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  1. 1525 WALLS ARE NOW ACTIVE. YOU EACH RECEIVE 22500 GOLD TO BE USED ONLY ON WALLS. ALL OTHER CITIES APART FROM SOUTHSHIRE, ARRIS, ISCHYROS AND THE EADNI CAPITAL ARE NOW WITHOUT WALLS. CAPITALS HAVE TALL STONE WALLS AUTOMATICALLY. World Events In the Far West, the Xian Kingdom has been quiet for two or three years. However, there has been increased activity on its shared border with Surya. Scouts, and some suspicious looking merchants that spend an inordinate amount of time traveling up or down certain key roads, or peddling useless goods near the forts. The sky has taken on a purpleish hue over the Roots of the World, near the place where the Numerian mage once saw quite the crazy thing. Like an eternal sunset, the strange light remains there for the entire year, like a faraway beacon. Within the Symon Empire, word comes of discontent within the Nobility. It is said that Emperor Almeric IV spends an inordinate amount of time in his quarters these days, and is even seen talking to the amulet hanging heavy around his neck at times. This is utterly bizarre behavior, and it is said that interest in further campaigns against the Numerians has waned sharply. Indeed, it appears that much of the nobility would simply prefer to hold Ischyros and call it a day! He is said to mutter “The Iris, it must be Iris,” many a time during these long periods of apparent mental instability. With little fanfare, Lord Dunwick passes away this year. He dies in his chambers after contracting a fever during the previous winter, and fighting on until the height of summer. His last words are said to have been private, for his sons ears only. As such, Lord Serros Dunwick takes his father's title, and begins by swearing to abolish the republican hive in the south of the Empire. He sends 500 household guards to do so, leading them personally into the region. From the Greenthroat pours an inordinate amount of wolves during the deep winter. More than any other recorded year. They ravage Galaharian border towns and completely wipe out one Bourdelean settlement, hunting down and killing every last man, woman and child in them. Then...they disappear once more, leaving only a few of their massive bodies behind, a small prize for the damage they inflict. (Galahar, -10000G) (Bourdeleaux, -10000G, -1 settlement) In the far north, the Auldic Tribes have been dealt a significant blow. A force commanded by Lord General Von Mokaü of Karel ambushed an entire tribe and murdered every single one of them, killing well over 3000 people in a day, most of them women and children. He then impaled the survivors and the dead in a low line stretching a mile wide along the river, leaving them to freeze in the winter. A cold man, for a cold climate. The Fortress Libraries The Will of their God be done?! (Discord) Telepathic interrogation??! (Discord) The autopsies on the Bloated Throats reveal that their bodies are riddled with what the expert physicians within the Libraries have identified as some sort of tumorous growth of unknown origin, but of destructive nature. They have noticed that the people of Ashval also have a proclivity for developing these in the later stages of their lives. However, the Bloated bring it to a whole other level. Their entire bodies are riddled with them, with the most massive being on their throats, of course. Beyond that, their bodies seem somewhat normal, though the tumor does appear to restrict blood flow to the head. The Bourdelean Empire Men and war aplenty in the north, though the Lithborn seem strangely unresponsive. As for Sir Gregoire Dupuis, he undertakes a long trip, but by following popular trading routes, he manages to reach what he believes is the tip of one of the islands by the end of the year. Here, he meets a strange people, completely black of skin. They inhabit rough cities along the coast and seem well off despite the apparent simplicity of their lives, hidden here deep within jungles. They call themselves the Suruka and seem wary, but hospitable. The Antigonid Dynasty The new ballista bolts seem to be mildly more effective at shattering into shrapnel, though they may be a far cry from the tales told of the Karellian bolts. However, the ballista has been reinforced to handle the bolts, though it still shoots at a drastically shorter range and the bolts still sometimes shatter upon being shot. It seems that reaching the tensile strength to handle being shot, but to burst on impact is a major problem. The presence is always there. A deep, slow thrum of energy coursing through the very fabric of reality. It does not shift, but it can always be touched in prayer. A telescope is an ambitious project, one that that will require further research if the Antigonids hope to achieve a usable prototype. Coastal Eadni raids (-7500 G) Rebel actions. (-5000 G) The Eadni cut-off Antigonid trade to the Western regions thanks to their control of the Hand seas. (All trade apart from Order, Ulyadar, cut off.) The Kingdom of Numeria Arris awaits its third siege. (Discord) The Republic of Danwent A victory for the royalists, and a convincing one at that. As good wishes and gifts pour in from surrounding nations, one can only wonder where the new Kingdom will turn its attention to now… But the people are certainly happy for the war to be over, and they celebrate in the most indecent fashion! (+1% growth for 2 turns) The Morning Kingdom Spoop. (discord) The House of Blackmarrow accepts the trade offer, though the trade convoys must take a rather long path around the Hand and up the rivers to reach them. The Kingdom of Five The research into a better Swinium yields no results this year, and many a blacksmith weeps at the waste, as more piles of twisted, useless steel gather on the floors around their anvils. The pirate raids become increasingly severe as the months go on. However, in their brazenness, it seems that they have let slip something! Indeed, one galley shipping civilians to the north saw one of the pirate caravels switching its flag from Meldan to that of the Red Suns! It barely evaded capture to return the news to the shores by conscripting civilians to row. (-15.000G) The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Research into a multi-shot ballista goes well enough. While the concept itself is simple enough, and the engineers do manage to make some plans, it seems that the issue is mostly practical, and as such, it will require much trial and error. More work, it’s that simple! The Princedom of Volarucio The war remains a perpetual threat to Volarucian stability. But perhaps they are used to constant war, with their past history being but a long series of petty conflicts. Either way, the me march south, and the Lithborn retreat over their border, though whether it is to strike once more, one may never know. The Galaharian League The Herzaka, Karellians and the Order refuse the trade offer, while Symon accepts. Beyond that, a quiet enough year for the Galaharian League, once the excitement of the Civil War subsides. The Commonwealth of Ruhn Farmer Dinkums declares his dynastic alliance with Farmer Poopums. His daughter, Gertrude Dinkums, shall marry Poopums’ son, Pooper. The keep is built. A solid, plain thing, as is proper within Ruhn. It is set upon a low hill overlooking the river and the surrounding lands, with relatively flat fields around it. The Kingdom of Hilmedhi The Warhammer glows, and comes out changed, as all things do once they experience the power of the Nexus. It now appears ghostly, like a pale image of itself, and though it weighs the same weight and maintains the same balance, it seems to pass through metal, wood and other things with only minor resistance, and it does not damage them. However, Ashur still manages to accidentally cut himself upon its edge, as if it were made of the sharpest steel. It seems that it can also muster itself back to its original steely self at a thought from the wielder. The bombs faced continued improvement, though truly stabilizing them seems beyond the reach of even the greatest Hilmedhi minds for now. Nevertheless, they are always safer now, and only rarely explode in their users faces! Bombers around the Kingdom breath a collective sigh of relief. A most excellent telescope indeed. Now able to be handheld and provide sharp imagery for the user, it is still certainly too unwieldy to be put onto a crossbow, but it is definitely an easily handheld, collapsible and stunning piece of delicate engineering. The Duchy Ulyadar The mages tests on the red metal are inconclusive and yield no result. The exclusion zone remains calm, empty, untroubled. Whatever may be happening deep within its maddening grasp is unseen by the watchful Ulyadar. Surya The usual expansion in the usual places. Little disrupts the stability of the Suryan state, if not for one stunning young woman and her adventures across the Twin Islands! And as she finally arrives at the capital of Surya, resplendent as she is, she feels power courses through her once more. Her veins burn, her body flashes with searing pain. When it is over, she looks upon herself to see fiery veins glowing through her skin around her hands, her eyes, her neck and her feet. Heat pulses from her body and her entire self seems to glow perpetually. Wherever she may go from this day forth, the night will be a little less dark for the true believers. (Independant blessing.)
  2. The Most Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Lèon Brother-King Bartolome Cristobal Alonso de Lèon – 63 Years Old Crown Prince Juan Cristobal Esteban de Lèon – 6 Years Old Juan had skipped out on his theology class again. Uncle Bartolome would be quietly furious, Archbishop Tristan would give him a severe, a disappointed look on Sunday. He would probably be put to prayer all of saturday when Uncle caught him, but he didn’t care. Not now. He was free, running through the halls of the castle, with a chilly breeze filtering through the windows and a day of freedom ahead of him. Unless he was caught. He grimaced and ground to a halt near the Hallway of Lèon. Within it were the portraits of all of his ancestors, arrayed lovingly upon the walls and illuminated by the best beeswax candles that the Kingdom could afford. They never burnt out, Uncle Bartolome made sure of that. ‘Our family will always be in the light of God. Let us reflect this within our world of suffering,’ his uncle would say when he brought Juan here ever Sunday after church. But today was not Sunday, and here he was nonetheless. Uncle Bartolome had told him about his father and mother as soon as he could understand what he was saying. He had been short, abrupt and uncomfortable, but he had not spared him. Juan had never forgotten his words. His father, forced to watch as his mother was taken by Imperials, over and over until her throat was cut. Then, her father was given a sword, spat upon, beaten, and made to fight duel after duel against his own sworn knights. Bartolome had said that every fight, his men refused to lift a finger, even when their own families were threatened at swordpoint. So his father, Juan, had forced them to, one after the other, until he was killed. Juan walked into the hall, the soft carpet allowing his feet to sink deep into it. Silence lay heavy within this hall, as if even the wind and the candles feared to disrupt the holy quietude of this cemetery. For the Lèon graveyard had been desecrated, torn up by the Imperials. This was all their family had left. Stern men looked down at him from every side, their features tanned by the iberian sun, their beards thick. Then, he stood before his father, with his mother looking down from beside him. Sometimes, Juan dreamed that he was caught in her warm embrace, that she was murmuring soft, loving things to him as he giggled and hide in her dress. Then he would wake in a simple cot in a cold room and he would cry. He lifted a single gold coin out of his pocket. He had found it on the floor near his room last year. Upon its back was the effigy of his father and every night, he prayed with it clasped within his hands. Uncle Bartolome would not have approved of such idolatry, but Juan thought that maybe it helped his father find him when he prayed. Like a beacon! “I’m sorry for not going to my class, father,” said Juan, sitting down in front of the portrait. The man looked down at him from beyond his long, aquiline nose. A thin moustache outlined firm lips and a neat beard hung onto his sharp jaw. Juan thought he looked disapproving. “I am!” he said, a tear popping into the corner of his eye. “But I don’t want to be like Uncle Bartolome. He prays all day, he eats plain food and he doesn’t want to fight!” Juan jumped up and pointed at his father. He was dressed in fine armor, with a sword at his side and his helm sitting on a table beside him. “I want to be like you! I want to fight, and drink wine! I want to be in battles, like the one Pollo talked about! Remember Pollo?” Then he relaxed once more, calmed down and sat down. He flipped his coin between his fingers slowly. “I know God is good. Uncle says that a lot. But what if I want to be a different King? I don’t want to be a King like Uncle. I want to be a King like you.” More tears. “I wish you were here! I don’t know how to be a King like you with you to tell me, father. If I pray very hard tonight will you tell me?” Voices filtered into the hall from a nearby corridor, disrupting the deep silence around him, and Juan jumped up, glancing around quickly. “I shouldn’t let them catch me. Maybe tonight. Goodbye father. I miss you mother.” He ran up to her painting and touched her outstretched hand for a moment, smiling up at her before turning around and running out of the hall at full tilt. He’d hold onto his freedom for a while longer, if he could. Actions Gold – 20150 -Another farmstead is established. Lèon needs food, and its people should praise God to have the opportunity to work this holy land! (Farmland) (5000G) (3 Total) -Money is important. After all, even a soldiers loyalty and religious fervor won’t feed them or house their family. (Market) (7500G) (2 Total) -A group of skirmishers is raised from a nobles levy, to participate in the inevitable wars to come. (3000 G) (Skirmishers, T1, Regular) -More light infantry. King Bartolome and Lord de la Sacra Rosa know very well that they are fighting a superior enemy. They will not have victory on the open battlefield, that much is certain. (3000G) (Light Infantry, T1, Regular) Mod / Player Actions -The Pope receives his yearly donation from the people of Lèon, along with more substantial gifts of oranges, lemons, and various other goods produced in Lèon. As per usual, Brother-King Bartolome, sends his best wishes and prayers. Archbishop Tristan de Silva brings the goods personally. He plans to pass through the Empire, counting on his importance and religious status for immunity. Upon arrival in Rome, he wishes to spend a year researching a treatise on the Immutable Moral Superiority of the Church and it’s essential position in the Governance of any state. He also plans on ingratiating himself with the Pope. After all, even the most holy men need a successor. (500 G) (1700 G donated to the Church.) -Construction continues on El Monasterio de la Pasiòn de Cristo. More prisoners are sent to labor, as are many skilled artisans. The Fortress Monastery will not only be a great redoubt, protecting the Tomb of the Apostle James from heathens, it will also be beautiful, if simple in many places beyond the central prayer hall. Many of the most skilled artisans are commissioned to aid in the construction. This labor of God will be done one day, and in it, the best Holy Warriors that Europe has ever seen will be forged from scum. (1000 G) (3000 G invested) -A war council is requested between Andalusia and Lèon, to be held in a safe middle ground. The Iberian Empire is once more invited to the table, so that they may throw off the yoke of the Empire together. The Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Lèon asks for no long-term commitment on their part. -An envoy is sent by merchant ship to the Danes.
  3. The Foundry 65000 C 56 A 17R Three heavy industry facilities are constructed. (60.000 C) 5.000 Energy Units are preserved for future use. 56 Kilotons of Alloy are used to construct more robots. (56 x 45.000.000) Research is put into finalizing a more optimal version of the basic industrial complex. (3R into BI T1) (25/25) Spider droids are deemed to be an efficient swarming unit. As such, research is put into their production. (14R/50 for Light Infantry.)
  4. The Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Lèon Brother-King Bartolome Cristobal Alonso de Lèon / Age: 61 Crown Prince Juan Cristobal Esteban de Lèon / Age: 5 “And then the king commanded, and they quarried great stones, costly stones, to lay the foundation of the house with cut stones,” intoned the priest. He himself stood upon an uncut stone, a raw, rough block pulled from the quarry at the bottom of the valley. Below him gathered the laborers, their heads bowed and their hands held in front of them in supplication. “As such, labor under the word of God, for he watches upon you now, in your most holy hour, and judges you fit to walk through the pearly gates,” said the priest, before beginning a prayer. Like a low hum, every worker followed him, many only humming or mumbling the incomprehensible latin words. Juan rose his head as the priests drone ground to a halt and the workers began to disperse, most of them would be heading for the mess tent in the distance. But not he. Instead, Juan scampered past them, ducking beneath their legs and past guards. Ahead of him lay the foundation of a great building. Uncle Bartolome had called it a monastery and said it was holy, but Juan thought it looked more ugly than holy. Bartolome had cuffed him around the head when he said that. With a scowl, he rubbed his ear and clambered down the hill, along a dirt path and towards the quarry below. A few guards stood on small outcrops along the road and each one of them bowed their heads as he approached. Juan stuck his tongue out at them and hurried along, halting only when lines of then, stony-faced men ground their weary way up the hill, bearing heavy loads of stone. Finally, he reached the bottom and darted down the straight road, right into the quarry. There was no prayer here, no breaks and no mess tent. Only dozens of stick-then men, their hands bleeding and their bodies bent and broken. Uncle Bartolome had called them heathens and unredeemables in the eyes of God. Juan didn’t like to think about that too much. He fidgeted for a few moments, standing on the edge of the quarry and looking around until his eyes landed on a small old man, standing near one of the deeper pits and looking at a large scroll of paper. “Pollos!” he called, running over him. He narrowly missed man, who tripped as he tried to avoid him and fell to the ground, his load of rocks tumbling down around him. “Sorry!” called Juan, his attention focused on Pollos even as the guards descended on the fallen man with clubs. “Juan!” said the man, grinning with grey, toothless gums. “What did you bring me? More stale bread?” “Chicken,” whispered the boy, pulling out a small cloth-wrapped parcel from his pocket. The man’s eyes went wide in his starved face, until they seemed to consume Juan entirely. He shrunk away, the parcel clutched against his chest. Pollos made a strangled sound and smiled once more, beckoning Juan closer. “I’m sorry, Juan. I don’t think I’ve even dreamed of chicken in the past years.” “I want a story first!” he said. “A good battle. None of the knights will tell me anything, Uncle Bartolome won’t allow it.” Pollos put his scroll to the side and nodded, sitting down and beckoning Juan close, though his eyes never left the small parcel clasped in his hands. “Alright, Juan. Here is a story from the first rebellion, when I was under Lord Combros in the battle of the Dead River.” He tilted a hand in Juan’s direction. “On account of all the dead men who fell into it, you see…” So the tale went on, and Juan listened, for King Bartolome only let certain parts of the real world touch Juan, and those were the boring ones. Actions 20175 + 1000 One market is founded within the city of Ribadesella, ensconced comfortably within a plaza right in front of the main church. (7.500) (1 market total) Many units of light raiding infantry are raised to partake in the wars to come. (6.000) (T1, Light Infantry, Regular, 2 Units) Lord Teodoro de La Sacra Rosa raises a new unit of light infantry, well aware of what awaits him in the coming years. They are trained exceptionally hard, drilled and pushed to their absolute limit. These men are no simple levies or peasants armed with spears. Instead, they are given the best cured leathers, dyed a charcoal black. He names them the Sunset Men, those who sneak out at night to fight the bloody skirmishes. (5.000) (T3, Light Infantry, Veterans, 1 unit.) Mod / Player Actions -The Pope is sent another generous donation, thanking him for the honor he has bestowed upon the people of Lèon. In another letter, Brother-King Bartolome promises to eradicate infidels throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Already, he claims to have enacted laws to have those who been accused of Usury sent to monasteries to learn the righteous path. The Pope is also asked to bless the new Monastery with his word. (As described below) (900G) (1200 donated total) -The remaining yearly fund are used to lay the first stones for an ambitious project. A fortress-monastery in which an elite group of sacred warriors can be trained. The Sacrosanto will be gathered from the fallen, the unworthy and the criminals of Lèon. Within El Monasterio de la Pasión de Cristo (The Monastery of the Passion of the Christ) they will undergo the trials faced by Jesus within his last days, along with years of intense training and penance. Upon leaving the monastery for war, they are to be changed, holy men. The Monastery itself will be built upon the Tomb of Saint James the Apostle. (2000 Gold) (2000 invested) -The Archbishop of Lèon, the Most Revered Tristan de Sylva uses his newfound authority to form a coherent religious structure in Lèon, regrouping all the bishops under his authority and establishing a formal structure for the nation, along with a system of conversion and a structure for the punishment of heretics. Of course, he is a hardline catholic, much like Brother-King Bartolome. -The Governor of Aragon, Duke Baudry, is thanked for his sympathy. It is suggested that he provide information about all preparations and plans on the Imperial side of things through a clever little spy-system. Something along the lines of a farm established near a river that runs from Aragonese land into Lèon. Intelligence could be provided by the spy living in the farm, who would then on specific days, put it into a barrel and let it drift downstream to Lèonese men waiting on their side of the border. For now, the Brother-King Bartolome asks for no more, and sends both his blessing, and those of the Archbishop Tristan to Sylva. -Troops are continually familiarized with the land, patrolling swaths of it during the year, from section to section, so they understand the land in which they will be fighting as well as humanly possible.
  5. 1524 A quiet year. It really shouldn’t be this quiet. Not after what happened. It scares me. -A sailor on the Galaharian Nuncio, written in his journal. The Kingdom of Five The Forts struggle to be finished on time, and some of their construction is disrupted by raids, but eventually, they are finished, if a little rushed. They lack some of the embellishments and details of a true castle, but their walls are high, if crooked, and their gates are strong. The Fortress Libraries Whispers of change. A voice in the dark. Myriad speaks. (Discord) The Antigonid Dynasty Prayers aplenty, but the Ancient One is silent once more. A mere disruption, a moment of alertness, washed away by a thousand thousand years of apathy. The initial tests do show that such a bolt would probably be possible, though it would require a completely reworked ballista to even launch such a heavy projectile in the first place. The thin strip of land is not particularly fortified, though they seem to have a token force there. Beyond that, their army seems to be dispersed to various small fortifications scattered on the Eadni mainland or their islands/foothold on the Hand. However, they do not seem to be expecting battle. The Kingdom of Numeria More men to service the forge. As the Numerian armies approach Arris, they hear news of another Symon force being gathered near Ischyros, but they hear little of any force near Arris. Scouts, perhaps, small patrols and of course, a Garrison, but there is little more to be seen here. They do hear grumbles from captured men, especially during the march. Apparently the orders from the capital of Loswarn are growing increasingly incoherent and contradictory. The Kingdom of Bourdeleaux As the settlers continue to flock north, so do the Herzaka grow more fierce in their raids, entirely pushing away one group of settlers. Though they have yet to engage in wholesale slaughter or truly brutal raids, neither have they been merciful, and many a settler has fallen to their lightning fast raids. Nevertheless, they typically let them flee once they are done, and do not run them down. However, as the army marches north, the villages and settlements face less pressure, and perhaps they gain reassurance in the presence of the Black Army in the north. A rare sight over the last decade. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick The King continues to have visions, or sudden impulsive desires, driven by the heart-beat deep within the forest, forever pushing him towards new, foreign ambitions. (Discord) The Morning Kingdom A quiet year in the Morning Kingdom, despite the ever present threat to the west, and the disappearances below the city. An aura of fear tinges the inhabitants, as the nature of the unnatural below them is whispered about in dark taverns at night. The Princedom of Volarucio A mighty victory indeed. Dimmed perhaps, by the other hosts at the Lithborn’s disposal, and another letter from the Trident. The entire debt is to be repaid in full this coming year, or they will fund the Lithborn Empire in their war. The Galaharian League The small town on the coast of Aulem, the only point of contact allowed for foreigners, hosts a small group of so called ‘leaders’. Tribal representatives there to speak to outsiders. They allow the envoy into their large, smoky hall, in which blood-tigers prowl… (discord) The Duchy of Ulyadir The rune is, after some research, understood. It is so prevalent that focused research could do nothing but help with its understanding. Eventually, it is brought to the attention of the scholars that it seems, based off of all research and its connection to paintings, to be a very old and empathetic rune for Bloodshed. It’s structure seems to be connected to the others found despite being markedly more achaïc. The Blood God remains silent, as with many others in this year. For now, the glaciers remain as eerily silent as ever. A haunting shadow upon Ulyadir lands. But one crazy old fisherman swears up and down that he saw figures outlined upon the top one night, with the Aurora behind them. He says they stared right into his soul, and read his life in an instant. A mad man, to be sure! The Kingdom of Hilmedhi A primitive telescopic construct is finished by the end of the year. Large, unwieldy and not particularly easy to see through, it is progress nonetheless and could prove immensely useful on ships, if it is refined and sturdied. However, it is still far too big for any such use as being put on crossbows. The bombs remain most unwieldy, but they are safer now, and are less likely to burn their handler. Progress! The Golem goes in, and light fills the Nexus, a shifting bifrost-like beam. When it fades away, the Golem is still there, but now it has runes inscribed around its arms. As it raises them slowly, two bands of metal around its wrists shift and flow, turning into giant scythe-like blades attached to its forearms, made of gleaming steel. Another shift, and it turns into two iron-shafted maces. Mighty. The Commonwealth of Ruhn The bangs of Mums happen all over the Swine lands as the Ruhn soldiers march across it. Soon, little piggy-man hybrids will spread across the world.... Surya A massive tax fraud scheme is discovered within Surya. A horrible thing for such a shining city. (-48.000k Gold this turn.) But life goes on, armies rise and young girls heed the call of their gods, waiting patiently for them to be ready.
  6. The Most Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Lèon A blue sky over a crowded courtyard. The yellowing, sand-colored walls hemmed in the citizens into a tight mob, separated from the center of the yard by a line of soldiers, their shields up, their spears held straight. The people were remarkably docile, standing and watching with only a few calls and curses. The sun burned down upon them all, scorching away the few hints of life that crept up the walls in spring. The vines were dry now, dead, incinerated by the mid-summer heat. Bartolome stood within the shadow of the balcony overlooking the main courtyard. He could see the city below, spreading out across the hill with its red tiles and white houses. A shimmer of heat rose from it all, warping the landscape into a wavering image, like some sort of heat-induced hallucination. He was tugged back to the present by the words echoing around the court, bouncing off the walls and scrambling into the balcony. “As such, you, Gonzales de Arulo are seen guilty of murder, treason and theft in the eyes of King and God. You have killed your kin, betrayed the Kingdom of Lèon and stolen from the armory in an attempt to lead your men to join the Heathen Empire.” Bartolome made a mental note to commend his steward for the excellent choice of orator. “Thus does our Brother-King, Bartolome Cristobal Alonso de Lèon sentence you to a merciful death by beheading.” A pause, a cough that carried over the dead-silent crowd. “To be carried out now.” A small hand tugged at Bartolome’s robes and he looked down from the proceedings. A pair of young eyes stared back at him, full of innocence and interest. “Uncle Bartolome, what is going on?” A young boy with such a heavy destiny resting upon his shoulders. Bartolome knelt beside him and pinched his cheek lightly before opening his arms. “Come, I will show you, Juan.” The boy leapt into his arms eagerly, his small shape resting firmly against his chest as Bartolome rose once more, his old bones creaking in protest at the added weight. “Look closely now, Juan. Observe the man kneeling before the block of wood. He is an evil man. He defied the word of his King and the word of God.” “Why?” said the boy, his voice high and curious. “Some men cannot be saved from the darkness spread by Satan,” said Bartolome, his voice full of regret. Gonzales looked so different now. He was old, withered, his face twisted by fear, his skin sallow from his time in the cells. What have the years done to you, old friend? Thought Bartolome, shaking his head slowly. Once they had been brothers, or as close as could be. Now, upon his return to Lèon, he found the man thieving like a common man, disrupting the Kingdom’s noble cause. Mercy to a man such as this would be anathema to the word of God. He put a worn finger beneath the boy’s chin and lifted it up. “Watch closely now, as divine retribution befalls him.” An axe rises, an axe falls. A spurt of blood and a rolling head. The crowd ooh’s and aah’s and begins to disperse as the orator’s voice echoes through the city, multiplied by a dozen others. “Lord Constantino de Alencare shall be sentenced in the morrow, for treason against King and God, followed by…” The word would go on for days, unchanged but for the name. As Bartolome turned back into the keep, his nephew’s shocked body held against his chest, he felt a small dart of pain burrow into his chest. He may spill no blood, but his words would. It was the duty of the righteous to correct the wrongs of the weak, but even the most holy of duties brought a burden down upon the men who carried them out. Financial Actions 15.400 G + 50.000 + 2 Grain 65.400 G + 2 Grain One village is built up to become a town, as the people of Lèon prepare to establish their own hegemony upon the peninsula. The town of Lèon is formed from the holdings of the House of Lèon, to act as the new capital for the Kingdom. (10.000) One village is built! (10.000) One port is established within the coastal city of Ribadessela. (10.000) Two great farmsteads are built to support the new armies. (10.000) Four small, scorpion-esque ballistae are built. They are intended to be used as rapidly deployable and mobile elements that can be used to support ambushes or short skirmishes. (Two units of regular ballistae. [4]) (4600) Two regiments of archers. [1000] Green, T1. (7.000) One regiment of medium infantry. [500] Regular, T3. (7.000) One regiment of light cavalry. [500] Veteran, T1. (5.000) Upgrading one unit of light cavalry to Veteran. (1000) A donation to the Church. (300) Mod / Player actions -Trade is requested with The Andalusian Kingdom The Republic of Rome The Kingdom of Mercia The Kingdom of Wales -A council is called in Lèon, and the Iberian Empire and the Andalusian Kingdom are invited to discuss the current state of the Iberian Peninsula. Should they send envoys, they will be welcomed at the gates of Lèon and given all the luxuries that the embattled kingdom can afford. -The Andalusians receive an addendum to their letter. This section is personally penned by King Bartolome. In it, he requests a serious discussion about a possible alliance of the House of Lèon with the House ruling Andalusia. He wishes to tie his nephew and heir to the throne to their own house through the marriage of their most amenable princess, when he comes of age. He is currently 2. He hopes to prove the worth of the Kingdom of Lèon by ensuring a great victory against the Empire in the North. -The army is deployed to counter-act the Imperial advance… (on discord) -A missive is sent to the Pope, along with a donation of 300 gold ducats, held in a thick, iron-bound chest. The missive reads as such: “To his holiness, Pope Urban II. I pen this letter within my tent, having just conducted my morning prayers before the tomb of Saint James the Great. It lifts my heart to know that his holy presence inspires this land with the touch of God. Yet, the light in my heart is dimmed by uncertainty. For I know not what judgement your holiness casts upon the Kingdom of Lèon and its people. Would that I could have your blessing, as we liberate ourselves from the incarceration put upon us by the Empire of the Franks. Would that I could have your blessing to found a most christian and holy Kingdom within my lands. One that would bow before the authority of God and the Pope. I beg thee for an answer, and invite your most revered envoys to present themselves at the Tomb of Saint James the Great, upon which I would beg your permission to build a great church in honor of our God. -Brother-King Bartolome Cristobal Alonso de Lèon”
  7. Nation applying for: The Most Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Leon BREIF History of your Nation: “God was cruel when he saw fit to test my vows. He waited until I was old. What could I do when the messangers brought the news from the South? The ruin of my house. The death of my family. I was helpless, old, frail, but when I heard they had killed my brother's son, and his poor son, and the children. Even the little children!” – His Highness Bartolome, speaking to his court upon the celebration of the first year of their Independance. The Kingdom of Lèon is born of the outrage of one man. A man of god, cloistered in a monestary in the heartlands of the Empire. He was once a lord in Iberia, a son of the family of Lèon, a noble family of the region. But he saw fit to rebel, to be a abble-rouser, to drink and ***** and kill. For this, he was brought to a monestary and shown the way of God. He swore to never lift a sword again, to never shed blood again. To never break his word, lie, steal or go against the letter of the Bible. To bear no crown, to have no riches. He grew old here, content, at peace with himself and with God. When the rebellion broke out in Lèon in 696, he was old. A man of sixty summers, worn by time. But the Empire struck down his family in a vengeful wrath. Killed the children of his brothers, slaughtered his sisters and their daughters. Raped and pillaged the estate and wiped out his family line, down to the last babe. Or so they thought. For one brave man, a knight of the House of Lèon, sworn to the death to fight in their name, bore a single babe into the heart of the Empire. With his dying breath he imparted the babe upon Bartolome at the gates of the Monastery. “Juan,” he whispered, his throat dry, his body withered. “Juan is his name. Heir to the Kingdom. Heir to our future.” Every man faces his greatest trial, one day or the other. His greatest challenge, his deepest fear. Bartoleme feared but one thing. He feared failure. Failure in his vows to God. But it was God who guided him, he determined. It was God who made him take his few posessions and steal into the night. God who brought him across the Empire, through the War-torn mountains and into the strife-ridden lands of Lèon. God who put a crown of wood and thorns upon his brow. God who gave him the warhammer with which he felled his first man in half a century. God who guided his precious gift back to Lèon. Now he stands at the head of a proud nation, his eyes burning with the passion of a zealot, his brow drapped with a crown of thorns and in his hands, a hammer. For he will shed no blood, wear no crown, steal no gold and lie to no man. He would burn away Satan’s corruption and give Juan, the true Chosen of God, his realm. A battle of heaven and hell for the sanctity of the entire christian world. And King Bartolome, God-Chosen, would lead it to his dying breath. Leader(s): The God-Chosen King of Leon, Bartolome Cristoval Alonso de Lèon
  8. 1523 World Events The Auldic Tribes continues to expand and to fight with the Karel. Many of the battles have turned into merciless, bloody exchanges. Few prisoners are ever taken, those that are are tortured and left mutilated for their brothers to see. A merciless, sporadic and small war, where excessive brutality has very quickly become the norm. The Bloated continue their expansion, like a cancer wriggling its way into the body of its host. This year has seen unprecedented expansion into the jungle coasts to the south of the Maw, as reported by Order scouts. As always in the north, their raids never end, and people die. The Republicans are dead in Symon. Or at least, many of them. The survivors have no organized themselves into militias and gang-like structures, led by the most violent or opinionated of them all, the only who survived the purge of the senior cliques. (bar exceptions) They now roam villages and towns, demanding change and disrupting the peaceful lives of those southern Symon towns. A large zone around the Pillars has begun to feel… strange. People are no longer consumed by madness within it. Instead, they simply turn into docile automatons, who work in synch and cannot be shaken out of it, should they stay long enough. Eventually, they simply disappear, walking off to some unknown place. The Kingdom of Five A scream of rage echoes through Dakkar’s mind as he is tossed from his horse on a pleasant ride through the swine farms. He lands in the mud, where an invisible power keeps him for a few moments before releasing him, its anger scorching through him. The research done by the Magi yields no results. Either the Fallen One has no more to give, or he is unwilling to impart more power unto the mages. The piracy continues, as the Meldans state that the pirates are running circles around them. Their missives state their continued confusion at how they are able to avoid their hunting fleets entirely. This year, one of the pirate ships is sunk by a galley ramming it as it approaches the shore though. Progress! Fish! Seljuk Fish! (Rare good discovered & acquired. +0.25% growth.) The Empire of Bourdeleaux If untroubled by the civil war, the Bourdelean army returns home, diminished, but still whole. Unfortunately, due to their depleted supply lines, they leave behind a trail of pillage and theft as they ravage the surrounding land to feed their starving soldiers. @Z3R0 Sorville, the same man being watched by the Bourdeleans, approaches the Emperor one sunny day, asking to speak to him about matters of the utmost importance. (Discord) The new settlements remain unchallenged in their construction, but they are always watched, and those who venture too far from them are sometimes attacked by rapid horsemen, their bows twanging angrily, until they pull back to their settlements. The Fortress Libraries A book that was not supposed to be there. A confused librarian finds it upon a lectern in the main library of the main city. It is badly burnt and heavily damage, but one can still distinguish a large golden “I” upon a black cover, with a black eye aligned down the axis of the “I”... (discord) The Kingdom of Numeria It is a first, but one diligent student manages to crack off a section of osmalt by finding a particularly find grey line that cut through a block. Perhaps a minor weakness, it allows a section of the stone to be broken off for further study. In the South, the Carrow citadel is indeed made of Osmalt, almost uniform, it almost looks as if it was carved from one single giant block or as if all individual blocks were welded together upon completion. Either way, it is sure to have more details to yield, should the research continue. The Commonwealth of Ruhn Such a pious boy. The guide beyond the veil takes pity on him, and decides to spare him of his first death, whenever that may be. Furthermore, He-That-Waits offers a vision to his most loyal speaker… A vision of a strange place beneath the world. (discord) Lots of things that will kill people! This pleases the killy kill god! The Holy Empire of Grimsborith The forest continues to spread throughout the land, and the deep sense of contenment continues to grow within the hearts of the magi. One could not call it pleasure, but perhaps a sensation that something larger than themselves is doing what it always intended. Like a sunflower leaning towards the sun, this is but the natural course of things. Many settlements, though two of them find themselves stalled by bad weather, greedy merchants and bad organization. Such is the way of things. The Antigonid Dynasty North and west they sail, and safely they arrive. As for the King, he feels once again but the latent, pulsing power of a sleeping being, unwoken by the troubles of the world. Yet, on the same night as the pillar of light erupts in the north, this changes, if only for a brief moment. For those few seconds, the King finds himself pulled into a raging miasm of power strong enough to bring him to his knees. As if a dragon had cracked open an eye, if only for a brief moment. But then the light fades, and with it so does the surge of power, leaving the king faint and tingling with the aftershock. Anyone nearby would notice that, for the next few minutes, his body occasionally sparks with little blue and purple flashes of color, before it eventually fades… The Morning Kindgom The Black Gems of Cairn continue to be unresponsive to the researchers touch. Though some of the more magically attuned profess that they feel a death-like, or negative energy around them, as if it were sapping their vitality to stay around them for too long. The books and the art are far more revealing in their message. It seems as if the people of Cairn were obsessed with halting death. One of the books, The Measurement of Infinite Life, goes into great detail about the many experiments done to people within the Red Room. It seems particularly enthusiastic about a new group that has been, according to its records, recently brought in for testing from the southern jungle. The paintings reveal a people obsessed with the thought of dying. Many of them show scenes of burials, or the construction of the great coastal monuments. And always visible in the background, never in the forefront, is the skeletal being with black robes and a black crown. The Blackmarrow seem to follow a highly traditional and antiquated way of worshipping the Lord & Lady, and do not seem particularly fervent. It is almost as if they do it out of duty, not out of belief. Their rituals are quiet, their prayers nearly all taken from old, old prayer books. It is extremely rare for any of them to go pray of their own volition, and when they do, it is often with the same prayers from the same books. The Republic of Danwent A civil war, a most terrible thing. It seems that a lot of support for varying factions has poured into the broken country. Of note, 10.000 Symon troops, promising to uphold the King. However, who can dictate the fate of a nation in such a short period of time. It seems that there is still much to be decided upon, much yet to be done… The Galaharian League A quiet year, it seems. Except that that one, teensy little issue up in the far north! The Princedoms of Volarucio War. Little else can occupy the minds of the Volarucians, as they wait for the decisive battles to conclude with bated breath. The Duchy of Ulyadar The five men return a few days later. They seem dazed, a little distant, and can be caught humming a monotonous, repetitive tune when they believe they are not watched. They act with a strange sort of synchronization, and sometimes almost seem to have to stop themselves from speaking in synch. He finds the small stair-case, leading down to a ledge right above the lava. Within, an old secret. (Discord) The Kingdom of Icefeld The iceglass blades are quite an intelligent idea, though they do increase the price of the vessel by a notable degree. Nevertheless, with the use of a smaller vessel, the snow-boats are now fully functioning vessels, capable of catching the harsh winds of the north and skidding across the arctic landscapes. They may not hold massive amounts of men, but they certainly offer more comfort and safety than a long march across frigid, frozen fields. (technology: Ice-Skiff, 3500 with iceglass blades, 2750 without. Capable of holding 100 men when full.) Surya Forts in curious places, and many a man or beast pressed into fighting from the blessed one above. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Finally. A decades long war to purge the forest of the corruption within is concluded. As the final bastions are taken, Eonir feels a deep sense of wellness, as if a disease had finally been purged from his, and his gods body. All is well within the forest. Now may be a time to look outwards… (+3% growth for next turn only.)
  9. The Foundry Actions 40.000 More heavy industry! (2HI, 30000C) (14 total, 3 inactive) 10.000 surpluss energy units. Basic Industry! (11R) (22/25 invested) More population! (122 A)
  10. 1522 World Events With the Swine incursions into Eslem’s land, Governor Julun has went to speak to the Governor of Minolek on the issue. After a few days of debauchery and discussion, it is eventually decided that Swine armies and armed men, or warships will no longer be welcome in the free cities. However, as news filters down that a massive Swine host is approaching the city, the decision becomes suddenly harsher… It seems that Hakkan and Karel have smoothed over their issues for now, as Hakkan the Undying, Chosen of God and master of the skies returns fades back into the background of the world. But in the distant North, the Auldic tribes continue their war against the Karel. A war of raiding parties and lightning strikes. Even though the Karel army maneuver around to try and strike back, the Auldic forces always fade away into the wilderness. More than that, their transient villages are never struck, leaving the Karel forces eternally frustrated. The Symon Empire continues to grow slowly, as more men trickle into the border forts of Numeria. The rest of the Empire is settling into an uneasy expectation of peace, as the now matured Emperor continues to push for more expansion. But where?! A great tragedy befalls the democratic elements of the Symon Empire! In one bloody night, about a dozen of their major elements are found murdered in their beds. They seem to have had their throats slit, with the rest of the household often unaware of the coming and going of the murderer. Of note, Dunwicks seal is often left behind, though this is immediately put aside as obvious bait. Many of the dead had once been peace-seekers, less militant aspects of the democratic body. In the far east, the Order continues to advertize itself as a military mercenary order. The Bloated Throats continue to sweep through the lands, seeking fresh meat. Muddy Creek is now in significant danger of being attacked, as countless thousands of Bloated roam the land. The Kingdom of Five No port can be built, and as such, the galleys must row their men ashore in rowboats, or by grounding themselves. Either way, the settlement is soon detected by Eslemn who sends a strong contingent of men, along with an envoy to discuss their situation. Until an agreement has been reached, they refuse to offer supplies for sale to what they can only see as an invasion force. (Discord) The pirate raids continue, with the Meldans apparently unable to counter them. They state that there is something unnatural going on, as if the pirates could almost detect their ships, and swoop around them without trouble. (-7.500G) The Republic of Danwent Civil War! Soon after its declaration, the Symon Empire proclaims its support of the new King of Danwent. In a surprise move, they halt their advance into the deep forests of Numeria, fortifying a strong position near the edge, and sending 5.000 men looping around to join up with the nearest northern royalist forces. The Eadni have nothing to say about the situation. Trident remains neutral, maybe. Blackmarrow seem to have no concern for the Civil War, though an envoy voices what appears to be the opinion of the House. May the strongest survive. (Discord) The Kingdom of Bulgar The Twins come out changed. (Discord) As the forest swells, animals and wolves make their way into the Lithborn lands, a rare event. The wolves pad through their lands with an apparent lack of concern, curiously inspecting the new woodlands. If spoken to by the adepts or magi, their response is unanimous, to the letter. “The Home approves.” The Morning Kingdom Buildings! Within the crypts, children begin to disappear. They always go to play within the dead city, but rarely have they gotten lost, and never have they quite simply never returned, or been found. The Empire of Bourdeleaux With the pass to Numeria closed, the Empire of Bourdeleaux must now sweep its men back through another path. Though it can be safely said that many of the soldiers, despite being cut off from their homeland, breath a sigh of relief at skipping another excursion through the vicious mountains. Another vision, seared into the mind of the Emperor. (discord) The Kingdom of Numeria The expedition faces some hardship. Indeed, flying so high, in such a bitterly cold place is difficult, especially with high winds tossing them around. But eventually, they succeed in crawling up over the edge, though one adept is splattered against the wall by a strong gust. What they find is a place beyond what man can conceive. (discord) (-1 adept) Expensive reforms indeed. Such a massive shift in the military structure of the nation has to shake up a nation. Indeed, by the end of the year, 1000 men have flocked to the banner out of fervor, and awe at the reshaped army. (1000 light infantry, seasoned.) Oi vey, units must now be recruited in full, not partial count. (You can adjust this and have them this turn, if the money you had spent in 1522 allows for full unit recruitment.) As for the Symon Empire, it sends an envoy into the forest, bearing a white flag. (Discord) The Antigonid Dynasty On their way through the Eadni lands, the survivors are treated well. Their wounds are tended to, and they are given significantly cheaper supplies to make their way home. This year, Aegos hears nothing. He feels the occasional thrum of power, as if he were touching the vein of a sleeping giant, pumping raw power through its cosmic body. But Voleus says nothing, does nothing. The powerful magic of the world remains latent, stable, balanced. The Princedom of Volarucio WAAAG. (Discord) The Commonwealth of Ruhn A quiet year for the Ruhnbois. It seems that they have no wish for witty commentary as they create more farms. How disappointing… The Fortress Libraries With the constant pressure from the Throats and the limited access to resources due to the danger of the land, swaths of walls are still made of wood by the end of the year. But at least Mud Creek now has a keep, and some walls. The Symon Empire agrees to the Librarian request. As for Blackmarrow, they send no more men to the fight. In fact, they have been exceptionally quiet for the past few years, beyond their expeditionary force in Numeria. These mountains are some of the more hospitable ones found on the continent. As such, the Librarians manage to establish some rough settlements in the valleys dividing the peaks. Not the nicest places, perhaps, but a man can live there and not starve. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick A long trip, a great reward. (Discord) The Kingdom of Hilmedhi The tunnel is expanded easily enough. It seems that the hardest part was simply the labor required to make it in the first place. Either way, it can now accommodate great rows of men, travelling safely below the vicious jungles of the peninsula. As for the road to the Death Gate, it is finished in the same year that it is begun. Indeed, the lands beyond the jungle are flat and open savannah, and there is little here to disrupt the work, or give any true challenge to the minds of the minermen. As for the sewers, well, they are certainly cleaned up and working better now! Though one might wonder why they required such vast sums of gold in the first place! The Duchy of Ulyadar The Ulyadar have seen markings before, carvings and drawings of these once people. However, their script, when it is found, is completely alien, bearing no resemblance to anything they may have seen before. They do manage to unveil some more ruins though, a building here, some bones here, a tomb there. The tomb holds some old carvings, more detailed than the ones damaged by thousands of years of wind and snow. They show cities, and long lines of soldiers marching forth, into a setting sun. Surya Two groups of scout, going into strange lands. Those going south are surrounded on each side by storms that never seem to shift as they make their way down a corridor of untroubled green land. However, one man who went foraging inland disappeared for weeks, before finally re-appearing. He claims to have only been gone for a few days! The northern expedition soon hits rocky, disrupted land. Here the soil itself often trembles and little grass grows over a barren, rugged landscape that seems to be at war with itself. To the west, an ever present storm, crackling over distant islands, hidden by rain and mist. The Kingdom of Icefeld The army returns, safely enough. Some still die from disease, accidents or the lingering effects of starvation, but for the most part, those who survived the winter return home, gaunt, weary and struck by the horrors of an eternal, freezing night. (500 more dead, distribute as you will.) The land-ship seems to be a promising concept, and through the constant toil of Icefeld’s greatest minds, it seems as if the progress is most promising. Indeed, by the end of the year, they are trying out the first models on the flat ground between forest and mountain, where the snow does not truly ever melt. Unfortunately, a problem becomes immediately apparent. A galley-sized ship is quite simply too big, too heavy despite the changes. They struggle to move, and often sink into the snow by their own weight. Nevertheless, a framework for success has been crafted.
  11. The Foundry Roboids doing roboid things on a roboid rock in roboid space, a long way away from any non-roboid. The C.C.C. is finally completed, worker drones swarming its surface to give it its finishing touches. (12.000 C) (CCC finished) More Heavy Industry! By jove, when will these filthy roboids ever stop?! (15.000) (12 HI, one inactive) 12.500 Energy Units (C) are stored. Research programs begin analyzing and perfecting basic industrial processes. (11R) (11/25 BI T1)
  12. 1521 World Events This year, Symon push into the Numerian forest, slowly, inch by inch, clearing every area with painstaking care. Progress is slow, but there seem to be fewer losses than anticipated. The Antigonid Dynasty The Eadni seem assuaged by the re-assurances, and continue to allow supplies through their land uninterrupted. As for the troubles, they seem to subside as the worship is outlawed, and the remnants of the cult either flee to kinder lands, convert, or die. The damage may have been wrought, but no more unnatural storms or magical flares disrupt the land this year. The Kingdom of Five The Meldans seem to have limited success. They report finding two caravels, and sinking them in combat, but find little more. Oftentimes, they state that the enemy escapes into unnatural mists, or slips into coastal waters and darts away through the channels between islands. As they continue their search, the Swine ships also have limited success, as the Red Suns often strike where they are not. (-7.5000G this turn) Emissaries. (Discord) Expedition! The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Such a movement of people and creation of settlements exceeds what is possible for the Fey. As such, the vast spread of resources and people creeping forth to occupy new swaths of the forest advances slower than expected. By the end of the year, the two segments of Fey land are still not properly joined, but surely, it cannot be long before they are. As for the king, the visions continue to flash before his eyes on occasions, and a deep urge settles within him. An urge to find their source. The Republic of Danwent The Elder Soul has always been quiet. The priests of Danwent may never even have truly felt his warmth, though his magic roils through them. But however distant he may be, his touch does influence the land. A moment of recognition for the faithful, as crops flourish at an unprecedented rate in 1521. (+2% pop growth for one turn.) The Princedoms of Volarucio M O A R (wine) UNITS. Shortly before the army marches, Trident sens a strongly worded letter, requesting that the Volarucian loan be repaid. But as the army crosses the border, Trident raises its own forces, and missives flit down the river, south, east, west. Who knows where they are going. (discord) The Duchy of Ulyadar The settlers do well enough. They are unharmed, arrive safely, and build more settlements in the name of their chosen Duke! Adept Tuvallinius seems to handle the insanity well enough. He does not go completely crazy, but is clearly struggling with voices, and adopts strange habits, as well as a hunched posture. His eyes are often full of paranoia, though he manages to remain mostly coherent. The Blood Forge and the Blood God have nothing else to say on the matter, unfortunately, as the God remains quiet and the Forge holds not a single allusion to any of these things. The Commonwealth of Ruhn Ruhnites like round numbers, but mods like short replies! The leather becomes easier to manipulate with increased research into its properties. By the end of the year, the leather is finally wearable! It seems to be particularly resistant to flames. The Empire of Bourdeleaux Though many, many laborers have died, the second year of tortuous labor secures a somewhat acceptable road through the Roots. It is doubtful that the pass will ever actually be safe, but for now, it allows, if nothing else, for the troops to pass without constantly fearing about falling down a cliff. However, the winding paths through the valleys are still constantly threatened by falling rocks, and bitter snow and ice and avalanches still spell death for those unlucky enough to be affected by them. In Numeria, the campaign continues, though the Black Army finds its supply lines under constant threat, attacked from all directions, as the men begin to grow hungry, and their supplies wane… The Kingdom of Icefeld The spring does little to warm these frozen lands. Indeed, the ice still lies thick in many spots, and the snow only melts in the southern regions of the march. As for Franz, he only arrives as far as the first tribe, before being promptly rejected. On his paths to other tribes, he now falls under attack from raiders on more than one occasion. Experts in the land around them, they kill dozens of his men, and seriously wound him in the lung with an arrow. The same words spout from the lips of all they meet. “We will not kneel.” As for the army, it is attempting to cross a wind-blasted, frozen land, where food is scarce, and venturing into the forest to forage can be as lethal as sitting in the open arctic fields. With so much put into the supplying of the troops, far less men die of hunger than could be expected, but progress is still slow, and they are not yet at the coast when the deepest, darkest days of winter arrive, and cut off their supply lines with dozens of feet of snow… That, is when the men start dying in earnest. Attrition losses: 150 Icefeld raiders 200 medium infantry 50 Icefeld sappers 100 Medium Archers The Mangonels have to be abandonned very shortly into the trip, as they prove impossible to transport over these frozen, crag-filled expanses of ice and snow. 100 heavy infantry 100 Crossbowmen 100 Heavy Cavalry, 150 Cavalry unhorsed. (Their horses died or were eaten in the deep winter.) The Fortress Libraries One loremaster defects, along with a relatively rich library. However, the two dozen others still living within Numeria refuse to leave their ancestral homeland, and the history that lies within it. The defector, Amros Nureyn, is a strange chap, with a penchant for droning monologues and moments spent staring blankly into the void. More medicine, but also poison? Nevertheless, there are more than a few plants that secrete toxic substances within the swamp, and the Libraries have an easy enough time cataloguing them. Of note, the Drizzleroot, which has a bitterly sharp taste, but when ingested will slowly turn the blood black, until it coagulates and blocks the heart. It typically turns veins black beneath the skin and is quite deadly. The Galaharian League Ships are indeed built! (Discord) The road system progresses at a decent enough pace, though the scope of the project is immense, stretching over hundreds of miles, near the dangerous Greenthroat. Already, many dozens of slaves have disappeared into the night. As for the roots, incorporating them is all well and good, but without clear directives, they continue to block the entire road, stretching from within the woods, until the edge of the cliff like a wall. Doctors are easy enough to find, though their skills may be dubious. Nevertheless, it is better than none! Surya A rush of settlers throughout the region. Unfortunately, the northernmost group is halted by horrible weather, and is ultimately called off, returning to Sehore in defeat. Shamefur dispray… The rest of the settlements are established without trouble, though the Xian seem none to pleased with this sudden burst of growth from their brown neighbors.
  13. The Foundry The C.C.C. is finally completed. For now, it is built deep underground, though a large access tunnel leads up to the surface, through which the C.C.C. can be transported. It is covered in all the security the Foundry can afford it, and protected by layers upon layers of doors. (12.000C) (Finished.) More heavy industry! The Foundry will not be deterred! (15.000C into 1 HI) (12 total, 1 inactive) 7.500 suplus C. Work goes into improving basic industrial facilities, for they shall no doubt be needed soon. (11/25 R into BI)
  14. 1520 In the Kingdom of Karel, the embers of unrest are rising. The murder of Shein, advisor to the King, followed by the immediate surrender, has left many angry, resentful about their kneeling king, who abandonned a war that they had been winning! In some regions, the lords whisper of rebellion… Once again, the Xian spread their wings over the westernmost regions of Aros. They seek no conflict, or so it seems, for they make an effort to remain on good terms with all their neighbors. In Naros, the Symon armies have stopped at the edges of the Numerian forest. Arris is under siege now, surrounded by many of their men, while the rest fortify the border. For now though, they stall, wait, and hesitate under the woods imposing eves. In the far north-east, the pillars of mist begin to flash with lightning, and some of those crazy enough to approach them swear that they saw great figures drawn within the mist, like giants. With this, it seems as if the madness has spread, encompassing more of the sea to the north than ever before. The Kingdom of Five Pirates! Bearing the banner of the Red Suns, a group of pirates known to the region, though they have never operated so far west before, for fear of the Free Cities, they strike at the Swine coast, hitting villages and pillaging them, or taking the villagers as prisoners. The Meldans offer their help in hunting down this scum, for they seem to despise them just as much as any other. (-7500G) As for Swinium. It is finally finished. Finally! It glints and has rough swirls cutting through it. Stronger than steel, sharper than steel. A good alloy. (New T3 gear, +500 to cost) The Republic of Danwent Approaches occur… It seems that the Symon have something to ask of the Republic of Danwent. (discord) Fortress Libraries Buildings! Intrigue in the Trident continues to deepen…. (discord cont’d.) The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick The waters call to the King… (discord) The Empire of Bourdeleaux The pass is a vicious, dangerous place, hundreds of kilometers wide. On the Numerian side, signs of construction are evident. The remains of the Numerian effort to pave the road over the roots. They did not go far, and still many Symon prisoners die there, living in their hovels, starving, now that their supplies are cut. They no longer work. On the eastern side, the situation is far more wild, but money can solve many a problem. As such, by the end of the year, hard labor, and hard losses, has resulted in an estimated 30% of the pass being paved. As for the war, well, it continues. After all, Bourdeleaux is only doing what it knows best. The Antigonid Dynasty With the permission to worship the Deep One, come deep troubles in the Dynastic lands. Waves of abnormal size, pulses of raw power that shatter houses. These irregularities wreak their own type of havoc upon the land, and many a priest cries out about the heathen nature of the Mongerellian worship. (-7000G in damages) Secret workings. (Discord) By the middle of the year, Byrons people are finally detected. Such a force cannot hide forever, and the city is clearly within a region that the Throats consider their own. Unfortunately for them, the desert offers very little in the way of defenses, as most of the trees are within the city itself, in the oasis. As such, when they are detected, there is no hiding behind walls. (Discord) As word filters down the river of the city of Sunport, the Eadni make it clear that they have a vested interest in the city. A few days later, a shipment of supplies is ‘delayed’, only long enough to cause worry, not enough to do any harm. It arrives with a polite letter from the Eadni. In it, they hope that the Antigonids respect their interest in the region. The Kingdom of Volarucio S-soldiers, but for whatever reason might they be used?? The Commonwealth of Ruhn Otto of name Stinky of smell Revolting. -A haiky written by Xian Empress Xian Wa shortly before her death, about her secret lover Otto of Manurestein, in Ruhn. The Free Cities, as a whole, have decided that they wish to invest into expanding their networks into the hungry sea. As such, they have offered Ruhn, through gritted teeth, the sum of 10.000 G to allow them to establish a trading outpost within the Hungry Sea. The Galaharian League Somewhere, a key slides into a lock, and chains fall to the ground. (Discord) The Galaharians attempt the same crossing as the Bourdelean army before. On their way, they find many a frozen corpse above the snowline, and many skeletons bellow, picked clean by mountains animals. The horses suffer the most on the rocky, treacherous paths, but somehow, they make it through. (Losses: 25 Bourdelaic knights, 250 stormriders, 100 medium horse, 300 light horse, 100 medium infantry, 100 light infantry, 150 archers, 50 leagues men) 20.000 hires about 5.000 medium infantry, in steel armor, with a well-trained core of 500 veterans. The force is comprised of disparate groups, though the veterans are part of the Bear Claws, a group of rough men from the icy reaches of northern Aros, who made their way down through the continent in the search of gold. The land along the Wet-Throat is rougher than the rest, as the trees often reach to the cliffside, and massive roots cut through the path of the builders. Cut them, build over them? Such are the decisions. But ignoring that, the groundwork for a path is indeed laid. The search goes well enough, they arrive on the location, but find… nothing. Some stones, some old ceramics, and a tablet made of black stone, half-buried in a sarcophagi. Upon it, etched into the glassy black stone, is a foreign script. The Kingdom of Icefeld A swirling pattern, as if the steel itself danced beneath the surface. Reflecting brilliantly in the firelight. Stronger than steel, apparently immune to rusting. An accomplishment indeed. (new T3 steel unlocked.) The Duchy of Ulyadar A moment of mercy, from a merciless god. Aid in the darkest of times, as blood flows in the Forge, a slave speaks. (discord) Surya Ravi may be hidden from Surya, but not from the prying eyes within the deep jungle itself. (Discord) Other than that, it is but a quiet year of growth in the sun-touched lands of Mihir. What could go wrong in such a peaceful place? The Morning Kingdom The tapping intensifies. The city grows darker, black mist pools along the alleys and lower streets of Cairn.The bones seem to shift occasionally and the streets never seem to be going in the same direction twice. Something, deep down below, stirs. The invasion thus commences. (Discord) The Kingdom of Hilmedhi And a device is found. Spitting the fire through great pumps does have its risks. Damage can quickly lead to ignition in the pump itself. But for now, great bellows shoot the liquid out in a light spray, hitting a flame and leaping forward in a tongue of sticky, unending fire. Success! If such a horrifying weapon of war can be called such. A complicated piece of work, but resistance to fire is possible, if difficult to design. (High Level Enchantment, Fire Resistance, unlocked) The move works well enough, though the sewers are clearly old, decaying and complex. Nevertheless, the workers do succeed in the clean-up mission. In their toils, they find a most interesting thing. A series of rooms entered through a door in a tiny sewer pipe, deep below the surface. Within, bodies in cages, blood, and the remains of burnt books, piled in the center of what appears to have been a study.
  15. The Foundry Much energy is dumped into a Central Control Core (38.000) (12.000C remaining) More resources pour into a Central Control Core. (10M, 10A, 10S) 9R Into improving droid construction techniques. Improving the way in which any body is built, better alloys, better arms, legs, modularity, toughness, shock-resistance, etc. Generally gaining the capacity and knowledge to build significantly better droids. (9R into robot bodies) (20R invested) More simulations, more data-testing, more programs modified and discarded. The programming of every body, every program, must be perfect. There can be no bugs, no glitches. Only smooth, efficient symbiosis, secure from cyberattacks, thinking at the speed of light. (2R into software) (13R invested)
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