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  1. "As Aurelius I once said, his legacy has had the strongest foundation. It'll take generations to see this Human pinnacle fall." The rebel Ser Thomas would sigh, wrapping his wounds while in retreat.
  2. Crippling defeat. My favourite WC so far tho


  3. "Empire of Renatus" Cassius would laugh at the name in his coffin. "Antonius did a favor, let Humanity live independently."
  4. Lol what'd I miss

    1. El Ricktador

      El Ricktador

      bye 👋

    2. Chimp


      u missed avengers civil war 9.0

  5. https://gyazo.com/911e09583091a8b6eebf61558c74f2a8
    help me bro, I haven’t had auth in 6 months and when I even try I cant use commands



      yeah same yikes ! : (

    2. blago


      @DISCOLIQUIDNeed to get an admin to reset it

  6. Why hurt one of the few good wiki writers?
  7. can I speak french in roleplay 

  8. blago

    Unfair Bans?

    Lol who cares, just unban the kid. Unless he’s actually continuing to harm the server and its players, shouldn’t really have to be banned for a whole extra year. Its okay to be forgiving and off the book sometimes.
  9. Unban him now this man lives in my city I saw him during the event at school, while he was in school ok? He didn't do anything, and the lack of any evidence is a bit ridiculous honestly
  10. Unionization of Farmers (Leuven) ___________________________ Rural grounds of Leuven -1st of Malin’s Welcome, 1712. ____________________________________________ “It be in all our rights as proud citizens to this very Empire, to be treated in the same respect as the bluebloods in the sanctity of this ‘ere hard work. Me, Master to th’ Leuven farms call all crop baring citizens wide to unite with me’h and my Farmhands in unity so not only may the realms be fed, but our hearts not lost to the loneliness of oppression.” - Elijah of Leuven, speaking to the gathered farmers called to the Leuven inn. ________________________ Upon the morning of the 1st of Malin’s Welcome, the Union of Farmers had been formed within ‘Helbruke, an inn at the crossing’. The Farmhands and Masters of the fields gathering together to assort an organized unionization to not only keep contact between the dwindling business, but to assure safety and humanitarian rights from all Lords who rule them. It is in this Union that not only may the Leuven bunch form a bond through the unity, but trade secrets in the practice. Concluded to the Master Elijah that a set of policies and rules would be enforced for all’s knowledge, such is as followed; 1. All Farmers must refrain from rebellious nature; In a report to tyranny, an issue of complaint must be reported to the Chairman for a meeting to be called before a strike. 2. Any theft of property, pertaining to both the crop as well as grounds it holds, will result in expulsion from the Union, as well as life. 3. Payment is expected in the context of housing and food, if not there is a violation of rights. a. Payment of Mina is acceptable in exception of housing and food, so long at the minimum wage of ten mina per Saint’s week. 4. In the event of temporary injury, no subject of the union is susceptible of termination from their home or profession, they must still be provided for in the event of their break. a. If an injury is faked and investigated as false by the Chairman, this results in expulsion. ____________________________________________ Still in the process of Unionization, there is still a foundation to be built for all. Any looking for work are invited to Leuven as well as its Union, they only need speak to Elijah. Building upon a frontier of the Heartlands, there is humble work that needs humble men – Serve the fields, working under the milky sky. Find purpose in service.
  11. blago


    “Guess we going to war, Isaiah” Elijah would comment to his brother and other Farmer bunch within Leuven, sharpening their pitchforks
  12. Slide to the left, slide to the right

    1. ScreamingDingo


      criss cross

    2. Youngie5500


      Do the cha-cha now.

    3. Rave_Cave_marb


      Please tell me you still have that video

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