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  1. Nagorain Emberhorn supports Charles the Bald for a better dwarven future.
  2. Thumbrindal would chuckle hearing the Silverveins "return".
  3. Elronian Kaeronin would clean the mugs that were dirty from the left over mead “seems accurate”
  4. "Oi say a honor duel to see w'o is roight!"Nagorain Emberhorn would proclaim.
  5. Elronian kaeronin would simply fish as he would feel alot safer in Hangmen keep.
  6. Will be missed greatest clan mother there was!
  7. Elronian Kaeronin would simply say"Addios"
  8. Elronian kaeronin would sign the petition
  9. Elronian Kaeronin would smile the suns smile
  10. IGN: BigBoyFartyRP Name: Nagorain EmberhornCandidate: Charles the Bald
  11. "Noice place to fish!" Elronian would proclaim grabbing his fishing rod.
  12. IGN : BigBoyFarty RP NAME : Elronian Kaeronin Skills you can bring to the table : honk honk
  13. Elronian Kaeronian would swim towards Vira'ker
  14. Elronian Kaeronin would put on his mask and head out to find this so called Vitenna.
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