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  1. “Much like the three Rebel leaders to the coalition we killed!” Cassius would hum in similar thought, a confused wonder leaving him about the amassing Undead.
  2. Cassius stamps the issued letter, though having no real reason to – He’s just insane. ”This Haense stuff is getting wild.” The Prince would chirp out, getting back to his Father Tiberius spanking him for eating all the pickled eggs.
  3. Blago

    Searching for a boat builder!

    Hi I am good builder
  4. Blago

    Mournstone Writ of Disownment, 1689

    Cassius turns to the young peasant with a disgusted visage, shaking his head vicariously! Remaining tall and stern, he’d draw a club from his belt before clubbing away at his dirtied body with no remorse “Don’t ever talk to me a-again!” He’d stutter at the end, a finishing blow causing a grunt in reaction to the boy’s head exploding into mush.
  5. Blago

    Mournstone Writ of Disownment, 1689

    “This is getting more interesting!” Cassius Horen comments again on the scene, finally taking his leave from the Mournstone grounds.
  6. Blago

    Letter of A.Mournstone, to House Mournstone.

    “How interesting!” Cassius Horen would call in response, staring through the windows of the Mournstone home.
  7. Blago

    haha norland wi com 4 u xD

    haha yes norlan n orcks, u don 4 an as u shake in boots as mi informationatioists say u cri as u know i com 4 u. Hahaha xDDD. bewair norlan as byg bois bak 4 u. u don 4 an u know i gon eat nize cake en u cul casztl
  8. Blago

    The Big Dogs are Back

    Remember when you said you gonna rally 160 to last fight? Don’t disappoint this time!
  9. Blago

    Music and Weapons

    this is epic
  10. Blago

    Counselor Team

    If I had enough rep I would rep this because it’s true
  11. Blago

    Counselor Team

    So, I witnessed a status and it had me thinking. Counselor Team. Imagine being banned, felt like you were wronged, have issues getting through with staff or a certain server conflict that just won’t be answered! Why it sucks, because you and your mineman trauma are all alone. Putting it simply, I believe under moderation should be a Counselor Team there for our players in a way that most staff can't be, or aren’t. Helping them out with ban appeals, formats, etc. The wrongs they may not understand or need guidance with. Make this team, and make me Director. @Tythus Money making idea, Tythus. Don’t let me down.
  12. Blago

    [Event] The Shifting Tear

  13. Blago

    The Season of Hate