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  1. As hammer was falling down upon anvil, time after time, so did thunder roar far away. Finally, the perfect piece of weapon was complete, and – seems like right on time, as old friend finally came to his workshop. With wide grin old man that was missing an eye would offer Brog the little bundle. ”Vows made in ash brodir. We finally get ta’ drink again.” Bellowing laughter followed, as two old friends finally reunited in afterlife – no matter what God or gods would try to set them worlds apart, at least one drink had to be shared.
  2. The Last Flame ᚭ ᚬ ᚯ ᚮ When morning came to Zakopane, sun was nowhere to be seen. It felt as if it was gone forever. Entire valley engulfed in darkness, worse than night itself. At first, there was no snow or wind. Only ever present silence that loomed over the entire village. Those who walked outside of their houses would look at distant cliff sides, only able to make what was the shape of them. And what was above. A behemoth of a cloud that gathered like if Bies wished to manifest himself in human form. Soon after that, it reached the edge of mountains, just to break down and begin falling like an avalanche Covered with its neverending body all of the cliff sides with, rushing down right at the village of Zakopane and those who were gathered in it. - “Arre we going to die papa?” - Voice of Morana reached Svetovids ears, like if she spoke from afterlife itself. Was it so? That when he was watching manifestation of Bies gathering all of its power, did he already pass to Navia? No. No. It couldn’t be. - “Nie if I can help it…” - With a low growl, Svetovid turned around, forcing his spear out of the frozen ground. - “Run to taverrn! Gatherr everryone in therre! Begin barricarding entrrance!” As he then proceeded to rush towards their home. He just couldn’t let it be so. Gods protect his family, his friends, everyone who didn’t run away yet. Those who managed to get out of the valley for this Iskras dawn were blessed. And those that remained inside Zakopane… Soon after snowstorm struck and swallowed everything in its path. ᚭ ᚬ ᚯ ᚮ For three days it lasted. For three days they cowered in tavern, the only place that was truly safe, as part of it was dug into the mountain. For three days they had to withstand what gods had brought down, making it near impossible to remember how sun looked like. During this time many have suffered from frostbite. Few have lost their houses, as roofs collapsed under pressure. It was a miracle that no one has died yet, but the damage done was for few permanent. - “Soon papa. It will soon pass.” - Morana muttered out weakly, as she held onto Svetovids right hand. Supplies were nearly gone. Firewood was plenty, but to get fire going was near impossible. Frost that came down with snowstorm reached such extreme temperatures that even few minutes outside were deadly in the worst peaks. Now as the sun was high in the sky and no clouds to be seen, with only gentle wind blowing over, it was so easy to forget about the nightmare that have happened here. If not for all the damage done. - “Rest now. It will be fine.” - As she finished, young Radaghastian girl looked over to her mother Liliana, and then to Jessira. Having their tools prepared, treatment didn’t take long, as near black left hand of Piast had to be taken care of. With that, Bies’s fury was gone. Unwilling sacrifice taken, and now all that was left was to see if this snowstorm will last long enough to claim more blood. In Iskra we trust.
  3. "Woah. If yu want to live at moi home yu have to pay! Pay in gold orr worrk!" Svetovid muttered out surprised, as random dagger eared creature appeared out of thin air.
  4. Svetovid raised a brow as he heard of the news, sitting by fire. Howling wind outside of his house was bringing oh so many interesting stories. "Wish forr peace..? Then surrenderr Emperror of Man. Single action that yu fearr to accept, forr yu know that when yu will bow the head, it will roll on the grround moments afterr. Saving yurr people overr yurr own powerr and life. Bah. This does nie fit Emperror though, rright?" He would then toss the letter with into fire with a calm humm, preparing for next days of this unyielding blizzard.
  5. Radaghastians, and basically entire Vistulian culture feels unnatural tension growing. As if someone somewhere was getting ready to scream ”LET’S GET RRRRRRREEADDDY FOOOOOR SLAV RRRRRRUUUMBBBLEEE!”. Gods protect.
  6. [Thread Update] Added Minor Diety – Svarog, God of Fire Added Culture – Work in progress Food of Radaghastian people Their bond to animals Radaghastians are now part of Vistulian culture family – made of Pasnian and Radaghastian. They utilize the same language and have similar traditions.
  7. Slava friend! If you need any help or suggestions how to get adjusted to the server, feel free to contact me on discord or in PM’s on forum!
  8. Sound of ungodly strong wind woke Svetovid up. With wood of his house creaking dangerously under pressure, Radaghastian stood up from his bed, heading towards the doors, as he covered himself with furs tightly. Howling that was rushing through Tatra valley, sneaking in between smallest gaps in wood grew stronger, same as his fear. - By Radaghast… - Piast whispered out, as he tried to open the doors, fighting with all might he had to get through. Only with best efforts and powerful strike of his shoulder he could witness the sheer terror before him. Oh, it was not a voidal monster, norr a dragon. It was not a plague ridden beast, or army of orcs at his doorstep. All those things he could try to fight. All but this. Snowstorm like none he had ever seen before. Wind coming down from cliff sides with such power that trees were bending to unnatural angles, snow accompanied with it massive and thick, already covering most of the village in a layer that was reaching above his knees. Howling that sounded like Bies himself was screaming in madness, laughing and mocking those who live in such a wretched place. Even pillar in which Giewonts statue stood seemed to be right no a threat, as if it could collapse at any moment. Holding tightly onto his furs with one hand, and with other hugging wooden support as gushes of wind were feeling powerful enough to make him fall, Svetovid looked in the distance, trying to see anything towards north from his home. To no effect, as it all was hidden behind white wall. And then… a roar. Unyielding, powerful, breaking even through the strongest of wind gushes. With it, the earth shook, and so did Svetovids heart. Avalanches that closed off valleys leading outside. Zakopane was locked inside - with all the wood and food they managed to gather before winter, but for how long can it last? If the snowstorm will continue, gods have mercy, situation will turn to the worst. OOC
  9. From depths of Tatra valleys, where snow elves live atop of the mountains and Radaghastians dwell amongst green paths between massive cliffsides, Svetovid, Piast of Zakopane struck his spear in center of the village, gathering his people around. Any who were still with him, any who did not perish during the war, any who defied all this ill fate through decades. As they all watched him, Svetovid took in a deep breath of ice cold air. ”Moi bratski, sestra. Moi family, frriends, followerrs. We have seen much thrrough decades. Moi ancestorrs had to withstand centurries of sufferring. We have been told to hide, to speak low of ourrselves, of WHO WE ARRE! Of ourr believes, of ourr gods, of ourr ancestorrs! Of ourr trraditions! By Radaghast, nie morre! Nie a day longerr! Moi otec, Friggr died to trry and brring his culturre to life! So did his! And so did ourr grreastest ancestorr! We have seen ourr kind murrderred, burrnt, butcherred, misstrreated, tossed away like a worrthless object! But nie a day longerr! We stand today with bratski from Morsgrad! In name of Radaghast I sworre to aid theirr leaderr, so the drream of ourr kins may come trrue! Nie longerr will clans of Gorundyr, Radaghastians, and many morre have to fearr each day forr theirr life! Nie longerr will we look ahead with doubt whetherr we will get to continue ourr legacy! WE ALL AS CHILDRREN OF FARR NORRTH WILL BRRING BACK LOST CULTURRES! BRRING BACK STRRONG WILL OF HIGHLANDERRS!” With passion he spoke. Standing here, amongst his people, spear by his side, saber in his hand. Dream of many people in past, nothing more than a fairytale for many. Dream that his ancestors never managed to fullfil, now he gets to be a part of. “Fearr not the lone wolf, but fearr the pack united! Forr Highlanderrs!”
  10. [Thread Update] Added OOC links (Language + Accent, and easier to read culture document) Added minor update to 2. Origin (Current status of Radaghastians) Added minor update to 3. War Culture (Re-added Horse bond part)
  11. Svetovid signes up the document, offering John a rakish grin. ”Half a centurry of good rrelations, and only now do we get to finally have tha’ on paperr? Zdrowia Bratski! Hvala Suffoni, Hvala Tatra!”
  12. That magnifying glass on your pfp drives me insane. I thought I’m just seeing things. >:C

  13. Traveling on horseback near Curonian lands, Svetovid looked at walls of Avalain far in the distance. In past he saw them as home, where he had brothers and sisters, those who protected him, just as he protected them – but now? Oh. Now it was far worse. ”I prromised. I did long ago in frront of Pierce, when swearring to serrve him. On Radaghast I sworre. So did my fatherr on Gorund long beforre me. Same prromise. Yu werre all my family when I felt lost, and even nie too long ago I stood prroud, trrying to brring back frrom rruin what YU all left therre, to seek glorry in Imperrial walls, not once looking back on yurr rreal home. Being DEAF to ourr calls forr help! I was therre to witness wall crrumble day by day, and see as soul of Curron was burrning out. Not any of yu! None of yu who sit comforrtable with high positions now!” With a swift and smooth move he took out his saber from its sheath, pointing curved blade at the gates of Curon, his face expressing both disgust and sadness, as jaw clenched. His fellow warriors and companions watched him in silence as he did so. ”I prromised that I will stand against yu if yurr worrd will mean nothing anymorre. That if yu make a choice, give prromises, and can nie hold onto them with honorr and devotion in the end, I will fight with those who arre against yu. And that prromise I uphold. I will cleanse Curon of it’s currse that deprrived it of its honorr my fatherr spoke of when he firrst came therre. When time will come, decades frrom now, Curon will rreturrn, cleansed, anew, nie longerr known as disloyal, betrrayerrs, but as prroud bearr amongst all human nations. One yu fearr nie to trrust. One that shines with virrtues above all. Same virrtues that you display in theirr hall, but fearr to enterr it like children affrraid to admit to theirr mistake. But until the day of Curronian ressurrection, worrd given has to be upheld. With firre and sworrd, heads will rroll, grround will be cleansed.” Performing a quick mill with his saber, Svetovid would let out a battlecry, looking back at other mounted Radaghastian. ”Na konie bratski! Sharrpen yurr saberrs, soon worrld will shake again underr Kosheis Gnew! On battlefield we will see who was rright in the end!”
  14. Svetovid would sign the pact, letting out a short humm of joy.
  15. #TeamTrees – Because we have only one planet so far. Wouldn’t be fun for us to die on it before we get more V: https://www.teamtrees.org/


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