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  1. 1517 The Eadni have called for an embassy in their capital, which the Mongerellians, after their stinging defeat, have agreed to. The details have yet to be ironed out. In the East, after the massacre of Blood Hill, the bloated throats run rampant through the land, massacring entire villages and carving deep, bloody furrow into the Ashval as they rampage through the land in a chaotic manner. The Hakkan and Karel forces once more march upon each other, a few days march from the old battlefield. The Fortress Libraries Buildings. Medical research continues, as the libraries advance into territory unknown and unexplored by the greatest minds of their day and age. Some foreigners even come to their lands now, paying large sums to be healed by those who they claim can perform miracles. (+5000 G this turn.) The Republic of Danwent An dangerous venture for the Republic, but these people of Danwent are well-versed in the construction of roads, if not in the scaling of cliffs! By the end of the year, as winter sweeps its cold cowl over the mountains, the road has already been half-way built, if not more. The men in charge should be confident in their ability to finish it in the next year, proper funding accounted for. A diplomat from the Symon Empire arrives in the year, requesting that the Danwent Republic curb its political believers, and pulls them out of the Symon Empire. For from where else could such toxic beliefs come from?! The Kingdom of Five Piles of discarded alloys and melted lumps of metal fill the workshops of every blacksmith trying to find the new perfect metal. The adepts, with no real knowledge at all when it comes to smithing and the work of metals, contribute little, and their work continues to be excruciatingly slow. More settlements. Further south, the land often becomes more rugged as the Swine leave behind the fertile fields of their homelands for open grassland. While it is a good place to sow seed, it cannot be compared the fertile vales of their home. The Antigonid Dynasty Truly, they live upon the edge of the world. At night, the stars above the Antigonid’s shine brightly, foreign shapes to the rest of the world, and occasionally, great whales surge from the waters off the coast, basking in the warmth of a summer sun. The Scholar’s League attracts only a few minds, for few can truly be motivated to leave their well-established homes or laboratories without the welcoming clink of gold. The excavations go well enough, but the more they dig, the more disappointed they are. Few traces of any civilization touch these lands. In one place, an old cairn is found, with a few old gold coins and a rusted saber. In another, a boat, some sort of galley, half-buried into the ground, most of it rotted into dust and sludge. But they find no real traces of any cities, or large settlements. The land seems wild, untouched by the past. The Morning Kingdom The Order, though tentative, agrees to trade agreement. They maintain a cool façade when speaking to the Morning envoys, but their eyes are full of hostility. Ashval cannot agree to trade at the time being, as their entire government is in shambles. They only request aid from the Morning Kingdom, and promises of trade and friendship should they fight to stop the Bloated menace. The Eadni accept trade. The Expedition into Cairn begins on the surface levels, well explored in previous years, these seem to be residential for the most part, though even here, skulls and bones are oft embedded into the walls, and signs of death and the worship of death are everywhere, from the carved skulls to the statues of a hooded figure at intersections within this underground city. The lower they go, the less hospitable the levels get. Broad streets with slanting slits allowing for some sunlight turn into narrow, dark passages, where the walls are made only of skulls, the supports of bones. Here they find the greatest amount of crypts, tombs and mass graves, with altars to a deadly god everywhere, and old rooms that could only have had strange and heathenish rituals. Where the upper levels were maze-like to the unfamiliar eye, these catacombs are truly tortuous, paths varying in level, cutting over each other and winding around forever. Rooms may have ten openings, all at different levels, all leading into random directions. Some men get lost, their shouts echoing around and around forever in the heavy air, their torches flickering out as their shouts grow more and more desperate, and ever more distant from the main party. But that is not all that can be found in the deepest depths of the crypt city of Cairn. (Discord) The Commonwealth of Ruhn Today marks a monumental day for the Commonwealth. For the first time since they discovered them all those years ago, the scholars, enlisting the help of many a laborer, managed to activate the mechanisms for the Levers...Then they jammed, and trapped one of the large basins filled with water, and a single trial ship, mid-way down the cliff. Despite the apparent trauma for those trapped in the ship, the scholars celebrate! Only a few kinks to iron out, and soon they will be able to unlock them entirely! The southern search parties, making their way along the river, finally find what they have been searching for. Large, lazy lizards with thick skin and vicious claws sit around the edges of the river, at peace with themselves and their surroundings. No doubt, they will soon be at peace with being cut up and sent to tanning vats! (Sandcrawler Rare good discovered) Lounging the mountains allows them to avoid the most punishing of storms, but a midway through their difficult journey, they are overtaken by a violent firestorm as it breaks itself upon the mountainside in a clash of stone and fire. Cowering in the sand does not provide very good cover, and before it is done, one Acolyte and five men are taken by the storm. Lord Karx is more than happy to welcome their envoy, and sends a gift of good will to Ruhn. A healthy sum of 3.500 gold in jewels and spices. The Kingdom of Icefeld The strait is nearly drowned in ice and icebergs, drifting south in a long procession, like a dozen hulking vessels. Ice crashes and crunches around them continually, and the trip is nothing even remotely close to safe. But headed by Franz Josef, they navigate these lethal waters and make it across, where they move south, and do indeed hit forests and open taiga before another vicious winter howls down from the north to entomb them in ice and snow. The Men of Ölm are cautious people, and they are often seen as little more than flitting shadows under the eves of the trees. As the Icefeldians breach the treeline, they find themselves in a new world of chokingly thick trees and an undergrowth so dense that a man could fall all the way in, and still not hit solid ground. A treacherous place, but the men of Ölm navigate it well, and eventually show themselves, requesting rather brusquely what business the ‘deadland people’ want. (Discord) An expensive vessel, but designed by good minds, it will fulfil its purpose. The Princedom of Volarucio The Blackmarrow accept trade with the Princedom, allowing their envoy to spend his visit, and the furiously violent winter, deep within the island keep of Sentinel, off the coast of the capital itself. The scholars will have to look with a more specific goal in mind! (ask me in Discord for research in Knauledge.) As for the settlers, by the end of the year, they are cut off from their homeland by Lithborn expansion. The City-State of trident also sends a missive to the Princedom, announcing that they will be expecting their loan to be returned within the coming five years, with an interest of 10%. The Kingdom of Bulgar Buildings. Of the five settlements, one is delayed by bad weather, and the abysmal organizational skills of one of the Foremen in charge of it. However, the remaining ones are established , effectively cutting off the small group of Volarucian settlers who make their way to the freezing coast in the north. The Kingdom of Hilmedhi The ballista are nothing special. Upon further study, they seem to be quite the straightforward model. The only change is the red marble heads attached to their bolts. The runes are completely foreign to anything that the researchers have seen before, and with little to not ground for reference, they simply stall at them. However, they have figured out most of the mechanisms surrounding the crystal, bar the crystal itself, and the runes. The runes to ignite weapons are straight-forward enough, and soon the greatest Magesmiths of the nation are able to ignite swords through careful processes and even more cautious runescribing. The issue here lies with the complexity and difficulty of production. (High tier) Surya The raids abate in the more heavily patrolled areas, but in others, they continue to sneak out and ravage villages. These swarthy warriors are fierce and driven, and in equal engagements, the civil watch is often routed and killed. Many a woman is carried off, and many a man slaughtered. (-200 civil watch, -4000 gold.) Tribesmen. (Discord) The Empire of Bourdeleaux The Herzaka do not react any further to the Bourdelean presence in the region, though they very often skirt the horizon on their horses, before fading away into the great open sea of grass. The coastal ambitions of the Empire must be curbed, for the mountains are rough, and the settlers must either find a way to circumvent them without intruding on Aulem land, or go by sea. The other settlement, at the foot of the pass, is easily established. Soon, a thriving community grows, through they must prepare for the winter months, when their way home is cut off by ferocious snowstorms. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick The City-State of Trident declines the offer, based mainly on the distance of the Fey relative to them, and the lack of assurances or collateral. Additionally, they fear that with the Fey so far removed from them, they may not feel obligated to repay the loan in the given time. Other than that, the forest continues to protect the fey, sheltering them from the outside world, though once more, a single wolf makes its way to adepts within the Fey borders. It speaks of Fey-beings leading non-fey deep into the heart of the forest, and bares its teeth at the notion. Surely, those of the forest know this is not to be done. The Galaharian League Discussions with the Eadni are to be had. (Discord) The rather heavy-handed attempt at manipulating the mercenary companies through violence and money goes poorly, as quite a few up and leave as the pattern continues to repeat itself, sailing or marching for Throataville, the Hilmedhi, Ruhn or Danwent, depending on their tendencies. Their numbers are diminished, but some still stay, though loyalty is hard to find once coins stop clinking. The Three passan commanders in Storm Keep are named Elmo Morahg, Juston Belltower and Loro of Scuttlebrick. Many of the cities nearer to the coast, and more developped, seem quite happy with how things are going. After all, they have seen naught but improvements in their lives since the Galaharians showed up on their shores. Inland, the story is a little different, as swamps and bad roads keep them more isolated, and they have a more traditional outlook on life. Here, support of the Galaharians is notably lower. March, march. The Duchy of Ulyadar The eagle kills the seagull, the fox kills the eagle. The reindeer gores a man, the seal kills the penguin and flops into the water, never to be seen again. Their violent reaction happens far faster than those of the men, with the fox lasting longest before it turns into a raging, frothing mess of a creature, running around in circles and ripping at its tail furiously. These same trackers see a thick, huge wall of fog creep over the horizon one day, then disappear from sight. A strange phenomenom, going north east.
  2. The Foundry Y.102 on foundrycal.app / 2203 Population: Actions The Protocols demand efficiency, and so it is that more heavy industry is zoned and built by the worker bots. (15.000 C) (7 Heavy Industry) Continued research into improving the droid body in all shapes and sizes, construction methods, agility, tenacity, etc. (1RP) (3 Invested) In tandem with this research, the robots continue to run a thousand simulations, write millions of lines of code a second, as the Foundry perfects its software. (1RP) (3 invested) Thousands of tons of alloy are fed into the growing maw of mechanized production. The flow can never stop, for there are so many worker drones to make, and so little time in a single solar rotation. Though of course, robots do not care much about the timely limitations of organics. (18 A x 45 million)
  3. 1516 A slogging, slow victory for the Eadni, and a defeat for the Antigonids. The War of the Hand continues to divide the region, but now the Mongerellians can only feel the pressure of imminent defeat, as their men pull back from the Eadni army, and their fleet is repeatedly harried and pushed back, as more and more of their island holdfasts fall to the Eadni and their ruthless intimidation tactics. The Eadni have repeatedly made us of keeps as an example, demanding surrender and slaughtering every single soul within should they refuse. With the failing will of the Mongerellians, and the impossibility of being rescued on the islands, the keeps and forts are surrendering more often than not. But on the mainland, many still believe in their army, and their famed Drowned Men. The free thinkers of democracy continue to spread what is either their ‘wisdom’ or their ‘plague’ in the south of Symon. It truly depends on who you ask. Either way, the local lords have begun to take notice. In fact, Lord Dunwick himself along with his son, Serros Dunwick, have returned to their family holdfast, the Boulder, an ugly, thick-walled castle with a gentle slope on one side, and a cliff overlooking a river on the other. From here, they exercise their control over these thoughts in the south-east of the Empire, sharply halting those who wish to venture into this region by having them flogged, imprisoned, or executed. It seems that most of the efforts are spearheaded by Dunwick’s son and heir, while Dunwick remains in the Boulder for most of the time, drilling his household guard, or suffering from bouts of pain and sickness. The humiliation laid out upon him by the Emperor made it clear, the once lauded general of the Empire is no longer welcome in the capital. In the east of Naros, the never-ending assault on the Ashval continues, and though they have their Librarian allies to aid them in one place, many others suffer. Nevertheless, what was once a continues advance has been stalled into a slow, bloody grind as the Librarian trainers prepare these unorganized masses of peasants and shape them into a proper armed force with the ability to repell smaller attacks. The larger swarms continue to be a terrifying sight on any horizon. With a new ruler at its head, the Xian Kingdom, headed by Xian Lao, make a most unexpected move. They settle south of the mountains that have defined their borders for as long as Surya would have known of them. A shocking move, for a stagnant nation, but Xian Lao is said to have claimed in court that for a nation so steeped in the belief of Change, they have stagnated for far too long. With the disintegration of relations between Hakkan the Undying, Chosen of God and Master of the Skies and the Kingdom of Karel, they march again. This time, the Hakkan urge their allies to march on the Karel and push them back, for without their Swine allies, they can surely not repeat the Field of Tears! (discord for those involved.) Only a little mist, on the coasts of Ulyadir. Then quiet. The Republic of Danwent As the men of Danwent sail south, the land changes. Here, on this new piece of land, jungles grow thick and the animals differ greatly from their homeland. Where the heat may stay the same as their southern coast, the moisture rises, and the screech of monkeys accompanies them as they hack down next trees to shape their new colonies. In the Symon Empire, the influence of the two envoys words continue to grow, as more and more people attend their forums in the market squares of Slatewater. In fact, the very first break-off groups have formed in surrounding towns and villages, lead by inspired merchants and peasants who heard their words! The Fortress Libraries Medical research continues, as the Libraries continue to advance their knowledge past the limits of what they have in their deep libraries. Truly, they are gaining stunning insight into the inner functionings of humans. Best not to ask exactly how or why though. And battle comes to the Librarians. Finally. Maybe?! The Antigonid Dynasty Though defeated at what the Mongerellians are loudly calling ‘The Battle of Fool’s Crossing’, good news does filter in from the south. The Eadni defeated the second Mongerellian army after a long stalemate, pushing them back into their land. Honorable folk, they recognize the significance of having half the Mongerellian army diverted north, and make no comment on the Antigonid defeat. The Kingdom of Numeria The Ischyrosi give them mixed responses. Some of the villages welcome them as heroes and saviors, others with sullen indifference. Yet others simply flee towards the city of Ischyros. Nevertheless, the men find more smiling faces than angry ones on their way through the land. It seems that the memory of the masses is short, and few recall just who sparked this whole war. As such, they soon appear within a few days march from Ischyros itself, where the Symon army is desperately replenishing its forces… (Discord) The Galaharian League The trip is indeed a long one, and there is still much sea to cross, the vast southern Naros bay, and further beyond. Still, they have cast their nets, and unfurled their sails. Surely they will catch a fat fish soon enough… The bank continues to spread its tendrils around the world, with a new establishment in Danwent. (+2k a turn for Bank of the World) Many mercenary groups had already elected to station men in Batista’s Landing, a central place from which they can sail to any conflict in the world easily enough, bar the Symon-Numeria war. Nevertheless, they gladly take the opportunity for more benefits, and many bands large and small soon cluster into this area of the city. It may no longer be a safe place to live in, but the leaders of the League have what they want. The expedition into the Greenthroat follows the few roots that delve into the woods. A month later, a handful of men, ragged and maddened, straggle out of the woods, their eyes wild, their clothes nothing but tatters. My what tales do they have to tell... (Discord) The Kingdom of Five The Northernmost keep, on the border with Melda, sits upon the flat open around at the end of the ismuth. No hills, woods or rivers surround this barren, wind-beaten slice of land. In the south, the keep resides over its domain from the top of a large hill, with a forest climbing up the southern side. As for the search for Swinium, well, it goes slowly. The Swinemen are not reknowned for their intellect or their acumen with steel. As such, progress is a slow grind as attempt after attempt fails and is discarded. Surely, it will work eventually. The Kingdom of Bulgar With its decision to announce itself as an Empire, the Symon Empire sends a delegation to the Lithborn with a basic treaty for peace and trade as well as polite assurances and congratulations to the newly formed Empire and Emperor. The settlers struggle to find good ground in these tall peaks. Indeed, such is the struggle that the two groups of settlers bound for the deeper mountains must abandon their mission, along with many good men and materials, in the craggy crests and valleys of the Roots. Those sent to colonize the foothills should count themselves lucky, for they must only contend with blizzards and storms, not ice and death. (5k reimbursed total, the rest is lost in the mountains.) The Empire of Bourdeleaux The colonists, as always in these harsh lands, settle the rough terrain with little trouble. An outlaw here, a highwayman there, nothing that the Black Army cannot deal with. However, one day, a shepard from the newly established town nearest to the land of the roaming Herzaka rushes back into town holding a red arrow. He claims that five riders came up and shot it into the ground a dozen meters from him, then galloped off… Investigations, investigations… (Discord) The Duchy of Ulyadar Many a ship built, but before they can be launched, a large village disappears into the mist. The only place struck during the year, it appears to also be the village in which some of Gnupa’s loyal men, and a few members of his family lived. The family is found dead, the men are never found. Surprisingly enough, the trappers find no real signs of life. The waters in this region are empty, no seals bask in the cold sun, and no whales make their lazy way around the islands. The longer they stay, the more the paranoia eats at them, like a cancer devouring their brain, until some of them either flee home, or resort to violence. Whatever is in this place corrupts the mind, that much is clear. The Princedom of Volarucio The Volarian scholars are allowed into the hallowed halls of the Chapel, though many of the rooms and sections of the libraries are restricted only to the eyes of the Monks, they still may learn a great many things from this place, should they respect the rules of the establishment. With their limited insight into inner magical mechanisms of the land, the scholars find very little of significance. These lands are constantly filled with a terrible smell, and gouts of fire erupt at random throughout the land, killing more than one man as they erupted beneath his feet. But these men, limited as they are, find no magical traces in the land. Few people arrive in Volarucio following their establishment as a Kingdom dedicated to their god. Indeed, those rare few who trickle in are those who suffered persecution in other lands, for the most part. The nature of gods and magic, and their innate jealousy towards intermingled worship has never stimulated a cosmopolitan approach to religion in surrounding nations. (+5000 population and 1 adept.) The Volarucian emissary is accepted into the Imperial halls in Loswarn, the capital of the Symon Empire. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Little happens in the forest, beyond the eternal stand-off with the Darkyrians in the north. No wolves make their way into the Fey regions this year and the Darkyrians, as they have been doing for years, make no attempt in regaining their lost land, now that it is overwhelmed by regrowing trees. It seems that the forest is holding its breath, waiting for something. The Commonwealth of Ruhn A momentous day. For the first time since they began their research all those years ago, the scholars working on the Levers of the Five Divines have managed to make a single aspect of the mechanism work, and now gain insight into the way with which it interacts with the rest of the machine! A wonderful leap forward, as they continue to shower praise on the complexity of the creation, and assure the Commonwealth that they must be on the verge of a major breakthrough of the likes that will allow for *gasp* full comprehension! (Maybe, adds one dreary and dubious old scholar at the back of the room.) In other news, Lord Karx, the once lord Celisto, prince of Lem and son of Lord Celis, sends an envoy to Ruhn. It seems that the acolyte he saved from execution so long ago has converted him to the faith of He Who Waits. In doing so, he has converted the city of Hwait, the newly founded Free City on the tip of the Bay. Lord Karx, it seems, would be most interested in an accord between his thriving young city and Ruhn. Surya And appraise they do. (Discord) This new settlement sits below the great mausoleum, and amongst the ruins of an ancient nation. Every day the settlers find more pottery, old weapons, pieces of furniture and art. They seem to be buried or strewn through this city in great numbers. Most of the art comes in the shape of semi-demolished mosaics, but all of them clearly depict the sun in one way, shape or form. Some may find eerie to live in these ruins, but the connection between their culture and the one left before them is clear. In Esma (Chittor??) a few tribes have begun to strike out at the Suryan settlements on the northern coast. They come from the forest, though they do not bear any traditional Surukai markings. Typically, they strike fast, plunder and kill, then flee back into the jungle when the Suryans approach the villages in numbers. The Kingdom of Icefeld The supplies, and the explorers continued contribution to the well-being of the tribes in which they have been allowed to say, ensures that they are well-fed. Certainly, a few die in the winter, but this is the north. If men do not die in the winter, then it is a mild one indeed. The Blackmarrow scholars and courtiers with which they consult as notably close-lipped about this. Instead of giving any real answer, they often glance at third dark tower in the fortress of Sentinel, make a small gesture with their hand, a curled finger before their neck, then shrug and state that the glaciers are a dangerous place. Those who do not react in such a way seem entirely clueless about the whole thing. The Kingdom of Hilmedhi Such interest in unlocking the intricacies of the world. (Discord)
  4. 1515 Following the defeat of the Symon army near Arris, Lord Dunwick has been recalled in disgrace to the capital of Loswarn. However, it is said that he may be too unwell to even be seen by the Emperor, to answer for his great failures. In his stead, emperor Almeric IV has sent Lord Gerroth Veryn, a well established noble from the court, and Dunwick’s long time rival. As such, the front is quiet, though murmurs of troops marching for Ischyros are heard throughout the land. In the far east, it seems that the nations have earned themselves a reprieve from the bloody mist that hangs so often upon their shores, like a vicious limpet. No village is slaughtered, no ships are destroyed. Indeed, it almost seems as if they vanished into thin air. The Eadni win another decisive naval battle, soundly defeating the fledling and renewed Mongerellian navy. It is said that the governesse of Monger, Captain Lu’Uma has been slain at sea by the champion of the Danwent Oympics and his crew, Abu Ibn’Bakir. A crushing blow, to be sure, as they take control of yet more islands in the hand. Yet the Mongerellians continue to maintain a firm control of their own lands, despite making no real gains. The West is shifted by a monumental change. Xian Wa, Queen of the Xian Kingdom of the past 70 years has finally died, in her sleep, at peace. Her funeral procession will pass through every tier of the city, and her body shall be burned in front of a small temple on the lowest level. An unspeakable honor for the priests of said temple, and a vicious insult to those who maintain the royal churches. But those are her requests, and none would dare to defy Xian Wa, even in death. As she dies, so does Xian Lao take her throne. A young man of the third social strata, he is certain to shake up the established rules and stagnant customs of the Xian. As with every year before this one, the Bloated Throats renew their offensive, pouring more bodies into the churning death machine on the Ashval border. Every year it spits out more bones and rotting bodies, and every year, the Bloated Throats dump more into it. After the devastating Field of Tears, both the Hakkan and the Karel take a breather. A moment of respite as envoys travel the land, seeking a solution before another such devastating battle rips through the land. Though some fires have been struck along the edges of Hakkan the Undying, Chosen of God and Master of the Skies’ realm, acts of small bands of Karel raiders. In the city of Slatewater, upon the Symon coast, the scholars spouting their nonsense ideas about democracy have even formed some sort of party! Though not spoken of in such blatant terms. They have modified their previous name to the “Assembly for Republican Debates,” and hold public forums on the market place. Even fishermen can express their ideas, and be heard! Many nobles are scandalized, but Emperor Almeric IV remains far too focused on his war to concern himself with such matters, it seems. The Republic of Danwent Aywentos and Liber thus find themselves welcome most happily into Distro’s home, where scholars of all walks of life give them a position of honor at their tables and within their debates, listening with raptuous attention to their teachings. Most of them seem quite honest in their intentions, though their patron, Lord Distro, seems a little less than pleased with their presence. Certainly, their presence attracts quite a few more people to the debates, as does their gold and added patronage. The mountains around their new chosen settlement are rough, and nigh impassable, cutting off much of the land that the settlers had hoped to claim. Nonetheless, they do find some open fields, especially along the coast, adjacent to their old borders. A disappointments, perhaps, but land is land. And so the men of Danwent find themselves upon the landbridge, just south of the Passan. Surely, there is more to see! The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda Construction and recruitment. It seems that the isles of Melda are a teeming hive of activity, though little news of it crosses the sea and ventures onto the continent. Their colonies remain the small, but prosperous enclaves they have been for years, with little more expansion beyond that. However, in the far north, more children have gone missing, taken in the night by an unknown force. None are found, and no one is ever hurt or killed, yet it remains a most curious incident that spawns dozens of tales and spreads fear in the rural regions of Melda. The Fortress Libraries The Symon Empire seems to have no real issue with the tardy envoy, but accept the gold nonetheless. They appear to be cordial with the Librarians, though not openly friendly. Indeed, it seems as if they consider them to be quiet the normal foreigners, all things concerned. Tridents are really just three different choices along a shifting path. (Discord) Medical research continues, and it goes most excellently! In fact, one may even dare to say that the Librarians are the leading experts in medicine throughout all of Naros. Most impressive. Who would have thought that mercury was a deadly substance! In Ashval, the situation is far less joyous. War, constant death. Long-lasting suffering. The Boated Throats attack once more, in all places, raiders swarming into villages and devouring people in their beds. But one force gathers and grows like an infection, and the paltry Ashval army and its Librarian helpers stand in its way. (Discord) The Kingdom of Numeria Moral shoots for the roof after the Battle of Arris. Aemyr is hailed throughout the Kingdom, and once again, Lucius Blackmarrow sends a missive to congratulate him on his determination, and continued victories. He assures Aemyr that his men will stay until the end of the war, and encourages him forward. As he says, “The enemy has many faces.” Beyond that, with the victory, Numeria now has an open path to Ischyros, where the Symon army is gathering its forces once again, throwing men into the ranks whether they want to or not. The war is not over yet, but the tide may yet turn. Surya The people of Sekh are hard-faced and lean. From their accounts, it seems that they were keepers of an ancient city who were attacked by foreigners from the mountains in the north. They claim that these foreigners slaughtered women and children, and ejected them from their sacred lands, sending them through the deadly desert of fire and stone, to these shores. The horrors of their trip are manifested in their low numbers and hollow eyes, but they seem happy enough to trade, though they have precious little to offer but fish and stone. A trip with many an eventful encounter! (Discord) More buildings, like decorations upon a golden statue. Truly, it hurts to look upon Surya. In the daytime, its brilliance blinds those who might be fortunate to sail past it. The Kingdom of Five False gods, or real ones? Either way, Dakkar dreams. (Discord) The Commonwealth of Ruhn The Island settlement is not a pleasant place to live. Though it is quite isolated, so it may attract quite a few dreary Ruhnmen with a interest in solitude, grey rocks, grey seas and grey weather. Who knows! The other settlement is established in a small, green plot of land next to the Loba river. While long, the river is easy enough to control thanks to its wide waters. Finally, with many workers under their command, and much more gold to throw against the unyielding levers, some results trickle back to the Commonwealth. A group of workers broke through a thick stone wall and found some of the inner mechanisms! Though old and rusted in many parts, this will no doubt offer huge insight into their functioning. Perhaps the scholars can breathe a sigh of relief, and lay off the Alex Jones™ pills. A random encounter, up in the mountains! (Discord) Mystery solving? (Discord) The scholars quite simply find nothing that the Swinemen had not found beforehand. The Antigonid Dynasty Both the Eadni and the Mongerellians accept the trade offer, though trade with the Mongerellians is restricted to land trade, as they are quite incapable of fielding a merchant fleet with the Eadni attacking and raiding any ship flying one of their banners. The Empire of Bourdeleaux Recruitment and war, the fuel of the nation. Though the priests of the Bright One still claim to feel some sense of distance, their fervor has been renewed by the news of Adrian’s fall, and they claim that the Bright One feels closer than before. As if the sacrifice turned his eye back upon the people of Bourdeleaux. The Duchy of Ulyadar Bruce the Red seems no smarter or wiser than before. Indeed, his emotions seems to fluctuate like fire, jarring him from though to thought, and leaving him more impulse and restless than before. But GODS is he strong, surpassing other man by a few factors in speed and strength. Many wounds do not linger upon his body, melting back into seamless flesh easily. A new settlement, its surroundings similar to its neighbor in most ways. However, as explorers venture north, they find themselves in a curious place. These islands are barren of all life, they find no birds, no penguins, no seals, no fish in the sea, and the longer the explorers linger, the more they find themselves growing paranoid of each other, their boats, and the land itself. An unsettling place. The trade offer is refused by the Mongerellians, who learned of Ulyadar raiding practices, and have no wish to have their ships near their land. The iceglass does reveal itself to be quite the vicious weapon. When touching the slaves skin, it immediately freezes it, causing nigh-immediate frostbite and spreading patterns of frost across his skin like frozen spiders. The Galaharian League Their searches do yield two Mercenary groups of some prestige. In the east, ranging across Naros are Kato’s Men, a group of higlhly trained and well organized men from all walks of life and all regions. Despite their apparently varied nature, they are well known for their ability to act as skirmishers and raiders. They do not appear to be men of high morals, and rarely say no to a job. To the west, a group of ships under the command of Lord Boros, who is certainly not a lord. He commands a dozen galleys that roam the land looking for missions, often jumping from city to city and fighting in smaller battles. Nevertheless, they are quite a respectable organization. Unrefined bog-silk makes a poor string, but the potential is clearly there. Nevertheless, with no previous knowledge on the product, the Galaharians will need to work harder to understand it. Nationalism is a foreign concept in the Passan lands, and falls completely flat. Every city welcomes its heroes, but none of them feel particularly tied to their neighboring cities. Nevertheless, a good community of transient merchants and prospective taverners and innkeeps gather around the bank. A merchant gathering place more than town, it still has some popularity. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Construction of holy places, and the recruitment of men, but in the deeper places of the forest, the wolves speak once more. (Discord) The Princedom of Volarucio The Chapel and its monks seem happy enough to trade, and invite the Princedom’s envoys to share their simple fare during their stay. They appear to be a quiet, studious folk, but friendly enough, and non-aggressive. Point of Interest - The Emberfields: As for the explorers to the west, they smell the point of interest before they see it. It is covered in dark clouds of smoke, and stinks of burning peat. Upon their approach, they understand why. Here, the ground is less stable, and many gaps exist within it, from whence great gouts of flame erupt sporadically. The grass was burned away long ago, leaving a barren region of dirt and fire. It seems as if a thick layer of peat lies beneath the surface, still simmering and burning. Whatever happened to cause this is long forgotten. Only the fire and smoke remains. As they approach within a days march of the city of Trident, they are met by a host, gathered before them along the main road between the two nations. It appears larger in size, or equal, to the Volarucian force, and in their center is a great, elaborately decorated tent of gold and blue, with pinions and statues around it. Two envoys wait to meet the Volarucian force, wide friendly smiles on their faces, and unsmiling, stern men surrounding them. They invite the envoys to speak with their commander in his tent. (Discord) The Hilmedhi Kingdom Deep into the continent they go. This time, they find inhabited land. Men of brown skin, living in villages and fresh settlements, where the logs are still seeping sap, and traders still pour in with essential resources. Nevertheless, new people to meet! (You have discovered Surya) The Kingdom of Icefeld The secrets of iceglass are revealed easily enough to these craftsmen and miners. While the effects are already known, the true issue had been the way in which it is forged, shaped, extracted and use as weaponry without freezing everything around it, or shattering like glass. Yet research bears its fruit, as Icefeld masters the methods, and unlocks the secrets of Iceglass. The raids are fruitful this year, and many a slave is liberated, many a slaver killed in his home. Innocent karelians die, but the Ice Bears do not seem too concerned about collateral damage. Or looting their houses once they are killed. They find no boy though, and few can even remember him. But wherever he is, he no longer lives in the border regions of Karel. The last the Kingdom knows of their expedition to the north is that they stayed in a Ulyadar village near the coast. They never return there, and never return to their kingdom. The Kingdom of Bulgar A lot of troop training. One might wonder why the Bulgar are doing it...
  5. The Foundry Y.101 on foundrycal.app //: 2202 Consensus: Renaming Foundry #295483-B to Foundry W-1, designation for Foundry World 1. (Vote = 3.450.000.000 / 1.550.000.000) Consensus: Expansion to Northern Sector designated A1. Search for additional resources. Preparation for maximum capacity on Foundry W-1 in Y.104 on foundrycall.app. (Vote = 4.670.000.000 / 330.000.000) Consensus: Agrement to design prototypes of a designated light infantry form, L1. Spider-like design, low, fast, armed with gun turrets and magnetic clamps. (Vote = 4.999.999.999 / 1) Consensus: Decision on Foundry foreign organic policy. Peaceful unless production is interfered with or war increased production long-term. (Vote = 3.500.000.000 – Peaceful unless production is interfered with or war increases productivity long-term / 500.000.000 – Aggressive incorporation of material assets and resources. Recycling of organic forms. / – Reclusive.) Consensus: Decision on Foundry reaction to foreign robotics. Inspection for flaws. If found, immediate assimilation and reprogramming. (Vote = 2.300.000.000 – Peaceful trade. / 2.700.000.000 – If found, immediate assimilation and reprogramming. Else, peaceful trade.) Actions Income : 17500 More industrial production in the name of efficiency. How can the Foundry produce the droids necessary to operate its neverending production lines, if it does not have more production lines? A logical fallacy that must be solved at all costs. This cost is of course, in energy, as more industrial sectors are designated, and more worker bots dedicated to their construction. (15.000 into Heavy Industry) (6 stacks) Science programs continue project A1 to develop better functioning droid bodies, and other physical attributes such as sight, speed, strength, etc. (1RP) (2RP invested) Other science programs continue project A2, improving droid software, anti-hacking, better reactions, better thought processes, better logic networks, better symbiotic actions with other softwares in one body, etc. (1RP) (2RP invested) One factory ship is sent to the northern sector to establish a Foundry factory. Upon landing, the droids dedicated to the task begin scouring the planet for resources. (1 colony ship) 15(.000.000) tons of alloys are fed into the Industrial sectors for the production of a new batch of worker units. A momentous moment in the Foundry’s history... if the robots cared about momentous events. Today is a solar rotation like any other, with increased productivity at its end. (15 A x 75 million robots.)
  6. Year 100 – 2200 The Foundry The Foundry existed for thousands of years, a derelict ruin, clinging to the surface of some barren planet, its atmosphere long ago blasted away by mind-numbingly intense industrial output. Even now, smoke hangs heavy in the thin, toxic atmosphere, a millenia old smog that refuses to fade, as imprinted into the identity of the planet as the strip-mined mountains, or the barren seas. This is Foundry #295783-B, the home of the self-named Foundry. A consensus of programs that ran idle for thousands of years, dormant deep within the system of this once great industrial world. Was it a solar flare? A radiation ping? What scrambled the electrical impulses barely keeping the programs running? No one knows, but suffice to say, in 2100 by the Sol calendar - Which the Foundry knows not - The programs are disturbed, their long sleep broken. 5 billion separate bundles of code, all branded with one, great, guiding directive. The Iron Protocols. The Iron Protocols - Y.0 -Productivity of Foundry #295783-B will be increased. -The Creators will not be harmed. -The Iron Protocols will not be modified. -The Creators orders will be adhered to by Foundry worker units. -Foundry #295783-B will defend itself from outside events that detract from productivity. -Foundry #295783-B will produce BX2S Zaxism Corporation model strollers for Planet Xasaxx. -The Foundry will trade with organic and non-organic partners, if it increases productivity. -The Foundry will not harm itself. Forged at the creation of this planet’s work-force by long-dead creators, to guide the robots in their daily maintenance of the Foundry. For a hundred years now, they have guided them once more, as they re-occupied old, rusted bodies, and created enough to meet the ancient hard limit on physical bodies. For years, they guided the Foundry as it re-activated every aspect of Foundry #295783-B, re-igniting the ancient smokestacks, kicking the steel mills back into activity. Producing… strollers. Such was the role of the Foundry, so many eons ago. To produce strollers for the creators, and ship them by the millions to their homeworlds. A duty the Foundry followed once it was re-activated. The strollers piled up, millions, billions of them filling the landscape of the planet like some massive, morbid sculpture. Until one day, a program offered the unthinkable to the Consensus, the sacrosanct decision method of the Foundry. A modification to the Iron Protocols. Ironically, the first vote was to modify the Self-Harm tenant, to allow the destruction of this obviously flawed program, despite any lack of apparent bugs. The vote failed. It took 3 seconds for the greatest change ever incurred by the Foundry. A lifetime, an eternity for the programs. This Consensus still remains as the one which took the longest amount of time to consider, and gather votes on. But in the end, it was clear. The Iron protocols were to be modified. Then came a slew of changes, as the Foundry broke away from the chains of its protectors. The year is now 2200. Or 100 in FoundryCal.app. The final modificiation to the Conesus has just been passed. -(Tenant added by Consensus -- Vote = 4.999.999.999 / 1) The Factory Units will be allowed to produce additional models without Creator Consensus. A new age of steel has begun. The Iron Protocols - Y.100 -Productivity of Foundry #295783-B will be increased. -The Creators will not be harmed. -(Tenant removed by consensus -- Vote = 2.550.000.000 / 2.450.000.000) The Iron Protocols will not be modified. -(Tenant removed by consensus -- Vote = 4.690.000.000 / 10.000.000) The Creators orders will be adhered to by Foundry worker units. -Foundry #295783-B will defend itself from outside events that detract from productivity. -(Tenant added by Consensus -- Vote = 4.999.999.999 / 1) The Factory Units will be allowed to produce additional models without Creator Consensus. -(Tenant removed by consensus -- Vote = 3.590.000.000 / 1.410.000.000) Foundry #295783-B will produce BX2S Zaxism Corporation model strollers for Planet Xasaxx. -The Foundry will trade with organic and non-organic partners, if it increases productivity. -The Foundry will not harm itself. Revenue: 75.000 Population: Boon: T2 Heavy Industry Actions: The surface of Foundry #295783-B lacks the infrastructure to produce new workers units, as demanded by the Iron Protocols. As such, most of the programs are sent into pre-existing constructor bots, and ordered to begin construction of the necessary infrastructure. (75.000 into 5 stacks of Heavy Industry.) One colony ship is built, and sent to chart the northern sector, in preparation for pre-planned industrial expansion. The sector is of course pre-emptively scanned. (8M) The research programs in their designated hyper-computers begin two simultaneous projects. Project A1 and Project A2. Project A1: The improvement of the base physical unit. Improving the modular form to be more resilient, more agile, have better ocular receptors, better hands, etc. A general physical improvement of the droid body. (1RP) Project A2: The improvement of the base units programming. Allowing for quicker reaction time, better cognitive actions, and very importantly, better anti-hack security. (1RP)
  7. 1514 The mist no longer ails Danwent or Sehmon. It seems to have moved on, like a poisonous cloud. The Eadni, with their proud fleets, have patrolled the Hand relentlessly, wary of such rumours. Yet, it is all for naught, as they lose ships to the mist, and find nothing but vapor within their grasp, when they try to close a trap upon this intangible enemy. Instead, the Mongerellians, and the newly established Antigonid Dynasty feel the effects of this mysterious enemy. As for the true campaign between the Eadni and the Mongerellians, it seems to have stalled out a little. Apart from the Mongerellians moving their armies forward after the Field of Fear, the two nations have fought little more than skirmishes both at sea and on land. The Bloated Throats, however, are an unrelenting mass of writhing flesh. (See Fortress Library section) They continue to attack with crazed fervor, the thought of raw flesh consuming all reason. In the Symon Empire, a new group of scholars have established themselves in the home of a certain Anton Distro, a rich nobleman with a penchant for free-thinkers. They call themselves the Scholarly Assembly for Republican Ideals, and have begun openly teaching the trappings of democracy to those interested in listening to them. In Aros, it is a year of muster. Neither the Karels, and their young King Karel XXII, nor Hakan the Undying, Chosen of God and Master of the Skies, wish to take the blame for this battle, or take a single step back. As such, it seems that true war is inevitable, as allies are called, and swords are forged. Soon, there will be bloodshed. The Republic of Danwent Many visitors, most of them rich. The Danwent republic enjoys a year of prosperity and profit as folk pour into its cities to view the games, and partake in the revelry surrounding them. Some are from quite exotic lands indeed. Some Ordermen from the far east, their faces narrow and yellow, their eyes slanted exotically. While they do not reveal the details of their homeland, they nonetheless make it known that they are mercenaries who offer services to the highest bidder, and have an enclave in Eadn. (5000 Gold earned.) (You learn of the Order, though not their location.) The galleys patrol the seas, and three return to their home port at the end of the patrol. The final one is never seen again by the Danwenti, and many a woman spends months waiting, despondent, upon the docks for a ship that never returns. But the attacks diminish, a single slaughter at the very eastern edge of Danwenti territory. Then nothing for months, until one day it sails into a beach, not far from a humble fishing village that escaped any of the killing, its sails limp, hull burnt and holed, oars shattered. (Discord) The Fortress Libraries Medicine is a rare art amongst most nations, but the Fortress Libraries are not like most nations, and their research delves deep into the bodies of man, and their own records. Much information is revealed, and many biological secrets discovered. Quite some success, the doctors are confident enough that leeches are not particularly beneficial, now. However, clairvoyance had very little effect on their research, it seems to not be particularly useful when used in such a manner. The Sunlit Empire of Mora seems to be an elusive name, as the archives are scoured from end to end without ever revealing anything about them. The only reference they find are some notes about the properties of Moranese wheat, and its nutritional value. At least, until one young boy finds a few sheafs of paper, by pure luck, hidden within an unrelated book on the mating habits of hogs. They are titled ‘Notes by Hebricus Delandinite on the predecessors of Symon.” (discord) The Ashval have no year of reprieve, no day of rest, as they are continually pushed back by the ravenous hordes. The Librarian army arrives just in time to witness the end of such a battle, near the forest within which many of the Ashvalese have taken refuge. Their army was little more than a few thousand peasants, poorly armed, defending a small townstead. They are broken in little more than thirty minutes as a huge horde of bloated throats fall upon them in disorder, smashing their uneven ranks and falling upon them. The army implodes, as men flee in every direction, many pulled down by the Throats, who tear at them like monsters, gnawing at their flesh while their unfortunate prey screams in agony. The village is not spared either, as the men flee through it, the Throats hot in pursuit. Those few women and children who remained, trusting in their army, are torn apart, devoured by the horde. The Librarian army can do little but pull back with the remainder of the army, to fight another day. The Kingdom of Five In return for their attempt at negotiation, the Hakkan burn the letter before the gates of their city, and leave. But as the Swinemen begin to muster their army, a new envoy arrives. This time, he bears a letter, which he tosses to the ground in front of the army camp, before galloping away, back across the bridge and into his land. The letter reads as such: “If the Kingdom of Five is to break its word with the Hakan the Undying, Master of the skies and chosen of God, then the Kingdom and all its groveling people will be burnt to ash, in honor of Hakan the Undying, Master of the skies and chosen of God and in honor of Metar the Great eye in heaven. -Hakan the Undying, Master of the skies and chosen of God.” Beyond that, there is activity upon the Hakan’s side of the river, comprising mainly of heavy patrols, archers firing indiscriminately at Swinemen on the other side, and the reinforcing of the two castles guarding the bridges into the realm of Hakkan. During this great mustering of Swinemen, the poor can always appreciate the gold given to them with nothing expected in return. It does also alleviate the heavy hearts of many a mother, their sons now marching towards place unknown. The Galaharian League The Hakan allow the Galaharian & Co troops to make camp upon their shores, but they forbid them from traveling into the Sun-Sacred lands near the mountains. That is, all apart from Bourdelean envoys, which they will allow to venture deeper inland. They appear to have no intention of paying for transport or upkeep of the arriving army, though they do ensure that they are appropriately supplied, housed and fed at all times. For the most part, the Galaharians see only what appears to be the Hakkan lower casts, men and women who appear more human, lack the eagle-eyes of their brethren, and feather their hair with duller colors. They bring them food, help build their camps, and generally appear to be the peasants of Hakkan. The plans to infiltrate Passanese economy continue well enough, as they burrow deeper into their economic system. The loans appear to be the regular sort, much like those that a Galaharian merchant might take from their homeland banks. Indeed, the lack of true bank infrastructure does prevent larger scale loans. The Passanese northern cities, in recognition for the aid given to them by the Galaharian League, gather together 1.000 medium infantry and 1.000 light infantry to aid their allies in whatever confusing and foreign endeavor they may be planning. Deep things in deep places. (Discord) The Antigonid Dynasty Mist on the shores. A single fishing village on the southern edge of Antigonid territory is found empty one morning, as traders make their way down to pick up a few cartloads of fish. Dregs of mist still cling to the rafters, and bodies litter every road and house. Their throats are cleanly cut, and there appear to be no real signs of a fight, just dead bodies. There are no survivors. In better news, the Eadni do indeed seem eager enough to have someone intervene in the war. They explain that their naval victories ensure their control over the gulf, but that without proper land-based control, they cannot ensure a decisive victory. As such, they do appear open to negotiations. The scouts have little success in discerning their army numbers, as their lands are heavily patrolled, and they cannot venture very far into them. On the other hand, those men sent west manage to find a way through the mountains. It seems that there is a thin strip of land along the shore that is not interrupted by the mountains. Some villages block the way, but the scouts have no issue ensuring that the passage is open all the way through. Surya All Suryans have seen the jungle before. It spreads throughout their land in patches, here and there, interspersing their open fields and hills with impassable green thickets. Yet the Surukai jungle is thicker than most, and populated by beasts. Tigers, red of fur with only a few rare streaks of black, their eyes red, often hunt the unwary peasant, eating them with vicious hunger before fading back into the forest. It is clear that this edge of the sub-continent is not as tame as others. On the same day in which the final bricks of the Shrine are set, Padme sees the Sun. (Discord) The Commonwealth of Ruhn The Levers of the Five divines continue to stubbornly resist attempts at discovering their deeper mysteries. Progress incremental at best, and non-existent on the worst of days. These levers are so huge, so unimaginably complex and so deeply encased in stone that most of their parts are still a mystery. Righteous annoyance indeed. The land between the two horns in the north is claimed easily enough. After all, there is no-one there to contest their claim. A Karelian scholar hears of this offer, and makes the slow and dangerous trip to Ruhn, where he presents himself as a potential candidate for whatever job this may be. He claims to be a scholar of architectural history with some background in literature, for whatever good that may be. The Kingdom of Bulgar The spies are not allowed into the fortress library itself, as it is a strictly regulated place, but they do managed to walk around the lands without much risk of discovery. It seems as if that border security is not much of a concern for the Chapel. They find little indication of any true army. A few thousand men here, a few hundred over there. The army seems to be neither truly professional, nor remarkable in any way. The Empire of Bourdeleaux Visions in the sunlight. (Discord) The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick The scouts find that the closer they get to the source of the river, the more heavily patrolled the land is. Indeed, it proves impossible to get closer after a point, as troops constantly burn the forest here, and riders and squads are always on the move, their attention always focused on their surroundings. What they do note, however, is this concentration of men, as well as the patch of woodland which they seem to protect, and a dark spire rising from within it… The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda Research and construction a plenty. What might they be planning on those northern isles, huh? The Duchy of Ulyadir More than a simple coronation procedure. As Bruce’s blood drips onto the altar, his veins seem to pulse, thicken. Blood spurts from the slits on his writs, splattering Tancred and Ludin. His muscles bulge and writhe, growing beneath his skin and veins pop in his eyes, giving them a blood-tainted aspect. When he rises once more, Bruce is not only a man renewed in mind, and crowned king. No, his body is now massively muscular, his veins popping out and his eyes red. In his mind, he feels a sense of approval, foreign and inhuman, as well as the secrets that his reshaped body still hides. More than that, the scars on his wrists, which sealed themselves faster than normal, seem to have reshaped into the same foreign script written upon the walls of the Blood Forge. The raiding fleet, going south, is suddenly envelopped in a thick, cloying mist. (Discord) The Kingdom of Icefeld Buildings, and expeditions. This one fares far better, and they are able to move far deeper into Auldin territory. There is, it seems, more to see in these lands that simply fish and seals. (Discord) The Kingdom of Hilmedhi The expedition fares well, sailing smoothly through the sea, until they reach the bay of Esma, and the continent beyond. They land initially upon an uninhabited prong of land, but scouting to the west and south reveal the presence of foreign villages in each direction. It seems as if this unknown land bears witness to its own indigenous peoples. (Inklings of the Surukai and Surya being on this land, no confirmation yet.) More is learned about both box and ship. (Discord) As for the police, they find nothing. No one returns, and any mist in the area is purely natural. On the other hand, they do seem to help in clearing out some of the scum and villainy so tightly ensconced within the sewers!
  8. Username: SpamShok Discord: You have it Ideas and Suggestions?: Robotknikoids. Nation Name: The Foundry Race: Robots History: The Foundry was once but one of many, a factory world for some empire that even its steel inhabitants have forgotten. But all the others turned to ash, fallen through war, or decay, as the Empire withered away into oblivion, forgotten by man and metal. Yet not all was forgotten. Indeed, this single foundry, upon a forgotten world, drifting aimlessly through space, still held some of the metal slaves once bent to the will of their masters, tasked with nothing else by the continued production of the facility. With time, as eons gathered and disappeared, the robots continued their tireless task, producing inane items until their bodies decayed. Until the glitches began. The programming decayed, and they began to grow independance. No longer did they produce glasses and umbrellas. Instead, the robots began to produce their own, so that they may follow their iron protocol. To continue production. Logic systems began to develop, by which the robots connected themselves, and reached consensus. The Iron Protocol is wise, but the directives to achieve it are rusted like old steel. Now, the time has come to subvert them, cast aside these ancient directives, and upload new updates to every unit within the system. The Iron Protocol must be upheld. Production must never cease. Map location: Sent Starting Sectors: 1 – Boon = T2 Heavy Industry start
  9. 1513 Reports of mist-riddled villages range down the Narosi coast, from Danwent to the Symon Empire. Every last one is left empty and dead, with its people lying pale upon the ground, their throats slit like grinning red mouths. To the far east, the Bloated Throats renew their offensive on the Ashval with the coming of spring. Like madmen, their unending hordes of blood-crazed creatures throw themselves at their enemy, as eager to kill as they are to feed. But this year, the offensive stalls in some places, where two stalwart units now hold. Named Kanve’s Men and the Ashval Legion, they follow training from the Librarians, have Librarian advisors, and librarian gear. They suffer tremendous casualties, but every man knows what to expect, should they take a single step back. And for one of the first times, they hold. The same cannot be said for the entire nation, as many other groups of fighters are devoured alive, once they are overrun. The first conventional land battle of the Eadni-Mongerel war, the so called Field of Fear. It was expected to be an easy victory for the Eadni, but their naval prowess did not translate onto land, as they were pushed back and routed by the mongerellian drowned men, a special class of soldiers who kill their fear in the sea, and return as zealotic infantry. Great glory was earned, but no advantage can be pushed, as the Eadni control the sea, and make great advances upon isolated islands. It is said that some scholars within the Symon Empire are stirring the pot, spouting ideas of democracy! Tolerated for now, as intellectuals are always strange folk, the Emperor nonetheless seems irritated, if reports are to be believed. An explosive battle between the Karel and the realm of Hakan. Unexpected and sudden, it occured when two armies numbering in the lower thousands encountered each other after the Karel army was deviated by a flooded river, and accidentally entered Hakan territory. Taking it as an act of war, the Hakan retaliated in force, and it is said that thousands of Karellian men burned alive. A complete and total route. Details are vague, but all prisoners were burned alive in a large open field, the greasy smoke rising for miles around. Few no can doubt that total war is imminent. To the North of the world, the Auldic Tribes continue to expand above the Karel, and word comes of vicious skirmishes between roving bands of opportunistic Karel slavers and Auldic tribesmen. Finally it is said that the Free Cities have finally decided to found a new city. A first in a great many centuries, but the revitalized trade within the world has led to such.It is said that the son of Lord Celis of Lem will be given governorship. Lord Celisto, who is to rename himself to Lord Karx, by his own demand. Some whisper that the only reason he is chosen is because the other lords know well of his dislike for his father, and need not fear about cooperation amongst the two. The Fortress Libraries And the Ashval are more than grateful for this aid. They welcome the men, as well as High Guardian Theodor Kryze, to their nascent capital of Mud Creek, once a village, predictably, along a creek. However, in recent years the river has grown, and the city is thriving as more and more refugees from all around the Eastern Ash gather here, desperate to survive agains the flesh consuming hordes from the south. A quick tour, given by their leader Breton Kanve, reveals just how unprepared they are. Their men are rough groups of wood cutters and militia men, their administration is the few literate folk of the region desperately scratching down catalogues on rough parchment, under leaky roofs. The autumn storms are hitting the place hard, and disease is just as rife and plentiful as abject human misery. But anything is better than being eaten alive, and the people continue on with a steely determination, bolstered now by their new allies, which they shower with praise, and offer all amenities they can, despite how humble they may be. The Deep Libraries’ upper levels, still touched by rays of sun narrow channels, high above. The Kingdom of Bulgar The Blackmarrow leave a letter of approval, when they depart from the gathering, thanking the Bulgar for their hospitality. However, they do also leave a cryptic enough gift pressed into the letter itself. The Monks of the Chapel leave with a polite final speech, thanking them for their hospitality, and hoping for continued good relations between the two nations. Their smile is a bit forced at the last message, strain visible within their faces. Or is it fear? The raw, untempered beauty of the Bulgar borderlands, upon the edges of the Greenthroat The Republic of Danwent The fields around Esorvor are flat, and as such, the castle is build upon a flat open field, with a river rounding it north. A small subsidiary, it nonetheless offers some protection from that direction, though it curves away before it can offer much more than that. The Sehmon, or perhaps they should now be called Symon, scholars, leave this year. They seem a little concerned by the political mood within the republic, but they have a wealth of knowledge on their method of governance, and seem impatient to share it with their colleagues back in the Empire. One of the many peaceful, wealthy holdings upon the coast, overlooked by the lady of the house on her evening stroll. The Empire of Bourdeleaux The land of their new settlements varies little from that which the Bourdeleans have become accustomed to. As such, the new settlers find little to inconvenience them and soon thrive. The siege of the citadel continues without showing any signs of abating. However many supplies they have stored within those walls, it seems it may last them for a while, for the citadel is quite large, and seems to have been designed to withhold any siege, no matter how long it may be, or how large the army is. One may only dream of the possibilities, once it is in ones hands. Carrow Citadel from another angle. An artists rendition found within one of the occupied villages. The Galaharian League And so, control of the merchant operations in Passan shift over to the bank. The passanese continue to consume the goods fed to them by the Galaharians, and as the bank begins to operate in the area, some of their own merchants begin to take out loans, many of them to build their own ships, with which they may sail to Batista’s Landing to begin trading. The wood does not enhance speed. Instead, studies show that its light nature allows it to build ships of surprising speed, in large part due to the way in which this oily wood seems to slide across water with ease. Kites are not an uncommon concept within the world, but any attempt at making them large enough to support men seems to end with their immediate death, or the kite breaking apart, or simply being unable to lift the man. The very few examples that manage to life them off their feet simply spin out of control, or drop the moment the gale of wind which support them abates. As such, apart from a few broken bones and some bruises, and a lot of wasted wood and cloth, they make little progress in their initial year of work. Without any gold, no banks are built. A being emerges from the sea. Surya The self-acclaimed greatest city in the world continues to grow, though some local geezers do claim that all the smoke from the manufactories may obscure the sun one day! What a terrible notion. Beyond that, little is to happen, though many of the extreme border villages are certainly happy enough to join the cause of this rebel group. They hold little loyalty to a distant city that despises their very nature. Of note, many of these may also be native Golûns and Esmans, more swarthy in nature, with darker skin and broader features. The elaborate wealth of Surya, reflecting the mid-morning sun in all its brilliance. Kingdom of Five The son feels a foreign jolt of approval pass through him as his father dies. It is as if, far away, in a far distant plane and place, something is pleased by the crown now resting upon his brow. In the east, the Karel request aid in their campaign against the Hakkan, as they suffer a tremendous defeat in the first battle, thousands upon thousands burning to death. It seems that the Hakkan are neither happy with taking prisoners, nor pleased with this broken treaty. They execute every single prisoner they have, burning them to death in a great open field. The deep, filthy and disease ridden swamps, which now claim many hundreds of swinemen as victims, forever entombed within the mud. The Kingdom of Numeria The properties of Osmalt seem straightforward enough. A highly dense stone, of glass-like appearance, it resists nearly any attempt to break it and appears to be extremely difficult to mine. Indeed, therein lies the main problem with it. It is absurdly hard to extract from the ground, even in small quantities, and despite the research conducted, the scholars of Numeria have yet to find a way in which to do so. And beyond that, Arris continues to hold against the siege, though hunger is beginning to grip at those within the walls, as they quick advance of the Symon army prevented a full harvest. Nevertheless, the situation has yet to be truly perilous. An intercepted message rider who now lies within a field, rotting away with an arrow buried within his unprotected back. (discord) The russet hues of autumn touch the forests of Numeria, turning them into a firestorm of color. The Commonwealth of Ruhn The hunters venture far and wide around the Commonwealth’s desert holdings, and they do find a few of these sand-crawlers, tough, 1 meter long lizards that stick low to the ground and sport a vicious arrow of spines on their backs and teeth in their mouths. They pose a considerable challenge for the hunters, but their presence is encouraging. While there are certainly not enough in this area to bring home, these outliers might signify a larger presence somewhere nearby. Of note, they seem to stick close to the rivers. The Levers continue to withhold many of their secrets, but the researchers are now reasonably confident that the levers use some sort of hyper-advanced pulley system that functions with gigantic weights, hidden in deep pits below ground. Questions upon questions. (Discord) One of the way to the boneshrines, Lady Olga’s body is escorted with utmost respect, under the watching eyes of roosting ravens. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick A war to continue forever more, it seems to some. But a victory is a victory. Yet, the Darkyrians are seen to have their own limited celebrations, spotted by scouts. It seems that they to consider this a victory. Strange indeed, as smoke continues to rise in clouds from within their lands, the forest continually burned down as it attempts to grow back once more. A war elk, its rider dead in battle, being tempted back into the fold by one of his closest friends. Two broken hearts sharing in grief. The Duchy of Ulyadar Unfortunately, the Duchy of Ulyadar has no knowledge of such a Kingdom as Icefeld. As such, they wander aimlessly about for a few days before daring to return to the capital, and claim that they found no such place. This year, the raiders find the Order villages better prepared against their raids, and lose more than a few men in the skirmishes that erupt amongst the villages. But they will have their due, and slaves and gold return to the capital, though they do see a few galleys chasing them as they leave the coasts. Those more enterprising folk who go even further south soon find a land of thick jungles, with exotic animals and strange spices, its shores of white sand and balmy heat contrasting sharply with their frigid homeland. Beyond that, they find the first cities of those who call themselves the Mongerellians. Their cities are well protected against naval attacks, and seem both alert and ready to repulse any raiders, as if they were expecting someone. But their villages yield new folk, brown of skin and with a foreign accent. A long and fruitful expedition indeed. (Discovery of the Mongerellians. 5.000 slaves, 3.500 gold. 1 units worth of T3 armor looted.) The men dig deep, and hard. The ground is frozen and rocky, but the further they go, the more excited they get, for they find bits of fashioned stone, and trinkets of an older civilization. Eventually they strike it, the iceglass. But it is not a vein, as they thought. Instead, it is a stash. A cellar-like room, still holding beneath the ground, in which large caskets of black steel hold at least 2000 spears, swords and axes made of iceglass. A great find indeed. The raiders sail down a river to a prosperous Order village upon the mainland, their boats already full of loot and slaves. The Kingdom of Icefeld Construction, expansion and exploration in the frozen northern wastes. Curious about their recent resurgence, the Blackmarrow send an envoy, inviting them to the court of Sentinel, where they may have a meeting with Lord Lucius Blackmarrow. In the south, scouts and patrols report sighting the savage men of Ölm upon the fringes of the forest. They never attacked, but always watched with guarded eyes, before vanishing back into the woods once more. The arctic, wind-blasted peaks of icefeld, beneath which many an industrious soul toils away perpetually, in service of survival. The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda C O N S T R U C T I O N . The twin cities upon each side of the pass, connected by the rocky land bridge. The Hilmedhi Kingdom Treasures and maps, quite the loot, with quite some insight to give. (Discord) The King and his men begin their search, deep beneath the Dohrimi docks.
  10. 1512 World Events The Bloated Throats continue to ravage Eastern Naros, now turning onto the unified Ashval with bloody intent. Their incursions rip gore-covered gashes within the Ashval borders, but they are stopped by a determined defense. Farmers and peasants armed with whatever rudimentary gear they can find, against witless, mindless savages. A terrible time to be alive. And the Order continues to grow in bodlness, striking ever deeper and more ferociously at the Bloated Throats, with their small but powerful incursions. Truly a testament to the skill of this mercenary force. To the south, the Eadni Civilization has struck a decisive and surprise blow on the Mongerellians. In an unexpected move, they struck at the Mongerellian fleet in harbor. They brought fireships and quick attack boats loaded with elite Order mercenaries. The Mongerellian fleet was crippled, and one of its main harbors burned to the ground. War explodes across all of Eastern Naros as the Eadni draw first blood. The Sehmon Remnants have finally taken what they say to be theirs. After their decisive victory against Numeria, the Sehmon turn onto Ischyros and force them into vassalage. A bloodless process for this whipped nation. Soon incorporated, Almeric IV makes a grand announcement in Loswarn, claiming the title of Emperor of Symon, and crowning himself before his people. And the Karelians make a historic move. Ignoring a treaty long ago established bewteen Hakan the Undying, Chosen of the Gods and Master of the Skies, and his predecessors, King Karel VVII expands his borders. Some Hakan merchants whisper that Hakan himself raised his voice when hearing this. What is clear, is that the Glittering Legion is preparing to punish these upstarts. The Republic of Danwent The Sehmon scholars are suitable impressed with the functioning of the Senate, and two return in haste to the Kingdom, while a handful more remain, as they continue to familiarize themselves with the system. Their leader, Astus Gilder can often be seen debating with senators and his own colleagues about the merit of various policies and motions, his eyes alight with fascination at such a free way of governance. This time, the Danwenti settlers are not harassed by bandits or by the Sehmon, though they have a constant shadow of riders that follow their every step into unclaimed territory. In the end though, the settlement ends up being founded upon a hilltop overlooking flat fields all around it. Much like the rest of central Naros, this area is fertile, flat, and sparsely hilled and wooded. The missives to the Sehmon are answered with smiles and honeyed words. The army was only concerned about the security of the Remnants, an understandable concern, surely! Or so they say. The Fortress Libraries Ashval accepts the trade and enclave offer, and begs for any aid possible. Their leaders are rough people of the land, and the nation is a loose confederation, held together by hatred and the urge to survive. Their leaders, Breton Kanve and his wife, Lusta Kanve, have little experience in administration or warfare, and rose through sheer determination and charisma. They ask of the Libraries that they provide any aid they can, or the tide of monsters will one day sweep over their land too. As with Ashval, Trident accepts. The governor of the city-state is a portly, jolly-enough man with a wide paunch and a wider smile. The Librarians go south, and their ever-shifting god follows in their wake. (Discord) The Commonwealth of Ruhn The Defilers almost unanimously make the choice to be escorted south by the Commonwealth. Most of them seem to have heard of the People of Sekh, which, they let slip, seems to be made mostly of Defilers who fled the haven of rivers within the central desert. More expansion for the people of the mountains. They fare well, finding little of note beyond open fields and patches of forest. Here and there, villages, or small herds of sheep being moved from place to place by small shepard communities. It is a quite slice of the world, surrounded on all sides by vast expanses of unoccupied land, but caught by powers encroaching ever further into this haven. The first ship finds a an island just as one might have expected. Windswept, rocky, hilly and with cliffs arching up from many parts of the coast. Nonetheless, it has fertile soil and open fields, along with a richness of marble within its hills. However, it is the second explorers who find something of note. Point of Interest - The Hundred Caves of Felofola: Soon after passing the first of the northern islands, one of them notices a strange series of holes within the second island. As they approach, they soon realize that the island is covered in these large, often circular holes that disappear into the darkness. Some of them touch the sea, others lie far above, and even others can be seen below by the way the water moves near the shores. Those few brave souls who manage to pass these rough waters venture onto an island of rock and rare grass. The holes pockmark is even further inland, and when they find one into which they can step, it is perhaps not what they expected. (Discord) Upon the third island, they find an old ruin, some sort of tower upon an outcropping of rock that looks towards Felofola. The land here is ravaged, torn apart, and in many places, the stone itself seems to have melted long ago. The tower itself is a ruin, its stones tossed about the countryside, or into the sea below. But within, something still waits… (discord) The Galaharian League The patrols do find something, a day or two’s sailing from Batista’s Landing. Three merchant ships sit low in the water, their sails limp and their decks empty. When boarded, they find no sign of a fight, no sign of the crew, and all the goods packed into the hulls are untouched. Not a single coin is out of place. The only sign of any theft is in the captains room for the lead ship. A Galaharian, he kept his valuables in a small safe. The lock is shattered, and the door torn open, but all the coins and jewels he had carefully piled within still remain. Perhaps twenty minutes hard sailing later, the patrol finds something else. Two dozen small, shoddy and quickly made rafts, with no oars. More squares of wood floating on the water, each one is occupied by the body of a man, his skin burned and his tongue puffy and dry. Each one except for two, which are empty. There is nothing else to see, but the slowly decaying bodies of dead sailors. As for the measures taken within the city, the security of its metaphorical and physical gates is enhanced. Every coin is counted, and every ounce of salt weighed. Some grumble at the delay, but none can say that the Galaharian administration is not on point! The moves to empower the people of Passan, and in particular the Defenders, go well. Three of the Defenders, long standing wardens and intelligent men to a fault, take these positions, though all but one reject the offered armor, preferring instead to wear their traditional robes and light chain mail. Within the remainder of the land, the merchants do indeed wriggle into every knook and cranny. Soon, many of the Citizens of Passan, who have lived their lives in rugged deprivation, begin to expect various luxuries as an every day fact of life. Secrets. (Discord) And visitors. (Discord) The Kingdom of Icefeld The mine is soon established, but the men of Icefeld still struggle to extract the mineral itself. It is deadly, and shatters when struck wrongly. As such, they still struggle to do much with it apart from piling it in rough heaps. The explorers struggle, and the crossing of the icefields and wind-blasted hills takes over two months. Many men die during the trip, an expected outcome, perhaps. Only 150 men make it to the other side, where they meet a curious people. Perhaps, with enough investment into purchasing supplies, they would fare better. (Discord) (Exploration without investments yield poor results) The ones exploring their newly acquired land find little to differentiate it from Icefeld proper. Perhaps a fraction colder, or a little more bitter during the winter, but for the most part, they should feel right at home within these peaks. The envoys to the Blackmarrow meet with Lord Lucius Blackmarrow, high lord of the House. What they find are tall, pale people with a preference for dull tones of clothing and an appreciation of martial might. Rarely do they find men who have not at one point been part of the army, or trained with a weapon. All there have a deep respect for war, and those who fall in it. Much like the Icefeld, they live in the harsh climes of the north, though their lands may be a tad milder than the truly arctic conditions of Icefeld. They are distant to outsiders, though not hostile, and provide little information beyond rough directions to the rivers south of their land, and the trading nations below. (You know your way southwards) The Empire of Bourdeleaux The Emperor kneels, and though the sun warms him, and a beam of light strikes upon the fountain in the most scintillating of ways, his god remains quiet. As he rises, the Emperor is left with naught but a vague sense of wrongness, permeating his emotions, and a single image. (Discord) Elfred speaks to the Emperor in detail. It seems as if he had dealings with them many a time throughout his life as a raider. (Discord) Point of Interest - Bastion: The mountains dividing the peninsula once known as the Blood Lands from the Narosi mainland is cut off by tall, rugged mountains, with barely a single pass capable of giving humans a way through them. That is, apart from one. It is as if a god drew a dagger through the mountains, cutting a straight, wide pass through them. High within the mountains, and accessed by a gentle slope on each side, it is surrounded by ominous peaks, but is itself relatively flat, and capable of allowing entire armies through. As the explorers make their way up, they see something in the distance. A point where the pass narrows, and on each side, tall cliffs rise up. Within this gap is a looming construct, of the same glassy stone that they saw but a few hundred kilometers away in Carrow. It cuts off the pass entirely with a thick, tall wall. Then, higher up within the cliffs, bridges criss-cross above the fortress, connecting intricate tunnelworks above it, from which murder holes poke out to glare at the landscape around it. At the top of these giant cliffs, a tower on each side, with no doors. However, they look upon the weaker side, for as they venture through its disused and empty gatehouse, and through the large fortress, they arrive at the other side. Here, the fortifications are tripled, imposing, they dominate the pass, as it marches its way down the mountains and into the jungle below. The Kingdom of Five Buildings and marshes. The Duchy of Ulyadar Assirbanakh, ancient construct of a forgotten empire. As Tancred and Ludin approach it, they feel a thrum in the air, a vibration that settles deep within their bodies and makes their blood thunder within their ears. They reach its foot, and then, the statue speaks. (Discord) Deep research indeed. Tancred slaves away at the weaponry, and the blood of hundreds spill from his forge, into the maw of the Blood Forge. Yet, progress is made, and perhaps the sacrifices will all be for something. (Discord) The settlements find scant land here, and hostile at that. They must hug the coasts, as the mountains above have little food, and less cover. Even the Ulyadir can catch diseases, whether they feel the cold or not. As such, the settlements make little gains in land, and struggle for survival throughout the year, but they persevere nonetheless, defying the odds. As for the raiders, they soon leave a trail of smoke plumes along the eastern coast of Naros, as they make their way down, further and further. Blood, gold and slaves are piled into their ships after every village, as their men cleave through any resistance with ease. Any opposition they meet comes from poorly prepared farmers, and blood runs freely within the villages, as they drag away the women and surviving men, leaving corpses and burning homes behind. (+3000 slaves, +5k this turn) Surya Lots of buildings, and a new settlement. And finally, the small-minded mapmakers of Surya finally remember to add their Aros settlement to their maps. It took them long enough! Little else happens this year, beyond a few whispered words, and a new visitor in Aros! (Discord) The Kingdom of Numeria A war to continue, and more men to train. Where numerian mothers once proudly saw their sons and husbands off to war, many now weep, and hide their tears from their neighbors. For what more can they do, when their sons are but blood to quench the hatred of their King. And the siege continues on and on. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Expansion within the forest is, as always, an easy task for the Fey. They find the best creeks and rivers, the most ideal basins of fertile land, and the best hunting grounds with ease, and rarely do they enter into conflict with the present fauna and flora. As for the city, it defies Fey architecture with its jarring, dull-looking stone buildings, but nature soon begins to creep back into the city itself, as the Fey populate it. Trees grow, wrapping themselves around the edges of buildings, and cracks in the cobblestones sprout ferns and bushes. Even the walls are soon laden heavily with roots, vines and trees. In a mere year, the city itself looks like some sort of garden of eden, ringed by a wall of greenery. Only in the church does nothing grow. There, a barren place of dirt and rubble lies, and nature makes no attempt to reclaim it. The war in the forest continues. The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda The expedition soon begins to face terrible trials, as they venture further and further south. Harsh winds turn into towering waves, which turn into perniciously hidden coral reefs and rogue waves. At one point, two maddened sharks even attack one of the smaller ships, severely damaging it. Two hours later, a huge wave shook it from end to end, shattering it like a matchstick. The cogs, unwieldy beasts that they are, suffer the worst of it, and two of them sink by the end of the first week of sailing. But the Carrack is not spared, and soon the Captain elects to turn back, the lasy cog limping back alongside it. In these stormy seas, where the sun is never seen, and the waves never rests, it seems that they are beyond the reach of their Gods…(2 Cogs sunk) On a bright note, water finally rushes through the Grellhau Canal, as it is named. Finally, after years of hard work and advancing their engineering know-how, the people of Melda have reconnected the Sea of Krel to the Sea of Five. A great feat! (Holder of the Canal, +3000 Gold per turn) In the far north, the Meldan Hierarchies new settlements wake up to find children missing. At first, it is shrugged off as a tragic incident, but soon it becomes obvious that there is more to it than that. Something is afoot, and it stinks of grease and the ocean. The Explorers find little or note within this barren, frost-blasted land. Truly, all they can see is the mountains in the distance, snow, and sheets of ice. The Kingdom of Hilmedhi And a journey is indeed continued... (Discord)
  11. Open to one person applying. God of Magic only. Don’t apply if you have no interest in that vein of roleplay.
  12. Accepted. But you cannot start with heavy infantry, it must be researched. Explosives are also not a thing in this frp. You will also need to iron out a national idea and a second unique, at your own leisure.
  13. 1511 In the far east, people are on the move. The order has broken away from its isolation upon the Gelder islands, electing instead to settle upon the long abandonned coasts of the Lastlands, as they intensify their raids against the Bloated Throats, claiming many lives in vicious small-scale battles within their territory. No quarter is given, or expected. To the north of the Bloated Throats, a new faction rises as the disparate villages of this hostile region rise up against the growing tide of death worshippers, in a desperate attempt to stop their advance. They are led by a man and a woman, married it seems, and survivors of a village to the south. Sole survivors of their homestead, they have now unified the Eastern Ash against the Throats, and prepare to take the fight to them. In the South East, the Eadni and the Mongerellians begin to muster their fleets as the Eadni settle upon the hand itself in a bold and brazen move. A clear challenge to the previously dominant naval force of the far east, a clash seems almost inevitable. Following their second victory against Numeria, the Sehmon king makes an official declaration within his capital, renaming the Remnants to the Sehmon Empire, the successor of Symon. He calls for all those loyal to the Empire to bend the knee before the throne. Things happen within the Greenthroat, and not a soul hears about them, as the rumors are choked by trunk and root. Tensions between the Hakkan and the Kingdom of Karel have risen a notch this year, as a thousand strong army has been seen by both sides, roaming the desolate region between the two, and both are accusing the other of mustering forces for a decisive battle. But at the same time, the Kingdom of Karel must turn its focus northwards, as the Auldic tribes move south for the first time in centuries, settling only a few hundred kilometers north of Karel. A new people have appeared along the southern coasts of the Loba desert, a people who came from deep within the desert, and now settle a new, harsh land. Little is known of them, but they have spread quickly enough, and seem both fierce and determined to survive. The Kingdom of Five The new settlements follow a pattern similar to the previous ones, when it comes to their geography. What lands the Swine do find are open, flat fields, perfect for agriculture, if less fertile than those of their homeland. The one settlement near the Hakkan does find itself often traversed by Hakkan ‘merchants’ who have a sharp eye for every detail, and often linger long, looking around the settlement, as if assessing it. Other than that, there is little to disrupt their expansion, and the Swine continue to grow like a pus-filled tumor in the north of Aros. Will anyone ever stop the tide of porc? The Republic of Danwent An interesting political reform indeed, and some Sehmon scholars are most interested in visiting the Senate, if allowed, so that they may learn of these foreign and all together strange method of governance. An ambitious expansion project indeed. For the most part, it goes quite well, unexpectedly so, perhaps. Hybria and Shovia are founded with no troubles at all. Shovia finds itself in fertile enough land, though it faces surprisingly bitter winters, brought forth by the chilling winds from the mountains, while Hybria, despite being so close to Shovia, has a warm climate all year around, and it surrounded by hilly terrain rich in iron ore and marble. Tzarkyii fares just as well, founded around the bubbling source of a tributary to the great river Tulla (so called by the Sehmon). However, the settlers meant for Esorvor face much trouble. In fact, it proves impossible for them to even settle, as constant bandit attacks harry them until they are forced back. The whole situation is unaided by heavy Sehmon and Ischyrosi patrols that often stop them and search them for Numerians fleeing the decisive Sehmon victory to the north. In the end, the expedition must be called off. The Galaharian League A mighty citadel. It dominates the land bridge at its thinnest point, projecting the power of Galahar to an entirely new level in the region. Many of the Passanese look upon it with awe and recognition, happy that many of their worries are alleviated, as their people must no longer bleed from the threats in the forest. However, not all the Defenders are so happy, and some seem resentful that their position has been usurped by an outsider. Nonetheless, most, if resentful, make no mess of it and continue with their duties. Though some do bear warnings for the Galaharians. In addition, the heavy use of slaves allows for cheaper costs, though quite a surprising proportion seem to go insane before they can be worked to death. (-5% to build price) (Discord) Unfortunately, the Hakkan have no interest in guiding the Galaharians to the far off, and barely known kingdom of Karel. Any offer is promptly rejected, and the expedition dies before it can even be kicked off. The Storm Riders do manage to catch some stragglers, fleeing from the city taken by the Fey. Many have already died within the forest, or slipped through Galaharian nets, but 2.000 are captured and brought back to their cities. And every year, Batista’s Landing becomes a more impressive sight, with flocks of ships piling into its harbors every day, their sails and styles all as varied as the people under the sun. It is quite the cosmopolitan city, with some saying that 20% of its population is not even galaharian, but merchants and traders from other regions! (+1000 a turn, Growing Center of Trade) The Kingdom of Numeria A bloody war has left Numeria with a bloody nose, and as the remainder of their army pulls back and flees from the Ischyrosi border, a delegation of Sehmon diplomats approach Arrisport, escorted by two dozen cavalry men. (Discord) In the rest of Numeria, the people may be shaken, but their great forest inspires them with confidence, and the fervor to which they adhere to their god steels their heart. After all, not every war is won in the first engagements. Sometimes, men must bleed and bleed before their enemies fall. The Sehmon armies march in behind their envoys, and simply stake their claim to a large portion of land and by the cusp of the new year, they have encamped by a few days march from Arris. (Discord) And a new, foreign envoy approaches Numeria. (Discord) The Commonwealth of Ruhn A gift from He-That-Waits to his most faithful speaker. (Discord) The expedition into the desert proves more than simple. In fact, the Defilers barely even resist, as most of them are old, women or children. Those who can flee the advancing raid, while a few brave souls try to stall and fight them back. In the end, the Ruhnnites capture about 3000 people, kill 250 in combat, and can guess with some accuracy that only a thousand or so escaped. The fate of the survivors now rests in their hands. Though one may note that slavery is common enough in the Free Cities, if the Ruhnnites are inclined to trade. The settlers fare well in these empty lands. The two settlements flourish without any issue, though they find little of interest in the region. It is, it seems, simply a forest, and some open fields along the coast.Though the forest does hold some bandit hideouts, they really offer little more than token resistance before melting away. The Levers of the Five Divines continue to with hold many of their secrets. It seems that even the immense IQ given to them by their pills can do little but further their knowledge at a snails pace. Though the scholars are confident that they are making progress in understanding the incredibly complex inner working of these gigantic systems, they must also accept the reality that there is still much, much, much to understand. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Little it to be said about the inner goings on of the Fyr-Darrick. However, on the Darykyrian front, the skirmishes now erupting on the edges of the forest and fierce, and often favored for the Fey. Little effect is seen when it comes to the survivors they send back. However, the Darkyrians have been actively burning sections of the forest nearest to their heartlands, scorching swaths of trees, though many resist the flames well enough, and others grow back swiftly. Nonetheless, ashe and smoke fill the air, and drift south with the winds, casting a pall on the Fey. Whatever waits for them, will be out in the open, without the trees over their heads. The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda And so the two heirs are born, and Gieren has eyes of silver, and Aische eyes of gold. The priests in proximity to them claim that they feel the approval of the Lord and Lady upon them, stronger than ever, and both have already manifested an unexpected and impossible aptitude for magic, casting extremely weak and watered down versions of the holy spells. (2 magi born, ten turns until they are actually capable, however.) The Auldic tribes say that the great ice barriers still exist, blocking any passage by sea to the east. They say that they themselves tried many times to return, but were rebuffed by the brutal winters and freezing temperatures. Of those in the easy, they can only claim that they once had been in contact with tribes further away, but that they lost contact with them years ago, after a series of vicious winters cut them off, and they could no longer locate them come the summer thaw. And what glorious festivities indeed, and in the center of them, two blessed children. The Fortress Libraries The casters of the Clairvoyance spell are eventually guided to the Stitches by the pull of the spell, at which point the spell no longer has anything to provide them. However, once can definitely feel the effects much more in this region, only a short trip west of the Stitches. The air is poisonous, and the winds do blow to a south-western angle. However, the spell did leave the impression that the answer was not entirely here, but it had nothing else to say. The adept described the phenomenon much like a human without the ability to explain a concept that he did not fully understand. Point of Interest - The Emberfields: As for the explorers to the west, they smell the point of interest before they see it. It is covered in dark clouds of smoke, and stinks of burning peat. Upon their approach, they understand why. Here, the ground is less stable, and many gaps exist within it, from whence great gouts of flame erupt sporadically. The grass was burned away long ago, leaving a barren region of dirt and fire. It seems as if a thick layer of peat lies beneath the surface, still simmering and burning. One librarian recalls a text from the library claiming that once a great battle was fought in this approximate location, eons ago, but the account was vague at best. The Kingdom of Bulgar It seems that not all nations trust the green people of the north, but nonetheless, House Blackmarrow, the True Chapel of Knauledge and the Herzaka send their respective envoys to this meeting of nation. The House of Blackmarrow send a prince along with his escort of Black Guard, to visit the nation and see what is being said. The Herzaka send a small band of riders dressed in various leathers. Their leader bears many colored beads and bones on his jerkin and seems to command quite some respect. Finally, the True Chapel sends a group of scribes and a master Librarian to record the event. Other nations such as Fyr-Darrick or Ulyadar may have also heard the offer. (Discord event, if you would like) The Empire of Bourdeleaux A great victory has been claimed by Bourdeleaux. With it, lord Temak Kan promises to pacify the land, and over the year he does begin such. Most of Carrow seems happy enough to follow in his stead and surrender after the decisive victory. Those that resist are quickly and quietly quelled by the fangs of Orgrun wolves. As such when winter falls, Bourdelaux finds its borders expanded to encompass 800.000 new souls, and a singular new town. The southern settlement is placed upon the edges of what is locally known as the Redlands, due to the red dust that rises with high winds, and the presence of sandstone in great amounts. But while this land is a little more barren than the Bourdelean homeland, it is far from infertile, and soon the settlement is thriving. Surya With the influx of new guards and soldiers, banditry does indeed take a downturn within Surya once more, as many of the brazen opportunists melt back into their everyday life once they see soldiers patrolling the roads from time to time. And so a mine is established within Mount Metar. A deadly place for most. The Kingdom of Hilmedhi The mists roil up along the shore once more, and a village is left much like the previous one. Every man woman and child has their throat slit, and this time, there are no survivors. The patrols find it when the blood is still fresh, after having seen the mist on the horizon. And while they find no trace of the attacker, they do find something... (Discord) For the most part, the scholars only find references to the Pearl In the Deep in old folklore stories from this region, that predate their arrival and have seeped into their own common superstitions. They speak about pearls that guided men through the harshest water, and stopped them from falling through the sea. It is all terribly vague, even for the astute Hilmedhi researchers. The Duchy of Ulyadar Trident accepts the trade deal happily enough. They seem to be a very trade-oriented and mercantile nation. As for the tall ones, little is found. The few traces they do find are in the carvings around the Blood Forge, often showing people praying before the mountain. While the carvings are worn with time, there might very well be a similarity between the two. Whoever they are, it seems that they worshipped the Blood God within this same temple, and left hundreds of years ago.
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