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  1. "And then Tobias XVI was declared God-Emperor of the Holy Courlandic Empire." Ailred notes.
  2. "Now that's a Barclay Bargain." says Ailred Barclay.
  3. Ailred prays to St. Nafis Yar(pbuh) for the conversion of his people.
  4. "That's a man who never compromised once on his ideals." Ailred says of the martyr.
  5. "Blood for Barclay." Ailred murmurs.
  6. Ailred just sighs upon hearing the news, too tired to feel anything but world-weary after such a day.
  7. Conrad Barclay shows his old boss new and exciting ways of rigging elections in the Seven Skies.
  8. is there a CA or something also r there any kha skins going or do i have to pay some local kha skin expert
  9. "You speak of political affairs tainting the Church, and then you justify the calls for the deposition of a Pontiff by saying political leaders support it. I support King Heinrik's call for a diet because a Canonist ruler has a right to be heard, to represent the interests of his people before the Church, but questioning the legitimacy of a Pontiff and offering implicit support for his removal based off of your understanding of rulers' desires is the definition of political interference in the Church. The Church will carry out the diet in accordance with Her laws and customs. The n
  10. Ailred knows the difference between veneration and worship, and quoted two documents which both refer to the latter.
  11. Ailred attaches a piece of paper torn from his pocket-guide to the ORC to the local noticeboard: "803.037 - The Seventh Law of Magicka, where an individual is forbidden to actively worship the daemonic being contrarian to the Canonist Imperial State."
  12. "You'd think they'd ask the Patriarch of Jorenus to call a Jorenite Diet." Ailred muses.
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