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  1. This honestly sounds like such an amazing idea, I hope it works
  2. Morean seemed to wake up from his sleep, he would look around the room in search for his wife "Where's she gone off to?" He said in a sleepy voice, before shrugging and falling back to sleep.
  3. Upon seeing the text, Morean would frown ”Good riddance. If she ever shows her face around here again, she’ll regret it.”
  4. If they were done correctly, and wouldn’t be either useless or absolutely op, outclassing every other ranged weapon, then they’d surely be a nice addition.
  5. Both option B and C sound good, but honestly C is probably the best, if done right
  6. (OOC) Mc Name: acostrob Discord Username: aco#2986 Timezone: GMT+1 Best time to contact you in game: Anywhere between 3-4pm EST to 6pm EST (RP) Rp Name: Caldwin Attano Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 32 Relevant Experience: Father used to be a detective, and took him as help for some of his less graphic jobs. Please provide a brief statement in regards to who you are as a person: Someone who always finishes what he starts. this theme would be a lot cooler with noir style revolvers, **** techlock.
  7. Acostrob


    Aranur was born to a family of merchants in the kingdom of Renelia, back on Atlas, before the migration to Arcas. Ever since his birth, he was always bored with trading, which was his family’s business. He preferred swordfighting, or travelling the lands in search of adventures and money. His uncle – Balthen Viraeus, an old elf, so old in fact that he remembers the Imperial invasion of Malinor. He chose to be a hunter, as he too, was bored with Aranur’s family business, and was angry at them for forcing the boy to become a merchant, even though he told them countless times that he doesn’t want
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