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  1. ”Saying things in all capital letters doesn’t make it more threatening,” Alberic would mutter as he looked over the missive, sighing ”Trying to go to war over stolen books? I’ve been in the High Elven library, doesn’t seem like there’s much there worth stealing.” Alberic would then wonder if the Library of Dragur could win a warclaim by throwing books.
  2. Lsuvsfar

    An Answer

    “Well damn,” Alberic mutters, upon hearing of this news, “First the Clerics, now the Paladins, probably the ascended next. Pretty soon we’re gonna be all out of diety magics. Apart from the Druid’s I suppose, though they’re basically just magic Irrinor.”
  3. Alberic begins wondering if maybe the September Prince had the right idea when he destroyed the High Elven city.
  4. “Odd that the Lord Palatine would not mention his removal of the High Steward for voting against his bill,” Iver would muse, ”Such an abuse of powers dishonors what his late Majesty, King Marius II, established the Duma for.”
  5. @LorelessPuddleMancer Look what you’ve done.
  6. “Haense has lost a good man this day,” Iver would mutter, upon receiving word of Henrik’s death.
  7. Iver Vanir readies himself to pummel his wife in a boxing match and show her what for!
  8. Innactive charters are deleted by staff unless someone shows interest in buying them in the following week, I think. I saw this place one, but judging by the map it was deleted.
  9. Harold II would offer the angry man a cookie.
  10. “Siege? I don’t remember any siege,” said Harold II, checking his chest to ensure the safety of the real coronet, “Baruch abandoned their keep, didn’t swear oaths to the king, and lost their nobility. Just because you lads tripped up, doesn’t mean you have to slander a good king’s name.”
  11. Banditry in and of itself is flawed. If you look at groups that bandit a lot, such as orcs, reivers, etc, you see that a larger percentage of players getting involved in this type of environment acquiring very toxic behaviors. With these toxic behaviors, other issues spawn, and therefore you see a higher percentage of these players being banned when compared to other communities. I understand some bandits are good, and put in legitimate rp, and don’t care if they win or lose, and I know people will say this. However, these do not constitute anywhere close to a majority bandit encounters. Typically, roleplay doesn’t grow from banditry. As someone else pointed out, generally people aren’t left alive by bandits. If they hand over their items right away, sure, maybe they will be. If the defending party chooses to run or fight, it’s basically a guaranteed death for one party. There’s no incentive for either party to be left alive, as then the other will remember them and be able to hunt them down. I do not believe you should completely remove loot based pvp, as that would be stupid if you killed someone and didn’t have the chance to get all their items. However, the culture behind banditry needs to be changed in order to improve the toxic environment surrounding it. I’ve no idea how good or bad the Villain Application system was, but I believe implementation of such a system could do some good. If villainy is something that must be earned, can be taken away if people begin acting toxic, and then those people are addressed, you could end up with a healthier system than the current blacklist system. If done this way, the server could work to set a precedent for banditry RP that its members could be held to, and establish a system of redlines that players with villainy applications would get warnings for if violated. Might be a lot of problems with such a system, but probably less problematic than however many players we have banned/blacklisted RN for bandit related stuff.
  12. An ancient Elven ASTRONOMER applauds the invention of the Julian Imperial Calendar. He is left only to wonder when the human astrologists might one day be told by their horoscopes of the greatly superior Gregorian Revised Halfling Calendar.
  13. Iver watches the shorelines closely, as he has heard that CharlestheBald’s Grandson has arrived in Arcas. Surely, humanity’s days of dominance are numbered.
  14. “Must be a pretty huge bug if it’s able to unlocked chests,” Alberic would remark. “Perhaps people should start buying frogs or bird or something. I bet those would gobble right up the bugs!”
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