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  1. argonian

    Safety Team

    Man's backpedalling so hard I think he just ******* time travelled
  2. Duarte’s neighbour nods along to his words, replying, “While I do think the ensign’s deserving of a promotion, this proposal as a whole seems dishonest from Duke Sunholdt’s part. It’s clearly a plan to build his house a personal army disguised as a division of the Imperial Legion.”
  3. argonian

    New Year New World

    inb4 the inevitable arguments of “hurr durr 500 ghost forts”, completely ignoring that that’s what happens every permed map too. But that makes this the best time to give us specifics. What’s the point in waiting until it’s too late for feedback? It risks being like Axios all over again.
  4. not really sure anyone cares if people smuggle wooden swords out, unbreaking or not. what are they gonna do – have convenient training sessions? oh the horror
  5. “Why is this in the OOC section)) an individual who may be james2k or may be his character responds, confused as to whether this is an RP post or OOC considering the other responses
  6. wtf i never said any of that
  7. Yeah so instead of having local blacksmiths like you said, instead you just have these few huge grinders who supply/sell to everyone while the majority of players are utterly useless. Fantastic. Messaging darksalvo on Skype to make me and the boys some sets of armour because none of us can do it ourselves is truly the pinnacle of RP. And how exactly is this bandits’ heaven? Back in the days of Nexus PVP gear, a couple well armed bandits(or even just shittily armed bandits on horseback) could take out the entire town guard and win fights massively outnumbered. Now the playing field is levelled so that people who don’t spend all day gathering loot still have a chance – but that’s bandits’ heaven somehow???
  8. ((IGN)): james2k Name: Tylos Age: 21 Affiliated Nation: Haelin’or
  9. Nobody bothered with the local blacksmith regardless. Each nation/group picked their couple of grinders who they’d funnel resources into to get them up to Aengulic as fast as possible, and every other player was SOL. Good luck trying to rank up in blacksmithing as a random guy when you needed thousands upon thousands of mina worth of iron, and you had no way of earning all that money since you were too **** to sell your crafts. Meanwhile the state-sponsored blacksmiths got all their resources for free and laughed their way to the bank(before dying of a blood clot from sitting in front of their PC for 3 weeks straight no-lifing the grind). After they let you allocate skill-points it got better, but then people just started using multiple personas to be a jack-of-all-trades, making the whole idea of the plugin fairly pointless. The local “baker”’s job consisted of handing out food to the poor guys going ((food please)) every 2 minutes. Thrilling RP there.
  10. argonian

    [Your View] Coups

    Well then the no outside allies rule needs to be clear and enforced. If it’s spontaneous some guys being hired is one thing, but if it’s booked a week in advance then 400 people WLL show up if they’re allowed.
  11. argonian

    [Your View] Coups

    In terms of LOTC mechanics, no, because no WC takes place, etc. Irl the lines between a battle and a hostile seizure are a lot more fluid and just depend on how much resistance there is, but here even if the defenders put up a good fight and make it a huge 60v60 or whatever, it's still not a WC or a war by LOTC rules or mechanics.
  12. A pending recruit to the Order would sigh upon hearing of his would-be Grandmaster’s death, looking over wistfully to the charred and smoky slums.
  13. argonian

    [Your View] Coups

    No man they definitely mean coups. Civil wars are conventional wars just within a country, we have these all the time using normal wars rules. Side A controls City A, Side B controls City B. Their armies face off in battle, the winner goes to siege the other side’s city. This thread is about coups as in – the military storm the palace and capture the government, declaring martial law.
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