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  1. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Trade Federation Actions AP 98 Research continues on Trizendrium weaponry. For the most part, the research centers around kinetic weapons augmented by trizendrium in certain aspects, such as bullets tipped with triz, or trizendrium shotguns, etc. However, trizendrium mortars and all other sorts of infantry weapons are also developped and perfected continuously. (13AP) (80AP invested) Xeri & Kosh Armaments buys a large chunk of land on the surface of GTC-2 and begins to develop weapons manufacturing plants and trizendrium refineries. (25AP) (25 AP into industry) Business 10 140 total The Citadel once again receives a major investment from the government. More housing, affordable and luxurious! More malls, more parks, more farms. Everything to make a beautiful, gleaming city in the stars. (10 AP) (80 AP into business on this tile) (140 AP into biz total) Ruthless Monkeys continue to murder stuff. (20AP) (140 invested) Work on the Ar’Gakari technology continues. The datacore is studies scrupulously, tested and worked on with the utmost care to not let it take over any systems. The weapons, armor etc are studied too. (9AP) (29AP invested) Arcturus Defense Solutions is hired to add more defenses to the Citadel, in light of the dangers from the Sculptor cluster. (22AP) + 100AP from foreign investors. (152 AP invested) Mnbli’s tution. (1AP) (Year 3)
  2. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Apologies for the **** post. I’m busy irl. Trade Federation AP 93 More investment into the Citadel. Better malls, better subway systems, better advertisement panels, better restaurants, better infrastructure, better microwaves -the Hephaestus Type!-, better everything! If the Citadel isn’t the pinacle of Western Galactic excelence, then I don’t know what is! (20AP) (120 Invested) (60 GTC-2 Tile) The Ar’Gakari flesh, brain matter, weapons and data cores retrieved on the mission are studiously analyzed in different labs, under strict quarantine. The Data Core is thoroughly scanned with TAROT and tested in all manner of ways before being accessed in a way that could release the powerful viruses the weapons proved to contain. Scientists attempt to work on a theory of using cloned brain tissue or skin to gain access to the systems. (20AP) Ruthless Monkey continues. (20AP) (120 Invested) Mnbli’s tuition is paid, the Federation donates another 4 billion (4AP) to encourage better classes and training. (5AP) 2 Destroyers and 3 frigates are comissioned. (10AP) A large campaign to attract foreign investors into GTC-2 for industrial infrastructure is launched, following trends similar to the year before. They outline the benefits, especially for those who make their HQ in the Federation, including the possibility to reach the Board, the governing force behind the nation. In particular, Chupan’Mo industralists are offered beneficial terms, with the Federation extending them a hand to rebuild what may have been lost in the Sculptor Cluster. (10AP) (130 invested business.) (70 GTC-2 Tile) More research goes into Trizendrium, specifically, perfecting weaponry, creating flamethrowers and anti-armor rounds, as well as grenades and that sort of thing. (7AP) (27AP invested)
  3. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Trade Federation Admiral Eldrige watched the live feed from a room far below the surface of an unnamed moon. The lighting was dim and red, permeating the edges of the room in a dull glow and leaving the middle devoid of color, a black hole lit only by one screen layed out flat upon a table. She gripped its edges with white fingers, her gaze focused upon the events with hawk-like attention. The drone filming the scene shuddered as a railgun fired nearby, streaking the void of space with a glimmer of ionized gas particles. It spun around with the round, following it as it crossed the gap between the two small fleets, but even as the shot was powering up within the cannons of the opposing ship, its target had moved. Sleek and quick as a snake, the frigate swerved out of the way and spun at an angle that would have torn apart a normal operating crew. It’s matte black hull shone dully in the light of the nearby sun as the shot skimmed along its shields, sparkling in an irridescent glow of energy. Then its righted itself just as fast and in the blink of an eye, its laser cannons fired. “Damn,” she muttered, glancing at the nearby officers and officials watching the screen with rapt attention. “Captain Anderson, how long would your crew take to fire such a shot, from order to execution?” She asked a man near the back of the room. He had replaced her upon the North Sea, before this. A good man with a well-trained crew. The best in the Federation navy. He looked down at the screen as the laser hit its target, burning its shields. “Fifteen seconds, perhaps? Ten at best.” She shook her head and turned back to the screen as the two black frigates moved in perfect syngergy, weaving through shots as if they were fighters and firing with deadly accuracy at the five enemy ships. Missiles came pouring forth from the enemy, trailing exhaust and once again, the frigates reacted as fast as the missiles exited their bays. Point-defense flared, engines roared and the ships spun clear of the explosions, releasing a horde of swarm missiles along with a flurry of laser shots. Two enemies erupted into debris as they were overwhelmed. A minute later, the remaining two hostiles escaped the system, trailing oxygen and wreckage. Eldrige deactivated the feed and tapped the intercom. “Excellent work, A-72, H-43. Return to Base 4 for debriefing.” A smile broke across her face. To think that a few years ago, she had struggled against the replicants and watched Nexus disappear into a supernova. These… pilots were the heralds of a new age of space combat. “Find them better target practice than pirates, I want to see them put under stress,” she said, glancing at a nearby man in a white lab coat. “Admiral, we have yet to fully tes the neuro-links between clone and original copy,” he replied, righting his glasses and frowning. “You can keep their identity intact, correct?” “Yes, ma’am,” replied the scientist after a small pause, and Eldrige grimaced. The Board seemed to have no qualms about this project, but she... She glanced back at the gathered officers as they went through the recording once more, dissecting every clinical move and precise shot executed by the two frigates. This would not go well for anyone. They were playing with forces beyond their knowledge. “Without corruption?” She said after a pause, jerking out of her reverie. “From what we have seen, that is correct. Their minds and full personalities will remain uncorrupted.” “Then we can keep them there until you have it figured out. I do not want to have to wait another decade.” She would have preferred to never see it come to fruition, but that was not her choice to make anymore. “Of course.” ----------- “And it is with pleasure that I announce a symbolic shift in the Board’s membership demographics,” said Miranda, standing atop the podium. Her smile hid a welling bitterness and she clenched her jaw as a frown threatened to overtake her carefully crafted expression. She would not let that...man strip away what little dignity she had left. “Due to personal reasons and long-standing health issues, I will be stepping down as CEO of BP Galactic.” A flurry of flashes and murmurs spread throughout the press members assembled before her, rising like a wave until she lifted her hand sharply. “Questions will be answered after the announcement,” she said in a sharp voice. “With my retirement, we must also announce the instatement of two new companies to the board.” A holographic display flickered to life behind her, marking the seven companies currently holding a position on the board. Dare Horizons & Co. CEO: Tony Blaze III / Human A mother company to approximately seven-hundred and fifty two subsidiaries in and out of the Trade Federation, including Supersense Gaming. BP Galactic CEO: Miranda Thresh / Human Sulis Farmana / Ymorian The main mining import & export company, with a dozen subsidiaries working mining plants throughout the Federation. Xeri & Kosh Armaments CEO: Xino’Xan Xeros / Cevelli The producer of a majority of military equipment used within the Federation, from personal armament to ship-based railguns. A leading figure in trizendrium research and holder of said mining facilities. McLarren & Zerosi CEO: Ynak Zerosi VIII / Zyrka & Jerome McLaggin / Human (Co-CEO) Holder of the rights to B4-X8 and Harpie MkII production and leading expert in small-scale ship innovation & production. Farfetch Shipping CEO: Scruff of House Scruffy / T’Jell A shipping company with a large amount of independent freighters under contract and control of most Federal freighters, Farfetch Shipping controls the flow of trade through the Citadel on a daily basis. Guardian Enterprises CEO: Julian Samenson / Human The military arm of the federation. Guardian Enterprises focus primarily upon the defense of Federation soil, the protection of their space stations and national defence as a whole. AgriPro Ltd. CEO: Glinib / Krib The agricultural powerhouse of the Federation. Formed after the population boom of 2050, they have overtaken the market with their efficient and high quality produce. “With the rise of AgriPro and my resignation, we find ourself facing a historic moment in Federation and human history,” she paused and looked down at the display passing by on the screen. “Perhaps unprecedented. Our nation was born decades ago from a small human colony on a terribly harsh world. From there we have spread through the stars and claimed our place in galactic history. And with this spread has come a diversity our originators could never have dreamed of. I am... proud to announce that for the first time in history, humans face a demographic minority in the ruling body of the Federation. We will not forget our roots, but we have opened ourselves to a new future. Thank you.” She stepped of the podium quickly, her heels clacking against the metallic surface of the plaza ensconced deep within the great halls of the Citadel. Blaze walked up to her and she resisted the urge to strike him. He smiled, the wrinkles on his face pulling taut against the cybernetics embedded into his flesh. For the first time in years, she realized that he was over forty now. His hair was going grey and the youthful burn of ambition had dimmed in his remaining human eye. Now it was only cold, and greedy. “An excellent speech,” he said, shaking her hand in front of the cameras. “I’m that our people will remember your contribution to our nation for ages to come.” “**** you,” she whispered through her smiling façade. He had won, her days of power were gone. The Federation belonged to him. ACTIONS 78 AP As Project Evil Twin comes to a close, certain refinements and final details must be wrapped up. In this case, certain neurological problems must be addressed, a final test for the hard-working scientists. (15AP) (225 Invested) As the Citadel grows, more and more resources are put into expanding it in size and quality. New housing districts, better quality amenities, malls, parks, farming districts led by Agrikrib Incorporated, the foremost Krib company in the Federation. Everything is thought of, from aesthetic aspects to functionality. To turn the Citadel into the best space station in the galaxy. (20AP) (100AP Business) (40 on GTC-2 Tile) More Harpie and B4-X8 bombers are brought forth from the shipyards. (4AP) (400 ships) The search to unlock the secrets of Trizendrium continues. Effort is put into adapting it into Swarm Missile technology as well as small arms. The scientists speculate about the possibility of creating purely trizendrium weaponry, and try to see if it is a possibility, basing themselves off the Trizendrium Lance that is incorporated into the TF battleship. For the rest, they continue to work on it with kinetic weapons. Mainly, small arms, flamethrowers and anti-armor guns or rounds. (11AP) (20AP invested) With the approaching end of Evil Twin, Ruthless Monkey is once again picked back up. (15AP) (100 invested) More defenses for the Citadel. (2AP) (22AP invested) Two new settlements are created this year, with last years colony ships. Several bases are created throughout the galaxy, in desolate spots, mostly within Federation space. Heavily fortified, hidden with every means possible from scans, classified and with personal that is permanently assigned to the bases and scanned every week through DNA, background, psychological tests, etc. Secure and secret in every way. (10AP) As usual, new territories are thoroughly scanned with TAROT-M to reveal any resources. (0AP) Mnbli, the level eight psionic krib found within the midst of the Federation in the past year is sent to the Grand Alliance Academy for training and alignment. For now, the remainining 12 psionics with above 5 potential remain at home, upon the Citadel. (1AP)
  4. Praetor

    Modern Nations OOC Thread

    ^ OLD APP, CHANGED TO ISRAEL ^ Application Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): The Holy Land of Israel Leader Name: Shlomo of Nazzareth Background, ensure it fits with game Background: Israel grew after the losses of the Saudi led coalition, grew into a major power in he Middle-East, holding swaths of land that had once belonged to their sworn enemies. But with their growth, came insurgency and threats from within. With this great leap forward in terms of domestic terrorism, the nation began to buckle. For years it struggled against its enemies both inside and outside of its borders. However, a series of strong leaders and major campaigns to cleanse their country began to lead it towards a better age. One of them was named above all others. Ezekiel the Biblical. A religious man to the core, he brought about two great inquisitions within Israel, one of blood and one of the mind. The first purged the nation of the worst offenders, the most extremist muslims or other people who refused to follow the way of Israel. The second, an Inquisition of the mind, where the people over a decade or two were slowly tempted towards the way of the Jew. Until finally, after decades of unrest, the nation began to see the unification it had always craved, under Judaism and patriotic fervor. A nationalistic and religious zeal unseen in the world before. Then came Shlomo of Nazzareth. Elected upon a wave of militaristic and religious fire, a leader as zealous as he was determined to spread the word of God to the world. Do you Praise Pok: Yeah
  5. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Trade Federation Beside him lay Carol-49, spasming on the ground, surrounded by her own feces. Her fingers writhed across her skin like worms, her eyes rolled back into her skull and a bone cracked as her muscles coiled and tensed like krib beneath her skin. They fought to burst out of their prison and she jerked again, her head slamming into the ground. A cough followed by a burst of blood erupting from her lips sprayed his feet in a shower of crimson droplets. He shook, his body wracked by muscles screaming in pain. “Augustus-72, what do you feel?” blared a voice from a corner of the room, warped by electricity and distance. He grabbed his arms, his face twisted in pain as another spike of agony reeved its way through his body, shooting down his spine like a knife laying open his back. “Augustus-72, what do you feel?” repeated that same voice, booming through his head until is echoed in a confusing cacophony. “Stop!” cried out Augustus, falling onto the floor as his legs gave way beneath him. “I can’t go back inside.” “Augustus-72, what do you feel?” “It hurts,” he screamed, rolling into a ball of naked flesh upon the cold iron floor as two beams of light landed upon him. “I can’t do it anymore.” Had he volunteered for this? A small voice asked in the back of his mind. Had he been that insane from the start? “Two more rounds, clear the failed subject,” said the voice, as cold and cruel as a blizzard. Boots shook the floor beneath him as five men in white armor, with white masks upon their faces walked up and grabbed him, yanking him up with hands as hard and painful as stone. “No!” he screamed, writhing in this grasp weakly. “I can’t do it again, don’t put me back!” He was carried backwards, shoved inside a dark alcove with small, glowing lights dancing about him. Fae creatures to torment him in the darkness. Augustus lurched forward, towards the small door in the darkness. “No!” A blank-faced guard pressed a button and the door slid shut. “No!” Actions 70AP +10AP from Malta Evil Twins continue to cause trouble. (30AP) (210AP invested) A huge investment is made to accomodate all species in the Citadel, along with an expansion of its housing districts and re-organization to become more of a city than a space station. Sweeping malls for all species, housing for all, roads for all, public transport for all! Even those lovely little Krib lads. The scar on the planet below, wrought by a warship during the Corruptor War is set up a tourist attraction. (11AP) (80AP into business) Two colony ships are created, the newest product of the SL4. (6AP) Three Colony ships are created for Malta. (9AP) The Citadel faces continues defensive upgrades to secure it from outside threats, now that it seats the Council of the C-GAP. (4AP) (20AP invested) Funds are diverted to a fellow FEZ member for a personal project of theirs. (5AP) The Harpie Mk II sees another upgrade, an all around refinement and improvement of the old model. (5AP) (50AP invested) With trizendrium mining commencing, so does some research. Mainly into weaponizing it on the smaller scale. Namely, creating trizendrium tipped bullets, trizendrium flamethrowers, trizendrium shotguns capable of igniting a foe as well as Anti-armor shells & Anti-Armor rifles capable of being used by one man and punching a hole through tanks, etc. (6AP) (6AP invested) Professional examiners are hired to inspect the psionics of the Federation and assess their potential. (4AP) The most recent colony ship lands on the most appropriate planet in the highlighted sector. The planet under Citadel is divided into sweeping chunks that are to be rented out as industrial sectors to interested parties. (skype) (0AP) The Edonian Veterans are immediately put to work training the handpicked men who are to form the Citadel Guard. (0AP) A low-tax treaty is offered as an incorporation into the C-GAP agreement. (0AP) The Blaze Plan of 2153 (0AP) -The Trade Federation will adopt a low tax policy. Income & Profits will no longer be taxed. Purchases will have a tax-rate approximately of 33% the norm for developped nations. -Special Economic Zones will be formed, notably within the Station of Citadel and upon the planet of GTC-2, below. The national language of such SEZ's will be firstborn in accordance with the economic norms of the galaxy. They will have their own judicial system, administered by a panel of 5 judges. One human, one krib, one ymorian, one Ka'Cezh and one T'Jerian at the moment. The goal is to offer an accessible place with fair taxes to businesses, while still allowing them to operate as if they were in the centers of commerce in other nations. -It is now law that any foreigner is allowed to make real-estate investments. Be this factories, skyscrapers, malls, etc. -The Planet of GTC-2 will lease about 3/4 of its landmass to industrial development. Offering these vast tracts of land to foreign investors. The large amounts of refugees will offer both low-salary work, while the special laws of the Special Economic Zones will offer the businesses more freedom in their work.
  6. Praetor

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION OOC MC Username: Praetor Discord Username: Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: Yeah How active are you?: Active IC Name: Ferdinand Surname: Stafyr Title: Mayor of Senntisten Liege Lord: Aurelius Horen Gender: Male Date of Birth: 1600 Race: Human Subrace: Heartlander Culture: Renatian PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 170cm Weight: 70kg Eye Color: Grey Skin Color: Pale Hair Color: Grey Markings: Beautiful, large, well endowed moustache PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Stafyr Residence Occupation: Mayor of Senntisten CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Ferdinand Albert Stafyr, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  7. Praetor

    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    1498 Kingdom of Poland A foundry is established, but it becomes very quickly evident that the low skill workers are incapable of manually assembling or creating many of the essential parts of the war weapons Poland requires. They struggle to form them or create treacherous pieces of machinery liable to explode. Without any sort of assisting machinery, it is clear that the Foundry can not increase the production by any large margin. More men to join the ranks. Kingdom of England The conquest of the Irish kingdoms is relatively untroubled. While the common folk are pleased with the re-establishment of their Kings and the lack of disruption to their lives, many men have fled to the remaining irish kingdoms. A military reform. It goes well, after all, the King’s word is law. A few more gunsmiths answer the call, but the specialized nature of the work and the lack of industrial infrastructure leads to only a slight increase in production. (+100 guns a year.) More infantry. The expedition navigates along the American coast, down down until they are finally forced to land by treacherous winds, a terrible storm and a lack of knowledge of the seas. In the end, they are brought to shore right beneath the Creek, in northern Florida. (-1 carrack -1 caravel from storms and rough seas.) For now, the Scots refuse the offer. However, they do seem partial to closer relations with England and seem willing to make an alliance by marriage. Kingdom of Spain A new type of weapon, unthought of before. Some might even say ahead of its time. What is certain though, is that it will take time to achieve such a device. Medical advancements are always a wise choice. No doubt these new discoveries will aid many a soldier on the battlefield. For the most part, nations going through Gibraltar are more than happy to pay a small tarrif. They are all too glad to avoid the ravages caused by the Barbary Pirates on their trade. (+1000 gold per turn.) A new colony is founded, with only small tribes in the surrounding area. The colonists have discovered tobacco to be growing within their land, and the local tribesmen have showed them its uses. (+850 gold per turn.) (-500 for 5 turns in maintenance.) The great city of Madrid grows larger indeed, with its many wonders attracting more than one sight seer from surrounding nations. Leonardo Da Vinci once again refuses offers, for the time being he seems content where he is. New formations! Most people simply do not follow the urgings of the government, seeing little use in such things as daily sanitation. The court though, following the example of the King, does. What little corruption there is in Spain remains for the most part repressed and only in minor provinces or at the lower levels of society. Kingdom of Aragon The Papal State simply tells the Aragonese that they did their duty before God, and that their continued begging for tribute and money is an insult to their faith. France refuses flat out to pay them, but seems to find the tariffs on the straight acceptable. The full unification goes well. Indeed, so many years under the Aragonese crown has made the people of Naples more than willing to go this far. (+8.000 infantry and 3.000 knights and 15 cannons.) (+3.000 gold per turn, +10 carracks and 2 galleons.) A simple enough innovation. By the end of the year, a rudimentary grapeshot is ready for use on Aragonese ships. New formations! For the moment, the port of Barcelona sees a limited jump in activity. It seems that the excess of large portuary cities of greater importance might drown it out for now. The Eastern Roman Empire For the most part, the Roman navy successfully stops anything from leaving the aforementioned ports. A perfectly legal embargo. The Georgians are not interested in an alliance. They apparently maintain peaceful relations with the Ajam and Mamluks. Additionally, they seem to have lost faith in the Roman Empire after their betrayal of the Mamluk agreement. The Wallachians and Moldovans, impressed by the defeat of the Ottomans agree to send 1.000 cavalry and 4.000 infantry each. The Pope receives the envoy. (skype) Hungary and Moldovia agree to a defensive pact only in the event of an attack from a HRE related state. The Mamluk Sultan demands that the Roman ambassadors present themselves at his capital with their terms and reparations for breaching their treaty. (skype) The Mamluk army is comprised of much cavalry and numbers more than 40.000, though it seems to have been weakened by the recent conflict. Ajam numbers are not really known. More cavalry to the front. More infantry. Without proper guidelines, the engineers are uncertain what to work on with their cannons and little progress is made. (This is your technology, it’s not up to me to think of your improvements.) The Kingdom of Sweden Few gunsmiths are available, and little additional production is added to Sweden's yearly tally. (+100 muskets a year.) Those few specialists in the Novgorodian army continue to improve, while the general masses struggle to maintain basic formations. A large majority have little interest in fighting ever again, it seems. Work begins on this new form of fireweapon. Only work for now, even for the expert gunsmiths of Sweden. The Swedish cavalry continues to struggle with this new form of warfare. Its horses are not as easily trained for it as the lighter, more agile steppe horses used by the muscovites and the men struggle to use a bow and horse with ease. While far from as proficient as the muscovites, there is some progress. The Teutons muster a significant force to face off against the Swedish forces and warn them for any incursion into their territory. While they are not openly hostile, they clearly disapprove of the Swedes. Lithuania And the king dies. Early in the year, after being wracked by this disease for days upon days, his bodies fails him. Matis follows him on the throne, with some unrest among his fellow nobles. Unless the Swedish brigades went through Poland, they have been refused passage by the Teutonic Order, and thus never arrived. The new cannons soon roll out onto the field. As for improvements, they continue to progress. The cannon will struggle to be reloaded any faster, but the engineers do manage to thin out the cannon without damaging its potential, allowing for heightened mobility. And the counterintelligence movement finally has tangible results. (skype) The military infiltration goes rather poorly, all things told. A few lower ranked men are successfully bribed, but nothing truly comes of it for now. Kingdom of Denmark-Norway The blockade goes very well, with all german ships being rounded up and put under the control of the Danes, while the coasts are closed to Burgundese ships. Forts, recruitment, secret plans. They all go smoothly. However, the training, without much funding, is less effective than might have been hoped. Kingdom of Burgundy The Danish Embargo takes effect, choking out any sea-bound trade. (-500 gold per turn until lifted.) Moldova is not a part of the HRE. And this year, the Dutchy of Milan announces that it will not stop trade with Denmark, stating simply that the Holy Roman Emperor does not have the authority to stop them from making such decisions. France openly supports this decision. On a similar note, the Swiss Confederation sells an unspecified amount of mercenaries to the Danes, claiming that once again, the HRE does not have the authority to enact such rules upon them. Brandenburg seems to follow the Emperors decisions, however, once again, Milan and the Swiss refuse to go to war on such an unstable basis, claiming that those lands have been Danish for longer than they were part of the HRE, and that the claim is not valid. The landsknechts are trained, and well at that. Once again, Hungary declines. It has now entered an open Mutual Defense pact with the Eastern Roman Empire. Milan and Bohemia both agree to open trade with Burgundy. Incan Empire The progress on swordmaking goes well, and all these things see improvement this year. Their quality outstrips that of the Aztecs, for now. And a new settlement is created in the name of the Emperor. Two new iron mines are created this year. And that they can. By the end of the year, the mages can create larger fireballs, though far less in number and speed. Kingdom of Portugal Two more colonies, and a new face to meet. (skype) The two colonies produce slaves (700 gold) and cotton (750) respectively. New defenses are always useful. The new graduates will no doubt contribute greatly to the quality of the Portuguese fleet. Aztec Empire New infantry and mages to the front. For the most part, this pacification effort goes well. Many of the Mayans are cowed by their ferocious northern neighbors. Those who remain in the jungle will no doubt continue to harass the Aztecs for years to come, but their impact is not as serious as it could have been and it seems to be going down as some give up and go home. (-500 gold this turn from raids and banditry.) The Chud More warriors to the front. And many shields are made, most successfully for the most part. This year marks what some might consider first contact, as an outlying village of the Chud is burnt to the ground by a rapid strike force, and many of its people taken away by a force large enough to leave a significant trail behind it. (skype) Kingdom of Austria The Ball goes quite well, and many lords and ladies leave with an inflated opinion of the Austrians. A wise move, as the youth is the future of the nation. Children soon begin to follow the patriotic ways that are imposed upon them. Many new councils, all with their own specific uses, no doubt they will have an impact upon the nation in the future. The prospectors have little to no success locating any new sources of gold or silver within their lands. It seems like quite a hard task to accomplish effectively. The shells, in their simplest form, as basically functional by the end of the year. A strange innovation in the eyes of many, but an innovation nonetheless. EVENTS Many of the threats of past years have seen themselves quelled, if only temporarily. For now, it seems as if the brewing wars are boiling over in Europe, where great nations join together and pepare to strike those who they believe have wronged them. In North America, the first strikes have been launched, and with them come fire and death.
  8. The Ferdinand Act for Free Housing Issued and confirmed by Ferdinand of the House Stafyr, Mayor of Senntisten, 5th of the Grand Harvest, 1661. To all the peoples of Senntisten Henceforth, the Ferdinand Act for Free Housing is considered law. By this act, all HUMANS of Renatian loyalties are eligible to a FREE house in Senntisten under these conditions: -They are a member of the Legion. -NON-HUMANS serving in the Legion is also eligible for free housing. -They are merchants and owners of an active stall or other place of business within Senntisten. -They are specialists with a job that will contribute to the advancement of mankind and Renatus. Should you fulfill one of these conditions, you may contact a steward, or apply upon this noticeboard for free housing within the city. Those who make use of this act first will receive the best houses currently available. The Stewards Catherina Johanna (marinaemily) Michael Dingleberry (Corpean) Sophia Halcourt (CloudsInSpace) Warwick Rothesay Jr. (Nalatac) The Form IC Name: Condition you fill: Race: OOC Mcname:
  9. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Centre-Galactic Accord for Prosperity & The Second Treaty of Tordesillas An accord between the Cynn Foundation, the Chupan’Mo Empire, the Cevelli Pact and the Trade Federaion with these goals: To establish a peaceful, unified coalition of nations in the Eastern Galaxy with the goal of stabilizing trade, economy and industry in this sector. To create an enclave of peace in this region and form an Accord of like-minded nations with profit and prosperity as their central tenant. Yellow = Cevelli Green = Chupan Blue = TF Red = Cynn Clauses To prevent further disputes, the C-GAP will establish an official Zone of Influence. This ZoI will encompass all unoccupied sectors in the delimited area. Each nation will gain a claim to a certain part of this ZoI, which they will have exclusive colonial rights to, in rapport to other C-GAP nations. The formal creation of the Centre-Galactic Accord for Prosperity, will be officialized by all nations, with its seat at the Citadel, above GTC-2. The C-GAP will be the union of all three nations under the agreement of promoting peace, prosperity and trade. The formal creation of the Council, which will consist of one representative of each nation and will reside on the Citadel. They will resolve disputes, pass laws and agree upon the continued prosperity of the C-GAP together. The establishment of a Mutual Defense Pact in which any nation attacked without provocation will be aided in a defensive manner by the other two. The Agreement to make of the Zone of Influence a Neutral Trade Zone. In which all trade ships of foreign nations may pass unhindered, regardless of the side which they take in war, lest they attack a C-GAP nation directly. The agreement to make The Citadel an C-GAP station under the control of the Council. The Free utilization of Trade Federation TAROT modules to scout out resources for all parties. (Establishment of TF maintained modules throughout the ZoI to search for resources and threats.) All nations are invited to the Citadel for the formal signing of the C-GAP.
  10. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Trade Federation Actions 98AP Evil Twins truly do hate each other. (45AP) (180AP invested) The Harpie Mk I fighter faces long expected upgrades. (7AP) (45AP invested) A TAROT-M module is set up in Hephaestus space and begins to scan for Trizendrium, Itoron, Xylorite and Ribalite, scanning as many sectors -both Hephaestus and nearby uncolonized areas- as possible. (5AP) The defences on Citadel face continual upgrades. More railguns, more point defense, more missile and torpedo tubes, more mines, more shields, more generators. Everything is needed. (5AP) (16AP invested) A new colony ship is created. (3AP) Creation of Citadel Guards, an elite fighting force specifically made to protect the Citadel. Volunteers from elite forces of every C-GAP nations are invited to join. (2AP) The Shipyard near the Citadel are upgraded from SL2 to SL4. (16AP) Classified transactions. (6AP) Selling of 1.000 tons of itoron to the Darkul. The sale is made no secret of, and the fact that an offer was sent to the Redon, Protorians and Ka’Cezh before the deal was agreed to is made clear. (+50AP) The Federal Security Bureau begins a thorough scan of all upper echelons of the government, R&D, the military, etc, for anything that might be off. They are searching for spies, infiltrators, clones, anything. They also do DNA checks. (3AP) As long as the involved nations pay for resources needed, the Trade Federation begins to scan C-GAP territory using TAROT-M. The amount scanned would depend on how much the other nations would be willing to fund a year. The only compensation requested is that they fund the search of Federation territory, once theirs has been surveyed. (??? AP) Specialists assigned to TAROT surveillance are doubled. Nothing is to approach within 4 sectors of the Trade Federation without them knowing it. (0AP) After the conflict in Hephaestus space, the Trade Federation approaches the Grgl, offering a joint Simulation & combat exercise training program for their fighters & bombers, to compensate for the discrepancies when facing the Ar’Gakari. (0AP) An tightbeam quantum message is sent to the Keerim, stating that, while their territory if technically in the newly created C-GAP Zone of Influence, the C-GAP wishes no hostilities or contact between the two groups. (0AP)
  11. The Norlandic Rout of 1660 The crow soars through a sky roiling with black smoke, blind to the bloodshed below. For what is there to see but another monument to the self destructive madness of mankind? Ordered by the raw throat of a man choking on the cloying smog of war, a flight of arrows scales the stairway to the heavens. Barbed tips glint red in a sky riddled with clouds of ash, their sharp edges as cruel as the heathens for which they are meant. The crow jerks away, but even it cannot escape the brutality unfolding below. With a squak torn from its lungs by the weight of an arrow punching through its frail body, it tumbles down into the muddled mess of men below, anchored to the ground by their heavy armor. As the creature falls, so do a hundred arrows, cleaving through the tender flesh of the Norlandic levies, shredding their poorly woven gambesons like leaves punched through by hail. Screams erupt amongst their uneven ranks as even now, their weakest men begin to falter. The peasants can do nothing when the might of the Renatian legions marches across the battlefield, their ironshod boots drumming a beat on the ground more terrifying than any war drum. At their front, leading upon tall steeds clad brightly in glittering steel and the colors of their bloodline ride the most revered Aurelius and Antonius, their lances like darts of divine power moulded by the hands of GOD, to be driven into the chests of those heathens who would oppose them. And lead they did, with shouts of encouragement to their men and followed by their loyal captains and lords, they crashed into the feeble enemy. One could write pages about the tactics that had been elaborated by the greatest minds of the Kingdom in the sleepless nights that preceded the battle. The smoke-filled tents, light by candles at the darkest hours of the night, where Aurelius paced back and forth before a map, his best men at his side, eyes red with fatigue, yet gleaming with the all powerful light of faith and conviction. But in truth, one would speak only of ideas then, great ideas, but ideas nonetheless. The truth of the battlefield can only be recounted in terms of brutality and slaughter. As the legions of men in gleaming black armor advanced behind the cavalry, their pikes and halberds pointed down like thickets of monolithic bramble promising nothing but death, the Norlanders broke. Shattered by the devastating attacks spearheaded by the elite and faced with the uncompromising façade of an ELITE fighting force, their minds sought an alternative, and found it in flight. Flight back to their homes and hovels, their meagre existence spent cracking stones and scrabbling at a dry and hostile land for the smallest harvest of grain. A flight ended all to soon for most, as with great shouts, the cavalry lept into the fray once more, swords sprinkling lush fields with a fertile rain of blood. The levies fled in a confused mass, their unprotected backs so easily carved by steel that had been forged with the purpose of being tested against true men. But such a test would have to wait, for as they fleed, they fell and died in droves. The Kingdom had won again, and at the tip of the spear, the King who had brought them glory once again. Ave to the King, Praise be to GOD, and may every man glory in the splendor of our great nation. A series of paintings of the event are added to the tome.
  12. Praetor

    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    1497 LIST YOUR TOTAL INVESTMENTS INTO A PROJECT AND UPDATE IT EVERY TURN YOU INVEST MORE INTO IT. Just as some theaters of war subside, others rise. Great threats loom ever closer. Danger is never far, and war is always on the horizon. The pot is set to boil over once again. Aragon The ressupply of its armies and filling of its ranks goes well. As for the campaign on the Morrocan coast, it has mixed results. At sea, the Aragonese navy begins to show the power of its rapid boarding galleys as many barbary ships are captured or destroyed when attempting to flee. In truth, thanks to Aragonese efforts, most of the coastal raids on France, the Italian peninsula and the Iberian one cease almost entirely. (+5 captured galleys.) However, the raids on ports go far less well, with 2 carracks sinking to coastal defenses and little damage being inflicted. (-2 carracks.) Lithuania More cannons are always good. The Arquebus is a slow firing weapon, and it is hard to increase it’s rate of fire by any significant measure without innovating into new methods of fire. But there is some room for improvement, and for now, they are partially reached. The L.B.A manufactured in Lithuania fires a tad faster than most, though the change has yet to have any major significance. The downsizing of the canon into a lighter, more able, anti-infantry weapon officially finished this year. The cannon is smaller and easier to move around than the average unwieldy cannon of the age, with faster shot-time and better anti-infantry capabilities, it does suffer noticeably against cities. The infiltration goes without much trouble, and the answer to the Muscovite hordes is equally as simple. A large population. More counter-intelligence. (skype) Aztec Unfortunately, many of the scouts end up falling prey to the magical powers of the Mayan mages, and as they approach the mayan army, the Aztec intel becomes more blurred. In the end though, does it really matter? The armies do meet, in a chaotic, messy melee within the jungle itself. Deceived by the mind-altering magics of the Mayans, the Aztec army is misled into a series of ambushes and bloody traps. Costly battles each, but the superior Aztec men, with their mages at their back, do take the day. By the end of a week-long series of pitched battles and skirmishes, the Mayans have been utterly defeated on the field, leaving only small bands of rebels that roam the countryside, using their magics to avoid the Aztec armies and raid their supplies. (Mayan rout & total defeat, est. 26.000 dead, -16.000 infantry, -15 mages.) Steel, a powerful tool in the right hands. Perhaps a powerful tool in the hands of the Aztecs. With quality far inferior to anything produced in the old world, the Aztecs have nonetheless begun to create the most fundamental forms of functional steel. Quite an achievement. Sweden Progress for the Angsar and its creators. A new, more mobile version has been created. It maintains the same attributes of its predecessor, but it capable of being held and transported far more easily. Little improvement has been done to the range, but mobility has increased by a significant amount. Some of the best units have even been said to use it without the omnipresent bipod! Progress in training the Novgorodians. It is limited, and most remain an untrained rabble of conscripts with little to no motivation to fight, but one group of levies do show much promise. 2.000 men from the northern border who call themselves the Bush Hunters display quite a lot of skill in rapid maneuvers and precision strikes. Good progress is made to the ports, and the northern Baltic is easily within the grip of the Swedes, though to go further proves hard, with the influence of Denmark upon the straights. Ships sail in and out of the ports all year long, filling the sea and foreign, european ports with swedish goods. (+500 gold per turn.) The training goes well. This time, Novgorodian horsemen are willing to help the swedes learn the ways of the more mobile light cavalry. The Chud Progress on the stone spears is good, and by the end of the year, mages have successfully managed to shoot them farther than before by about a dozen meters. For now, expanding the city goes well. More people, refugeees and Chud flock to this new, unheard of creation. Jobs flourish as culture and society evolves before the eyes of the leaders. (+500 gold per turn for prosperity of the Stone City.) Little comes of the place of knowledge for now, nearly the entire tribe is illiterate, even most mages. Only a few who interacted with the mayans are capable of reading the texts and using their writing. Training is always good. The first skirmishes erupt between larger groups of scouts, as Sioux tribesmen guide the Chud into successful ambushes against smaller groups of enemies. Some bodies are even brought back. (skype) Denmark More people to the colonies. A few ships founder on their way there, lost to the unruly seas, but most of them grow ever larger. Perhaps not true cities yet, but on their way there. (-2 carracks.) Two common ore mines are established upon the new colonies. More sugar makes its way back to Europe, growing the influence of Denmark upon the trading networks of the old world. As only supplied, demand is quite high for this sweet produce. (+500 gold per turn from unique sugar provider.) The expeditions yield little results in terms of resources, as the land proves to be quite hostile and rough upon the initial scouts. They do however encounter curious people, upon venturing deeper into this unknown land. (skype) Spain More infantry recruited. And an academy is established, no doubt to provide many great minds to the nation in the future. And so Tangiers falls. A bloody assault, thousands dead on each side as the city burns and cannons rip it to shreds. But in the end, it falls to the determined spanish invasion force. (-13.000 infantry, -15 cannons.) (+8 captured cannons, +6.500 gold from looting.) With the fall of Tangiers, the approaching muslim army pauses, a few days march from the city, and envoys are sent to the Spanish. (skype) Austria Many answer the call for the Grand Ball, from all across Europe. An ambitious and innovative project. By the end of the year, the Austrian cannons have rough prototypes of this new type of shell. New ministries, always useful. Burgundy All Princes accept these terms offered by the Holy Roman Emperor, apart from the Swiss. Switzerland refuses to send its sons as hostages, as well as the many new terms set by the Emperor, stating that it will not be forced into a mould that is not its own. More landsknechts, and training is always good. Work on the wonderful palace begins, with Michelangelo gladly adding much beauty to the flourishing monument. For now, there is little response from other great European minds. Many are intimidated by the open subjugation of Cologne & Mainz, as well as the sack and razing of Nuremberg. Byzantium An easy task for the veteran byzantin army. Soon, the remnants of these rebels are being mopped up by the army. (-2.000 infantry, 1.000 cavalry in casualties.) Most Turks are thoroughly shocked by the crushing defeat given to them by the Byzantines and make no real effort to rebel, cowed by the might of their enemies. And the Roman Navy too turns against the Barbary Pirates, to much effect. With dwindling ports and heavier defences, they are growing weaker by the month. Infantry and cavalry trained. A new iron mine is established. Infuriated by the breach of terms enacted by the Byzantines, the Mamluks and their allies, the Ajam lock down any and all trade going through Alexandria and the Middle-East, shutting off the silk road completely. (Events Section) Wallachia and Moldavia send envoys to the Byzantine courts with gifts, in respect for their defeat of the Ottomans. (+1.500 gold this turn.) England Many military expenses, all of them worthwhile, no doubt. It really is no contest. The Irish fight fiercely, more fiercely than most english soldiers will have ever seen, but they are severely outmatched and outnumbered. Soon, they fall, and with them their nations go tumbling down. (-6.500 infantry, -4.000 cavalry, mostly to guerilla warfare & attrition.) Poland Only roughly 60 cannons are finished by the end of the year. It seems that Poland does not possess the necessary industry to produce as many as 100. (4.000 back into the bank.) Portugal An impressive port, larger than almost any in Europe. Many merchants gravitate towards it in favor of Seville, especially those bound north, or south from the Channel. (+500 gold per turn for Major Port.) The raids go well, if a lack of success equalled only by a lack of failure can be considered good. Nothing much happens, actually. The Portuguese Naval Academy grows larger, better. Expert sailors come out of its gates every year, now. Skilled captains, navigators, etc. The expansion of the cotton plantations goes well, though for now the results are somewhat mitigated. More flows north, back into Europe, through the port of Lisbon and down the excellent portuguese roads. A great influencer. Events The Ottomans defeated and subjugated in the East shakes eastern Europe, and many of the baltic nations now look upon Byzantium with renewed awe. But the enraged Mamluks and Ajams, their accord betrayed, block off all access to the Silk Road. Nothing comes through into Europe anymore, and the trade powers of Southern Europe feels. (-1.000 gold per turn for Byzantium, Portugal, Castile and Aragon.) Peace in the North. A treaty agreed upon by Muscovy and Sweden, with a terrified Novgorod silently agreeing. The Western threat growing ever stronger in the Americas, with the first skirmishes occuring, and tribes fleeing en-masse before them, east, always east.
  13. On the City of Senntisten [Volume I] An essay on the issues that plague the city planning of our beloved Capital. By Ferdinand Albert Stafyr, 1659 The sun rises over the city, 1659 The City of Senntisten is a glorious sight to the weary man. After clambering over great bridges and trudging through dancing fields of heavy, golden wheat, a man seeks only the comfort of his own kind. The feeling of a large mug of ale between his hands, fresh from breweries of the Stafyrs, or the bitter bite of a good Carrion Black, so generously poured in the smoke-filled Crooning Crow. Good company and the security of tall walls. All these are given to mankind by our glorious Capital. Yet, behind this façade of idyllic perfection projected upon the land like the shadows of our massive ramparts cast by the setting sun, lies a problem that cripples what should be only quietude and harmony. The city’s streets are empty. They meander by a hundred houses empty of all but cobwebs and rats. This issue did not arise in one day, nor will it disappear in one week. But it is an issue that must be recognized and addressed by men willing to put their hearts into their work. It must not be compromised by those who grasp eagerly at the meagerest morsel of power in the hope of climbing a ladder they were never destined to set foot on. An abandonned street, as represented by an artist, 1659 While the vastness of Senntisten is itself a monument to the ingenuity and determination of man, this great act does little to serve the kingdom and its people. For what are people to do with moldering streets, in which cracked flagstones let nature reclaim what was once its own. When our houses house more vermin than the people they were nobly built to welcome, questions must arise within the minds of all men. The Adamantine Cathedral, most glorious of edifices erected in the name of the one and only GOD stands like a pillar of faith and piety. A proud monument to the zealous faith of our people. Proud, yet barren of folk. Rarely does one see pious peasants kneeling before the glory of GOD, or the common folk repenting for their crimes in the confessionals. A sad situation with no easy solution. An attempt at capturing the splendor of the Admantine Cathedral, 1659 Ease has never been the way of progress though, and those who would blame the shortcomings of our own people upon the lesser races debase themselves. To not accept when one stumbles is to walk blind. Elves scrabble at the foundations of our mighty nation, their nails breaking upon the stone of our faith and conviction. A nuisance, much like the rats that wander our empty halls. But true failure comes from the man who cannot comprehend the threats of our own ego and pride. The size of our city is not a reflection of our greatness, for GOD is the source of all wonder and glory, and only through our faith to the one and only can greatness be found. Signed, Ferdinand Albert Stafyr -In volume II, we will discuss the solutions that can bring about the change necessary for the revitalization of our city.-
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    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    1496 A year of war, a year unchanged from the last. Burgundy More recruits join the army. The armies of France are vast, that much is clear. Vast and well trained and equipped. The numbers are hazy, but scouts and spies say there are at least 40.000 in the northern reaches of the country. The armies of Venice are harder to scout out, but it is clear that they are far less numerically. Austria The census does have some success in finding those who refused to pay taxes. (+500 gold per turn.) The Church seems pleased with the reduced taxation. Serbia agrees to an alliance with Austria, apparently happy to have them there to help, if ever they need it. The printing press is not completely alien and work begins on it. Slow work, yes, but work nonetheless. Poland Covert actions are covert. More men to the polish ranks. Aztec Empire The invasion goes surprisingly well. Or, perhaps not surprisingly. Taken aback by the attacks and not truly capable of dealing with the Aztec armies, the meagre mayan defences fall quickly. Soon, the largest settlement in the salient falls to the Aztecs. (+1 province) The Aztec navy, however, faces rather stiff resistance off the shores and soon, brutal melees ensue between ships, until only 7 Aztec galleys limp back to their homewaters, defeated. But, considering the naval technology at use, the Mayans can not truly press this advantage. Reports come in that the Mayan army is mustering upon the peninsular region, and scouts reveal that they are upwards of 30.000, with an unknown amount of mages assisting them. Two coal mines are founded. The Creek accept the trade offer, through they are quite wary of these strange southerners. Improvements on the iron go well, and the secrets of the metal are began to unveil, though for now, the blacksmiths of the empire have yet to produce conclusive results. Sweden The Angsar does continue to see improvements. Accuracy is modified to quite a good extent, even though the rate of fire remains relatively poor...It seems that this method of reloading is hard to improve upon at this point. Portuary improvements indeed. With trade flowing through the Baltic, they see much activity, though it is somewhat stymied by the current conflict at the northern mouth of the Baltic, in Novgorodian territory. (+500 per turn.) Additional drills always help, and the Swedes continue to spread their legacy of a strong, disciplined unit. However, the Novgorodians struggle to learn these same techniques, and are still a rough, hard to train army. Meanwhile, the fight continues in Novgorod. The western arm is easily repulsed by the Muscovites. Simply, they have far more men available and strong defences to retreat too in times of need. Losses are relatively light, as Swedish generals pulled back before an encirclement could happen. Meanwhile, rumbles in Novgorodian lands begin, discontent at the lack of a decisive victory and the untold massacres perpetrated in the east, when no army was there to stop the Muscovites. (skype) Chud A strange discovery. A lance of hardened earth, or rock, tossed like a crossbow bolt towards enemies. While it shatters upon contact with hard surfaces, flesh gives way to these projectiles, summoned from the earth, easily. The attempts at a metal tomahawk continue to fail. Though with significantly less atrocious results. Indeed, some are even capable of hitting into a tree a few times without shattering! Training is good, and the men of Chud take to it well, all too aware of the incoming threat. Lithuania The lighter, anti-infantry cannon research goes well. While mostly a downsizing project, there are some tweaks that still need to be ironed out and looked at before it can truly be said to be finished. Many people in Muscovy are discontented by their warlike rulers and the Lithuania spies have little trouble finding men and women who will leak information for pay. The counter-intelligence teachings begin, with some results. (skype) Aragon A gold mine, an iron mine, a common ore mine and a coal mine are created. The Aragonese lose 7.000 men to the campaign, through disease, starvation, combat and misc. The unification under the crown of Spain goes well, however. The people do not truly fight it, especially with the contrasting successes against those they see as the patrons of the hated barbary pirates. Spain Not many orders respond, but roughly 1.500 independant knights of various factions and groups agree to sign up for the duration of the campaign and filter into Spain. The siege goes well, and by the end of the month, while the city stands and casualties have been taken on both sides, the Sultan of Tangiers sends an emissary offering terms of peace. He will no longer allow Barbary pirates to dock within his city and will pay Castille a sum of 5.000 ducats in reparations. However, the price is grim. 2 spanish galleons have fallen to brutal and constant raids and boarding parties, and 5.000 men lie dead upon the fields or drowned at sea with their transports, along with 6 cannons and 1.000 cavalry. The fortifications are easily finished, though how effective they will be remains to be seen. Reports say that an army of 80.000 strong is marching up the coast, growing stronger by the day. It is still quite a ways away, months even, but it is coming to relieve the city, that much is clear. A wise move, that will have results in the years to come, when these officers replace their elders. Byzantium Serbia declines, having just this year accepted an alliance with Austria. The Byzantine invasion continues with relative ease. Many cities fall without a fight, either through old ties to Byzantium or despair at the news of their breaking army. The armies clash once more, this year, near the coast of the Black Sea, where the Ottomans make use of some of their navy for a surprise flanking maneuver upon the superior Byzantine forces. It works, for a time. But being run across the country, having faced multiple defeats on multiple fronts and exhausted, the proud Ottoman army cannot press what might once have been a decisive advantage. This time, there is no recovery or organized retreat. The army breaks and routes into the countryside. (-9.500 infantry, 10 cannons & 2.000 cavalry. 8 cannons captured) (Ottomans lose 14.000 infantry, 5.000 cavalry and 20 cannons.) Once again, they sue for peace. (Skype) The training and recruitment goes well. One new coal mine is established. Denmark-Norway Sugar production skyrockets as the Danish people begin to work hard on improving it. This, combined with their expanding influence upon the Balkans and the spread of sugar into Danish lands and other within its influence do wonders to the Danes. (+1000 per turn.) Soon, they manage to outfit a Galleon with superior methods of survival. Tougher sails, a stronger mast, etc etc. While they only hold one such galleon, it is a tough one. Another colony is established in the north of the Island, near something...special. Gold! Gold is found within rivers and within caves. Vast amounts of it. (+1500 per turn for Gold. -500 colony maintenance.) Portugal Breakthroughs. The Portuguese have found a new method of cannon moulding that greatly increases their accuracy. Beyond anything that has yet to be seen in Europe. A major step forward indeed. The port of Lisbon sees increased activity, as more people begin to gravitate towards it. Incan Empire A new iron, and common ore mine are established within the mountains. Work on the sword goes well. Better than many peoples more north than they, as the Incans put their historical expertise in metalworking to the test. They begin to yield something superior. While still fragile and certainly not as reliable as their weapons of old, it has already begun to show proof of its capabilities in trials of combat. The expansion into the jungles goes poorly, as without funding the men struggle to establish anything and are peppered by vicious raids from smaller tribes. They are forced to pull back. (A settlement is 5.000 gold, if you simply forgot to add the number, notify me.) Work on new fire magic begins, and while small fireballs are a known concept, they still struggle to make them greater in size. It will take some time for this to happen. The two temples rise over the surface of the lake, little by little. Soon, their splendor dwarfs any other achievement in the South American continent. Events The barbary coast pirates continue their merciless raids. They are quick and experienced and strike with a vengeance, now that one of their home ports is attacked. Slipping between patrols and hitting the weakest villages they can find, they are a thorn in the side of any Mediterranean nation. (-750 gold for Aragon, -750 gold for Byzantium, -500 gold for Spain.) Muscovy continues its wars in the north, implacable, unstoppable in seems, their numbers never dwindling. Perhaps inferior in skill to their Swedish opponents, they still seem unstoppable. News leaks up through the Mamluks of wars tearing through the ancient Timurid empire, as fractures begin to appear within it and blood runs into the sea and rivers. And in North America, the threat is forever present. Growing? Perhaps, it seems to have slowed down this year, or so it seems. Nonetheless, the farthest ranging scouts of the Chud and Pawnee report sighting of unknown people with unknown markings…
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