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  1. The Rulership of Nùr Lady Ziin “I witness grief everyday. Yet I have never born its weight until now.” Age: 121 “Daughter lost at sea. Had 100 prisoners executed. The pain cannot be drowned in blood. Taking my Executioners to seek retribution.” In a rare display, Lady Ziin orders her 500 Executioners of Gamalgan to sail to Ithil-Dagor and await further instructions. She leads them personally, leaving the Citadel of Nightmares, Sûr, in the hands of her SiC, Lord Krast. Lord Skinsail “I’ll have every one of their captains hung from the mast in chains.” -Spoken after ordering the retreat near Badeburg. Age: 60 No journal entry is written on the particularly hectic night after his near encounter with the foreign fleet. Lady Ecthelos “You have been inducted into the Temple of Edema for your gift, but it is your will that will keep you here.” Age: 254 “It is a year of preparation. A great year of training and acclimation to the winds of war that murmur their violent whispers into all of our ears. Soon, Edema shall break the dam and unleash upon us war such as we have never seen it. I can smell it in the air. Blood red clouds hang heavy in the sky, waiting to burst. The seas echo with the cries of the dying, pulled down into their watery guts. I pray for the wars to come, that the Godwoken face foes worthy of the title and are welcomed into Edema’s hallowed halls as heroes, their bloody weapon laid at his feet, their final wounds laid bare, so that he may judge them all worthy to sit beside him, along Al’Palas, Mikthrilios and Tarwa, our legendary forefathers.” Lord Druzii “Only a couple hundred slaves? What is this, the Mediocre Slaving of 982?” Age: 188 “A bad year. What on earth where they thinking, putting a mongrel like Skinsail in command?” The God-Woken The Elders Lady Ecthelos, The Everwarrior Age: 253 Weapons of Choice: Shield and her falchion, Narcrest Largely considered to be the greatest Godwoken in recorded history, she is also instrumental in writing down the teachings of the Godwoken, both for the military and those who will follow in her footsteps. Lord Belisor, The Bloodsinger Age: 280 Weapon of Choice: Halberd, Varangil Blind in both eyes from a battle-axe slash across his face many dozens of years ago. Chief advisor to Lady Ecthelos, held in reverence for being one of the youngest Kal to ever enter a battle-trance. Lord Mithros, The Terrible Age: 222 Weapon of Choice: Two-Handed Sword, Mirmora Known for being as cold as his steel. Mithros is famous for showing no trace of kalinity while in battle. A cold, calculating robotic creature, taken by the trance, in battle he is a brutally efficient killing machine. Lady Shiva, The Merciful Age: 235 Weapon of Choice: Shield & Mace, Astrak Particularly famous for ordering the execution of 2.000 slaves after a slave revolt in a northern mine when she was a mere teenager of 50. It was at the time considered as an act of mercy, as the Mori slavemasters would have given them far crueler fates than a swift execution. She has maintained this strange vein of mercy throughout her life as a warrior. Lord Rachmanil, The Thoughtful Age: 212 Weapon of Choice: Shield & Sword, Quill An avid follower of Ecthelos’ writings and one of her closest academic advisors, he is the author of various treatises on philosophy, morality and war. He is also missing three fingers on his left hand and is the only one of the five to have fallen into his battle-trance as an average soldier in his 100th year. Lord Persos Lord Fulmiros Lord Kuuza Lady Thrall Lord Dagorlad Lord Festus Lady Dradim Lady Voral Lord Krixus Lady Lliadrin Lord Kalant Lord Zuave Lord Testal Lady Sylva Lord Mormegil Lord Valar The Initiates: Lord Morgol Lord Süza Actions: -The construction of a Mothership (Illhar) and as many raiding ships as possible continues in Gwelln. [Mod] -The fortification of Ithil-Dagor and its War-Temple continues. [Mod] -The training and recruitment of what Kal generals hope might be 150 Lizard Knights, 1000 infantrymen and 500 crossbowmen continues. -Too ambitious, a common failing of the Mori. Still, they learn from their mistakes and this year, the shipwrights focus solely on the smaller raiding ships. They will do all in their power and use their great well of accumulated ship-building knowledge to make them ever more maneuverable and fast without sacrificing anymore carrying capacity. [Mod] -Envoys are sent to the Kingdom of ogres. Offering slaves and trade in return for mighty ogre warriors to aid in their wars, in return for a slice of the loot. [Mod] -An attempt to tame some ice wolves using methods similar to those used to break slaves is made. It cannot be said that the Mori are kind masters to any of those below them. They hope to turn them into effective hunting and scouting brethren for their slaving raids. [Mod] -Spiders move in the shadows. [Mod] -The fleet musters to a force of 80 Raiding ships, 8 Carracks and 1 Illhar. The remaining 18 Raiding ships, 2 Carracks and 1 Illhar patrol or remain in safe waters. This newly mustered fleet reaves south, capturing any foreign merchant ship, slavings its people and plundering its goods. It uses a solid screen of raiding ships and launches occasional raids on the small neighboring nations, striking at night in small numbers and pulling back just as quickly. It’s goal is to sweep through the sea, hunting smaller fleets and military ships or trade vessels, using scouts and attacking at night when they can. [Mod]
  2. The Rulership of Nùr Lady Ziin “Men never speak more truly than when their balls are resting upon a dagger’s edge.” Age: 120 “Entry 45: -Training of the Gamalgan proceeding. Tested Program 31b, live subjects with greatsword. Achieved 91% success rate on first-strike lethal through heavy armor. Will continued to use. -Continued interrogation of Ex-Lord Falimra. Arrogant Kal, great pleasure to see him squirm. -Sent letter to daughter. May have left house of Ziin, still daughter. May be at risk while exploring past Bundesreich. Concerned. -Heard rumor. Maybe have new subjects to interrogate. Learn weaknesses of nearby nations. Routine. Maybe use experimental interrogation once important information has been extracted. Interrogation Program 8bb = potential.” Lord Skinsail “Flay him till I can see his spine, then keep going.” Age: 59 “As expected, the seas were quiet and exquisite with the moonlight reflecting upon them. I look forward to the glory that this shall bring to my house. They all thought I was too young for this, that my inexperience would cost me, yet who sits here, and who sinks to the bottom of the splintered sea? I will show them all just how high Skinsail will rise. I am excited for the coming days. They will be bloody and full of plunder and when I return, perhaps I shall be named permanent Admiral of the Fleet of Dreams, not some replacement because the actual admiral had an unfortunate accident. This is my hour, and when I have reached the top, I will flay those who scoffed at me until their spine is nothing but dust.” Lady Ecthelos “The dream is but a spark, turning the souls of the worthy into the stars that they always were.” Age: 253 “I do not believe that the wars to come will be my last, yet all Battle-Dreamers must approach every battle as if it is the one in which they shall finally be sent to meet Edema in his gilded halls within the heavens. Truly, to think in any other way is to invite his wrath upon oneself. Edema sees us all as we are, vulnerable flesh, trembling with the ecstasy of bloodshed. If one does not throw themselves into this true form of living, if one does not forgo the very thought of survival, then one has not truly surrendered themselves to Edema’s will. Note: Yes. An apt passage for the recruits to read. I am sure that my scribes will agree.” Lord Druzii “That one has nice ****, have her waiting in my chamber when the auction is over.” Age: 187 “I made a lot of money today. Good shipment from down south. Some filthy slaver tried to shill me and I had his cock cut off and stuffed into his mouth. Said I’d kill him if he didn’t walk back to his ship with it there all the way. Crazy savage managed to make it. I still took his slaves though, sold them for a pretty penny to Oziiris in Malväs. In other news, I’m looking forward to the fresh shipments from Gwelln in the coming months. Fresh meat for the breederies is always welcome. A little bit of foreign fire always makes for strong stock. Had a minor uprising within some of the newly arrived cattle, but it was quickly put down. I think the captain had two of the ring-leaders tied down, then cut them open just enough to let spiders crawl into them for hours on end. Excellent! I have had him promoted.” A brief look at the great warriors of Nùr The Executioners of Gamalgan “The Depraved” Home Base: Sûr, The Citadel of Nightmares Lady Ziin’s personal legion, they are a terrible force on the battlefield. Almost immune to pain through rigorous training, when they do fill it, it is said that they take an almost masochistic pleasure in it. This depravity is only increased by their own cruel pleasure at inflicting great pain on their adversaries. Clad in heavy armor and favoring great broadswords, they cleave through their enemies and relish every drop of blood that their deadly blades reap. The Knights of Mälvas “The Cold Ones” Home Base: Mälvas, The City of Chains The Greatest noble knights of both Mori and Kal descent, they ride great lizards, whose hunger is as terrible as their claws. Agile and mighty, these lizards are larger than the common horse, and are capable of horrifying shrieks and hisses. The downside is of course, their feral nature, which may lead to a loss of control in the harshest of situations, when the rider can no longer maintain them under their thrall. Clad in heavy armor and equipped with spears and their personal weapon of choice, along with a shield, they are a sight to behold upon the battlefield. The Battle-Dreamers of Ecthelos “The Godwoken” Home Base: Ithil-Dagor The Battle-Dreamers, legend of legends, the greatest warriors that the Kingdom of Nùr has ever produced. Touched by Edema, these Kal are capable of unbelieve feats of bravery and skill. Indeed, their skill often surpasses the natural limits of their body both in speed, strength, reflexes and prescience. It is said that when in their battle trance, they are capable of dodging arrows before they even leave their foes bow, to parry blows even as their adversary is preparing to strike. Gods on the battlefield, they are a sight to behold, clad in heavy armor, with fiery highlights and great halberds of whatever weapon they might chose. Often, the Battle-Dreamers do not operate as a unit, instead leading their own section of the battlefield, or their own army, with a hoste of attendants at their side. The Attendants of Edema Home Base: Ithil-Dagor Priests of Edema, they are selected from the very best of Kal veterans, and chosen for their piety. They train relentlessly and glory in battle. Acting as both aids to the Battle-Dreamers and as standard-bearers in battle, none would wish to face them on the field, to be sure! Mod & Player Actions [Mod] The Fleet of Dreams sets sail for the first Great Slaving of the decade. At it’s head, Lord Skinsail stands upon the prow of the Chained Reaper, his massive black homeship, it’s mast laden with the bloodied chains of fallen slaves that clink in the wind like dreary bells. They will sail far out at sea, attacking and slaving any ship they see on their way, until they reach the coasts of Illuwe. There, they will fracture into groups to raid vulnerable villages and small towns, filling their holds before sailing south to Vano’Sa, then Baderberg. Once their holds are full, they will return with plunder and slaves to Gwelln. Dedicated fleet = 1 Mothership, 4 Carracks, 40 Raiding ships, 12 Slaving Ships A Mori envoy is sent to the people of Lyonesse. (Discord) A Kal envoy is sent to the Imperium Sanctum, fair-skinned and scarred from battle, with golden eyes and clad in simple but well-used armor. He brings a scroll from the King of Chain, Ech-Dagor, the Mist Reaver, Admiral of the Fleet of Dreams. Within, the King demands a tribute of slaves and gold every year, lest the Imperium Sanctum feel the wrath of the Fleet of Dreams. [Mod] Ithil-Dagor, citadel and home of the Kal, is to be fortified this year and the following ones. As one of the few land based territories of Nùr, it is particularly vulnerable. The expert masons and architects of the Kingdom are to build it into a great citadel-temple to Edema, lord of war. Within, the Battle-Dreamers of Lady Ecthelos shall train their talents, and find new recruits for the wars to come. [Mod] The ship-yards in the frozen seas around Mälvas and in the Gwelln bay are to pump out as many raiding ships as they can, and hopefully begin building a large Cityship, a sort of base for long-range slaving operations. [Mod] More Mori and Kal are sent to the barracks for training. The Kal go for the glory of war itself, the Mori for power and prestige. The aim is to recruit much infantry and crossbowmen. Along with this, nobles are told to saddle their Cold-One lizards and prepare for war. (Recruiting infantry, crossbowmen and Lizard-Knights.) [Mod] Two raiding ships, captained by Captain Liiza Aukerlion and Captain Rava Mirkiz sail south, to go along the coast and explore the southern, warm reaches of the world. Aukerlion sails with the blessing of Lloth’s priestesses, seeking religious similitudes in the world, while Mirkiz sails with the chains of slavery clinking upon his masts, seeking the tithe of flesh and blood that his King demands. An envoy is sent to the Khan. [Mod] An envoy is sent to the people of Ort Har. (Discord) [Mod] The shipwrights of Gwelln study the blade their ships further, hoping to increase their speed, resilience, endurance to long trips and every other aspect, to turn them into the sleekest, deadliest vessels upon the seas. [Mod] Intense training of certain specific units, with much time poured into them. Namely, the Mori Executioners of Gamalgar, personal legion of Lady Ziin, the Mistress of the Nightmare Keep of Sûr. As well, the Godwoken, the chosen battle-dreamers of Lady Ecthelos of Ithil-Dagor. They number 500 and 20 (+250 elite attendants) respectively.
  3. The Mori-Kal of Nùr Discord: You have it. Civilisation (Name): The Mori-Kal Capital (Name): Mälvas, the City of Chains. Government (Empire, Republic, etc, you may go into details): The Mori-Kal live in a Kingdom ruled by a King and Queen of both noble races within the Kingdom. An old agreement after the War of Division led to this agreement that has held the Kingdom together for many an age. It is called the Rulership of Nùr. The nation is currently ruled by King Ech-Dagor, the Mist Reaver, the Dark Star, Admiral of the Fleet of Dreams and Leash Master of the slave legions. Along with Queen Helegòth, the Cold Flower, Mistress of a Thousand Eyes. They sit on the Throne of Chain and the Throne of Blades. Obviously, they represent the two major tenants of the nation, slavery and war. Racial Distribution (Primary Race, probably minorities?): The Mori-Kal are divided between two sub-species, the Mori and the Kal. The mori account for about 75% of the population, with the Kal accounting for 25%. Uncounted are the massive amounts of slaves bred from birth of captured. They almost certainly outnumber the Mori-Kal. The Mori are black or grey skinned beings with varying colors of hair often ranging from black to ash-white. They are taller than humans, with typically unicolor black or red eyes and haughty features. The Kal are fair-skinned with mostly blond or brown hair. Taller than the Mori, they are also more conventionally beautiful, as they more closely resemble humans, though their eyes are either unicolor gold or light blue. Racial traits (as needed): NOTE: The two chosen traits present here (Lloth’s gift and the Battle-Trance are also the only magic possessed by the Mori-Kal.) The Mori: Significantly extended lives. (250+ years) Night-vision. Agility. Lolth’s gift (A chosen few are able to move with nigh-perfect stealth, speed and agility while possessing extremely good reflexes. This is a rare gift, always recognized by a spider-like birthmark on their forehead.) They are somewhat weaker in the sun. The Kal: Significantly extended lives. (300+ years) Increased strength, endurance, speed. Edema’s Battle-Trance. (When in battle, their best warriors can possibly enter a war-trance in which they seem to almost move with some sort of premonition. They seem to be able to dodge blows they could not have known were coming, or attack with perfect timing to fell an enemy with unnatural speed. This ability is not very common, occurring more within their chosen elite, but also occasionally occurring to a rank and file soldier. Slow Breeding, small numbers. Cattle-Folk: Bred for slavery humans. Compliant, dumb, empty shells used for all sorts of labor. Some are trained for more advanced tasks. Religion (Whatever you prefer, you may be creative): The Mori worship Lloth, queen of Spiders. She values those whose cunning and wit guide them through life and rewards those who look out for themselves. Her priests are all female and she herself is always represented as a female. Priestesses of Lloth are chosen at birth through rituals, and commited to their temples immediately. Their parents are often killed after to prevent any attachements for the children. This is not legal and is always done in secret, though many officials look the other way. Her worship involves much blood and sacrifice and the magic that filters through this is blood-related, though few and rare are her gifted acolytes. The largest celebration to Lloth is the Winter Solstice, also called The Day of Darkness. Many families buy a sacrifice slave, a special stock bred to be sacrificed on this day each year by entrepreneuring merchants. They then either kill them in a public sacrifice, or with friends and family, after which they mark themselves with the slaves blood and feast for the entire day. The Kal worship Edema, Lord of War. He values courage, honor and glorious deaths above all else and his priests, while not disciminated by sex, must all have been warriors for years, killed many a foe and fought to earn their place as a priest of War. They are often the Standard-Bearers for the army when it marches to war. Edema, Lord of War Technology & Arcana (that is notable; have you pursued magic? Be fair and remember to do tradeoffs): Arcana is limited only to the Chosen aspects of their gods. In terms of technology, the Mori-Kal are great shipwrights and architects. Their knowledge of steel-work and armor is excellent, though perhaps not above average when compared to other established nations. Indeed, they shine mostly through their incredibly well crafted ships of all sizes as well as their cities, forts and their ability to craft beautiful - if often gothically terrifying in the mori’s case - buildings. Their ships are fast, tough and they are able to design a variety of highly useful variants, from massive floating ‘cities’ to small, lethal raiding ships capable of sneaking up rivers. Their buildings are, for lack of a better word, stunning and resilient. Stone blocks that last centuries and fit together as seamlessly as a river meeting the sea. Great towers and looming walls, beautiful spires and delicate bridges. That is the art of the Mori-Kal. Ultimately, they are much more technologically than magically inclined, having no innate magical powers beyond the chosen of their two deities. Description (Culture, history, politics etc): x Much has been described above. However, it all began for the Mori and the Kal perhaps 1000 years ago, when their people met and clashed violently. For two hundred years, the growing nations clashed, fractured, fought once again, and continued to fight between themselves and against each other. Until finally, they were unified in the year 300 by the marriage of the most powerful Lord and Lady of the Mori & Kal. The Great Master Kiln-Dagor and the Warlady Minevra. Since then, the Mori and Kal have slowly assimilated, though they remain starkly divided in many ways. While a Mori may live on the same street as a Kal, many establishments cater to one or the other, their fashions often diverge, though trends may intertwine. Districts are often formed over time, seperating the two and they both strictly adhere to their own religions, with heathens (miscreants who chose to worship the others god) being strictly punished and willingly handed over. While the Kal live as a minority which is in part due to their war-like nature as well as what is often considered to be a much more selective breeding process on the part of the Kal, they entertain many leading positions due to their natural leadership skills. As such, the royal court is typicall about half Mori half Kal, fluctuating depending on the rulers preferences and the political landscape. The King and Queen hold absolute authority and each have their own Councils, which often convene to discuss the issues of the realm. This may lead to some confusing and long meetings, as both the King and the Queen have their own respective High Priests along with various advisors, generals, etc. The culture is typically extremely elitist, with those who have power holding absolute sway over those who do not. This is reflected both in normal society as well as between slaves and masters. Self-interest is a predominant factor and many are those who seek glory and power at the expense of their equals. Slavery is an enormous part of Mori-Kal culture. Indeed, it is said that for every Mori-Kal, there are two slaves. A significant majority of them are bred for slavery from birth, while a minority come from raids or slaving campaigns. These are often separated and sent amongst the ‘cattle-folk’ to avoid resistance and break their will, as bred slaves have practically never rebelled in Mori-Kal history. The Mori are typically far crueller to their slaves, as the culture of power originates from within their ranks. The Kal, on the other hand, have adopted slavery and simply use them as one would a tool, without cruetly but without any consideration for them either. It goes almost without saying that the Mori and Kal are both arrogant and consider themselves to be ethnically superior to all others. Geography & location (As detailed as you wish, with a note on the map below as to where your realm would be in existence): The Mori-Kal originate from the blasted northern reaches of the world and still continue to live there to this day. Here lies their capital, built on an ancient battle-ground between the two, Mälvas, City of Chains. It sits in a land of ice and ash, as active volcanoes continue to spew forth their magma in the region, though at a safe distance for the people of the city. The Capital is predominantly inhabited by Mori, who favor the nigh-perpetual ash-induced darkness of the region. Mälvas is ruled by King Ech-Dagor and Queen Helegòth. Omor, the City of Slaves, was built upon a small island to the south of Mälvas by The Great Reaver Aùdr in 550. Here, many of the slaves are bred and grown for work within the nation. While is it not cast into eternal night by Volcanoes, Omor is a place of misery and gloom. It is inhabited mainly by traders and specialist slave trainers and breeders. Few live here who do not participate in the slave business, though it is an opportune place for foreign traders to come and inspect the goods. Omor is one of the cities with the greatest Mori-Kal to slave discrepancy, as it is almost a 90% slave to master ratio. It is ruled by Lord Druzii, the Slavemaster. Ithil-Dagor, the City of Steel is a popular place for the Kal, who inhabit it in far greater numbers than most cities within the Kingdom. It is a city of war, in which many of the legions are trained. It is also one of the greatest citadels within the Rulership, sitting upon a high cliff with only a narrow landbridge leading to it and many thick, great walls. It is ruled by the Legendary Battle-Dreamer Lady Ecthelos, a Kal. Gwelln, City of Sails is the principal base for the Mori-Kal fleets. From here, they launch massive slaving campaigns upon their neighbors. The city is located within a narrow bay, with fleets positioning themselves on either side and bridges spanning above them. Many towers and forts protect the path into the city itself. It is ruled by Lord Skinsail, a Mori known for flaying disobedient sailors to the bone. Sûr, the Citadel of Nightmares. The Prison city of Sûr is a hellish place full of suffering and terror. Within its moulding walls lies a place of absolute depravity in which Lady Ziin, the King and Queen’s personal interrogator experiments upon his captives in the most horrific ways. He leads a legion of pain, soldiers who revel in the suffering of their foes, both mental and physical. Special Creatures of Nùr: The Krimian Lizards aka “Cold Ones” (Tamed and lethal) Location: North The Glacier Wyrms (Untamed and lethal) Location: Far north Otto’s Owls (Untamed non-lethal) Location: Ithil-Dagor The Skiirv (Domesticable, potentially lethal) Location: North Size (Tying in with racial distribution, as well as geographic location. Be just, the map is only that big):
  4. The Foundry The 3rd CCC is finally finished. (2S) More droidbois pour onto the newly settled barren planet to build Heavy Industry! They make sure to tear the ozone layer apart on their way, ripping away the atmosphere with absurd amounts of pollution! (150.000C into Heavy Industry) (30 Heavy Industry) 312 A is stockpiled. 26 M. 16.000 C is stockpiled. 7 R is dedicated to the Assault Factories, to continue perfecting them. (132R invested) 25 R is spent towards Tier 1 Military Industry. (25/25R) 2 S is stockpiled.
  5. The Foundry 2S is Dedicated to a CCC. (2S left) The new colony is swarmed by billions upon billions of worker drones as Foundry 5 is finally built. (80.000C into 10 T1 Military Infrastructure) The newest colony ship is sent out to scout a new sector and settle it for further Foundries. (The northernmost one.) More work on the assault factory. Droids don’t get salty about delays though. Definitely not. (32R) (125R invested) 232 A is stockpiled. 74500 C is stockpiled. 6 M is stockpiled.
  6. The Foundry 111000 C 222 billion tons of Alloys are put into the production of more drone bodies. 152 billion tons are stockpiled for later use. (222A x 45.000.000) (10 billion droids) The colony ship is sent to settle another sector of space. (The bottom left) Another colony ship is built. (8M) 10M, 10A and 6S along with 50.000C is dedicated to another CCC. (4S left) More work into the assault factory. (22R) (93 R invested)
  7. The Foundry Actions 118000C Another CCC is built in a mobile bunker position on the core homeworld. (50k C, 10A, 10M, 10S) (2 Total) A new factory ship (colony ship) is built. (8M) Light infantry spider droids are built to be stocked for future use. (4M, 4S) (400.000 droids total) Work on the Assault Factory continues. (22R) (71R invested)
  8. 1527 World Events In the far west, the Xian Kingdom remains an inscrutable place. Horsemen now patrol their border with Surya, and their fleet has been seen sailing along the coast in small groups. Generan Von Mokaü has struck another blow against the Auldic Tribes by capturing one of the key chieftains and having him carted back to the capital, where he was paraded down the streets and then executed in front of a large crowd. Mokaü’s Bastards and their Swine companions have no pushed back many of the Auldic tribes and brought a near complete halt to their raids, murdering thousands of them and causing many to flee back to the frigid islands from whence they came from. As a reward for the destruction of the Republicans, and pressured by a court that fears for the stability of the Symon Empire, Emperor Almeric IV names Serros the Lord of the Southern Armies. There, he clamps down hard on dissent, forcing some reticent lords to send their unused armies north. In the rest of the Symon Empire, dissent continues to bubble below the surface and in the far north, with Scezar Lockwater now in Ischyros, some lords have openly refused to pay taxes, send levies or acknowledge Emperor Almeric IV’s commands. A particularly violent storm has swept across the Loba desert in the past year, raining fire across lands previously thought immune to such dangers. Winds poured tons of sand into the sky and sent them swirling through the desert in giant tornadoes. Who knows what may now lie uncovered… In a historic move, Lord Lucius Blackmarrow has decreed that he will send Two-thousand men to guard the Stitches from the south, and stop any incursion from Ulyadar lands, or… beyond. Trident, now relieved from the pressure of the Volarucian army, decrees that it due to the Volarucian unwillingness to repay their loan, it will now begin to fund the Lithborn empire in their war of defense against the Volarucian oathbreakers. The result is the massing of disparate mercenary groups gathered near Trident. The Kingdom of Danwent The peaks of the Aulem mountains are relatively small compared to those of the roots, but they are jagged and many of the nests are inacessible. Nonetheless, the adepts climb, risk their lives, and bait the eagles closer. Finally, after weeks, they gain their trust and through speech, manage to gain the subservience of a few of these proud creatures. Most are about 4 meters in wingspan, with the largest domesticated specimen having a wingspan of 5.5 meters. The Games prove to be an ever more popular distraction from war and drudgery and once again, thousands flock to Danwent to watch the athletes display their skills to the world. (dealt with your own rewards in discord) With the prospect of a marriage between Symon and Danwent, the empire sends a dowry of 25.000 gold to the Kingdom, along with various swords, armors and other artifacts of historical significance to adorn Thoryus’ home(s). The Holy Kingdom of Elea Eadni raids do not abate this year. If anything, they practically intensify as ports and villages are attacked from the sea repeatedly. One port is burnt to the ground by their raids, rendering it completely irreparable. (-12.500G) Secret projects…?! (Discord) A strange man approaches the capital, with a heavy cloak and whispered words of a vital opportunity for the king… (Discord) The Kingdom of Five The pirate raids continue, ever more violent as much of the Swine fleet is occupied in the south. The Meldans accept the apology in good grace and assure the Swine that they are doing _everything_ in their power to stop the pirates. (-10.000G) A great wonder indeed, though the thought of it could strike fear in those not aligned with the faith of the pigfolk… The Walrus of Öbergrad always appreciates the arrival of even more men lacking any sort of moral compass and willing to kill anyone they’re told to! Another hastily built fortress to line up against the incoming Suryan menace. The research into the walls prove that either within or without, the swinium beams prove to do little more than prop up the walls while having very little effect of anything at all. Ultimately, once the stone is bashed apart, the Swinium pillars contribute very little. Before that happens, they do not make the stones stronger. But as the year wanes, a group of people approach the royal palace, asking to speak to Dakkar… (discord) The Princedom of Volarucio The newly appointed Lord of the Southern armies agrees to allow the Volarucian’s into his home, though he clearly holds little love for them. (Discord) Jeryn of House Inkwater refuses to negotiate any further until the debt has been fully repayed. He stipulates that at this point, any other decision would be insulting to Trident’s treasured history as merchants. They have given ample warning to Volarucio, and now expect a repayment in full, immediately, or they will continue to fund the Volarucian enemies. The Chapel welcomes the envoys. (Discord) The Empire of Bourdeleaux A sign of approval for Bourdeleaux’s actions in the north? Either way, two fervent men of the clergy find themselves uplifted with new powers this year. (+2 magi) Dupuis and his men thus sail through the straights of Golûn and find themselves in ever more foreign lands, where the people are yellow of skin and wear strange, colorful clothes. Even stranger, they live in tiered cities, with the nobility rarely leaving the upper levels connected by bridges. (Xian Discovered) Surya At the cusp of the year, the Suryan’s receive word from the people of Sekh. It is a polite apology from a group of explorers, who ask the Suryans to overlook their masters dislike for their alliance. Contrary to their rulers, they would be glad to aid in an expedition into the desert! For they themselves have the ambition to explore it further, but they simply lack the resources. (Discord) The Commonwealth of Ruhn And as the year progresses, so does Melchior on his long journey. (Discord) The Poopums dynasty continues to expand as he takes over many other farms and decides to make Poopums LLC. go public, gaining a historic start on the RUhn Stock MarkeT (RUST). He starts the day at 5 potatoes per share and ends it at 25 potatoes per share. Soon he will be rolling in them thar ‘taters. The Galaharian League In the Storm Keep, more men are caught wandering towards the forest with glazed eyes. Some are found dead at the foot of the walls that they apparently clambered over without a second thought. In total, at least 30 of them have disappeared into the woods last year and slipped through the watchful gaze of their brothers. It does not take long for the explorers to find the Desert, as it dominates the northern horizon as they go along the coast. What lies inside of it is an entirely other story, however. Unfortunately, Princess Ori was present at the Danwenti King’s choosing of a bride and is thus incapable of being on the boat! (People of Sehk discovered.) The People of Sehk are willing to buy 2000 slaves for the construction of their capital, at a price of 5.000G. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick The ballistae projects continue at a steady pace. Firing multiple bolts is no easy task and there is still work to be done. The Duchy of Ulyadar Grain indeed! In such a hostile climate it seems almost impossible, but there fertile slices of land around the ravines full of boiling lava allow for some truly spectacular growth! Including all sorts of vegetables and fruits that shouldn’t grow at such latitudes. Finally, the Elean scientists have managed to create a functional telescope that one can handle with both hands. It offers a clear view of the sky and the stars above, though it will not hold up to the elements or to long trips. The eleans are the ones that have developed the expertise, while the ulyadi scientists remain quite clueless. The research on the blood armor continues to yield no results. As for Knut, as he puts on the armor, he feels a burning sensation throughout his body as the flesh melds with steel and the armor fuses itself to his body in an agonizing episode of pure torture. Hours spent within the rigid steel coffin until finally the pain begins to ease, though it never truly goes away, like a haze in the back of his mind. By the end, he can feel the armor fused to his flesh like a cage, but with it, he feels as if his mind has been expanded by a second entity, the mind of the armor itself. It is a raging torrent of bloodshed and endless fury, screaming for a battle, but acting like a second brain that aids his blows, helps him dodge and takes over a plethora of instinctive measures while sucking the blood from its surface to heal him and even mend the living metal with which it has been crafted. With all that, it also offers speed and strength that he could not have possessed before. The Kingdom of Numeria What more is there to say beyond the unending war at its very doorstep? And the glow in the mountains continues to grow. This year, some report that it has even pulsed with brighter flashes, like a thundercloud rent apart by a flash of lightning. The Morning Kingdom A quiet year, apart from all those children disappearing within the crypts of the undercity! The Kingdom of Hilmedhi The Free Cities, as distant as they are, protest the outlawing of slavery with the rare merchants that come this far but for the most part, the ban does not pull much of a reaction from these nations within range of Hilmedhi trade. Though confused, the men do practice how to raise the tents fast and manage it on a reliable basis. The telescopes are most excellent, but to make them into a scope will still require work. The enchantment for longer range on crossbows is not particularly complicated, but requires a lot of time and care. As such, it is rated as a Medium Enchantment. The city of Dohrimi certainly appreciates the gift and puts it to good use for the poor of the city, boosting the entire city upward by starting at the foundations. (+2000 G per turn from improvements.) As the now familiar flash of the Nexus fades, the Golem steps out of the area and looms over its creators. Then it breaks into four smaller man-sized boulders, forms rough balls and begins to roll around them like billiard balls! The Fortress Libraries The riders reave through the land, slaughtering hundreds of bloated throats in their messy little villages and camps. A few thousand-strong groups try to attack them, but they dodge them and burn a swath through the land, no doubt killing many thousand and pulling a lot of attention to themselves before riding back north with scouts reporting that many individual groups have begun to mass near the northern reaches of their territory. The book of knowledge??! (Discord) A printing press. A strange idea that still requires work after many a messy mess that resulted in ink-covered robes!
  9. The Foundry // foundrycal.app = y.113 Actions 171000C 156 A 22R + 5 (last turn bonus I forgot) >diverting_resources to foundry_001C >processing request… >resource_allocation.jpeg = granted >100.000eu allocated 10 Basic Industry Facilities are built on the new colony. (100.000C) (colony capped out) (Overcap of 8 in labor. To make them run next turn, will deactivate 8 HI.) Work on the Assault Factory continues. (27R) (49R invested) >stockpiling… shipment_4593859 >count = 20gtA >stockpiling… shipment_4593860 >count = 20gtA >stockpiling… shipment_4593861 >count = 20gtA >stockpiling… shipment_4593862 >count = 20gtA >stockpile_count_y.113 = 80gtA >totalcount = 234gtA -234 Alloys stockpiled total. Model_41 Light Infantry droids are built in their designated modular production lines. As light infantry droids, they are 50cmx50cm spider droids with magnetic spiders legs with little hooks to climb any surface. They have multi-spectrum eyes all around their head and a swivel gun on their head. Thanks to (20R) into modularization and robot quality, they are modular and capable of housing a variety of weapon systems and programs. (4 units. 4M & 4S) 71k C stockpiled.
  10. The Foundry // foundrycal.app = y.112 >navsys.exe >run powercheck.protocol >... >... >power_levels = optimal >if power_levels = optimal then undocksequence(colony.ship_001C) >allocating programs to colony.ship_001C… >programcap = >unit.count = 200.000uc >colony.ship_001C coordinates set => 45’ 501’ 67’ 901° In inefficient organic terms, a colony ship is launched to the region directly east of the southern Foundry region. >Available energy_unit count = 150.000eu >heavy_industry_count = 17 >optimalcalc.exe >executing… >optimal = 20 >diverting_resources... More Heavy Industry (45.000) (20 total) (Two sectors capped) >eu_count = 105.000 >excesscount = 105.000 >storing 105.000 energy_units... Science >accessing secure_database_3B0571 >assaultfactory.blpt >allocating programs… -Work on the Assault Factory begins. (22R) (22R invested) -It will hold 150.000 troops -It will hold 10.000 worker drones -It will have the facilities to produce more by recycling fallen droids or using materials from the region around it. -It has no weapons beyond point defense. -It has massive engines, huge shock absorbers and as much armor as humanly possible. -It is a one-trick ship. The goal is to turn its engines on to full blast and brute force through enemy defenses with speed and armor. Then, without minimal deceleration, it is to crash into the target location, causing enough of a shockwave to clear out surrounding defenses before unloading its troops and drones. The troops fight while the drones retrieve broken droids and materials from the surrounding area to produce more droids. -Once it has crash-landed it cannot be brought back into orbit, but it can be recycled to regain ½ the price of the ship after it has been used.
  11. 1526 World Events In the far north, General Von Mokaü and his bastard army has inflicted a reign of terror upon the Auldic people. His effectiveness has increased tenfold with the addition of Swine Rangers to his ranks, lending valuable eyes to his blunt force. In fact, he has been so successful that it is reported that thousands have been killed, and messengers have arrived from Karel demanding that the so-called Walrus of Öbergrad bring in slaves, not only death-counts. Little is heard from Xian this year, though their scouts and suspicious merchants continue to either skirt Suryan territory, or venture into it. However, reports filter in from Minolek, the largest of the Free Cities. It appears that an important delegation of Xian has made its way there, to discuss matters with the Governor. The Storm Keep upon the land bridge between the Hungry Sea and Revar’s Gulf has been quiet and untroubled for years. But this year, commanders report disappearances. It seems as if some of the men who were designated for sentry duty has simply disappeared into the night during their watch, never to be seen again. A few footprints can be found leading from the walls towards the forest… Lord Serros Dunwick, son of the late Lord Dunwick, has struck a vicious blow against Republicans in southern Symon. It is said that he marched his men straight into every city in which they were present, up to their meeting houses and into their halls, where he arrested everyone of them. The majority of the Republican leaders are no imprisoned In Symon, it is said that some liege-lords have refused the Emperor’s call to arms this year. Many still hold decent armies, but simply do not wish to waste more of their nobility and serfs in a war that more and more of the gentry find absolutely useless. The Kingdom of Five It seems that making a wall of stone with swinium beams attached to it is not particularly difficult, though the effects remain to be seen, as they are simply beams of Swinium attached to stone walls with cheap mortar. Not exactly a solid construct. The Meldans claim that the pirates are attempting to deviate the attention of the Swine through deception, stating that they have been working tirelessly to stop them. This is not how help is repaid! The Rangers are put to good use under Von Mokaü, tracking down Auldic raiding bands or finding tracks that lead to small villages, which are quickly put to the torch, with their population killed to the last child. The Empire of Bourdeleaux For the moment, the brightest minds of Bourdeleaux have only succeeded in making a very bright spotlight, as lenses are not something they are very good at, and mirrors only reflect the light. The Explorers under Dupuis do go further west though, and finally they arrive in a strange new city along the coast, full of brown-folk and the smell of spices and strange foods. (Surya discovered!) This year, few wolves come across the barrier to strike at Bourdeleaux. The Kingdom of Danwent Initial results are somewhat disappointing. But then, a lead. A small-time farmer near the mountains ranging along the peninsula says he saw a “great big big’un in them thar mountains.” Soon after, the first sightings… Which are mildly disappointing. The eagles are larger than one might expect, but not by much. Perhaps twice as large as a normal one, certainly no more than that though. The Holy Kingdom of Elea Progress remains painfully slow on both projects. The Ballista remain unpredictable, prone to fail their shot, breaking the bolt in its berth, or snapping under their own strain as much as they are likely to shoot. Even when they do though, the shot often goes off in the wrong direction, fails to snap into shrapnel, etc. The telescope is less prone to mistakes, but it is still a rather bulky and unwieldy thing with a somewhat blurry image. Eadni pirates continue their vicious raids. (-7.500G) The Morning Kingdom Small hosts of Throats are seen along the border during the autumn months. They do not raid or venture far into the Kingdom’s land, but they are until then an unexpected element. And beneath the capital, things only get worse, like a festering wound left untreated. Almost all of the lower city is impossible to enter without risking one's life at every, treacherous corner. With this, an aura of caution and fear has descended upon the capital. The Kingdom of Numeria An investigation renewed. (Discord) It seems that until very recently, the Empire has been managing quite well. Most of the Empire has seen the conflict around Arris as little more than a provincial war, and it appears that they have certainly not been expending their entire armed forces upon the war, with many guarding the east from the threat of the Throats. As for unrest, there have been recent whispers of discontent within the nobility, mainly about the expenses accrued in the war against Numeria and the recent series of defeats. Beyond that, the republicans in the far south have caused their own issues, though it seems that most are confident in Lord Dunwick’s ability to utterly crush them. It seems that Osmalt responds better to black iron tools, or diamond-tipped ones. Both exceedingly expensive or rare, they do however allow for a far more manageable manipulation of the stone. However, things such as the glassy uniformity of Carrow citadel are quite beyond the knowledge of the Numerian stonemasons, though they do now have the ability to break off large chunks, though it is tiresome work. The Princedom of Volarucio A quiet year at home, though the same cannot be said on the front. In the lands of Trident, war continues to rage, though the Lithborn side of things remains mostly quiet, apart from a few scouts. In Trident, however, it is said that many more mercenaries are being shipped from the south, summoned by the vast sums of money available to Lord Inkwater of Trident. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Little of note. A quiet year for Fyr-Darrick. BALLISTA? Give me full investments you nerd. The Duchy of Ulyadir The telescope is less prone to mistakes, but it is still a rather bulky and unwieldy thing with a somewhat blurry image. The red metal sees little progress. The men working on it find that their work has yielded few results beyond carbonized lumps of metal. The Commonwealth of Ruhn In the wake of a series of intelligent decisions, the Poopums stock value shoots up by a MIND-BLOWING 300%! Investors flock to them from all strata of society as the Poopum dynasty establishes control over more and more farms. A lucky stroke, or a message from beyond the veil of death. A dead man of significant wealth leaves 15.000G to the Commonwealth, for the continued construction of the great wonder. Of course, only 10.000G is used after the money is run through the proper taxes and bureaucratic processes. (10.000G to great wonder) The Galaharian League Trident accepts the trade offer, despite their precarious situation. The Order declines the offer of a bank, though they are ready to accept trade. Sailing west, they find the Hilmedhi easily enough. Surely, from there they will be able to find more as well. The forces do stop a few wolf attacks, though others occur in less protected regions, and in general, they are still definitely present. Nevertheless, the Galaharian’s watchfulness saves them from the worst of it. (-3000G) Surya If a jungle can radiate disapproval, the thick Surukai jungle does. Yet the colonies are settled unopposed, though the poor settlers must suffer through one of the worst climates Golûn and Esma have to offer. Swarms of mosquitos, still-water full of diseases, storms and crushing heat. Perhaps Padma was sharpening her sword. Perhaps she was polishing someone else's! Either way, she cut herself. But lo and behold, the wound was soon covered in a glowing red line, like molten lava. Two days later, the small cut had sealed and disappeared. The Fortress Libraries A few blueprints, some ideas. The Press seems like a feasible idea, though there is still much to do. The Hilmedhi Kingdom The armor remains unchanged for an entire week, sitting in the Nexus as if nothing were to happen to it. Then, one day, at noon, a flash of light illuminates the Nexus. When it fades, the armor is still there, but it is now a deep, rich golden color, with glowing orange runes lining it. After inspection, it seems that the armor is nigh impervious to damage. Not only that, but it is capable of shining so brilliantly that one would be blinded should they look at it. Finally, it seems to channel the sun or the moon, turning a deep, moonlit silver at night. There, instead of shining blindingly, it seems to give the user perfect vision at night. Some of the runes are moderately reminiscent of those lining Padma’s sword. Give me full telescope investments, nerd.
  12. The Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Lèon Juan Cristobal Esteben de Lèon - 7 Years Old Inigo de Mendosa - 39 Years Old Bartolome Cristobal Alonso de Lèon - 62 Yeas Old Archbishop Tristan de Silva - 57 Years Old Ser Inigo de Mendosa cut a menacing figure in any crowd. His aura increased tenfold when he stood alone, with dusk gathering about him like a dark cloak. Juan had heard that he was only thirty, but had already been in twenty battles. That he had killed hundreds of men with his mace and ordered the death of one thousand imperial prisoners in the Lèonese monutains during the first rebellion. He hurried along around the empty courtyard, clutching his lightweight iron sword in his hands. Bartolome had given them a small courtyard near the heart of the fortress and had the gardens stamped out to create a training field. Uncle Bartolome always took the smallest opportunity to wipe out beauty and replace it with what was barren and simple. ‘Just like the truth,’ he would say, before giving Juan one of his thin smiles. As he approached, Inigo turned around. “Good, you are here,” he said, his voice grating like two stones ground together. Juan stopped and stared for a moment. He knew thirty was very old, but this man looked as if he had taken a greataxe to the face! His hair was greying already, pulled into a tight ponytail over sharp features, with a mouth made from a rod of iron and a single eye. For his haircut did little to hide the angry red scar that gashed its way across one side of his face, leaving him with one cloudy white eye. He frowned as Juan stared. “You had better accustom yourself to wounds, boy. None of your greatest Lords will be lacking of them before this war is over.” “Yes, Sir Inigo,” said Juan, bowing his head slighlty. He almst felt foolish, bowing to a lord, but Inigo’s presence almost made him submit as naturally as a sheep might to a wolf. “Look at me when I speak to you. You will see the scar, and you will learn to ignore it. Just as you will learn to ignore blood, guts and brains. Understood?” snapped Inigo, stepping closer and bending down a fraction. Juan looked back up at him as a thrill of excitement ran down his back. Uncle Bartolome had been so against this until de la Sacra Rosa has a word with him. Now he was here, with a real warrior, and it was the real thing. “Now, your Uncle, our King, would see you read the bible all day until you are twelve.” Inigo made a small disdaining sound and spat on the ground. The dark gob of spittle landed on the dirt and Juan stared at it for a few moments before snapping out of it with a start and looking back up at Inigo once more. This was not a man like many of the nights that surrounded his Uncle. Even de la Sacra Rosa, in all his gruff behavior and sharp tones did not spit so openly before royalty. “Y-you do not like the Bible, Ser Inigo?” He moved easily, as if he had done the gesture a thousand times before and before he knew it, Juan was reeling to the side as his head exploded in a peal of pain. A cry escaped his lips as he stared at the mans hand in disbelief. He had cuffed him! No one had ever cuffed him! But as he stood up straight with all the outrage that a seven year old could muster, Inigo drew his sword and gave him a cold, flat look with his last remaining eye. He only wore simple leathers today, but Juan could almost see him in full armor. Surely, the Imperials must have quaked in their boots when they saw him! “You are not a Crown Prince in this courtyard, boy. Here, you are a recruit too weak to lift a real sword. By the time you are ten, you will wield one or you will be cut apart by my steel.” The sun was setting over them, lancing the courtyard with streaks of gold. They hit the dirt and illuminated it like pools of liquid fire. One of them shone on Inigo’s blade, a fully fledged sword, like the ones Juan saw at so many a nobles side. He grinned, an expression fueled by exhiliration and fear. Was this what it meant to be a man? But by the time that first day of training was done, Juan was still but a boy, lying in his bed and crying over more than dozen huge welts covering his body. Inigo had not been kind, nor would he ever be, suspected Juan. Actions 20950 As the main zone of economic prosperity in Lèon, Ribadelessa receives another marketplace, built specifically to accommodate the growing trade from the north. (7500G) (3 Markets) De la Sacra Rosa saw the need for better men for the ambushes. However, they had to be sturdier, but not too heavily equipped that they couldn’t operate in the rugged terrain. (Medium Infantry, T3, Veteran) (7000G) More raiders. (Light Infantry, T1, Regular) (3000G) Player / Mod Actions Tristàn de Silva, Archbishop of Lèon sends a letter to the Pope, requesting a Papal Decree that would allow Lèonese crusaders to march through the Empire safely. Along with it, he sends the annual Lèonese donation to the Pope. (1000G) (2700G donated to the Church) Renamed to Monasterio de San Santiago el Mártir during its construction, the monastery fortress continues to grow, brick by brick, paid in the blood and sweat of criminals. (2450G) (5450G invested) -The War Council is finally convened in Madrid, at the demand of the Iberian Empire. The diplomat sent by Lèon, Eduardo de Sante Mara alludes to Lèon’s willingness to agree to this condition out of caring for the greater good. They wish to discuss a strategy. A simple one, really. (Discord plez) -500 Heavy Infantry and 1000 Medium Infantry are dedicated to the crusade. They are led by nobles and it is said that Archbishop Tristan de Silva has blessed the crusaders, and sent a reserved, but zealous priest to act as their religious leader. A certain Demago de Ribadelessa. The amount is a serious blow to the Lèonese military effort, but there can be no exceptions when the word of God is on the line.
  13. The Foundry 77500 energy credits are stockpiled. One colony ship is built. (8M) More research is put into uncovering a light spider-like type of infantry unit. (22R) (36R into LI) 88A (20 from last turn, 68 this turn) stockpiled.
  14. 1525 WALLS ARE NOW ACTIVE. YOU EACH RECEIVE 22500 GOLD TO BE USED ONLY ON WALLS. ALL OTHER CITIES APART FROM SOUTHSHIRE, ARRIS, ISCHYROS AND THE EADNI CAPITAL ARE NOW WITHOUT WALLS. CAPITALS HAVE TALL STONE WALLS AUTOMATICALLY. World Events In the Far West, the Xian Kingdom has been quiet for two or three years. However, there has been increased activity on its shared border with Surya. Scouts, and some suspicious looking merchants that spend an inordinate amount of time traveling up or down certain key roads, or peddling useless goods near the forts. The sky has taken on a purpleish hue over the Roots of the World, near the place where the Numerian mage once saw quite the crazy thing. Like an eternal sunset, the strange light remains there for the entire year, like a faraway beacon. Within the Symon Empire, word comes of discontent within the Nobility. It is said that Emperor Almeric IV spends an inordinate amount of time in his quarters these days, and is even seen talking to the amulet hanging heavy around his neck at times. This is utterly bizarre behavior, and it is said that interest in further campaigns against the Numerians has waned sharply. Indeed, it appears that much of the nobility would simply prefer to hold Ischyros and call it a day! He is said to mutter “The Iris, it must be Iris,” many a time during these long periods of apparent mental instability. With little fanfare, Lord Dunwick passes away this year. He dies in his chambers after contracting a fever during the previous winter, and fighting on until the height of summer. His last words are said to have been private, for his sons ears only. As such, Lord Serros Dunwick takes his father's title, and begins by swearing to abolish the republican hive in the south of the Empire. He sends 500 household guards to do so, leading them personally into the region. From the Greenthroat pours an inordinate amount of wolves during the deep winter. More than any other recorded year. They ravage Galaharian border towns and completely wipe out one Bourdelean settlement, hunting down and killing every last man, woman and child in them. Then...they disappear once more, leaving only a few of their massive bodies behind, a small prize for the damage they inflict. (Galahar, -10000G) (Bourdeleaux, -10000G, -1 settlement) In the far north, the Auldic Tribes have been dealt a significant blow. A force commanded by Lord General Von Mokaü of Karel ambushed an entire tribe and murdered every single one of them, killing well over 3000 people in a day, most of them women and children. He then impaled the survivors and the dead in a low line stretching a mile wide along the river, leaving them to freeze in the winter. A cold man, for a cold climate. The Fortress Libraries The Will of their God be done?! (Discord) Telepathic interrogation??! (Discord) The autopsies on the Bloated Throats reveal that their bodies are riddled with what the expert physicians within the Libraries have identified as some sort of tumorous growth of unknown origin, but of destructive nature. They have noticed that the people of Ashval also have a proclivity for developing these in the later stages of their lives. However, the Bloated bring it to a whole other level. Their entire bodies are riddled with them, with the most massive being on their throats, of course. Beyond that, their bodies seem somewhat normal, though the tumor does appear to restrict blood flow to the head. The Bourdelean Empire Men and war aplenty in the north, though the Lithborn seem strangely unresponsive. As for Sir Gregoire Dupuis, he undertakes a long trip, but by following popular trading routes, he manages to reach what he believes is the tip of one of the islands by the end of the year. Here, he meets a strange people, completely black of skin. They inhabit rough cities along the coast and seem well off despite the apparent simplicity of their lives, hidden here deep within jungles. They call themselves the Suruka and seem wary, but hospitable. The Antigonid Dynasty The new ballista bolts seem to be mildly more effective at shattering into shrapnel, though they may be a far cry from the tales told of the Karellian bolts. However, the ballista has been reinforced to handle the bolts, though it still shoots at a drastically shorter range and the bolts still sometimes shatter upon being shot. It seems that reaching the tensile strength to handle being shot, but to burst on impact is a major problem. The presence is always there. A deep, slow thrum of energy coursing through the very fabric of reality. It does not shift, but it can always be touched in prayer. A telescope is an ambitious project, one that that will require further research if the Antigonids hope to achieve a usable prototype. Coastal Eadni raids (-7500 G) Rebel actions. (-5000 G) The Eadni cut-off Antigonid trade to the Western regions thanks to their control of the Hand seas. (All trade apart from Order, Ulyadar, cut off.) The Kingdom of Numeria Arris awaits its third siege. (Discord) The Republic of Danwent A victory for the royalists, and a convincing one at that. As good wishes and gifts pour in from surrounding nations, one can only wonder where the new Kingdom will turn its attention to now… But the people are certainly happy for the war to be over, and they celebrate in the most indecent fashion! (+1% growth for 2 turns) The Morning Kingdom Spoop. (discord) The House of Blackmarrow accepts the trade offer, though the trade convoys must take a rather long path around the Hand and up the rivers to reach them. The Kingdom of Five The research into a better Swinium yields no results this year, and many a blacksmith weeps at the waste, as more piles of twisted, useless steel gather on the floors around their anvils. The pirate raids become increasingly severe as the months go on. However, in their brazenness, it seems that they have let slip something! Indeed, one galley shipping civilians to the north saw one of the pirate caravels switching its flag from Meldan to that of the Red Suns! It barely evaded capture to return the news to the shores by conscripting civilians to row. (-15.000G) The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Research into a multi-shot ballista goes well enough. While the concept itself is simple enough, and the engineers do manage to make some plans, it seems that the issue is mostly practical, and as such, it will require much trial and error. More work, it’s that simple! The Princedom of Volarucio The war remains a perpetual threat to Volarucian stability. But perhaps they are used to constant war, with their past history being but a long series of petty conflicts. Either way, the me march south, and the Lithborn retreat over their border, though whether it is to strike once more, one may never know. The Galaharian League The Herzaka, Karellians and the Order refuse the trade offer, while Symon accepts. Beyond that, a quiet enough year for the Galaharian League, once the excitement of the Civil War subsides. The Commonwealth of Ruhn Farmer Dinkums declares his dynastic alliance with Farmer Poopums. His daughter, Gertrude Dinkums, shall marry Poopums’ son, Pooper. The keep is built. A solid, plain thing, as is proper within Ruhn. It is set upon a low hill overlooking the river and the surrounding lands, with relatively flat fields around it. The Kingdom of Hilmedhi The Warhammer glows, and comes out changed, as all things do once they experience the power of the Nexus. It now appears ghostly, like a pale image of itself, and though it weighs the same weight and maintains the same balance, it seems to pass through metal, wood and other things with only minor resistance, and it does not damage them. However, Ashur still manages to accidentally cut himself upon its edge, as if it were made of the sharpest steel. It seems that it can also muster itself back to its original steely self at a thought from the wielder. The bombs faced continued improvement, though truly stabilizing them seems beyond the reach of even the greatest Hilmedhi minds for now. Nevertheless, they are always safer now, and only rarely explode in their users faces! Bombers around the Kingdom breath a collective sigh of relief. A most excellent telescope indeed. Now able to be handheld and provide sharp imagery for the user, it is still certainly too unwieldy to be put onto a crossbow, but it is definitely an easily handheld, collapsible and stunning piece of delicate engineering. The Duchy Ulyadar The mages tests on the red metal are inconclusive and yield no result. The exclusion zone remains calm, empty, untroubled. Whatever may be happening deep within its maddening grasp is unseen by the watchful Ulyadar. Surya The usual expansion in the usual places. Little disrupts the stability of the Suryan state, if not for one stunning young woman and her adventures across the Twin Islands! And as she finally arrives at the capital of Surya, resplendent as she is, she feels power courses through her once more. Her veins burn, her body flashes with searing pain. When it is over, she looks upon herself to see fiery veins glowing through her skin around her hands, her eyes, her neck and her feet. Heat pulses from her body and her entire self seems to glow perpetually. Wherever she may go from this day forth, the night will be a little less dark for the true believers. (Independant blessing.)
  15. The Most Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Lèon Brother-King Bartolome Cristobal Alonso de Lèon – 63 Years Old Crown Prince Juan Cristobal Esteban de Lèon – 6 Years Old Juan had skipped out on his theology class again. Uncle Bartolome would be quietly furious, Archbishop Tristan would give him a severe, a disappointed look on Sunday. He would probably be put to prayer all of saturday when Uncle caught him, but he didn’t care. Not now. He was free, running through the halls of the castle, with a chilly breeze filtering through the windows and a day of freedom ahead of him. Unless he was caught. He grimaced and ground to a halt near the Hallway of Lèon. Within it were the portraits of all of his ancestors, arrayed lovingly upon the walls and illuminated by the best beeswax candles that the Kingdom could afford. They never burnt out, Uncle Bartolome made sure of that. ‘Our family will always be in the light of God. Let us reflect this within our world of suffering,’ his uncle would say when he brought Juan here ever Sunday after church. But today was not Sunday, and here he was nonetheless. Uncle Bartolome had told him about his father and mother as soon as he could understand what he was saying. He had been short, abrupt and uncomfortable, but he had not spared him. Juan had never forgotten his words. His father, forced to watch as his mother was taken by Imperials, over and over until her throat was cut. Then, her father was given a sword, spat upon, beaten, and made to fight duel after duel against his own sworn knights. Bartolome had said that every fight, his men refused to lift a finger, even when their own families were threatened at swordpoint. So his father, Juan, had forced them to, one after the other, until he was killed. Juan walked into the hall, the soft carpet allowing his feet to sink deep into it. Silence lay heavy within this hall, as if even the wind and the candles feared to disrupt the holy quietude of this cemetery. For the Lèon graveyard had been desecrated, torn up by the Imperials. This was all their family had left. Stern men looked down at him from every side, their features tanned by the iberian sun, their beards thick. Then, he stood before his father, with his mother looking down from beside him. Sometimes, Juan dreamed that he was caught in her warm embrace, that she was murmuring soft, loving things to him as he giggled and hide in her dress. Then he would wake in a simple cot in a cold room and he would cry. He lifted a single gold coin out of his pocket. He had found it on the floor near his room last year. Upon its back was the effigy of his father and every night, he prayed with it clasped within his hands. Uncle Bartolome would not have approved of such idolatry, but Juan thought that maybe it helped his father find him when he prayed. Like a beacon! “I’m sorry for not going to my class, father,” said Juan, sitting down in front of the portrait. The man looked down at him from beyond his long, aquiline nose. A thin moustache outlined firm lips and a neat beard hung onto his sharp jaw. Juan thought he looked disapproving. “I am!” he said, a tear popping into the corner of his eye. “But I don’t want to be like Uncle Bartolome. He prays all day, he eats plain food and he doesn’t want to fight!” Juan jumped up and pointed at his father. He was dressed in fine armor, with a sword at his side and his helm sitting on a table beside him. “I want to be like you! I want to fight, and drink wine! I want to be in battles, like the one Pollo talked about! Remember Pollo?” Then he relaxed once more, calmed down and sat down. He flipped his coin between his fingers slowly. “I know God is good. Uncle says that a lot. But what if I want to be a different King? I don’t want to be a King like Uncle. I want to be a King like you.” More tears. “I wish you were here! I don’t know how to be a King like you with you to tell me, father. If I pray very hard tonight will you tell me?” Voices filtered into the hall from a nearby corridor, disrupting the deep silence around him, and Juan jumped up, glancing around quickly. “I shouldn’t let them catch me. Maybe tonight. Goodbye father. I miss you mother.” He ran up to her painting and touched her outstretched hand for a moment, smiling up at her before turning around and running out of the hall at full tilt. He’d hold onto his freedom for a while longer, if he could. Actions Gold – 20150 -Another farmstead is established. Lèon needs food, and its people should praise God to have the opportunity to work this holy land! (Farmland) (5000G) (3 Total) -Money is important. After all, even a soldiers loyalty and religious fervor won’t feed them or house their family. (Market) (7500G) (2 Total) -A group of skirmishers is raised from a nobles levy, to participate in the inevitable wars to come. (3000 G) (Skirmishers, T1, Regular) -More light infantry. King Bartolome and Lord de la Sacra Rosa know very well that they are fighting a superior enemy. They will not have victory on the open battlefield, that much is certain. (3000G) (Light Infantry, T1, Regular) Mod / Player Actions -The Pope receives his yearly donation from the people of Lèon, along with more substantial gifts of oranges, lemons, and various other goods produced in Lèon. As per usual, Brother-King Bartolome, sends his best wishes and prayers. Archbishop Tristan de Silva brings the goods personally. He plans to pass through the Empire, counting on his importance and religious status for immunity. Upon arrival in Rome, he wishes to spend a year researching a treatise on the Immutable Moral Superiority of the Church and it’s essential position in the Governance of any state. He also plans on ingratiating himself with the Pope. After all, even the most holy men need a successor. (500 G) (1700 G donated to the Church.) -Construction continues on El Monasterio de la Pasiòn de Cristo. More prisoners are sent to labor, as are many skilled artisans. The Fortress Monastery will not only be a great redoubt, protecting the Tomb of the Apostle James from heathens, it will also be beautiful, if simple in many places beyond the central prayer hall. Many of the most skilled artisans are commissioned to aid in the construction. This labor of God will be done one day, and in it, the best Holy Warriors that Europe has ever seen will be forged from scum. (1000 G) (3000 G invested) -A war council is requested between Andalusia and Lèon, to be held in a safe middle ground. The Iberian Empire is once more invited to the table, so that they may throw off the yoke of the Empire together. The Holy & Righteous Kingdom of Lèon asks for no long-term commitment on their part. -An envoy is sent by merchant ship to the Danes.
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