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  1. Cowardliness is a disease that I had tried to snuff out of the Human player base but it seems it has reverted back to that way again. When you give up before the fight even starts...

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    2. Maury



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    3. DeusVidet


      Seems as if the era of great human nations has passed. Everyone’s too busy infighting and dividing themselves. I fear we’ll never see another united human playerbase again, as everyone wants their own kingdom now.

    4. Abeam


      there will be a reckoning one day Mog, we’ll come back with a vengeance

  2. Sultan

    The Response

    So the defending leaders are vouching for Trende on this post.... Staff smh
  3. Raised his cup. “Rest well my Empire, rest well my Kingdom, rest well my Brothers.” Old Aurelius the first Emperor of Man spoke.
  4. “Got what was coming for him, he was active political player against the Imperial Throne.” Otto proclaimed after hearing of the execution of the so called clergymen that had stained his hands with corruption.
  5. Its more of, we know where the den of rats are. Think little joey foolboy would have raised his blade if it was not for the “Most” loyal subject in the Empire? And how loyal you were to your chosen Emperor. Can’t blame you though he was a weakling.
  6. “How, ineffective and unworthy of a first bull. This does not address the actions and the wrongs of the former High Pontiff, nor does it revoke the excommunication against the Emperor and his entire family both alive and dead. Moreover, what reassures Renatus of the apolitical nature of this Church? It is filled with the same corrupt and biased ‘priests’. Placing a bishop to lead the ‘DIOCESE’ of the Emperor, is a insult as well.” Writes John of Marna.
  7. Players and GMS both have been caught doing sexual acts. Good Old Tehlulu was the main cause of banning cybering on this server do to pedophilia, in Aegis it was a free for all. Also this is entirely a playerbase issue. If such things are not tolerated by a playerbase and if found a player is driven out and condemned heavily. People that are part of the playerbase and feel that a pedo is creeping on them, would have the courage to tell the others because they would know they have his back. While a playerbase that finds erp common, and the sharing of explicit pictures/art common, makes it less likely for a player to be able to say hey “No, your a pedo I a minor.”
  8. All Carrion branches are bastard lines. The main and legitimate line died a long time ago. Barbanov is equally from bastard stock.
  9. Pretty sure that means do not **** elfs
  10. Wait, wait? Do you think we are dumb or something? You start a rebellion and then pretend to leave it? 

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    2. Bubby


      uh oh, someone needs to reread “a Return to Dust”

    3. Destroyer_Bravo


      dude thats a different haense it isnt the rebel haense 4head

    4. TheElvenMage


      @Bubbya return to dust was written by aiim after he was cast out of power, lmao, to spite us.

  11. High over Helena, the battle of no return Remus ranked his Imperials all in good order Down on the other side - fifty divisions wide Joey had brought his men over the border Armoured from head to fist, glimpsed through the morning mist Soldiers of Remus Godfrey awaiting the order Down on the lower ground, trumpets and bugles sound Joey of Heanse had crossed over the border Proud was the Pretender, loud did his harpists sing Scatter the Renatians all in disorder 'Death' shouted Remus Godfrey, 'Death ne'er we sign a truce Chase the Pretender back o'er the border 'Now' shouted Godfrey the Emperor 'We'll either die or win Into the enemy striking good order Glory for Renatus and death to pretty Joey's band. Chase the Pretender back o'er the border. Face to face across Helena; Spears and swords are held in good order. Lines of steel in waves begin to move, Grim and steady to die for the border. 'On them! On them!' hear the Donald shout. 'Smash their ranks in utter disorder'. Shields and spears and swords together clash. Screams of death are heard o'er the border. Slashing and clashing Helana flows with blood. Horses and soldiers in mangled disorder. Yelling and felling the streets in a gory red. Out with the Pretender. Out o'er the border. Glory and right was the slogan of Remus Godrey. Chains for the slaves shouted Joey of Heanse. Death to the Pretender, we'll be glorious. Chase the Pretender back o'er the border. Chase the Pretender back o'er the border. … Over the border, we come!
  12. “So, you were fine with the first treason but the second act of it disturbed you! I see. The first treason sent your father to a early grave! The Empire that gave you everything you broke faith with. The Empire that he served faithfully in you broke faith with?” Scoffs at the woman's words. “I hope Joe’s diddling is worth it.”
  13. “Ah, when what you preach no longer suits your purpose you start to bite your own tail, a snake colored in a different light is a snake still.” He scoffed lightly. “liberty he said. Hah! A good joke. While it lasted from the whoresons mouth.”
  14. “That’s a really bad poem.”
  15. That Elric lad had the spirit of a Renatian.
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