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  1. Redwin Emberhorn would lean back at his chair as he would look up to the sun set. He would take puffs from his wooden carved pipe and would have a cottonwood honey bear at his free hand. "well... oi t'ink t'e 'arvest will be great t'is year.." He would say looking over the small river that flows between the crops. He would hear the sheep making their usual noise. "aa' seems loike t'e sheep a'e back in numbers... good cuz we will 'ave to kill 'alf of t'em so t'at t'ere can be Yemekars balance loike all t'ings should be..." He would say before focussing back to the sun set with a bright smile on his face.
  2. Redwin Emberhorn would blink as he cant read
  3. Redwin Emberhorn would be riding his mountain goat untill he passes by a notice board stating about the upcomming war "well, shoite dunt even got toime to build me farm an' war got declared..."
  4. Steve ,Captain of the High Guard (Jarl of Scott) would grab his knife and cut his thumb before marking the document.
  5. "Means t'e umri leave our sacred mountain?"
  6. Settlin in our ancestors ruins be yer mistaek...
  7. would sneeze in Dungrimm and would go to the mines for more gear. And would sign it.
  8. "NARVAK OZ DWEDMAR! NARVAK OZ URGUAN!" A grandaxe would yell while grabbing his wheelchair.
  9. it was a very epic event and he did it very well +1!
  10. Thumril would snort some Wizard powder he found in the barracks before flying off to 'Thumrilgrad'.
  11. Eyy t'at t'e orc t'at always gave me boats w'eneva oi went banditting back t'en! Oi 'ope 'e gives mo w'en oi come!
  12. Mcname: Floppetlappeting Rpname: Thumril Grandaxe Dwelling: Thumrilgrad (Kal'Varoth) Candidate: Gimli 'Metalfist' Grandaxe
  13. Thumril Grandaxe would give a confed salute towards Fimlin before walking back to hus dwelling.
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