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  1. One time back in Atlas I tried to have a democracy in a settlement. Not a majot nation even, just a smaller settlement. You know, trying to set up some cool roleplay idea, make it fun for people, make it feel like a nice tribal thing. On the very first attempt, my opponent in elections instantly started calling in outside people to vote in their favour, to the point where I was contacted by an outside person who told me exactly about it. I mean, it was so absurd to the point, where there were more votes than people in the settlement. And when I called that person out, it turned into a massive drama and they were denying everything. Ever since that day I've realised that democracy is inherently gonna be abused because it opens way too many doors to gain advantage over the other side in really unfair ways. Making a fool proof system will not be a good idea either, because every time a vote is called in, one side has to lose, and apparently no one likes losing, so it turns into a massive drama and oftentimes will cause a split in the community. Generally speaking 2/10, not recommend. Absoloute Monarchy ftw.
  2. Vistulian Clan Gathering ᛜᛝᛜᛥᛜᛝᛜ Travelling through the snow covered valleys of Norland, cladded in a wolven fur figure rested a tarnished banner upon his arm. As wind came down it fluttered vehemently, exposing what hid on the fabric. With two antlers aimed at one another, with two sabres crossed below, it was naught long ago nothing more than a memory for those who lived in the time of Radaghastian glory, but now it stood as a mark for those who didn’t forget, for those whose hearts still yearned for the strong ambition of once lost culture. He stopped close by the centre of a small village. Some flickering lights in the windows showed that the resilient kin was not yet lost. Despite having their home be destroyed by powers that felt of the most ungodly type, losing so many brothers and sisters with whom they shared their memories, they still survived. And even after all those years they managed to gather back, pushed by the patriotic spirit and strong devotion. Clan Kos saw the very beginning of all that was Vistulian, and even after witnessing the fall of sacred Isles, they didn’t let the Clandom end. In their heart it survived. In their memories it lived. In their ambition it was reborn. Merely a flicker of a small light among the frozen north. But not yet gone. And it was them who called upon the clans to reunite once again in a small village of Varelia. So did the figure strike down the banner in the village centre. Clan Vilchyc shall answer the call. ᛜᛥᛜ
  3. The Fall of Vistulia - The birth of Rot For decades the Vistulian Freemen fought against creatures of the utmost wicked origin. Faced with demons, with undead, with vampires of different sorts, faced with nightmares from the depths of the oceans, and with wicked hollow monsters summoned by mages of the ancient paths. They stood first in line to venture into Kivdrona, and there they lost many of their own, struggling against what seemed to be a nightmare that seeped into the realm of living. Time after time they fought back and successfully repelled the monsters away, each time growing more weary of what this world was made of. Outlawing the mages of Voidal arts, seeing how they reached beyond the veil of the known and grabbed power from other worlds, outlawing all the dark magical arts, they hoped to keep away the monsters. They asked for aid from the lightbringers known as the paladins, and so they began to receive it. They sided with allies from all over the Almaris and many times together they repelled the evil. But the very land they lived in was cursed to fall long ago. They only delayed the inevitable. Beneath the city placed upon islands grew rot. In caves that were forgotten even by the Daelish from the centuries ago, the deadly plague was brewing, gods know when it started, slowly infesting all of the nature that surrounded them, slowly seeping into the very wood they used for homes. Dormant, it waited, for the Plague Bearer was yet to demand the harvest. Those that lived upon the isles couldn’t have known about what was happening, as the sickness was invisible even to the druids that so often ventured upon the lands of the Radaghastian, the Cingedoz, the Lechians, The Pasnians, the men and women of the tribes, but they were to be the first to known of it. For what reason? Maybe they will find out in the future. Vistulians gathered in the great hall. They knew that something was wrong, seeing more and more of their kinsmen fall to an unknown sickness that rapidly was turning into a plague. With the High Elder Casimir present, he spoke of his attempts to understand the source of it all, and how to aid those that fell victim to poor fate. None was sure what to do anymore. With more people being moved to the clinic, High Elder decided that it was about the time that those who are still healthy shall evacuate. Until the plague was dealt with, there was no purpose to let people live in such ungodly conditions. As he spoke, a sudden sound of wood cracking and shattering under immense pressure could be heard from the sanctuary island, inside the sacred building. All present quickly snapped their gaze, as confusion and murrmurrs spread around. It was quickly followed by a powerful explosion that shook the very core of the isles, making everyone rush towards the monastery. They were faced with a mean, wearing sickly green clothes, watching the people below with a warm smile. He spoke of the Plague Bearer, of his gift to all of the people. Noting that within an hour all that live here will either join him, or they will wish they could have died long before. In fury, the High Elder ordered for his warriors to fire at the cultist, realising that this man might have been behind it all. Behind all the suffering and death that his people had to withstand over the last year. As the bolts, arrows and slingshots went flying, the man was struck time after time. With his wounds appearing to suddenly rot, get infested, and then as they seemed to turn black entirely, they would instead return to the normal flesh. An entire process of death going over, with rebirth as its final stage. With more explosions being heard all over the island, the green sickly mist began to fill the streets and sip into the homes in which people were dying unable to even save themselves. Soon enough, it was clear that those who will remain will share the nightmarish fate. Realising that their weapons are of no use, High Elder ordered everyone to retreat with the rest of civilians, assisting in their evacuation. They crossed the bridge connecting the Temple Island with the Main Island, hearing gurgling sounds of those who were unable to escape. As they turned about, the mist seeped onto the last streets, starting to overflow from the island. It looked as if clouds of the green rot turned into waterfalls that moved by the walls of the temple isle, reaching the sea below slowly covering it to the point where no water could even be seen. - High Elder! - One of the guards shouted as he pushed through the remaining survivors who in shock and terror filled the central plaza. - The Great Hall Island! It is covered with some ungodly mi..- He didn’t have to finish. In the High Elders head everything was beyond clear now. Whatever twisted thing was behind it - it had succeeded. He was about to turn towards the remaining survivors and order them to cross the main bridge, when something caught his attention. A singular figure appeared from the sickly mist on the Temple Island. It stopped at the bridge, with its head tilted, seemingly observing the High Elder. Behind it, creatures of the rotten realm began to appear. Twisted in their very being, they began chasing in a clumsy way after the survivors, wishing to bring all of the wonderful sustenance to the Plague Bearer. In panic, the survivors ran towards the central plaza. They might be able to fight back the demons, but the issue was the mist, and the looming danger that it will cut them off from the main bridge. Most people under Gabriels Pasciak lead crossed the bridge swiftly, with few strugglers being stuck behind to make sure that no living civilian is left behind. As one after another they retreated, soon only Slith and Casimir remained, fighting back one monster after another. With the Plague Bearers Champion nearing them, High Elder pulled on the armoured man’s arm, dragging him towards the gate. During this entire ordeal, one of the Norlanders appeared, aiming to help them both, but the Plagued Champion throw one of the mutated demons at him, knocking him down by the gate. By sheer instinct, the High Elder struck the demon away from the Norlander, forcing Slith to take the wounded back. As they crossed, so Casimir planned, but the Champion threw one of its weapons, with earth shattering strength causing the gatehouse to begin collapsing on itself, blocking High Elders path from safety. All those behind the bridge looked in horror, as the old man tried to force his way out, striking the wooden logs and planks with his great axe - to no avail. The bridge was burning, as Dalebor set it ablaze, according to Casimirs orders from the past. All of the Vistulians and guests to the isles watched in horror, as the High Elder turned about, aiming to strike at the towering Champion, but right as he raised his axe, a rot and pus covered sword pierced his chest. Sound of steel being torn to pieces as the weapon went clean through plate armour echoed in the lands. He was slowly raised off the ground, gasping for air. His weapon fell to the ground with a loud thud, as with disbelief, Casimir reached to the foul blade, briefly trying to just pull himself off, like if that was going to save him. Though, understanding his fate, he screamed the bravest scream he could muster, reaching for his saber by the hip and using it to pierce the monster's throat with a thrust. It gurgled, surprised at the man's action. Though, the gurgle turned into a sickening laughter, as the Champion stood, not broken, nor killed by the last effort from the leader of all the Vistulians. With it, he was defeated. High Elders head slowly slouched forward, until the crown of Vistulia fell from his head. Metallic clank was heard by everyone - those inside the town, as well as those who escaped. The sign of Vistulian leadership rolled away, as the lifeless body of the High Elder was carried away by the Champion. The isles are gone. But Vistulia lives on with the refugees.
  4. In general I will speak out of my own experience as a settlement leader. Gates are difficult as hell. Gate duty is a boring choir. Oftentimes it boils down to repeating the same sentence over and over again. During events it removes the given person from active roleplay and it defeats the purpose of the server. It brings safety to others, but if no one volunteers, you are forced to actually deny someone with the fun experience. People saying "deal with bandits in roleplay" forget that it is not as simple. Even if you defeat them once, twice, thrice, they can come back again and again. It is a battle with windmills until one side gets bored. Removing citizen doors is a fun idea, sure, but then some communities will be bullied into dying out, as they are too small to hold an active big guard force, or bandits come at times when the activity isn't at its peak. Keep in mind, bandits who come to raid towns don't come as 2-3 people. At least 4 people usually come, and to have 5+ active guards is a hard task even for a nation. And the crp lock won't help when guards need 15 or 20 minutes to gather in bulk usually. Forcing someone to spend x hours at the gate is not a good idea. The fact that if the gate is mechanically opened, people can run through it without any rp is not a good thing either for the idea of removing citizen doors. In general I personally push for keeping gates as often open as possible, but by gods at times there is no other way but to keep them closed for an entire day.
  5. Casimir prepares himself properly, making sure to bring as many of his kinsmen as possible.
  6. In general Based take. Truth be told is that most of the time I feel like I have to create the RolePlay for others to make the given time interesting for many. It's a difficult task for anyone to just spark up the roleplay and to make it flow naturally, but if you manage to do so, people will flow to it as well. Roleplay is not just a - take and no give - thing. You have to think about ambition of your character, about reasons and use those to strike up conversations. Getting on blindly to the server and just hopping around hoping for something major to happen so you have a character development is usually how you end up bored and leave the group/nation/server. I'm always happy to have some folks come up and strike a conversation with me out of blue. For example @Emp_palpatineis a blessed guy who always invites me over for a cup of tea, and by gods, that small bit of RP sparks joy for me. I also try to push onto people who live within the Clandom to be a hospitable bunch, so if some random person comes over, they are greeted with the RP. Invited to enter the tavern, invited for a drink, being presented with an opportunity to try and get some Role Play. And that part above is something that I found always to utterly annoying in many of the nations and settlements I would visit - people just stick to their group and don't have any curiosity about the foreigners. They just run past another player unless spoken to. You don't have to speak with everyone, you don't have to be so wild and outgoing, but at least saying a hello to someone, and greeting them to the place they visited always gives some reason to speak back.
  7. In general I refrained from writing on the topic until I saw through most of other opinions, being rather hard opinioned myself at the start. I was and somewhat sill am a staunch supporter of the road RP, seeing that most of my LOTC experience from the past was based around the military - having patrols, doing gate duty, being outgoing to make sure everyone is safe and secure, yadde yadde. But after having a moment to think, in all honesty - I understand the reasoning behind the concept that FT may be more fitting. It will remove the opportunities for the random encounters and will definitely halt any further chances for a proper road RP, but at the same time well... it makes sense to have the Fast Travel system more than forcing players to walk from hub A to hub B for XX amount of minutes, or be forced to always have a horse on you. RP wise its a terrible decision in my honest opinion - but LOTC wise it is the best decision. This server is about activity grind as proven through the years. Settlements and nations that can bring the most activity to their region have the biggest chance to survive. Seeing, that no one wants to lose their hours, days, weeks, months of effort they've put into building up their place, it is only a natural thing that they will give up RP opportunities for the sake of ensuring survival of their hard work. Any road RP was already dying out, any taverns on the roads are a useless addition that don't work much to help the regional activity at the moment. In this case though, I would at the very least suggest thinking of something that will not cut the road out entirely, instead just make things a bit simpler. For example - Having fast travel only reach a tavern further outside of the settlement or nation - It's a loose idea, which would need far more of thought than just a quick throwaway like I did here, but if done properly, it could perhaps promote at least some chance to both help the activity and at the same time not make the map feel smaller to the point of being absurdly cramped. If you add the Fast Travel, it will make roads mostly obsolete and additionally it will make the map feel far smaller. It is both good and bad. Using Travel Hubs was a great way to make the map not feel as big and troublesome as they currently are. Perhaps another way the issue could be solved is - Make sub-traveling hubs - Giving out a loose example on the below image. IN A LOOSE EXPLENATION People warp from Center Hub to South Hub. In the South Hub there will be Two-Three Carts leading to Active Regions - Not actually direct settlements or nations, but a center point around given region that would be closer to different Active Nations and Settlements. BELOW IS JUST AN EXAMPLE In Point 1 we have Balians, old groove, Freeport. In point 2 we have some A and B settlements that are active and present for at least a month or two. In Point 3 we have Vistulia. Few groups/settlements can apply for a nearby Sub-Travel Hub after being proven active for more than XY weeks. Those Hubs would not have a big no-aggression safety zone, only a more-less big enough one to encompass the sub-hub and 15-25 blocks in every direction. This way, those hubs will still leave the ability to feel the size of the map, not remove entirely the need to travel to places, but also make those walking paths shorter and more managable. If given sub-hubs settlements/nations lose their status due to inactivity, the sub-hub will be removed on RP basis of being abandoned and cart owners going out of business. There @Ark. You got my reply as you asked >:C
  8. [OOC] IGN: WulferyName: Casimir VilchycCrew Name: Yurr MatkaCrew Members: Far1ca
  9. Casimir sat by the Radaghasts Tree that was slowly growing on the shrine island. In his mind plenty of thoughts came and went, as he recalled all the events that led to such a big trouble for them. There was the lingering feeling that something was just not right. That they stumbled upon something that was not meant for them, and they just got tangled in some wild scheme. But the very least, all in all he found his new reason in mind, not succumbing to his concerns and paranoia, instead listening to Bogodar and his advice. He may be young. He may be still stepping in the path of Duhovnik. But to have someone to hold him back whilst in front of the mage felt like a relief. A brief moment of calm amidst of a storm. Enough to not stain his hands with more blood, enough to make sure that his people will be protected and yet won't have to succumb further to the wronged path that Bies prepared for them with his schemes. Hvala Clandom. Hvala Vistulia.
  10. Treaty of Vistulia 5th of Bies’s Month, 89th year of the Reborn Age Signed by: The Horde And Clandom of Vistulia ᛜᛥᛜ Upon the wish from Clandom of Vistulia, the following treaty was drafted and signed with mutual agreement between the Piast of Clandom, Casimir Vilchyc, and the Rex of the Horde, Ar-Borok the Shaman. May it bring no discord, but instead give a better opportunity to unite the two nations and bind them stronger not by the singular banner, but by mutual will of betterment, of mutual aid and unified idea for what may be to come. ᛜᛥᛜ I. On Separate Futures By request of the Piast and his council, Clandom of Vistulia will withdraw from the Horde on peaceful terms, terminating their allegiance in agreement to the terms included within the treaty called “One Horde”. II. On Relations Rex Ar-Borok of the Horde and Piast Casimir Vilchyc of the Vistulian Clandom reaffirm their battle bonds, seeing each other as friends who shared mutual fields of battle for years. Both sides agree to continue the good relation between both sovereign factions, aiming to use this opportunity to strengthen the bonds, instead of weakening them. III. On Sovereignty The Horde and Clandom of Vistulia recognize each other's sovereignty. Additionally both Rex Ar-Borok The Shaman and Piast Casimir Vilchyc recognize each other's right to rule. IV. On Non-Aggression Pact In accordance with the above points of the relation, both sides agree to avoid any military conflict between each other. In case of any transgressions of that point, both leaders or their representatives shall meet on the first possible occasion, aiming to clear the situation and avoid any bloodshed. The Non-Aggression Pact will remain for the lifetime of the rulers. Upon passing of one of them, this pact may be extended upon mutual agreement of the leaders. V. On Trade Both sides agree to open lands for trade with each other, ensuring safety of the traders while they are present within the others lands, as well as safe passage to the cities. Ar-Borok’Akaal, Rex of The Horde Dominus Ixula’Akaal, Warchief of Akaal, Naakh ob Leyd Willy of San’Velku, Envoy of The Horde Casimir Vilchyc, Piast of the Vistulian Clandom, Vodz of Vilchyc Clan ᛜᛥᛜ
  11. Casimir could be found drinking and smoking from his wooden pipe in the tavern, listening to the rowdy clients and spending the best years of his life.
  12. First Grand Vistulian Horserace ᛜᛥᛜ To all the brave men and women of Almaris, to masters of the saddle, to horse breeders and fans of the sports! Vistulian Clandom invites all on this Iskras Dien [5th of August, 4PM EST] to participate in the Grand Vistulian Horserace! All are welcome to participate, with 5 racers per round! Those who shall win the qualifying race will be then given a chance to participate in the Championship race, for which the following prizes are prepared! 1st place - 150 mina, 2 finest Vistulian Horses, 2 saddles, cavalry weapon forged by the finest of our smiths 2nd place - 100 mina, 1 finest Vistulian Horse, 1 saddle 3rd place - 50 mina, 1 finest Vistulian Horse, 1 saddle If you wish to participate, make sure to attach your name underneath this announcement, following the given outline! Anyone who will not sign up before underneath this announcement may do so up to half an hour before the race in person! After that, sign ups will be officially closed! ᛜᛥᛜ Full Name: Horse Name: Allegiance: [A chance to represent and gain renown to aligned faction]
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