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  1. Dimlin Irongut would sigh although this would suddenly break down into a sheer deluge of tears “Yemekar rest your soul Gildroc, and forgive me mah friend” He’d say, his regret stemming from his frequent outbursts and remarks towards Gildroc, though when all was said and done Gildroc was one of his truly loyal friends.
  2. Dimlin Irongut cries in pride of his clansman’s decisive statement “Donate to the home lads, DO IT FOR THE KIDS!, THEY WERE RAISED STUPID, T’EY CAN’T ‘ELP IT!” He’d state, breaking down in a heat of passion and tears, it would be clear the old politician’s fiery and assertive edge had waned, all that remained was a overly-emotional retiree surrounded by romance novels and cruise pamphlets.
  3. Dimlin Irongut would just blink entirely bemused by the vapid promulgation "Wait ah moment, if Ire'earts can't read 'ow t'e fock did t'ey wroite t'is......They've been lyin' THEY CAN READ!!!" He'd scream in realization by the great conspiracy that was Irehearts being able to write such a stupid declaration
  4. REFORMATION OF THE SAN LUCIANO STEWARDSHIP AS ISSUED AND CONFIRMED, 10th of The Sun's Smile, 1844 PROVISION I: AUDIT OF THE RESIDENCIES OF SAN LUCIANO The prompt and orderly revocation of all tax exemptions within the city of San Luciano, the capital of the Principality of Savoy, is to begin henceforth. This is to include all businesses and homes but will exclude Military Installations, Municipal and Princely Government buildings, and Ecclesiastical buildings. Furthermore, the Serene Capital will begin an audit of all residences and businesses within the city, to be overseen by the Serene Syndicate of San Luciano. These are to be conducted via checking the activity of the residency and its regular payments of tax. PROVISION II: RECONSTRUCTION OF THE SAN LUCIANO STEWARDSHIP In efforts to further expand and refine the management of the city of San Luciano, the Serene Syndicate does proclaim that the San Luciano et Stewardry shall undergo a complete reconstruction. The official mandate shall be acted on as follows: ALL current stewards must reapply for their position. New steward applications are hereby open, and those with the necessary will to serve under the office are encouraged to apply. Stewardry applications will be overseen by a panel of the Acting Magistrate, City Clerk, and the Lord Exchequer. Stewards shall be eligible for a FIFTY PERCENT discount on ALL shop and housing taxes. Stewards are permitted to collect TWENTY PERCENT of all house and shop sales, as a personal salary. IN NOMINE DEI Conrad de Falstaff Acting City Clerk Bruce Augustine Summers Acting Magistrate Ratified by the Serene Syndicate of San Luciano
  5. DECLARATION AGAINST THE AZDRAZI AS ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY HIS EXCELLENCY, 14th of Malin’s Welcome, 1842 PREAMBLE: As, this Edict is written, servants of the demon Azdromoth continue to fight a secret war against mankind, undaunted and audacious. From the murder of our priests, to the heretical impersonation of our Prophets and venerated figures, through their actions have made it plain that the Azdrazi are enemies of Canonist civilization, and enemies of our State. Through the passing of this edict, we enter a war against evil, PROVISION I: CONDEMNATION OF THE SERVANTS OF AZDROMOTH The Principality of Savoy hereby condemns the Azdrazi as worshippers of a false idol and apostates to the Canonist faith. We declare that worship of Azdromoth, a demon in the ilk of Iblees, is a heresy and transgression against mankind. We stand in solidarity with other Descendant nations and creeds in their struggle against the Azdrazi. We must set our dissimilarities aside in understanding of a greater pursuit: purging the servants of Azdromoth, and the killers of men. Thus, we acknowledge them as our compatriots in spirit, and unite together against the great, blasphemous evil. PROVISION II: BANISHMENT OF THE SERVANTS OF AZDROMOTH The Principality of Savoy banishes all Azdrazi, followers of Azdromoth, and allies, effective immediately. Any man proven in affiliation to the Cult of Azdromoth shall be branded an apostate and outlaw, void of citizenship and titles, their property forfeit and they shall be killed. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS EXCELLENCY, Conrad Nicholas de Falstaff, Lord Chancellor of Savoy, Custodian of the Great Seal, Keeper of the Swans.
  6. "One could even say, excise free" Conrad would chortle, checking his pocket watch as he'd begin focusing on less cretinous topics than the delusions of a senile dynast.
  8. THE FESTIVAL OF SAINT ADRIAN Copies of the missive would be pinned to notice boards around the Principality of Savoy and Almaris. INTRODUCTION His Excellency the Royal Exchequer of Savoy, Conrad de Falstaff, hereby invites all to the Festival of Saint Adrian this 16th of the Grand Harvest, containing a multitude of festivities and a chance for business owners to present their wares and finest services for a 10 mina fee; this is waived for local Savoyards. Stalls will be scattered over the streets, open for all denizens of the eventful day. TIME AND LOCATION The festival of Saint Tobias will be held in San Luciano in ((Sunday, October 3rd. 4:00 PM EST)) NO REFUNDS ATTRACTIONS The Stalls The Festival will be an open ground for artisans of all trades - and merchants from San Luciano and abroad, to showcase their crafts and ply their wares. A 10 minas admittance fee, for the cost of putting up a stall, is suspended for companies chartered in the Principality of Savoy. Sword in the Stone Contestants will test their strength for 5 minas by attempting to pull an ancient sword, nearly lost to time. Whoever is able to pull the sword from the stone shall keep it and its perhaps mystical properties Apprenticeship Opportunity During the Festival numerous companies will be looking for potential job-candidates. Therefore, merchants and prospective job-hunters are encouraged to find each other during the Festival. EVENTS DURING THE FESTIVAL Grand Regatta As the sun sets over the South Sea, all festival goers will be invited to the Grand Regatta, a partner race around the lagoons of San Luciano for a monetary prize. All are encouraged to participate with an admittance fee of 10 minas to participate. Brawl of St. Adrian A melee will be held for all comers, a chance to demonstrate your mastery at arms to all of Savoy. The winner will walk away with a purse of minas. There will be a sign-up prior to the event, and an admittance fee of 10 minas to participate. MINAS PRIZE Victor of Adrian A Prize amount of 250 Minas A Street shall be named in your honor within San Luciano A Personal commendation from the Prince of Savoy. A Melee weapon of their choosing made by the finest smiths of Savoy. Regatta Winner A Prize amount of 100 Minas A Gilded gondola inscribed with the name of the victor A Personal commendation from the Prince of Savoy. ENTRY SLIP The form attached needs to be filled out and handed in within the next Saint week to obtain a stall or participate in the public events. MC Name: RP Name: Company Name(if applicable): Discord: Will you be participating in the Regatta?: Will you be participating in the Brawl?: Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS FOR BRAWL: Chennster | Augustus King_Kunuk | Ostromir Carrion V Milenkhov | Istvan Hephaestvs | Vladislav of Goza Big_Flopppa | Sylvester Daedalus Quantumatics | Edmond of Sava Venoq | Tuvya of Volsoyva GoodGuyMatt2k | Ernst Barclay REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS FOR REGATTA: Rylothh | Haskir Chennster | Augustus King_Kunuk | Ostromir Carrion V Milenkhov | Istvan Quantumatics | Edmond of Sava Venoq | Tuvya of Volsoyva GoodGuyMatt2k | Ernst Barclay SPONSORS & DONORS OF THE FESTIVAL OF SAINT ADRIAN:
  9. RP Name: Conrad Nicholas de Falstaff Minecraft Name: Beamon4 Age: 18 Do you agree to pay the entry fee of 5 minas to participate in the race?: Yes
  10. (You still have article 1 as three states)
  11. Only through the first paragraph of the tabloid, Conrad de Falstaff would scoff and simply throw it into the hearth, muttering "Can't even make good lighting material" before promptly falling asleep.
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