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    Brazilianski's Wiki Team Application

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    Anisgar's Wiki Team Application

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    Boomboxdoom23's Wiki Team Application

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    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    As one of the main founders of Halsworthy, I will confirm that Halsworthy probably would have never gotten a charter if we had the old land system. Coming onto this map, we had maybe 6-8 active people from last map, which I only had because I lucked my way into owning a region near the wood elf boat. If you challenged a player to start from scratch, with no land or homes to offer, and only to get people by offering them jobs, roleplaying in a town that they didn’t own, I don’t know that anyone could do it. Sure, you could do what most people under that charter system and get all your friends to sign it, knowing that they’ll never actually roleplay there, but doesn’t that just defeat what the charter system is supposed to accomplish?
  5. Lsuvsfar

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Apparently not enough to stop you from playing 26 hours a week. We’ve seen the same whining and moaning this entire map, and yet almost 1 year in and we’re still pulling 200+ people at times. There’s problems with free build, but nothing that can’t be fixed, and nothing that’s killing the server. If there is, prove it.
  6. Lsuvsfar

    War Rework Voting

    From my experience, condensed roleplay and dynamic roleplay do not complement each other well. If anything, the abundance of freelance nations has led to much more dynamic RP than we’ve seen in the past. So far this map, we’ve seen a war between nations for dominance of the Farfolk, Rivia’s civil war which pulled in a good chunk of the empire, fracturing of the Dwarves and Orcs into different groups which then fight, etc. Due to the ease of making a free build nation, we’ve seen very dynamic roleplay this map. Also, some of the CBs still seem a bit wonky to me. For example, Humiliate. I understand there has to be a grudge of some sort, but what exactly does the victor get. Is it just “Ha, we won a war.” and nothing more? Or Impose Ideology. So what happens after the war is over? If it’s a religious ideology, does everyone in the nation have to adopt that religion? What about Culture? Or what happens if whatever ideology that’s imposed isn’t adopted? Then does that give someone better CB? Also, will this act to effectively cull different religions and cultures? What about Plunder? Can I just declare a war of plunder against whoever I want whenever I want? Is there a limit to how often I can declare a war of plunder? Could I just plunder whatever nation I dislike monthly in order to try and kill their roleplay? Or even subjugation? How much roleplay do you need to subjugate someone? Can Kaz’Ulrah subjugate Holm just because they’re both Dwarven nations? What if Holm is disrespectful to Kaz’Ulrah diplomats, then is that an excuse? If I am subjugated, is there protection afforded to me, or can I be executed and have my lands taken? Most of the CBs here don’t even touch on what nation leaders can do to their vassals. Does a King need CB to declare war on his vassals? Can he just execute newly subjugated vassals in order to avoid a conquest CB? TL;DR Most of the Casus Belli which have been suggested aren’t don’t offer clear answers as to how you acquire them, or to what extent they can be used/abused.
  7. Lsuvsfar

    War Rework Voting

    I’m not familiar with Stelarris. However, from what I can see based off the Stelarris system, Conquest, Subjugate, and Impose Ideology CBs don’t require much RP to go to war. Obviously I could understand if there was a back and forth between two factions of them raiding one another, but what about less hostile factions. Take Sutica and the Empire. Let’s say the Empire starting raiding Sutica, and Sutica, being Sutica, doesn’t raid back, just shuts their gates and kills imperials if they raid. Is the Empire repeatedly raiding Sutica enough to give the Empire a conquest CB? Could the Empire demand Sutica vassalize, and get subjugation CB Sutica refused? Could the Church simply demand Sutica purge itself of all non-canonists, and declare a war of imposed ideology if Sutica fails to do so?
  8. Lsuvsfar

    [Accepted] JakobiWitness, originally Axlrose4078's Event Team Actor application

    +1 For the time I’ve known Jakobi, he’s always been very mature both OOCly and IRP. He’s also been very eager to get involved in events, and seems to me like he’d be just the guy you want running them. With the amount of experience he has with them, I don’t know that there’s anymore more qualified.
  9. Alright so, just my 2 cents but this event sounds broken. I mean, not only are you buffing people (who I can only assume are hardened PvP goons, based off past events), but then you’re also turning everyone they kill onto the enemy side. I see this going one of two ways. Everyone that dies does what they’re supposed to, and it’s almost a guaranteed loss. So you wind up with a handful of people dying, which slowly accumulates into more and more people dying. Assuming these are PvP goons running things, they’ll probably bide their time and, instead of having every dead person run in to instantly die, they’ll have everyone build up. Then, they’ll make a big push and down some more people, repeating this process until basically all the defends have died. Nobody does what they’re supposed to, and people turning over to the enemy side is a joke. Most likely, people trying working for the empire aren’t going to honestly try and bring down an imperial town. So instead, whenever someone dies, they’ll probably just run straight into the defenders, die, and be gone so they’re not proactively hurting their nation. Either that, or if you try and hold them back until a certain time, they’ll just botch the assault because again, you’re forcing people to attack their own nation. To me, this part of the event seems like a bad idea.
  10. Lsuvsfar


    Full Name: Harold Baruch II Year of Birth: 1658 City of Primary Residency: Belvitz ((MC Name: Lsuvsfar))
  11. Lsuvsfar

    LoTC Imprisonment System Proposal [POLL]

    Yeah, because nothing helps character development like the potential of essentially facing an in game, player enforced ban by having your character imprisoned for 2-4 days IRL. Heaven forbid someone OOCly targets you and repeatedly jails your character, or goes and imprisons both of your characters.
  12. Lsuvsfar

    7.0 Annoucement!

    You can argue about centralization all day, but the number of cities you have isn't my main gripe. My main problem is that you're stuffing all of these nations into this band, which sure, at first seems nice because you don't have to walk super far to get to the nation capitals, but causes bigger problems. First of all, there's only 1 snowy region on the entire map, despite having Fenn and Haense usually be in snowy biomes. I know it's not the end of the world, but it kind of messes with the culture if you have these typically hardy northern races just living right in the middle of a plains biome. I can't remember who talked about it or what map, but I remember someone talking about a past, small map where cities were all really close, and orc parties could just jog like 2 minutes over to another capital and destroy them. Basically, we're looking at the odds that by jamming all these cities so close together, odds are you're going to put 2 nations that hate each other within spitting distance of one another. For example, if you have welves and snelves, Holm and Kaz'Ulrah, Orcs and about anyone, the Empire and any elves, the Empire and any human nation, you're going to run into problems where the two of them at some point just try to kill each other non stop, and if one side is able to completely dominate, then you're going to see one nation basically getting raided to death by their neighbors. As of right now, nations are spread out well enough that you can't really just jog over 2 minutes to kill your neighbor, but that's what we're going to see this upcoming map at some point, with such a narrow area.
  13. Lsuvsfar

    7.0 Annoucement!

    No but seriously, a 700-1400 block ring of nation capitals seems like a pretty small area. It'd be like jamming Fenn, Sutica, Warhawkes, plus any other nations outside that ring that you'll give nation status to, all inside of that current area with the rest of the capitals. @SombreroMan Almost 1 year into the map and we're still hitting 200 players online at 1 time. I think we're doing fine as a server.
  14. Lsuvsfar

    The Path To Hope

    Leofwine would read over the note, before looking towards his chests "Well, looks like I've got to find a wedding gift."