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  1. Wulfery

    Say something nice about the person above you!

    You are amazingly good at running away from the entire world and more, as well as becoming public enemy no.1. I mean. You really excel at it. And you make some nice threads.
  2. Wulfery


    If you were to host it? Nah bruh, I’m fine.
  3. Wulfery

    Say something nice about the person above you!

    For not knowing Archi I should swoop you right off this planet... but you a snow elf. You fine buddeh. Them cool.
  4. Wulfery

    The Iron Wolf Clan

    "They all be sayin' "we be them clans! Ye fear us!", But shite they really do I tell ye Boniface. Now even elves thinkin' they kno' wha' a clan even is. Like children runnin' through the fog. And in Sutica o' all the places. Ye just wait 'n see when 'nother scarf wearin' pointy eared hillbilly knight wannabe gonna make us all laugh. Bloodeh crybabies 'n snowflakes." Spitting on the ground, Friggr would continue sharpening the blade that has been ordered by that noble from Markev. "And even if Gorunds clans 'ave been shattered, we 'tleast knew wha' it meant to be one. Now ye just watch big one, 's yet another laughin' material comes out o' that wretched place Sutica be."
  5. Wulfery


    War. War never changes. Unless you return ScreamingDingo into power. Then it changes and we all will be yeeted out. (And I'm still the "who the **** even are you guy") Anyway. Only thing I could complain about is the pillage part, which would require massive sums of money to be payed out. I'm fine with the idea, but amount of cash suggested is imo a bit too large for start of the map. It may cause a massive gobbleup of the money by big powers like empire, essentially blocking every nation from being able to start a war. Perhaps smaller amount for start, or a certain limitation on each nation (2 pillages allowed for 3 months?) Would be a bit more useful. Rest I'm really happy about. Always admired more "strategic" approach to warclaims, instead of "HURR instapvp yur cupitul is muin"
  6. Wulfery

    Bring back good PvP

    Yo, with all honestly more variety to PVP would be fun, and was fun. I played when Nexus was still present, though soon to be removed, and the pvp there was more challenging, but also more fun. Having a battle buddy with sword, when you were charging in with axe, opening enemy shield, letting for your friend to spam the enemy was really interesting. It required actually more RP approach and made military a fun thing – one that required you to work out even simple and stupid tactics. Imo, it would have to change of course really hard. Balance it out, and create the beloved (Sarcasm of course) circle of rock-paper-scissors. Sword beats axe, axe beats polearm, polearm beats sword, or whatever it was. Basically – it would take effort and time to make sure that everything has a certain degree of balance, and what is the most challenging part – it would force to create a balance group. Someone who would be carefully observing fights that occur, learn what is most effective and what may be too op, and then report that to devs. But still. If they will add it back, I’m all up for it, despite all the cries that it may cause, haha.
  7. Wulfery

    How to Calm the Snow Elf Uprising

    Can’t say much myself, because hey, I have been off for a long time. Nevertheless, I would like to point one thing from my experience as ET. In activity, snow elves easily beat high elves, and even at certain point wood elves (won’t even mention dark elves). Every time I was making an event for them, a fine number of players would be appearing, providing rather unique and entertaining interactions. That makes me honestly stand with snelf community of idea of keeping them as separate race, and despite what I will write below, I’m 100% on board with returning them the rights. Now, on the other hand, I have to admit, that snelves as race don’t change that much from other elves. Of course, skin tone and hair color is important, that is definitely rather special for them, but except for that – rest loses the trait. They live similarly to high elves, big towns, high aristocratic style of life, and their odd tendency to meddle with magic or to form ‘osom’ military units that bring in mind to me Warcraft high elves, just in different color. So with that point, I’m appealing to snelf community – If you manage to regain full status of independent race, try to strive to have more unique approach to your race. You are living in frozen lands, places which usually are not giving birth to high elf-like community. Try to utilize those little details to further create a special name for yourself. Lastly, I believe most of the snow elves fiasco came from the lovely stereotype that they are inactive and pretty much dead. Well. That point I have already debunked above. That’s all from me.
  8. Wulfery

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    Friggr hears about it, as he’s sharpening battleaxe in his smithy.” Good. Shame was brought on those who lost, but it nei means tha’ more blood needs to be shed. “Yes. He said that to himself. No one else present around.” Me ancestors be proud o’ this battle tho’. I kno’ they ‘ave been watchin’.
  9. Wulfery

    We Came As Crows

    Eilif would calmly nod to all statements of fellow warrior, being guided by Hakon for poor Eilif has no eyes.“ Wisdom in this fight? None at all indeed. Bodies of both Vaeyl and warriors of our kin lay slain in the keep that’s now frozen over. Nor have any of you gained new knowledge, nor have you resolved old issues that still stand behind Vaeyl. Throwing good men as meat for dragon that soon shall clense this world. “With visible wince he would ask Hakon to guide him back to his horse, going to depart with rest of his brothers, few wounded, none showing happines over victory.” Keep your trust in way of sword only, and soon it shall turn against you as well...
  10. Wulfery

    Ulbyutr uv Jrdolkrydr - (Recruitment)

    “Eilif, Hunt Bringer of Rahdonirs children would humm as he heard news of some small group of yet another norse kin coming to Atlas.” Send them a message Hakon. They deserve to know. “He would order to his fellow brother, as he sat by campfire, calmly caressing runic engravings in his spear.” In bad times you came here cousins.
  11. Wulfery

    Words of Peace

    - Oh **** you all better run. - Mutters Wulffrey from Halvengr, remembering who is Tharax. Entire afterworld had to shake from sheer image of what was to come if he arrives.
  12. Selective reading is the best kind of reading, after all! :v
  13. Wulfery

    Nidr Af Rahdonir

  14. +1 Lion is a good guy, even if at moments a bit too hasty. Has good ideas, and shows a lot of devotion to what he’s doing. Also, hating on someone because of mineman war. Kek :V (Guilty myself)
  15. Good game guys. Today was actually really fun!