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  1. Lsuvsfar

    [Community Review] Server Rules Rewrite

    "Information on your persona must match your character. This includes race, age, gender, biography, etc." This isn't so much of a problem since nexus is gone, but please, whatever rules you make, enforce them. There were players abusing these rules that went unpunished, staff running around with multiple personas of the same character, and even an Admin running around on the abusing racial PVP buffs. So, pretty much here's how I see it with the rules you provided. 1. Typically I'd say no to using chests in combat, but I'd also argue it can be sort of situational. For example, let's say one player has managed to escape another player and completely lost them. I think they should be able to use a chest because they've made it away from their pursuer. Or let's say there's a raid going on, and someone is behind a wall, and goes to grab arrows or something like that. Again, why not? There's nothing really unrealistic about it. However, let's say 1 player gets challenged to pvp, and the person trying to kill them is right on their heels. If they deposit a bunch of items in a chest and then go down like 2-3 second afterwards, then I'd say no. 2. Let those that run fight. Honestly, the countdown system is basically based completely on honor. Based on prior experience, as I understand it there's pretty much 0 way to tell if someone gets hit 1-2 times before the countdown actually says go, unless you're recording. If you allow people to run before the countdown, then I think it pretty much fixes the issue because then you don't have to wait and hope that your enemy doesn't decide to attack early. 3. Yeah, just as long as the players aren't reversing suicide, let them have their week. It's their choice, in the end. Only thing I'd say is in conjunction with point 5. If PRO PKs, transfers the region, and then un-PKs, don't let them reverse their decision or use it as CB against the people the region was given to. 4. Yes. If someone wants to go rp the hunting areas, let them. This is an RP server, if someone wants to go fight another person, rp, etc. in the hunting areas, let them. 5. ((Get ready for a rant)) To my understanding, that example effectively defeats the entire point of the PRO system. As I understand it, it was created so that the RP leader was the actual leader of the region, and couldn't be sniped because their lord or some random owner decided to take that land from them. If you allow non-leaders to be PROs, then you are opening up the door to region sniping again, which was still not very well handled after the introduction of the PRO system. IMO, the heir of the region should be a region owner to it. If a PRO PKs the character which owns the region, then they should be forced to hand PRO over to one of the region owners and removed from region ownership (unless they are playing their own heir). If a PRO dies without and heir, then in my opinion, the surviving region leaders should be allowed to decide the next PRO, whether that be through unanimous decision or through an internal fight, sort of like a coup(though I'd recommend not allowing outsiders, since it's essentially a sudden scramble for power rather than a coup, though I suppose the results of the fight could potentially be followed up by a coup). Last map, PRO was handled poorly, so there were regions that people had PRO from characters which had been dead for IRL months, and thus just sat there collecting dust. There was also little enforcement of the actual region owner being the PRO, so on a lot of regions, the nation/duchy/whatever owner would be the PRO, thus allowing them to evict their vassals and not have to deal with rebellions since they stripped them of their region. TL; DR Let the leader of the region be the PRO, rather than the leader of the nation/shadow government.
  2. Lsuvsfar

    This Server is Dying

    Of course. The cores of most groups never sway that much away. However, what I'm referencing is the non-core players Norland can pull in. I still remember the days of Vailor, when Norland basically went from the Red Brotherhood and that core, to the single most powerful vassal in the Empire, and not with just core guys. I don't remember all the players, but people Like Orsul and EagleEye were part of Norland at this point, and left after it got destroyed. It's this reason I figure Renatus wouldn't subjugate a vassal it knew would rebel, because Norland could pull away new players from Belvitz and Sennestin and bring them over to Norland.
  3. Lsuvsfar


    Lord Rickard Harrison would look at the missive, before handing it back to the bandits.
  4. Lsuvsfar

    This Server is Dying

    The biggest problem when drawing parallels between actual medieval time and LOTC are essentially the peasants. In medieval times, peasants may have been shuffled around in the empire where they were needed, but for the most part, peasants kind of suffered in one place. If that place happened to get taken over by another power, the peasants usually just stayed put and went on about their lives. In LOTC, we essentially have very few peasants. Regardless of if they're in the military or not, most people will fight in a warclaim if they live in a nation, because they know they probably won't get the option to stay in place and go about their day. Even when they have had the option, like when Courland conquered Haense, a lot of players just go elsewhere if they can help it, rather than be subjugated by the people that just beat them. The biggest problem is this runs counter to what Renatus wants, and is also a big reason why they want wars back. 1. Norland is known for being rebellious. If you look at Norland, at the start of the map they were subjugated by Renatus, and they started fighting Marna, Haense, Curon, and that group. Norland got freed, Renatus took over Marna, and Norland started fighting Renatus. It seems to me like Renatus was tired of giving Norland a chance and just figured they'd crush Norland. 2. Renatus wants a united humanity. People, especially those in Renatus, have been pushing for it, and talk about how spreading out RP is the death of the server. If they leave Norland in tact as vassals under them, not only is RP still spread out, but that's just another war they'll have to fight at some point, which they could lose. If they lose, then Norland can keep pressing, up to the point Renatus gets defeated by Norland or whatever alliance they're in. If Renatus can prevent roleplay from spreading out, and keep it narrowed down to a couple cities, like Belvitz and Sennestin, then they'll do that.
  5. Lsuvsfar

    This Server is Dying

    I don’t know about that. A lot of the wars I’ve seen, regardless of intention to or not, have wiped player groups off the server. I mean, I’ve been on the server for about 2.5 years now, and I’ve maybe seen a few wars where this didn’t happen. It’s a long list, but feel free to look it over if you want. So if with that list being completed, that makes roughly maybe 5-6 out of 18 wars where a player group wasn’t basically kicked off the server, and fewer where that was not the intention. So either almost everyone with the power to wage war doesn't care about the server, or there's an inherent advantage to wiping out player bases that don't support you. Anyways, in regards to war, I will admit the server is more active during war time, because all the PvPers get to go PvP and grind for the war. However, peacetime RP is inarguably more consistent and reliable. After the short term boost of wartime RP, it’s typically followed by a deep decline when all the PVPers get bored and leave, along with the members of whatever group got wiped out. I will furthermore say this. If a nation is inactive, it’s the fault of the nation leader. A nation leader must do their part to help a nation thrive, giving new players things to do and thus, a reason to go there. If they simply bank off killing off the competition in warclaims, and using war as their chance to boost activity, it’s no wonder they don’t prosper in peace time. You could argue that other nations struggle because of freebuild places like Belvitz, that establish themselves in optimal spots, but just look at Haense. Haense is a lot further away from spawn than Belvitz, and they still manage to do very well. Even Rivia, which is about as far from spawn as you can get does pretty well, maintaining some level of activity. Why? Because TJB, works to give his subjects things to do and reasons to stay.
  6. Lsuvsfar

    Remove or Nerf Freebuild

    Issue is they really didn't work hard. Here's the problem I have with how the system used to work. Typically, people who get rewarded keeps aren't the people that work hard, they're the people that know the right people. A lot of people work hard, and most people never get the chance to do anything. The people that end up with the keeps are the people that are OOCly on good terms with the nation leaders, dukes, etc. If it wasn't that, then it was about people that were OOCly friends with a bunch of people, and their OOC friends would come and vouch their support to whatever noble they were getting land from, that noble would give them land, then all their friends would go back to whatever they were doing before and you'd have land occupied by one guy. Don't get me wrong, there's issues with free build that need to be fixed. However, I also think it's better to fix all these issues than to scrap the whole idea and return to the old system, that does more to promote Skype Rule than promote hard work towards something.
  7. Lsuvsfar

    Remove or Nerf Freebuild

    Yes, because having a thousand abandoned keeps, which will never be removed, is a much better alternative to a system where inactive builds should be able to be removed, though I myself will admit there are issues which can be fixed that exist in the current system. I will also say that I have learned this in leading a free build town; if a town or nation has been abandoned, it is the fault of the people leading it, rather than the fault of those not roleplaying there. People will roleplay where they have fun. If a nation is abandoned, it's because the leaders are failing to make roleplay fun or enjoyable. There's no longer a monopoly on RP hubs, and yeah, some nations don't like it. If they don't want to step up their game to compete with free build nations that will, that's the nation's problem. Don't try and saddle players with the burden of roleplaying in a place that doesn't want to cater to them. At the end of the day, this is a roleplaying server, and whichever group is able to fill out the "roleplaying" part the best should stick around, and this will almost certainly only occur with free build around. It's the equivalent to communism vs capitalism. Under communism, if you don't like how something works, too bad, there's no incentive to change or be better, because people have no where else to go. Under capitalism, if you don't like how something works, you and others can either demand better service, or make your own place to challenge it. This breeds competition, and weeds out those not competing effectively. Why should we implement a system which doesn't serve the interest of the roleplayer?
  8. Lsuvsfar

    Lsuvsfar's Wiki Team App

    Is that untrue? It's the story Glocky told me back when I first make the page. I'm assuming based on your reaction it might be, not like I never make mistakes on the wiki.
  9. Lsuvsfar

    Lsuvsfar's Wiki Team App

    MC name: Lsuvsfar Forum name: Lsuvsfar Discord Name and Tag: Lsuvsfar #7315 What is your timezone?: MST How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Writing, updating lore, etc): I’ll do anything in regards to writing or updating the lore that I can. However, I’m not going to be able to draw anything if that would ever be asked of me, unless you want some very sub-par stick figures. Have you worked on the, or any wiki before?: Yes, I’ve done quite a bit of work on the wiki since December, as well as having done a little bit of work on other wikis. Which lore are you most familiar with?: I’m familiar with a lot of the more human events that have occurred since joining the server a little over two years ago. My best areas would probably be the lore I have been involved in roleplay wise, which would mostly be Courland and Lorraine lore, though I know a quite a bit about lore around other human nations, as I’ve been involved all over. Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=House_of_Romstun The house’s history is organized by map. This works for some noble houses, and granted I myself have based a house or two around this style. However, those houses have less information about them. With this much information present, the page needs a higher level of organization. The page has very few links to any other pages, thus making it more difficult to navigate around the wiki. The page contains pretty clear bias, such as: “Their men were frail, weak and scared, rightfully so.” “The battle became known as the more(most) embarrassing defeat in history” “her beauty was unmatched” “Lord Deano was shocked at the ineptness of the Orenian army”. When discussing the wars which the house was involved in, the text violates the established norms of the wiki when discussing wars. For example, based off of the numbers presented in the article, that would make it the largest war documented by the wiki, which is incredibly misleading. It also references the entire army being wiped out which, while it does happen in war claims, is not generally something that happens when documenting battles in lore. If it did, it could be difficult for newer players to understand how nations can lose their entire armies and still keep fighting battle after battle. Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Dukes'_War The format of the page is clean, easy to follow, and well organized. The events are all organized by year, making it easy to understand the order of events. There are plenty of links to supporting forum posts and other wiki pages, so it’s easy to investigate more into the other aspects not covered here. The page, while containing maybe one instance of bias, is overall fairly unbiased and presents things in a factual manner, allowing the reader to decide things for him/herself. Please showcase your abilities with either: A. A short writing on the subject of your choosing. B. An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!). https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=House_Palaiologos https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Siege_of_Johannesburg
  10. Lsuvsfar

    HORSES!!!!! and /walking!

    As of right now, horses are a lot more vulnerable than they have been in the past. As it stands, they have far less health than they previously had, and currently we have no way to get horse armor so it's a lot easier to take away that health. It would obviously be best if pikes and lances were re-implemented to counter cavalry, but if not then there are other options. For example, mods could just make a time limit between when you can feed a horse hay-bales to bring back its health, thus making it much easier to kill a horse. Also, we could still fix jumping and horses. I'd say at least make it two blocks high, since that's not too overpowered. But the what, one block or so now is absurdly low.
  11. Lsuvsfar

    Perma Kill During Warclaims

    Problem is it's rules against one day alts. There's no rules against one week alts. Regardless of whether or not people were pking their main characters or not, everyone that died would theoretically be using one week alts. Following the war claim, if you die you have to pk your character. So then, you make a new character, you run around for a week, raiding the opposing faction and attacking people, before then going back to the warclaim, dying again, and being forced to make a new character. No one can really judge whether or not you're using throwaway alts, since everyone in question is pking their character every week.
  12. Lsuvsfar

    Perma Kill During Warclaims

    I foresee people doing what some of the worse bandits do, and just make crappy throwaway characters for wars. Also, a character's oaths mean nothing. It all comes down to the player, and it doesn't matter if someone shows up to a war claim on a character with some name like Dylan the Villain, so long as he's there no one in the group could care less.
  13. -1 Put Vegetarianism on the list.
  14. Lsuvsfar

    [Your View] Freebuild

    Apparently the response to everyone complaining about decentralized RP was also to remove carts, which people didn't seem to have a problem with. As we can see, it's really easy to centralize RP when there's not a map out showing where all the major settlements. It's also super centralizing when you might spend ten minutes walking somewhere, only to get there and find no one is there.
  15. Lsuvsfar

    [Your View] Freebuild

    From my understanding, the point of removing fast travels was to encourage people to explore, have roleplay occur on the roads, and let people have more experiences than just walking around in a city looking for roleplay. Well, what better way to get people to explore the map than by giving them things to find? Free build accomplishes this very goal. Look at the last two maps. By the end of the map, the region system, while nice, has become a hinderance to roleplay. 90% of regions are inactive, so roleplay is centralized yes, because it's effectively been killed everywhere outside of a few places where you MIGHT be able to find roleplay if you're there at the right time. If that becomes an issue, fast travels will be implemented so that people don't have to spend 45 minutes going from dead settlement to dead settlement hoping to find roleplay. Regions might end up dying, but if you can keep free build well managed, then we can ensure for the rest of the map, that there will be small hubs outside of regions which people can go to for roleplay. Those hubs may change locations, but they'll always be around. Now, this is the part where I vouch against everyone going "lol, let's **** free build". If you let everyone that doesn't support free build launch endless, uncontrolled raids and griefing, then you'll end up driving off portions of the player base, especially the ones that don't want necessarily always want centralized roleplay. It won't be all at once, but bit by bit you'll chip away at the player base until roleplay has effectively been wiped out in 90% of the map. TL;DR Down with big government, long live the little man. 'Merica