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  1. Dimlin smiles at the missive from his sandy beach vacation spot in the Spice Islands before commenting “I’m proud of you lad, keep it up.” Then promptly going back to suntanning.
  2. “Shame, he’ll be missed” Peter would say carving a small deer with his hunting knife
  3. “Fare thee well, for now” Peter de Sarkozy would state solemnly before playing his harmonica
  4. Peter de Sarkozy performs the Lorrainian Cross of himself before sighing “He was a good man and a true vicar of GOD, he will be missed dearly”
  5. “Your family has my regards, your Majesty” Peter de Sarkozy would state with a solemn sigh
  6. “Ooooo” Says Peter excitingly
  7. “I wish my in-laws a most jovial marriage.” States Peter Victor de Sarkozy cheerily
  8. “I stand with Sir John and his words.” Peter remarks reading the missive.
  9. Cheers to your eight years friend.
  10. N/A
  11. @Pun is still feeding her kids, she probably won’t respond today.
  12. Beamon4

    The Response

    I was one of the guys who filled into the room where we were “apparently” killed by the lava Death Trap, which isn’t true none of us were killed by it so, TrendE is right that’s a false claim. It was a literal molasses lava pool (slow as can be), and Knox is also correct it wasn't an non-evacuable area. It were high enough so someone who was paying attention wouldn't get killed unless they were being objectively oblivious.
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