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  1. Wulfery

    ooc chat

    OI! You nicked emoji from Arberrang discord >:C
  2. Wulfery

    [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    Mad respect from me. Well answered and good critisism. Also hard to argue at certain points, and I’ll defintely give it a deep think.
  3. Wulfery

    [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    Okay, so as I have some time now to actually write, I’ll go ahead. I have been roleplaying as Gorundyr character for be it about over a year now. I’ve been doing that during time of their absence, as well as lately during times of their peak activity maybe even since they were created (Correct me Owyn if I’m wrong). It has not been easy, nor was it really pleasing at moments. Having culture be as it is, trying to scrape for even one or two people to keep up with myself, and almost begging to push the stuff back to be a thing again. And I’ll be bloody damned. I don’t regret it one little bit. It was and still is a wonderful experience in regards of culture itself, but it was missing stuff that would turn it more appealing to upkeep with tribal style, with culture, with idea behind it. We are so used to humans being simply “humans” and nothing more, that to create a proper culture it takes effort like no other. Khadarsi tribe being a great example. Most of those RP’ing humans are going for GoT style and hey. They do it well. But as @Narthok said himself (despite calling us discount Norlanders grrrr), it’s amazing to see revival of human roleplay by different cultures coming back to life. So. Here is the point about lore written mostly by Owyn and Posidon, regarding deities. I know it’s something that people plan to consider as “only for selective groups” as Lolz has said, and hey, to some degree it’ll be always true. Same as Elves are trying to make Druidism as magic and probably due to that also pushing it to deity part being only for elves, so this thing may be restricted to one group. But it’ll not be racelocked at most case, nor will it be kept away from other race RP, as with this becoming canon, we’ll be able to have events from time to time to express their presence, and we already have prepared magic to allow for more interaction between different groups (one which I’ll be soon enough adding few more things into), that will require to have this deity lore accepted as to allow further interactions. So yes, I’m biased for this thing here, because hey, I’ve put a lot of effort into bringing this culture back to life, and then other people have put a lot of effort into making it actually interesting. In my honest opinion though, this may offer really amazing opportunities for extending human roleplay and actually making new interesting roleplay paths for other races as well. Cheers.
  4. Wulfery

    [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    @LoLzboiregarding your point about this lore not contributing to other groups like Aengulus or Daemon should. Read up on Aengudaemon. Then you will understand why it doesn't do that.
  5. Wulfery

    XxEnderking's Event Team Actor application

    +1 This bad boy can melt your heart in a second. Here is how.
  6. Wulfery

    [I] EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    I won’t be putting +1, nor -1 here, but overall I would say it would be best to first get really well settled in FM team before you’ll be trying to go for GM team. Simply feels sudden and out of place, as you didn’t even prove yourself well enough in one rank, and decided to go for another one. Regarding our past experiences together I’m skeptical, but it’s nothing that would vouch against you strong enough for me to be against you as Game Moderator. It simply is big enough for me not to be for it as well.
  7. Well since other are doing that, I may just as well ask forward. (And yet, I’m aware you probably don’t know a single thing about me, as well as “Who the **** is he even” wouldn’t even apply :v ) So since you touched on ET’s, what is your opinion on Dark Fantasy? Horror themed? What fantasy type do you consider most interesting for events, as well as common RP? Which playerbase you would consider the most entertaining, or most worth it to make events for?
  8. Wulfery

    Comprehensive Imprisonment Reform

    Overall a massive +1 from me for idea. Captive RP is being a bit weird at the moment, as people try to rush it just to avoid having the issue with someone SS'ing out due to lack of RP provided (What I totally understand). So first of all I didn't see if you addressed the "Can ss out if no RP provided". Thinking of it, I would consider pushing it to half hour, but RP that follows has to be something more than just "Ohhh someone stole your sweet roll" or "I used to be an adventurer like you!" I would also like for those rules to state a bit more firmly on fact of for example whether gladiator approach to imprisoned people will be acceptable and so on. Except for that, great job!
  9. Wulfery

    Community Meeting Upcoming!

    Eyyy, that sounds like a pretty great idea. Forces people to listen to changes, and makes sure they will know about them. Nice, nice.
  10. Wulfery

    Frosthander's Event Team Builder Application

    +1 Frost has been a great aid with all building we were doing, as well as he was showing great creativity towards ideas I had and knew how to execute them. Only thing I can put my hand on that I would consider is his true weak side are beasts.
  11. Wulfery

    Ryka Winterwood's Game Moderator Application

    10/10 would take. But all memes and jokes aside buddy, first play on server for few months, learn about community, lore, and their relations overall. It's good that you are eager, but it simply won't work in my opinion. -1
  12. Wulfery

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    I have already stated that a few times both in staff chat and in common discord, so I'll post it here too, because I feel like no feedback was taken at that time, and rule I refered to is kept the same way it was. I do not, same as quite a few other agree with part about heads being taken as well as bodies. And no, it's not that I don't agree with that idea being an IRP purpose, as it servers perfect source for good RP for example with orcs who need to take heads for their rituals, culture and stuff. I don't agree with them being personalised and NPC's being set up with names of the person who was killed. It is creating paradoxes, issues with RP, and before long you'll have 5 NPCs with your name on them, saying how dead you are. Boy, even 3 in the same town to make it clear! I also gave already solution that was met with a good feedback from most of the general populus I asked. If person doesn't agree to PK, give the executioner an item that is generic. "Head of a Heanse Soldier", "Head of a Dwarven Noble", "Head of a Dominion Druid". Something that will indicate which group it comes from, and something that will create a possible RP driven stuff. If person agrees to PK, only then allow to create personalised head i.e "Wulffreys Skarpefangers head", or creating NPC. Elseway you are making only more issues with RP instead of solving them and emphasizing point about participating in raids as they are meant to be fun for both sides. Because as of right now, I'm inclinging to idea of logging off before anyone engages with me in RP as I see possible raid. Nuff said.
  13. Mamma mia amma greena bastardo!

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      Ayyyy, happy for you man, I am still not, though I hope I will soon be a greeny!

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  14. Spooptober fest? Hm. I heard there is a new ET making creepy events... I wonder if there will be skeletons. Wink. Wink wink. Wink wink wink wink wink.

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