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  1. Before the letter was to be sent in the morning, amid the night, Heinrik found himself in Viktor's room; by candlelight, he read the letter pausing every so often to glimpse the young crow who now bore a near identical complexion to himself. "I....I wish this were different, Viktor; I wish I could return the peace of your former life," He muttered softly, and though he dreamed he could sit in the confines of the room with his son and let the fire pass them by, he laid back down the letter and returned to the duties of his now so incoherent world.
  2. The Adrian Declaration of Independence Copies of the missive would be pinned to notice boards around Almaris. To the good Canonists of the world and the people of Adria, The imperialist ambitions of the Aaunic Crown have set within their heads a maddened frenzy. Seeing enemies in all shadows, they have laid their cruel eyes upon us, the good, fair people of Adria, those who have held the southern border while the King of Aaun has sat without an army. Those who have brought trade and life to the kingdom while the streets of the capital remain empty. Those who have invigorated a spirit of Dumacracy and popular government while the central crown seeks to lord over the vassals that keep it afloat. We say no more. Adria has no designs to support the ambitions of the Aaunic King. We simply wish to keep to our own lives, tend to our own crops, and allow our own city to prosper. We wish to leave the world alone and have the world leave us alone, but it is the King of Aaun that wishes to use our blood and toil to expand his realm. He and his council have hardly laid eyes on our prosperous city of Velec, yet from it they desire the plunder that we had already given the kingdom as a whole. With this document, we formally secede from the Kingdom of Aaun so that we may be allowed to rule ourselves, with our customs and traditions unmolested by a Crown that does not care for Adria and its people. We will govern ourselves so that we may be allowed to continue our peaceful growth and prosperity. We have already bested them once in battle as they attempted to storm our city. Another time, as we marched upon the walls of Minitz, they cowered and hid. Our enemy fears us because they have no love or loyalty from their own. Unlike the Alstions, who sought at every turn to use the Sinners’ War as a springboard to launch their ambitions for the Imperial Crown of Philip III, we seek no empire. Unlike the Alstions, who provoked conflict with Haense on numerous occasions, especially during the reign of King Karl III, we have no quarrel with the northmen. Unlike the Alstions, who covet our wealth and strength because of their lack of it, we now build our future with our own hands. Unlike the Alstions, who attempted to plot with rogue agents within Adria to turn the city of Velec over to them, we stand with the people of Adria in defense of our livelihoods. Let it be known that we seek no war with the kingdom and simply request that we be released peacefully from our oaths of vassalage. However, should the King of Aaun desire to march on Adria and burn it, then we will make to the walls of his capital and unseat him. Those who join our ranks will be justly rewarded, while those who remain neutral will go unharmed by our armies. Come what must, We shall see the storm through
  3. "What is an airman?" Heinrik Sarkozic stated being in an utter state of confused
  4. Unban my man, he’s a good guy!
  5. Heinrik Sarkozic sat alone, confined within his chambers after witnessing the unfortunate passing of his wife. A dim candle light casted a solemn glow across the room as the reality slowly set onto Heinrik. No longer shall Austina approach him in the morning with her radiant eyes and shine her sparkling smile towards him. "I thank you for everything..." A low mutter escaped the man's quivering lips after he signed the lorraine.
  6. DUCAL LETTERS FOR THE COUNTY OF SUSA 8th of Sigismund's End, 1913 TO THE DUCHY OF ADRIA, It is the responsibility of the Ducal Coronet to reward its faithful subjects with titles befitting their rank, station, and abilities. As such, we confer unto Justinian Basrid the County of Susa, by lawful claim of descent. Its associated titles, fee and privileges are to be held as the exclusive and perpetual right of Count Basrid and his lawful heirs. As any loyal vassal of Adria, the Count receives the right to counsel his liege, and is so entitled to a seat in the Ducal Duma. In turn, we charge Count Basrid and his heirs with the upkeep of common and ecclesiastical properties, the maintenance of levies, the enforcement of laws. His rights, liberty, and property are under the aegis of the Duchy of Adria - and in turn, he is obliged to raise his sword in defense of our sovereignty. May this decision bring glory and prosperity to Adria, and may the House of Basrid never fail in its duties to our Duchy. IN NOMINE ADRIAE His Grace, Heinrik I Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Count of Veletzia, Caron-Consort of Aldersberg, Protector of the South, Keeper of the Swans
  7. Heinrik Sarkozic shuffled into his seat within the chambers set aside for Deputies of the Realm. He swept back another large lock of grey hair from his vision, a vain attempt not to be reminded of his fading pitched hair. With the twiddling of his thumbs, he waited patiently for the Grand Peer to begin the meeting.
  8. Declared and published in the year of Our Lord, 1912 SUMMONS TO THE ROYAL DIET OF AAUN TO THE UNITED KINGDOM AND ITS NOBLE ESTATES, In accordance with Section II, Statute I, Clause IV “The Royal Diet may convene at its leisure, provided the Grand Peer or a representative thereof is present to chair the meeting, and fair notice has been given to all Noble Estates.” With the continued effect of the Great Charter of Aaun, it is necessary that national governance and representation are consistent. So in the prerogative afforded by our United Kingdom, I summon the Estate Nobility to the Parliament Building of New Vienne; whereas the proper functions of government may occur. WE SUMMON THE FOLLOWING ESTATES: His Royal Highness, Prince James Leopold Alstion, Heir-Apparent to the United Kingdom of Aaun, Lord of Alba @LithiumSedai His Highness, Prince Ottomar II von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine, Landgrave of Alstriem, Margrave of Vanderfell, Baron of Cornwinsburg, and Lord Vanderlore @Ramon His Grace, Brandt I Barclay, Herzog von Minitz KRE, GMSTSR, Duke of Minitz, Count of Neu Brandthof, Viscount of Tucay, Baron of Borëwald and Brandthof, Lord of Durres, Harvest Lord, and Protector of the Aaunic Heartlands @MadOne The Most Honorable, Margrave Louis II August, Margrave of Haute-Epine, Count of Beaufoy, and Arentaniebourg, Baron of Rosius, Lord of Monte Louis, Commandant of the Rose Guard, and Protector of Arentania @rep2k The Most Honorable, Guinevere I von Reuss, Margravine of Velen, Countess of Cantal, Baroness of Mons Velena, and Protector of the Aschenwald @Marshi The Honorable, Cosima von Augusten, Countess of Hohengarten @Frank_Dog IN NOMINE DEI His Grace, Heinrik I Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Count of Veletzia, Count-Consort of Aldersberg, Protector of the Aaunic South, Keeper of the Swans
  9. SUMMONS TO GRAND DUMA OF ADRIA | 1913 6th day of Harren’s Folly of 1912 TO THE DUCHY OF ADRIA The dumacratic values of Adria are considered sacred and the bedrock upon which our Adria was founded. Since the times of Duke Franz I Vladov, Adria has distinguished itself for its progressive values and integrative vision of a Duchy established not on the despotism of hitherto Savoyard or Horenic polities but instead on that of compromise and unity through differentiating ideas. As Duke of Adria, it behooves me to recognize the people's will and give them ample capacity to advise on the governance of Adria. Thus I summon the Grand Duma of Adria so that we continue to forge our shared vision of prosperity and stability. Heinrik Otto var Nikolai Sarkozic THE DUMA IS SUMMONED UNDER THIS ITINERARY 5PM EST SUNDAY 2/26/23 IN NOMINE ADRIAE His Grace, Heinrik I Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Count of Veletzia, Count-Consort of Aldersberg, Protector of the Aaunic South, Keeper of the Swans
  10. "LETS GOOOO" Heinrik says in utter delight.
  11. A CALL TO SMITHS OF THE REALMS 21 of Harren's Folly, 1911 In all four corners of the known world, there are posters speedily hung by lads in frayed burlap pants and tabards that bear a midnight eagle on quartered fields of red and black. As you approach the tattered parchment, you realize it beseeches the most skilled tradesmen, specifically smiths, to the Adrian lands of Velec. With closer inspection, you read the following: (Friday, February 17th @ 5:00 PM EST) @CharmingCavalierThanks for the amazing graphic and post!
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