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  1. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    Yeah, it failed, but imagine if Renatus did the same thing. As long as it's 50 blocks away, they could have their soldiers walking right by Curon 24/7, and it wouldn't technically be raiding since they live right by.
  2. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    Arbor and Kaz'Ulrah haven't been the only victims. Norland did it to Curon, like Wolfkite said Fenn did it to the welves, the church did it to Halsworthy. It's an all to commonly occurring theme, and it only serves to try and harass these nations to the point that they go innactive or submit. A while back, someone on the staff team mentioned how they were getting rid of naval warclaims, and I think instead they were planning on doing naval landings. Well, scrap that idea. We don't need naval landings, or military access from other nations. Now we can just build a tiny little fort half way across the world, claim it, and then use it as an excuse to start a war on another nation if they try to retaliate.
  3. I, Leofwine of Halsworthy, was filled by regret, and anger, after reading the Pontifical Writ. The church has, in no meaningful way, attempted to work with Halsworthy to come to any peaceful conclusion. So far, we have been threatened and betrayed by the church in our attempts to talk to them. The first time around, it was a nun threatening to burn the citizens of Halsworthy. We did neigh lay a hand on her, or Mother Judith, instead letting both of them peacefully leave the city. The second time around, Mother Judith and the other nun returned, with Bishop Yurii of Haense, and many knights of the Holy Order of Saint Lucien. Though the meeting seemed to have its ups and down, overall I felt as though we had been making progress. Then, I left shortly to check on something, only to find more knights of the Holy Order of Saint Lucien poking around our northern wall. We were not informed that this many soldiers would be present, and soon after ended the meeting. On the way out of our lands, the Holy Order was not spreading alms to our people. Our people were all terrified of hundreds of foreign soldiers running around our lands, and took to hiding within the city walls. The attack in question did not happen from the citizens of Halsworthy, but from a bryophite which came by, believed to be from Santegia. Upon learning of the attack, we apprehended the suspect. Yet, the Church did not attempt to sort anything out with us, even after we informed them of our capture of the attacker. They demanded we send someone from Halsworthy to treat with the Pontiff himself. After discussing with my father, he agreed to go in my stead, to represent Halsworthy. Yet, my father has not returned. Thus, it is likely that he was slain by men at Marna. We have been peaceful; we have tried to work with the church. We have made it evident that we would allow Canonists to come in and preach their word in our city, some of which are Canonists. Yet, in spite of all of this, you still slander us. We send an unarmed man to treat with the Church, and he is cut down like swine? Is this what the church truly represents? For shame.
  4. Emergency notice

    You realize we don't have photography, right?
  5. Lsuvsfar's Wiki Team App

    Is that untrue? It's the story Glocky told me back when I first make the page. I'm assuming based on your reaction it might be, not like I never make mistakes on the wiki.
  6. Lsuvsfar's Wiki Team App

    MC name: Lsuvsfar Forum name: Lsuvsfar Discord Name and Tag: Lsuvsfar #7315 What is your timezone?: MST How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Writing, updating lore, etc): I’ll do anything in regards to writing or updating the lore that I can. However, I’m not going to be able to draw anything if that would ever be asked of me, unless you want some very sub-par stick figures. Have you worked on the, or any wiki before?: Yes, I’ve done quite a bit of work on the wiki since December, as well as having done a little bit of work on other wikis. Which lore are you most familiar with?: I’m familiar with a lot of the more human events that have occurred since joining the server a little over two years ago. My best areas would probably be the lore I have been involved in roleplay wise, which would mostly be Courland and Lorraine lore, though I know a quite a bit about lore around other human nations, as I’ve been involved all over. Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=House_of_Romstun The house’s history is organized by map. This works for some noble houses, and granted I myself have based a house or two around this style. However, those houses have less information about them. With this much information present, the page needs a higher level of organization. The page has very few links to any other pages, thus making it more difficult to navigate around the wiki. The page contains pretty clear bias, such as: “Their men were frail, weak and scared, rightfully so.” “The battle became known as the more(most) embarrassing defeat in history” “her beauty was unmatched” “Lord Deano was shocked at the ineptness of the Orenian army”. When discussing the wars which the house was involved in, the text violates the established norms of the wiki when discussing wars. For example, based off of the numbers presented in the article, that would make it the largest war documented by the wiki, which is incredibly misleading. It also references the entire army being wiped out which, while it does happen in war claims, is not generally something that happens when documenting battles in lore. If it did, it could be difficult for newer players to understand how nations can lose their entire armies and still keep fighting battle after battle. Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Dukes'_War The format of the page is clean, easy to follow, and well organized. The events are all organized by year, making it easy to understand the order of events. There are plenty of links to supporting forum posts and other wiki pages, so it’s easy to investigate more into the other aspects not covered here. The page, while containing maybe one instance of bias, is overall fairly unbiased and presents things in a factual manner, allowing the reader to decide things for him/herself. Please showcase your abilities with either: A. A short writing on the subject of your choosing. B. An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!). https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=House_Palaiologos https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Siege_of_Johannesburg
  7. 1000 A.D.

    Yapa The tribesmen safely return, with the trades pleased with the trade. Aleppo The funding arrives and the remaining buildings are successfully constructed. Training goes well enough, and 90% of the recruits end up being infantry, with the other 10% being archers. A few dozen imams come into Aleppo, along with dozens of imams seeking training to begin preaching and training. It is reported back that there is little to no iron to be found in Aleppo. The Fatimids and Byzantines will not agree to a non aggression pact. Scouts also report no signs of invasion from either the Byzantines or Fatimids. Without any clear direction or orders as to what the propaganda is, the campaign sees little success. The tens of thousands of poor flock into Aleppo, hearing of the amazing charity there. Normandy The ships and levies are raised, according to plan. The diplomats arrive at Flanders, but failing to have any orders as how to specifically achieve that, the plan falls flat. The walls of Rouen are stable and could withstand a siege for a few months, if it came down to it. Strengthening of the walls begins, but it shall take a while to fully complete. Norway The overwhelming majority of the nobles do not give in to the King’s requests, choosing to hold onto their lands. The few that do are all small houses with poor land and small, run down holds. While portions of the army go about raiding the mountain tribes in an attempt to remove them, a handful of Lords around Norway raise their soldiers, doing nothing with them. These Lords are mostly Christian, or share ties with Christian houses. Production of equipment goes alright, and equipment is produced to arm around 400 soldiers. Various lords rally several thousand troops, and then begin a slow march north towards petty kingdoms. Khmer Empire The Dai Viet have no reason to go to war against the Champan, and no reason to side with the Khmer in a war. The Champan diplomats return, saying that if the Khmer want war, then they shall receive war. The troops see a few scouts along the border, but are not able to catch them. A dozen more ships of various builds are constructed. Abbasid Caliphate Imams begin discussing how to fix the problem, but without any direction, little is achieved. The scouts manage to find the Tayy and Tamim tribes, reporting back on their numbers. Many non-muslims are happy with the removal of the Jizya and equal taxes, though many Muslims are less that thrilled about it. Many traders are happy by the lower taxes. Several traders get arrested in the corruption crackdown. The Harem is successfully dissolved. The Grand Musjid is predicted to take several years in order to finish. The Caliph finds a woman which meets all of his requirements, and is more than happy to marry him. The Fatimids reject the trade agreement. 500 girls and 1000 boys go into the palace. The guards seem rather unhappy about it. While a few hundred people die, the guards successfully manage to protect the remaining border villages in danger. Duchy of Saxony The strength of your standing army begins to improve, as the soldiers become more disciplined. Construction of the academy and improvement of the roads goes according to play. Fortifications are slowly being built, though it is estimated to take 2-3 years in total before they are all done. The diplomats arrive and manage to make contact with many of the tribes, though don’t propose anything. A small handful of diplomats do not return. Missionaries are sent off, though no word returns from any of them for now. Many of the local lords are unhappy with this decree, but follow this none the less. They report back that, for the time being some improvement is made though it is minimal. The peasants are a very ragtag force that would most definitely melt away if put into real battle. The actions of the Polish player are voided upon him quitting. England Supplies slowly pour into London, improving its ability to withstand a siege should it come to it. Forts are set up all around the coast, though fairly crude forts. Only 25 of the 50 ships are able to be constructed. The drilling and training goes slow, though eventually the men pick up on it. They are able to hold formation fairly well, though they still struggle with combat. Taxes are increased, to the dismay of many, though they will live with it. Without specific instructions on how to improve relations, little is accomplished other than contact. Duchy of Bavaria Upon Heinrich’s return, rumors would arise that he is often mocked in court and by other nobles for his capture. Construction of the bridge commences, while the walls are put on hold. Build up of the slums also slowly occurs, though it will likely take years to complete the projects. Construction of the road also goes well. The soldiers seem to be inspired by Heinrich’s presence among his soldiers. It’s summer, so no grain is brought into the capital, as it will be harvested in the fall. Many artists come into Bavaria, While it attracts many great artists, and other bright minds from around Europe, rumors also increase of Heinrich being a fool.
  8. *Flyers Posted Around Halsworthy*

    "Appointed? Appointed by whom?" would ask Leofwine, one of the leaders of Halsworthy.
  9. 1000 A.D.

    Spring, 1000 Duchy of Normandy All goes according to plan. Gold, soldiers, and ships are counted. Also, a council is convened. Byzantine Empire This player has been banned and all his actions voided. The Byzantine Empire is now unplayable. Poland Most of your citizens gladly agree to bring forth their horses, thou some are less thrilled about it than others. Small handfuls of people do not bring forth their horses, however, this is an incredibly small minority of people With the edict of Christianity, there is a mixed reaction throughout the nation. Few Muslims are to be found throughout Poland, and those that are found are killed. Thousands of Jews, however, flee from Poland into nearby Bohemia. A few thousand more, however, are slaughtered by bands following the kings degree. Some clergy take to the defense of the Jews, rallying towns against these men. However, in all attempts, these men are cut down alongside the Jews. Towns throughout the country are ransacked. The Pagans, however, prove to be more resilient. A thousand or so are killed throughout Poland as they are persecuted. However, a short while later, most of the villages along the northern borders with the pagan tribes burn, as pagan raiders run deep, killing thousands within Poland before pulling back with their loot. In total, roughly 20,000 are killed or flee Poland. This also sets a precedent, as Jews across Europe no longer turn to Poland as an area of haven. Upon arriving in the Papal States, the Pope scolds Boleslaw I for his actions, which have lead to the deaths of many church men in their attempts to uphold the will of God. The Pope will grant no such blessings upon Poland, and demands that Poland repay the church for all of the lives and property lost. The Pope also tasks Boleslaw I with ending his edict against the non-Christians within the land. Seeing the trouble the Poland is in with the church, the Vrsovci, while they seem for some time to consider it, ultimately end up rejecting the terms presented by Poland. Otto III, likewise, decided to decline the NAP with Poland due to their recent troubles with the church, not wanting risk his own relations with the Pope. Levies throughout the lands are raised up, though, having seen no combat experienced, are clearly far less experienced than other men. The construction of the Port at Gdansk goes well. Bantu The attempt to unify the Bantu does not go well. Only the messenger from the Feng ends up returning. The Feng are curious as to what benefits they would see in unification. It is speculated that most of the messengers were either killed by unfriendly tribes, or simply died because of the fact that it’s rather dangerous to travel such vast distances alone. Aleppo Construction of the buildings and farms goes, well, and some are built throughout the land. Amid, being a vassal of the Byzantines, cannot agree to a NAP. In total, only Mosul agrees to the NAP with Aleppo. Several thousand volunteers show up, willing to fight. However, all these men bring little to no gear, and have no training. Yapa The tribes question why they would benefit from uniting, seeing as it might limit the amount of resources they would be able to get. Abbasid Caliphate The Fatimids decline your offers of friendship, citing that those not willing to see Allah’s word as it was truly meant, and rally under the banner of the Shias, is unworthy. Some of your messengers to the Arab tribes do not return. Many do. Overall, the ones that weren’t run off after trying to be murdered have no interest in joining in the Abbasids. A few offer to fight with the Abbasids, though want payment in turn. Mosul says they would like to offer some troops to support any holy wars, however, for the most part would like to stay out of offensive campaigns, seeing how small of an army they can field. A many Shia Imams show up from the Buyids, willing to help fix the problem, but none from the Fatimid Caliphate show up. Construction of farm and learning centers goes well, however the recruitment also going on hinders the construction of them. Roughly ten thousand new recruits show up, willing to join the fight. Most are from within the Caliphate, though a few come from elsewhere. Southern scouts report a few Arab tribes making raids along the southern border. So far, they seem to be minor, though some small farming villages are wiped out. Bulgaria Basil II has little reason to trust the Bulgarians, and will not sign a NAP unless given a show of good faith that the Bulgarians will not betray them. They also refuse to help the Bulgarians in their campaign. The Pope will agree to bless the Bulgarians in their war against the northern tribes, should the king along Catholic missionaries to come aid in their conversion from Orthodoxy to Catholicism. The Rus declines to help the Bulgarians in their campaign. Roads are improved throughout Bulgaria, and ports as well are constructed. However, trade improves little, as most traders are unsure about leaving the Black Sea in order to trade, and trade with the tribes to the north has now been cut off. Attempts to find the best horses in Bulgaria are made, though this is tough due to lack of planning and lack of funds. In total, only 1000 infantry are recruited, seeing as there ends up being too little money to recruit more. Ummayad Caliphate Construction of aqueducts begins. However, such a monumental projects saps a great deal of the nation’s resources. Artisans struggle to improve the quality of their glassware, rather unsure of how to do so. Many poor non-muslims throughout the Caliphate are relieved at being exempt from the Jizya. Road quality can scarcely be improved, seeing as the aqueduct project takes up a large amount of the resources. Naval arsenals are also not built. Scholars gather and begin a furious debate about how to best prevent the fall of the Caliphate. However, nothing is agreed upon, and theories range from wiping out all their enemies and secure the Peninsula, to seeking treaties with the other Kingdoms, to building great works in honor of Allah, and attempting to rain in the nobles within the Caliphate. The caravan departs, it is not expected to be back for some time. 10,000 men are moved to the border. Alodia Makuria will accept a defensive pact. Few diplomats return, and those that do state the Luo have no interest in integrating. Zaghwe sends over diplomats, asking why the military is mobilizing, stating that they seek no conflict. Rumors, however, about that the Zaghwe as well now rally their armies. The slave raids prove unsuccessful all together, as the riders have no clue where to even begin looking for them. Furthermore, after several dozen riders don’t return from their trips, the slave riders appear fairly content to quit. Bavaria Construction across the city goes well, but it becomes apparent this is no small task. It is estimated that in total, the city will be under construction for two years. The worst of the gear starts to be swapped out, but little more can be done. An attempt is made to swap out command, but this attempt goes poorly. The few commanders that do step down, do so very begrudgingly. Most, however, argue that they are far more experienced than their replacements, and refuse the order to step down. Many of the minor nobles in Bavaria, likewise refuse, not wanting to hand over command of their household troops to others. The replacements that are made, seem to go poorly. The commanders, regardless of competence, seem to be mostly disliked by their troops. There is not currently enough funds for walls to be constructed, especially those of the size demanded. The census goes well, and you get a report of the manpower and crops that you currently bring in. Heinrich’s attempt to be amongst the commoners goes poorly. Without guards nearby, he soon gets kidnapped and is currently being held for ransom. Heinrich’s wife bitchslaps him for trying to break her vow of chastity. England Orders go over well. The census is gathered, bringing forth England’s naval strength. In addition, the 12,000 troops are slowly being pulled together, though training will take some time. The troops also according travel to the coast in order to repel the raiders. Wud’s Clan with a stupid long name I’m not going to try and spell. I don’t know what I’m supposed to mod here. Khmer Empire The Dali and Srivijayan both agree to Non-Agression pacts, and to trade with the Khmer. The diplomats return from Dai Veit, bearing news that the nation would be interested in discussing terms with the Khmer, but is unsure as to exactly what the Khmer wants from them. A few low quality forts have been built so far, but no major ones will be constructed for quite some time, up to possibly a few years. The Champa do not take kindly to this, as rumors of an army being raised among the Kingdoms starts to come in. Diplomats soon arrive, hoping to have discussions with the Khmer. Saxony The Duchies all report back that they are already trading with you, and that they have no interest in changing the tax rates on trade. The roads across Saxony begin to undergo processes to be improved and replaced with stone. In total, this is estimated that it will take a year or so. There are few generals within Saxony. Most of the army is in the hands of the feudal lords, who generally groom their sons for command. The few generals, however, take men under their wings to study. Most noble men within the Kingdom agree to begin drilling the professional parts of their armies, though nothing is done with the levies. Patrols are set up, but generally report little activity, as it appears the tribes seem preoccupied with raiding Poland. Ports are built up, and more farms are built throughout the Kingdom, which are then sowed and planter for the fall. Kingdom of Leon The construction of castles and forts is slow, and is estimated to take several years to complete. However, all these projects take away from the ability to construct the cathedral, which is postponed due to a lack of resources. Peasants continue to learn how to better farm the lands which they have to work with, which helps lead to a boost in the number of farms. The Byzantine Empire seems uninterested in Leon’s problems. The Papal States report that will do what they can for Leon, but it may take time. A few dozen troops from across Hispania come in, but none others arrive. Also, the generals generally disagree of what strategy to drill the troops for in order to counter the Caliphate troops. Sweden Many town halls are turned into forts. Poor, wooden forts, not comparable to the great stone forts of other nations, but forts none the less. A royal guard is gathered up, and begins training to protect their King. Of the six hundred men sent off, two hundred come back with some loot, in the form of pelts. A few survivors from the groups that didn’t make it back, report that the harsh snowstorms caught many of the groups off guard, and that in the deep spring snow, they were unable to keep up with many of the more mobile herdsman, who were capable of picking of the soldiers at range. The skins fetch well on the markets, and in total, a ten thousand gold is brought in to the king’s personal treasury. Sweden gathers up the number of ships it has. Many people are disgruntled about the rise in taxes. The king attempts to put in new vassals, but ultimately fails. His vassals all seem to generally not support losing their lands, and threaten to turn their armies against the King if they try to partition away already owned lands to new vassals. The Vikings try to come up with new formation ideas, but without guidance on what exactly they are trying to do, it fails. Norway Some vikings are pooled together in an attempt to form a more proper army, though it is clear this will take a long time. Cohesion is poor among the units. The Kingdoms around Norway tend to give off the sentiment that they have no interest in working together with Norway, though without actually saying so. Vienna For the time being, no one approaches Heinrich I. Heinrich I discovers that there are many issues with small bandit groups here and there throughout the Kingdom. The church applauds Heinrich for embracing Sunday Church and attempting to bring people together under God. However, peasants throughout the Kingdom still work the fields, backed up by their feudal lords and their men, stating that they cannot afford to be put behind in work and potentially end up starving. Work on clearing the forest begins, though it is apparent this will take years to accomplish. Denmark The Norwegian vassals all agree to stay loyal to Denmark. The Pope gladly accepts Sweden as a true, Christian nation, and asks to send missionaries to Sweden to help the spread. Construction of a massive fleet begins, with 50 ships being produced in spring. Churches begin to be constructed, though the fleet takes a good number of resources, and greatly limits the number of churches and quality of them. Japan The emperor runs into problems as he finds most of what goes on in Japan is run by the Fujiwara Clan. Most listen to them, and the Emperor will need to make drastic, yet quiet changes if he wishes to overthrow them. The people lack the power to expand into these lands themselves, and the Jujiwara does not seem to have this same agenda. An army begins to be trained under the emperor, though whispers soon arise that the Jujiwara oppose this, and his life may be in danger. Venice Patrols begin of the Adriatic, which helps to cut down on pirates within the Sea. Most dissidence within Venice dies down, and a few pirate/bandit outposts and destroyed in the process. Sneaky The soldiers along the coast help to stop slave raids. The levies are raised, and training happens in order to improve the cohesion of the troops.
  10. 1000 A.D.

    Welcome to 1000 A.D. It's late, I'll work on this more tomorrow, but I know you want the post up so here it is. I know it's **** now, but it's the best you're getting for tonight. @Beamon4 @Angel~ You currently have troops down in Italy supporting Otto III's campaign there. Whoever is playing as the Umayyads and the Spanish Kingdoms... yeah you guys are at war too.
  11. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    @_pok_ The reason why I am saying no is because, 1. I said this would be taking place in the old world, not realizing Australia was part of the new world. 2. It's possible for Australian players to still interact with other players, since they can island hop through Indonesia to get to the Eurasian continent. 3. As the Mayans you are no doubt going to conquer the continent since there will be no other groups for another 400 years capable of challenging the Mayans, which gives you the unfair advantage of 0 competition. Neither you, nor anyone else will be allowed to play as the Mayans @TheWitherKingHD You will not be allowed to play as the Duchy of Normandy, as it is part of France. If you want to, you will need the approval of @Chaw. You may not argue that they will eventually go and invade England, since Normandy's claim to the English throne was established through a marriage made in 1002. If the English player does not marry Emma of Normandy, then William will never hold any claim. Even then, he only held claim due to Denmark backing Cnut's claim to the English throne, which would fail if Denmark never supported them, or the English player beat Denmark. So, unless Chaw gives your permission, you may not play as the Duchy of Normandy.
  12. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    @Quirkyls @_Noah_ @Will (TauFirewarrior) @Roberik @Devland99 @Edel @Alfonso X el Sabio @Angel~ @Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r) Accepted. @Chaw Raise your population up to 9m, but accepted. @_pok_ No. @Quackers You still need to drop down your population to what we discussed.
  13. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    @hellfiazz @Imperium @GrimBeard @grubgoth_wud @Vilebranch @HONOR You guys are accepted. @Quirkyls Bring your population down to 90m or so, and you're good.
  14. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    @Beamon4 Accepted.
  15. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    @Taketheshot @ibraheemc2000 @adamc2000 @senor_tortuga @Admiral Tyras Darkstar @Praetor You guys are accepted. @Beamon4 You'll need to edit your application a bit, I'll pm you about it.