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  1. "Subhan'Allah! Theodoric has returned and with him his band!" cheers Stanimar!
  2. Authored by St. Theodosius in Ecclesiastical Raev in the 1400s, the Bogdani Scrolls and copies thereof serve as the primary source of Scripture for the Ruskan rites of the Church. The original copies are kept by the Haeseni Royal Family, and still sworn on in coronations to this day. Virtue https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H67QRCvwHck5MicrFYnVrKSOkijwv3zgA5VqdGPtHYI/edit?usp=sharing Spirit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UOJrIYot_QwdEZzdghvSm3oSdw1Bqhc-WbgHr3OWOlU/edit?usp=sharing Gospel https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Ogrd6tuwa_DQUJcQZAhw41yrqBMOJekH0dzWbi9G7M/edit?usp=sharing Auspice https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pinii0h_zZRwunXtr-4sLT-OZttbpzEp91KaU_vM3tY/edit?usp=sharing
  3. The Greywell family tutor takes a long drag out of his cigarette, sighing on the exhale as he realises the times he hit the boy over the knuckles for not citing his sources never did work out.
  4. Daniel de Falstaff sips on his cocktail in that one beach resort that survived the fall of Savoy.
  5. meine mama hat mir einfach erlaubt, dass ich cola trinken darf. wie cool ist das bitte??? ich zocke fortnite und trink cola! yippee!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. argonian


      ich habe das einfach nicht verstanden


      kannst du eigentlich nicht deutsch?

    3. yandeer


      oh mein gott zees is ein cave full of blüntsmoken

    4. sami03


      Rotwein ist Templerwein und heilt somit auch Krebs, weiß mal wieder keiner.

  6. "It be how it be" - Ancient Reinmaren proverb.
  7. one man, ONE MAN, could've saved us all from minecraft premium roleplay and he chose to sit by and do nothing
  8. "Rather interesting quote you have here, seeing as the Empire was left to Peter Helane and the Novellen was just his palace," says Stanimar, at that point chucking aside the fairytale.
  9. lotc default theme is literally unusable on phones


    can hardly even log in

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    2. Sorcerio


      bravo 6 is evil, classic theme best 

    3. Kuila


      you literally cannot use classic theme on mobile. it makes the forums unusable @Sorcerio

    4. Sorcerio


      Just now, Kuila said:

      you literally cannot use classic theme on mobile. it makes the forums unusable @Sorcerio

      I know, I switch to bravo every time I use my phone for forums. But I always switch back when I get back to my PC. 

  10. This is really cool. I like it a lot. Also kudos to Nano for getting you to post it. He's a good friend.
  11. 1.9 with any bit of lag is ******* miserable. hope and pray that your hit will register. makes warclaims an utter joke also, like char said, 1.9 has a high skill floor and a low skill ceiling. that's a big problem. see, any moron can be decent at 1.8 pvp. you will be schooled in a 1v1 against anyone good, of course, BUT even if you've never pvp'd before in your life, you can still contribute to group fights. whereas in 1.9 if you're a bad pvper, even one with a bit of experience that just isn't very good, you're utterly worthless even in group fights. you're not gonna contribute even the slightest and you'll be lucky to get any damage in. i'm only a bit bad at 1.9 pvp, not awful, but I do lag on lotc and so I tend to fight a lot worse here than on other servers because of that, and it's the most frustrating and miserable experience. whereas with 1.8 pvp? i'm not great at that either, but I always have fun, win or lose. because even if you're terrible at 1.8, you can deal some damage and feel like you did something, but with 1.9 you're just frustrated that you're literally helpless.
  12. open thread scroll scroll "oh charoodler posted" +1 next thread
  13. Stanimar sends on a postcard from deepest, darkest Ruska.
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