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  1. Sultan

    Bobby Williams vanishes

    Goodbye Bobby!
  2. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    After thinking about this for a bit, I might have found a solution to this problem. So every side can be happy I suppose. Easier to fix how Orc’s interact with Spirits.
  3. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    Why should they use the same **** as Orcs though and why would they even? Why cant they use their own stuff? Make up their own rituals have their own realm of spirits or whatever.
  4. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    But it was demand OOCly that Dark Elf’s must learn Shamanism. And they cannot make their own ancestral realm. Also I am not saying race lock it, Druidsim was never race locked, nor was Shamanism. Shamanism was culture locked from the get go you had to be Orcish in Culture to learn Shamanism because the Spirits were interlinked with Orcs. Also most of what happened with Orcish Shamanism was shoved OOCLY down the throat of Orcs by a High Elf that became Lore Admin without consulting Orc’s or Shamans. So yes, Shamanism should be changed to go back to its original form. Dark Elf’s can make their own strand of Shamanism if they like, but right now Orcish Shamanism is exactly the same as Darkelf Shamanism. So you cannot really change it up between them. What do Darkelfs want with Enrohk and other Orc sounding stuff? When they can make their own **** based on the Moon like they wanted.
  5. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are wrong and I am right. Drudisim has always been part of Wood Elven culture, your just new and I am old to remember it was. You might have came around during when Drudism removed itself from Wood Elven culture for some silly reason or another. But in Aegis, in Auslon in Anthos Druids were part of Elven culture, somewhere after that it became not that. Heck the Druids ran the Dominion for awhile even.
  6. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    You know how hypocritical this is coming from you? From the guy that made his own circle and lore to take back Druidism for the Elfs.. I thought you would be more sympathetic to the Orcs views on Shamanism.
  7. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    Why would it? If you want to be a Shaman you play a Orc or join their society at least. I do not see this said to Elfs or Dwarfs? Just to Orcs? Are you telling me that there are a bunch of Humans walking around doing Runesmithing? Or are you denying that the fact that Druids are linked explicitly to Elves culturally. How many none Orc Shamans are there? Two or three? The Warhawk player-base wants to do their own stuff linked to their own culture and identity if given the chance. Why should Shamanism be linked to Orcs? Because its the biggest part of their culture I am not sure why everyone two or three maps ago tried to rip the one thing that Orcs had? I know where it started from a High Elf bent on ooc revenge against a playerbase. And sad part about it Orc’s did not even put up a resistance they took it laying down.
  8. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    That’s what you say, I say otherwise. Shamanism is culturally locked. Yes any descendant if devoted and genuine can be a spiritual worshiper but he also has to be part of Orcish society for example Lex’Lur during Aegis/Auslon was a Dwarf and a Shaman but he was Orcish. I never brought up honor, honor can be different between Orcs themselves. The example you said means nothing because like I said before the Lore Team gave the Darkelfs no choice but to go the way they did. It was forced down their throat. I could ask Dark Elf leaders of the time to come and comment on the thread if you like. Pretty sure Darkelfs would love their own lore.
  9. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    I agree that disconnection should be based around the in RP Orcish Shamans myself and not in the hands of Lore-writers and whoever else.
  10. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    What does that have anything to do with what I said? Leyd or otherwise thats up to the Shaman. I am strictly talking of Orcs that in no way shape or form follow the culture, do not live with the other Orcs. Lets say for example there is a Orcish Shaman that lives with the Druids acts like a druid and does not do anything Orcish at all. He should be removed. Also you are barking up the wrong tree, I really could not care less there is Elf Shamans they should be entirely removed, the Dark Elf player-base, the Warhawks had Shamanism shoved down their throats by the former Lore Team, and I am sure they would be rather happy to make their own thing. Shamanism should be an Orcish thing again, the way that Runesmithing and Druids are Dwarf and Elf.
  11. Sultan

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    Should add another clause that says if a shaman becomes a whitewash and act un-orcish or lives away from the orcs on propose among other races he gets removed.
  12. Sultan

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    Remove useless races already.. GET back to just 4 player-races.
  13. Yes, I agree. There is no way in hell that people on LOTC who are here to just PVP would be in any kinda of majority. But the pure PVP community and the people that prefer to resolve conflict with mc mechanics can be lumped together, when it comes to combat resolution. The real issues between PVP default and RP default stems from the pure rp community and the rp/mc community. The pure RP community want to solve conflicts via roleplay emote combat. While the RP/Mechanic want to solve it via mc mechanics.
  14. If you mean, would I rather rp out a fight or pvp it? I would rather PVP a fight every time. In my opinion all antagonistic and hostile actions should be done mechanically. Only when you are among friends or through pre planned event should it be RP.. Other than that you are just wasting everyone's time by forcing people to sit through your rp fights.
  15. I see that the staff team has gone back to their favorite pastime, lets **** over the human-playerbase. 

    1. Dewper


      admins in 1 day did what the countless coalitions couldn’t against u mog - outplay u.

    2. Temp


      Mog, my friend. Pull an old Malinor to resolve this issue.

    3. Heero


      then do the favorite orenian pastime and set up a shadow council in the staff again. c'mon you're mogroka, the natural gas baron of quatar. you can push over some linky canadian programmer like telanir. he probably doesn't even eat his vitamins. you got this bruh