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  1. I personally believe in shift-clicking a person and/or searching their forum account for any traces of spookery before I interact with them, and if I do find anything I guard default pvp them
  2. Opps was talking crazy. Shot em in the mouth

  3. :sniff: i smell rats

  4. We Ohio. Gyat. RIZZ.

  5. 😶

    1. Acostrob


      i have no mouth and i must scream

    2. Tea_Guzzler



  6. hi give me adrazi

  7. bloo magic can you give me blod magic hi it would make a lot of sence for my character can you teach me blod magicc

    1. TeawithFrisket


      Trying to voice this sent me u

      into giggle fit

  8. A crazed vagrant wept, his eyes blood red, his tears as crimson as the torn silks he once wore in pride.
  9. is half life 3 going to drop before the varg rewrite feedback?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. snakegotcake
    3. Acostrob


      "errrm sorry but after half a year we decided it didn't generate enough roleplay to be added back"

    4. ᚽᛁ ᚢᚽᚭ ᛌᛁᛁᛌ

      ᚽᛁ ᚢᚽᚭ ᛌᛁᛁᛌ

      It comes out the day after Silksong drops

  10. can't wait to metagame the location ong..
  11. Ifan had found himself staring absent mindedly towards some unknown horizon, eyes unblinking, thoughts racing from the past to the future, then back to the past. Along this current of erratic thoughts floated Castiel, an old friend, a mentor. It reminded him of an empty room, its doors left wide open in a hurry, a cold breeze running through the halls. "Has it happened again?" Muttered he in a brief moment of recollection, of sentience. Such clarity faded into oblivion then, the prince lost within his thoughts, standing still like a gargoyle once more.
  12. "Spook tests? What ridiculous wording." Spoke some lavish degenerate, "At least have the mental capacity to call us Darkspawn first."
  13. 🤨

    1. Acostrob


      been strobbin a lot since this

    2. Tea_Guzzler


      Strob harder, you've been abysmal of late.

  14. woulg you be able to turn me into

    Wight Barrowlords

    Effigies of the Synod


    The fo

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