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  1. “THE KING?!?!?!!?!?!?” a concerned Hansetian exclaims.
  2. Tylos Barclay and his new friend in the Seven Skies, St. Rio ‘Coconuts’ Therving, would smile down at his house’s success. Conrad Barclay drifts off to sleep in Varoche Hall.
  3. Agreed. It’d be such a simple, easy rule change too yet it’d cause a massive improvement in RP. How it currently is, the emote is literally just voided entirely for all intents and purposes. I went from shanking you in the back with you not even knowing I’m there, to both of us fully armoured facing off from 10 feet away. How the **** did this happen, we should be asking. But we don’t, because nowadays we accept PVP being completely OOC and divorced from RP as just the way of things. We shouldn’t. Just add a nice simple rule that “All emotes must be responded to and resolved before PVP can be called”, and you fix that whole problem just like that. Basically with the click of a finger. There are tons of problems on LOTC with no easy solutions, but this isn’t one of them.
  4. actually i will expand on this a bit because it is a major reason why no one bothers with villainy rp so you and your buddy mug a guy, you draw your weapons and ask him to hand over his cash. it should be simple, it used to be simple. if he says no, you ******* stab him. simple as. but nowadays, you have to call pvp default and wait till both sides are ready before you start your countdown. sounds reasonable, you can see why this was introduced vs just being clicked at all of a sudden like before. but the problem is, there’s nothing stopping people stalling for as long as they like. and for whatever reason, they always will. you have to deal with them insisting they’re not ready, even as they stand there armoured up and hopping around. then their friends try to join and you have to screenshot who was there when you yelled “PVP lock!”, and maybe even call a GM to enforce it. and then after 10 minutes of this back and forth OOC bullshit, the fight finally starts and lasts 10 seconds. if you’re lucky, you take his loot and run out of there glad that you at least got 10 seconds of fun for 10 minutes of that horror. but you won’t be lucky. in the 10 minutes of OOC back and forth bullshit, the entire town came to spectate. and while, at the GM’s intervention, they didn’t intervene during the fight, now that it’s over they’re free to. so you’re dead, buddy bingo. and that’s why no one will ever bother with that kind of villainy. it doesn’t even have to be directly violent villainy either. even a pick-pocketing or whatever can turn into a fight and then you have to deal with that. and non-violent villainy is actually worse, because if you aren’t the one initiating the fight, then you don’t get to decide when PVP lock happens – allowing them to meta rally with impunity. Easy solution to this is to just stop allowing players to say they aren’t ready for no reason. If one side calls PVP and the other side wants to stop an immediate /cooldown, they should have to give a real reason why they aren’t ready(e.g need to change settings, etc.) and then they can take one minute(no more, it shouldn’t take any more) to get ready. and then /cooldown instantly starts. no more of this “i’m not ready because idk just not feeling it yet” bullshit.
  5. You’re right that raids kill villainy. It’s no coincidence that proper villains stopped existing when raid rules first became a thing. a couple guys start an RPless raid and then suddenly it’s pretty much a bannable offence to break the law in that city in a group of 2+ for the rest of the week(because like you said, a raid is no longer just raids, raids are now doing anything malicious in a town – guys even got banned once for “stealing” from a free food chest). and now raids are banned entirely so it’s literally bannable to do any villainous activity with over 3 people assassinations are sort of a symptom of pvp default, not pvp default itself but how the attitude around it has developed. you should not be able to call pvp default after someone has emoted stabbing you in the back. that’s powergaming. you’d have never gotten away with that when pvp default was the unwritten law of the land, but when it came back as a real rule then suddenly you can abuse it however you like. it’s the same with raids. before raid rules were a thing, raids were treated like any other RP, and if you came into a town and just did 1 emote and called pvp(”calling” pvp is another dumb innovation but ill leave that rant out for brevity) as both sides rallied up, you’d get banned for no RP. not sure what an easy solution would be, but one option i’ve often thought about is giving PROs the option to turn pvp off in their settlement in return for vastly relaxed raid rules. not sure on specifics there, or if any town should be allowed to do it or only capitals, but it’s an idea to think about
  6. “I personally witnessed King Caius and Jon Norsem play Ugluk Blackjack in the Boar and Burgher Casino. If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is!” a reliable witness attests.
  7. “Get in line.” the Chairman of the Canonise Jon Norsem Campaign remarks.
  8. Full Name: Conrad Barclay Race: Human Occupation: Senator Interesting factoids: The first Senator to ever have companies vote for him. ((Discord)): corona#8213
  9. “Three cheers for His Majesty’s majority. Hip-hip HURAAAAAAAAY!” Conrad cheers.
  10. “Go get ‘em champ!” his coach yells!
  11. “Time for you to set up shop in a new city. You might wanna find something cheap, I know welfare isn’t as extensive as it used to be.” Conrad replies.
  12. argonian

    Technical Update

    that's helena then there's haense, curon, kaedrin and a bunch of misc places
  13. recognise that pic anywhere glad it’s satire, a map that over-detailed would be a ***** to navigate and look like **** w/ our render distance
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