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  1. Wulfery


    Since I RP as smith, I would love to get more in touch with you! Would love to get some proper teaching on processes involved and to further improve my understanding of this craft. If you will be interested in chatting up, or even joining around my group, do hit me up on discord – Wulfery#0433
  2. Wulfery

    The Haeseni Royal Army

    “Friggr would nod in approval as he hears of well reformed Haense Royal Army. Fetching a piece of paper and trying his best to write clearly, he would prepare a letter for Otto Kortrevich.”
  3. Wulfery

    The Archbishops Report - Demons Among Men

    ”Wulffrey feels a shiver whilst feasting in Halvengr. Oh. Once again he’s being associated with demons. Tis’ a shame that he doesn’t have to care anymore, and instead goes to enjoy a nice fight, good mead, and amazing fun in bed...rock pit.”
  4. Wulfery

    Saphyra Wilde II

    “Friggr still is her impending doom, waiting for the moment she will call him sir instead of Lord Commander again.”
  5. Wulfery

    Looking for New RP experiences

    Well, not much I can offer, but if you wish to try out some more tribal-human styled RP, focused more on culture, Gorundyr do have wide amount of options. Just let me know if you will be interested.
  6. Wulfery

    Curonia Prints. 5th Edition

    “Friggr spits out his ale, starting to choke as he read the first headline. Finally coughing out last bits of liquid that tried to assassinate him, Gorundyrman would look again in disbelief at the paper.” Feikin’ wha’? Shite, tha’ paper just asks for blood spill. “Starting to doubt how enjoyable Curonian print actually is for him, Friggr would toss the paper into fireplace, returning to paperwork still concerned.”
  7. Wulfery

    Curonia Prints, Fourth Edition

    “Friggr, as barbarian feels a bit insulted. And also enjoys his favorite source of stinky and mostly made up gossips, whilst resting from adding furniture to guards rooms.”
  8. Wulfery

    Curonia Prints, 3rd Edition

    “Friggr enjoys a mug of ale in peace of his own hot springs, carelessly checking the papers. Of course bulletin being a must be.” Scrapin’ for ‘ny news ta’ put up, eh? We will see how long it’ll take for me name ta’ pop up in there, ‘n for heads to be mounted on pikes.
  9. Wulfery

    The Arcas Landing Festival 1706

    Name: Friggr Skarpefanger Mcname: Wulfery
  10. Amount of lost legs within one event has scared me permanently. We could have opened bloody Atlas Fried Curonians restaurant. But in reality boo, you fine. That’s why I agreed to make Hunters their own thing!
  11. As title above suggests, go nuts. We’ll see how long it will take me to regret it.
  12. So. I need a good armor skinner.  I offer 20$, but expect just as good help!

  13. Wulfery

    March of Wolves

    March of wolves ----------------------------------- -------------------------------- ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Treading through snow drifts, kin of Gorundyr knows well how defeat tastes. Not the first they have had to run, nor the last time they will have to do so again. But even in the worst war, few have survived and marched onward. This time by bears side, as they were taken in, despite all the history that happened between them. Putting pride aside, wolf has bowed down before mightier foe, accepting the harsh punishment that had befallen at first. And by that, foe turned to ally, and ally to guardian, protecting weakened and standing up for those who were of right heart and mind. But many of the pack who refused it have met more cruel fate. Many of those who had big dreams in past, now were dead, either feasting in Halvengr or marching in Ankous Legion. Lost in the snow, or suffering due to loneliness in the wilderness. For pride has been the worst in all that happened - sense of strength that was in reality far weaker than expected, and light that had been taken for a distant hearthfire, instead being merely a match that had been put out fast. Pride that brought doom on legacy in creation, pride that few had warned about in past. But no one listened. Wolfpack was no longer what it had a chance to turn into. But patriotism shows itself not in will to die for your home, but in will to preserve culture and save lives of your kin. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Feasthall was silent. If not for blazing fire from forge, one could think it was completely abandoned. Sitting on the main chair, slouching and resting his head upon raised left fist, pale and drained figure would seem almost like a ghost. With black hair and thick beard contrasting to his skin tone, one could think he was just another victim of blizzard, oddly enough frozen in such a warm place. - Brodir. - Silence from the hall would be pierced by strong voice, coming from a figure that entered through the open gate. Now approaching the table, it would become clear that the two were twins. - Time ‘as come. I thin’ it will be best tha’ ye get prepared. Ursus waits. Those words were not something he wished to hear. Mostly, because it meant that yet another of his homes shall be burned to the ground, and all that he grew up with, will turn into ash. Slowly standing up from his seat, he would tower now over woman in front of him. With fine bodybuild, years spent on smithing and fighting would be showing. Despite bags under his eyes, pale, almost sickly skin tone, he would seem to be far from a frail or prone to illness person. - Aye. Prepare ye’self too sitja. Blo’ the horn. Those o’ us who stand ‘s kin ‘ave to be there together. - And with those words, man marched down the hall, grabbing his wolf furs, gorundyr bearded axe and round shield. Placing furs over his arms, axe behind belt and shield on back, now he seemed prepared. - Rahdonir, brin’ me yer strength. I ‘ad done that many times in past, now be time I do it again. Cleanse ‘n purge this world o’ the undead ‘n corrupted scum. Legion awaits, ‘n those who ran from it shall be dragged back there. And with those words, he would stop in the gate that was almost always open to whoever was seeking warmth and safety from everlasting blizzard. Turning his head back, he would give one last quick look on the dark room. Despite how much it reminded him of what they have had lost, it also was a place where they had reunited. Place in which he had met unexpected allies, and was defended by same people who before killed many of his brethren. Place in which he put his full trust and loyalty, expecting swift death, and yet, in return being granted home. Time has come that they venture. Curon was about to march, and Skarpefangers never break a promise. Friggr had promised to keep Curon and royal family safe, and he shall uphold it to the last day of his life. Same as his grandfather Wulffrey did. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Watching town in front of him, Friggr was not showing any emotions. Calm gaze, proper stance, appearance that was meant to demand respect from those who were serving under him. Hundreds and thousands of citizens ready on the boats. Navy in full might, proving itself to be bigger in numbers than any other in world, no doubt. And Ursus - barely a handful of what it was long ago. How oddly befitting for Friggr to be right hand of its leader. One tragedy brings another, once could assume. Horn that had been blown be that already hours ago had brought in the wolfpack. No longer were Gorundyr split into clans, no longer were they fighting for position. Now it was clear and blunt, Gorundyr as kin were one, and only one man shall hold all titles in this world that give him right to it. No longer will they divide, no longer will they do as they please with no one to stop them. Now Orvar and Skarpefanger stood together, arm to arm, and all of them watching Friggr. Those that survived the war and what came after it. Handful, and yet more than young Skarpefanger could have ever expected. - We stand united. We fight ‘s one, ‘n serve only one. Loyal to Curon. Do nei forget ‘bout what they did for us. Do nei let ye pride blind yer actions. - With strong voice he spoke. Looking at his brothers and sisters, seeing Freya and Saoirse, witnessing even some who were meant to be long dead. - We fight so our pack may survive. To bring honor on our ancestors and redeem evil that we did to this world. No longer plagued by demons or undead, no longer turning blind on what happens around us. In service to Rahdonir, we shall cleanse once more this land and all that is south. - Bringing his axe out, he would point in direction where Last Hope was. Each breath taken making his heart beat faster. - We will avenge our brethren who died in war with undead! We as Gorundyr shall stand first in line and clear path for those who deserve to live another day in peace! REMEMBER MY KIN! VOWS MADE IN ASH! FOR WE FLY HIGH TODAY, AND FLY FAR! - With thunderous voice, he would bring his axe up in the air, letting out a wild roar. Eyes of Curonians turned to the group for few moment, as after him went more and more of Gorundyr, announcing far and wide that war has come once more. Now it was up to those who are still alive to cleanse the world. For those who can fight to find new home for those who no longer are able to bring blade up. As Gorundyr and as warrior of Ursus. As loyal vassal to Curon, in debt to their mercy. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Despite defeat, loss of many and broken morale, main part of the target has been achieved. Ursus and Navy had bought enough time for citizens to finish evacuation of time. And as armies were returning, boats were ready, so no more lives had to be taken by what Vaeyl had brought. Each life lost at fields of battle will be mourned, no one shall be forgotten, even if only a nameless figure. Once again the sea called for descendents, and the call has been answered, as yet again it was time to seek new home. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ And now here I stand. Friggr Skarpefanger, third Yfmidar of Skarpefanger clan, son of Dainn, Rahdonirs son. Smith, warrior of Ursus, loyal to Curon and its king. One who had witnessed great war, saw my kin slaughtered by Empire. One who now stands in defense of the same Empire, and serves under it. Call me traitor or coward, brothers and sisters who are scattered across the world, but I have no regrets, nor doubts. Ancestors shall watch over me, as I stand to reunite our brethren, and cut once and for all any ambitions that had led to our demise in first place. Thy’ who travels through wastelands lost and in fear, rejoin under my banner, and serve for greater good of our kin. Join to aid in forging better fate for Curon, same way how they protected the last few of us who survived the war. Seek your brothers and sisters, so we may once more be present in this world. So hear me world as I say that. I, Friggr Skarpefanger, claim the title of High Chieftain - Yagar of Gorundyr. No longer shall this culture have no representative, no longer shall it relay on clans that fight over power or position. With this title, I set my target, to unite all remaining sons and daughter of Gorundyr and lead them to better fate. I renounce all ties that our culture ever had with Faroes, proving many times that both undead and demons are foes of my kin. Furthermore, I swear loyalty to Kingdom of Curon, as well as loyalty to Empire of Man. With hope to redeem sins and evil that our kin brought to the world two decades ago. Lastly, I promise to serve in Ursus for years to come, until my body won’t be able to bring my axe back up. To restore its greatness, and to ensure that it will be a pillar on which Kingdom of Curon can support itself.
  14. I’ve got a rather significant order to be placed regarding skins. For most important one I’m willing to pay even up to 10$. Armor focused best. Anyone up to challenge?