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  1. "In the field of international relations, a sphere of influence (SOI) is a spatial region or concept division over which a state or organisation has a level of cultural, economic, military or political exclusivity. While there may be a formal alliance or other treaty obligations between the influenced and influencer, such formal arrangements are not necessary and the influence can often be more of an example of soft power. Similarly, a formal alliance does not necessarily mean that one country lies within another's sphere of influence. High levels of exclusivity have historically been associated with higher levels of conflict. In more extreme cases, a country within the 'sphere of influence' of another may become a subsidiary of that state and serve in effect as a satellite state or de facto colony," says Stanimar.
  2. I unequivocally disavow the Ruskan special military operation in Norland and their mobilisation of conscripted Waldenian soldiers.
  3. "Wait, we have a Social Services office?" Stanimar asks, wondering if Minitz has spec'd into the Social Welfare Payments technology.
  4. just found out the queen's dead

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      Lizzie’s in a box🇮🇪

  5. "I was being arrested for practicing law without an attorney's licence, when suddenly an apparition of Johann Barclay appeared. When I pointed at it, the guards were distracted just long enough for me to make my escape. Truly a blessed Saint." - Samuel T. Savoyard III
  6. "On behalf of the House of Barclay zu Minitz, I wish to congratulate the Kortreivich Bull on his virility, however I must remind him that such a lifestyle is sinful and in stark contrast with Canonist doctrines of marriage and conjugal relations. As his brother in Horen, I advise he mend his ways and seek a priest. Regards, Stanimar Barclay."
  7. "The buxom elven maidens who kidnapped Hannes send us his correspondences from time to time," Stanimar says aloud, for no reason at all, because it's not like he can read minds or anything.
  8. "FOA stands for Follower of Alija, by the way," a learned Minitzer adds.
  9. scumbags rly it's not cricket
  10. "Shouldn't it be Her Princessly Grace," Stanimar asked of his good friend Alexandrus Linguisticus. "No," the learned linguist advised, "It just isn't convention." "**** convention. I want sex to be respected, if a duchess is not a duke, why is a princess a princely grace?" Stanimar protested. "Cope and seethe," his faithful advisor responded.
  11. or alternatively whoever last mans the gate can open it when they leave it, and ppl who get caught from 2am-5am can cope and seethe
  12. it is i think like who cares if you make a page? no one will see it unless other pages reference it, and if other pages reference your character, it means they were significant to at least some extent
  13. No one goes to the Wiki for lore and you'd be pretty dumb to, because the forums serve you it in a way that you know will be up-to-date since that's where the ST actually handle it. The nature of subforums lends itself to better organisation than the Wiki could do it too. Would be an absolutely gigantic waste of time and energy tbh. Lorewise the Wiki should just have basic information needed to apply for the server + historical stuff IMO. Keeping up-to-date with all the magic and CA stuff would be shovelling snow in a blizzard for little reward.
  14. "At this point I should clarify that 'von Minitz' is an adopted name and that Petsch and Hannah are NOT, in fact, related," Stanimar clarifies hurriedly @Petsch2k
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