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  1. “Still mah favorite news source” Dimlin would say reading the newspaper from his bed
  2. Chairman Mickael and the Bandit Economics Board meeting to discuss the rising rates of Orenians on the roads. Circa. 0, 2A(1796)
  3. As issued 4th of The Grand Harvest, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of his guidance and unrelenting support, Oyvind Frostbeard is posthumously reaffirmed an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame. His Marshalship during the reign of Bastion Ireheart led to the resurgence and stabilization of the Legion prior to the Slaughter of the Senate. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Oyvind Frostbeard was promoted to the rank of Grand Marshal after serving dutifully as a Commander in the Coalition Wars under Grand Marshal Jorik Grandaxe & Gror Ireheart. In the ensuing restructuring of the Legion, many Legionnaires were mustered out with the expiration of their enlistment. Thus, left only with a skeletal force of veterans and regulars to sustain the massive swathes of lands conquered by the Grand Kingdom, he took to instituting major reforms within the Legion. Immediately he instated massive recruitment schemes centered around increased pay and steady work, followed by the shift of Legionnaires being separated into Divisions to a consolidated soldiery of clan militias with Commanders having equal jurisdiction over them all. His programs proved auspicious, keeping the Legion on steady footing by the end of his tenure. Unfortunately, his final goal to keep the Legion apolitical failed spectacularly with soldiers fighting while on duty over clan issues. Marshal Frostbeard himself was caught in this wave playing a massive role in support of the Frostbeards during the infamous event known as the Slaughter of the Senate. NOTES OF THE GRAND MARSHAL: “When recollecting about the epoch that was the tenure of Oyvind Frostbeard, it can be realized that Oyvind could only forestall the precipice known as the Slaughter of the Senate. He attempted during the meeting to reason and stalk a middle ground but when it became clear the fight was inevitable, he had no choice but to choose aside. Nonetheless, his accomplishments must be commended, for if one only writes about bad and not the good, they are no better than the revanchists that seek to interpret history as if it was a speech and use it as justification to stir unrest. At the end of the day this commendation is not to the traitor but to the dwarf who resurrected the Legion” In the valor of Dungrimm and honor of Urguan Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan,
  4. As issued 4th of The Grand Harvest, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of his undying loyalty and exceptional martial prowess, Gror Ireheart is to be awarded an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame. His reign led to the revitalization of Dwarven Legion, and the defeat of the Second Frostbeard Rebellion. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Gror Ireheart’s reign was inaugurated by inheriting a fractured Kingdom taken by surprise with the Slaughter of the Senate and coup of the capital Kal’Omilth by Clan Frsotbeard. The loyalist forces in quick succession evacuated the crown holdings retreating disorderly to the Grandaxe colony of Ta’Azmar. He reconsolidated the scattered loyalists into a formidable army leading them to victory in battle and recovering the capital of Kal'Omilth through the clandestine actions of Dwarf Team Six. Post rebellion, in a controversial act, he saw the removal of Clan Frostbeard to stabilize the Grand Kingdom. Following the expulsion of Clan Frostbeard, he began a deluge of treaties and diplomatic acts, reestablishing the Grand Kingdom as a strong entity on the continent of Axios, while also overseeing the reestablishment of the Legion of Urguan sparking a new wave of dwarven militarism. Centuries later while voyaging with the Grand Kingdom on the continent of Athera, Gror Ireheart killed a Stone Dragon with a pair of disruptor Hammers. Gror Ireheart goes down as one of the great saviors of the Grand Kingdom leading it through difficult times that required only the most stalwart of hearts. In the valor of Dungrimm and honor of Urguan Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan,
  5. As issued 11th of The First Seed, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL By order of Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut, it is hereby proclaimed that due to the unforeseen explosion of the private Ram Ranch Research Facility and the release of the Airborne Fungus, the surface territories of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan are to undergo Legion enforced quarantine. The regions included in this quarantine are: The Hefrumm Towns Clan Irongut Ranch Grand Kingdom Fort UNO And any surrounding properties within surface Urguan The Capital of Kal’Evraal will be open to refugees from the surface areas under the agreement that they will be put in quarantine to mitigate the spread of the disease. The disease is highly contagious and is spread through the air or direct contact with an infected individual; it is suggested that all denizens of the Grand Kingdom wear facial protection as represented below. All those infected should turn themselves in IMMEDIATELY FOR ISOLATION. Below, the first example is the covering encouraged while in contact with others. The second is an example of covering used when approaching the dangerous surface locations mentioned above. The on goings of the Grand Kingdom shall remain in the status quo, with the only exception being the lockdown of the capital and underground areas of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The Ram Ranch Facility site is to be placed as an EXCLUSION ZONE, meaning all citizens are barred from entering under threat of detainment by the Legion of Urguan. IT IS SO ORDERED
  6. Dimlin Irongut would cross his arms screaming into the sky “NORLI, DID YE RUN OUT OF INK?!?!” Commenting on the lack of a Regency position
  7. Beamon4

    ONE DOWN...

    Dimlin Irongut nods in response to the declaration "t'is needed to happen"
  8. Dimlin nods reading the recount "It is t'e common soldier wot defines our victory', not t'e commanders but t'e lads w'o follow orders without question an' would march to t'e gates of t'e void fer their Kingdom. T'at is wot makes t'is Kingdom one of greatness."
  9. As issued 15th of The Amber Cold, 1792 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of his tenacity and merit, Utak Ireheart is to be awarded an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame. His leadership of the Legion led it to countless victories against Urguan’s foes. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Utak Ireheart was unanimously elected King of the Dwarves after serving as Grand Marshal for six stone months, in which his deceptive tactics and bloodthirsty style led the dwarves to victory in five wars. The most well-known of these is the Three Day’s War, where Urguan reigned victorious over all of Humanity including the Holy Orenian Empire and the Warnation of Krugmar. After Utak was elected, the military apparatus was altered, so that Utak could still find himself on the frontlines of every battlefield, leading the Dwarves to glory himself. He proclaimed a honor war with the Warnation of Krugmar, which led to a crippling defeat for the orcish people, ensuring the dwarves were recounted in historic times as the most honorable descendants. Utak Ireheart truly goes down as one of the most capable Grand Marshals in our time. In the valor of Dungrimm and honor of Urguan Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan,
  10. Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut would crumble the missive in his hand, grumbling as he’d casting it into the fire with ire before beginning to write a response: “To the malefactor that claims righteousness, I read in this missive the exact epitome and fallacious arguments that have caused discord in so many polities hitherto our great nation: Claimed repentance, hubris, and the most grievous of them all, the sewing of chaos and incredulity into our system of law. I must inform you I haven’t the ink to waste on you but in defense of our law and our Kingdom, I will. Karl, you claim that you have repented for your sins, seen the light, and witnessed the true abhorrence you committed yet I ask where was this consciousness when you murdered that dwarf? Where was this consciousness when you spent stone hours having your lawyers utilize sophistry in a vain attempt to escape the law? I will supply you with the answer to that question, Nowhere. For the entirety of the trial, you argued innocence but Yemekar behold when you were freed you write a missive as a contrite dwarf. The simple truth of the story is you only claimed to repent once you paid your settlement. You are not a repentant figure Karl, you are a duplicitous, and iniquitous being that could probably be defined as mad, but you continue to quake our nation with your deceiving howls for ‘justice’. I must admit, I am bemused by the hubris that emits from this missive Karl and your actions during that trial. I have never witnessed a dwarf claim himself for harsher punishment and I do not think it was done with altruism, I think it was done perhaps to see yourself cemented as a martyr. That or maybe you just wish to revel in the fact you were not sentenced harsher. You advocated previously this dwarf was a creature of Khorvad and you did the will of the Brathmordakin by killing him. So many times you have defied the High Prophet and the Clergy but now you appeal to them?. I am thunderstruck by your contradictory arguments as time has gone on. All I can amount this to is arrogance and dogmatism, that you are the only that can decide when a dwarf is deserving of life. Only you can judge if you were guilty of a crime and if the punishment was fit. Only you can decide which laws you hold yourself to. That is where I find an issue, that you are unwilling to follow any reasoning other than your own even when it benefits you. Finally, I see you have written this missive with the intent to criticize and reform the High Courts due to their ‘unfair’ punishment of yourself, and I disagree. The High Courts made that decision by the law code but furthermore to see stability in the entity you govern, Hefrumm. What good would it do to burn you or woodwork you into a lovely kayak if long term common dwed would suffer from the instability brought on by your execution? Hefrumm has stood as a bastion of hope and light for Forest Dwarves and in these great times of strife, a new leader is not needed. The High Courts must judge cases based upon impartiality and reason but also with the comprehension of how their decision will affect our Grand Kingdom and if they make the wrong one what precedence they set. Praytell, why it was arduous for you to write a letter to the High Courts privately so that internal reforms may be done to rectify the inaccuracies in our law code. To conclude, You may not be aware but what you have inferred and confounded with your writing is that our judges are corrupt and dissolute, that the decisions they make are malicious. That they play political favors for politicians and that ‘bribery’ is enough to stow their investigations. All you do with this is sow distrust into our system of law, and inadvertently assert that the common dwarves should be skeptical of our courts rather than trust in their decisions to see this nation hold a brighter future.”
  11. Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut would peruse the tome beginning to appreciate it profoundly as he'd read. His thoughts sauntering back to his pursuits and discussions with the Confederation of Hammers, many a time viewing them as amateurs and rustics but always applauding them because for their righteous cause. As he'd finished the tome he finally realized his erroneous belief "Ah treated t'em too hars'ly, t'is tome truly brings into perspective our history...it is paramount t'at we teac' our youth ancient histore' but also t'at of recent history.....t'e history of t'e progenitor of t'is current Grand Kingdom." He'd state firmly endorsing the recollection of Atlasian history, the chronicle of foundation and honor.
  12. Dimlin Irongut would look over it before giving a solid nod “It needed to be done, it is ah s’ame t’ough; T’e Gold’ands now returned to t’e path of Urguan”
  13. safety is truly Noobman’s specialty
  14. A true man of the ages
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