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  1. any juxtaposition of morphemes can be a racial slur with the right attitude


  2. hahahaha he made you a HAENSER @GoodGuyMatt it's over
  3. "Congratulations to the soon-to-be Baron of Guise," Stanimar wishes.
  4. "Wait, what happened to Teft?" asks a man very much out of the loop.
  5. lmao wtf did I just read probably the most philosophical and profound shitpost I've ever read
  6. Minecraft elections become really unfun when anything's actually at stake. Dwarves aren't a democracy at all. A handful of guys voting someone in for life (which is no different to what humans do with the High Pontiff) is not the same as everyone voting regularly. Both (a) everyone voting (and the OOC canvassing, issues with counting, etc. that causes), and (b) regularity of elections (meaning you're rarely not in "election mode" and stressing over blockgame) make an actual democracy unfun and unviable for reasons that don't affect a normal elective monarchy.
  7. "Ultimatum sent to the Church immediately followed by a civil war. Now just wait 'til you hear what the Prince of Sedan's wife's been up to."
  8. "Kidnapping a Queen cat is illegal in Haense but kidnapping a Nordish Queen isn't. What a strange country," remarks Stanimar 'the Savoyard' Barclay, expert in Haeseni case law.
  9. "So the Petrans are describing their own country as godless now, and reliant on foreign missionaries to stop them mixing 'strange and corrupt practices' and to cure their 'lack of faith'? And not only this, not only do they advertise their blatant apostasy to the world, but they demand their own Archbishopric and the right to appoint their own Archbishop, when their heathenrous rabble can't even produce a single man of faith? Pathetic," responds Stanimar.
  10. "The eternal ******* HAENSER," Stanimar declares.
  11. "They could've established a neutral authority with figures from each nation, to ensure impartiality, but instead they drafted this piece of already-used-chamberpot-paper to demonstrate to the world the sheer lack of regard is paid their demonic tormenters. It's clear that at least one, but probably more, of the signatories are Azdrazi or Azdrazi-Harbourers, and that this treaty is worth less than the paper its authors shat upon. May GOD damn them all," Stanimar concludes.
  12. "Right, however, the Kingdom of Haense does not devolve foreign policy to its vassals, and it's not clear how an invasion of a long-time ally and recent tributary without a Royal Sanction constitutes a betterment of the Realm. Had the King given his seal of approval first, there'd be no cause for controversy here. As it stands, the Crown will surely need to clarify the limits of this apparent ability for vassals to act with an independent character as to foreign affairs."
  13. "Fake news. Azdrazi don't die," says Stanimar.
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