorca Gabriel. The stables shall be tended by Freeman of the Isles, Alfie – and whichever muz or dzievka he should employ there. From it shall be produced fine saddles, horse whistles, and the high-quality tack associated with the horsemen of the Clandom. Additionally, the stable would offer mares and stallions at a fair price to those seeking a superior steed. On the topic of Thieves Maja Kos offered to speak again, this time on a more somber note – thieves have run amok within Vistulia, stealing herbs from anonymous Freemen for reasons yet unknown. The Kos matriarch asked that those with information as to the whereabouts or identities of the thieves step forward so as to put an end to such dishonorable acts. Signage within the tavern, located on the notice board, would implore Freemen to pursue this same cause. ᛜᛥᛜ HVALA VISTULIA!
  8. Vistulian Narada of the 91st Year of the Reborn Age ᛜᛥᛜ On the 10th of The Grand Harvest, 91th Year of the Reborn Age, the freepeoples of the Vistulian isles gathered once more as friends, neighbors, and family to give their voices to the Narada. There were forces at work, many things were changing, and the isles would soon become something else, something greater than before. The gathering was electrified, and the Vistulians chattered amongst themselves, discussing the following topics. On the topic of Sheo Amanthul-Var’Suuth Vojvodz Jasna Vilchyc took to the stand first, addressing her fellows in a grave tone, and with graver tidings. Indicating, on her cheek, the large scar which had been dealt to her earlier in the year, she leveled accusations of assault against one Vistulian fisherman, Sheo Amanthul- Var’Suuth. These accusations were not denied, the Mali’Ker in fact having admitted to throwing a tomahawk in the Vojvodz’s direction with ill-intent. As a consequence of this attack, Sheo Amanthul should suffer the following penalties against his person, as decreed by Piast Casimir Vilchyc: A stripping of his rights as freeman in regards to being able to bear weaponry within the Clandom. Unless by decree of the Clansguard during times of crisis, he would not be allowed to carry arms. The searing of a brand into the back of his hand, indicating to all his dishonorable behavior in the eyes of the Ancestors. Until such time as Sheo Amanthul-Var’suuth has reacquired the favor of the Ancestors – through living life with respect for living beings and the natural world – he shall bear this mark, a blight that would condemn him to Bies’s tortuous afterlife. On the topic of Clinics As Jasna Vilchyc left the stand, Clansguard medic Fedinri Krirdrul took her place. She brought with her an earnest plead for the construction of a new clinic, citing an attack that took place earlier in the month and the many who were injured in this altercation with no established place of health to turn to. This suggestion was met with overwhelming, unanimous approval from those assembled. Clan Elder Brennus hal’Cingedoz himself offered the location of his former clan-hall as a space with adequate room to house the ailing. This was taken to be an agreeable solution – though the details of which have yet to be arranged for. On the topic of Seabound Towers Brennus hal’Cingedoz then took his place at the stand. He spoke on the newly-arrived Fisherman’s Guild, and more specifically, of a fisherman who regaled him with a strange story. It was said that the man had sailed out of the bay westward, as if in the direction of Saqr when he found a curious sight that could only be described as a collection of towers sprouting out of the sea, “...twisting and turning like faces greeting a newcomer.” The Clan Elder acknowledged that fishermen have a penchant for the hyperbolic, but suggested that perhaps there was an interesting grain of truth to the story. The freepeoples of the Clandom expressed an interest in pursuing this curious lead, with the Piast himself in agreeance that there may be worth in investigating these “towers”. Else was discussed, but would not be put to paper until the proper time. Hvala Vistulia! ᛜᛥᛜ
  9. A NEW VISTULIA ᛜᛥᛜ [!] A flier was posted across the realm – a plain thing and yet not altogether crude or ugly. It bore hastily-yet-ornately drawn designs, evocative of multiple ancient Highlandic cultures at once, yet each one complemented the rest. A dozen different fliers – a dozen different handwritings, someone had been busy. ᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜ BREAD AND SALT! From its more modest foundation, Vistulia has been built anew to accommodate its growing population, its flourishing culture, and its sparkling ambitions. A great deal many more homes have been built, fortifications have been further secured, and a new square befitting the Clandom has been designed. Now, Vistulia should stand as a jewel of the south, a city worthy of harboring all the ancient clans of the Highlanders and the free men and women who share in their wild nature. Piast of the Clandom, Casimir Vilchyc and his Council extend invitations to all those interested in witnessing and partaking of festivities to commemorate the occasion. The celebrations should include all the typical Vistulian merriment – strong drink, good food, and the ever-important raucous games of physical skill and strength. Additionally, homes should be available for those seeking a more permanent stay among the lively muz and dzievka of the isle. Guests in a house, Iskra in a house! The Piast would also personally invite the following parties to the celebration: ᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜ The Principality of Celia’nor and all of its subjects. ᛜᛥᛜ Blessed by Ancestors, Odin Freysson Ruric, King of Norland, and all of its citizenry (@ichigomaster98) ᛜᛥᛜ Renowned Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal, and the followers of the Horde (@DrunkPapaBear) ᛜᛥᛜ Garedyn the Mossy with his Kin (@VerminHunter) ᛜᛥᛜ ᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜᛜᛥᛜ HVALA VISTULIA!
  10. Vistulian Narada of the 90th Year of the Reborn Age ᛜᛥᛜ On the 10th of The Grand Harvest, 90th Year of the Reborn Age, the people of Vistulia gathered in their mighty Great Hall to share with one another news of their jubilant city once again. Culminating out of this joyful gathering was news on the following matters. On the topic of Lesnik Minto’s Gibbon It has come to the attention of the Vistulian people that the golden gibbon belonging to Vistulia’s Lesnik – Minto, has gone missing. Minto noted during his time on the podium that the animal loves to throw popcorn, swing from the rafters, and chain-smoke cigarettes due to a nasty addiction to tobacco. As such, the Lesnik has declared henceforth that all visitors to Vistulia should be garnished with a free cigarette should they enquire after one at the tavern in hopes that the resulting uptick in tobacco smoke should lure the wayward creature back to its concerned owner. A vote determined that mandatory smoking of tobacco products would be unnecessary, though individuals are regardless greatly encouraged to take up the habit. A reward of 100 minas has been offered by the Lesnik to the one who should first capture and return the gibbon to its rightful owner unharmed. On the topic of Hunts Continuing his declaration, the Lesnik touched on the subject of game overabundance on the Vistulian isles. While fish populations have been kept in check by the enthusiastic efforts of the local fishermen, the populations of small and large game animals have swelled at a rate current hunting efforts have not matched. For fear of encouraging predatory animals to prowl the isles in unsafe numbers, Lesnik Minto has requested that all ablebodied hunters should pursue opportunities to partake of and host their own hunting parties to quell the beast populations. On the topic of Fishing Taking the stand then, Vistulian fisherman Sheo Amanthul-Var’suuth presented those gathered with a colorful speech citing the very numerous benefits of fishing, as well as its purported sanctity. He ended this speech with a proposal: Any and all who do not already possess the skill and know-how necessary to effectively fish are more than welcome to enquire after tutelage under him at his residence on the Northern side of Vistulia. On the topic of Baked Goods Introducing herself to the free-men and free-women for the first time, one Melody Komnenos announced her hope to join Vistulian Tavern-Musin Flour in maintaining a local bakery. It is their intention to provide their kin with baked goods of a saccharine and savory nature. Those interested in sating their sweet tooth are encouraged to visit their fledgling business in Vistulia as soon as it is ready. On the topic of Rebuilding Vistulia Returning to the stand, Vojvodz Jasna Vilchyc, acting in the Piasts’s stead, announced the completion of the architectural plans intended to pave the way for a completely renovated Vistulia. Lead by Master Engineer Gabriel Lesnik, and Master of Coin Toorvuld – both aided by numerous dutiful Vistulian artists – the new design drafts will guide the construction of many more homes, a larger plaza, and greater allotment of space for shops and other venues. Vistulian workers are already setting to work bringing these plans to fruition, and the landscape of the city shall soon be changing. Free-men and free-women are encouraged to prepare their belongings in preparation of the renovations to come. On the topic of the Clansguard Vojvodz Jasna Vilchyc continued the Narada by declaring her intent to begin more Clansguard-based campaigns – trainings, mock-combats, and the like in hopes to further solidify the competence of her warriors. Able-bodied Vistulians interested in taking up the sword to aid in the defense of their country are encouraged to enquire after Vojvodz Jasna Vilchyc or Vojmistr Dalebor Kos. ᛜᛥᛜ
  11. [!] THE VISTULIAN WEDDING ⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹ [!] From the warm lush isles where Vistulia stands; the news of a union spreads far and wide! Travelling through wisps of word and by letters and flyers sent shortly after. ⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹ It is in good spirits that the news of a found union between the Piast of Vistulia Casimir Vilchyc and the Vojvodz of Vistulia Jasna Vojcura is announced! The ceremony which shall be beared witness to by the gods, will take place on [OOC 21 August 2-3PM] and within the Clandom of the Vistulian Isles. All are welcomed to attend on the fateful day. Festivities and merriment will follow after the ceremony; these events are as follows: And more will take place! { May their union be of peace and longevity } ↞ Formal Invitations are sent to the following↠ ⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹⇹ His Majesty, King Odin of Norland with his kin/pedigree and citizens (@ichigomaster98) Renowned Rex Ar-Borok of the Horde and the followers of the Horde (@DrunkPapaBear) His Majesty, Viceroy Cesar the First of Hyspia with his kin/pedigree and citizens (@Javert) His Serenity, Davli of the Verdant Glade; alongside his kin/pedigree and citizens ( @Datweirdguy) Brennus af Cingedoz with his kin (@Langobardi) Maciej Jazloviecki with his kin and followers ( @Olox_) Dalebor Kos with his kin (@Darthpiesel) Ulfar the Lightbringer (@Papa Rock) Garedyn the Mossy with his kin (@VerminHunter) Renowned Mastersmith and craftsman Cagliostro with his kin (@AfroJoeTheOlogBro) HVALA VISTULIA
  12. Vistulian Narada of the 89th Year of the Reborn Age ᛜᛥᛜ On the 5th of Bies’s Month, 89th Year of the Reborn Age, the clans and free-men of Vistulia once more gathered in their Great Hall to discuss matters of import to every man, woman, and child who called the isles their home. Amidst a great deal of merriment and the friendly chatter typical of their people, the gathered discussed the following topics and forged their decisions in regards to each. On the topic of the Jazloviecki Family Acknowledging that the people of Grodno have been true and faithful friends to the people of Vistulia, worthy of being treated not as simple visitors, but as equals to the muz and dzievka of the isles, the Piast has deigned to declare the following. The men and woman of Grodno and all their kin shall henceforth be represented within the Clandom righteously. Maciej Jazloviecki shall be seen as a Clan Elder, and his family shall become a recognized Clan of the Vistulian lands, carrying with it all associated privileges of the Clandom. On the topic of the Clansguard Noting with great pride the growing numbers of muz who have flocked to join the ranks of the Clansguard, the Piast spoke on a greater need for more rigorous training and a more ample supplying of the weapons and strategems necessary for the Clansguard to better protect their homeland, especially against those threats with inhuman natures. Vojvodz, Vojmistr, and Vojtvor shall henceforth ensure that every Clansguardsman should be equipped with the arms and armor necessary to deal any that would bear ill-will towards their fellow kinsmen. The Clandom shall seek for a new smith who can craft for the Clansguard arms with which to achieve this end. In the meantime, the Piast has offered his knowledge of smithing to kinsmen in dire need of those services. On the topic of the Gathering of Elders Taking into consideration the absence of laws governing the usage of magic in all its forms, whether or not it should be outlawed, and what types should be considered permissible even if not endorsed, the Piast has called for a Gathering of the Elders to be convened to discuss all topics related to such. The Elders are to be joined in these discussions by Cormack, who offered his expertise on the matters such as to expedite the process of making well-informed laws regarding the arcane. On the topic of the Clandom’s Departure from the Horde It was with grave seriousness that the Piast declared henceforth that the Clandom of Vistulia shall no longer affiliate itself with the ranks of the Horde, though their ties should still remain courteous. From this point forwards, the Clandom shall act independently and be the master of its own fate, no longer cowering behind others, and no longer acting in wars it has no interest in. This decision arises from a growing disparity between the desires of the Vistulian people and the desires of the Horde. Thus, it has been deemed best for both the people of Vistulia and the people of the Horde to go their separate ways, neither party dragging the other down with their individual differences. The Piast hopes that this severing of the Vistulian people from the Horde should assuage doubts held by members of the Clandom, thus facilitating the easing of tensions and a more open discussion as to what the future holds for all parties involved. On the topic of Norland Following the absolution of the Clandom from the Horde, the Piast should like to create new bonds with the kin of Norland. Taking into account that Norland has faithfully come to the aid of Vistulia during times of strife, and that the Clandom has returned the favor by protecting their Northern kinsmen, there shall be a signing of a defensive pact that legitimizes this arrangement. On the topic of Religious Festivities and the new Duhovnik Making strides towards a return to Radaghastian form, Bogodar Vilchyc has offered to take up the mantle of the Clandom’s Duhovnik, that he should be able to offer the isle religious services that have been absent from Vistulia’s monastery as of late. With the endorsement of the Piast, Bogodar Vilchyc shall arrange to take his vows in the name of the Father-Above-All that he may carry out his duties faithfully. With this, the Clandom should soon expect to enjoy more lively traditional Radaghastian religious festivities such as Iskra’s Rule Day, and Lumina’s Festival, among other things. On the topic of The Bigger Blue Taking to the stand, Cormack spake of an opportunity for the Clansguard and free warriors alike to assist their ancient allies, The Bronzed Phalanx, in a hunt for a terrible creature known only as “The Bigger Blue”. In exchange for their services, The Bronzed Phalanx offered large sums of salt and bronze to any able-bodied warriors who would aid them in putting the beast down. The beast was described as a massive bird, powerful enough to lift a elephant with its great talons. It is believed to guard a wealth greater than any griffon’s hoard of gold, and is said to dwell upon the Isles of Beasts, a land beyond the Silver Ocean fraught with vast dangers, but playing host to “True Life”. With the Piast’s approval, the consideration was met with roaring applause and the raising of a great deal many implements of warfare. On the topic of the Horde’s Trade Pact Having listened to a proposition from Horde-diplomat Willy of Zan’Velku, the Piast, in conjunction with Brennus hal’Cingedoz, has agreed to a trade pact that amounts to, in essence, an open-borders agreement between the people and goods of Vistulia, and the people and goods of the Horde. Henceforth, tradespeople of the Horde shall be permitted to peddle their wares and services, and travel the roads within Vistulian lands without fear of being harassed, robbed, or harmed by the people of the Clandom. Likewise, tradespeople of the Clandom shall be permitted to peddle their wares and services, and travel the roads within Horde lands without fear of being harassed, robbed, or harmed by the people of the Horde. On the topic of Casimir and Jasna’s Bond Confirmed towards the closing of the Narada, Piast Casimir Vilchyc made known his plans to bind his fate together with Jasna Vilchyc in the presence of the bogovi. Invitations shall be sent out within the next year and a half, inviting Vistulians to share in this momentous occasion by celebrating, feasting, and enjoying drink until the very last one standing. On the topic of Scribes Briefly touching on the matter of the Clandom’s pursual of capable scribes to record Vistulian legislation, it was asserted by the Piast that Gabriel Lesnik would now assist in penning documents related to law, and in authoring the transcription of all Naradas from now until he is no longer able. ᛜᛥᛜ
  13. Clandom of Vistulia https://youtu.be/jXY42smjhRQ “Freemen of Clandom do not kneel.” Preamble: Vistulia is a collection of southern islands that hold the Radaghastian and Cingedoz cultures. Currently run by the Piast of Vistulia; Casimir Vilchyc, the islands offer solace and companionship to anyone who wishes to come. Vistulia gives a united feel to its citizens and acts as a shelter for the abandoned. Cultures: There are two primary cultures in Vistulia but it’s not at all limited to either, any culture is welcome to call Vistulia home. Radaghastians: Hospitable people with a joyful nature and a strong will. You’ll often be able to tell who’s Radaghastian by their distinct accent and strong language. They’ve been raised to have deep respect for nature and the earth at their feet. A strong, sturdy group of men and women with short tempers but kind temperaments. Cingedoz: The Cingedoz are often known for their woodworking & other artisanal professions as well as being inclined to adventure & traveling for trade. Thusly, though the Cingedoz are a smaller clan, they contribute greatly to the Isles by bringing in trade and diplomacy. You will often see both men & women taking up the bardic tradition, penmanship, and an austere & practical architecture. They speak the Sprækjom language and have distinct accents when speaking Common. Traditions/Jobs: Often times the traditions themselves are usually just cultural traditions. Most traditions of the cultures blend in with the Clandom as a collective, it is not strictly for one group but for everyone as a whole to get involved in and learn. Although the jobs are unlimited and offered to anyone who feels fit to take on the task. Vistulian horses: Horses are a big part of Vistulia. You won’t see a single citizen without a proper home-bred steed. These horses are often bred to max durability, strength and speed, often large and powerful creatures that can trek through all types of climates. Horses are Vistulian's best friends. Clansguard: Many Vistulians are seen in the clansguard armour, representing a strong group of men and women who have agreed to put their life on the line for their home. These people have been trained for physical combat against both people and monsters alike, they are taught an assortment of things such as ranged and close-combat styles. Blacksmithery: If you are interested in working with metal to create fascinating objects or simply want to create weaponry and armour, Vistulia is always an option! Vistulia is often looking for people who can provide us with unique objects along with useful ones. Narada: Narada is essentially the court of Vistulia. You often go there to hear about matters going on, speak on behalf of something or contest a decision. You can even get involved in voting for things that could change the islands. Maps to Vistulia and the land itself: As stated before, Vistulia is set in the south, and the path itself is fairly easy to follow. The islands themselves are rather cosy and linked together with bridges. People often appreciate the closeness of everything, glad they don’t have to follow a maze to get to certain places.
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