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  1. Beamon4

    The Accord of the Hammers and the Ram

    Dimlin Irongut blinks in surprise before stating “T’ats interestin”
  2. The Academy is Open!

  3. Beamon4

    [Denied][I] Josh3738's Game Moderator Application

    Short and to the point. I think he's smart +1
  4. Beamon4

    Don't even feel a little bit guilty

    I hope you get stabbed with a Wakandian Spear, boss man
  5. +1 Great Man and will do amazing
  6. Beamon4

    [MA][Arcane] Stack Loot's Magic Applixation

  7. Beamon4

    [Denied][W] dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    He’s a good man and always goes for the right causes +1
  8. Beamon4

    Aether VIP giveaway

  9. Beamon4

    The Democratic People's Republic of Urguan

    I’m so sorry that I hurt your feelings with that and You know all about Urguan activity now!? I don’t even remember you being a dwarf
  10. Beamon4

    The Democratic People's Republic of Urguan

    A-are you mentally challenged? There are two dwarf cities, and I’m sorry you’re hope for a single Dwarf Nation isn’t coming true but realize that some people don’t want that
  11. Beamon4

    Impurity Amongst You

    Dimlin would spit on the ground hearing of the proclamation “T’e Doomforged are as much Dwed as t’e rest of us.”
  12. Beamon4

    Lobby Server!

    jesus plz be a prank
  13. Beamon4

    [GM] Shop stealing and reselling - abuse?

    that robber is a whole ****
  14. Beamon4

    [Accepted][Pending] [WD] Hobolympic's World Dev App

    Good man and a great thinker +1