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  1. ~-~ The Irongut Clan ~-~

  2. [Accepted] [BUILDER] JackTheBlue20's ET Application

    +1 my mans building is greatezzzz z
  3. GM application

    He's a good guy in my mind and is a voice of sense whenever he handles a issue. +1
  4. [Denied]theBulter's GM Application

    +1 honest and to the point
  5. [Denied] Paleo's MT Application

    -1 +2 Cool Guy
  6. [Accepted] My Glorious Pink Application

    Tbh I think he's one of the best candidates to go on the team not only does he work hard but he has a good understanding of what is on lore and what makes a good player +1.
  7. A Fix to Raids

    This is good....Though I do agree with Dreek maybe put down the number to 8 we don't want a army
  8. Removing looc

    There is no reason to remove LOOC its a good way to converse on things that are out of character.....All of them are right if you don't like it leave it
  9. Official Dwarven Family Tree

    Dimlin Irongut son of Duren
  10. Looking For A Good Skin Maker Willing to Pay 2K

    Skype Name: John.barkley92

    1. ShmadCat


      Don't have skype installed atm, if ur interested just send me a forum message.

  11. [Denied] Luke's ET App

    +1 great guy he knows what he is doing I think
  12. [Denied]Vegetarianism's Reapp

    Great guy he will always improve no matter what +1
  13. Youngie's Mediocre Coat of Arms. [REOPENED]

    Ill like to commission one for 500 mina Message me on Skype Beamon4 with the photo of Kaiser Wilhelm
  14. [Denied]Epicbeast's GM Application

    Though my thoughts and feeling on him is leaning me towards a - 1 since I personally don't like him. But I know he will do a good job he is good at many things things and I truly believe he will further the GM Team. The only problem is activity if he can fix this is would be the supreme applicant. So I can't believe I'm doing this +1 or rather +2 for putting a minus one somewhere....