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  1. D3F4LT

    The Death of the King of Mynebor

    Yer daddy was wit' Torkan ladde, a worshipper of k'orvad is an enemy of our religion an' yer dad was toget'a wit' 'im. Cease yer bullshoitery...
  2. D3F4LT

    On False Oaths, 1709

    zoinks, toime for a ‘eretic ‘unt aye?
  3. D3F4LT

    The Death of the King of Mynebor

    "No treators in our nation!" Thumril would mumble before restocking his shop
  4. D3F4LT

    Declaration of Paragonship, 1706

    “about toime t’at Omit’iel returned as a ‘onorable Paragon!” Thumril would say
  5. D3F4LT


    Thumril would grab his pipe and would put some cactus green to get high" oof good shoite..." would remove his pipe when he sees the banner of Urguan and would do a roman salute and shout" Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Dwedmar!"
  6. D3F4LT

    The Royal Fennic Wedding & Ball of 1707

    Would chuckle and would smile "would be an 'onor to visit ol'friends of t'e dwed..."would head back to his clanhall to discuss it with his clanfather
  7. D3F4LT

    A call for all Goldhands.

    would nod to the halfling "dont hang arround wit' t'at Ulra fella 'e as t'ey eat 'alflings like its stew..." would get some Urguany flashbacks "not onle t'e legionnaires.... but t'e waman... and t'e children..." would sneeze loudly that it would veporise half of the mobs spawn rate in Agnarum, would turn around and would start humming 'Dwedmar Roads' while heading to his appartment to prepare some good bacon n' eggs
  8. D3F4LT

    The Emberhorn Clanfather Born Anew

    im in, help me with the bloodline tho ill fix the skin
  9. Seems loike we close to a sea...would grab a paper and would star drawing boats
  10. D3F4LT

    DNN #10

    Go ask a council memba t'en for a revote... oi wont change w'at 'as been voted on...
  11. D3F4LT

    DNN #10

    would snort in Steelheart "T'e naem fur t'e tavern was voted on by alot of dwed... we cant just change cuz sum dweds want it to be so... t'ere 'as been a vote and t'e most part of dweds voted for t'e bearded lade'. Deal wit' it.." would head to the tavern and would continue doing his bartender routines and would mutter "Oi luv democracy..."
  12. D3F4LT

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    Dwarves used to have a gun... it was like a dessert eagle or something.... BRING BACK RUNE CANONS!!!!!
  13. D3F4LT

    Golden Hand Legion

    Oi t'ink iron legion is better t'en t'is. would chuckle before wheelchairing into the U.S.S Friday pool
  14. D3F4LT


    Do you think your the first to come up with that idea? If u think the answer is no....
  15. D3F4LT

    The Iron legion

    O'great, a bun' of mercs teamin up to be stronker... it will maek it easier fer us to siege t'em...would chuckle and would go deeper into Agnarum and would grab his raid ladders xoxo