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  1. Reposted, but it fits too well.
  2. Ah, finally some reliable media outlet.
  3. “The feik took ye so long, ye golden haired, nut strikin’ arsehole?” Wulffrey asked with a growl, showing Rickard a beautiful middle finger for making him wait so long for a proper rematch.
  4. Radaghastian Culture ᛜᛝᛜᛥᛜᛝᛜ 1. Introduction to Radaghastian Culture Who are Radaghastians? They are the sons and daughters of Radaghast, highlanders, born in a saddle. With hospitality and warmth matching only their unyielding will and short temper. Accompanied by lively and joyful songs on their lips in their melodic language, and an eager will to share their joy, but even then without a doubt, hard workers and simple people who don’t need much and offer a lot in return. Born and raised with deep respect to nature, taught from the youngest age how to withst
  5. Overall I do consider a mix between simplifying D&D system and improving /roll as the best solution in this case, towards “creating new system”, but at the same time we have to keep in midn that there would be a lot of work to ensure that it’s not broken in any major way. That then would require an entire team, preferably of people connected with game developement in system area, making them work out a balanced-ish system that can be easily amended if needed be, and even then it would have to be tested first for a longer time by test groups, then implemented steadily, instead of forced upo
  6. ======== MC name: Wulfery Skin: [Down Below] Character name: Vilkomir Description of your character: A sparatic Radaghastian (pagan-slav), branded the “crazy murder-hobo of Fenn, but he is not sure what murder means” Any specific item that your character holds dear?: If possible, a saber-like-sword and a flask Any Hobby that your character have?: Cooking, Blacksmithing or sleeping on tables. ========
  7. Touche. I’m still saying Xarkly Admin 201...2020. Save us.
  8. She was nice to me. I did not enjoy it. Ban.
  9. "Woah. If yu want to live at moi home yu have to pay! Pay in gold orr worrk!" Svetovid muttered out surprised, as random dagger eared creature appeared out of thin air.
  10. Svetovid raised a brow as he heard of the news, sitting by fire. Howling wind outside of his house was bringing oh so many interesting stories. "Wish forr peace..? Then surrenderr Emperror of Man. Single action that yu fearr to accept, forr yu know that when yu will bow the head, it will roll on the grround moments afterr. Saving yurr people overr yurr own powerr and life. Bah. This does nie fit Emperror though, rright?" He would then toss the letter with into fire with a calm humm, preparing for next days of this unyielding blizzard.
  11. Radaghastians, and basically entire Vistulian culture feels unnatural tension growing. As if someone somewhere was getting ready to scream ”LET’S GET RRRRRRREEADDDY FOOOOOR SLAV RRRRRRUUUMBBBLEEE!”. Gods protect.
  12. Slava friend! If you need any help or suggestions how to get adjusted to the server, feel free to contact me on discord or in PM’s on forum!
  13. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ ᛡᛜᛡ ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Zakopane Heart of Tatra Piastdom, home of Radaghastians ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Settlement description Few who travel that deep into any of the mountains valleys expect to find place worth remembering that has been made by descendent races. But sometimes you just manage to find such a thing, and Zakopane is definetly one them. It may not be big, but those who stumble by it, near always get a cozy and homey feeling, no matter time of day, be that summer or winter alike. Offering shelter from harsh weather, rest from long marches, all acording to Radagha
  14. That magnifying glass on your pfp drives me insane. I thought I’m just seeing things. >:C

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