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  1. "A fair and honest request, perhaps the Commonwealth of Petra will step up to the task?" A now intestinally relieved burgher would query
  2. “All are suppose to be equal beneath GOD, and it is the duty of the Church to make it so. The Pontiff must show the Church still intends to enforce this principle, lest they continue with this charade of negligence.” A grumbling burgher would remark as he suffered through a bout of CONSTIPATION in the privy.
  3. An Address from his Majesty Aleksander II
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  5. An exhausted Heinrik groaned as he dropped his bags at the door of the Emalyne, his attire still mired with mud after a typical Eastfleet tempest had swiveled and barreled inland right onto his weekend hunting spot. As he jiggled his keys on his castle, where previous soldiers and servants would open doors for him and service his every need, he was just a regular citizen. "If I miss anything, it's the dinners...." He grumbled, opening the door to be confronted by a wide-smiling Markus. After a quick near Cardiac Event from the double shock of a surprise Markus and the news of his engagement, he strongly embraced his son and stated with a trembled voice, "Your mother would be so elated so shall I...."
  6. “Charlie always liked National Parks, fitting I suppose” Heinrik stated with a chuckle from his cottage in the Adrian countryside. After pondering a visit, he shrugged and sent a fishing line into the Ocean peacefully.
  7. 14th of SUN’S SMILE, 1919 IST WRIT OF ABDICATION TO THE DUCHY OF ADRIA When I began my reign as Duke of Adria, I sought to restore the Lower Petra and the Heartlands that came with it, far removed from the downfall of the Kingdom of Oren, which lay in ruin. By the hands of the Adrians, we created for ourselves a thriving community in the Lower Petra situated around the city of Velec, a place that still remains vibrant to this day. By our hands we brought order to a lawless, desolate land that had seen neither lord nor leader wrestle it from the bandits and scourge that haunted it. By our hands, we won victory over the forces of Aaun, then again over the coalition when they marched on Velec. With profound contemplation, born of deep reflection and unwavering consideration for the welfare and prosperity of our beloved Adria. I take a solemn step with utmost reverence for the time-honored customs and responsibilities that accompany my noble station. I have been incredibly honored and privileged to serve my subjects with unwavering devotion, guided by the principles of duty, integrity, and benevolence. Their steadfast loyalty and unwavering support of my fellow citizens and the nobility have been a source of profound inspiration and gratitude. I entrust the future of our illustrious Duchy to the capable hands of whoever my elected successor may be, who shall carry forward the legacy of our noble heritage with honor and grace. I assure my fellow citizens and the people of Adria that my commitment to the well-being and prosperity of our land shall endure, despite my abdication from the Ducal throne. History will be the judge of my decisions, but as I pen my name to this document, I do it with pride in holding the same values I began with sixteen years ago. Therefore, when I rest tonight as Mister Heinrik Otto Sarkozic I will not regret what I see. Now, Having found victory through toil and sweat, then through battle, I seek it through peace and rest. Before I make leave of my offices and the power that they hold, however, I give my final decrees: I) Reinolt von Draco is hereby named Knight Paramount of the Duchy of Adria as well as granted the County of Maltes. II) Suzana Otta Sarkozic is granted the County of Emalyne, encompassing St. Emalyne Castle and afforded a seat on the Duma through it. III) The County of Varoche is hereby revoked through my prerogative, and the family Varoche is hereby barred from participation in the Duma. IV) A Ducal Writ of Pardons is extended to all citizens of the Duchy of Adria, disregarding their affiliation in the Second Dukes’ War. This pardon does not cover: IV) The electors for the Ducal Election are hereby named and confirmed: V) The Instrument of Abdication I, Heinrik I Otto var Nikolai Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Count of Veletzia, Dowager of Aldersberg, and founder of Velec do declare my resolve to relinquish the mantle of my office and tender my abdication from all aforementioned titles. ___________________________________________________________________________ Mister, Heinrik Otto Sarkozic, Citizen of the Duchy of Adria
  8. A sleepy Heinrik brought himself out of bed with a grunt; accompanied by a residual amount of back pain he proceeded downstairs to fix himself a meal of Salted Crackers and Salami, all of which tasted delicious. After a few seconds of reading the news, he remarked nonchalantly “Markus will do well.” Before returning to his chambers and beginning to snore heavily.
  9. The Greatest Days in Adrian History LO unto the Adrians, Guide my hand, dear Muse, for the excitement of the great humor that possesses me may cause my unfiltered words to slip freely from my mind onto the parchment upon which I write! Tonight I speak of the most daring story that shall grace the history of our nation for a thousand generations- a tale of daring escape, dastardly betrayal, and the triumph of the few over the many! The day began in a church and ended in a church. One in Haense and one in Adria. One of near-defeat and one of clear victory. It was by the Pontiff’s promise of protection that our fearless Duke, good Heinrik Sarkozic, humbly ventured to the halls of the Basilica of Karosgrad, where the trial was to be held for his supposed sins. Although a mockery was made of all who hold justice and piety dear, for the presiding court cared not for the veracity of the trials, nor the Pontiff’s own consorting with the Azdrazi, all who were present knew from the start that the verdict would be rendered guilty. What came as a surprise was the Pontiff’s sentence: death for all. Never had such a thing been levied, especially not on holy ground, yet holiness was no concern for Pontian the Puppet, who bayed for the blood of Adrian women and children within the halls of his church. Thus, a plan was hatched among the crafty few of Adria. The hearty men of Adria, though numbering few, resolved to hold off the great tides of Haeseni, Aaunites, and Balianites when the call was made to kill their Duke of Adria. Though they believed they would all fall, they had a hope that their sacrifice would allow their dear Heinrik to escape to Adria and rally his host. As the tide of bloodthirsty berserkers surged forth, the brave few of Adria stepped up and drove forth. The coalition mass bent, giving enough time for the Duke, donned only in rags as he felt was fitting, to burst out the door. Hopping atop a steed prepared by a friendly city dweller, the Duke rode ahead of the chasing army, laughing and singing as he triumphantly vaulted over the walls and off to safety. As he made his great escape, the rest of the Adrians were quickly surrounded. With their valiant stand having fulfilled its purpose, and needing no reason to fight, they promptly surrendered en-masse. Sir Joseph Vasile and the von Draco family were the principal captives, and they were promptly brought to the dank, fetid cells underneath the city. For days they languished, yet over by Adria, battle had commenced… Neither the Duke nor the Coalition had idled in the days following his escape. Sounding the bells upon his return, good Heinrik rallied his forces, and the people of Velec once again took to the streets. Manning the barricades they had taken to over a year ago, the five-thousand defenders of Adria, missing their Marshal and the fierce von Dracos, sat waiting to meet the seven-thousand five-hundred assembled of Haense, Balian, and Aaun. The two armies met within the streets of the great city, and battle ensued once again for the fate of Velec. For days, the two armies bitterly fought, with soldiers from all armies battling street to street, home to home. However, despite their numbers, the civic pride and ferocity of the Adrians won the day. Routed and broken, the army of the coalition was driven from the city. They fled to their three corners of Almaris, tails between their legs, while our proud Duke stood triumphant once again. When faced honestly, might against might, and not a devilish ruse, the people of Adria would always prevail! However, my tale is not yet ended, for we must return to the fates of our prisoners in Karosgrad, not yet hearing of their comrades’ victory back home. As the brutish guards banged at the cell doors, eagerly awaiting the Adrians’ coming execution, a second great scheme was concocted among Sir Joseph, the von Dracos, and many of the friendly guards that lingered about. False chains were put on the prisoners while they were whisked out and put atop horses rode by friendly faces. Before the Haeseni guards, led by the King of Balian himself, could stop the entourage, the reins were whipped and the prisoners were rode away! Not a single one was slain or left to be captive, for all were broken out that eve. And this concludes my story of the greatest days in the history of our fair country. Two daring escapes! A holy man’s betrayal! A great triumph over the armies of three nations! It is a tale that no minstrel nor poet can concoct, and thus it is left to me to write this cautionary tale to those who wish to test the might of a united Adria, or venture to out-wit the people whose minds are clearer than a smooth crystal and sharper than a razor’s edge. It began in a church, and with God’s help ended in a church.
  10. A frantic Heinrik ordered numerous patrols to find the missing Crow, days past to months and hope began to fade with it. Nonetheless a glint in Heinrik’s eye assured him that his son survived on somewhere.
  11. I think one using logs from months or years ago when they were originally dealt with is heavily 'no bueno' but Ill address this since it regards me. Never was I intending to harass players or vehemently disregard someone AS A HUMAN being. The words I use I regret sincerely and it was stated out of passion for an annoyance regarding a 'rp political situation'. That doesn't make me vile, a terrible human being or a bad faith actor. It meant I said an insensitive comment, that wasn't even serious but out of anger. I don't appreciate you insinuating that or trying to pull an "GOTCHA MOMENT"
  12. The Battle of Rolly’s Hill Battered, bruised, but never broken, the people of Adria took to the fields of the Lower Petra awaiting the long-promised battle. Victory would come on their terms now, just as it had over a year ago as the king of Aaun’s army stormed their fair Velec, but were driven out by the defenders atop the barricades. Having hidden for the following months since that defeat, the armies of Aaun fearfully awaited the day when they would be told to march out. That day finally came. Despite their boasts of a great army, only five-thousand took the field of battle for Aaun. An even number flocked to the banner of the Duke of Adria, who gallantly walked out with the infantry, ready to win the day or die trying. His trusty Greycloaks and militiamen of Velec, led by Sir Joseph Vasile, stood proudly at his side as they advanced north. Leonid Vilac and Valentin van Aert made up the left and right flank, respectively, where they and their heavy infantry promised to hold the line and never bend nor break. As the Aaunic army emerged from Minitz, they positioned themselves against the River Reden, catching their backs against its banks. A fatal flaw, for they would now have nowhere to flee to. As Darius of Myrine, leading the Duke’s vanguard, screamed for the archers to assume their positions, a great duel of arrows began. Back and forth, the two armies fired. However, the Adrian ranks were spread out, while the Aaunic host was bunched together. Beset by projectiles and losing men by the minute, the order was given to charge into the weakest part of the extended Adrian line. It was a trap. Within moments, hundreds of soldiers dropped their bows and drew their swords, surging forth to meet the Aaunic charge. Believing a thin section of the Adrian line to be breakable, the Aaunic army tried to charge through and run them down, but what they failed to see was that it was held by the men of Blackvale, who held firm and gave enough time for the rest of the Adrian host to arrive and surrounded the mass of the Aaunics. The battle lasted mere minutes. Surrounded and cut off from Minitz and Vienne, the Aaunic soldiers were quickly cut down by the more experienced, determined troops of Adria. The king of Aaun and his principal lords were able to make a breakout and flee back to Minitz across the bridge, which was then destroyed, but that was the only mercy that God showed them that day. The Adrian host, tired from battle and blocked from pursuing, returned home victorious. The spark of liberation had grown into a great bonfire and the tyrants had been swept up in its fervor. AVE ADRIA
  13. “The continued publication of the Aaunic press must be affirmed” Heinrik said with a stern nod as he read it from a campfire near the burning ruins of Fort Felder
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