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  1. “It was those DAMNED Helena Revolutionaries” Peter Sarkozic would say coughing from smoke inhalations
  2. Peter Sarkozic blinks at the letters for a moment before uttering “What in the Seven ******* Skies”
  3. RP Name: Explorer Dimlin Irongut MC Username: Beamon4 Discord: Beamon4#8113 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: Help the dwarven expedition, explore with Utak Ireheart, find my diary. What Skills Can You Bring?: Leadership, unesmithing, fire evocation, and basically help find old stuff
  4. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY As issued the 2nd of the First Seed, 1749 As dictated by the Secretary of the Treasury In efforts to further expand and refine the management of the city of Helena, the Office of the Treasury does proclaim that the Helena et Stewardry shall undergo a full reconstruction. The official mandate shall be acted on as follows: ALL current stewards must reapply for their position. New steward applications are hereby open, and those with the necessary will to serve under the office are encouraged to apply. Stewardry applications will be overseen by a panel of the Secretary of the Treasury , The City Mayor, and the City Clerk. Stewards shall be eligible for a FIFTY PERCENT discount on ALL shop and housing taxes. Stewards are permitted to collect FIVE PERCENT of all house and shop sales, as a personal salary. The Imperial Office of the Treasury hereby dictates all measures to be effective immediately. IN NOMINE DEI Secretary of the Imperial Treasury, Comptroller of Finance, Mayor of Helena, City Clerk of Helena,
  5. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY As issued the 5th of Harren’s Folly, 1747 As dictated by the Secretary of the Treasury The Imperial Government of the Holy Orenian Empire is declared to be shut down, until a resolution can be made amongst the Senators to pass a budget. The Budget of 1747, when discussed by the senators, was tied by those elected to vote upon such. A tie-breaker was set to occur, with the Vice Chancellor Joachim Boussy Haas being the one called to break the even voting. His vote was in favor of opposing the budget. Thus, the budget was tabled with his tie-breaking decision. However, the war department’s budget of 6,000 mina passed regardless of the tie-breaker, through the process of another vote within the Imperial Senate. The debate of such a budget was because of the original disputation regarding the transparency of the destination of finances. The Treasury was not in favor of re-submitting the previous budget as well, due to the disagreements surrounding its appropriations– as it did not state its time of expiration, and it was to be assumed of its expiring within the year of it being in place. Therefore, with the previous budget –in the eyes of the treasury– having expired last year and not another passing, all departments excluding the military, are to be shut down at once. It is of the utmost expectation that the war department stays open, as the Senate voted on allowing the appropriations to flow. IN NOMINE DEI Secretary of the Treasury, Imperial Senator from the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, President pro tempore of the Imperial Senate,
  6. Secretary de Sarkozy would rise to answer once more “Senator, thank you for your comprehensive inquiry into the matters of this department and its functionary duties to our state. However, I must remind you that it is not my sole prerogative to answer for the specific departments in question. It is merely my role to ensure that they properly be funded and flexibly supported by the revenue of this Empire to conduct all of their very important functions. Further details on each of the respective departments can be ascertained by their secretary or with further testimony as we continue with allocation. However, that does not mean I am perpetuating reckless or careless spending. It is my duty, in unison with my colleagues in the council of state and with the advice and consent of this Senate, that I propose these funds so that departments have the liberty to make specific discretionary allocations in their work. I can tell you that my department continues to coordinate with upcoming expenditures, anticipated needs, and a broad review of all necessities to create a well-founded administration. I do believe in transparency and clarity and I am prioritizing my correspondence with your colleagues to consent to a budget that is befitting to all of our citizens. On the question of business, I am the Treasurer of Oren. I am not the treasurer of every other nation. My priority is to invest in Orenian markets and increase revenue to be able to allocate more funds to vital departments that you feel need more in the budget. However, it is my aspiration to make a well-rounded economy that puts Orenian business in advantageous positions. As I outlined in my previous statements, I am working diligently on a system that generates revenue through commodities and expanding market participation at unprecedented levels while garnering the collective effort from our provinces."
  7. The Secretary would nod before responding to the question "To the honorable Senator from Kaedrin, I shall respond to your punctilious questions in order of how they were presented. I apologize for my misspoken comment on the Judiciary, in actuality the money will be used for paying existing judges, and when the time comes, recruiting new ones. Furthermore also making trials and overall Judicial proceedings more efficient, the Judiciary needs a budget to perform vital duties in investigation and resources against lawsuits. Simply put, the trial of Ser Vyronov for example was, from an outsider’s perspective, an elongated process. Making these trials more coherent is not only wanted, but is needed to keep confidence in our legal system. The Department of the Interior has to be provided the necessary funds to know how large they can make these festivals and projects, the Secretary himself affirmed to you and the Senate his wish to see holiday events, feasts, and other altruistic acts for the populace done. Furthermore It is the duty of the Interior to make sure we have the needed infrastructure; defenses against raids of course can be made with such providing, improvements in road quality, and also making sure that the Watch Tower project is completed in a timely fashion. Now if these projects do not happen or are in need of more resources, we will revise accordingly. The External Affairs Department must fund state dinners, general accommodations for its diplomats, and its dealings with making favorable terms with other sovereign entities. In diplomacy being able to convince and enthuse the other party is key. The Treasury intends to begin rolling out large labor contracts to businessmen in the OVERALL Empire, reinvestment means the recirculation of money in the system and the people. Now the question of if it will go into the capital or the states is a pallid one, for the reasoning that the Crown and by extension the Treasury, favors the best deal that can improve the general Empire not just one part of it. The Treasury also intends to begin selling resources on the market to increase the cash flow of the coffers when a surplus occurs."
  8. Secretary de Sarkozy walks into the chamber and assumes his seat before the dais. In the presence of the senators, the Treasurer held his portfolio in order to lay out the details of his budget. "Mister President and Imperial Senators, I am here to comply to the writ of summons to relay the intentions of my department in our allocation of Imperial revenues to the respective departments of state. The Imperial Treasury shall be receiving the stated financial resources to reinvest the money back into the Empire. External Affairs will receive 1000 minas for the sake of ongoing diplomatic missions. Onto the Judiciary, the Judiciary shall receive 750 mina to aid in the selection of new judges. The Interior will be receive 500 mina as an experimental budget, to fund festivals and improvement projects. The Intelligence Department will not be receiving funds until they submit a list of expenses to the Imperial Treasury. The Civil Affairs Department will also not receive anything until they submit a list of expenses to the Imperial Treasury. Finally the War Department will be receiving 6,000 mina for the reasons of to pay soldiers, maintain facilities, and further the war effort.” *Secretary de Sarkozy would then take a large sip of water*
  9. Peter de Sarkozy would sign for a moment before shaking his head “A good man and a just King”
  10. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY As issued the 11th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1746 As dictated by the Secretary, The prompt and orderly revocation of all tax exemptions within the city of Helena, the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire is to begin henceforth. This is to include all businesses and homes, but will exclude Military Installations, the Dragon’s Rest Tavern, Civil and Imperial Government buildings, the residence of the City Clerk, and Ecclesiastical buildings. Furthermore, the Imperial Capital will begin an audit of all residences and businesses within the city, to be overseen by the Imperial Treasury. These are to be conducted via checking the activity of the residency and when installed, its regular payments of taxes. IN NOMINE DEI Secretary of the Treasury Mayor of the Imperial City of Helena City Clerk of Helena Undersecretary of Municipal Affairs
  11. Dimlin smiles at the missive from his sandy beach vacation spot in the Spice Islands before commenting “I’m proud of you lad, keep it up.” Then promptly going back to suntanning.
  12. “Shame, he’ll be missed” Peter would say carving a small deer with his hunting knife
  13. “Fare thee well, for now” Peter de Sarkozy would state solemnly before playing his harmonica
  14. Peter de Sarkozy performs the Lorrainian Cross of himself before sighing “He was a good man and a true vicar of GOD, he will be missed dearly”
  15. “Your family has my regards, your Majesty” Peter de Sarkozy would state with a solemn sigh
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