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  1. Application Discord name (or you can just add me: wealthypiano#5651): Will toss you a friendship. Desired faction: Republic of Dave
  2. Kingdom of Parajaghandar 1048 - Year of the Fool Queen Geetika Sandijat's Ascension to the Throne As King Monji Sandijat passed away in 1047, leaving behind no heirs but his sole daughter Geetika, the fate of Parajaghandar was uncertain. The people were uneasy, restless. The castes scheming and plotting, clearly without faith that this Queen might suceed in fulfilling the duties of the burden she has been given. Ruling the ancient and ominous realm known as the Kingdom of Parajaghandar. Through the past decades, it has quie
  3. Discord name (PM if you wish): You have it. Nation Type: Kingdom Nation Flag: Nation Name: Kingdom of Parajaghandar Are you in the Elraic Empire? - No. Nation Culture: Some say that the Kingdom of Parajaghandar is as old as the stars. Though these claims can neither be confirmed nor refuted, there are certainly indicators that the Kingdom is an old one. Forged through the dynasty of Sandijat, the united Parajaghandari are a people foreign to many, golden, brown and dark skinned people of equally dark hair and eye tones, they organize themselves in
  4. IGN: Z3r05t4r (Z three R zero five T four R) Character Name: Aldrik Kortrevich Age: 40 (born 1773 FA) Place of Residence / Street Address: Viscounty of Krusev Position: Alderman
  5. The Kingdom 2278 Another year passes without much activity from the Legion. Not that King Jonathan is primarily worried about such, it is precious time he can utilize to consolidate his position and strengthen the Kingdom's defenses as well as train up the guardforce. Nevertheless, he takes note that the effective production of supplies for his people is not increasing. With the increase in consumption the Kingdom will run into problems sooner or later. That is one of the concerns that
  6. Not too fond of this "closed" economy. Personally, I do advocate for hard currencies (literal currency items) that can be designed by nations and printed by "national" banks as they see fit to run their economy, remove the mina altogether and flip maintenance into resource upkeep, lumber and stone, maybe some ores here and there, so upkeep remains universal for everyone regardless of their national currency. This means any type of inflation in currency is made by the nations, not by universal easy access of voting minas, requires actual storage facilities (banks and vaults) for the hard curren
  7. I must say, this is a very lovely Cloud Temple. And a fresh style as opposed to the traditional sandstone we had in the past realms (for most of them). +2
  8. The Kingdom 2276 & 2277 Following the negotiation and agreement between the Kingdom and the Legion, the guardforce is drastically expanded upon and training begins subsequently in the year 2277. There was a goal, and the King saw fit to risk lives to safeguard the others. A raider nest to the South. Together with the Legion, which strength was not quite known to the King yet, he however saw it possible to establish a further fortified foothold in the area of Englewood and expand the influence of the Kingdom. Natural
  9. The Kingdom 2275 “Slow and steady.” Population: 1,111 Humans Available funds: 24,137 C Actions: Both sectors of Englewood receive Feudal Courts as per decree of the King. (-15,000 Caps, -4 B) Forged melee weaponry is concluded. (15/15 RP) The remaining metal is stored. (-3 M) Remainder of the caps are saved. (-9,137 Caps) The Kingdom keeps an eye out for any parties that might be passing by, dang
  10. The Kingdom 2274 “Slow and steady.” Step by step the Kingdom was growing, in number and size. The block to the South was free and now was the time to make use of it, as swiftly settlers were assembled, armed with tools (and weapons of course, for the random radroach) and material to fortify and settle into the ruins of these Chicago buildings. Little else was happening this year around. Jonathan Hessenheim, the King, orders a larger party to scour a single block for salvagable materials and resources. If they happ
  11. The Kingdom 2273 “What a sorry bunch.” Simon Valdeeren mused, not quietly, as the throng of tired, demoralized and visibly starving men, women and children pass through Northern gate into the block the Kingdom calls home. Many of them are wounded, clothes in shambles, some of them visibly covered in stains of blood. It must have been brutal where they have been. The King observed quietly, adorned with the golden crown of his, as the people pass by him. Though he did not hand out supplies himself, his sole presence and lack of visible action emitted an aura of supe
  12. The Kingdom 2272 Jonathan holds court. For this year, as a precaution, no scouting parties are sent out. Travellers, if any happen to come by are greeted if they wish to stay and trade, but otherwise no interaction is to be conducted for the time being. Building up the current base takes priority now, establishing their foothold in Chicago further. Population: 760 Humans Available funds: 17,692 C Actions: A new market is built. (-5,000 C, -1 B) A new warhouse is built. (-7,500 C, -2 B) Salvaged melee
  13. 2092 Events 2092 passes without much of an event. The Olympic Games were held in Cuba this year around, a country that has made quite the turnaround, with free markets and democracy that was established in 2057 after the Communist Party was overthrown by the masses. Though there is problems brewing on Earth still, a conflict between Greece and Turkey on the horizon, this time for undersea deposits of a new rare earth metal that has been found half a year ago only. Who knows what could happen? Project Mailbox The goal is to reach a pool 250,000 Research
  14. The Kingdom 2271 “King.” It was usual for the people who belonged to the “Kingdom” to call Jonathan simply by his title. “I think we have acquitted ourselves well this year, really cleaned out this block. What do you think, we good to live in peace?” asks one of the family heads who is in attendance at the first meeting to be held anually, where the leader of the Kingdom, Jonathan, decides to make the next move, under advice of the people he is in charge of. “For now. Peace is a rare commodity, Marcus. And I just fear it is a calm before coming storms. The streets
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