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  1. The Blackgrin Clan “We face fire, storm an’ steel, yet we smile.” Culture, History and Society of the Clan The Blackgrin Clan was founded by three, all taking upon themselves the name of Blackgrin. Jakam, a impoverished and bitter Cave Dwarf workman, having knowledge over stone and steel and how to forge them into buildings and weapons. Crimp, a well spoken Forest Dwarf merchant well versed in the complexities of trade deals and knowing how to value to the worth of a mina. Vilmar, a hardened Mountain Dwarf warrior, having spent most of his life in the battlefield fighting and hardening himself in the forges of war. The three made among themselves a brotherhood and vowed that no matter what troubles they might face, they will face together as brothers with a smiles on their faces. Together they founded a new clan among which Dwarves of all walks of life would be welcome to work and smile together through the tribulations of life. The three founders split power equally among themselves as Tribunes, Jakam handling infrastructure and power building, Crimp handing trade and diplomacy and Vilmar handing battle training. With this union of brothers the young clan was born. The Blackgrins are a collection of social outcasts and misfits. Any who felt like they did not have a place within their own lives are welcomed in with wide smiles among the Blackgrin Clan. Among the Blackgrins they are taught a trade, be it crafting, speech-craft and trade or to fight. The Clan is broken into four sects: Tribunes, Elders, Kin and Toothless. The Tribunes are the three who lead the clan as equals; the Elders are long standing and respected members of the clan; Kin are the common members of the clan, all considered equal; the Toothless are those who wish to join the clan but have yet to undergo the right of initiation. The right of initiation for the Toothless can last a long time and consists of proving your worth and loyalty to the clan by fulfilling tasks given by Kin and Elders and ends with the ceremonial removal of a tooth to be replaced by a piece of coal that represents your membership in the clan. All clan members are expected to show respect and brotherhood among each other, though a black eye here and there is all good fun between family. The clan gives off a laid back attitude of confidence, as they are expected to meet every hardship with a smile and revel at the chance to take on the challenge. This also causes a feeling of revelry and merriment among the clan as hard times does not phase them and good times are celebrated while they last. It is not uncommon for the Blackgrin to end every battle-cry and statement with “Yet I smile!” The laws of the Clan are simple, with disputes between Kin being brought before Elders, and if need be, the Tribunes. Respect your fellow Clan kin and do not bring dishonor to the clan. Do not steal from your fellow Clan kin, but do not be afraid to take what is yours. Stand up for yourself and your fellow Clan kin against any odds, with a smile on your face. Give help and hurt to those who need it, respectively. Do not act malicious to the Toothless, they are the future of the clan. To kill a fellow Clan kin is to surrender your life to the decision of the Tribunes. All this and one more, smile. “I am Blackgrin! I face fire an’ storm, blade an’ foe, snow an’ steel; Yet I smile!”
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