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  1. am i naive for thinking that someone who knows how to crp can play a mundane knight with a bow and a sword and wipe the floor with a great deal of mages
  2. [!] This missive, with a deceiving cover is sent around anyone set to receive newsletters, or it may strangely find itself on the tables of tavern enthusiasts. TAVERN SHIFTED OWNERSHIP. -------------------------------- It will serve as harrowing and likely distressing news to many that the tavern of Kaethul, Malna's Mayhem's owner, Ar-Malna has resigned from her position as tavern owner. Instead, it's been handed off to me, Arthur Burke. It is now known as 'The Stable Mage'. While I know I shall never find myself nearly as good of an owner as the beloved Malna was, I shall try my best. Some changes made have been -Minor interior design alterations. -Heavily improved security, after an Ibleesian attack. -Revamped menu with specials and hidden menu items. -New staffing Currently, the inn rent system is awaiting to be reinstalled. As of now, rooms may be rented for an up front cost, and a charge whenever I remember. Health and safety remains the same as the previous owner. Visit now, located within the Merchant State of Kaethul, to the right of the Jungle Beach soulstone pillar. I am not very good at writing missives.
  3. xo31


    I am opening a new tavern soon, and I wanted to have a list of drinks which are consisting of inside jokes in the community. Ooc jokes are welcome, irp jokes are welcome, whatever. In short; give me your best cocktails, where the ingredients are jokes based off of communities/magics/nations/cultures/players/characters within lotc.
  4. can we normalize having announcements for bans made or something. idk I just wanna hear this shit first hand 

    1. _RoyalCrafter_


      agreed, not having announcements made for bans is very weird, just results in more ooc gossip and speculation. i dont see why people are not allowed to know if someone was banned, if its for sensitive reasons then simply do not mention the parties involved. It would be safer for communities if people knew why someone was banned.

    2. xo31


      exactly; in protest im going to spread misinformation about every ban that happens 

  5. "I should've dedicated more time to helping her." was Arthur's regretful tone. "Perhaps she can be brought back- to find her peace. . . god knows she deserves it."
  6. Arthur sat and thought about his vision. Would Juniper have done the same for him that he was willing to do for her? The answer was clear, no. But he wasn't doing this for Juniper. He studied new magics in order to get back at that Cat. "Juniper isn't my problem anymore." Those words were the only ones spoke to his trusty student after being handed the missive.
  7. Arthur had been crafting, hard at work. He stared upon the large mural from the balcony in the place he was building deep underground- one just for himself. Still, Juniper did cross his mind every once in a while. He had far greater things to worry about, than her, he thought- though she still did cross his mind once in a while. Rarely showed kindness or compassion to him, he found himself growing some resentment towards the woman. But, he thought- But hopefully she was doing okay.
  8. Arthur shivered. "Wow, this could've been any of us." he quickly burns his Paladrazi fanfic.
  9. A poem response was posted to the song.
  10. A student of Arthur's showed him the missive. He read through it carefully, sitting upon some random hill. "Accuse me of manipulation and lying and defend Hohkmat in the same breath. Interesting." Arthur said, distastefully. "He does make some good points. It is unfortunate that Hohkmat is still tainted. Hopefully Faeryel will solve it."
  11. The Drifter was once more receiving trouble from all around. Of his own doing, no less, as per usual. But there was something different, this time. A change. He wandered into Haense, and looked upon familiar eyes- eyes which did not look back with familiarity. But that was no matter, now. Those eyes reminded him that he was lost, blowing around like a leaf within the wind. This was no existence. The Drifter wandered into the pewless church. In a place of worship with no seating, he found himself in the center of the church. The center of it. He spoke to the altar. "What is my purpose?" . . . . . . A voice rang out. One that was distorted. Was it Lanre's? Was it Auro'ra's? Was it Manfred's? Leonid's? Yera's? He couldn't tell. Perhaps it was all of them. "You have nothing left but yourself. But 'yourself' doesn't have to be so worthless." ". . ." "Prove your worth, but not to me. To yourself, and only then, will you prove it to me." "I understand." "You always say that, but you never actually do. You don't listen, you just do. Do you REALLY understand?" "I do. I finally understand. There is nothing but power and worth." "Good."
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