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  1. Aerlos would sharpen his dagger as he'd smirk with a nod"Temp pour le killing le pure blooded conards"he'd say as he made his way to Lubba once again.
  2. Thumbrindal, Clan father of the Grandaxes put his clans seal next to his name as he signed the document!
  3. Thumbrindal reads the missive before turning back to sharpening his hatchet that he'd need later on...
  4. dont cry cuz its gone, smile because it happened. put them to rest.
  5. Thumbrindal Grandaxe looks at his raven, confused. Thinking it is time to update his raven from going after the cookie scent based on his intrest for single females, maybe narrow it to single dwarf females in the future.
  6. Thumbrindal would sit among his beardlings and friends in his clan hall yet feels empty inside once the post was released"it pains me 'eart, but oi will still t'reat t'e Oire'earts as me kin, no matte' if t'ey no longe' in Urguan..."he'd say looking at his signature he felt shame somehow that he didn't manage to do better to benefit all in the end.
  7. Thumbrindal chuckles as he hasn't paid tax yet since Atlas
  8. Thumbrindal gasps after reading the newspaper, quickly closing the eyes of some beardlings present"neve' consider bathing wit' ot'e races... its a sin!!"he'd state, putting the paper aside as he walked out for his daily stroll
  9. Welcome Merida, to the Grandaxe clan! we welcome you with warmth into our clanhall and hope we can do your trials as fast as possible so that you can become a full blooded grandaxe!
  10. Thumbrindal Grandaxe shakes in fear as his plans to take Du locs Gravel became further from his grasp!
  11. Thumbrindal would smile as he would look from the remains of the fort over the new lands"t'ats t'e wae t'e cookie crumbles..."
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