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  1. Given Name (and House): Jurgen of House Barclay Year of Birth: 1818 Date of Knighting: 11th of Sun's Smile 184 Rank (Knight-Errant, Knight of the Realm, Redeemer Knight): Redeemer Knight Position of Merit (if applicable): Lands (if applicable): Freimark Purity Seals (if applicable): St. Andrik Are you willing to reaffirm your oath of service?: Aye. Coat of Arms (Blazon or Emblazonment):
  3. "GOD BLESS DU LOC", says Jurgen, fully committed to fighting any man (or half-man) to the death who would dare invade GOD's last sacred country.
  4. "If Yong Ping rejects, it may be the last offer they ever spurn," says Jurgen, soi-distant wise man of diplomacy.
  5. Didn't read the thread bar scanning through the OP, but here are my thoughts: The MC-RP equivalence should stay. It is so much better than the days when people would pull swords out of their arses claiming that they crafted them with 37 emotes while sitting in their apartment 2 days ago. The guards saying "Keep it MCly" are just trying to be nice and not seem like they're stealing pixels. Anyone who betrays the guards' trust on this is a complete piece of shit OOCly. We should try think of a way to deal with this that allows for both (a) the guards to not have to take your items and have them feel guilty, or it be an ordeal for them to return to you later, and (b) the maintenance of the MC-RP equivalence. However, failing any solution which satisfies both requirements, the MC-RP equivalence should be kept, and guards just told to ****** the items with a "nothing personal kid" attitude. Because preventing asspulls is more important than people keeping their pixels, especially now that Nexus is gone and gear is borderline worthless. I might've been mad to have my Sharp 1 60% sword removed from me back in the day, but shit if my regular iron sword is taken, it's no spilled milk. Absolutely not. It is among the most pure and sacrosanct forms of RP. Closed gates are bad, shitty raids are bad, the gate-guard is the sacred figure who stands between good people and both of those wretched things. He is bored, and he is selfless. EDIT: LMAO the verb "sn4tch" is censored because of er... those connotations. Honestly, whoever designed this censorship system has a filthy, filthy mind.
  6. "Oren has suffered dearly in recent events, its rulers ordered to abdicate, and even suffering a great conquest its Pontiff permitted for its sins, and yet the Orenian people still served their faith admirably when it was required of them. This is what Canonist humility looks like. Any man could learn a multitude of lessons from the ISA's conduct today," Jurgen remarked.
  7. "Admirable behaviour from the Orenians. Wonder what happened though; hadn't heard about this at all," Jurgen asks his audience of none!
  8. "Quite the story," Jurgen smiled weakly with a glisten in his eye, thinking back to his own memories of the Prince as he read his obituary in San Luciano. Scratches, tears, blotches of mud and blood, and healing wounds betrayed that he had just returned from the same battle. He had not always seen eye to eye with his liege, and had indeed grown to resent him for a great time, but still the sense of devotion, and awe, he had felt as a young man when he first swore his oaths to House Ashford de Savoie--the memory of that feeling would never leave him. And even despite the death of Obrecht, the aging knight had felt hope and optimism when Savoy had first joined the Empire. A united Humanity could have been in reach. But then the schism, the coup, the excommunications, the war. His head was in a swirl. All this chaos and contradiction, and he'd found himself caught up in the thick of it. In the end, he fought against his Prince on each occasion, and even against the Principality in half. What sense could he make of Renault and his legacy now? He sighed, chucking the paper back towards the boy he'd just bought it off, mumbling something about life being too long by a half as he strode out of the city, wondering was there anything left for him there at all. As he left, he caught a murmur of one "Marshal d'Aryn" having become of the same fate. He kept on his way, pretending he hadn't heard, but his face took on a very different expression as he crossed the city's threshold. Now that was a name he mourn without reservation.
  9. "Hopefully at least in death someone will finally pronounce the poor man's ******* name right." says Jurgen "Fee-on..." he murmurs with a shudder, walking off.
  10. concerning development as a number of users decide to make their feedback posts patreon-exclusives

    1. Polysemic


      Boutta make my comments Patreon exclusives. Wonder how many people will pay for my shit takes

  11. close he was a 6 foot brown hair brown eyes medium build smart rich military man knight with a dark past who beat his wife but was really a kind man on the inside also his fade was ON POINT
  12. if you're interested in any romance rp that can't be carried out in a strictly pg-13 manner, hop off the computer and go for a **** if you still can't, just quit the server before you inevitably end up getting banned for whatever travesties using minecraft roleplay as a sexual outlet leads to
  13. when i was like 12 i wrote a story about herobrine on the minecraft forums mercifully looks like it was wiped despite most posts from that era remaining most of it's still around on the internet cuz randomers copypasted it to other sites, but i dont think u guys will find it
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