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  1. ((in those days didnt they let kids do whatever they wanted ?
  2. *a note is pinned up on top of the previous note saying: * Yes I would rather join you in your quest. Once enough people have agreed to join send me a hawk and I will meet you right away.
  3. Name: Leoni_Jhonus Race: Elf Age: 132 What Qualities do you believe you have which will make you a true wanderer: Curiosity is what fuels the exploration of Asulon. Curious I am. Bravery also makes an explorer. Bravery to face the unknown. Witch is of course what exploration is. Seeing new things, finding new wonders and being a good role model for others. Why should I chose you as one of seven companions: I am in touch with nature. Me and the world are one and this could come indeed handy in sticky situations. I can hunt and scavenge for food like a second nature. I know how to track down animal nests, fruit and watering holes easily. How do you believe you can contribute to this group: I have no fear of death. I also enjoy finding new things. I wish to see as much of the world as I can before I die and this will do just that. Your travels will be much safer with me by your side. What is your most greatest Skill: Archery and strategic thinking. Have we met before in Asulon?: No. Not at all. But i'm sure we can get along. After all we both have a love for exploration. OOC: MineCraft username- Fireball1379 Villain App (Not needed)- None Thank you I hope you accept me right away.
  4. Minecraft account name: fireball1379 Character name: Leoni_Jhonus Character race: Wood Elf Character age: 132 Do any kingdoms dislike you? If so which ones and why?: None. I am accepted in all Kingdoms. What are your survival skills like?: My character has very good stamina and can hunt and gather foods very well. Using nature to his advantage is second nature to me. I can interact with nature like an equal to myself and it would help to have nature on your side with a very learned wood elf along with you. How swiftly can you cross the wilds?: I often travel jumping from tree to tree. Leaping from one branch to another and so can cross the wilds at a very fast pace. Are you good at remaining concealed?: Yes. When I was a child I trained in the art of stealth. Are you good at navigation?: I have an almost photographic memory of where I have been. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to join this guild. Are you a good archer?: Yes that is my greatest skill. Do you have any particular talents?: I am very stealthy and good with a bow. I choose speed , stealth and strategic thinking over power and force. I am a very good at strategic thinking as-well as steal and archery. I can get out of the stickiest of situation if me and anyone else were in one. Thank you for reading I hope you accept me.
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