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  1. we should make subrace choices mandatory tbh they used to be like what is a "human" or an "elf" idk i dont want to discourage new applicants but i dont think it did in the days before they could choose "none of the above" either. as long as, once they're writing an app, they can view an easy guide to all the drop down options available (or even just tooltips, shit), they'd pick one. without an issue that said, and on the other hand, we should have far less "pending-denied" apps than rn. idk the details there but if this suggestion would **** w that, then ignore it. but also focus on getting that figure way down. and that doesn't just mean spamming them with more PMs - but also seeing where pendings/denials were too strict, etc.
  2. "God I love women," states a Reinmaren who loves women, and God, of course.
  3. i don't think orcs should have a monopoly on height. tbh orcs should be shorter - cuz orcs are already broader and more muscular. high elves should be lanklets, wood elves can be manlets if they want but it's still weird, and dark elves, well, they're already totally mixed up culturally so who even knows with them anymore. but high elves are 100% meant to be a lanklet race. and elves based on any non-lotc setting are meant to be hyper-lanklets, so if not high elves then who?
  4. didnt like any options. why did i have to expand the lower limit to have elves actually able to be tall? 6'6 as a max height is a joke. elves are supposed to tower above humans
  5. "St. Daniel of Al'khazar is the only King I serve," nods a wise elder human, named Gary, wisely.
  6. to join the server you have to apply i mean to be WS you don't, but who tf makes a forum account before logging in as a wandering soul? Do you really think ~53,376 people did that? I said 80-90% were bots, and I think 10,600 creating a forum account before logging in as a wandering soul, for whatever reason, and then never applying, is a very generous figure.
  7. if we banning irl discriminatiom can we stop calling the evil cultists "xionists"?

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      though my bladder needs to pee, public toilets are not free

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      but its spelled with a x 

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      but xionism isnt evil...

  8. You have to reach page 1978 to find a user with a single post, when ordered by post count (sadly not by chronological order too). page 912 to get the first user with 2 posts and 253 for the first with 10 posts What's the point of this post? I was just curious how many bot accounts we have - which is probably like 80-90% (figure out of my ass) of the accounts with 0 posts. But then I got curious too who ever made a single post besides their application (or status update asking how to make one). And it's also sorta interesting that we have under 253 pages of users who've ever made 10 posts (or maybe that's still a ton, being like 6k users if I've done the maths right - but consider that tons of those are nation/guild accounts, or other alts).
  9. I think what I'm trying to do is encourage caution over any rule changes with extremely broad consequences on what's RP-able. Like earlier in this thead I was accused of hyperbole and the slippery-slope fallacy for the "gay genderfluid half-orc High Pontiff" line, but that would have to be allowed with this rule change (except maybe the half-orc part, since orcs aren't real, but you can be the one to explain why "miscegenation is bad actually" when someone makes a thread about how that upsets them irl). Because again, as much as people try to dance back and forth here, the argument is not about allowing gay characters to exist, but about banning discrimination against them, by nations, the Church, etc. - with the reasoning that this is a form of discrimination which exists IRL and is thereby upsetting, and so naturally to be in any way consistent or fair you would have to extend such bans to other forms of discrimination deemed unkosher in the real world. Obvious ones are sexuality, gender identity, disability, medical history, but you could potentially even extend it to religious or philosophical beliefs. So then the outcome of that is total social and legal equality for all protected classes within RP, whether your group is a nation or a non-nation (wouldn't affect the Church otherwise, defeating the point). But that non-nation part especially could make it very very silly quite fast. If you were RP'ing an antagonist, you'd have to do it like that Onion sketch of "man plots to assassinate President Obama, but not because he's black or anything". You guys can go do what you want but my thoughts on it based on the above and other things I've already addressed are: (1) it's a very dodgy principle and you'd have to be careful when rule-crafting if this is to go ahead, (2) I find it hypocritical how "it's a medieval setting!" is used as a beating stick against things like cannons or guns but is discarded entirely in discussions like these, and (3) I suspect a large portion of people in favour of this don't actually want to ban IRL discrimination in RP (see: High Elves), but simply have a general distaste for human RP, culture, and lore, and would happenly see non-IRL forms of discrimination like anti-magery be forcibly eliminated too.
  10. This is literally any racism ever. Aryans weren't the master race because they had blonde hair and blue eyes, but such an appearance was seen to be an indicator of a pure Aryan ancestry. "High Elves aren't an NS-LARP dude. We just coincidentally assess pure ancestry based on the exact same characteristics and spent years wearing SS skins." At least you said "blood and mind" and not "blood and soil", although I'm not sure if implying darker skin correlates with a worse mind is any better.
  11. Their whole schtick is that they're pure because they're blonde and white lol. It's not hyperbole though. I'm not making the argument that "same-sex marriage" = "genderfluid High Pontiff" - but if you read the arguments being made in the thread, it's that people shouldn't have to face discrimination which could occur in the real world against their characters. And you do agree that it's discrimination to say "you can't be a priest because you're transgender", right? Or that it's bigoted to intentionally refer to someone with the wrong pronouns? So then, if the King of Haense has a sex-change, and your character refers to him her as "the King" rather than "the Queen", that is an IRL form of bigotry being roleplayed, and therefore not allowed. So under these terms it would indeed be necessary to treat people as equals regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, or any other IRL grounds for prejudice in roleplay. Which I'm not saying is a bad thing in-and-of-itself (i.e. so long as it's coherent and not taken to absurd extremes like "rich characters can't bully poor ones"), but which I used to demonstrate the hypocrisy that High Elves can do high-key ethnostate RP but humans come under fire for anything. As for those other forms of discrimination: legal rights are a bust, after all the whole debate is about the legal right to marriage in roleplay. Sanctity of life? If you mean "killing people is bad", then there's no grounds for discrimination among any of the main races or religions on the server, but if you want to talk about abo- let's not. As for religious freedom, religious discrimination is absolutely something people suffer from and are even murdered for IRL, so even that's a dodgy one - these may be fictional religions but someone who's a pagan IRL could feel persecuted if their pagan character is, and someone who's a Muslim IRL may feel that persecution of Al-Rashidun hits too close to home, Canonism and like any major branch of Christianity, etc. So this stance of "prejudice which can occur IRL and bring up traumas must just be banned" is a very broad statement. Definitely should be true in cases, but as a general rule it bans almost everything. Wasn't accusing you in particular of that but it was very clear in a number of comments that that wouldn't satisfy them. I don't think we do. Canonism's theological points are based on its own scripture, which sure were influenced by IRL in that the guys who wrote it exist in the real world, but no one is making arguments from the Bible. As an aside, one of the guys who wrote the Scrolls is gay irl and actually realised they'd purely serendipitously included nothing anti-homosexuality in the Scrolls when MissToni brought the topic into the limelight a few years ago. Big debate about it at the time, with there being nothing in the Scrolls against homosexuality per se, but with them condemning any kind of extra-marital sex, and with an implication that marriage is to "be frutiful and multiply". So at the time Viros spitballed creating a sacrament for same-sex unions, both platonic and romantic (because it can't be a sin in Canonism to merely express romantic love for someone, only whether same-sex marriages could exist was unclear). And I agreed with the proposal. Didn't happen in the end, but whatever you think of the decision-making process, it was based on what's stated in the Scrolls and the theology surrounding it. And the Church has made a number of doctrinal changes based on such exegesis. Does this even happen though? Who actually goes around hunting gay characters? The only big scandal I remember is when a prince had a homosexual affair - but like it's a prince and it's an affair, it's gonna be a scandal either way. Rules against behaviour which would make players uncomfortable, however hard they might be to word, are appropriate. But rules banning IRP prejudice (that is, total legal and social equality for any protected classes irl, since that what it amounts to) will have a lot of implications to deal with which I don't think people are actually confronting themselves with. I mean two gay elves in a human city would be insulted and treated as weirdo heathens with freakish practices. That's a far cry from being treated equally, or with respect.
  12. you're only proving how ridiculous it is. high elves are literally allowed to call dark elves the n-word and LARP as nazis (it's ok though; they accept uncle toms?), but if canonism doesn't have any gay genderfluid half-orc saints, the mods NEED to intervene. Also humans are also punished by staff for anti-elf racism. i recall huge whining and a few bans over it in savoy and it hasn't really been attempted since. such a ridiculous double standard. and most of the people commenting LARPing that they just want the canonist church to institute same-sex marriage are lying through their teeth in that they actually want it to cease to exist entirely. you can see it through the backhanded insults (and downright smears) and lamentations that it controls human culture itt. So let's be honest about the desired outcome here: 21st century irreligiosity, 21st century standards on human rights/moral norms, but no you cannot use 14th century cannons how dare you (unless it's powered by magic) would love to hear thoughts from someone itt who has a vision for the type of setting they think this server should be that doesn't boil down to "discard all human culture and lore, and rp like my druid friends instead". it's exactly that attitude that allows you guys to give high elves a free pass here and even celebrate it when they goose-step, while any rp bigotry among humans (be it based on a real one, or anti-magic etc) is condemned. there was even a guy on here the other day talking about how humans were oocly horrible people for not accepting darkstalkers lmaooo
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