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  1. Yes hello I am just an ordinary player from Dwarven community and just here to say that i will be gone for a pretty long one. Ill simple explain everthing. Why am i leaving? first, my health. I have cought a bad cough and its stuck with me combined with a fever that drops and raises now and then. Doctors adviced me to better rest in bed, so here is the reason i will be gone. But it doesnt mean its a farewell, i am just gone but i cant tell when i will return. Will I be active? On Lotc no, but on discord ill be active as usual. Hey but what about skin comissions? Didnt forget those that asked for a skin, i will finish them dont worry but give me a time, i contacted Mickaelhz as he will be my middleman to receive the minas that was agreed on. So here a short answer on why i am gone and what to expect from me. I dont like writing long posts cuz it tires my eyes and prob for other people too. So Till next map or so!
  2. D3F4LT

    Technical Update

    C) Axios 2 electric boogaloo rise of Grand ki gdom of Urguan
  4. "About fockin toime"Thumbrindal would say
  5. Nagorain Emberhorn would call the safety team against Garrond for the so called “slavery” and “torture”
  6. Did you know that Throri will make the Stonemaces a clan once more not giving a **** about Edel? Next did you know that 1 + 1 = amount of silverveins that are active in the clan?
  7. "No mo' hoigh preceptor! No mo powe for te clerge! Feck ye ye wont get me tax!!!!!"
  8. D3F4LT

    The 30 Theses

    Dispose of t'e Hoigh preceptor! 'E yoinkin our tax!
  9. Thumbrindal would narrow his eyes as he would smirk "Per'aps t'ere still is 'ope afte'all..."
  10. Thumbrindal Blackaxe would smile as he would shout "Narvak oz Kat'aikaz! Narvak oz Urguan! Narvak oz D'aen!"
  11. An old Greybeard would stand before his personal armor, he would brush his beard before attaching 3 silver beads to it. He would then grab his helmet and place it against his head leaving a sigh ”Adeela... give me streng’t...” The old dwarf would mutter before placing the helmet on his head, he would then just slowly gear up before walking towards the public smithy with his war-axe. There he would sharpen it ”Toime flew fo’ mane’ of us... fifte’ yea’s passed an’ a new settlement is bein erected?” The dwarf would shake his head before looking at his own runic arm and remember the days of the Confederation, making him smile. ”t’e so called Moineborian king t’inks ‘e can devoid t’e dwed an’ beg fo’ understandin? ‘e can shove ‘is understandin up ‘is arse! t’e so called ‘survival of t’e state’.. donke’ shoite it is! Urguan is doin foine... Moinebor on t’e ot’e’ ‘and will fall, we aint Atlas ane’mo... dwedma’ unite’ was our goal back t’en nae devoidin t’e kin across t’e big worl!... all t’e dweds t’at t’ink livin awae from t’e capital of dwed a’e traitors of Urguan t’e all fat’e an’ should be punished for t’eir selfishness!” he would yell through the city of kal’Varoth making the dwarves that were there look in confusion of what the old dwarf was yelling for, you could hear someone answer with ‘okay boomer’.
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