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  1. Cowardliness is a disease that I had tried to snuff out of the Human player base but it seems it has reverted back to that way again. When you give up before the fight even starts...

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    2. bumblefina


      Seems as if the era of great human nations has passed. Everyone’s too busy infighting and dividing themselves. I fear we’ll never see another united human playerbase again, as everyone wants their own kingdom now.

    3. Abeam


      there will be a reckoning one day Mog, we’ll come back with a vengeance

  2. Wait, wait? Do you think we are dumb or something? You start a rebellion and then pretend to leave it? 

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    2. CaptainHaense


      uh oh, someone needs to reread “a Return to Dust”

    3. Destroyer_Bravo


      dude thats a different haense it isnt the rebel haense 4head

    4. FlemishSupremacy


      @Bubbya return to dust was written by aiim after he was cast out of power, lmao, to spite us.

  3. Hey, anyone remember what the Teutons use to say?  Always outnumbered? Then what...

    Edited by Sultan
    1. Z3r05t4r


      Ah Mog, don’t tease us ?

    2. nordicg_d


      wise words...

    3. Slic3man
  4. How nice of the Staff, all Human players go back to the lasts map and recall every war we fought in, remember the Orc fort? Recall the first siege against the Curon Rebellion? Do you recall all the wonderful looking Keeps they made :P? Now the staff makes a post about a “Keep”, just fyi to all Human players Staff vs humans ever since 2013

    1. monkeypoacher


      but mog... this war is humans vs humans

    2. Sultan


      Oh I know, it is merely that the Staff want one to win over the other, because they think that one is easier for them to control or handle, but the other side has experienced staff bias against them also when they were in leadership of the Humans before. I am just saying staff is not really favoring them, they merely always side against Humans either-way. Because  the Human player base is seen as aggressive, dominate and that it has great influence. Nor do they enjoy the sight of them being so powerful or large. “Wars between Humans vs Others” is seen as Humans trolling, Humans being assholes extra extra. If it was up to staff 100% wars would be gone. But they cant because the server would then erupt. 


      But everyone on the human side on both sides know this to be true. 18 year war, Dukes war.. And countless others. Just saying do not trust the staff. It well come to bite you in the ass later.

      Edited by Sultan
    3. D4NNA


      I remember playing a human and saw my Nation fortified, it was the end of roleplay on that day ?

  5. So I hear, the Empire I started is getting rebelled against. And I hear that my Empire is now led by Vege.. How funny things turn lol.

    Edited by Sultan
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    2. ScreamingDingo


      Legacies get destroyed in mere moments

    3. Vege



    4. seannie


      watch your legacy get destroyed 

  6. Nothing but lies and slander, Franz deserved nothing better than to burn in hell in all eternity, he was a false king, an excommunicated man. Franz was known under another name, perhaps Simon or Basil would like to enlighten the people of what name he went under. And what he did under that name, perhaps then people would know the real reason on why he was removed. Furthermore, the Chivay Empire died after they removed their main supporters the Church of the True Faith to what might one ask? To treason lead by this so-called Cannonist church, the venom stemmed from within. Most of your points are also falsehood, for example, the one about the college of Bishops unseating High Pontiffs this was, in fact, a law of the first Church, only your feeble dead cousin Franz when he was called “High whatever he was called” revoked that right. And by rights, it was returned when he was thrown out of the chair of the Papacy because of his utterly heretical laws he put in place.. For example, the one that says his SONS after him inherit the papacy. If that is not a reason for killing Franz, I do not know what is. Franz was a heretic and he was removed from the bosom of the people of God. Moreover the original church and traditions never stated that the High Pontiff is infallible this is a fabrication of your current Church. Furthermore infallibility of a High Pontiff is a joke to anyone and everyone a Church preaching that is a laughing stock based on history itself! The Curia or the College of Bishops were infact were the check and balance of the High Pontiffs. Moreover you mock the Church's belief in the Horenic Bloodline being blissed by God by choosing them and favoring them over all others. Was it not you Sigmundians who claimed that Prophet Sigismund to be the Eternal and Everlasting Divine Emperor, after his death only to have that scroll torn apart a few days later because everyone in the Empire laughed in your faces. This reformist church you so call Cannonist is nothing but a shadow of the glory of God that was the Church of the True Faith. A mere sham, a weak, incompetent little cesspool of idiots and beggars. The scrolls you hold are false fabrications nothing more. We do not even need to argue, as everyone can see how much and how big of a failure the false Church has become. Gods reckoning, the end of days.. is upon us soon you shall see the Truth when Gods light shines. John II Of Darfey
  7. Sultan


    Much loves, even though I was not personally involved much with the stuff that went down, friends bicker and argue and get over it. Be well my friend and serve with honor.
  8. #notmylionking


  9. We aint done yet

    Edited by Sultan
    1. Guest


      we cookin 

  10. Sultan


    Holyshit that part about Narthok being their only saving grace and they kill him in one month is so true..
  11. God bless mashallah paki emperor you rule us with a ironfist blessed be your soldiers Tornado__ 

  12. We came we saw and we destroyed

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    2. KeatonUnbeaten


      Tornado downloaded, Tornado toggled, Tornado kill aura’d *

    3. InfamousGerman
    4. Boer
  13. Hey, I thought you were telling your folks your gunna win? Why are u arguing against WC’s then in WC chat. Shame on you.

    Edited by Sultan
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    2. drfate786


      A GM can’t clear you for meta that happened last map or the map before that nor can they clear the fact that your character somehow knows my character to the point of obsession despite not knowing who he is or even explaining how such information is known. I highly advise you read the last bit of the community guidelines lest I get Telanir involved.


      Edit: It’s almost as if Mu’Kar and your current character are one of the same.

    3. Archbishop


      Make a ban report if you have evidence.

    4. drfate786


      Don’t worry, I’m just waiting for you to slip up my friend.

  14. I think what many people here are pushing is a known sentiment, among the human playerbase. That the Canonizing of deities is not recommended, and that roleplaying it is better than making it visible as a living interacting entity. And Narthok is completely correct, this shall lead in the future to magic, abuse by other people extra. Take a look around at what happened to numerous other Anguel-Deamons how they were used and you shall understand the sentiment. Which may lead to hampering your cultural rp. Currently you have full control of your deity and religion, what you are doing is seceding that to others. I shall let you guys know this the lore writers, by making your deity cannon you make it so that ET/Lore-Team extra can take control of your lore. Which has lead to disasters before and spiraled out of control.
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