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  1. DW guys my ooc resentment towards other elves gives me the belief that this indeed, is not an April Fool’s Joke
  2. Christ has risen, acceptance and reconciliation to all!
  3. Banning is crazy…..

  4. Aqulian Glanaeri is totally shocked
  5. Damn bro, the Epstein Flight Logs got leaked!!!




    was surprised not to see one of yall in them 

    1. Asutto


      nice try fed

    2. Nectorist


      i have a bad experience with chats i want hidden from the public eye

  6. ADDRESSING TRAINING DISCIPLINE “Hur Hur, Mi never’d be flatz” - Adofhi’Lur moments before being impaled by a Divardi spear, 82 S.A. Published: 11th of Amber Cold, 113 SA DIRECTIVES OF IMPROVEMENT It has been decreed by the Mordu’lar that the Celia’Diraar requires a structural reformation for it to contest in this new age of warfare. In the pursuit of this, Parir Glanaeri, in concert with Parir Sythaerin, has drawn up a Drill schedule and a Drill guide for the Celia’Diraar to base their activities around. Upon the introduction of this into military law, all orders following are effective immediately. DIRECTIVE OEM: SCHEDULE: Drills within the Celia'Diraar are sacred and are overseen by the Mordu'lar or one of his Aneh (or, failing this, a Parir). Lower-ranking enlisted may hold drills with the permission of the Officer Corps. Drills will be held within the months of the Snow's Maiden(Wednesday), The First Seed(Friday), with the addition of a mandatory address at the end of the year in the month of Sun's Smile (Sunday). It should be noted that one of these events must be attended to receive pay at the general address. DIRECTIVE NIUT: TILRU & PAYMENT: I. In compliance with the Tilru System, Diraar, who attends the various drills, will be allocated a set amount of 15 Tilru barring any exceptional action. II. Payment shall be distributed at the general address on Sun's Smile (Sunday) to in-attendance Divardi. Absent Divardi shall not receive their wages unless for good reason. A Divardi patroling the Celia’norian Outlands, circa 92 S.A. STANDARD STRUCTURE FOR DIRAAR DRILLS: BEGIN WITH FORMATION DRILLS: FACES, LINE, (Whatever other formations we have) Official Drills will then commence, with CRP, Patrols or PVP, and other Acts being decided upon by the highest-ranking officer. MELEE COMBAT (CRP) GUIDE: Diraar Melee Trainings typically take two forms. The first is group melee training, in which groups of even numbers shall be matched up against one another in various combat scenarios. Examples of this include guard escort training or formation combat training. This aims to replicate and prepare Divardi for scenarios they’ll face while guarding the star lands. The second is one-on-one combat. In this scenario, the commanding officer pairs two Divardi together to enact single combat scenarios, replicating battlefield conditions on the battlefield. SKIRMISH (PVP) GUIDE: In addition to offering Melee Combat Drills, officers are required to hold Skirmish Drills. These are typically group drills in which officers seek to replicate real battle or siege scenarios. Attending Divardi are separated into two teams (typically decided by a school-yard pick) and sent to face off on opposing sides of a battlefield. Teams are ordered to engage one another until one side yields or is disarmed. This tests the commanding capability of soldiers and teamwork and communication skills. MOUNTED (HORSE-PVP) DRILLS: In the lure of Melee and Skirmish Drills, drill officers may also opt to train the Celia’Diraar in mounted combat. With the advancements in mobile tactics at fields of Westmark during the Aevos Coalition War, mounted skirmishers have become popularized for their effectiveness against large ground units. Since horses are typically in short-supply, the Celia’Diraar will provide soldiers with a temporary horse for this Drill. During the drill, soldiers will utilize blunt lances and practice knocking each off. Additionally, Divardi will be expected to practice ranged combat while on horseback. DRILL COMPLETION + 15 Tilru CONSISTENT LOSS OF CELIA’DIRAAR EQUIPMENT - 15 Tilru INSUBORDINATION/DISOBEDIENCE: - 30 Tilru
  7. "A fair and honest request, perhaps the Commonwealth of Petra will step up to the task?" A now intestinally relieved burgher would query
  8. “All are suppose to be equal beneath GOD, and it is the duty of the Church to make it so. The Pontiff must show the Church still intends to enforce this principle, lest they continue with this charade of negligence.” A grumbling burgher would remark as he suffered through a bout of CONSTIPATION in the privy.
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