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  1. As a Forum Historian, this is unconscionable. If the admin Pepsi fund ever runs low, please get in touch with me before making such rash decisions. Spasiba (Raevir for thank you :D).
  2. staff members running around in godmode when they don't need it is unbelievably cringe and it should be reprimandable at best it's a cringe flex, at worst you have them saying "woopsie" after 20 mins of pvp'ing with it on
  3. unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings.

    soaring, tumbling, freewheeling,
    through an endless diamond sky

  4. "Article I is fair, the rest belong in the fires of Hell," says Aetirix Barclay, CHILD OF HOREN.
  5. A wise old Waldenian knows this was that miracle Otto was canonised for.
  6. Matin Derfey awakes in the morning, heart racing, and looks around the room in horror, the actions of his vespertine alter-ego fresh yet hazy in his mind like a nightmare all-too-real.
  7. chinese reached taipei this morning but they forgot to modreq first

    1. TreeSmoothie


      Rookie mistake, they didn't even emote for breaking locks or raid ladders

  8. this. this will def one of the most ridiculous rule changes the server's ever had if implemented
  9. malicious players are just gonna use xray. can't prevent that. in any case, /sneak'd players' names are invisible thru walls. @ op: I personally think seeing both names would just take up too much screen space, so I think smth like this should be toggleable. Good idea tho
  10. this just shows how OOC and retarded raids are now. if ppl just wanna do little pvp practice skirms then sure but that isn't roleplay. maybe instead of giving a 20 min notice to meta-rally, go there and rp for 20 mins instead. instead of running into town "*draws swords* ((PVP LOCK))" you could go in and individually hold citizens at swordpoint, imprison them, etc. kill some, capture others, maybe just rob them etc. the usual (valid) excuse for not doing that is that meta-rallying is annoying and gets even worse when you have to wait til everyone's """ready""" and then call a GM magistrate to adjudicate, but if you're already exposing yourself to metarally nonsense regardless than i see no reason not to roleplay on a roleplay server. to be clear i'm not blaming you or yours, or raiders in general, for how batshit raids are. that's the result of absolutely mindbogglingly terrible rules down the years. just pointing out how dumb it's gotten.
  11. Notice before raids is the dumbest thing ever. Think you guys can pack up and forget about this whole "dyNaMiC rOlEpLaY" thing. I am literally the only person who can fix PVP at this point. The rest of you cannot even comprehend the idea of a conflict system that isn't either (a) no conflict (thanks Elves) or (b) filling out a 3-page bureaucratic waiver and submitting it to your local DMV GM to obtain the privilege of pulling your teeth out ohne Betäubung for the next 3 ******* years.
  12. i refuse to believe anyone who isn't a paid shill calls it X
  13. i wanna see how u guys would respond to this poll i got off twitter
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