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    tyvm ill change it.
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    how do i do so?
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    Please ;et me an undead human.
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    Mother Avice a good human rogue that works as an artisan in the city of Curon we have had a very good relationship she’s alive and full of joy my father Randal very mad retied guard he worked as they farmer our relationship wasn’t as close as mine and my mothers but one night he was killed by a murderer. there was only one child witch was me so when my father died i became the man of the house. After father died our lifestyle went further down hill we lost our house even though with father alive we wasn’t any richer. So we had to sell the farm to make ends meet. after fighting for their lives on the streets his mother was very sick not long after died of upper respiratory infection, Waroxic had no one to turn to so he gathered up his items and headed to Renatus after living for many months he could not find anything for him there so set his quest for Hansen where would begin and start his life over.
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