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  1. Conrad de Falstaff gasps for a moment "Oh dear!" He'd state before simply penning his name in addition on Emil's letter
  2. Conrad de Falstaff lets out a small sigh "Maybe he will be forgiven by the above"
  3. Contract Inquiry: Interior Design RP Name: Conrad de Falstaff IGN: Beamon4 Desired Build Information: House in Providence will dm info Offer/Budget (you can DM this if you'd prefer): N/A
  4. Conrad de Falstaff signs the petition
  5. Truly a businessman
  6. IGN: Beamon4 RP NAME: Dimlin Irongut CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  7. MISSION SYSTEM OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Realm of Arcas. Through the strength and cooperation of the Legion of Urguan, we have created a system for the Mission Board that enables the citizens of Urguan to fulfill their duty to the Kingdom. Each mission entails the mission’s coding for difficulty, location, reward, and the contact you’ll need to begin your work. This new Realm of Almaris is one we’ll need to explore and protect together for the good of all dwarves. “If you want to travel fast, go alone, if you want
  8. As issued 11th of The Grand Harvest, 2A 6 THE SIXTEEN GRAND CHAMPION OF URGUAN After the conclusion of the Grand Tournament of Urguan, Grimnir Ireheart stood at the Great Dias of the Arena of Urguan being given the sovereign question on his acceptance of the title of Grand Champion. He stated simply he intended to fight only with honor but not accept the title in any stead, thus forfeiting to Durorn Ireheart. He was given the same question with triumph “Durorn Ireheart, vested in me as Grand Marshal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and seeing you fit as the best example
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