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  1. “Isn’t t’e King being t’e judge, jury an’ executioner illegal?”
  2. IGN: Beamon4RP Name: Dimlin Irongut Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  3. Hey Guys, check out this cool new UPDATE from the Safety Team! 


  4. Hey Guys check out this cool new UPDATE from the Safety Team!

  5. Very good Safety Admin Noobman
  6. “No” Dimlin would say with a disgruntled look from the Irongut hold
  7. “Defamation by a wicked coercer, how rotten. Veikko is one of the best financers the Empire has seen” Peter would state seeing the notice from afar
  8. EDICT OF THE FIRST RESERVE, 1754 Drafted by the Treasury, 13th of Harren’s Folly, 1754. To maintain the integrity of the Holy Orenian Empire’s fiscal responsibility, economic development and ability to uphold an undisturbed luxury in any recess of prosperity, the Imperial Treasury has wrought to creation the idea of the Imperial Reserve, to accumulate a percentage portion of the Treasury’s still amount on the basis of a year’s proceedings. Furthermore the Imperial Reserve shall act as the regulatory agency over the Orenian economy. In the pursuit of this noble goal, the Imperial Reserve also cooperates with the Imperial Financial Advisory Committee to see policy done for the entire Imperial Realm. 5% of two saint week’s finalized sum (deposited from the Imperial treasury’s fluctuating finances) shall be kept to the Imperial Reserve, to be used in cases of national emergency or when proposed by a congregation of the Council of State. Commencing at a miniscule few thousand minas, the reserve shall accumulate at a moderate pace per year with a steady incline as the weeks go by, resulting in a gradual rise to a resolute amount able to withhold the expanse of the ever enlarging empire. IN NOMINE DEI Warden of the Imperial Reserve, Sir Veikko Harjalainen, KM
  9. IMPERIAL TREASURY (IT) Est. Anno Domini 1732 PREFACE The Imperial Treasury, known alternatively as the Imperial Office of Finance, is the division responsible for all matters of a financial or logistic nature within the Holy Orenian Empire. The department also encompasses all warehouses, trade companies, and banks, placing each of these under the administration and oversight of the Imperial Treasurer and his department. THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, PETER VICTOR SARKOZIC First & Fourth Secretary of State for the Treasury, c.1731 The duties and powers of the Imperial Secretary of the Treasury, as outlined in the Council of State Establishment Act, are listed below: The duty to maintain and monitor the Imperial Treasury, including all incomes and expenditures, and to draft a report of the budget on regular intervals. The duty to develop and draft the fiscal, excise and tax policy of the Empire, with consultation with the Council of State. The duty to collect tax and rent revenue from within the Crown’s direct dominions, and to ensure that these finances are delivered in full to the Imperial Treasury. The duty to collect, process and allocate resources and materials for use by other Imperial departments. The duty to uncover and report irregularities in financial gains or losses in the Empire and its subjects. The duty to oversee the collection of taxation revenue from within the greater Holy Orenian Empire, including the provinces. The power to inspect and audit the finances and stockpiles of all subsidiary entities to the Empire The power to staff his office, the Imperial Treasury, in such a way as to provide assistance in his duties. DEPARTMENT STAFF UNDERSECRETARY OF STATE FOR THE TREASURY Isaac Ypsa The Underecretary of State for the Treasury is the second-in-command of the Imperial Treasury and the Secretary of the Treasury’s right-hand official, tasked with assisting the Secretary in its duties and filling in for it when Necessary. COMPTROLLER OF FINANCES George Casimir Sarkozic The Comptroller of Finance is the chief accountant of the Imperial Treasury and the Treasury’s auditor, charged with monitoring the Imperial ledger, overseeing audits, and supremely supervising the expenditures of the Empire. He is also a member of the Imperial Financial Advisory Committee. UNDERSECRETARY OF LABOR Alexander Joseph The Undersecretary of Labor is tasked with the management of the Imperial warehouses, ensuring that other Cabinet departments, the Imperial Free Cities, and the Imperial military are well-stocked with raw and processed materials. He is also tasked with the logistics of any other Imperial operations. UNDERSECRETARY OF TRADE Sylvester Voronov The Undersecretary of Trade works closely with not only the Treasury staff, but also the Department of Foreign Affairs, to establish state-owned domestic and foreign trade relations. Imperial markets, tariffs, and trade companies all fall under its purview. UNDERSECRETARY OF MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS Red Roger Carrington The Undersecretary of Municipal Affairs is tasked with the financial management of the Imperial Capital, ensuring compliance with Imperial finances law and verifying that the requested amount of their revenue streams reach the Imperial Treasury. WARDEN OF THE IMPERIAL RESERVE Sir Veikko Harjalainen The Warden of the Imperial Reserve is responsible for the upkeep of exactly that, the Imperial Reserve. 5%-10% of Imperial revenue is placed into the Reserve to guarantee the financial stability of the Holy Orenian Empire in times of crisis. In addition to these given prerogatives, the Warden is tasked with supporting the Imperial economy with a standard amount of wealth centered in raw resources and regulating it. SENIOR LEGAL COUNSEL VACANT The Senior Legal Counsel to the Treasury is tasked with upholding the Imperial code within the Treasury and ensuring all Treasury proceedings adhere by it. Additionally the Senior Legal Counsel is responsible for the legal defense of the Treasury, while working closely with the Judiciary but ancillary to the Solicitor-General at all times. It is appointed with the advice and consent of the Solicitor General. CITY CLERK OF HELENA Red Roger Carrington The City Clerk serves the distinct function of being a Liaison between the Municipal Government and the Departments of Treasury and the Interior. Appointed and Confirmed by the Secretary of the Treasury, the Clerk oversees the residential and commercial properties of the city and ensures all transactions occur properly and diligently. Among his tasks include creating and maintaining an updated ledger of all properties, appoint and oversee an active stewardry force within Helena, as well as set and collect taxes on all properties. He, along with the Lord Mayor, oversees construction and renovation works within Helena to ensure safety and proper housing for the citizenry. LABORER Reporting to the Undersecretary of Labor, laborers collect, process, and organize the materials that the Holy Orenian Empire needs for such matters as construction, defense, or land management. TREASURY AIDE Treasury Aide serves as a junior catch-all role for those inexperienced members of the Imperial Treasury, who assist the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Undersecretaries in administrative duties. This could mean drafting financial ledgers, collecting taxes, protecting treasury officials during excursions to foreign lands, or much more. STEWARDRY In tandem with oversight on the financial spendings of the Empire, the Treasury also facilitates the income and taxation seen within the capital of Helena, as well as various other vassals. The Stewardry subsection comprises the City Clerk, as well as all other stewards that operate beneath. The role of the stewardry is a broad one, encompassing the sale, maintenance, taxation and repossession of Helena’s residential and commercial property. THE IMPERIAL FINANCIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE (IFAC) The Imperial Financial Advisory Committee is a group of Treasury officials, Imperial bureaucrats, and vassal stewards and treasurers, dedicated to setting financial policy throughout the Holy Orenian Empire. When the Secretary of the Treasury drafts new tax plans, trade agreements, and significant financial projects, the members of IFAC are usually the first to be consulted. CURRENT MEMBERS Secretary of the Treasury: Peter Victor Sarkozic Comptroller of Finances: George Casimir Sarkozic Warden of the Imperial Reserve: Sir Veikko Harjalainen City Clerk of Helena: Red Roger Carrington Province of Kaedrin: Anton Rovin II Province of Curon: Edmond Green Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruski: Hana Kovachev THE IMPERIAL RESERVE From within the halls of the Treasury, the Imperial Reserve serves as a repository for funds stored by the civil servants of the Holy Orenian Empire. Under the care of the Warden, money and resources allocated to the reserve can either be locked away for safe-keeping or distributed to one of the Imperium’s numerous bureaucratic agencies, or perhaps distributed for some miscellaneous purpose Furthermore, the Imperial Reserve functions as the Imperial regulator on the Orenian economy ensuring the stability and prosperity of the Empire. EMPLOYMENT The Imperial Treasury is always searching for additional employees to assist in its duties. Should one find themselves interested in upkeeping the financial engines of the Holy Orenian Empire, they should submit the attached application to the Treasury office in Helena: Employment under the Imperial Treasury boasts a range of both personal and professional benefits, TREASURY EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION Name: Age: Gender: Race: Position Applied For: Relevant Experience: Additional Notes: [[Username & Discord]]:
  10. THE IMPERIAL CHANCELLERY As issued the 12th of Sigismund's End, 1752 As dictated by the Archchancellor FOLLOWING the gruesome murder of our Holy Pontiff, Pontian III, the crown does wish to declare the city of Helena within a STATE OF EMERGENCY. We ask the citizens of the Empire to remain vigilant and alert, and to report and suspicious activity to the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice shall also be taking upon all investigative measures in order to apprehend those responsible for this most heinous crime. GOD bless. The Basrid Ministry hereby dictates all measures to be effective immediately. IN NOMINE DEI Archchancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire, Simon Basrid, KCS
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