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  1. Need someone to make me a high quality shaded skin with clothes, face, and all! Willing to pay as much mina as it would take to satisfy the requirements. Could even consider paying some real world money, but I'm quite broke. If you’re a skinner looking for some clientele, then PM me with your discord so I can send you some reference pics and ask you for your price.
  2. Sunlorn


    Hello Aquaquean, I tried to implement the changes you requested to the best of my ability, but I’d like to clarify two things: The part of “...disrupting the four great elements” is purely hyperbole, and not literal. Just an over exaggeration for the sake of comedy, but I did remove it since it may have been confusing. Additionally, “Coun-Vean-Eine-Ance” is another joke, as it’s meant to a tongue-in-cheek reference to “convenience”. Hence, his ideals and actions change for “convenience”. Also, I apologize for not clarifying that the character is not actually cursed nor magical. H
  3. Sunlorn


    In the shadow of the night, the crisp clattering and clicking of mantes in synchronized, deep prayer, and the local grasshoppers with their ritualistic and oddly calming nocturnal activities can be heard in waves and tides, like the ocean and sea can be loudly heard by a naval grunt. However, as the constant sounds of wind and insect crackle through the area, anyone adventurous enough to go on a precarious nightly walk would be greeted by the rustling of nearby bushes followed by the sudden appearance a scraggly and unkempt person resembling a relic of civilization with rotten rags and a hea
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