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  1. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Andorra Andorra La Nueva: Capital Building A young man in a trench coat dashed through the hallways of the capital building, with papers dramatically flying from his grasp as he ran. He'd gain a few disdainful glares from the janitors as they picked up the papers littered all over to realize that they were blank, and were dropped purely for the dramatic effect. As he approached the meeting room he threw off his coat and slammed the few actually important papers onto the long table, exclaiming, "Leaders of Andorra! I have some critical information that you must hear immediately!" "Yes, we know, that is why we are here Fernando. You sent us all a message saying exactly that." She paused, sitting up straight to see the very long paper trail that was left in his wake, "But were all the theatrics really necessary?" "Hey, I thought the paper was a nice touch, made it feel like I was in a movie or something." Fernando was clearly excited that he gained the favor of one of the princes as he smiled broadly. "How are you taking up for him! He made such a big mess! The cleaners are just gonna have a big fit, and..." "That's enough, we're wasting time with this idle jabbering. It's just a bunch of paper, and we have much more important things to discuss." Prince José turned calmly over to Fernando, "Now, Advisor of Defense, what is it that is so urgent?" "Well, it's quite simple actually. Our scanners tell us that there have been some space shuttles of unknown origin routinely passing through the system. Our best guess is that they are cargo or passenger ships, but we cannot say for sure as they do not seem to resemble any known design for human-made space vessels. "So.." Prince Pablo relaxedly scratched his chin in thought, "..Aliens? I guess?" Isabella was wide-eyed with shock and a hint of terror, "How are you so calm about this! We are talking about aliens here! Brain sucking, laser zapping, parasite spreading aliens! This is a major threat to Human kind!" Prince José was similarly shocked, but attempted in vain to maintain his relaxed appearance, "W-well! We clearly need to make contact with these new... neighbors? Yeah, and uh, make sure they aren't any threat to Andorra!" "My thoughts exactly sir," Fernando, already having coped with the shock of the situation, had a serious disposition about him, "And I recommend that we make a batch of fighter planes to supplement our existing forces just cause... you know... just in case." "Sounds like a good plan, and by not making too many we don't run the risk of them thinking we plan on going to war." Pablo clapped his hands, and picked up the memo in front of him as he said, "Well, that's done. Let's move onto the next thing on the list... let's see... oh, looks like the colonial freighter found absolutely nothing particularly useful on P-2." "Oh, so we're done with that alien thing, yeah? I guess I'll just be on my way then..." "Nah, just stick around. These guys are probably too scared out of their socks to be all that helpful. "Oh, oka..." Isabella hastily interrupted, "Hey! I'm not intimidated! I bet you're intimidated and just blowing it off on us so you don't look bad! Yeah, that's what I thought, you coward!" "Calm down Isabella, we don't need to be demeaning each other right now," he'd pause, looking up into the sky from the window, looking for aliens, "A-after all, we need to finish the meeting quickly to reassure the people everything is alright." "Yeah, so anyway we probably don't want to waste any more time with this sector since most of the planets probably have similar mineral compositions to P-2. Maybe we should have them look 'west' of our area for deposits of valuable ore." "Yeah," José would look back down from the sky, "Maybe send some more folks in the S.S. Santa Maria to help search a little quicker." "Yeah... sounds smart," she said, clearly making an effort to calm down, "Also, our scientists reported that they are in the early concept phase of the development for the advanced camouflage plates." "A secret project! That sounds pretty neat!" Fernando chimed in, "It should have a cool code name though like maybe... Operation Hidden In Plain Sight, or Project H.I.P.S.!" Prince Pablo laughed heartily, "Oh! I love it! That is just hilarious! Let's use it." Prince José chuckled lightly, "Yeah, it is a pretty smart name, but only the concept phase? I mean, I'm not a scientist or anything, but maybe they could set up a network between the different plates. Each plate would show a different part of a programmed scenery, and the only thing worth researching would probably be a high definition display that could look like the real thing." "Yeah, but what about radars, or whatever else like that? One of those things could probably still detect an object like that, so what you're suggesting would just be invisible to the naked eye." "Oh, yeah true..." he thought for a moment, "Maybe the plates could also absorb those radar detector beams, or however that works, and it would appear like nothing was there." "I don't know how possible that is, but I'll mention it to the scientists anyways." "Well, I guess that's it then? Class dismissed." As everyone walked out, Fernando tapped Prince Pablo on the shoulder and asked him, "How were you so calm when I made to alien announcement? Everyone else freaked out." "Oh, it just takes a little bit for these things to sink in for me. I'm probably gonna have a nervous breakdown in a half an hour." Summary AP Usage Research into advancing camouflage technology is continued, and Prince José's idea is suggested to the scientists. The project is re-named Project H.I.P.S. as well (2 AP). Due to suspicion regarding the unidentified spacecraft that constantly go by the system, a squadron of 100 fighters are constructed as a precaution (1 AP). The colonial freighter and colony ship are sent to the cube of space directly to the left of the Andorran territory to continue the search for a substantial resource of ores (1AP). A discreet message requesting identification of the unidentified ships routinely flying by the system is sent to hopefully make a peaceful first-impression (0 AP). Population Andorra La Nueva (Capital): 200,000 Humans Military (A noticeable increase in voluntary sign-ups occurs in response to the suspicion surrounding the uncertain intentions and origins of the passing spacecraft.) Standard Soldiers: 2,500 Humans Spacecraft Crew Members: 650 Humans Spacecraft 1 Destroyer 2 Frigates 1 Freighter Original Colony Ship, the S.S. Santa Maria Technology Quantum Communicators Warp Technology Shipyard Level 2 Solar System
  2. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Andorra Andorra la Nueva: Princes' Office "WHAT!? José, how come you never told me this before?" "I thought everyone knew, it's something I learned in grade school, Pablo." "But why didn't you point it out before when I announced it to our entire population THIRTY years ago? Why haven't you mentioned it at all since then?! I have been leading the country under false information for decades." The tall middle-aged man sat down in his large chair and leaned back, covering his face with his hands. "Umm? I came in a little late to the conversation, I assume? What is the matter with Prince Pablo?" A small-bodied European woman with large glasses and a clipboard in her hands inquired as she walked into the room. "He thought Alpha Centauri was another galaxy." José folded his arms and shook his head, somewhat reminiscent of a disappointed older brother. "Oh, well that's silly, I'm pretty sure it's the star nearest to where earth used to be, and in the Milky Way of course." Pablo groaned, "Well, I'm sorry, but not everyone excelled in astrology class. I mean I'm a politi-" "Astronomy class. Astrology has to do with constellations and superstitious beliefs surrounding them. Astronomy has more to do with the physical aspect of stars and galaxies." "I should fire you Isabella, you just have to criticize every little thing I say." He complained, knowing he couldn't really fire her as she was voted in by the people to be the Lead Advisor. "Don't be whiny. Anyways, we need to get down to business, poking fun at Pablo's education can wait." "Yes, and maybe let's never return to it." He sat up straight and folded his hands out on his desk in front of him. "Okay, we do need to come up with a new plan of action now. I had previously been working with the idea that we would never see other people other than Andorrans again, so I thought we had more time to expand and develop. But if our fellow space-travelers are within our galaxy, and probably have access to warping technology like us, then we could be seeing them again in the near future." "Perhaps we should use the newly developed quantum communicators to send a message to the Alpha Centauri system and let them know of our whereabouts." "Hold on. I would normally agree with that course of action, but as you remember on earth we were incredibly small. The world had no respect for us, and now we have the opportunity to grow on our own to the grandeur of nations like those most powerful back on earth. But if we communicate with them, they will no doubt send support to us, and ruin the potential glory of becoming a strong nation on our own. I say that we make no contact until we have such a nation built that would take their breath away." "You know, I agree with you Isabella. I don't want our people to be pushed to the side as another minor faction anymore, being thought of as children by the stronger countries. I want to make such an impression on the other peoples, that the name of Andorra will not be forgotten or neglected. While we're at it, let's try to find a way to hide ourselves until we wish to reveal our mighty country," he paused, thinking to himself for a moment, "How would we do that though?" The room was silently in thought until Prince José spoke up, "Maybe our scientists could design a dome that we could put over our city and shipyards, but the outer plates might have some sort of special camouflage to make it appear exactly like normal, unaltered terrain to outside viewers." "Brilliant!" She began writing a note on her clipboard. "Now, before we get carried away with these isolationist thoughts, I'd like to point out that it really isn't a good idea to avoid any relations with other groups as it will set us back in trade." "Fine, we can have trade relations if absolutely necessary, but we're not taking any other help. Until then we're sticking with the camo-dome idea." She glanced at her clipboard and remembered what she wanted to mention when she came in, "Oh, I should inform you two that the interior remodeling of our freighter is done. Not a big thing, but I figured you'd want to know that it is ready to be used again." "It is good to know, we have been in some need for more raw materials recently, and it probably would be good to have some spare for the dome once the blueprints for it are complete." "Yes, maybe send the freighter to P-2 with some workers and see if there are any significant amounts of minerals there. And before you ask, I think that we should try and mine on the barren inner planets rather than Benevoléncia because then we don't have to ruin the beautiful terrain here with mining operations, and it's not like we're ruining anything over there." "Fair enough. Well now that we're finished, we should probably have the secretary get the word out about our plans." "I have an advisory council meeting I have to go to, so I'll let her know on my way out. Now stay out of trouble you two." She hastily opened the door and left to get her chores done. José walked up to Pablo and said to him quietly, "You may have already gotten over it, but the fact that nobody brought up your astronomical mistake until now shows how much respect everyone has for you." Pablo exhaled softly and said, "Yeah, let's just hope I don't lose that respect." Summary AP Usage Scientists begin looking into camouflage plating that could be used to hide buildings from outside view (3AP). A small exploration team would be sent in the colonial freighter to the next planet inside the Gloría system, P-2, to look for valuable mineral deposits (1AP). Population Andorra La Nueva (Capital): 185,000 Humans Military Standard Soldiers: 1,500 Humans Spacecraft Crew Members: 500 Humans Spacecraft 1 Destroyer 2 Frigates 1 Freighter Original Colony Ship, the S.S. Santa Maria Technology Quantum Communicators Warp Technology Shipyard Level 2 Solar System
  3. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - OOC and Apps]

    OOC: Username: OKUDKREESH Skype: (Pm if you want.) OKUDKREESH the Kud of Kreesh Ideas and Suggestions?: naw, it's all good RP (Humans only, I apologize.): Hoomins for life Colony Name: Andorra la Nova First Planet Type: The Planet's name is Benevoléncia. Mostly covered in mountain ranges, and dotted with deep swampy valleys and massive lakes. There are a few large plateaus in some of the mountain ranges. Both of the poles are frozen over with the ice reaching nearer to the equator than on earth, about halfway to where the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn would be. There are two lifeless rocky planets nearer to the system's sun, Gloría, and have been named P-1 and P-2 for the time being. History: (Assuming it's a bit of a custom nation.) Despite a long and complicated political past, including the Great French Scandal in 2035, the small Diarchy of Andorra sandwiched between France and Spain had grown into a banking powerhouse during the mid-2060s. Many powerful and influential people trusted the country's banks with their money, and took large loans on a regular basis. Upon hearing of the red giant crisis, the country rejoiced at the opportunity to colonize the unknown of space and potentially grow their country in size and population as well as in wealth. The people praised the Lord that the designs for the colony ships were able to house their entire population of 93,714 (Their small population was a direct result of the minute size of their territory) and then some. The remaining space was filled with the best scientists, scholars, and teachers that money could buy. As their ship, dubbed S.S. Santa Maria after Christopher Columbus' famous flagship, made the interstellar jump, the citizens on board were trembling with excitement to colonize the new world and race the other ships in staking claim on the planet's land, but everyone froze as soon as they saw they were alone by a planet other than the one they aimed for. As the technicians saw that they were still in the galaxy they thought they left, they made the assumption that their interstellar drive had malfunctioned while the others had made it to Alpha Centauri. This announcement was met with mixed emotions among the people as they believed that they were now completely alone in the galaxy, but at the same time saw they had to share it with nobody. As they descended onto the newfound planet they named it Benevoléncia after the gift of opportunity they received from God. When they found a plateau large enough to make a sizable city they landed and began construction on Andorra la Nova, the New Andorra. Construction took longer than it should have since most of the passengers of the SS Santa Maria were not highly educated, so they were forced to take classes on high level academics and 'intern' with already accomplished scholars so everyone could contribute equally. Since they believed that they had no competition for expansion in the galaxy, they were not concerned about being done quickly. Rather, they spent much time making sure the job was done right. After many years, the new city was completed, the people were fully educated, and the country as a whole was ready to expand. Map location: (Remember, fill a square and send it to me privately.): Sent!
  4. Division

    Skype Name: OKUDKREESH the Kud of Kreesh Nation Choice (by color): Green Nation Government: Absolute Monarchy Nation leadership: King Hadrien II Lore of nation: Previously, the Kingdom of Protanica was a peaceful nation in the middle of a renaissance under the rule of King Benjamin IV, but there was a rising distrust in the nobility for the king's ability to lead and his foreign policy regarding defense from outside nations. They thought he was too relaxed, and that this put the country into a vulnerable situation should an invasion from an outside force occur. Finally after many failed attempts trying to convince the king to improve their national defense, the then-duke Hadrien II staged a rebellion that quickly proved that his concern was well placed as there was little to no significant opposition. It took awhile for the people to accept their new more-military focused ruler, but after large-scale propaganda projects they began to tolerate it. Hadrien II now looks for a way to not only gain his people's tolerance, but their admiration as well. He thinks that his first major act as ruler should be to secure all of the two islands/lakes (depending on what color is water) on/by which the Kingdom of Protanica resides, and to push the red nation further from the cities Fort/City Placement (Add this via editing on the map. There's plenty of free edit sites.): Left one if dark brown is water, right one if light brown is water. Questions?: Is the light brown the water or is the dark brown the water?
  5. [Bounty] Rabbits (Low)

    Erick Donovon shines his bluesteel blade and fondly looks forward to the delicious rabbit meat about to enter his stomach.
  6. [Completed][Bounty] Berthold of Hachland

    Erick scratches his chin as reads the notice, "This is one ferocious beast alright, you definitely wouldn't want to go into this with out a plan if you love your life." He then goes on to find any more useful information on this dangerous dwarf.
  7. [Complete][Buying] In need of Coal!

    Receart Lilumi glances at the above note, and pins a response below it, "I do not currently have any thanhic iceboxes in stock, due to material shortage, but as soon as I have one made I will contact you."
  8. [!] Posters would be put on notice boards all over Axios in all the major cities. I am in need of a crate of 100 pieces of coal, for making the finest tinker products there are. I am willing to pay around 100 to 150 minas for the goods, though it can be negotiated within reason. We could meet at a variety of places to exchange the goods: Sutica, Johannesburg, Haria, Urguan, The Wood-Elven City, and many more places! -Receart Lilumi
  9. [✗] Springy Shoes!

    True, but don't khas get jump boost already at night? (At least the wiki says that, it might not be implemented, though I feel like I've seen it in game once)
  10. A Rolling Modifier System

    +1 It sounds real cool, and I'd like to see this come into existence.
  11. [✗] Springy Shoes!

    So, I was just thinking and I thought that maybe someone could add Spring Shoes to the Tinker crafting station. They would basically have the same effect on the Jump Boost effect as Light Leather does on the speed effect. They could be an interesting addition, I think.
  12. [Complete][BUYING] Slimeballs!

    Hello chefs and explorers of Vailor! I am in need of a sticky material (slime) for some of my contraptions as a tinker. I am in need of only a single crate of 64 balls, and I am willing to pay around 100 minas, which can be negociated. When you are ready to sell your slime, send a bird to Receart Lilumi ((OKUDKREESH)), and/or leave a note below. The meeting place will be at the cloud temple.
  13. Tinker's Construct

    +1 I think it's a cool idea, and it'd be fun to rp as a technomancer.
  14. [Complete][Selling] WallSmasher 5000

    ((Being the maker of this device (And therefore knowing its mechanics a little better), I went to make a lore post about it. But, after seeing "When writing lore, consider whether it features things that are already possible/existent in LoTC" in the Lore Submission Guide, I thought that it probably doesn't need a whole lore post and stuff since, ultimately, it just uses a single spring to fire a small iron ball a short distance so you can break some things in a fun rp way, and it has a little chain you use to pull the ball back into place. If I am wrong about not needing to write a lore post about it, please let me know.)) ((To give a more detailed roll modifier, for when you fire the machine, than MichaelWinter11: 1-3 = Something catches inside and busts the machine, which wont work any more without an in depth repair. 4-7 = The chain gets tangled and breaks, you need a new chain. 8-10 = You miss your target, for whatever reason. 11-13 = You hit your target, a little bit at an angle though, so not high damage. 14-18 = You make a deep gash in your target. 19-20 = You almost completely destroy you target, one more successful shot should do it, unless it is a very durable material.))
  15. [Nation Charter] Sutica

    Hadrien signs the charter eloquently, then proceeds to go home and lie back in a chair, "I hope I can find me some thornbark thar."