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  1. The loss of rescue raids

    why u do
  2. Can you message me, I need to ask you something.

  3. Staff, should stop being trigger happy. Whatever happened to shouting at people? 

    1. Publius


      they're handing out bans like candy on halloween smh

    2. Dewper


      i love the staff : D

    3. GODHawkEye


      i fully support the GM team in their purge. toxicity must be removed from the LoTC medium by any means necessary before we can transcend to total RP mode. 

      Edited by GODHawkEye
  4. Raid Rules Feedback

    Really good rules +1 whoever came up with the idea. :)
  5. Hmu when you can mate, need to ask you a question and it won't let me pm you

  6. On Nature

    "Nonsense, as if the mind of creatures can comprehend that of the Creator, or that our Morality can judge the Creator, the bases of our Morality is from the Creator what he has deemed worthy to teach us. Furthermore reflection upon the Creator's being is beyond our scope of imagination, our simple minds cannot comprehend the magnitude that is the Creator, comparing the Creator to anything our simple minds could come up with is utter blasphemy he is the Creator and we do not need to fathom his being." The King retorts to his companions after reading this pamphlet
  7. Oh, no we did venerate the Spirits, but never saw them as worship worthy. It was more of a business deal, they needed veneration we need power. Speaking on your point about Spirits being important to culture that is true! That is why the Orcs have Bloodshed and Bloodlust < Bloodlust being a big part of their culture. You could have a Spirit of Bloodoaths for example.
  8. This is directly from the Orcish, wiki page https://gyazo.com/1570e5bd3c9b406c1604c08611d96b15 We have the example of Krug against Ibless, the only decedent to see through his lies. The Orcish Clan Wars, where the Dom's were completely destroyed and forever banished because they used Necromancy. Not including the countless fights and wars with the Undead in Aegis. How is muyakelgs any different? A Shaman is literary, pulling a Orc's dead spirit and putting it into servitude as golem of sort. Does that not sound to you as something akin to Necromancy or Dark Arts? Furthermore, lets not leave out the blatant disrespect to the dead instead of letting them rest in glory in the Old Fathers domain. I could understand if it was just a minor spirit of sorts. But then again, that also goes against the new "Orcish" lore about Orc's worshiping spirits, back in the old lore we did not worship spirits so it is feasible to say I forced a spirit into service.
  9. I am ignoring the rhetoric that means little. I am telling you that "Bones and Blood are not spirit's because if you look at the Immortal Spirits they are all things you might feel or acts you might commit." its pretty basic mate. For example War is act has Immortal Spirit, and shame is a feeling has a Immortal Spirit. Make lore all the power to you, just why make lore that is not adjudicated by other established lore. I am not even going into why muyakelg are very un-orcish and goes against everything Orcs ever stood against. But that's not your problem you did not make them. A certain elf loving Orc had a hand in it.
  10. [Your View] Freebuild

    Leave, the free-build as is, but offer them no regions.
  11. There is no such thing as Bone and Blood Spirits. Orc's do not need anymore lore, what they need is to take back their own lore that has been hijacked and rewrite it.
  12. Braduk Lore: Physiology

    Still would not make him a bastard, legitimacy, marriage extra is entirely a human concept