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  1. K-Land Where men go to be forgotten, and born again Point Distribution: Infrastructure: 6 Loyalty: 5 Military (Navy): 5 Leadership: 5 Stellarch: Sheriff Howard “Howdy” Partner, born to Custer Partner & Sally-Beth Dunderdell, his parents were killed by the now infamous ex-outlaw Joe Jim-Bob. After hunting him down and apprehending him, Howard showed great mercy and wisdom, offering the man a position as a loyal follower, deeming that God had already punished the man by condemning his soul to eternal damnation. Surprisingly enough, Joe Jim-Bob become one of his most loyal partners, as he came to greatly respect Howard during their great pursuit through K-Land and beyond. Shortly after, with Joe Jim-Bob at his side, and many exploits and stories to pad his resume, Howard was elected Sheriff of K-Land by all the Mayors of the ten systems, five years ago, after Sheriff Terrence McFerguson was killed in a drunken shootout with his ex-wife, Sue. A man of compassion and intelligence, Howard believes in the freedom of his people, the honor of man and in K-Land and the promises it offers. While not always skilled politically, he cares for his people, each and everyone. Yet, in an Empire ruled by politicians, his political ineptitude may come to punish him in time. Additional Characters: Mary-Lou Partner, Wife of Sheriff Howard. Deputy Bob Partner, son of the Sheriff. Deputy Billy Partner, son of the Sheriff. Senator Callum Duffy. Pierre-Alfonse de Saint-Exupéry Teniert, a young man who escaped from his controlling Teniert father in search of adventure in K-Land Joe Jim-Bob Jackson, infamous ex-outlaw and Colonel of the K-Land’s greatest flotilla. Clyde “the Godless” Davidson, commander of the worst bunch of misfits the galaxy has ever seen, and an excellent shot. Provincial Culture: K-Landers, also known as Klandsmen, are extremely proud of their freedom, and their wild, rough lifestyle. They look down on coremen as soft, but consider them almost as squabbling children and fools, who would be lost without them. After all, who would hold the border without the klandsmen? Indeed, free of heart, fiercely independent and rebellious against taxation and direct rule, they nonetheless remain loyal to the nation, and look down upon rebels as savages. They are the spearpoint, the forefront of the Empire, exploring the new frontier and one day, those they protect will follow in their steps, to colonize these new lands. Rough, often violent and very much uncivilized, they love fiercely, fight fiercely and will never give up their freedom. With this rusticism do come some negatives. A stubborn dislike of politics and refined political systems, racism, and many others. Human Variants: While uncivilized to some, the Klandsmen are not fools. Millenia upon the border, living rough, dangerous and often violent lives have conditioned these folk, until it has become genetically imprinted within them. Through need, they have adapted, becoming faster, with quicker reflexes and higher speed than the average man, making them excellent pilots & fighters. Unique Units: The Devil Class Cruiser: A light cruiser with more armor and weapons than average. They sacrifice the maneuverability of a light cruiser, while keeping their speed. They also sport a warp interdiction lattice, a low hyperspace engine signature to avoid detection, larger cargo holds than usual for raiding and slaving and the ability to either have an EMP pulse, or a tractor beam fitted in the vessel, but not both. Hellriders: Some of the best fighters in the K-Lands, these men mount extremely powerful hoverbikes that are capable of shifting to space-flight status, though they cannot leave the atmosphere alone. Their machines allow for very fast, very agile redeployment in any terrain and their riders are well armored and extremely good skirmishers and ambushers. Their skill at going into quick, close combat makes them excellent boarding men as well, capable of entering the tight confines of a ship from any angle with breaching tools, and clearing hallways with shotguns, explosives and small-capacity flamethrowers on their wrists. Number: 5 :based:
  2. Nation Name: The Alpha Species. Government Type: Hivemind. Leader: The Harmon. Culture: The Harmon’s are a hivemind of sorts, in which the Harmons rule as an interconnected hive of evolved humans who each possess some level of personal sentience despite being connected. They in turn control the Striia, which are the majority demographic of the Alpha and are completely slaved to their wills. The Harmon’s follow a strict adherence to the laws of nature. Weakness is despised, and physical deformities, if they are not deemed to be evolutionarily advantageous lead to a quick death by burning, to prevent anyone from consuming such flawed flesh. In war, the Harmon believe in the consumption of the flesh of worthy foes. It is an honor to have your flesh consumed, for it is to be considered worthy of being incorporated into the Alpha Species. In terms of outwards politics, the Alpha Species see all other humans as inferior, flawed and outdated, for the world has moved on, and left their feeble flesh behind. However, at the moment, they consider them beneath their notice, and focus on the hunting of Kaiju, the true prize. For therein lies the future of the Harmon. The Kaiju DNA must be harvested, and the Harmon must evolve. The Harmon do not practice any religion, but they consider the Kaiju to the incarnation of Evolution itself, and come as close to worshipping them as anything else. However, their worship is centered around the Hunt & the Consumption, two ritualistic moments in which these divine beings are hunted, killed and consumed, to further their own evolution. History: The Harmons are born of small villages on the coastlines that were affected by tides full of Kaiju blood. Ignored by the authorities and hit during starvation seasons, they were forced to drink contaminated blood and consume kaiju flesh to survive. Most died, but some survived... Groups or places of interest: Harmony Prime - The capital city of the Alpha Species, Harmony Prime is a deep, endless warren of tunnels and caves stretching for dozens of miles in all directions and delving deep beneath the surface. The Breeding Grounds - Hidden from foreign eyes, the breeding grounds are where purebreeds are spawned and released into the ocean Key Figures (3 people with points): Master Artemis - 3 Leadership, 6 Martial, 3 Agility It happens, but rarely, that a Master is bound to a Purebreed before they have even hatched. Master Artemis is one of these, who has found a mental bond with the yet unnamed Titan gestating deep within the caverns of Harmony Prime. A leader and an Alpha, she has established dominance over her territory, and wields sizeable influence amongst the Harmons. Aged 35, she is unusual by the amount of time she puts into the personal care of her hatchling. Where most Masters simply allow the caretakers to guide their hatchlings evolution, she has personally overseen many of the elements, and partakes in even the dirtiest of jobs, such as cleaning the gestation pod. ‘Ziggoroth’ - 9 Agility, 3 Martial Ziggoroth is an aberration. He was created when a Hivelord accidentally grabbed him and put him through the acid baths that are used to change humans into striia. This caused the Harmon to become a horrible, warped striia-harmon hybrid. While his mind was shattered by the transition, he retains a vicious, animalistic sentience. However, he is barely slaved to the will of the Harmon, and is carefully avoided by most, as he is capable of horrific levels of violence in the search for evolutionary material. Cable - 4 Leadership, 2 Martial, 6 Charisma Cable is the face of the Alpha Species to the outside world. He is their only envoy to the AoN, where he wears simple, borrowed robes. His evolutions give him superior hearing, a useful tool amongst diplomats. Point Distribution: Mil 10, Tech 10, Size 10. National Idea: The Striia: The population is divided between drones and kaiju-esque creations, named the Striia, and the small human/harmon elite. The Striia are bound to the wills of the humans, who themselves share a mental connection. (Harmon, 5%, Striia, 95%) Hyper-Evolution: The Harmons and Striia are able to eat man and beast alike, to gain their traits and memories. Biological Ascendancy: Tech slots are replaced by evolution slots. The Hive researches evolutions to its units through this means. Cannot research artificial technology. Strains: Each type of unit has two strains, which add a trait to this sub-type of unit. Strains are instant research at first, but changing one removes it for two turns, until the new one is developed. All units are replaced by a biological equivalent. The Master and the Bond: Atlas are replaced by Purebreed Kaijus. (Unique unit for description.) Cannot build Icarus suits. Aces are replaced by Masters, who enter a meditative meld with their chosen Purebreed from a distance, and become one with the monster. Over time, they often gain mental and physical traits associated with their bonded one. Harmons: Harmons are the evolved meta-humans who have shifted their DNA with Kaiju DNA in the quest for evolution. Their specific genetic makeup and capabilities can very within reason, depending on the individual. Due to their mind-meld, loyalty is not necessary. Evolutionary Zeal: Inability to trade or build artificial constructs. Heavy Foundry yield x2. Population gold yield x0.50. Uniques: The Purebred: Kaiju grown from the cells of fallen beasts, these purebreeds gestate within massive eggs, fed by a carefully regulated stream of evolutionary augmentations, in an effort to achieve purpose made monstrosities. Each one is usually unique, and can have traits that have not been researched, but cannot be applied to anything else. (For example, acid spit without researching it.) They come in three categories: -Class 1 ‘Dancers’: The smallest. 50% the cost of an Atlas, 50% the size. (No research needed) -Class 2 ‘Warriors’: 100% the cost of an Atlas, 100% the size. -Class 3 ‘Titans’: 150% the cost and size of an Atlas. The epitome of evolution. Massive beasts of immense strength and power. Class 2 Purebred, ‘Lord Shatter’ & Master Apexis. The Strikling: The size of a large St. Bernard, the strolling is a vicious, semi-sentient creature entirely slaved to the hivemind. Without its control, it reverts to primal, predatory instinct. A horrible intermixture of kaiju and various animal dna strains, it is a fast-moving creature with claws and teeth strong enough to rend through steel. It’s jaw is so strong that it can snap steel beams. However, its armor plating is weak, and is only capable of holding back limited calibers and small amounts of small-arms fire. (Conscript tier, 25.000 per unit.) The Hivemaster: A large beast seated on four high legs, the Hivemaster has an armored shell into which it can retract, along with heavily armored appendages extracted from turtle DNA. It lacks any real offensive capabilities and is quite slow. However, its belly has a multitude of low hanging, writhing tentacles which will grab at any non-harmon or striia, pulling them up screaming and kicking into its belly, where they are bathed alive in an acid bath that mutates their DNA and turns them into warped and broken striia, bound to the mind of the Harmons. (Tank unique. Turns humans into striia.) Starting Location: Are Mechs superior to tanks?: No.
  3. Samalstraza Locations of Interest within Samalstraza Nergal’s Gloam - The metaphorical guts of Samalstraza, these tunnels delve deep, deep down into the earth below it. They are an unmapped, chaotic mess, with tunnels leading out of Samalstraza in some points, and others delving upwards, into the buildings themselves. Choked in darkness and fear, it is here that the outcasts are thrown, and here that the Hall of Darkness now lives, forgotten and rejected. The mad scribbles of exiled mages cover the walls, unnamed horrors crawl through the tunnels, and ancient spells written in blood can still be found by those brave enough to delve into the shadow. The Qînev Room - Below the heart of Samalstraza is a giant underground room, in the tamer section of the tunnels that writhe around below the fortress. The room is in many ways a mystery even to modern Samalstrazi, for its warding is complex and ancient. It seems like a sort of containment cell for some ancient being, but has now been repurposed as a practice room for the disciples of raw magic. Indeed, their arts are considered so dangerous that trainees are only allowed to practice their art within the Qînev Room, where they do not risk unleashing uncontrolled magical powers on others. The Elemental Caverns - A series of caves on the cliffside, they overlook the land and the sea and are the residence of the elementalists. Here, earth, wind, water and fire are combined and the adherents of this raw and primal magic hone their art in the search of balance in all things. The Tower of Blood - A tower that stands apart from all others, it seems redder than even the redstone from which Samalstraza is built, as if each stone had been coated in blood. Within it, the deep rituals of the Ninûric religion are conducted by Balvâ the Bloodsoaked, the high priestess who never leaves her tower. A few times a year, it seems as if the tower itself glows, and throbs with a heartbeat that pulses out a dull red light. Typically, these are days of celebration within Samalstraza. Expenses 126500G -40.000G is sent to the Mitrovic Empire and the Pachaqui Kingdom to fund the construction of the Limes Pachaquoid. (-40.000G) -10 Commercial Manufactories (75.000G) -REDACTED (10.000G) (90.000G) Actions -Acid, now known as Lady Acid to her followers who themselves have begun calling themselves the Rat Kings, continues to expand her operations. The old ruins deep in the hills and forests near Khrav remain her main base of operations, now called The Spring Fort, where Turquoise Dream is harvested, however, as she begins to expand into Orev and Kastovia, she sends out her two Thrice Chosen, Rayk ‘the Dog’, known for his ability to hunt down anyone & Orelsson ‘the Crippler’, known for the way in which he enjoys smashing the knees of those who oppose Lady Acid, until the bones are dust. They are sent to establish a powerbase in the underworld of both capitals. Ruthless, she uses her ill-found gains and the power of her Thrice Chosen to get herself a slice of pie. With money, and extreme brutality she tries to take over some of the established gangs turf. Her ambitions are simple, establish a way of distributing the Turquoise Dream within the cities, and take over other drug and smuggling operations, to grow her criminal empire. -Runiveroid, now promised to Tarbus, uses this newly gained influence to continue battling the Wine Mogûls for control, chipping away at assets and graciously giving positions of power to those who bow, while incorporating their valued wine brands as subsidiaries. Hatrâ Wines is only the beginning, and there is still much to do. She hopes to gain almost full monopoly in the coming year or two, thanks to the influence of her new marriage. -With the turn of the year, Alâ launches two massive edicts for the Order of the Kindly Ones. The first is to officially divide the world into Alacès, regions governed by a single Mother or Father of the Order, to facilitate the governance of the order. As such, the known world is divided into a dozen such Alacès, each self-governed by a Mother or Father appointed by Alâ in the Monastery of Light, within Orev. The second, is to publish the Scriptures, also known as The Laws of Alâ, or the Good Writings. This tome encompasses the beliefs in the Good, along with a list of Five Good Laws. They are spread around the world to each Hall of Healing, printed where they can be, and disseminated throughout the world to spread the faith. -Now a powerful Level 25 Gang Leader, Rib heads for the Chicatohc Empire, in search of that which was taken from him. For he desires the precious above all things, he must have it, and those filthy manletses, they stole it from us… Hopefully, he will manage to level up to a level 30 Assassin along the way. Spells Magma Rock - T3 - Elemental / Fire: A large glob of molten magma that can be thrown at long ranges, and upon impact, explodes into a shower of lava. Ongoing: Rings of Power - T4 - 885 Vapor Bomb - T3 - 884 Golemic Sciences - T4 - 883 Reliquary of the Mind - T2 - 882 Tech Continuation of the sewer systems within Samalstraza.
  4. Samalstraza Expenses -Aspirant Freeze of the 1st Ascent of the Hall of Elements Aspirant Beneccazar of the 2nd Ascent of the Hall of Elements Aspirant Lûr-Ginev of the 2nd Ascent of the Hall of Magic Aspirant Traxsûs of the 2nd Ascent of the Hall of Magic Aspirant Blood of the 1st Ascent of the Hall of Light Aspirant Triberinev of the 3rd Ascent of the Hall of Secrets Aspirant Poison of the 1st Ascent of the Hall of Alchemy (56.000G) -100 Thrice Chosen. 12.000G 2AP. -Redacted (10.000G) (80.000G) -3x Civilian Manufactory (22.500G) Player Actions -After spending the year in the Pachaqui Kingdom, Parûma of the 2nd Ascent of the Hall of Elements comes to the conclusion that it would be most beneficial to the young girl to come to Samalstraza for her training. There, she will be taught by some of the most eminent elementalists in the world, and will be allowed to learn spells hitherto reserved for the elite Samalstraza magi. -Arakelgûrdin is sent an envoy in the name of Samalstraza, with a very specific message for the five families of the ‘bastard of Samalstraza’. -The Hall of the Kindly Ones, independently of Samalstraza, begins to send missionaries, Sisters and Brothers to spread the faith of the Good to every nation, that great entity that watches over all with a gentle hand, and loves every living thing with undivided attention. They come to preach, and to establish Halls of Healing. How will their words be received? Actions Runivera welcomes the newly flipped establishment into the fold, promoting the most highly ranking member to a high position within her organization, she simply continues her ferocious fight, incorporating the new establishment’s brand as a subsidiary under the greater Hatrâ umbrella. She begins to set her underlings to various tasks, such as targeting specific demographics, as well as the new-fangled concept of marketing, in an attempt to appeal to a diverse strata of society. Now, the Kindly Ones begin to expand more ‘aggressively’ if such a word can be used for them. They send missionaries far and wide, seeking to convert any who they meet to the belief in Good, a great, overarching entity that loves all equally, and promises eternal joy to those who would but treat their fellow man with kindness and compassion. Lowest peasant to highest lord, the missionaries try to spread their word wherever they may. Late in the year, an Aspirant by the name of Acid, of the 1st Ascent of the Hall of Alchemy, goes missing. Indeed, the girl, inspired by profit and pure greed, has eloped with a few like-minded underlings, bringing along with her two Thrice-Chosen sworn to her guardianship, Rayk and Orelsson. They escape into a hidden place, and occupy the ruins of an old fort, hall or village. From there, she and her followers begin to gather ruffians, thieves and all sorts of mongrels to her cause. For her cause is money. Using these ruffians, she begins to abduct lowly peasants, travelers, etc, and bring them to the growing base, to harvest the blue liquid, a drug which she now calls ‘Turquoise Dream’. Packaged into small dosages, she begins to seek contacts, buyers and fences to spread her drug business out into the wider world… Spell Great Ward - 887 Vapor Bomb - 884 Reliquary of the Mind - 882 Golemic Sciences - 883 New: Rings of Power, T4 Runemancy: These Great Rings, crafted by Ori the Craftsman himself, are given to people of great importance, as a gift by Samalstraza. These rings grant the wearer long life, the ability to mentally communicate with Samalstraza from any distance, along with 2 other people of their choosing, branded for this purpose by touching the ring to their brow. Ten of these rings can be created, with each holding a different purpose (mod approval required). Tech A proper sewer system with water-heating methods to maintain efficient cold & hot water distribution systems in Samalstraza.
  5. Samalstraza Expenses - 135.000G 2 Aspirants of the Hall of Scholars / Cinev of the 3rd Ascent & Parchment of the 1st Ascent 2 Aspirants of the Hall of Light / Nabucchal of the 3rd Ascent & Jestûra of the 2nd Ascent 1 Aspirant of the Hall of Elements / Frûssa of the 2nd Ascent 1 Aspirant Alchemy / Acid of the 1st Ascent 1 Aspirant Runemancy / Palûrdinev of the 2nd Ascent (56.000G) 100 Thrice Chosen, 12.000G 2AP 37.500G into 5 Commercial Manufactories. 1 Farm 5000G Finding themselves with an excess of gold this year, the Court of Nine Halls, after some debate, elect to build a massive statue to the glory of Ninûr. The statue shall be in the image of Ashornazirpal, last great All-Mage of Ninûr, who will wear a robe up to his waist, after which his CHISELED muscles will be shown in gleaming bronze relief. His flowing beard will roll across the expanse of his MASSIVE pectorals and on his head will be a crown. In his hand he will hold aloft a great staff upon which an everlasting fire will burn. In his other hand, he will hold aloft a globe, representing the world. (25.000G) Actions A great expedition. Led by Aspirant Finervinûr of the 2nd Ascent of the Hall of Scholars, who is followed by Aspirant Vosneh of the 3rd Ascent of the Hall of Light along with 20 Thrice Chosen, they take their newly purchased Frigate, named the Spirit of Curiosity, and launch in a great expedition. Once they disembark in the far north the Spirit of Curiosity will circle back to join them in the gulf. They themselves will continue to explore using rafts, canoes, and their own feet. It is accepted that it may be a multi-year trip. Enchantments of Linkage are used. A quiet year for the Kindly Ones. They do what they can, they continue to send pilgrims and missionaries, and continue to recruit new Servants (Knights of the Kindly Order) to protect them while they heal and mend the scars of war. Not so quiet for Runivera, who sees the arrival of her new ‘lady-in-waiting’ from Samalstraza, a distant, aloof and cold Aspirant of the Hall of Light of the 3rd Ascent, Visneh, twin to the exploring Vosneh. She plays the pretense of a lady-in-waiting of the same culture well, but her main purpose is to keep Runivera in line, her mind sane and her body healthy, and she doesn’t let Runivera think any other way for an instant. She continues to throw parties, to invite Tarbus and to grow her ever-growing network. But as for the Wine Moguls, Runivera switches stances completely. Instead, she begins to allow some of her loyal, yet influential court members to buy portions of her business, which in turn gives them a slice of the revenue and opens their own fortunes to the business, thus exponentially increasing the economic clout of Hatrâ Wineries.. She builds a Circle of Lords who will guide the business, and suggests that, as they grow, they may wish to open various other ventures under the overarching label of The Circle. During this time, she also begins to hire her own street men, and attempts to undermine a few target Moguls by bribing some of their own workers to reveal the secrets of their own production, or getting some of their better wineries to flip sides. REDACTED (10.000G) (70.000G total) Player RP With the death of their second envoy, the Court decides to hand over matters to the capable hands of Rector Laragirevni of the Hall of Secrets, who sends a contingent of 30 Thrice Chosen and 5 Aspirants to the Mitrovic Empire. Aspirant Vû of the 3rd Ascent of Light, along with Heart and Suture of the 1st Ascent of Light. With them go Aspirants Tine and Chaos of the 2nd and 1st Ascent of Magic, respectively. Parûma, Aspirant of the Elements of the 2nd Ascent, begins her long trip to the Pachaqui Kingdom in the far southern mountains, a place little known to the scions of Ninûr. Nevertheless, a request was made, and a request was answered. Escorted by 5 Thrice Chosen, she travels to see the prodigal child, who wields such power at such a young age. Spells -Phase 2 of the Great Ward of Samalstraza begins. Balvâ the Bloadsoaked is not seen for months on end as she and Ori the Craftsman consult and work day in and day out on the great and final barrier against the enemies of Ninûr. In this second phase, the Key Holders will gain knowledge of every being within Samalstraza, and can induce three levels of pain upon unwelcome arrivals, each one draining more power than the last. #1 is a deep discomfort, like an itch that cannot be scratched no matter how hard you try. #2 Is a piercing headache. #3 Is the very boiling of one's own blood, until death ensues.(T5) -Vapor Bomb - Elemental Magic - Water - T3: Summons a large ball of boiling hot vapor in an area, after which it expands violently, scalding any in its radius before eventually dissipating. Particularly horrible when summoned into a closely confined area, as its violence and effects are multiplied. Tech Blue Liquid -On one side, they try to find the bare minimum needed to keep someone alive, and use that on criminals meant for execution, to turn them instead into servitor-like beings. -On the other side and this is the main focus, they try to find a way to stabilize the product to avoid its nasty after effects while keeping the intense euphoria and pleasure it initially provides.
  6. Samalstraza Expenses 96k -A frigate is purchased from the Ishikawans, for future exploration! (6.000G) -Form Adept (8.000G) Jarvin, 2nd Ascent -Alchemy Adept (8.000G) Yûrmal, 2nd Ascent -Sorcerer of Darkness (50.000G) Nergâst, of the 3rd Ascent Actions Runivera uses her charisma and influence to offer some of the smaller big bois an offer to join her as a conglomerate. Offers vast sums of money for expert winemakers and wine estate owners from foreign lands to join her. Runivera approaches the smaller of the great wine moguls. Using her influence at court, especially her closeness to the queen and her wide circle of acquaintances and of course, her stunning beauty, she tries to entice them into joining her into a new sort of business. She tries to find the most easily influenced mogul, who she can wrap around her little finger and use as her voicepiece and suggests that he should lead as director of the company, but they (and her) act as a directory board with whom he must consult. Thus, she says, their combined business could take over the world. (Charisma 11, Leadership 5, Arcane 1, Agility 2) Runivera continues to host further parties throughout the year, often extending an invitation to Tarbus and giving him a place of honor, where she can continue to ply him with compliments, looks and words chosen oh so carefully, as she tries to turn his gaze onto her, and her alone. With Pestranivar suddenly ceasing to report home, another is sent in his stead into the Mongoloid lands, this time, with 10 Thrice Chosen to escort him. The Samalstrazi do not take the disappearance of a scion of Ninûr lightly, nor do they cede to fear. Another will go into the jaws of the unknown, to find their lost heir. Tarûv is his name. (Leadership 3, Martial 3, Agility 0, Arcane 1, Charisma 6.) Alâ personally blesses every man who choses to wield his blade in the name of the Good, naming them the Servants. The Kindly Ones follow a simple philosophy, that one must treat all mankind with kindness, honor and compassion, that harm must never be done upon the innocent, and that every human is capable of redemption in the Light, even the darkest of souls. As such, Alâ now sends forth missionaries far and wide, to spread this message, and found new Halls of Healing where their words take root. Each missionary is blessed within the Monastery of Light, their brow touched by her gentle hands, as she blesses them, and purges them of their past sins in the name of the Good. REDACTOID (10.000G) (60.000G) Player Actions Absanesh welcomes the title bestowed upon him by the Mitrovics, and through the medium of his allies, he communicates that he is currently within the Orevian capital, which is itself under siege. However, after the forthcoming victory, he will be more than happy to make his way to the Mitrovic Empire to receive the title in person, as if befitting for such an honor. Velarn palace, if the Emperor Orolian finds the decision pleasing, would thus be renamed to Straza Sistesha, Fort of Understanding. A Ninûric architect is sent to the palace, within which he makes some effort to design it in accordance with Samalstrazi preferences. That is to say, many statues, pools and fountains along with murals depicting ancient events and many palms and fronds. Finally, Lord Goran Vuk is given a fine residence within Namerniveh, the ‘capital’ of Samalstraza, along with a staff of well-trained and educated local men who were brought up to be servants within Samalstraza. In addition to this, during the long days of Court meetings, he has a room reserved for him within the Hall of Waiting within Samalstraza, in which those foreign dignitaries may stay. While he has no voice in Court unless he speaks on behalf of his Empire, he always has a prominent seat amongst the many given to foreign and local peoples who watch upon the proceedings, denoting the status of the Mitrovic Empire within the court. In addition, he is of course often welcome to various banquets during holidays, along with many cultural events in which he may mix with those fortunate enough to have seats within the Court. In addition, Mokrûr, Aspirant of the 3rd Ascent of Alchemy, is sent to the Mitrovic Empire, to decipher the secrets of Fireweed. Spells All ongoing. Technology Focus on trying to find a way to stabilize and maintain the blue liquid, so that it’s potency remains even when stored. (14.000G) The Court of Samalstraza The Influential Halls (6+ Seats) The Hall of Scholars - One of the major Halls, the Hall of Scholars has remained so influential due to its highly a-political positions on most matters. The adherents of knowledge focus mainly on exploration, the gathering, recording and preservation of knowledge and the study of archeology and history. To invite the Scholars to have full access to ones libraries, museums or archeological ruins is to invite their favor within the Court of Nine Halls. Current Position - They form an influential triumvirate with the Hall of Light and the Hall of Blood, capable of turning most votes wherever these halls please. However, they show no real investment, and seem bound to it only to avoid political disruption within the halls. Rector: Kataphrasos The Hall of Blood - A Hall as ancient as Samalstraza itself, it has never faded from the spotlight, and is perhaps the only Hall to have been considered an Influential Hall since times immemorial. The Hall of Blood has always favored Samalstrazi intervention within foreign affairs with a penchant to push Samalstrazi interests, though never overtly. They are the most ‘nationalistic’ Hall, considering the scions of Ninûr to be the rightful shepards of humanity. Current Position - Since the Ascension of Ya YEET, the Hall of Blood has been bound in a triumvirate with the Hall of Light and the Hall of Scholars, which has tempered their more interventionist impulses, while mitigating the Hall of Light’s reclusive and pro-status quo outlook. However, with Ya YEET now often ill and indisposed, this has been changing as Rector Sargon of the Halls of Blood has been turning the triumvirate towards an ever more interventionist approach, as can be seen with his support of the Hall of Magic’s push to intervene in the Red War and the Orevian Wars of Succession. Rector: Sargon The Hall of Light - The Hall of Light rose to prominence, as is so often the case, with the ascension of Ya YEET, the new Keeper. In a bid to maintain stability within the Court, and create a new era of reclusive quietude for Samalstraza, Ya YEET formed his aformentionned triumvirate. Indeed, the Hall of Light often promotes a sort of light touch upon the rest of the world, with advisors traveling the lands, and words of wisdom being shared along with peace treaties. However, they revile the type of on the nose intervention that Absanesh has been operating in Orev. Current Position - With the persistent sicknesses afflicting Ya YEET, the Hall of Light has been shunted to the side in the triumvirate as Sargon pushes a more interventionist agenda. As it stands, they are bleeding seats as Sargon artfully distributes them through deals and alliances with minor Halls and important members of each Hall. Rector: Melphinar The Hall of Elements - The Hall of Elements rose to prominence in recent years, due to their close involvement with the two elemental powers to the north. Typically, the Hall of Elements follows a more balanced approach to international politics, where they seek to form powers of equal standing, to maintain a level of equilibrium within the many who vie for supremacy. Current Position - With the Zeboid menace and Bûr’s close involvement with it, the Hall of Elements has gained great importance and is typically seen as the leader of any effort to quell the Z*b menace. As such, they have gained much influence among the court. In addition to this, they seem to strike an uneasy and tense entente with the Hall of Blood, as their interests align, if only for now. Rector: Vera The Minor Halls (4-5) The Hall of Runes - A Hall which has rarely risen beyond the stratification of Minor Hall, they typically align with the Hall of Scholars in terms of mentality and votes. Current Position - Their recent contracts with the Ishikawa have given them a noticeable interest in the north, along with the clout that comes with wielding influence over their powerful naval neighbor. This, combined with the threat of the Dol Varoids faced by the Ishikawa has made them align with the Hall of Elements. Rector: Culin The Hall of Magic - The Hall of Magic has typically been kept artificially small by restrictions put on their ability to ascend beyond the rank of Minor Hall, as well as the amount of Aspirants that can be trained. This is, ostensibly, to keep the most dangerous of halls in check. However, the mentality of the hall of magic aligns with the magic which they wield. Only those with the will strong enough to control the rippling tides of chaos can wield raw magic, and only those with the will to conquer can rule. As such, they respect the strong, and always favor nations with a predilection towards their own magic. Current Position - The Hall of Magic currently aligns with the Hall of Blood, as they sport parallel ambitions. The Hall of Blood wishes to intervene aggressively within foreign politics, and the Hall of Magic has a vested interest in the tumultuous politics of the midlands, which are rife with magic users of their type. Rector: Tûrbal The Humble Halls (1-3) The Hall of Secrets - Quiet, the Hall which revolves around Form Magic votes in the way which best allows them to go unseen and unheard. Forgotten in court and in the wider world, they dabble in their own arcane projects. Rector: Laragirevni The Hall of Life - Similar to the Hall of Secrets, the Hall of Life keeps to itself. They tend to the Flauranium and the Faunarium, and occasionally join the Hall of Scholars in their explorations of the greater world. They tend to favor leaving the world to its own devices, so that the strong may flourish, and nature may take its course. Rector: Shrûk of the Swamps The Hall of Alchemy - The Hall of Alchemy is typically interested in the acquisition of new resources, and has no qualms in voting for those who will ensure the steady flow of new, exotic goods for them to study and shape. As such, their loyalties shift on the flip of a coin. Rector: Apastrashâ The Forgotten Halls (0) The Hall of Shadows - The darkness sees a world in which every man is but a pawn, enemies are to be killed, and the grand designs of the Ninûrics are to reign supreme. For the world was born of Ninûr, and to Ninûr it will return. Those who deny it must die. For their extreme views, Ya YEET voted them out of the Court, and has exiled them to a miserable existence in Nergal’s Gloam, far below Samalstraza, in the neverending caverns. Rector: ???
  7. Samalstraza The Keeper Ya YEET, the Peaceful, of the 3rd Ascent of Light. Court Positions Rectors Blood – Sargon of the 3rd Ascent Direct – Tûrbal of the 3rd Ascent Scholar – Kataphrasos of the 3rd Ascent Essence – Plebin of the 3rd Ascent Form – Laragirevni of the 3rd Ascent Elemental – Vera of the 3rd Ascent Runemancy – Culin of the 3rd Ascent Alchemy – Apastrasha of the 3rd Ascent Light Magic – Melphinar of the 3rd Ascent Dark Magic – Ûrbal of the 3rd Ascent Expenses 80.000 G to recruit all the rectors mentionned above. 12.000G to Thriceoids. 10.000G left over. Actions Runivera continues to reap the massive profits of her wine empire, and continues to grow it, aiming to dominate the Antramarian wine markets. But a more important issue rises up for her. The return of Lord Tarbus from his campaigns in Orev. Using her clout gained from the previous organization of prestigious events, she leans on the Queen to lean on the King to let her organize a massive feast to celebrate his return and honor his accomplishments in the field. If it works, she commissions tapestries to depict the more famous moments of the campaign, often with an eye to flatter Tarbus. If the feast does go down, then she plans to go to it in at her most beautiful, and use all of her charisma and beauty to gain Tarbus’ eye and attention. (Charisma 11, Leadership 4, Arcane 1, Agility 2) She drops the Gutterwater Tavern idea though, and instead simply buys over many taverns in Antramar, offering them many advantages such as protection, financing of their rent, provision of certain simplies, refurbishment, etc, for a cut of their profits. Perhaps it is better to own without being seen. The Order of the Kindly ones continues to grow, and now Alâ is often busy writing letters to governors and mayors, requesting permission to establish Halls of Healing in various towns throughout the Midlands, where their ever-present banner of white with a red hand upon it may attract the sick and wounded, to heal them. At the same time, she begins to quest amongst the ranks of the wounded soldiers that trickle through her many halls in search of men willing to pledge themselves to the Light and act as guardians of the Halls. [REDACTOIDED] (10.000G) (50.000G total) An emissary is sent to the new Mongoloid ruler, Tomorbaatar, bearing gifts of gold, and a desire to ride amongst his entourage so that he may record the many legends and feats that he will assuredly create during his rule. His name is Pestranivar. (Leadership 6, Martial 0, Arcane 1, Charisma 6, Agility 0.) (2000 G) Spells Dark Magic / Darkness - The Gloam: Obscure light in an area, extinguishing sources of light and deepening the shadows, works against all natural sources of light, even the sun. Light caused by light magic will cut through it. T1 Scholar / Mind - Reliquary of the Mind: In a continuation of previous work, scholars begin to work on transplanting the life, emotions and memories of an individual into a Reliquary. Many uses might be found for such a reliquary, but those are for later, much more complex spells. T2 Runemancy - Golemic Sciences: Once upon a time, the people of Ninûr were masters of the Golemic Sciences, also known as Golemancy or Animatrology. Now, it is time for the scions of Ninûr to rediscover this lost art, shape golems large and small. From little servitor spiders to hulking war-machines of stone and steel, magit will knit rock and wood, metal and gems into bodies pliant to the will of Ninûr. (Ability to craft all types of golemic creatures, with price & amount decided by the Mod depending on stats.) T4 Tech Samalstraza sends Ori the Craftsman, Sorcerer of Runemancy along with Tine of the 2nd Ascent of Magic, to inspect the atemic construct gifted to the Mitrovic Empire. (6.000G)
  8. Samalstraza https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLTZbJMQiD4 Expenses Prize Pool (35.000G) Civilian Manufacturing (7.500G) Light Adept, 3rd Ascent, Visneh (8.000G) Light Adept, 3rd Ascent, Vosneh (8.000G) REDACTED (13.500G) (46.5k total invested) Elemental Adept, 1st Ascent, Rock (8.000G) Actions Using her newly gained wealth, Runivera purchases a respectable townhouse, enclosed within a courtyard, with beautiful gardens. Much of the design is expressly Ninûric, as she hosts many parties and hopes to give the nobles a taste of exoticism. As a lady in waiting to the Queen of Antramar, she begins to actively involve herself in the marriage of lesser nobles (to the extent that her influence allows) and among her followers, she quite craftily introduces the idea that it is the Queen’s right and authority to directly influence marriages among nobles. She acts in such a manner that often, her close confidants leave their evening of drinking and talking thinking that they themselves thought up the idea! The point is simple, to begin ingraining such a concept into the nobility of Antramar delicately and stealthily. Hatrâ Wineries continue to expand, as Runivera discreetly bribes some of the better vineyards and winemakers to work for her, instead of their previous partners. She continues to seek perfection, and bribes important guildsmen involved in the making of wines with favors, political influence and money. The goal is simple, for them to hold the beautiful Samalstrazi in high regard, and give Hatrâ Wineries few tariffs or issues. At the same time, she opens a new branch, Gutterwater Taverns. With no connection to Hatrâ Wineries beyond the obscure monetary and personal ones, the wineries use low quality derivatives of Hatrâ production to service all strata’s of commoners with cheap wine, and a tavern in which to spend their nights. Alâ, seeing the spread of her helpers, against her own desires, officially names herself and her followers The Kindly Ones, or the Order of the Kindly. She names herself Mother, and those who oversee the many Halls of Healing are named Daughters and Sons. With this, she ordains the Kindly Ones as entirely separate from any faction or any politics, and all who join must swear a solemn oath, the Oath of Compassion. To heal the sick and hurt, no matter their allegiance, no matter what others may say. To risk their own lives for the good of others, and never to harm another human being, lest it be to defend themselves. The Hall of Healing she formed becomes the Monastery of Light, and is grown, as she gathers more healers, magical or not, to her side, and sends them forth. They follow battles, clad in white, serene and silent, wandering the carnage left behind, or else forming their own enclaves with a Daughter or Son, or simply wandering in pilgrimage around cities and villages, bringing aid where they can. Megura continues to seek work in Aeton, or Orev. Spell Enchantment of Linkage - Enchantment - T2 – A small gem which can be keyed to an individual and activated using the proper codeword. It can communicate with other gems, formulating short messages in the other handlers mind, or longer messages to a central gem which is attached to tomes, in which the messages are written. The low-power nature of the object is meant to obscure it from other beings' sight, magical or otherwise. Tech The mysterious blue liquid continues to confound the alchemists of Samalstraza. (Discord) Sû adûred yer ovûra jerû tos The Ring Decides Right From Wrong In a narrow vote, the Courtiers of Blood have VOTED to re-open the long disused RING OF BLOOD. The Ancient judgement place of the Samalstrazi, born of the laws of Ninûr. Now, it will welcome those CHADS brave enough to spill their blood upon these hallowed sands. All mortals may come and prove their VIGOR within the arena. Choose your weapon, from the virginal dagger to the THADLY two-handed sword. The crowds will decide those who die and those who live, for justice is best dispensed by those blinded by bloodlust. Only one man will rise above the rest, and claim the ENORMOUS prize of 35.000 Gold, along with the chance to be BLESSED by the Ritual of Blood, offering them EVERLASTING regenerative abilities. The contestants will fight in a series of challenges and fights, revealed ONLY on the day of the Ring, until only two remain, for the FINAL duel. The entry fee is 2.000G. RULES – Also in channel.
  9. Turn 8 - 875 EXPENSES 89k Light Adept, 1st Ascent, Suture Direct Adept, 1st Ascent, Focus Elemental Adept, 3rd Ascent, Parûma 3k Redacted 12.000 100 Thrice Chosen 50.000 Runemancy Sorcerer, Orî ACTIONS -Runivera uses her influence to have a moment with the Antramarian King, reassuring him that the Samalstrazi incursion into the Orevien conflict is only to support the rightful claimant and establish a modicum of order upon their borderlands, as Aeton has only recently threatened them with attacks. -In Antramar, Runivera continues to weave her network, and begins to accumulate a great wealth from her win business. (All 10k remain with her, as makes sense in RP.) She uses the new capital to hire more experts in winemaking, and expand her business into other great cities, buying out smaller businesses on the way and growing her vineries of Hatrâ wine. At court, her network grows…. -Alâ, now that she has gathered a following of healers, establishes herself in a central point amongst the conflicts raging through Orev and the surrounding regions. In a ruined building, she sets up a sort of monastery, using her followers to aid her in rebuilding it into a decently maintained hall, she lets it be known that all who are afflicted by any ailment can come to the Hall of Healing and seek solace. Spell & Redacted & a few more actions & Tech in Discord Channel.
  10. Samalstraza Expenses 94k Samalstraza itself is finally turned into the proper fortress it was always meant to be, with many old walls repaired in the face of uncertain times. (50.000G) The Industrial power of the Choranoids is borrowed for this task... (10.000G to Hell) A Direct Magic Aspirant rises, Tine of the 2nd Ascent. A Light Magic Aspirant rises, Vûr of the 3rd Ascent. A Scholar Aspirant rises, Finervinûr of the 2nd Ascent. (24.000G) Actions -Runivera uses her own talent with people, as well as the prestige of uncovering a plot, and the power she has gained while being in favor of the Queen, to begin building her own base. She is discreet, and willy in her projects, finding ambitious young nobles who show promise, or come from wealthy families, and tempting them to her side. Never too many, never too openly, but she begins to weave her own web within court, so as to have a loyal spiderweb of informants who follow her. As for her winery, she invests money into it, and hires the best she can find to scout out the proper slopes, and find the proper talent to begin growing her grapes. It will be a strong red going under the labal of Hâtra wine, Perfection in Ninûric. -Alâ continues the good deeds of past years, wandering with apparently no other purpose other than following the worst of the violence. She kindly rebukes those who would worship her, telling them that she is naught but a messenger of Miruvin, of Goodness. Now, she has begun to take those promising young ones who wish to help her to her side, teaching them skills of medicine and healing so that they may aid her. -As the children of Ninûr scout the skies, so do they begin to map them, naming the greatest constellation Ninûr Issupira, Ninûr in the Sky. But as they map the skies, so do they begin to work on using them to navigate the world below with accuracy. -A return to the location of a previously failed expedition. -(Redacted) (10.000G) (30500 total) Spells -Rimas Amal - T3 REDACTED -Rimas Ichik - T3 - REDACTED -Nim Orod - T2 - REDACTED Ongoing Nazât – T5 Ur Qînev Yanash – T3 Technology -A inspection of the strange blue liquid must begin immediately. It is Aspirant Mokrûr of the 3rd Ascent of Alchemy who is immediately put to the task of figuring out its mysteries.
  11. Samalstraza Death had not stolen his eyes, and Ergûl watched the pale boy as he crept across the field, his back bent as if burdened by some great, invisible weight. He stood as still as a statue until the boy was only a few meters away before stepping forward. He opened his mouth, a thin, rasping sound escaping his mangled lips. The boy looked up. Ergûl lifted a hand, palm towards the boy. He shook his head, though he did not smile. With a face like his, it was as terrifying as it was calming, and either way, it would not have been genuine. “Who are you?” asked the boy, crouching low, a dagger in his hand. Ergûl tapped the medallion dangling from his neck. Rust had bitten it down, and he had burnished it, until it was as thin as cloth. “A Thrice Chosen?” said the boy, switching to flawless ninûrian. He spoke well, but his accent was old, curiously outdated. Ergûl nodded, and gestured at the boy, tilting his head to the side. But the boy only looked more curious, so curious that he took a step forward. “How did you know we were of Samalstraza?” he asked. We? Was that how they addressed themselves now? He tapped his eyes, dry and dead, with his fingers, then shrugged. Then, the boy’s eyes widened. “We know of you, Ergûl. You are spoken off within Nergal’s Gloam.” But who was left to speak of him, when the darkness had been so thoroughly purged by those above? “You were treated poorly by Samalstraza. As we were,” said the boy. He took another step forward, like a trainer around a new lion. Ergûl followed him with his eyes. “We too were cast aside, left to rot.” he gestured at Ergûl’s face. “Come with us. We will give you purpose.” Expenses 72k 1 Farm. (5.000G) 1 Unit of Thrice Chosen. (12.000G) (2AP) 1 Elemental Adept, 2nd, Mestosine 1 Light Adept, 1st, Heart 1 Direct Adept, 1st, Chaos 1 Dark Adept, 3rd, Urbâl 1 Alchemy Adept, 2nd, Mokrûr 1 Civilian Manufactory. (7.500G) REDACTED (7.500G) (20500G total) Magic [REDACTOIDED] In Progress: Judgement - 874 Hex-Flect Barrier - 873 Nazât - 876 Ley Bomb - 874 Research To map the stars and the world. With their new telescope, the Samalstrazi turn their eyes to the horizons and the skies above them. They begin to perfect the art of mapmaking and stargazing. Actions Runivera, using her newly gained influence as the first lady in waiting to the Queen, continues to build ties within the Antramarian court. She begins to attempt trading favors and using some of the education gained in Samalstraza to scout out the potential for a profitable wine-making business. Not only that, but she continues to build tight ties, and as a socialite, she attempts to gather gossip and drift from party to party, building connections and trading favors as she goes. Absanesh thanks the Emperor Oros for his offer, and assures him that he will return, when his duties to Samalstraza have been fulfilled. Though he does not say it, he now goes to Antramar, to accomplish his directives… Alâ, however, remains in the northern Midlands along with an escort of fifteen Thrice Chosen. Empowered by Nîm Peradin, the newly crafted spell that allows her to heal all those around her at a passive, if slower rate, she continues to travel the battlefields and villages, clad in white, escorted by steel, she heals the wounded on every side of the newly exploding war. She does not bind herself to Samalstraza, and if asked, simply says she is Alâ, sent here by the light, to illuminate the shadows. Rib & Ergûl move to the dark lands, to follow dark words down a dark path. Rumors are researched and whispers are analyzed. Who do the mongol hordes of the deep south worship, what magic do they wield??! Megûra moves to roam in the lands near Orev with her nine faithful, for where conflict lies, so does evil... and money.
  12. Samalstraza The Chant of Three Arâmar wer ner bere om Ninûr esir arâmar eresh Arâmar olôd sû rûsa iss sû xenazir esir arâmar eresh Arâmar nasekram sû nâni iss ner abrash esir arâmar eresh Arâmar yunehv tokr nabok ner urmel sek esir arâmar eresh Arâmar nimra mar nabin esir assyr esir arâmar eresh Arâmar kelush mar nabin esir barkûl esir arâmar eresh Arâmar erkad mar nabin esir udash erishâ esir arâmar eresh Arâmar gôl mir sû yunehv iss emsûr esir arâmar eresh Such are the words of Ninûr. Heed them. They will guide you in the darkness of the world. Nergal’s Gloam The Gloam was there when Nashorazirpal arrived. The dark tunnels twisting below Samalstraza, an infinite maze buried so deep, and spreading so far that no real end has ever been scouted. Few are insane enough to venture down within these grotto’s, for few who ever enter manage to find their way out. It is said that the walls are inscribed with ancient knowledge, forbidden to this world, and hidden from mortal eyes. The writings of mad priests, scrabbled with their last strength as the darkness whispered secrets into their ears. Only the aspirants of darkness roam these tunnels, and even to them they bear danger. Sleep is a dangerous exercise when unknown quantities linger within the shadows. Yet here they have been cast, exiled from Samalstraza proper, cursed to survive within eternal gloom, scraping at rocks for survival, and running bony fingers along ancient writings, deciphering secrets that were never meant to see the light of day. 869 870 871 Expenses: 72000 1 Sorceror of Blood, Bâlva the Bloodsoaked, the Ascended. (50.000G) One-Hundred more thrice chosen join the ranks, to ensure Peace and STABILITY in this new...Empire? :angrypepe: (12.000G) One Fort is built to secure more farmland. (10.000G) Actions -Absanesh the Augur travels to Orev with Alâ, Sorceress of Light, to pay their respects to the old King. During their stay, Absanesh offers to let Alâ act as the King’s doctor, using only scientific knowledge gathered by the Hall of Light within Samalstraza to tend to his health, and only using her magic under his supervision. -Before and after their arrival in Orev, Alâ moves throughout the nations of the Midlands with her retinue of Thrice Chosen, going through small villages and hamlets more than town and cities. Wherever she goes, she tends to the wounds of those around her, healing broken bones, fevers, sick children and crazed elders, with magic of science. Clad in white, her dark skin contrasting sharply with it, she is like an angel escorted by ten steely wolves. -In Antramar, Runi Abda capitalizes on the honor given to her by the monarch Savos in the previous year and continues to build her influence in court. She begins to organize weekly, extravagant parties for the nobility, and uses her advanced education within Samalstraza to attempt to cement herself as a voice of intelligent counsel within these parties, as well as an artful entertainer. With this, she also begins to scout out the most prestigious bachelors within Antramar… -Megûra the Exile, along with Nimra the Footless, and the nine companions, exiled Thrice Chosen, spend their time in Alean, where they let it be known that they can be recruited as bodyguards, monster-hunters, bounty-hunters, or many other mercenary tasks. Spells In Progress: Nîm Peradin - T3 light - 872 New (FROM 870) -Light - Light / T3: Judgement - Two forms of this spell: It can be used in long duration to see any who may bear the caster ill-will, even through solid objects. When activated, it allows them to shoot beams of pure light from their eyes to strike down any enemies. It cannot damage non-organics apart from undead/ghosts/evil creatures, but it can go through physical objects that are not organic. -Direct Magic - Defense / T2: Hex-Flect Barrier: The caster shapes a barrier in a specific direction. The spell absorbs incoming magic and either dissipates it, allowing more to be absorbed, or reflects it back as a beam of magical energy. The storing capacity scales with the power of the caster. -Nazât -Direct Magic - Offense / T3: Ley Bomb: The caster generates a pulsing ball of magical energy in a location, and channels as much power as they desire into it. Then, they detonate it in an explosion of blue and yellow energy. Can be cast in areas in which they do not have vision.
  13. Samalstraza Megûra – Southern Empire A corpse lay right before her. The man had taken a mace to the head in such a fashion that half his face had caved in, turning into a bloody mess of bone splinters buried deep into a mince meat of gangrenous flesh. He bore the tabard of one of the electors, gods if she could remember which one. Megûra took a deep breath, her lungs filling with the cloying scent of the dead and the desperate. Out in the distance she could make out a few vague shapes moving across the field, their bodies bent, their clothes ragged. Then a black shadow flit above her and she snapped her attention to it, her eyes like two shards of diamond. A crow swooped around her then landed upon the man’s ruined head. It cocked its head to the side and blinked, its eyes turning white for a moment. “What do you want?” growled Megûra. It cawed at her, jerking its head forward aggressively. “I don’t want your damn lunch,” she said but as she turned away from it, her gaze flit back across the horizon and she froze. The stooped scavengers were gone, replaced by five riders moving straight for her with the lupine grace that she had known for her entire life. “Damn,” she muttered as the crow turned to look at the incoming horses, cawing at them angrily and lifting its wings up like black laurels around the corpses head. They thundered up to her and ground to a halt two dozen meters away. They were clad in mail and leather, their swords strapped to their backs with the Sigil of the Dragonfly hanging around their neck. Four men and one woman. “Brothers,” said Megûra, lifting her hands. “Sister,” she said to the fifth, inclining her head briefly. “You are not here for me,” she said, jerking her jaw towards their necklaces. “We weren’t,” said the lead man with a deep frown. “Now we are.” “Be careful, brother,” said Megûra as she glanced at all five of them. Relatively new. Hardened but fresh, their bodies still lacked the many scars she had accumulated. “The Dragonfly is not taught to kill like the Vulture is.” “A fact we all know very well,” said the lead man, his hand falling upon the hilt of his first sword, strapped to his back. “You know what you were told, not what is true,” replied Megûra as she took a step back. “We know you disobeyed, and killed those who would have done their duty,” snapped the woman from the back of the group, stepping forth and glaring at her with fiery eyes. A nasty, fresh scar ran along her face. Not so new as the rest. “Every one of us will have to decide one day, sister,” said Megûra. “Between what is right, and what is demanded of us.” “On your knees,” said the lead man, urging his horse forward a step. The crow screeched at it as it approached the body, and flapped its wings, its black eyes huge. It cawed and cawed as Megûra took another step back. “I am here for the monster. Let me be, and focus in turn upon your prey,” she said, her voice sharp with the echoes of a life of command. Expenses 1 Sorceror of Light, 50.000G Alâ Sû Rusha, Sorceress of Light of the 3rd Ascent 100 Thrice Chosen, 2AP, 12.000G Spells New T3 - Light/Health : Nim Perâdin - The caster is surrounded by a passive, low-energy aura that heals those around at a slow rate without the need for active attention to a single target. The more powerful the caster and the more power they pour into the spell, the quicker the healing. Ongoing Ring of a Hundred Tongues - 870 Magma Whip - 869 Al Mored - 870 Eresthera Shastamas - 870 On Hold Sû Shastur iss Ninûr Actions -Five Thrice Chosen are dispatched to handle the sighting of Vrolik the Herald, or whatever true beast may be wandering the battlefields. But as they go, so does Megûra, leaving behind her nine Exiles and heading off to discover the beast on her own. [MOD] -Both Abed-Lamu and Runi Abda spend much of this year repairing their courtly reputations and trying to find favor in those who would support their various endeavors, be they art, research or music. But, most importantly, they focus on understanding both Orev and Antramar’s apparent cultural disdain for varying forms of magic. [MOD] -The Ruins of Helok Mus have proven to be a point of deep interest for the Samalstrazi, who set up a camp on location, with a dozen researchers, some hired help from the nearby village and ten Thrice-Chosen to protect them as they unveil the mysteries held within. -With access to Aetan barred, the Samalstrazi turn to neighbors and their own libraries, question for knowledge as to why the warlords of Aetan have proven to be so bellicose in their behaviors. Perhaps the issues lies buried in the history of their culture? Or are they found in the madness of old age? [MOD] -[REDACTED] 2000G, Total: 16.000G Technologies Telescope, 869
  14. Samalstraza The tunnel stretched out ahead of her like a black maw, the faint breeze filtering through it like the breath of the sleeping beast. She shivered and glanced to the side. He was trying to act brave, but the torch flickered in his hand as it trembled. “I don’t think this is a good idea,” said Quill, clutching her cloak tightly around her shoulders. Her voice echoed down the tunnel, disappearing like a sound in the snow. “It’s fine,” said the boy. Damnit, what was his name again? She was supposed to remember these kind of things. He glanced at her and cocked his head to the side, as if taking courage in her own fear. “I’ll lead the way!” “Idiot,” she muttered as he stepped forward, his torch holding the shadows at bay. The ground was rough here, full of nooks and crannies, as if there had once been pavement, now long removed. The shadows prowled around her as she followed the light, her gaze dancing around with every shift of the darkness, as if each was some sort of unspeakable horror, cast down from the towers above and left here to fester. “What was this place again?” said the boy. Jerus? Jerome? “Nergal’s Gloam.” Quill glanced at the small notebook in her hands. It was old and faded, worn by age and found by chance between two massive tomes within the Hâsabar. “Where the aspirants of darkness go.” “I ain’t never seen any aspirant go down here, and my da’ knows everything that goes on in this place.” Indeed, why was she here again, with the son of a servant? Quill sniffed. Then, something fell behind her and she spun around, her eyes widening and her body tingling with adrenaline. Regret and fear filled her as she was confronted by utter darkness and she turned around once more. But the boy was gone. His torch sat on the floor, hissing and sputtering and filling the tunnel with its awful dying breaths. “Boy?” she called out, her voice so perilously tremulous. “Boy where are you?” Then something tickled her sense, untrained as they were, and a boy stepped out of the darkness. His skin was bone white and his face so gaunt that she could see every line of the skull beneath, like wax paper stretched over a mould. He took a stepforward, his feet so silent that she heard a pitter patter accompany him. In his hand was a dagger, covered in fresh blood. A small scream escaped her lips. “You killed him!” she gasped, her hands over her mouth. “Yes.” His voice was raspy, like two rusted pieces of metal grinding against each other and it echoed in her head as she spun around and fled, fear overtaking her. But she had only gone two steps into the darkness when a form coalesced in front of her and the boy landed on her, slamming her onto the ground, his face glowing in the light of the torch. It was then that she recognized him. A flash of a fragment of a memory. A sleepless night, a walk across the Courtyard of Ashûrnazirpal, two Thrice Chosen with a limp body between them, an unconscious boy with blood leaking from a wound on his head. Something cold pressed against her neck and she felt a trickle of warmth run down into her hair. “I-I know you,” she managed to force through her quaking lips. “What?” he said, pausing. “I saw you. At night. Thrice Chosen were with you. You were unonconscious. I thought you had gotten into a fight. Are you an aspirant of the dark?” her questions tumbled through her lips like a flow now finally released by hysteria. But with every question, it were as if she had struck him and he recoiled, further and further into the shadows. Finally, when he was but a darkn shape, barely outlined within the greater gloom, he stopped. “Don’t ever come back. You do not belong here.” Then, he was gone. Expenses Buy Two Aspirants, Scholar & Runemancy (16.000G) Aspirant Quill of the 1st Ascent of Knowledge. Aspirant Habû of the 2nd Ascent of Runemancy. Buy Thrice Chosen 2AP, 12.000G Three Commercial Districts, 30.000G 3.000 Gold Excess Spells [Magic 10] New T1 - Dark/Necromancy - Ereshtera Shastamas: Commune with the spirit of a deceased. The longer they have been dead for, the harder, and without personal items to strengthen the bond, it becomes even more difficult to be able to maintain a coherent conversation. Ongoing Blood of Nashorazirpal - 868 Ring of a Hundred Tongues - 870 Magma Whip - 869 Al Mored - 870 On Hold Sû Shastur iss Ninûr Actions -Once the newly inducted Aspirant of the 1st Ascent, Quill, is recruited Samalstraza offers up her skills in divining the past to Orev and Antramar so that they may finally resolve this dispute that has caused such division within the Midlands. Indeed, Quill would be able to visit the location of the murder and use her mystical powers to ascertain the facts of the past to see how the Magistrate’s lord truly died. [MOD] -At the same time, Abed-Lamû, 40, male in Orev and Runi Adba, 29, female in Antramar, continue to worm their way into the respective rulers courts. Abed-Lamû regularly hosts those intellectual elite within his own circle of influence in long nights spent debating the deeper truths of the world over fine wines and meals. On the other hand, Runi Abda attempts to prove herself as an apt organizer, who volunteers her talents for her acquaintances parties to hopefully grow her fame in that dimension. [MOD] -Samalstraza sends out scribes and chroniclers to Orev, Rhydia, the Kingdom of Rhorric and Arnun, requesting a chance to transcribe their myths, histories and lores into Ninûric so that they may be preserved forevermore in the shelves of the Hasâbar of Samalstraza.[MOD] -[REDACTED] 3000G Total: 14.000G Tech Telescope – 869
  15. Samalstraza “You may hate the suffering, but you will learn to love the sacrifice.” - The Commander, Megûra. Sû Tur Sûragon - The Thrice Chosen The Order of the Rat - So called for their close relationship with the Sorcerers, who each wear a a small rat pin on their lapel, the Thrice Chosen of the Rat are the sworn protectors of Samalstrazi mages outside of Samalstraza proper. They are dedicated to protecting them no matter the cost to themselves, and typically escort them in groups of five or ten. The Order of the Bull - Named after the Llamassu that guard the gates of Samalstrazi, these Thrice Chosen have been selected to defend the Fortress to their dying breath. Typically, they are veterans from the other Orders who have grown too old to maintain a life of constant travel and now instead spend their last years of service guarding Ninûr’s Descendants. But do not mistake an old dog for a weak on, for they can still bite. The Order of the Dragonfly - It was a Hastâshem of essence who found their name. Indeed, his study of dragonflies led him to conclude that they were some of the greatest predators the world had ever seen. And that is exactly what those of the Dragonfly are tasked with. The hunt of monsters and darkness around the world. They roam in pairs, trios or alone, tasked with finding and killing any creatures of darkness, quelling curses and protecting the world from the corruption of the beyond. The Order of the Vulture - The most obscure and well hidden of the orders, these Thrice Chosen are tasked with retrieving that which was taken and making sure it does not happen again. Among other duties. Expenses Trade Outpost (15.000) Heavy Industry (7.500) Mine (5.000) One Form Adept, Amer-Adad of the 2nd Ascent. (8.000) 8.000 Nins are saved for the next year. Spells New T2 Elemental/Fire: Magma Whip: The caster summons a rope of searing hot, molten magma in their hand. They maintain some control over it and it does not burn them. They can crack it around or lash out with it up to 20m. The wip can also be cast as a long rope, shooting it from the caster’s hand until gravity retakes it and it lands, or wraps on something. Cooperative Research: T3 Elemental/Air: Al Mored: The caster summons a very short, but extremely violent gust of wind of hurricane-like proportions that blasted out of the blue and rips at whatever it encounters with great violence, before being just as quickly appeased. In Progress [Blood/Ritual] - T2 - Blood of Nashorazirpal - 868 [Runemancy/Runecrafting] - T3 - Ring of a Hundred Tongues - 870 [Light/Purity] - T2 - Em-Kashig iss Bellet-Ill - 867 On Pause [??/??] Sû Shastûr iss Ninûr - T5 Actions [REDACTED] [MOD]As such, two courtiers are sent, one to Orev, one to Antramar. Each apologizes in turn, saying that Samalstraza apologizes for not being able to send a magic wielding Ninûrian, as tradition requests. However, a string of elder Sorcerers passed away in close proximity, leaving great gaps in their ranks, and tradition makes such replacements very slow. Upon arriving, each one simply does what a diplomat does best, and tries to enter into popularity within the court using their great culture and INTELLECT to impress and interest, as well as their exotic Ninûrian beauty. -To Orev, Abed-Lamû, 40, male. -To Antramar, Runi Abda, 29, female. [MOD]Another team of explorers makes their way to the west, aiming for the next coastal point of interest in local folklore. They will document it in turn, and explore it. With the failure of the treaty talks, Samalstraza announces to Ishikawa and Perasmani that they will be sending Ashur Bûr of the 3rd Ascent of Elements to advise the Perasmani ruler. He will act as an advisor in both magics and ruling to the Perasmani ruler, sworn to protect the King only. In the same élan, Samalstraza expresses deep regret at the failure to reach an agreement and hopes that both sides will return to the table in coming years. [MOD]Samalstraza sends an envoy to Aetan, along with a gift of gold for the old ruler, requesting to establish an embassy within his rightful domain. (1.000G) Tech Telescope. (869)
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