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  1. junar was world team admin and when they raided his discord it was like WACO all over again man. the wt are quiet about that stuff these days...
  2. "May 3rd 2023", Samuel the Savoyard, fifth of his name, thinks to himself, telekinetically apologetic for not posting sooner or something idk.
  3. couple things (1) the polite thing to do would be to announce where the build came from and link the video, even if it was paid for; (2) we have pics going around alleging to show that the creator DID NOT approve and, while these may be faked, some comment from whoever oversaw this would be nice idk dude i'm not going around calling (whoever the **** was in charge of the temp map; i honestly don't know) the child of satan, but to everyone citing this: that's clearly Mojang saying that THEY might use your work for marketing and that stuff about "it may be used in a way you don't like" is just warning players that others WILL use their content if it's made public; it's not an endorsement of doing that. no, i do not believe LOTC will be sued if it's used this guy's stuff without his permission, but that's not the issue here. i don't think @Slorbin or the YouTuber filed a lawsuit against the server, or that it'd be successful if they did. but that isn't the issue. the issue is that it's cringe and makes us all look bad if the server did use some guy's build without his permission, so we're all like "WTF????" and wanna see what's up. so you guys can spare us the shitty attempts at lawyering. you aren't attornies and this case will never reach the supreme court; you can relax
  4. I took a pill in Almaris To show the Haensers I was cool And when I finally got sober, felt ten years older But **** it, it was something to do I'm fighting in the Warclaim I man a cannon just to prove I'm a real big baller 'cause I made a million minas And I spend it on maidens I choose
  5. TO RECOGNIZE THE STANDARD BEARERS OF CANONISM A petition for the veneration of their late Majesties the Kings of Aaun and Balian respectively, penned by REDACTED, concluded at SAVOYARD AND SONS and delivered to the Curia of the Holy Mother Church on the 1st of Harren’s Folly, Anno Orenii 1925. “But see, the Lord provides: where the virtuous are cast out of this world, He gathers them in the Skies.” (Gospel 5:41-42) To His Holiness the High Pontiff, Sixtus V, and the Curia of the Holy Mother Church, greetings; While it may have thankfully, given time, become a distant memory, it still remains a painful fact that our Holy Mother Church suffered a most grave insurrection and near schism in recent times: when the rulers of Petra, Sedan and Haense sent an ultimatum to God’s Church in retribution for its investigations in Sedan regarding the then Prince Frederick II’s alleged assured Azdrazism, and threatened the Holy Mother Church with destruction should it not comply. At this time, for but a moment, the Holy Mother Church appeared to be in grave danger. The majority of Canonist states had turned against Her, and accosted Her with malicious intentions. In this moment, whereas there was voiced opposition everywhere, the Canonist world came to know in specific two true bulwarks of religious orthodoxy: King Charles of Aaun and King Alexander of Balian. Both of these men knew full well that they could not win a war against their adversaries should it come to such and knew, as a result, that their lives, those of their subjects, and the peace maintained in their realms were at stake. And yet both men, regardless of these odds, stood with the Holy Mother Church in Her time of need, remaining committed to Her defense. At this time, they put their trust not in their armies, in neither their cannons, bows nor swords, but instead totally and firmly in their Lord and God. And indeed, their great faith was rewarded. The ink had barely dried on the traitorous document as had war erupted in Petra. Constanz, the Archduke of Petra, was immediately outed as a subversive figure, and revealed to have been mongering for war against nations and institutions (such as the Church) which ought to have been her friends. The Archduchess rebuked him, begged God for forgiveness, and crushed that degenerate wormtongue in holy combat. At the same time, the Prince of Sedan lost his lofty seat and was forced to vassalise under Petra just to remain in power; the city and people which he had abandoned soon enough reclaimed and catered to by a proven, pious branch of his house. The King of Haense, for his own part, withdrew his support for the ultimatum, and accepted peaceful negotiations with the Church, later informing His Holiness the then High Pontiff Pontian IV that he had only signed the document so he could influence it and prevent an outright schism. As we can see, all three signatories of the ultimatum were either humbled or converted. God acted against each and every soul who opposed Him and His Church, and had them repent were they willing, or punished them were they not. And while these merciful acts were acts of God and God alone, the human participation in them cannot be understated. Our God is not a God who spectates and sits silent; He acts in our world, glorifying the just and humbling the iniquitous. Our God’s persecution of those who opposed him, His making them incapable of declaring their bloody war against the faithful of Aaun and Balian for their grave crime of fidelity, was an acknowledgement that these kingdoms and their rulers were holy and righteous. Charles and Alexander had successfully led their people against iniquity, as is the true role of all rulers, of all leaders. With certainty it can be said that these two men were exemplary Canonist rulers, who acted not only for the worldly concerns of their subjects, but who bravely protected their faith, even in the face of grave odds. These men did not cower or falter, because their faith in God was stronger than any army that could ever have been set against them. Their faith was so strong that their people willingly followed them in this defiance, even as peril loomed. And for it, God humbled their enemies and showed each and every one of us how a model Canonist is to act. It is for these reasons that we (my CANONIST law firm and our undisclosed clients) believe these virtuous and pious kings of Canondom ought to be venerated and revered, so that their example may teach the kings and commonfolk of the future how to act in dignity and faith. God bless you all, Samuel V. Savoyard, Attorney-at-Law, Proud CANONIST.
  6. devastated today to learn OnlyFriends is copyrighted and my business idea is ruined

  7. i think we need like a staff hunger games where the losers all have to resign or rp in krugmar as punishment
  8. a higher % of world team members have been TOS banned than any other team there's something about placing and breaking blocks in minecraft that turns you into a real sick **** n i wanna avoid a repeat absolute block power corrupts absolutely
  9. just logged onto minecraft and generated a world in 10 seconds


    make me world admin cheers

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Laeonathan


      bro claiming mojangs work. I think Ill call my lawyer.

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      bro did u know that Almaris was blatantly stolen from the WorldPainter software????

    4. argonian


      I'll have you know that I invested $10 in Mojang in 2010 for use of this generation service.


      Accounting for the increase in valuation between Alpha and today, that's like 1 bajillion dollars of liquidity I generated for them. I DESERVE this.

  10. I didn't even know staffs had members. edit: staves!
  11. why do we always have to ruin temp maps with obnoxious regioning and plugins. just put ppl on a survival world and tell them to go break blocks and build shitty little huts sorta memey and ooc but you can't have super serious RP on such a short map anyway, so might as well give ppl smth to do instead of boring them with le epic dollhouse
  12. "SerenityOnyx has gone TOO FAR this time," Stanimar calls out as an arrow strikes him in the throat and ends him.
  13. only two things in this life are inevitable: /d40 and tile upkeep

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