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  1. I'd appreciate you guys referancing my VA if you know me!

  2. I'd appreciate you guys referancing my VA if you know!

  3. Who sells carrots at a bake sale?

    1. Agent Miller

      Agent Miller

      A vegetarian who refuses to use eggs to bake.

  4. I've been infected. I can't stop listening to the Gorillaz. Get your vaccines while you can!

    1. Gwonam_Blaze


      The only infection nobody would ever want to cure.

  5. *inserts lockpick into the keyhole, as well as the tension tool in the space below. Jonas begins to ever so slightly turn the pi- Pick broke.

  6. Character Name Jonas Finnigan Nicknames: N/A Age: Mid 30's Gender: Male Race: Human Northerner Status: Growing greedier by the day Description Height: 5'5. Weight: 156 lbs. Body Type: Thin and lanky. Eyes: Dark Gray Hair: White Skin: Pale white. Markings/Tattoos: No where to be seen. But under his clothes he might have a few small markings. Health: Fairly healthy. Personality: Very greedy. Inventory: Jonas carries a number of misscellaneous items, that he constantly attempts to sell. He always has a small iron dagger in his vest pocket, as well as a few lockpicks. Further Details: Jonas teaters on the brink of insanity, kleptomania begginning to take him over. He grows more greedy everyday, but still keeps an open mind about schemes and plots to make him more money. Jonas's driving force in life is his money. Life Style Alignment*: Chaotic Neutral Deity*: None Religion: None Alliance/Nation/Home: He currently lives in Abresi. He comes from a small town up north. Job/Class: Jonas has high standards, but average living conditions. He used to be wealthier, in his prime. He 'works' at a Courier shop inside Abresi, but the Courier shop is but a cover for a group of Assassins working out of the shop. Jonas follows on assassinations to get the other members of the group into where the need. Title(s): N/A Profession(s): "Entrepreneur" is what Jonas likes to call himself. He sells less-than-honest merchandise, and considers himself a succesful thief - his main source of income. Special Skill(s): Adept lockpick. Able to throw daggers. Flaw(s): Jonas couldn't hit a wall with a sword if all the money in Anthos depended on it. He never fights hand-to-hand, and when he does, he only does it with a small dagger he carries. Magic* Current Status: N/A Arch-type:N/A Sub-Type:N/A Rank:N/A Weakness(es): Lack of magic? Strength(s):N/A Current Spell(s): N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: Staccato; when fighting with his dagger, Jonas makes quick, sudden, detached strikes. Trained Weapon: Dagger, and throwing blade. Favored Weapon: His language. Archery: He trained slightly as a youth. He's not outstanding. Biography Parents: Mother - Cared for Jonas individually as he was growing up. Jonas lost connection after leaving a fortune for her, then skipping town to not cause suspision. Father - Was an alcoholic, and likely didn't notice when Jonas left. Siblings: None, he was an only child. Children: None. Extended Family: Jonas never really had anyone besides himself. He's now closest with his friend, Frex Veoryn. Pet(s): None. History Jonas was born with light gray eyes, and blond hair. As he grew, his appearenced changed significanlty darker. His eyes turned to a darker dray, and his hair was a solid black. But still, Jonas was known as the whitest skinned kid in the town. He was a smart child, depsite his family's inability to afford formal schooling. Jonas was often at the library, reading books upon books on subjects even the adults knew little about. He read books on animals, and plants, and knights, and royalty. He also read books on princessess, and noble knights who would risk their lives to save these princesses, and were rewarded with the title of King. He particularly liked these stories. Not the princess, the riches the knights gained. It wasn't long before Jonas's studies found him reading a book titled, The Common Lock, and why it's Weak. This book became Jonas's favorite. He liked so much in fact, that he stole it from the library, and took it as his own. This was Jonas's first act of stealing. It would be one, of many, many more to come. Jonas was only 11 years old. Using the knowledge in this book, as well as many other books Jonas stole, he became efficient in the assembly, disassembly, and picking of many different types of locks. By this time, Jonas was a teenager, and stole for his own benefit. His, and his mother's, of course. Jonas loved but one thing more than stealing, and that was his mother. The only person in the entire world who actually care for Jonas, and the only person who Jonas ever cared for himself. She would od anything for him, and Jonas decided that he would do anything for her. He settled that Jonas would pay back his dues to his mother, no matter how much he owed her. He would give her enough money, that would fully reimburse her for all the trouble he'd caused her (By this age, Jonas found himself in prison multiple times), not to mention pay her enough that she would never have to work again. So Jonas waited, and waited, and took his time planning how he would do this. But in the meantime, Jonas still stole for himself. He did so much, that he was beginning to get a reputation. A bad one, and with everyone knowing that he was a thief, he had no one's trust (Not that he deserved it). A normal day for Jonas, he chose the wrong house to steal from; While picking the lock of a small back window of a house in the woods, Jonas felt a hand on his shoulder, and as he turned around, stricken with fear, he saw an elderly woman looking into his eyes. He let out a sigh of relief, before slipping out of her grasp, running into the woods. He didn't make it very far, before hearing a few words yelled out behind him, as well as seeing a flash of white light before he fell to the ground. His eyes grew heavy as he lied on the ground. He saw the woman approaching, just barely though, his eyes could hardly stay open. His cheek was pressed against the dirt, and his entire world was seen sideways. The women knelt down next to him, but that was the last he'd remembered. ------------------ Jonas awoke, with his hands bound. He could feel that he was in a chair, but his enviroment he knew nothing about, because his face was covered with a burlap sack. He heard shouting, but he could only make out a few words. "This boy's crimes against.... Thieving, no good, rotten teenager....Punished! Punished!.... Scarred! Marked! Tagged!" Jonas could hardly make this into something useful. He remained in the chair, listening. It took him as suprise when the burlap sack was taken from his face, and he was blinded by the outside sun. When he was able to see, he saw many familiar faces. His mother, peers from the town, people he recognized as his mother's friends. Jonas was thoroughly ashamed. Jonas was being called out on his crimes against the town, being guilty of stealing from nearly half the town. After being yelled out by an elderly woman for nearly an hour, Jonas's ties were cut, and he was allowed to leave. But he had to leave through the center of the crowd. They parted like the red sea when Jonas walked through. He heard many gasps as he walked by. He wasn't sure why, exactly. Was it because I got caught? Jonas thought to himself. Unfortunately when he found his mother, he also found out that this wasn't the reason they were all awestruck. Upon arriving home, Jonas's mother found him a mirror, and showed him why everyone was so suprised. Jonas's hair was a complete and brilliant white. All over. His hair completely inversed, and Jonas didn't know how to react. His mother informed him that it was the mark of a thief. A youth so young, with such brilliant white hair, will always be marked and known, as a thief. ---------------------- So Jonas decided to leave. But not before repaying his mother for all she'd done. He had to make one more great theft, that could pay his mother back everything. A golden helm, stolen from the treasury downtown. This was what he decided to steal. He had often sat outside the treasury watching people walk in and out, doing their business. But one man struck him as partiuculartly wealthy. He caught Jonas's attention, becuase of the amazing helmet he wore. Jonas would of followed him in, if he had been allowed. He wasn't allowed to do a lot of things now that he had the mark of the thief. But when the man left, the helm was gone, and Jonas was sure that he had put it into the bank. This is when Jonas made the decision that he had to steal it. It was in the dead of the night, and it wasn't easy, but Jonas took the helm, only barely alerting the guards. He was able to run faster than them, though. The helm went for a large price. A very large price. He left it in dozens of bags, on his bed the night he left. Jonas kissed his mother's forehead, walked out the door, and never came back. ------------------------ Artwork I wish!
  7. I changed my iron ingot texture to a texture of a lockpick. Awesome, or awesome?

    1. V0idsoldier


      No more iron swords, doors, axes, pickaxes, shovels, hoes, rails, or anything else. Just iron lock picks. xD

    2. danielz1998


      What else do I need?

  8. Where is the SET Alchemy lore, if any...? It seems like everyone sorta does their own thing, and a lot of lore I've seen is just sorta like FMA...

  9. All these pictures are killling my sex drive

  10. Prepare your diddly-hole

  11. I really hate Vincent

  12. Have my character totally ready and planned out.

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