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    Toss was born in an orc pirate crew. His parents were members if a pirate crew that camped out in Atlas. They would raid any passing ships and venture inland into the ruins to stash their loot. It wasn't long after his birth however that a group of wood elf mercenaries stormed the ruins they hid away in. The pirates were eradicated and while looting the place, the wood elves found a little goblin. A wood elf woman who was merciful enough to take him in acted as his mother, giving him his elven name. He was raised by the mercenary group, treated as something of a mascot. They taught him everything they could, teaching him how to fight. It was this group that taught him the ways of Morea. He was easily convinced into worship of the wolf god as he had proven to be a skilled fighter for his age, and any religion that rewarded him for that sounded like the right thing to do. He worked tirelessly to better himself up through his teen years until he was fifteen and got a chance to fight in his first battle. He was supposed to act as a sharpshooter, picking off unsuspecting foes with a longbow. However, when the fight proved to be far harder than the group expected, he took a longsword from a fallen foe and charged into the fray to help his family. Unfortunately for him, one of the first foes he encountered was an olog. He had tried every trick he had on the massive creature but the miniscule goblin was sent flying by a single swing from the olog. He was left broken and bloodied in one humiliating move, forced to watch the olog kill a few of his comrades before he was eventually rescued at the price of yet another life. He was reprimanded for his recklessness and was warned that he was simply too weak to stay in up front battles. This humbled him greatly. He had been training previously for nothing more than fun, but now it actually meant something. He had to prove he wasn't a burden. He never stopped training, even skipping sleep some days. He spent the next few years fighting alongside his family and learning everything he could learn. By the time he was 19, he'd learned everything he could. This did not sate him however, so he left in order to try and find more ways to better his combat ability. He promised his people he'd return only once he had become so strong, even Morea would recognize his might.
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