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  1. Anyone interested in playing a dark elf female child? I've got a skin available for this, she's 5 years old.
    If you're interested, fill out this form please!

    1. Pureimp10


      @indiana105 might be interested, i heard he was looking for a side character if you're okay with that

    2. bravery


      Yeah sure I'd be down @Pureimp10

  2. Come join the Council of Vortice for an evening of fun and festivity! The Vortician Government humbly invites all who wish to participate in good fun and dance to join her in our upcoming Vortician ball, where spring themed decorations will line the walls, drinks will be had, and conversations will flow freely. Music and Dance will ensue, and meals will be provided to all in attendance. Dress code is formal pastels- Not enforced, but encouraged! No armor is permitted unless given special permission by the Vortician council. The ballroom will be decorated with pastel and spring based colors! We encourage you to participate in our best dressed contest, to win either twenty five mina or a saint’s week worth of tax exemption. Time and Date:
  3. Dear citizen of Talon’s Roost, Greetings dear citizen, we hope this letter finds you and yours well. We, the council of Vortice, want to extend a hand to you and invite you to our town meeting. We wish to hear about your ideas on what can be done to improve the city and help the realm grow ever more. The meeting is going to be held in the former tavern at the top of the Jusmia Exchange. If you don’t know where that is, just take the lift all the way up from the square, and you’ll be right in front of it. Thank you for opening this letter, and for your continued support of our ever-growing community. Sincerely, Monarch of the Unified Domain of Vortice, The 10th Sovereign of the Depths, Lenora Jusmia Monarch Consort of the Unified Domain of Vortice, Consort of the Depths, Head of Foreign Affairs to the Unified Domain of Vortice, Gusiam Jusmia Minister of the Department of Livelihood and Internal Affairs for the Unified Domain of Vortice, Aerith Maelstorm Minister of Defense of The Unified Domain of Vortice, John O’Riley Date And Time:
  4. chatgpt was threatening people earlier and nobody was talking about it

  5. context is important.

  6. Aerith learns of the missive in the tavern of Dunwen, and as she reads through it next to her adoptive mother, squinting. "I mean, they're right, Vortice does ne have any darkspawn... Gus would kill them on sight."
  7. MC Name: eamschizophrenic Discord: parasolsys Image: Description of Image: Maelstorm Family Crest Dimensions: 1x1
  8. Aerith hums, reading the notice. "I'll be sure to make something custom for them both. Maybe some rings? I do ne know." She shrugs as she sets it down in her office, making a note to attend the following elven day. Vivian catches wind of this, and sighs to herself. "I can't go," she cries to herself. "I can't risk someone trying to kill me with aurum, or being barred from entering the city with aurum lines on the ground." After a few minutes of moping, she picks herself back up and wipes her ghostly tears away. "I'm just... glad Apollyon is happy," she murmured, returning to cleaning up her tavern.
  9. The Unified Domain of Vortice Council presents this newsletter for all to see.... View the Shops of Vortice! Far too little people have actually had the chance to see the shops of Vortice, and the Council wishes to change that. With this newsletter, we hope to share with you our shops and why they are truly the backbone of our Realm's strong trade roots. With so, we have provided paintings of each shop's interior, so that you may see the glory in image form before you come for your next visit! We will first join together after we enter the gates... Welcome to the square! Most of our city is carved within the Karsts of the east, which means our square is one of the largest open areas within the city, consisting of two stories. That's two whole large, open spaces with a ton of open shops. If you get lost, have no fear- we've a large scale map of the pillars. You are here! And if you decide you'd like to buy anything, then you can find the bank directly in front of the lift! For the first shop we'll be visiting, we will be stopping by our resident coffee shop, Talon's Roast Café, located directly in front of the main gate as you go up the stairs! A cozy spot run by our resident, Wes Vertesk! Vertesk truly loves coffee and caffeine as a whole, and has an entire space dedicated to showing it off. When he's in the city, he typically has about five to six people sitting and chatting in the café as they enjoy one of his famous Avery blend coffees, or even his Cordius blend! Up next, we will be visiting Nueve Co. Trading Company, right in front of the bank! From paper, to horse whistles, to pieces of jewelry, Nueve Co. has it all! We'll be heading next to Sturmweber Company Limited's very own Tobacco Shoppe & Lounge, owned and ran by our dual-resident Varik Sturmweber, and his brother, Roland von Sturmweber! Interested in cigars or cigarettes coming from a locally owned business, rather than that of a major company? Come check out Sturmweber Co. LTD's Tobacco Shoppe & Lounge, get your relaxation on! Next on our list is Onyx Customs and Potions! While remaining simple and quiet, many people still visit, as they tend to want custom weapons or high quality potions from the Sovereign Consort and Minister of Foreign affairs, Gusiam Jusmia! Even if you want just basics, like a traveling pack, a normal sword or two, or other products Gusiam may sell, check out his little weaponsmith corner! He's likely to have what you're looking for. Up next, we'll be visiting Maelstorm Jewelry and Living Dolls! Owned by our local jeweler and Minister of Internal Affairs, Aerith Maelstorm, whom, despite her many jobs, takes her time crafting and perfecting each piece of jewelry she makes. Whatever piece you may be looking for, she likely has it. And if she doesn't, she does take custom commissions for any piece you want made, whether it be something as simple as a ring, or something ornate like a crown or tiara! And next on our list of shops, we've got the Royal Haeseni Shop! Run by our dear friends in Haense, it typically is stocked to the brim with necessary materials. And further on we go, to our locally owned tattoo parlor, Hummingbird Tattoos and Flowers. Owned by a local who would like to omit their name, it is a very lucrative business, with the sale of custom flower bouquets being distributed throughout Aevos. And finally, we head to our last shop that's being shown- we've saved the absolute best for last! Glorier's Atelier! A friendly bard and artist, Glorier strives to make the nicest, most visually appealing art he can, as well as the most audibly appealing music! His work is, truly, a work of art! (Ba dum TSS!) So make your way out to Vortice, give yourself a nice treat to the eyes! You deserve to see all of what Vortice has to offer, even moreso than just the shops in the square! Come meet us and hang out, we won't bite.
  10. Isn't it fun seeing ableist slurs on the forums & status posts from nation leaders
    really puts into perspective how these people lead

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Narthok


      Instead of making a cringe and frankly pathetic whine post consider pinging me directly next time. The person in question had an insane tantrum and tried to pugsy two of my players. My comment was entirely warranted. This type of vapid tone policing is one of the worst aspects of the server.

      Consider facebook or twitter as alternatives. 



    3. bravery


      "Instead of making a cringe and....pathetic whine post..." "My comment was entirely warranted"
      Yeah sure, have fun thinking that. You used an actual legitimate slur against someone who is very likely to be a minor after they rightfully called out your friends for making sexual comments about their character and then harassing them in VC and begging for their IG to harass them more. Just because they were angry or throwing a tantrum doesn't warrant calling them a derogatory term.

    4. RLNGO


      What a loser lol.

  11. HARD AGREE. If someone offers to just give you their shit so they can ss away or walk away just… take it dude, leave them alone, don’t force them to d20. It’s ass that it’s completely allowed to push people to d20 just because you want to ruin their day.
  12. TBF, I think it’s mostly new(ER) players who don’t try at CRP. Not the pink tags, but the people who have been here like a week or two and think they shouldn’t have to CRP because no one taught them how to. It’s kind of like when you’re in school or at work, and you have a manager or teacher who doesn’t tell you the instructions for the project or duty you’re meant to complete, and expects you to know how to do it- then you’re meant to present your task in front of others, and you go, “I literally had no ******* clue what to do.”
  13. So I've got a hot topic here. For the last few months, even before the current war began, there has been an abundance of CRP involving powergaming, emote debates, rules-lawyering, time-stalling and harassment of people who have barely ever gotten into IRP conflict to the point where they get frustrated and want to call mods, and the person attacking, who likely has at least 2 sets of PVP gear on them, just says "If you don't like how the CRP is going, why don't we just PVP?" It's honestly really tiring and frustrating and upsetting to go through hours of the conflict, only to be told that they either deal with how the other person is RPing (which is typically really base level powergaming and borderling rule-breaking) or PVP them. Then, not only that, if the person just puts up with the CRP, they're forced to d20 or be popped, even if they just offer to give all their items to someone, because the attacker wants their head. Or, if they actually get mods involved, the attackers just offer to void it all, having successfully wasted hours of the person's life just to be an *******. What the **** is up with this? I'm all for a good CRP session, but come on. Don't force me into a 3 and a half hour fight where any time I try to do something that would legitimately be logical to do in real life, you combat it with "Well you didn't emote the exact space your character was standing in, and you didn't emote turning your wrist in that direction, oh you didn't emote that your shield was facing the left and not the right so my spear went directly into the left side of your chest piercing your heart-" and then, when I express frustration, try to convince me that "This could have all been avoided if we just PVP'd!" Come the **** on bro. Like fr why do I have to emote every micromovement just to avoid being rules-lawyered? (Not an interaction I've had personally, just shit I've seen in screens from other players! I tend to stick to one spot most of the time.) I'm just sayin' man.
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