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  1. Alberic would grab a shovel and his mudboots before setting out to help his friend.
  2. Alberic would wonder how a sentient troll would be able to ally with a swarm of insects. Perhaps he can find this troll and learn his power of allying with insects.
  3. Iver Vanir would sign the document.
  4. Bastion would dance in the Seven Skies upon hearing word of the Kovachev’s fate through totally not meta. He wished the rest of the Haense houses would die out, especially Vanir.
  5. Lsuvsfar

    A Warning

    “Frostbeard, Goldhand, Silvervein, ye’re all a bunch of stupid dishonorable pricks,” Leofwine would mutter, “Bet I could find more honor in a wood elf than I could find in an entire Dwarven Kingdom.”
  6. Mcname: Gastly3 IC Name: Iver Vanir Residancy/ Street name, number: Marian Blvd. 3 Class/ Title: Noble
  7. Application House Name: The King Beyond the Wall Holdings: The True North Lord: Mance Rayder Who do they bend the knee to?: We do not kneel Religion: The Old Gods Brief History (1-2 Paragraphs): The Freefolk have lived beyond the wall since it was first built. In the construction of the wall, they were forever cut off from the rest of the world. Since then, multiple Kings beyond the wall have risen. Only a couple have actually ever made it beyond the wall, and none of them have made it very far past that. However, as time has gone on and the Night’s Watch has grown weak, wildling raids are becoming more and more common. Now, possibly the greatest king beyond the wall has risen. Mance Rayder, a former member of the Night’s Watch, left the black and joined the freefolk. For years now, he has dedicated to uniting the forty or so tribes north of the wall, along with the giants, in order to save them all from the White Walkers. Now, Mance Rayder finds himself trying to save his people, with the Night’s Watch standing in the way. Discord
  8. As Sviatoslav IV lay sleeping, he heard a voice call out to him. As he opened his eyes, he saw a bright white light, and a figure in the middle of it. “Who are you?” He called out, no more than half awake. The figure stood over him, saying nothing, before disappearing. Sviatoslav woke up, in a cold sweat. Unsure of whether or not it was a dream, Sviatoslav was spurred into action. From that day, Sviatoslav would be spurred into action, recruiting a larger military force. Later that day, Sviatoslav would call a meeting of his council. Many of them doubted his dream, some laughed. However, a few good, god fearing men believed him. Later on, Sviatoslav would meet with them in private. “My dear advisors, it is only among you few who I can trust, as it seems only you believe me and my dream. God has given me a warning, a call to action. We can not allow ourselves to remain idle. We must seek outside help. I do not know how much longer I will remain your prince, but in the future, we may need to seek outside help. I would like us to find traders that could fill us in on the armies for hire in the nearby lands, lest we be unable to produce enough men and ever be overrun.” As the offer of marriage came in from Denmark Sviatoslav would pen the king back a letter. “My dear friend, while I appreciate your offer of an alliance by marriage, I must inform both of you that I believe you would not achieve what you want out of this. Novgorod, like other Russian Princedoms, is ruled by a series of elected Princes. If I or my family members were to be married to your own kin, I cannot guarantee how long we would continue to hold power for in Novgorod. However, this would earn your nation an ally in my family.” -Regards, Sviatoslav IV, Prince of Novgorod. Actions Recruit 2,000 spearmen and 500 melee cavalry. [MOD] Gather information from traders about Mercanary Companies among the other Rus Principalities, Cumon Khanate, Volga Bulgaria, Sweden, and Denmark. [MOD] Send letter to Denmark, informing them of the leadership situation among the Rus Principalities, but still offering an alliance.
  9. OOC APP Nation name: Republic of Novgorod Population: 1,300,000 ((updated population)) Summary of History: Before this, the Republic of Novgorod had been under the control of the Kievan Rus. However, with the Rus weakening, Novgorod essentially broke away in the 1100s. Founded largely based around trade, it operates under a semi-democratic system. However, Novgorod is plagued by problems, from the boyar whom are content to sit around rather than go to war and risk their trade, to the massive population of slave peasants who, unable to move around, often had to turn to armed rebellion in order to achieve some form of change. Discord: You have it
  10. Alright so, just my 2 cents but this event sounds broken. I mean, not only are you buffing people (who I can only assume are hardened PvP goons, based off past events), but then you’re also turning everyone they kill onto the enemy side. I see this going one of two ways. Everyone that dies does what they’re supposed to, and it’s almost a guaranteed loss. So you wind up with a handful of people dying, which slowly accumulates into more and more people dying. Assuming these are PvP goons running things, they’ll probably bide their time and, instead of having every dead person run in to instantly die, they’ll have everyone build up. Then, they’ll make a big push and down some more people, repeating this process until basically all the defends have died. Nobody does what they’re supposed to, and people turning over to the enemy side is a joke. Most likely, people trying working for the empire aren’t going to honestly try and bring down an imperial town. So instead, whenever someone dies, they’ll probably just run straight into the defenders, die, and be gone so they’re not proactively hurting their nation. Either that, or if you try and hold them back until a certain time, they’ll just botch the assault because again, you’re forcing people to attack their own nation. To me, this part of the event seems like a bad idea.
  11. Bastion Curthose would sigh upon coming across a flier. "A truly sad day," Bastion would mutter as he tore down the flier, crumbling it up in his hand, "taking civilians and selling them into slavery like true barbarians with their backs to God. May these men perish in the unholy fires of Hell for trying to justify a wrong with another wrong."
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