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  1. Thumbrindal Grandaxe began working on new blueprints to innovate on his old designs.
  2. Thumbrindal receives a raven as he reads the contents his trusty companion brought him"'ow do ye kno its teh Irongroinders t'at wrote it, shouldn't ye sue teh newspaper compane' instead?"he'd ask himself before discarding the letter and giving his raven a treat for his good work.
  3. Thumbrindal strokes his beard as he reads the newspaper"curious, wonder w'o is behoind all t'is."
  4. Thumbrindal would nod with Thromdricks campaign missive, before discarding it among the others on his desk. "A good worded letter, but to call ot'e nominees inexperienced, is rat'e blunt, oi believe we a'e luckeh we got young folk wiff a burnin pasion to lead teh nation to a broig'ter future. all you did was name yourself as great, and put critique before teh ot'e nominees, oi am su'e t'ey couldve said teh same on ye behalf, but held restraint out of respect."
  5. Thumbrindal held his hot chocolate beer at hand as he looked at the missive"compared to me close kin t'at run for keng aswell ye 'ave a good wae to structure yer goals, but most of t'em do nae serve teh intrest of teh people, ye were close..."
  6. Thumbrindal Grandaxe smiles as he affirms his support to his sister clan; the Irgards"we get it ye be willin to give yer loife for oos but as Grand Keng t'at privilege will nae be given, ye be guarded by t'ose t'at chose to follow yer."
  7. Thumbrindal Grandaxe puffed a cigar"oh yeah, its commen all toget'ea"
  8. "Some dwedmar impressionism is wot it iss" Thumbrindal commented
  9. Thumbrindal Grandaxe would sip from his sliced coconut bowl as a white raven flies by carrying a letter from Urguan. Within the letter the seal of clan Irgard would be stamped. Upon reading the content he'd scratch his beard as he let out a sigh, packs his things and heads towards Urguan to teach the old ways to the lost flock.
  10. Tharkun Ulfarsson Starbreaker would draw up a sign "JUSTICE FOR DORNAL" He too would pin his movement brooch and would make way to attend the hearing for the Hammerfist!
  11. "Luv the movement" said Tharkun holding his movement pin that he once received back in Almaris.
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