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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: A slim woman with an hourglass figure. Her skin a darkened brown color, comparable to caramel. Her long brown hair falls in loose curls down her back decorated with various gold beads and jewels. Wearing a soft white dress that flows in the wind with sleeves coming down her arms. She is peaceful, and longing for... RACE: Wood Elf GENDER: Female SKIN COLOR: Caramel-like Tan BODYMASS: 5’7, Thin HAIR COLOR: Dark redish brown – more brown than red but make sure its still dark HAIR STYLE: Long and curly with one braided piece in the middle down her back(not all hair is in braid just a smaller braid) has golden headband with jewels on (flowers are okay too) FACIAL HAIR: N/A EYE COLOR: Dark green CLOTHES: Long white flowy gown PICTURE (If you have one): Something along the lines of this though I would change the headband a bit more to include jewels and what not and would like a brown belt on the gown if it looks decent but that one is really up to you. Ideally I just want a very bohemian looking skin for my character, thanks so much! xx
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