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  1. Blooding of Jasna Vojcura ᛜᛥᛜ Blessed by Bebok, devoted to his hunt of the unworthy, may she hunt eternally, may she bring justice to those who were harmed. ᛜᛥᛜ Standing on the Shrine Island, Radaghastians, Cingedoz, Oblazeki, Musins, and more, gathered at dawn to witness an unusual ceremony. Surrounding Jasna Vojcura and Casimir Vilchyc, they watched in silence, surrounded only by the gentle sound of the fire from the torches. Casimir, wearing a traditional white long shirt with red decors, had a knife in his hand and a ritual Radaghastian painting on face. His expression showing pride as he watched Jasna, downed in a long white dress with similar red decors and a wreath made of poppy flowers. “I call upon you Radaghast, father of all, to witness this day your beloved daughter, Jasna Vojcura, as she is blooded into the clan Vilchyc and titled an heir to my legacy!” His voice echoed from the shrines and escaped into open seas surrounding them. Spreading his arms out, he gazed into the sky as sun began to break the night and Iskra awoke again from her brief slumber. “The most prominent daughter of Radaghast, dzievka that gave her all to our kin, bringing pride to us at every step of the way! Eager to draw blood to defend our faith, eager to give her life if it meant to protect our ways! She showed the true values that all Radaghstians should hold, being warm and welcoming to travellers from all over the world as they venture into our isles, and at the same time being ready to cut down those that bring harm to our kin, to our people! Leading people not only by strength, but by her character as well, I ask you Radaghast to bless her eternally and accept her as the heir to our legacy!” Moving his right hand over to the left, Casimir would cut his open palm, allowing for a thin line of blood to start gathering. At that time, Jasna moved her dress to the side, exposing her left arm, allowing for the ageing piast to place his bleeding hand at her bare skin, leaving a mark of his blood upon her. “Today I grant you Jasna the right to call yourself Vilchyc. May all witness as you are exalted into the ruling clan of all Radaghastians, granting you the sacred right to inherit the title of Piast one day when time comes for me to join our allmother Lumina. All your deeds from now on shall be bearing the mark of clan Vilchyc, engraving your legacy forever within our kin. May Iskra bring you her blessing of good fortune, may Koshei guide your sword against our enemies. May Lumina prepare herself for the day when you are carried by mightiest of steeds into Navia, and may Radaghast bid his farewell to you upon that day shedding tears for his loss of the finest daughter he allowed to step upon his land. May Bies watch over your deeds, as you bring wrongdoers to his realm.” With the last words given, Casimir moved his hand from her arm and placed it upon her cheek, bringing his forehead to rest against hers for a moment. A sign of care, and a sign that she is now his own blood, his own family. On this day, Jasna Vojcura was exalted into the Vilchyc clan, not as an honorary but as true blood worthy of inheriting the sacred title of Piast and ruling Vistulia one day. On this day, Jasna Vilchyc was given her sacred right to build a lasting legacy that shall be an example to all of the Radaghastians. Hvala Vistulia Hvala Vilchyc Hvala Jasna
  2. Vilchyc Clan Reborn ᛜᛥᛜ Bogovi. Moi oferui zyvot i dushi. Za Svarog, za Vistulie. Casimir sat in front of his kins shrine, watching in silence the carved face of Svarog. In his mind a storm that left him restless over nights, feeling as if Koshei himself had decided to bring his hatred upon the ageing Piast. He fights well for what he believes in, truly, but over the last years it felt like he forgot what it meant to be a Radaghastian. It felt as if he focused on everything, but his true path, one that brought him in the first place the success he had achieved thus far. But lost he was no longer. ᛜᛥᛜ The battle was bloody and left them defeated. With remaining forces Casimir returned to Daeland-Vistulia, tending to the wounded and seeing to inform families of the lost warriors. They fought bravely without a doubt, but in the end were pushed back. It was a lesson from which all of the Radaghastians, Cingedoz, Oblazeki and Musins had to learn. Lesson of humility, and one to show that they need to do far more if they wish to regain the pride of tribes. Resting his axe against the same shrine he sat under before, Casimir placed a few headbands he had gathered of the Radaghastian warriors who fell. Being unable to perform the rites in the field of battle, he now did his best to pay respect and guide Koshei to their souls, knowing that this night the sea shall be covered by a thick fog. Navia will open its gates and Lumina soon will bring her lost children back to their promised land. Looking up at the Svarogs face carved in the stone, Casimir winced. He had to do more. He had to give more. Vistulia will grow. Radaghastians will be remembered and their gods once again shall be heard. He left his old banner at the shrine as the final offering, setting everything ablaze. So came the end of the Kovaceski clan. And so was reborn the ancestral clan of Vilchyc. On the 11th of The Grand Harvest, 82nd year of the Second Age Casimir Kovaceski revived the clan Vilchyc, true heirs to the Vistulian title, bringers of the Radaghastian culture to this world.
  3. Daeland-Vistulia Reborn On the 10th of The Amber Cold, 81st year of the Second Age Past was buried away, so new life may be brought to the isles. Daeland-Vistulia was truly reborn. ᛜᛥᛜ Casimir brought his pickaxe down one more time. With it, the final stone of the Douglas Castle fell to bits and what was left behind was a massive pile of rubble. A seemingly never ending job finally done with, once and for all. With all the kind Daelishmen present, they smoothly worked through clearing the side isle from the remaining debris. Stone after stone, log after log, what once was a sturdy castle of withered stone, now was but an empty pit with rainwater that accumulated through years into a small lake. A fine proof of the hard working nature of all that inhabited the southern Isles - Be that a human, dwarf, musin, oblazeki, or halfling. All worked together. "Failures of the past leaders are no longer a burden on the arms of the new blood." He would speak mostly to himself, as his gaze locked on Minto, who was eagerly clearing up the area for his new home, aided by Pyotr and Violet. "With more settlers coming, with more men and women seeking to bring back life to their forgotten clans and kins." ᛜ As citizens of Daeland-Vistulia gathered in the tavern to celebrate a day of their hard work done, music and dancing filled the isles momentarily. Any travellers that arrived in the Isles at that time were greeted with a warm meal and plenty of drinks, all ‘on the house’, to bring as much kindness to the southern continent as only could be hoped for. And throughout the day and night of celebration, a loud roar would echo through the lands. Hvala Daeland! Hvala Vistulia! OOC: Anyone who is eager to join Daeland-Vistulia is more than welcome to come! Help us bring back the tribal styled Roleplay to the LOTC! (Discord - https://discord.gg/kv3NFFzGS2 )
  4. As Casimir was working in the smithy, he would soon hear of the news from the Wob himself. And in his mind came only one thing... "I wonderr if any of them will brring cheese... they make dobre cheese..."
  5. Let's give this a try.
  6. [Posting Oblazeki Culture link so folks can check and see what is it about - ] Casimir sat down with Wob at the clifedge overlooking Daeland-Vistulia. Sound of hard work finally ceased as land stood reborn, with new homes, with new workshops, new life brought back to the once dead islands. With a smile on his face, Piast offered Oblazek a smaller bottle of ale, leaning against a tree. "We will brring yurr kin back to life Wob. Moi prromises yu that, so iedin dien we stand togetherr and witness trrue glorry to Daeland, to Vistulia, and to Oblazekos. Radaghastians and Oblazeki arrm to arrm." Tilting the bottle up, he took a hefty swig, listening to the waves crashing against the cliff and distant shouts of joy. With Wob by his side, there was no doubt that a new spark of magic will come to the isles, one that even Iskra herself will adore. With that, he raised the bottle high up. "Hvala Daeland! Hvala Vistulia! Hvala Oblazekos!" The shout echoed to the isles, and soon a near unified chorus of voices replied from the Clandom. "HVALA DAELAND! HVALA VISTULIA! HVALA OBLAZEKOS!"
  7. Having retrieved the body from the town of Kivdrona, Casimir stood in front of the burning pyer. Few came to bid their last farewell to the hero of Daeland-Vistulia, whose deeds and words were a paragon of what a true Highlander should be. It was a loss like no other. One that struck deep at Casimirs heart, knowing that even the mightiest may fall one day. He bid his farewell to the honorable Cingedoz, standing tall, knowing that he will now judge his deeds from lands beyond the worlds of living. Even more than ever before, Casimir felt finally attuned with his deities. More than ever did he see this world in a way that seemed so distant to him before. Speaking so often of gods, and yet not understanding anything. Now at the very least he knew. He saw the Kivdrona town as lair to evil, one which he will not be able to defeat alone. In memory of the greatest hero of the reborn Clandom of Daealnd-Vistulia a runestone shall be raised, mightier than any before. With soon decision coming to whom will Cingedoz clan eldership befall, Casimir knew that they will need more than ever a place to remember what it means to be a Cingedoz. Hvala Daeland. Hvala Vistulia. Hvala Gaisorix hal'Iskraduron, bravest of warriors, wisest of elders. May his journies in the world beyond be even more awe inspiring. May his legacy lead those who seek their path ahead.
  8. Casimir would be seen smoking some odd herbal mixture from a wooden pipe while overlooking his beloved horizont. Seeing all sort of different castles, forts, towns so near to Daeland, he felt like at least he had done something good to help his allies - both of them.
  9. Casimir stood calmly atop of the hill on the central Daelish Isle. He would watch over the men and women of Clandom, as they worked hard, cutting through wood, breaking stones apart, setting up buildings frames. With Yelena by his side, he felt content. "Many opportunities kohana. But just as many things to take carre of. We have a lot coming forr us." With that, Casimir smiled and looked to the horizon. A new beginning for him and his people. One that will first need to be claimed by force. "Hvala Daeland. Hvala Vistulia. Hvala Horde."
  10. Casimir would consider it "based" as some men and women of Almaris call good things.
  11. Early medieval for my taste just strikes different, strikes better. Adds more unique feeling to all and everything, more diversity and ability to choose different things in a bigger area.
  12. Casimir looked to the missive that his kind Musin Knojel brought. As he looked through, he smiled gently, turning gaze over to the quiet village. "Iedin dien viencej."
  13. Southern Summit of the 77th year, Second Age On the 77th year of the Second Age, Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia called for the southern Nations to come to the first Summit. Called to it were the leaders from the Grand Duchy of Balian, Freeport of Akueli and Duchy of Redclyf, all present when the day came. During the Summit hosted by Reig Llewelyn ap Fawr and Piast Casimir Kovaceski, Southern leaders were able to discuss a number of current matters that were of major importance. All reached a unified stance on the topics after intense discussions, ensuring a true feeling of unity in the harsh continent. On the topic of Hyspian presence in the south After a long debate, having mixed opinions on the topic of Hyspian intrusion in the southern realms with clear intention of settling land that was not theirs to begin with. Despite the fact that Savoy lands were no longer under unified rule of a single title, Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia and Duchy of Redclyf took it upon themselves to ensure safety of the now abandoned lands, seeking to settle them with people who will equally strive to bring unity and greatness. With wise words from John Casimir, representing Grand Duchy of Balian as their leader, and a powerful stance from both the Duchy of Redclyf and Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia, unified decision was made where Hyspians will be summoned to a meeting in Balian, where all the nations of South will be present. They will be granted a right to represent themselves, show their stance and plans, and make right of all the wrongs that were done in the past. If they will not attend the meeting, they shall be claimed as outlaws and enemies to the Southern Regions, expected to be brought to justice before the Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia, with other nations present. Decision was approved by every leader of the Southern Nations and an invitation to the meeting was delegated by the Balian Grand Duke. On the topic of Southern Continent Seeing unity within the four representing nations, a decision was made in regards to the Southern Continent. With issues that occurred by the Hyspian matters, Piast Casimir Kovaceski suggested a notion to which all Southern Leaders agreed without any discussion. Anyone who wishes to settle the Southern Continent will be required to have approval from all of the nations present during the summit. With their unified stance on matters of cooperation, any threat to the wellbeing of Southerners needs to be quelled in its early stage. Failure to do so and further settling will be met with hostility and forceful return of the lands across the canal. Those that will find approval by either vassalization or full agreement from the four nations will be granted the right to take part in further summits as well. On the topic of Southern Claims It was requested that all of the nations prepare their claims accordingly for the next Summits in future, as to present them and contest if required. Unity in the protection of land is required to ensure that no border conflicts occur as time goes by, and all claims can be settled by peace instead of a sword. With that, the first Summit of the Southern Leaders was finished, expecting the next one to take place in due time, choosing another nation as a host to ensure proper building of positive relations among all of the present and their people.
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