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  1. A Release from Vassalage Issued by Rickard Staunton, 1762 It is with a heavy heart that on this day, I pen this letter. The House of Palaiologos has served Courland faithfully for many years, but has now chosen to serve elsewhere. It is then that I, Rickard of the House of Staunton, hereby release the House of Palaiologos and its head, Michael Palaigiologos from the oath of vassalage they swore to my late brother, Tobias Staunton. We as well allow them to retain their historic titles, and will make no claim to them. May the House of Palaiologos prosper wherever the winds shall bring them. With Knowledge Comes Power Rickard Staunton From Ashes We Rise Michael Palaiologos
  2. Writ of Abdication Issued by Joseph Staunton II & Rickard Staunton, 1762 To the People of Courland, I write this on behalf of my nephew, Joseph Staunton II. Recently, he and his siblings have suffered through a difficult time with the illness of my brother and his father, Tobias Staunton, along with their mother, Catherine Staunton. Given this great hardship, my brother was not able to prepare his children for the roles of leading Courland. Upon conferring with my nephew, he has decided that the best course of action is for him to depart the throne, and hand it over to myself so that he and his siblings may further their studies within Courland and rise to positions of leadership one day. Henceforth, on behalf of my nephew, Joseph Staunton II, announce the end of his reign of Courland, and which shall henceforth be passed on to myself, Rickard Staunton. May the people of Courland grow in strength, and be safe under this new reign. Ave Staunton. Ave Courland. With Knowledge Comes Power, Joseph Staunton II Rickard Staunton
  3. But halflings can’t breed with other races.
  4. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. “Challenging a man to a duel, and then hiding behind a champion? Last I knew, only cripples and women could call upon champions. Judging by the way you’ve slandered the name of Courland, I judge you to be both. You take her titles for yourself, you do disservice to her name, you know nothing of the ‘Real Stauntons’ of which you speak,” an old Curthose would pen, before sharpening his blade, as he would not cower behind another man, afraid to answer for his own actions.
  6. Congratz on Moderation Admin! Very cool of Telanir to choose you!

    1. Kaelan
    2. Evonpire


      Not this again.

    3. Telanir


      Thank you Kaelan, it is an honour.

  7. Lsuvsfar

    Admin Update

    So just to clarify, if a forum is made addressing issues which have occurred on discord, the thread will be removed and that user warned/banned(if the warning would push them over the edge to a ban)? Does this account for those issues which have not been brought forward to administration or just those not addressed by administration? Or will it also include issues of harassment on discord which the players believe have been swept under the rug by administration?
  8. Can confirm. Tried to punch Capace into the canals like half an hour before this, but no cigar.
  9. An ancient Elven astronomer would look over the published work, fascinated by the base 12 numbering system. However, he would look over the multiplication table, puzzled. Upon rechecking the numbers, he would pen a letter to the authors of this study, informing them of a miscalculation. (( @yopplwasupxxx 0 multiplied by any factor should still be 0, even under a base 12 system. You appear to have treated 0 as 1.))
  10. No, but in all seriousness, LOTC’s Terms of Service have been updated and the old, problematic copyright stuff has been removed, so thanks to whoever decided to do that. They’ve yet to be uploaded to the main website so that you can go back and review them upon accepting them, but I’d encourage you to do so once they’re up, if you didn’t when you had to re-accept them yesterday/today. For those that didn’t here’s the new ToS stuff discussing copyright and uploaded content.
  11. But seriously, if you haven’t read them: I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer but they seem dumb, and legally questionable. I’m not sure about the forum posts and other things, but something tells me claiming copyright on something made in a game owned by Mojang/Microsoft/whoever isn’t feasible.
  12. ”Saying things in all capital letters doesn’t make it more threatening,” Alberic would mutter as he looked over the missive, sighing ”Trying to go to war over stolen books? I’ve been in the High Elven library, doesn’t seem like there’s much there worth stealing.” Alberic would then wonder if the Library of Dragur could win a warclaim by throwing books.
  13. Alberic begins wondering if maybe the September Prince had the right idea when he destroyed the High Elven city.
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