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  1. I, as a player, am agender, and asexual.

    Don't be gross.

    My skin is still crawling from the comments made yesterday.


    There is a line, and making disgusting sexual comments about my character(s) is over that line.

    Stalking my character(s) IC and OOC is over that line.

    Asking in a VC where to find me IG so you can come screw with me is over that line.


    If 'Human Decency' is too big of an ask for the community, then I'm done asking.

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    2. Apotolofo


      As a fellow agender and asexual individual 


      Gimme names bbg 🔪


      (I mean bbg in the most platonic way possible)

    3. bravery


      Honestly yeah, you really need to report this. On top of that, report the ableist slur in one of the above comments.

    4. xo31


      wtf??? i really had higher hopes of this community but here we are, apparently ableist slurs n shit being thrown around aswell

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