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  1. who are you and why do you have more rep than me

    1. Nug


      hi aislin why are you back

    2. Aislin


      hi nuggy, i'm conducting my annual inspection of the forums. Zezimus just linked me an LotC vid from 5 years ago so I had to check the forums out.



    3. LithiumSedai


      James is forum banned but he says hi

  2. wait, for real? @Tythusthis true?
  3. "I've met with a number of 'imams' of this faith before, and none could agree on anything. If they could all agree on this, which I doubt, it'd be the first thing they'd ever united upon. It's clear 'Al-Imam Rashidun' is a faith of convenience, and not THE True Faith." says Ailred.
  4. honestly the server rules make me so WROTH that i'd dump like 10k to buy this shithole but ik tythus won't give it up so easy @Tythus what's ur counter offer, to an aegis OG u can trust???
  5. "The Church has not yet judged the actions of the Orenian soldiers in Elysium. It does not, however, have to judge the actions of Canonist soldiers, for us to determine that Canonist soil remaining under Canonist rule is a good thing. There is nothing more perilous to the salvation of souls than the loss of Canonist land to pagans." Ailred remarks, "Any Canonists who commit atrocities will face justice in time, whether before a secular, ecclesiastical, or indeed, the Divine Judge."
  6. Gospel 5:18-19 18 In his grief, Owyn went into the greatest city of Edel, and reproofed the wicked for seven days, until every servant of Iblees lay dead at his feet, and he collapsed. 19 The Lord saw the penance of Owyn, which was the death of the unrepentant. If there has been one principle that has held true from Creation to the present day, one principle embodied by all four prophets, it is the principle that Canonist land must not be ceded to the heathen. While much ink has been spilt over how those separated from the Church may--in God's infinite mercy--be saved, it is neverthele
  7. why was my thread deleted wtf


    it was just a nice civilised nostalgia thread w a bait-title 

  8. "Thank ****. I'm tired of these hypochondriacs trying to muzzle me every time I go to the store." says Ailred the Anti-Masker.
  9. "A treaty of HERALDRIC ELEMENT and HERALDRIC ELEMENT. My God, can diplomats ever find a new ******* name for their ****? Maybe name it after the place it was signed, or the diplomats who arranged it. Just anything but HERALDRIC ELEMENT and HERALDRIC ELEMENT. Please. Sheesh." says Roland.
  10. "That's Olivier de Savoie, by the way, but aye, I agree that this is troubling indeed. We ought to expand this investigation." says Ailred.
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