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  2. LeT mE JoIn PlEaSe
  3. (Ambassadors & Relations Updated)
  4. Accepted As Diplomat to Courland. Contact High Consul for Assignment
  5. Dimlin would smile at his brother "Weh must Ralleh and put down these Usurpers"
  6. Dimlin Irongut would be sitting at his desk drafting documents for his new job, as he would sign his name on one of the documents he would hear screaming coming from the outside. "Must beh another raid..." He would say strapping on his Uniform and heading outside with his sword out and his helmet on, as he walked outside locking the door to his house the screams would become clear. Citizens screaming and crying yelling the death of the Grand King. He would move forward to where a crowd had gather at area approaching the gates of the Throne Room. He would look horrified at the bloodied and muddled corpse. before looking at Thond helping his secure the Legionaries around the Body before muttering. "Bastion.....No....Why.....Must...Our King es dead." The Newly elected High Consul would say closing his eyes pushing his hand towards his chest and straightening his posture following the dwarves around him "The King is dead...Long live teh King."
  7. Accepted As Diplomat In Training Please report to the High Consul Immediately.
  8. Urguan Diplomatic Corps Diplomatic Status The War Nation of Krugmar - Allied The Kingdom of Courland - Allied The Princedom of Fenn - Allied The Chiefdom of Warhawkes - Allied The Teutonic Order - Allied The Farthing of Haysend - Friendly The Silver State of Haelun'or - Friendly The Federation of Sutica - Friendly The Dominion of Malinor - Neutral The Sultanate of Haria - Neutral The Kingdom of Lotharingia - Neutral The Kingdom of Mardon - Neutral The Kingdom of Norland - Neutral The Holy League - Neutral High Consul Dimlin Irongut, High Consul of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan Ambassadors Aldal Ireheart, ambassador to the Silver State of Haelun’or Hogarth Irongut, ambassador to the Kingdom of Courland [Vacant], ambassador to the War Nation of Krugmar [Vacant], ambassador to the Federation of Sutica [Vacant], ambassador to the Princedom of Fenn [Vacant], ambassador to the the Chiefdom of Warhawkes [Vacant], ambassador to the Teutonic Order [Vacant], ambassador to the Dominion of Malin [Vacant], ambassador to the Sultanate of Haria [Vacant], ambassador to the Kingdom of Lotharingia Grilthram Grandaxe, ambassador to the Kingdom of Mardon Darek Hammerfist, ambassador to the Kingdom of Norland Dwalin Irongut, Ambassador to the Holy League Role of an Ambassador - You will be required to establish an embassy in your assigned nation if one does not already exist at present. - You will be required to spend a long time away from home within the destination you have been assigned, interacting with its populace and getting a general flavour of current affairs. - You will be required to communicate with said nation’s leader as a representative on behalf of the Grand King of Urguan’s interests, and for the benefit of the realm. - You will be required to submit a written report to the High Consul every two stone weeks on the ongoing political situation within your assigned nation. Rules - You must represent the interests of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan at all times. Evidence of any attempts to fulfil a personal agenda will result in dismissal. - You must not reveal the contents of your reports to anyone but the High Consul and Grand King. To do otherwise will result in dismissal. - You must not disrespect your host, unless you have been threatened with force. To do otherwise will result in dismissal. Application Name: Age: Race: Skype: Current profession: You reasons for wishing to become an ambassador of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan: Past experience, relevant to the ambassadorial role: Name one event in the nation’s history that inspired you to take on this position: First, second and third preferences for what nation you would like to be placed in: Applications will be considered on a recurring basis. Non-dwarves need not apply. (Pin This Please)
  9. Accepted Please Report to Abdes de Savin or Hefron de Savin
  10. Hefron de Savin would sigh "She was a strong woman the Iron Lady of Court, may her soul ascend to the seven in peace.
  11. OK BOY
  12. "Uhhh who are you again" Hefron de Savin would say looking at the House Sigil
  13. "Uh no here's comes teh Red Revolts" Dimlin would say shaking his head remebering skippy
  14. MC Name: Beamon4 RP Name: Dimlin Irongut Race: Dwarf Skype Name (For communication and rallying): You got it my boy Do you have teamspeak? (You will need to be on teamspeak during battles): Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST Professions: CHEF,MINER,FARMER Have you been in the Legion before? If so, when: Since the Atheran Joenaj Regime *Note: If you were in the Legion before you will be able to retain your rank.* Do you swear loyalty to the reigning Grand King: I always will and all those after him
  15. This is good....Though I do agree with Dreek maybe put down the number to 8 we don't want a army