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  1. Tharkun Ulfarsson Stormbreaker smiles at the news!
  2. As someone who believes in merchant warfare (scamming 14 years olds that rp some made up nobles) is healthier for rp community than direct pvp war, I think if it comes to humans having 1 giant tile to share between 10+ nations should have the ability to either consent or not to be warclaimed. An alternative to this is rock paper scissor between the two nations for a quicker auto resolve. But yeah I totally agree with Price, we should Aim for big plots shared with other racial playables.
  3. Thumbrindal reads the missive and nods."guud reformin, for t'e stabilite' of t'e realm"
  4. Thumbrindelena sister of Bruhelena Grandaxe attends
  5. "A new keng, a new saga opens for da Dwedmar"Thumbrindal would state, raising a toast in his clan hall with his fellow kin"Narvok oz Urguan! Narvok oz Agnar!"cheerful celebration would be heard within the clan hall.
  6. Thumbrindal nods as he heard the news about the accident"If it 'appened in 'Effroom, it is agreeable to 'ave t'e 'earin be done in 'Effroom, mae Ograd'ad grant wisdom, so t'at Yemekar's balance can be obtained."
  7. Thumbrindal smiled as he heard Agnar hold his speech, who kept a steady composure towards those he adressed."mae it be known, our kin need a leade' loike t'at!"
  8. Thumbrindal Grandaxe would cast his vote for his clan father Agnar Grandaxe.
  9. Tharkun Ulfarsson would cry that would echo through the caverns.
  10. Aerlos would sharpen his dagger as he'd smirk with a nod"Temp pour le killing le pure blooded conards"he'd say as he made his way to Lubba once again.
  11. Thumbrindal, Clan father of the Grandaxes put his clans seal next to his name as he signed the document!
  12. Thumbrindal reads the missive before turning back to sharpening his hatchet that he'd need later on...
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