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  1. ideally, if i had my way, we'd have an aegis/atlas type system where p much all the map was freebuild. maybe have upkeep fees for perm'd regions, scaled based on size, rather than tiles. let nations decide their borders IRP rather than strictly by some top-down RTS tile nonsense. you could have a system like that even without freebuild tbh, just by sticking one big no-perms region all over the place that smaller regions could override that suggestion aside: if you look back to older maps like anthos, vailor, etc., while my memory is hazy and i believe nations may have played some role in land ownership, whether or not you were a nation was irrelevant 99.99% of the time. nowadays we literally have EU4 government type **** with "lairs", "settlements", "nations" etc., with each tier giving you perks and drawbacks. it's a weird, arbitrary and OOC system that's just so unnecessary. war rules should not care whether or not you're a nation, land ownership should be fluid and not based on arbitrary concepts like tiles(and how you have to be Empire Nation Tier to to buy them), green soulstone pillars should again just be a fee(omg but what if some guy puts one in his dead settlement?!?!?!?! like who cares lmao) and that's just one aspect of a massive de-EU4'ising of the server that needs to take place. we have so many weird OOC systems that just make RP awkward for absolutely zero benefit. but people support it because having these shackles on everything means the status quo is easily maintained--and who do the staff discuss every rule change with? oh right, yes, only current nation leaders, who are obviously not going to want rule changes that could potentially put the stability of their nation in jeopardy
  2. one of the big things is that nation leaders, and indeed nations, should not exist for the vast majority of the server's history, nations were just an IC concept, except at map transfers, when they noted the most active and important to transfer but the entirety of the rest of the time, what was and wasn't a nation was p much irrelevant yet now being an NL basically means being a peudo-GM(something we EXPLICITLY tried to avoid for years) and every 2nd rule mentions nations, turning non-nation entities into fake shitholes the rules barely even acknowledge the existence of. the fact that NLs are basically immortal surely doesn't help, but the fact that these ******* RP constructs are even meaningful things OOCly is stupid as ****. there were plenty of times in the past where oren was like 75% of the playerbase, or at least like 2/3s, and never got the favouritist bullshit even the shittiest of "nations" get right now. the war rules are entirely written around how "nations" can (limp-****) fight other "nations", except for a tiny addendum added by lord telanir after the sedanian shitshow forced him to look at the server for once in 2 years and realise his arbitrary shitfestery didn't quite fit a "dynamic minecraft premium roleplay server". ah, but no matter, some degree of sense lulling him out of his alzheimer-induced forgetfulness and reminding him that the server existed at all before his awful "consensual warfare :DDDD" shite was never any real risk, so the bandaid was applied and that was that. in any case, before that fiasco, the rules didn't even imagine a scenario where a non-nation would war a nation--because how would that ever happen, right??? it's not like that's how literally every major war in server history has been fought, no sir-ee. nothing on this server will matter a damn until we take our hands off the ***** of "nations" and accept that they're IC constructs who the rules should not even ******* recognise in the vast majority of cases, rather than the current situation of basing literally anything and everything around them and on that note, we all hated ghost towns, but activity checks are worse. all they do is create an e-girl class who guilt you into logging on to give the country better metrics. LOTC literally survives off of that ****. how pathetic is that? countries literally live and die off of how well they can guilt-trip their playerbases into logging onto repetitive events. what a marvellous server.
  3. that time when that absolute madman hopped off the bridge, running from like 20 ppl, right onto a boat was def one another one was in elysium and kalos when some guys and i were just casually sailing around exploring the islands, and happened upon an orcish raid on the halflings. this was before you'd just rage @ the gms or smth, so we were terrified and hopped right back in our boats, sailing right back to oren begging for reinforcements to save the halflings another time might be when @MadOneand i were robbing renatian horses, and they caught us right at the very end. the doors of the barracks had already relocked themselves so we couldn't run out the way we came, he hopped onto the walls but mine couldn't, so i switched horses as they were already hitting me, and thank God just barely made it onto the walls of the barracks before they killed me. then we rode off onto the city walls, down some drawbridge stuff onto the bridge, and away off into the sunset. pretty based. when a certain someone decides to alt on my behalf again ig lmao
  4. If we're talking about one singular event, maybe the Battle of Barrowyck, because it ended in us losing a war while the battle itself was totally unplayable. Myself, I got kill-aura'd through a wall while still lagging like crazy. The Savoyards also entered through a tower we were told had been successfully burnt down. And also Tythus TP'd people out of holes we'd dug. That sorta ****. I've had one or two other WCs like that but I don't remember them as well. My first ban was a sub-24 hour ban, abt 3 years after I joined, for "breaking raid rules" when all I had done was run up to the gates of Malinor, after they had just raided us, and then yelled at the closed gates before leaving. Tythus banned me because blah blah Gemmylou was stressed with dealing with so many Orenians(after the poor widdwe Elves modreq'ed 100x for us daring to try to counter-raid) and so he banned every Orenian who was there for even a moment indiscriminately. So we all got unbanned after under a day without a word of apology for that bullshit. Then I got banned in the Fringe for placing a ladder after I fell into a hole during a raid. Except, the rules explicitly allowed that. So I appealed and they ignored it for a month. Then when they finally responded unbanning me, I was instantly banned again for breaking forum rules, even though I hadn't posted on the forums in a month(I had a fair few old forum warnings, but I was still 2 points off a ban, and then suddenly I get 2 points out of nowhere to ban me after not posting for ages). So my ban was extended for the forum ban. Then a year later I alted because I was forum banned. Eventually got caught so ig that counts as another ban? Then I eventually got unbanned and got banned a few years later for duping. And that's all I can remember rn. Although I'm def missing one or two short bans.
  5. the last 5 popes have been my good friend viros my good friend draeris my good friend goldwolf my good friend repl1ca and my good friend pureimp it's all rigged you remember me winning* forum battles since you were 12 1. I could be lazy and just list a million ones from Aegis, but in more recent times: The Siege of Whatever Nether-Realm Setherien lived in during the Fringe. It was really hands-off for the most part. The staff left a bunch of mob-spawners around that spammed mobs like crazy. We'd slowly advance, build cobblestone walls to preserve our progress, and break the spawners as we reached them. Also did some cool RP to replace some grr evil grr crystal thing that aided the Harbringers with some Xanite protective stuff, which doesn't sound cool, but it was only possible because we'd advanced to that point entirely unsupervised through our own PvE courage and grit. It felt really dynamic and cool. There was also a cool Decterum-OSL rivalry at the time as to who was pulling the weight there for Oren. The Felsen Coup was ******* legendary. Weeks of slow build-up but in the end completely spontaneous, with no OOC plans at all from either side. Things just naturally unfolded as they did every step of the way, and it was really ******* cool. The Axionite Coalition had a lot of cool stuff going on. The Savoyard Martyrdom, Kaldwin or Chaw(??? sorry guys idk why but I always mix you up) hopping off a bridge onto a passing boat with 0 coordination James Bond style, Oren being defeated in battle for the first time in years and later toppled by outside forces for the first time... ever. It was just a really cool and exciting time. Following on from that, and to refocus on pure RP since the former includes PVP etc.(which I see as RP to an extent tbh), the Westerlands had some of the most fun events I've ever been involved with on the server. The ET at the time, through a mix of CRP and PvE events created probably the only artificial(as in run by ET rather than players) eventline I've ever enjoyed as much as real inter-player politics on the server. Each event was sweaty as ****, and you always felt the impending doom at every step of the way. It gave off real apocalyptic vibes in a way nothing did for me since the Undead in Aegis(who'd just attack and destroy towns spontaneously, mine first,--imagine that now lol). And the way the rest of the server got involved to help in their own ways, and the dynamic of us racist anti-magic Westerlanders having to accept their help to survive... it created really interesting RP. 2. It has to be the Kingdom of Oren. Main reason is that I only ever really dreamed of being NL when I was brand new to the server, and at that time it was the Kingdom of Oren. That title will always hold a special place in my heart too, especially because I always just happened to get on a lot better in Oren whenever it was a kingdom too. I've never wanted to be NL since now that I realise how much hassle it is, and it's A LOT more hassle than it was in 2011, so I've never had any desire to be NL anywhere else since. 3. So hard to answer, I've forgotten so many skins and I hate choosing favourites besides. I will say that the Renatian Knight skin you wear around, which is a reimagining of the OG 2012 Order of the Lion skin, is definitely top tier and one of the coolest I've seen for sure. 4. It was a crazy coincidence really. I hadn't played in months, I logged on in Helena right in the middle of a huge rally, and just ran along with them, not knowing what was happening. I was a hair's breadth away from fighting with them. But I msg'd Niccum and his words, combined with my annoyance at how everyone had accepted a literal ******* child-Emperor-murderer-usurper as their God-Emperor without resistance, led me to run off from that rally to join the rally at Ves. I also thought more of my friends were on the Orenian side. I regretted it pretty soon after though as I realised the Renatian side were a lot more chill. I never switched sides, and I rallied for Oren right until the very end even in suicidal battles, but I did that out of not wanting to be seen as a turncoat, and all throughout the war a lot of the Renatians(especially the Flays) respected me as one of the few people who didn't screech at them and tried to balance controversial things reasonably. I was even invited to **** like the Happy Frog, which was all Renatians, afterwards because of that, and Dewper dismantling House Horen(which was a big reason I preferred the Orenian side--**** Horen) sealed that for me. So yeah, I regret it a lot. 5. I saw that proposal a couple weeks ago, although as I heard the guy behind those resigned, so idk if they're even gonna coma to pass or not. In any case, they're a massive improvement over the current ones, but I'd still prefer the old ones we had. These current rules let you declare war for any reason, but still keep the consequences of war fairly small. I'd rather it be that we need a good CB to declare war, but that once we have it, we can demand pretty much whatever. Declaring 10 wars over however many months as a claimant to the Orenian throne is uh, weird, to say the least. 1. I haven't really accomplished much, or tried to for that matter. But I remember one time during the War of Twp Emperors bitching to Dewper(on an alt that I didn't know was him; he was LARPing as an inquisitive noob) about how retarded "House Horen" is as a concept and how one of the major reasons I preferred Oren was because Yoppl had disbanded it. Then after Renatus won, Dewper disbanded Horen in a similar fashion and PM'd me right after. I like to think I influenced that in some way. **** HOUSE HOREN. Literal "House Adam and Eve"/"House Jesus" tier ****. 2. I really don't tbh. I go inactive a lot, especially nowadays. But for me the main thing is: I like seeing change, how the world evolves, and I like thinking back on how I witnessed that. What might've seemed like a really inconsequential affair at the time can end up having huge impacts, and the thought that you witnessed it and played your own small part is cool as ****. That's always been the main reason why I've logged in. One of the main reasons I took up political and then Church RP in Oren is because they seemed like the last avenues where you could witness some real change. Before that I was always happy to be a lowly guard, because I never cared about causing the change myself, only witnessing it--and I could, in a time when wars were relevant and common.
  6. my problem with fear RP is it makes my character look like a ***** but since all my characters are self-inserts, that means i'm a ***** how do i protect my fragile sense of masculinity if i roleplay realistically???
  7. was abt 10 and a half when I joined here now I'm nearing on double that also im really bored tonight and ive finally gotten forum unbanned so yh ask whatever and gimme rep cheers
  8. What was the name of your character in the FOA again


  9. who are you and why do you have more rep than me

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  10. wait, for real? @Tythusthis true?
  11. honestly the server rules make me so WROTH that i'd dump like 10k to buy this shithole but ik tythus won't give it up so easy @Tythus what's ur counter offer, to an aegis OG u can trust???
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