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  8. 1000 A.D.

    Duchy of Bavaria Herzogtum Bayern Leader: Duke Heinrich IV of Bavaria __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Heinrich IV finally laid in his bed again next to his wife, She hadn’t forgave him for his supposed ‘intrusion’ but with his constant begging she finally relented and agreed to trust him once more. Though this put his mind at ease all was still not well, many of his military command reforms had failed, reports had turned up that money could not fund his vast defensive project and worst his campaign among the commoners hadn’t worked but even though these setbacks were not fatal they still needed to be dealt. Now he knew he must be more forceful, ‘if Bavaria is to have a standing military it cannot be hindered by that of the old’ men. Though these thoughts kept him awake he slowly turned over thoughts become more blurry before finally he would fall asleep without even a yawn. The Next day he would stand in his Council Room addressing his Councilors in a booming voice “My fellow men, we knew when we embarked on the task to make Bayern great, we would encounter problems; those problems have finally surfaced. So now we must step up and face these challenges head on. Let us send out wagons to collect the surplus grain from our Duchy and slowly build up the storage we promised, let us call a ball for all the nobility in the almost done Palace let them know the prestige of their majesty” He would take a short breath looking up “Now let us continue to strive for the greatness we all want, the roads outside of the city are still poorly maintenance nd unguarded let us fix that too. So with that i order you to your duties” He finished now peering at each of them, Again though none would question only nodding and writing down notes. So with that Heinrich would begin to plan again this time seal the cracks which had been exposed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Actions: Regensburg would continue construction now adding the stone brigde as a higher priority then the Walls. Much of the slums would slowly begin to be built up letting commners have a nicer life. Finally much of Bavarians artists and artisans would be tasked with filling these new public spaces with works of arts and greatness. (MOD The Duchy’s roads would also begin renovation, the civilians hired to work on it would be protected by Heinrich’s personal levy. Every so often watchtowers would be placed in and trees would be clear from the direct vacinity of the roads to make sure ambushes would less viable.(MOD) Heinrich would begin to train with his own soldiers attempting to build trust with them and hopefully their unconditional loyalty. This would all be done to oneday have a professional standing army instead of levies.(MOD) The Extra grain from the Duchy’s suprlus would be brought back to the capital into the newly constructed Ducal Storage, it would be protected by the city guard.(MOD) Finally Heinrich would reach out to Venice hoping for a direct trade route through Regensburg from the still in construction stone brigde. This would be in hopes to streamline traffic into the city increasing its populaiton and taxes. Heinrich would also start to advocate for the fine arts going to use his own personal money to fund up and coming artist and artisans. From this he would hope to start a renaissance in Bavaria (MOD) Stats: Population Size: 320,000 Army: 3,000 Regulars 5,000 in Levy arms(Only Raised In Wartime) 300 Mounted Knights 500 trained Bowmen 250 Veteran Soldiers Treasury: Confidential
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  11. 1000 A.D.

    Duchy of Bavaria Herzogtum Bayern Leader: Duke Heinrich IV of Bavaria _____________________________________________________________________________________ Heinrich IV, of Bavaria laid in his bed, it was just another day in Bayern for him and nothing had changed. His body was at rest but his mind wasn’t, he thought of his times in exile when he was younger, how it was all because of his father. His father's rebellion had been that of a devastation for Bayern its capital city had not repaired itself since the siege it endured years earlier, but now was the time to redeem his father whom he loved so much. He would turn over in his covers but his mind would still race. Next he thought of his own ambitions, he wanted to be Kaiser and he knew it would be hard to obtain his goal, many had not forgotten the rebellion which plagued Bayern under his father but he knew these obstacles would not stop him. for he, Heinrich Ottanian IV would be the next Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire. A meeting of his privy council was called the next day; Heinrich would stand in front of them in full ducal ware; he would speak with a sense of prestige. “My fellow Bavarians, a Duchy has to secure itself within and without its borders. Our capital Regensburg needs to be renovated, it’s streets old and ill maintained. The streets are not the only problem, a Duke needs towering churches, castles, monuments, so that our subjects may know a city reflects a groups prestige.” “But, you’re grace” the Grand Steward would say, but Heinrich would continue. “The Duchy’s roads have not been refurbished in nearly 200 years. That is unacceptable. The nobility will need to cover the expenses of such.” Heinrich said, his voice echoing off the council room walls. The command was not well received, but the nobility knew their place in the Duchy. “An army fit for our grand Duchy will be needed. Our troops in Italy give their lives for the Kaiser. We must show our appreciation of such.” The bill would be costly, but it had to be done according to the Duke. Too many Dukes of ages past went through their reign without a thought towards the prosperity of the Duchy. That would end today. Heinrich sat down in his Throne ready to hear his servants grievances about his plan, but none would come up. It would come apparent that the privy understood what they needed to do. For all would know that the Duchy of Bayern would be the most grandiose of them all. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Actions: The Capital of the Duchy Regensburg will begin complete renovation adding in new market places, Wide open non-dirt streets for trade, Numerous Royal Administrative buildings, a Modest but good sized Palace, a beautiful church, and gardens. The nobles and commoners will be taxed to cover the expenses. A host of public works projects organized by the Duke and his government also start across the Duchy to appease the commoners. These include the chopping of wood for buildings, the construction of roads for far flung settlements to appease the lords so that resources can be transported faster and repairs for ill managed forts and castles. Another thing would be the construction of a large beautiful stone bridge across the Danube in Regensburg. This would be made to encourage international trade from Venice to Northern Europe hoping to make it a major trade city(tariffs would be placed on this road)(MOD) Along with this new renovation comes reforms to the Duchy’s army. Strict training regimens are put into place and old weapons and gear would be replaced. Old commanders will be swapped out for new experienced ones. (MOD) Furthermore, Heinrich would send a diplomat to England, France, Normandy, Saxony, Bulgaria, Venice, Poland, Bohemia, Britany, Papal States(reminding of his earlier years in exile with a Priest), March of Austria, to discuss trade agreements. This would bring with it the hope of further relations with those who would mutually benefit from such. Heinrich hopes that these trade agreements can help fund his reforms. The walls of Regensburg shall be expanded and additional layers are to be set surrounding the city. These would hope to rival the walls of Constantinople. He would use his own soldier and commoners to do it. This project coincides with Heinrich’s other reforms as a strengthening of the Duchy. Guard towers are to be placed throughout the wall and there will be a crackdown on criminals in the city. (MOD) Heinrich has ordered the first Bavarian Census in order to assess the capabilities of the Duchy. All commoners are to report to their nearest constable with information on family size, harvest, and men that are fit for service.(MOD) To further appease the probable angered nobles and citizens, Heinrich would ride to as many keeps and villages himself dressed only as a common man letting them call him by his actual name of Heinrich. Heinrich would also promise that incase of plague a ducal storage will be made so the Peasants and nobles never go hungry. Finally he would for a few days work beside the peasants in the fields, while also offering to help the nobles administer the land and sending his workers to help repair ill-repaired noble keeps. (PR CAMPAIGN) (MOD) Heinrich would try for a child with his wife, knowing he must secure his dynasty(MOD) Stats: Population Size: 320,000 Army: 3,000 Regulars 5,000 in Levy arms(Only Raised In Wartime) 300 Mounted Knights 500 trained Bowmen 250 Veteran Soldiers Treasury: Confidential
  12. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Application Country/Tribe: Duchy of Bavaria Leader: Duke Heinrich Population: 350k History: The Duchy of Bavaria has been part of the Holy Roman Empire for some time. Though it existed as the Kingdom of Bavaria, it came under the vast unification of Otto the Great. Its Duke Heinrich now wishes to become Emperor himself, so that he can wash away the strife and see the empire come to the forefront of history. Do you have a Discord?: Yes its Beamon4#8113
  13. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Khronheim when? Active Dwarf hub right next to Whispering Crossroads