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  1. Thirteen Nations

    Sorry, who's fault is this? Lets break this down, currently there are 4 Human Nations, I am not sure I should include Nordland or not. Renatus, Marna, Hanse and Santa.. We all know that 4 human nations is not a thing that is gunna stick one way or another they shall unify or they well be reduced to two nations. Humans never stay apart long. With the humans over with.. Lets go to the ELF's how many maps now has the Elfs had 3 Nations for each subrace of elf? And now you add on the Warhawks and the Druids? Like what the hell is going on with the elfs? Let me get a point straight there should be 0 GM involvement if they are active it is on the races themselves to unify and bring their RP together.
  2. Free Market it s good and all.. But I like the Gaius Marius way.. That Godfrey followed in dealing with Guilds that live out in the wilds :)
  3. i heard youre a real big guy now around these parts

  4. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Mage combat will become a thing of the past? Have you been around for the past 5 years of LOTC? PVP default was the main thing for about 2-3 years of LOTC being a server. Mage combat never went away.
  5. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    I agree, some people think some of us that support PVP default actually are good PVPERS.. Nope its just the easier solution.
  6. No Freebuild

    Anthos failed Oo who saying that? One of the best looking maps in my opinion! Meh, I do not really care either way free build or not.
  7. Look at all these old wonderful people.. 

    I miss these fuckers


  8. "What is this?" Chuckled Aurelius, "Proclaimed Renatus? Supposed heir to something? Hrm, we suppose we are not appreciated. Seems the High Pontiff is going back on his word. Very well, men we shall give the High Pontiff a day to clarify himself." Aurelius a man of action is highly disturbed by the words written. The host of Renatus fighting forces on the front-line seem to be disturbed receiving words from back home where it is safe while they risk their life's for humanity's sake. A letter is stamped with the seal or Renatus and sent back to the High Pontiff. "Greetings, it is without a doubt that we of Renatus are sorely disappointed in the writing that we have witnessed today, it is written without proper decorum nor respect. Nor does it give us credit or merit in our fight to rid the faithful of those who oppress them we are on the forefront of war, fighting on the front-lines, and to receive such missives in times of war only breeds disunity and not cooperation. The High Pontiff did crown Aurelius King of Renatus, where he removed himself from the regency of Empire of Oren which was merely ink on paper with no actual reference or jurisdiction or power. For both we had made it clear that the Empire of Oren is disbanded and so did our royal cousin Frederick Pius declare that it is dually dissolved. Furthermore, the claim to the title and name of The Empire of Oren is solely that of the House of Horen, we choose our own heirs. Moreover, we are no co-heir to anything, We are King of Renatus and Prince of All Horens, by the High Pontiff's own mouth. This to us seems to imply that we are sheep being goaded, this proclamation has not been discussed with us at all no diplomatic measures have been taken. Let it be known that the House of Horen are not made up of sheep."
  9. That's, not the case at all. Senda is a chill guy to work with, though he is a adult that does not need to waste his time doing something that is not being appreciated. All that needs to be said.
  10. Renatus x Norland

    Nice song
  11. Paleknight Clarifications

    I agree, the whole undead races are really there to cater to a certain group, other than that they have 0 to offer to the majority of the playerbase.
  12. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    Na, Auslon 2.0 is better
  13. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    Die ^_^
  14. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    I agree with Narthok here.. Who the **** thought it was a GOOD IDEA to make RAIDS ROLEPLAY FIGHTS?? Like seriously what is this some kind of sick bad joke?!
  15. The Media Initiative

    I agree with the Sporadic.. I know its amazing. PMC would be a really good way to attract people, the focus on youtube has been lackluster for awhile, which is bad because its one of the best ways to show off what LOTC is.. Speaking of videos when was the last time we had a good tralier.. It was one of the biggest selling points when the server first launched.