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  1. I am a SPEHS MAHREEN. I AM THE EMPERORS FURY!!! http://gyazo.com/99f1dc82a21934ad0c26d0d08cf133c1

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  2. Not to completely draw away from the topic, but why do so many people expect everyone to play totally plain, totally normal characters on a fantasy RP server where I'd assume most people go to play a character that isn't just like themselves or a ridiculously blank, stoic or average character from a favorite TV show? It's like expecting someone to walk in to a fancy dress shop to try to order a newspaper. I think people confuse wanting to add more creativity and variation to the server with wanting to be special (neither of which I have a problem with because if I wanted to do something seriously normal and not special I'd go outside and actually have a life).
  3. It's just a sort of indicator of how active/how many posts you've made, like the default ranks (Shop Owner, Gold Miner etc). The more posts you have, the more "dots" you'll have (Note how some staff with 200 or less posts only have about 5 dots whereas some ordinary players with around 3000 posts will have around 15). They don't mean anything important, pretty much.
  4. Regarding your first point, the same could be said about literally any magic. There's not a single one that doesn't rely on the player not powergaming/abusing, so why is this any different? As for your second point, if that's the case, why is said culture and religion not prohibited on the server and why is it allowed? Furthermore, since when was "It's too real" ever been a valid argument to say something doesn't fit on the server? Are we going to ban clothes and weapons on the server because they're too similar to what we have in reality too?
  5. I've read through a few times and I like it so far! I feel it's very balanced and would make an interesting completely non-combative (finally!) magic. +1
  6. I should tip you for giving my that tip concerning tips!
  7. The only part that convinced me to give you a -1 :-( Just kidding, seems like a fairly harmless (lore wise, at least) and interesting idea for new pets. I say give it a shot. +1 (For realsies)
  8. OOC Minecraft Name: Gwonam_Blaze Timezone: GMT Skype: gwonam_blaze Anything you'd like us to know?: Nope IC Name: Zack Age: I believe around twenty to thirty (( Real age 23 )) Race: Elven Gender: Male Alignments: Town Hileia Skills: Able to mine and prospect reliably, moderate blacksmithing experience, quite experienced at the hands of close combat and archery, quite a generalist otherwise and willing to learn other skills. Anything you'd like us to know?: I prefer not to talk much.
  9. http://gyazo.com/4ae121d10de710b059a0fb395d27fa99 The most active forum member ever.
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      Google never blinks...Google is always watching you.

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  10. Are you an Australian Orc; because I wanna call you my 'Mayte'...

    1. Servant of St. Owyn

      Servant of St. Owyn

      That's racist and as an Australian I wish for this to be removed.

    2. Gwonam_Blaze
  11. It's funny that everyone's freaking out about de-whitelisting, as if it's really bad, because this happens when we move map, every. Single. Time.

  12. MC Name: Gwonam_Blaze Character Name: Zmazh I want my character to be turned into a Dread Knight (Y/N): Yes I want to become apart of your group because: I would like to try a death knight for the first time to provide myself and others with interesting and fun experiences, and to try something fresh. What can I bring to this group? I think I can bring plenty of activity (from myself) and a fairly interesting character (even for a dread knight) to the group, as well as some fun roleplay. Can you play nice, and be willing to sit down with someone and explain something politely and cooperatively if something goes wrong, or someone is confused? I would like to think I can, and I certainly prefer to calmly explain errors or problems to the person rather than resorting to ban reports. Time zone: GMT (+0)
  13. Anyone else having trouble setting a new avatar?

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      Even URLs aren't working for me.

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      I tried URL and normal way, neither worked :c.

  14. Congratulations to Boindl for finally accomplishing 420/420.

  15. Farewell Cray, you will be missed.

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