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  1. blago

    The Arcas Landing Festival 1706

    Cassius Horen has his squire get his equipment ready and sharp, signing his attendance to the joust. Name: Cassius Horen Mcname: Feet_Pics
  2. help

    1. General_Bentnoze


      heheh i can help you goy step into my chamber

    2. Telanir
  3. can u update my name in that pvp doc thing to “Feet_Pics”?
  4. blago


    “This is awesome” says Cassius
  5. blago

    Snow Elven Trailer

    okay this is actually epic. if u dont want to join fenn after this, idk
  6. blago

    For some it was long awaited

    We had a lot of fun together on here, stay safe and groovy. You’re a genuine guy.
  7. blago

    Golden Hand Legion

    “Only one Legion may live in this existence.” Cassius Horen would speak coldly, plotting in his chaotic nature.
  8. blago

    Blood and Rain

    Stefan Ludovar broods in his Fennic estate upon hearing the news, crying for many weeks to come.
  9. blago

    Attention Artists!

    ur a player what exactly can u do
  10. blago

    Cassius & Co.

    Cassius believes he’s done far more good for the Empire intoxicated, then Vexalia the Elf has done sober
  11. blago

    [Your View]Coups

  12. i like ur pfp. . 

    1. Lumii


      thanks blago! 🙂 i like yours too. 

  13. blago

    Cassius & Co.

    Cassius & Co. Within the city of Carolustadt was a powerful man, one to live within legends as each day of his life was dedicated to the safety of his fellow man. Chaos grew within the Empire, murder rates rising left and right, assassination attempts cut off to loose ends. This legend, this GOD, he couldn’t stand to see this ever-growing madness. Cassius Horen deciding to take a side job has picked up the art of detective work. If your life is stuck and there’s no one to help, a murder with no justice, you know who to call.... Any interested customers are to contact Cassius Horen within Carolustadt Discord: jonny#6383 IGN: I_play_mineman
  14. blago

    Im quitting LOTC

    seeya bro
  15. blago


    “can I join this” asks Cassius