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  1. Svetovid carefuly signs the document, feeling pressure of each letter noted down. Possibly bright future forming before him.
  2. 1. Origin Kin of Radaghast in Arcas was reborn from Gorundyr clan of Skarpefanger. Upon death of Friggr, and loss of most clansmen, Sverre Skarpefanger had decided to stop following the path of his ancestors, accepting their passage to the afterlife, but finding a new meaning for himself. Upon guidance from his uncle, Delvin “Heathfire” Skarpefanger, he had left his clan, and cut ties to what was left behind in history. Feeling deeper connection to nature, he followed suit, reading about ancient cultures and connections between world and gods. Soon finding his way into what he thought was most appropriate, Sverre finally decided, creating a family name of his own, along claiming land that his father, Friggr Skarpefanger, had left for him. Bringing with himself his uncle, Sverre had taken on a task to bring back to life children of Radaghast, culture that seemed to have died out before centuries, not known by many even back then. As their similarities to Gorundyr were clear, whilst turning back from the most brutal ways, he felt like it was the most proper path to take. It was time for him to stop fighting for sheer need of entering Halvengr, instead focusing on what life would truly be about, as old goals, quarrels, and fights turn into only a distant memory. So, taking on new family name, now Svetovid proudly represents his new last name - Vilchyc. Being a living memory of Gorundyr and their culture, he pays deep respect to what they were, as all that had happened in the past is a truly valuable lesson. Loyal to Curon, he has hope to bring into this word more than he had been offered. 2. Faith Deities Radaghast - He is the great father and leader of all the superior deities. Recognized as creator, as he is responsible for all of nature, including descendant races. Known as well for bringing plentiful harvest and fertility upon animals. His followers associate his symbol with a giant oak. It is said that Radaghast is in all things that surround us. Forests, rivers, mountains, even in wind itself. He offers us himself, and we are only asked to respect that and utilize fully, as he sacrificed his body, to unite with descendant people. To praise him and ask for his grace upon those who have died, it is common to place the body of deceased on a single acorn, with carved out runes, burning it at pyre. Lumina - Deep in Navia, beautiful forest filled with everlasting happiness is a throne placed a top of a giant oak. Lumians righteous seat, from which she can observe all of her children and care for them fully. She is the goddess of afterlife, but not one that people fear. Rather one that Radaghastians are eager to meet, as she shall bring happiness to those who deserve it. She is associated with fog, as behind it lies Navia. So every time you see thick mist above lake, remember that those you love are near you. If you wish to guide their souls back to their righteous place, simply light torches near roads, so they may return to Lumina. She has deep bond with Koshei, as the two are lovers. He gives her children, and she gives him purpose in his existence, driving more of brave warriors to clash weapons with each other hoping to reach the great afterlife. Iskra - Each morning she makes her way up the sky, bringing light after even darkest night. Being considered as the “White Goddess”, also known as “Bielobog” she is often portrayed as the most beautiful of all, so much that looking at her may take your sight forever. She rules the sky during spring and summer, bringing warmth to all her children, resting when night comes. That is why, when she is not awake, Bies slips his way on the sky, running away before Iskra once more will come from the east, making sure that all of her subjects will feel her gentle touch. Iskra always brings time for crops to grow, returning life and colors within forests and fields, making cold a mere memory, thus why she is believed to be the bringer of good luck in life, affecting fate in positive ways. Bies - Being a twin brother to Iskra, Bies is feared and hated. As opposed to his sister, he is known as “Blackgod”, called between Radaghastians “Chernobog”. Only those who wish harm upon their enemies would say his names outside of rituals, or direct prayers to him, as he has no mercy, whether on the target, or the one praying. Once trees begin to slowly wither as winter approaches, Bies becomes stronger, pushing his twin sister out of her righteous position atop of the sky. Reaping souls with frost, hunger, and wild animals, he was often told to be seen as senile wanderer with bone necklace. Represented by moon on the sky, his silver light can be both a guidance to those who are lost, as well as an aid to those who have ill intent to other living. Connected with bad luck, he is said to bring the worst out of fate. Koshei - Those who seen thunderbolt as it crosses the sky, know now how powerful Koshei truly is. Each strike nimble, sudden, and deadly powerful, leaving behind but a roar that shakes ground and hearts. In the end, he is the representation of war itself. Portrayed as truest of all Radaghastians, on intimidating black steed, usually covering himself with crimson red cape. Few say that its color comes from blood of his enemies. His spear, Gnew, is a fearsome tool of war, capable of piercing even the thickest and most durable metals. Upon his arm usually sits a falcon, whose task is to search among battlefields for those who are worthy of Navia, as they are about to die. Then he sends them off to his lover, Lumina, as gift and show of deepest love and adoration. Those that are not worthy of Navia and die, shall be hunted down by him and brought before Bies who shall devour them and leave them in eternal darkness, where cold is everlasting. It’s also said, that he was the first mortal whom Lumina accepted under her care, in exchange for his help granting him godhood. Navia - world of eternal happiness, depicted as giant forest, where on the biggest of oaks is Luminas throne, allowing her to care for her children, and see who needs her presence the most. Those who did not deserve passage will stay in the world of living, find their souls wandering without purpose, until Koshei finds them and brings before Bies, where they shall suffer in frozen wastelands. Each Radaghastian settlement picks one of the gods as their protecting deity. It is a common practice, but it doesn’t deny them the right to worship, or praise other gods alike. Usually a form of statue is made for them, to ensure the safety of citizens. 3. War Culture - Radaghastians are born horse raiders. Their culture strongly revolves around learning how to fight on horseback, as well as cultivating culture of animal care. That does not mean, that they don’t know how to fight off the horseback. Prominent in guerrilla tactics used skillfully on battlefield, they have great cooperation between cavalry and warriors on foot. - They are known to be friendly and kind people, despite their knowledge in war. Even to their enemies, as after capturing them in battle, they usually wouldn’t kill them, rather the opposite. Often offered to stay with them or to pay ransom for themselves. If they decide to stay, they would be treated as equals. - Their preferred weapons are short spears along big shield. Usually matched with a sword as backup weapon - often curved into semi-saber style. They are also known to be good archers, capable of even firing from horseback. Due to that, their cavalry is a force to be reckoned with. - Usually well built and tall people, Radaghastian warriors are known to live a wealth free life. They don’t amass wealth, as they may be called onto moments notice to move out in times of war, thus their houses are usually decoration free, and only war trophies may be used instead. You could call it nearly spartan like lifestyle. - Honor is valued deeply between Radaghastian warriors. To be able to trust one another means more than anything, as blood-brother bonds are formed through fighting alongside each other. It is meant to give each warrior an idea of create in battle family. - Before battle it would be very common to make a bonfire devoted to Koshei, throwing in crops and animal bones, as to please god of war. If weather and circumstances would favor Radaghastians, it would be clear that Koshei had listened to them. - Despite the fact that military is mostly dominated by men, women sometimes were accepted into it as well, but on rare and peculiar occasions.. Despite that, they had more important role in society (See in Traditions). 4. Traditions - Role of women in society was really of utmost importance, even if it may feel as lower than men. Their motherhood was treated as saint thing, so they are deeply respected between Radaghastians, and those that dare to harm their wife – or worse, pregnant woman – would be met with brutal punishment. - Despite being mostly destined to motherhood, women of Radaghastians are not considered as weak. They usually are cunning, and support their husbands from the side, working their way around internal structures of culture. Also often able to defend themselves if needed be with words – or sword. - Children until their coming of age day would be using different names, as to fool bad spirits and, demons, and monsters. Only at the age of twelve would they receive their proper name, when they would begin their first steps into adulthood. - Coming of age is a very important day for any family. Around the age of twelve, boys would have their first haircut, showing that they place their first steps on path to adulthood. That had to be done by his father, or other fatherly figure. From this day on, he would promise to take care of his son, until he would reach proper adulthood at the day of eighteen birthday. - Girls would still remain under motherly care, but at this age they would receive their first firm of jewelry, which was to indicate their status as free for marriage (Which could only occur at the age of 18). - Weddings are kept fairly simple. Two standing before seer would have to put on each other head wreath made from finest flowers and herbs. After that, two lovers would have to say words of oath for each other, followed by their closest friends switching their wreaths - from brides head to grooms head and from grooms head to brides head - three times, as to ask gods for good luck and fertility. After it is over, it usually is followed by a feast organised by families of the married couple, as to officially sign the pact of “alliance” of the two families. - Around Iskras Year Passing (OOC New Year) children of Radaghastians tend to venture out to sing carols, to celebrate her yearly victory over Bies. In return it would be common to give them treats. - Upon first days of Iskras ruling (Spring), people from village build statue of Bies, which they then proceed to drown in a river, sea, or lake. That shows his death, and return to the afterlife. - Radaghasts Night is a form of celebratory day, where most commonly couples get married, young lovers come together, and town folks celebrate to ask Radaghast to bring fertility upon fields and animals. It can last up to three days, during which wreaths are placed on water with candles and pushed to drift, another way of asking for good grace. - Luminas Festival is said to be the day when dead from Navia appear in the real world. People then can ask for favors, and return them alike to those who passed, by bringing food and drink to their graves. Fires would be lit next to roads, to show path back to Navia by the end of the festival. It usually happens around Bieses ruling day, so beginning of winter. - To depart with those who have died, pyres are made. Body has to be placed on gathered crops and herbs, so they would have a comfortable passage to the afterlife. Once seer will prepare all the prayers and gifts for gods, pyre is set ablaze, and soul of the dead person can now venture off to Navia, guided by Lumina.
  3. Last Howl ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ It felt as if only yesterday they stood together, side by side in that massive groove. Holding hands, as they swore to each other their eternal love, care and protection. Friggr remembered nearly everything that had happened, but as the years passed, as two decades ran through, he found himself not not able to recollect any details. Her face only a blurr, words that he could even now repeat with deadly precision, seemingly lacked any strong emotions. Clearly not the same way, how it was on that day. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Feeling how axe handle was perfectly fitting his hands, he had no fear. Finally, a chance to redeem himself. To prove, that this time he will be there, and won’t let his word given go to waste. With another loud roar, Friggr pushed forward to land a gruesome strike, which clearly connected, as orc tried to stop it with her bare hand. Splash of blood, cracking of bone, something he felt so many times in his lifetime. Something that had been a part of him, as so many souls have left this world because of him - both alive, and undead. Suddenly snapping out of his thought process, gorundyrman noticed massive dagger going to strike his throat. Pulling up his left hand, he would use his own forearm to block it, hoping that chainmail will withstand it - but oh how he was mistaken. Warm blood began to pour, his own bone clearly suffering a major crack. Yet, that felt right. Proper. He wasn’t afraid anymore, so even in that situation, why would he care about half-measures? He wished only to best his opponent. Give it all he has, no matter what. Find someone who will be worthy enough to bring him further. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ That dreadful feeling, when he returned. That was merely a short mission. Three Mimirs days. How could it have happened? By all gods, why? It didn’t make any sense. Being greeted with a letter that was placed atop of table in his hall. And absence of his wife - despite their promise, that they shall greet each other at the gates of Curon. It all felt surreal at this time. And of course, once his hands broke apart wax seal, he didn’t need to read into it. Few words were enough to make him feel, how suddenly all seemed to lose its sense. How the weight of the world once more fell on his arms - reminding him of Arberrang. As if he was once again looking behind him, as town was burning, accompanied by begging screams of those, who were soon to be butchered. Unable to comprehend what was even happening, with his mind completely lots, his legs began to lead him forward. Holding Ulfrikr in his hand firmly, soon, he found himself far away from Curonian walls. With uncontrollable hatred, anger that was spilling from within his soul, as Rahdonir seemed to gift him far more, than ever before. A worthy sacrifice was provided. Two souls - one of his wife, and one of his unborn children. Sufficient to bring him how much anger he only desired. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ With his hand cut open, now his hand was being slowly crushed. Orcish grip that felt as if steel clamp was forcing itself from both sides. But it was not meant to be over yet. No, it just couldn’t end like that. He still had blood inside his veins, still had rage that wouldn’t let go. Breaking free his axe, he would push himself off from his opponent, by placing both legs against her chest and forcing off his own body. But as they disconnected from one another, with ground meeting him once more, it became clear to him. He might have not lost, but his time in this world was long due. Fate that gods forced to continue on, finally will be cut free. Once more able to take Danielle into his arms, feel how it felt to be at peace with himself. To once more have family by his side. The same family that he had left behind a decade ago. His adopted daughter, his uncle, sister… his own son. Truly. The best fatherly figure one could have. Never present. But… soon they will all unite again. With screams and panicked voices around, Friggr would open his eyes to realise that he is within a curonian clinic. Hmh. Wouldn’t be useful anymore to him no matter what. But as he looked down, he noticed the same orcish girl that he fought. Extending his hand to her, Friggr waited until she would grab it. Once she did, and marched closer to him, a weak smile came to his face. - Thank ye… for… bringin me… ta’ me wife… - Ah. Yes. The same race that took her away from him, now offered him to see her again. A good joke made by fate. Last breath escaped his chest, his body finally relaxing. Hand that gripped Ulfrikr slowly opened up, and entire clinic went silent as heirloom of Skarpefanger clan struck wooden floor with a loud thud. First Yagar of Gorundyr, Third Yfmidar of Skaprefanger, Grand Master of Curonian Royal Army, a Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Friggr “The Broken” Dainnsson finally met his end, joining his wife, father, grandfather, and hundreds of other Gorundyrmen in Halvengr.
  4. Someone wants to help with a somewhat simple character skin? \o/

  5. Years passed, and Friggr would finally find joy in the very least that. “The North remembers”? Oh. Please. True north remembered. Empire was the true power, without doubt, but each and every Haenseman that died by Gorundyr hand is a reason to be proud of. “They showed us nei mercy. Showed us nei remorse after. They butchered our kin, an’ even when we bowed our head in respect, admittin’ ta’ defeat, they went on ta’ murder children ‘n elderly. How worthy o’ laughter it be now, tha’ the same people who showed hatred ta’ us for turnin’ against ‘em, same folks tha’ with joy began ta slaughter, acceptin’ only death as solution, would now dare ta’ forget ‘bout past.” Sharpening his axe for next fight that was bound to come, Friggr smiled in a grim way. ”’Tleast many o’ ‘em showed good spirit in fight. Did nei run, ‘n even in face o’ defeat stood proud by their decision. Me kin ‘ad been avenged, old souls put ta’ rest ‘fter their unjust end. Those tha’ will fight ta’ last day ‘n survive should be spared. Same massacre tha’ happened to me people, should nei be done ta’ ‘em. Break the wheel, before it be too late. But tha’ be nei a thing I get a word in ‘nymore.” And so, he would bow his head to those who have died. Even Barbanovs. Let their heavens bring them good rest.
  6. We didn’t have a chance to meet, but I can already sense a fellow norseman. Welcome back to the server. Do hit me up if you need some refreshing.
  7. In Memory of Fallen Wolves ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Decades have passed. Old quarrels have been forgotten by many, wounds long ago healed and now are just a grim reminder of past in form of scars. Hundreds of souls that had met their end in most worthy way… and many more that had been slaughtered out of hatred, sheer sadism, senseless frenzy. Elder. Women. Children. All alike. Burnt, put on crosses, slaughtered on streets. The great genocide of Gorundyr kin. But those who caused it, now payed in blood. And more blood is to come. We remembered. Fear howling of wolves, for we are coming. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ As armies have prepared for the fight, great might of Renatus, Curon, Norland, Courland, Haelun’or, Krugmar, and remaining of the allied units, one might have realised how grand this alliance truly was. Camp that seemed never to end, wherever you looked more of tents filled with soldiers of various race, culture, gender. Amongst all this cluster, remaining five hundred of Gorundyr under Skarpefanger banner had finished their prayers and offering to gods. Their reason to fight was deeply rooted in them. All know of the rebellion. All remember sins that had to be redeemed. Their undoubted loyalty, strict rules, path that was chosen to repent for what had happened. All remember how it began, when those who Gorundyr kin called “liege” decided to bring down their blade with no warning or talk, onto the village causing everything to spiral into war. All remember genocide that came after, even when weapons have been put down, last of the warriors slaughtered, and only harmless remained. And all remember the joy of Haensemen as they were burning those people, killing children, showing no mercy. This was their chance for revenge. So they grabbed swords, axes, spears. Prepared for slaughter that was soon to come. For they vowed, that one day butchers will pay. “Vows made in Ash.” ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Standing amidst of battlefield, Friggr was panting heavily. Ulfrikr, battleaxe, heirloom of Skarpefanger clan in his hand covered with blood that was dripping onto corpse of his enemy. Still shaking from adrenaline rush, he felt connected to gods and ancestors. Feeling no fear mid fight, for his wife was awaiting him in great halls of Halvengr. And yet, he was not destined to die here. Gods have different plans for him as it seems. He is yet to see his beloved family again. - Friggr. - Delvins voice had caused him to snap out. Gorundyrman looked at his uncle who same as himself seemed to have slaughtered Haensemen in great numbers. - Yer grandfather would be proud. All those who ‘ave been killed now can feel pride in Halvengr, as we ‘ave avenged them. Friggr offered in return but a brief nod, lowering his axe to the ground. He had returned only because he swore. And Skarpefanger do not break their word. Even if death is to come, they will repay all that Curon had done for them. Even if they had done so already many times, it never feels like enough. Not until Friggrs last breath. With his brethren standing next to him, sight before people of Gorundyr kin, for many of hearthlanders would only bring words as “cruel, gruesome, unnecessary” spread far and wide. But for children of Gorund, only one word befitted it. Just. And soon more justice will be done. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Those who care enough to listen. Those who are affected by things that had happened decades ago as well as in recent days. Hear my words. Words of Yagar, High Chieftain of Gorundyr people. Words of Friggr Skarpefanger, third Yfmidar of Skarpefanger clan. Words of a child who saw his home burn to the ground. I shed blood of Haensemen with joy. Those who swore to be loyal, those who always spat on others that dared to show doubt, trying to be a role model for all vassals of Empire, now lay dead in ponds made from their own bloody. Because even most loyal of them was blinded by ambition. Seeking with madness to claim title of Emperor, to become free of oaths that they had placed long ago, time after time. Those who always tried to be saints amongst common men, devoted to church, always ready to protect it, now will burn in hell. Because even most righteous of men is blinded by greed, ready to turn faith which was meant to bring peace and hope, into a weapon and use it against enemies of their country, even if they are of the same belief. I will shed blood of Haensemen with joy again. For I am Friggr Skarpefanger, son of Dainn, first Yagar of Gorundyr, Third Yfmidar of Skarpefanger clan. We swore, and Skarpefanger do not break their word. Vows made in Ash. Ave Curon. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ
  8. Wolfs Howl ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Broken mind, broken body, broken hope. Single soul that suffered much, and lost all. Yet in all of that, hatred burns deep and burns eternally. So many have fallen, their last dying wish unanswered. This day we return, we take our axe and march onward for we have sworn and Skarpefanger always keep their promise. Vows made in Ash, Heil’ja buati ir aska. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ With hands gripping Ulfrikr, the great heirloom of Skarpefanger clan tightly, he was merely a shadow of his former self. Having lost all, returning into wilderness, giving up all of his fate to gods hands, he had no regrets. All that gods have brought down upon him had broken who he was, and with it, his aspiration to fit shoes that his grandfather left behind. With no family, having lost his wife and two unborn children, leaving behind his only son who gods only know what is doing now. But Skarpefanger always keeps his word. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Observing walls of the town he had lived in for so long, his jaw clenched. So many painful memories. So many things that will feel forever empty. Family that he had left. Promises that were made, and never met their end. Yet he had to do it. He promised, and so he will return again, how he returned first time. Despite years passing so relentlessly, he is still alive and willing to quench blade of his axe in blood of Curonian enemies. Hopefully for the last time. With short prayer, slowly unstrapping leather from his forearms, his gaze went up to skies. So many thoughts rushing through his mind, yet not a single bit of doubt. Always be certain in what you wish to do. Always push onward in your path with no fear, for it has been foretold already long ago, and nothing will change it. And this day, he will bend and break all the steel that will try to stop him, until his last dying breath. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ So hear all of you, as here returns the Great Wolf of Curon. First Yagar of Gorundyr, Third Yfmidar of Skarpefanger clan, son of Dainn, grandson of Wulffrey “Drakeslayer”, Kingsmith, no one else but Friggr “The Broken” Skarpefanger. Whether to see his last battle, or once more walk away victorious on pile of corpses? Time will tell. But know, that blood will be shed. Sons and daughters of Gorund. Those who are true to their path and culture. I call upon you to join under banner of Skarpefanger again, to once and for all settle grudge with those who caused The Great Slaughter of our kin. Break them, the same way they broke us. Make Haense pay in blood.
  9. Fascinating.

  10. Since I RP as smith, I would love to get more in touch with you! Would love to get some proper teaching on processes involved and to further improve my understanding of this craft. If you will be interested in chatting up, or even joining around my group, do hit me up on discord – Wulfery#0433
  11. “Friggr would nod in approval as he hears of well reformed Haense Royal Army. Fetching a piece of paper and trying his best to write clearly, he would prepare a letter for Otto Kortrevich.”
  12. ”Wulffrey feels a shiver whilst feasting in Halvengr. Oh. Once again he’s being associated with demons. Tis’ a shame that he doesn’t have to care anymore, and instead goes to enjoy a nice fight, good mead, and amazing fun in bed...rock pit.”
  13. “Friggr still is her impending doom, waiting for the moment she will call him sir instead of Lord Commander again.”
  14. Amount of lost legs within one event has scared me permanently. We could have opened bloody Atlas Fried Curonians restaurant. But in reality boo, you fine. That’s why I agreed to make Hunters their own thing!
  15. As title above suggests, go nuts. We’ll see how long it will take me to regret it.
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