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  1. dude stop posting selfies, nobody wants to see them 

    1. Raomir


      beamon you actually got destroyed, how you not gonna respond to this 

  2. Beamon4

    The Dwedhattan Project

    “Interesting” A Holmoite Army Staffer would state before drawing up plans for the Deployment of the 1st Holmoite Armored Division to the Azadarian Front.
  3. Beamon4

    The Iron Brigade of Holm

  4. Beamon4

    ~-~ The Irongut Clan ~-~

  5. Beamon4

    The Iron Brigade of Holm

  6. Beamon4

    The Pre-Diet Verdict on the Irongrinder Clan

    Dimlin Irongut proceeds to write a book about Clan Irongrinder
  7. +1 Good and Leveled headed man
  8. Beamon4

    Player Report on Medvekoma

    That’s just crap, you claim you know what Holm will go to and then state “I really like what Hobo was doing at first” how is that even relevant it’s RP.
  9. Beamon4

    Player Report on Medvekoma

    I can attest to these attempts aswell
  10. Beamon4

    Player Report on Medvekoma

    This is very true, when Holm was having a government meeting, around a week and a half back @Hot_Dip had infiltrated and listened in on it. He was found and he fell and died. Of course there is no problem with this as its RP but his actions after the fact were problematic. I learned a few hours later that he had told everyone In Kaz_Ulrah Discord and was seemly salty. I already had a meeting scheduled there for a Holmoite infrastructure project and was met with a cold but diplomatic reception. A few minutes after I ss'ed back I was asked by Raomir to talk in Ulrah discord. He and Hot_Dip proceeded to ask my age and I said I'm not comfortable telling him this information, he went on to make jokes about it and tried to dilute my argument with members of his discord. Now I admit I'm not a angel and have argued with this group, but in this instance I never tried to instigate, antagonize or batter down these them.
  11. Beamon4

    Pride Reforged

    Dimlin Exclaims
  12. Beamon4

    The Centrist Party of Holm

    “How long have you even been ‘ere?” Dimlin would say questioning
  13. Beamon4

    The Ways of Old

    “REAL DWED” Dimlin would say smiling