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  1. +1 great guy
  2. German Federation News of the Russian Retreat from the Baltic Sea would strike joy into the hearts of the General Staff and into the mind of Karl the German Chancellor himself. The news would ironically arrived in the middle of a Military Staff meeting occurring in the Defense Ministry. Still though it was well known how lucky the air raids had been on the Russian Navy and the damage it had caused delaying the Russians plans of a attack on the German Homeland for months. The Chancellor would sit at the front of the table studying the map of the European theatre which lay in front of him. “With the Russian retreat from the Baltic sector a new plan must be formulated, something which will put us on the Offensive before the Russians repair their armada and learn from their mistakes. What do you have in plan Wilhelm?” He would turn his head to the man next to him Admiral Wilhelm Zindorf the man in charge of the Baltic Region. “Well sir, with the Russian retreat from the German coastline and most of the Baltic sector. My staff and I have come up with a plan which could secure Victory in the Baltic. We detach a division of the Navy to the entrance of the Baltic sea, patrolling for when the Russian Armada is repaired. This is while another contingent is sent to the entrance of the Gulf Of Finland enclosing the Russian fleets in Saint Petersburg. After that a German land contingent in Kaliningrad will travel through Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus striking the Russians heading towards Moscow and Saint Petersburg” All the men at the table would nod agreeing with the plan, with Karl responding “All right then it is settled, your Operation is approved but first we must get military access from Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania” Karl would nod at the man present from the foreign affairs ministry. Another man would finally speak after the moment of silence identifying as General Adalbert von Richton head of the Luftwaffe. “These Plans produced by General Zirndorf will be backed up by the Luftwaffe in the Baltic Region under the command of General Zimberg, Interceptors will back up the east group launching off from Hohn Air Base. While the west group and the land contingent will be backed up by bombers and Interceptors coming from Rostock Laugen Air Base then refueling at Kaliningrad. The bombers will strike Russian Air Bases near Moscow and in the General region of Saint Petersburg airspace and the port itself, while being escorted by German Fighters and Interceptors…...A large impeccable movement into Russian Land..” Domestic Action Germany introduces a new education scheme with a newly implemented education minister. This new scheme is well thought over through a year of polling of teachers, parents, students and people working high up in the education industry. This system is only implemented in high school and follows a Finnish model with a few modifications. Days are shorter and more productive but there is less homework and more small breaks rather than a longer lunch break. It also introduces heavy exams. Germany also offers a free military program to all college students, with all students over the age of 18 who do a year in the military will be able to get a ‘military scholarship’ where, because of their military service they can have reduced pay on colleges. It is especially advertised in poorer parts of Germany where admissions to colleges are less successful. Germany also introduces a scheme where soldiers who die will have their families compensated for. It is to be called the ‘soldier insurance’ Military Operations Blue: German Navy Black: Bomber Routes With Targets with Black Lines Red : German Army Offensive Gold : German Luftwaffe Support Within Yellow Lines The German navy would set sail from Rostock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern dividing into two squadrons the first would be deployed to the mouth of the Baltic Sea, this would be supported by Air Squadrons from northern Germany specifically Hohn Air Base. The second contingent would be placed as the mouth of the Finnish Gulf which would resupply at Kaliningrad Military Facility in addition to having support from the Luftwaffe specifically German Fighters and Interceptors refueling at the utilized air strips at the Kaliningrad Military facility. The Luftwaffe would launch an ambitious air war against the Russians. This would result in 20 Bombers being dispatched to the St Petersburg and Moscow airspace, Targeting Air Bases, and Radar Stations in these sectors while also bombing the cities themselves, these would be escorted by German Air squadrons comprising of Fighters and Interceptors. A German force of a large proportion made mostly up of Ground assault units, Armored Assault Divisions, and finally tank divisions would be sent to Kaliningrad preparing for the push into Inner Russia. The Luftwaffe would also be supporting this action making sure air space is in German Control. This would be comprised of German Fighters and Bombers. Research & Infrastructure The Chancellor would assign the most leading Military scientist and engineers to improve Depleted Uranium used in Tank Armor which is put between Steel and Metal. He would also assign lead Military build contractors to build a number of Armament and Tank factories in Bavaria and Brandenburg, also constructing larger dry-docks and Military installations in the Rostock Naval Area. While these are in production he would begin to Fortify Rostock Naval base and Kaliningrad naval base intending to keep such places in German Hands. This is while also including a larger naval installation capable of producing large ships. He would begin a large Naval Project in the Rostock Naval Area.(Will Message Mod) International Affairs Germany reaches out to Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania for Military access or possible alliances. (PLZ MOD) Germany reaches out to Denmark about the Naval possibility(MOD PLZ) Germany would send diplomats to France to discuss French interactions with Russia. Germany would send Diplomats to the United States to discuss possible Trade Agreements. (IT WOULD BE SOME TIME BEFORE THE PLANS ARE PUT IN ACTION FOR THE GERMAN DELEGATION TO SEND THE MESSAGE TO THE THREE COUNTRIES)
  3. +1 I've known brock for some time and I to be honest know he has all the right qualifications and has the right personality to be a et. He is hard working and will never stop trying to make people around him happy and enjoy Roleplay
  4. Dimlin can't remark as its too much for him
  5. Dimlin would shed a few tears for Tepah drinking in his honor before looking to all around him saying "Oi wot yeh looking at I wasn't....crying for someone I knew since meh beardling years" He would then go back to drinking sighing
  6. Dimlin would be in his study looking over blueprints of a building laying in front of him, before receiving the news of the ultimatum sighing "The Dwed who did this must beh reprimanded, there are diplomatic ways tuh fix this incident, why must we go to war If You can imprison this dwed with the help of the Urguan government and make sure he is brought to justice. Either way there are better ways then this" Dimlin would then put down his ruler and scroll up the blueprints before making his way to the clergy hall to pray with Dwalin for peace
  7. Dimlin would sigh and seemed depressed for a Moment "Known him all meh Loife an' he died before meh 240 birthday. May your Memory live on forever"
  8. That .....whatever he is builds like no other I completely believe he will do great as a builder and maybe a actor if it comes to it. +999
  9. I've known gorum the whole time I've been to lotc as he was the one was showed me how to rp and be a dwarf. He is a great guy who actually cares more about the rp then the ooc. Though I really don't comment of applications that much I would support this guy no matter what. I think he will do very well. +1
  10. MC Name: Beamon4 RP Name: Dimlin Irongut Skype: you have it Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST Professions: Veteran Miner, Adept Blacksmith Have you been in the Legion before? If so, when: Late Athera Joenaj Regime *Note: If you were a Stoneguard in the most recent legion you will keep your rank* Do you swear loyalty to the reigning Grand King: I swear loyalty to this grand king and all who come after him
  11. Dimlin Irongut signs his name
  12. Dwarves will rule
  13. Dimlin smiles "The crownlands es' becoming increasingly isolated"
  14. Dimlin Irongut signs feeling excitement bolt up -MC Name: Beamon4