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  1. jdesarno

    Citizenship Papers

    OOC Name: Jdesarno Rp Name: Thorvn Bronwyn Location of home: Here perhaps? Proof of Purchase:
  2. Hunting codex published ingame by yours truly, the best part? Free. 

  3. I thank you for taking the consideration to look upon my post, In respects removing the plugin entirely would make folks that much less wanting to do anything besides roleplay and screw around, personally? I find Golems to be a suitable challenge, Boars would've been better if they've not kept to the trees like elves.. no offense, but surely It all fans on area. It's one small step into the big road recovery, and yes- indeed, do take your time, we're not going anywhere, Not even those lovely.. money filled tiny nullers- AHEM, players, yes.
  4. jdesarno

    In with the New

    *Not much would be said in the end, with only a week of knowledge he'd find Warhead as an oddball of a companion- despite this, one simple bow was given visible distress strewn from the mask in a mixed twist of displeasure and grief, but alas the person had to move on no? He'll grow into a larger being for the better.* Hope to inspire some challenging debates in the future.. my friend..
  5. jdesarno

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    The second step should not have people joking about this in public ooc.. it churns my stomach to watch but in the end..? "Thou only hast so much power, every being holds a limit." Shitposters aside, to some everything's a joke until the target lifts above their heads, it's appalling.
  6. jdesarno


    Weird, isn't it?
  7. jdesarno

    Malevolence: Prelude

    Left much to mental debate, upon being struck down Thorvn was spared by the higher void beasts in unusual fashion, all of a whisper pierced the highlander's eardrums in pitiful woe'd tone: "We curse thou to die.."
  8. Due to request, I've been asked to provide feedback on the hunting plugin, In short this is a new players (my) experience, I've fought (officially as of 8/11) every monster , and let me tell you.. they are not worth the effort minus two or three types. Advised gear : Iron armor standard (Not for nullers since they ignore armor), since its the best we've got, shield on most targets, kips lucky rock (+1 luck helps with odds of getting more drops, i've gotten 5 Nuller glands off a swarm of'm with +2, it's really good) iron swords, multiple if needed, plenty of food, one stack if confident. Tomes: Just about everything, the elf book increases luck by 1, drop-rate buffer is good, the hunting codex can be self explained to a toddler, 15% damage increase towards mobs brings your 6 damage iron sword up to a pseudo diamond's 7, except its 6.9, good for fighting rogue golems since it takes less hits, yes this also improves fist damage too. T'was just a flesh-wound, 20 seconds of bleedout time if you get downed can make all the difference between life and death with friends, It's the cheapest of the books too. E-er.. not dying for dummies isn't recommended by me, a 10% damage reduction from mobs doesn't do much when sometimes the most they'll even hit you for is 1-2 hearts of damage, maybe if 10% was 25, or 35% then yes- i'd definitely advise you buy this book, but to be honest? It's a waste of 5000 Mina. I'll start from the beginning, In no particular order I'll name the following mobs: Bilespitters, Bog beasts, Boars, Boggens, Minotaurs, Nullers, Bandits, Rogue Golems, Direwolves, Harpies, Gravens, and Spiegelschleim. Boars: A denizen to the elven forests, these robust beings of pork and tusk Idly patrol the lush grounds, they may look like a tasty morsel, but beware.. these hide strewn monsters are oddly agile.. just look up, and you'll see several in the trees.. Standard pigs, minus the decent damage in iron armor, abnormal move-speed and passive behavior until struck, the boar calls upon nearby allies to charge, without proper care can overwhelm, these monsters drop three items, boar hooves, standard- 8, pork, which is from 1-32 on average, good if you're sick of bread, and a truffle which sells for 50, in short these are good if you want some meat in your grain diet. Method of elimination: Adaptive, If fighting from below and you're near a river, shoot a boar with an arrow or have to hit from close range, bolt it over to the end of the river, these confused swine with spin around- toss themselves into the water, hampering their speed for a close cleanup. From above, your best bet is to use arrow-fire to flush out the boars.. warning, it's rather high in height, so you're bound to fall to your downed state if you aren't careful enough, otherwise- treat these mobs as baby zombies with a larger hitbox. Spiegelschleim: Aye, now these beasts are in odd folktales of Germania, on misty nights you'll find these gigantic gelatinous abominations that slowly inch towards, they're not so threatening at first.. that's until they take up your form which may or.. may not influence further combat, beware people who are full of themselves, they'll not want to lay a hand upon the mimic but alas, they die the quickest! Like slimes, they drop slimeballs, on occasion Ethereal Ooze, which sells for 20, meh- pretty bland. Method of elimination: Pairs, since these monsters reflect 100% of the damage you'll deal to them if they're your mimic, it's best to bring a buddy since the reflection only applies to yourself, besides the fact- get to a high place, or wear nothing, they mimic whatever you have.. be it a piece of bread, iron sword, or porkchop. Worth it?: Nae, besides wanting to make leads. Bilespitters: Little spiders that ensnare targets in webbing and fire poisonous projectiles to slowly chip away at the targets health, they have a modest amount of hp and drop two items, one of which is a rare drop and sells for 45, the other sells for 1. Method of elimination: Ranged fire Worth it?: No. Reasoning: Between constant poison damage, ticks and risk of being swarmed, It's not worth the effort to go after these minor hunting mobs, minus for trophies you can hang up in your home. Bog-Beasts: Zombie-like creatures that swarm their target over time and on death spew an area of effect poison that lingers, annoying in most cases but avoidable with enough caution, two drops one which sells for 5, the other rare drop being 20, optional rotten flesh selling for .3 each. Method of Elimination: Mixed (preferably catch them in water, kite and smack to your leisure, arrows are considered a waste of money.) Worth it?: No, you're better off hunting other mobs. Reasoning: Between the low droprate of rare drops, less knowledge of when you've acquired a drop (because Bog-beasts drop rotten flesh, and the rare drop is the same model, you're unsure which to prioritize.) You're better off saving that 100 mina for something else. Boggens: A monster full of mischief, It shrouds itself as experience to lure prey within and strike in the most unsuspecting times, not only lethal without armor- but high fatality checks are normal paired with another, armor does little to stop the hardest hits, along with wither damage. Method of Elimination: Mixed (Melee works, but if tasked from afar, arrows work just as well.) Worth it?: Not a single bit. Reasoning: Without much implication of mob drops besides quarts and gold nuggets, these are a waste of time, also they do TOO much damage for full iron, It's a waste of mina. Minotaurs: Hulking bovine masses of strength incarnate charge at targets with blinding speed, smashing prey within moments before proper times to react come to life, these beasts are rather dangerous to unarmored foes, more specifically.. without a shield. Between being unarmored, the knock-back upon hit, and charge damage makes these mobs EXTREMELY dangerous, with a drop only having 12 mina value and leather that's borderline useless, you'd best avoid these entirely. Worth it?: *loud, distress filled screaming* Method of Elimination: Sword n board, mainly to tank the hard hitting charge hit, these mobs are oddly overpowered, being more dangerous than Boggens with blunt, rapid death unprepared, one Minotaur is barely manageable, any more than that guarantees death, with only a 12 value rare drop.. it's considered a laughable jest. Harpies: Bird-like creatures that screech and fire a multitude of bladed feathers down upon their target, being without a shield means swift, feathery death and meal for the buzzards, drops are feathers 1-32 arrows and 25 rare drop harpy-skull Method of elimination: Sword and Board. Harpies have a habit of flying off after the first hits you provide, leading to a sudden burst of feathers to shower the target below, albeit if you survive the first shots, charge again, heal- and repeat till dead monster. Worth it?: No, they're practically worthless for the effort, sadly. Gravens: Spectral warriors, skeletons that shoot slow, withering arrows that pierce shields, are oddly agile enough to avoid hits and on death leave a Vex, these paired mobs are.. oddly annoying, drops include bones, arrows, occasional arrows of slowness, and 12 value ectoplasm, nay worth. Method of elimination: mixed, Melee or ranged works fine, best learn to dodge arrows because they.. hurt. Worth it: Nay, do something else. Direwolves: Strong pups that depend on one another, if you see one by themselves.. expect a big horde behind once the awoo's start coming free, though- they are somewhat weak. Drops include pelts for 2, Teeth for 10, and 80, for the rare head drop. Method of elimination: mixed, mainly fleeing. Once you hit a direwolf expect friends to arrive, In full iron armor these fluffy beasts are hard hitting, run fast similar to a player's full sprint, and multi-hit when clumped up.. these beasts are VERY, VERY annoying, and dangerous. -edit 8/11: Hit one, jump into water, treat them as boars with their stunted speed, you'll thank me later for bringing this up, it brings their sprint to a limp, go nuts. Worth it: Debatable with the proper knowledge, otherwise save your time for other mobs. Bandits: Humanoids, ordinary in mass but strike within brotherhood, these brigands only have axes, or bows, the axe variants being that much more dangerous. These drops include a value of 15, 2, and a rare berserker axe, which does more damage than a sword, but lowers your armor to compensate. method of elimination: mixed, mainly better with companions, these bandits can be hard hitting with iron armor, and with shields being less usable due to them having axes, it's better off kiting specifically, or getting a good vantage point, or water if it's nearby. Worth it?: Yes, skulls drop frequently enough, lucky to get an axe? Congratulations, you can now 2-3 hit players unarmored. You'll be a force to be reckoned with. Rogue golems: These foreign constructs wander the snow, targeting any poor being unlucky enough to be near, despite being slow and sluggish, these juggernauts exhume magic, when hit levitates the poor mercenaries who decided to run downhill, resulting in a messy drop, speaking of drops! These guys drop 16 iron ingots in a batch, golem scrap that sells for 4, or a golden faded core, which has a value of 100. (these are particularly good for those who don't wish to mine for ore, or buy from the market.) Method of elimination: Melee, personally I don't use a shield with these guys, mainly the lucky rock helping with drops but they're slow, they only do 1 1/2 hearts of damage in full iron and god forbid you start flying just go uphill to negate the damage, these guys are low threat, comparably to others. Worth it?: Iron fanatics rejoice, even If you don't wish to use the iron they drop, you can sell it for a healthy sum of money. But indeed, you're better off bringing multiple swords and food if you wish to stay for a prolonged amount of time, trust me. They're GOOD. And the cream of the crop, Nullers: These tiny shits pop out from the desert, not being threatening in single amounts make up for the fact their weak, but potent toxin builds up into something much more dangerous after enough consecutive hits, easier said from personal experience, these runts are a GOLDMINE, standard drops are 8 minas each, rare glands are 150, one profits so easily.. Method of elimination: Melee, group and kite, single amounts aren't bad, just watch your back, these tiny bois die in one hit two, swords advised, no armor helps as well considering the status goes through armor, if hit with enough buildup, just sprint and jump for your life. Worth it?: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. This is a newbies wet dream!~ The problem now resides, 3 of the 12 hunting mobs actually has an actual profit margin, others are overpowered while the money making methods are cheap, and don't require much effort (mainly Nullers, those golden shits are the most money i've made in the one week i've been on the server, sigh- that being said. The Dev team needs to make balance changes, I scoff when seeing the other 9 x.x along with not much in the way of professions, It just gives me less to do.) Anyway, feedback? Feel free to share, it'll be a nice debate! -Thorvn 8/11 edit: I've not want to see this plugin removed! It's honestly one of its unique kind with how it operates! Besides the fact with enough tweaking most if not all the mobs can be enjoyable, you're better off doing this with friends, it brings people together if they're not wanting blood of their own '^ '! -Finished the guide, WHEW. That took a while.
  9. jdesarno


    Agree, all the way. Between people complaining about not having anything to do, the people waiting for others to login for role-play due to time-zones, the lack of an 'ACTUAL' economy, adding onto the fact that iron is the staple for everything (Why not chain? Why not make actual potions, there is an actual brewing plugin that would work perfect for the server for alcoholic beverages from vodka to absinthe, even potato soup) I don't see why old professions got removed for being 'grindy' would you rather have something you'd need to do a-lot of work for to be good, or have nothing at all? C'mon. Coming from several mmo's myself my opinion may look biased, but what's better than to have an actual purpose for material rather than just leave untapped potential in the dirt? Sure It may not agree with everyone.. but what's better for the playerbase, nothing or something?
  10. jdesarno

    Thorvn Bronvyn: The burned

    "A single soul is bound to the hand their dealt, but what happens when would they seek to change fate?" -Thorvn Bronvyn Psychical description and basic Introduction: Before you stands a 5'6 onyx cloaked male, his stance having no bearing, no significance other than an observant nature, with no visibly descriptive facial features most would see a full covering grey mask. From anyone's perspective It would look to be Thorvn wouldn't attempt to stick out, unfortunately.. the golden decor covering around the highlanders collarbone shined bright in moderate occasions with plenty of sun would be like calling a pack of hyena's to a dinner-party, that's if the hyena's were brigands and the party was a single feeble being suffering from poverty- Alas, poor Thorvn. Under robe would be a plethora of burned scars, varying from malformed skin due to improper medical treatment to direct third degree burn-scars upon the upper body. The main lower-torso down seems wholesomely untouched due to sheer luck, as for Thorvn's face, it'd have the largest damage, the former feeble youth having little recognition compared to his younger years, long- charcoal black hair irony aside covered the main scar formation, two large blue globes on rare occasion seen throughout the shroud of soot, Thorvn was mainly a harmless being unless improperly provoked with enough spur. Mannerisms: Thorvn normally behaves in a more civilized manner compared to others, not one to throw insults like clumps of dust to provoke those quick to anger, more-so avoiding conflict entirely when It comes down to the general gist however, nae If anything when well being of himself or those he'd personally care for will act on prime wits rather than instinctive reaction, easier said the highlander is a 'think first' act later type. Personality: More of an intellectual than a brute fighter, Thorvn would've easily be mistaken for a scholar, a man of words that fought better with a quill than an actual blade. With those he'd find companionship would be significantly different in tone compared to those he'd find complete strangers would be probing, similar to a cat tapping at the water's edge to flush out their afternoon fish. Though it's easier said the feeble being's personality solely depended on the person, finding women much easier to talk to compared to men, mainly for the sole reason of knowing It'd be much more unlikely for a woman to strike him down for mispronouncing a name, or unintentionally insulting heritage. Equipment and inventory: Nae, the highlander had no pockets but from behind was a connective mid-back satchel to carry light encumbering belongings, varrying from a small amount of trinkets, parchment to the occasional purchased commodity (Holm Falafel bread) wrapped up in preserving papers. One might not noted at first that Thorvn kept his whole body within shroud for the sake of others, but upon further inspection there were slight indents above the wrist, under-body clothing had hidden two sheathed dagger-like hilts that could've been exposed with ease in a matter of flicking a wrist, to most else It'd require a sheer understanding of dexterity and blade-handling to be able to ready one of these four inch knives without injuring oneself, lest in both hands at once. The blades weren't designed to kill, but cripple whatever target would be upon the receiving end through a numerous of serrated edges that resided upon the blades tip, from the pommel down was a smooth blade, influencing a more muscle severing cut than pure jagged point that would leave the target moreso unable to use the limb rather than forcing a fatal hemorrhage, not that Thorvn was hesitant to kill, he just.. preferred not to unless It was absolutely necessary, after all the blades were under-performing unless you've had a professionals knowledge of where the connective limbs were most weakest. Strengths, Weakness's and on races: Not one to usually boast, Thorvn's Intelligence Is larger on average to others, not one to show unless the time arisen, mainly dulling his tone out to compensate, nor to confuse other people within the general vicinity, he's just that considerate~ Extensive tutoring on the human body has resulted upon Thorvn diagnosing Injuries within record time, this has been proven to assist in both medical knowledge, and the art of crippling an opponent, be It severing an essential muscle to semi-permanently cripple a foe, or target the lower-extremities to force a violent hemorrhage within, causing spontaneous death within a matter of minutes If left untreated. To compensate for extensive Intelligence, Thorvn's birthright had left the male on average less psychically powerful than the standard human, It'd be a miracle to win a fight by himself, lest a tavern-brawl with the local drunk, the psychical disability isn't on its own crippling, but- It doesn't mean the male would be able to do strenuous tasks for an extended period of time, to compensate this, Thorvn takes on occasion self brewed medicinal tablets created at home, being no more different than an (ooc based, vitamin) daily remedy. Due to lack of proper psychical prowess, the highlanders body is much more feeble, meaning much more susceptible Injuries, a great-hammer to the thigh-bone would be overkill, in short. (Due to the previous bullet) Thorvn compensates his lack of fortitude by taking an acuity to dodge blows, mind anyone else he'd not keep this up forever, or be able to properly evade arrows, bolts, or magic, but with enough practice, evading small arms could be second nature for some. Due to lack of experience with the majority of races, Thorvn isn't one to discriminate upon any of the beings of Atlas, be It elves, dwarves, fellow humans or even orcs. This may subject to change, but this is mainly due to inexperience. (This part may be updated.) History of the burned (Thovrn's history, and how his form came to be): In the year 1627 In the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, a pair of rose entwined lovers attempted to concede a child, the mother wanting a beautiful, robust girl to call her own while the father wished for a son to bear the family name of Bronwyn and pass down years of experience to a healthy child that'll ensure their future as a fledgling armor-smith. The Bronwyn family served three generations of service with the Holy Orenian Empire, primarily in chain and reinforced hauberks that saved countless lives during the great northern war, unfortunately their line was quickly driven out of work when the wars ceased, leaving the family in a state of poverty for years to come. An unshared experience with Thoromir's town mainly kept secret that his wife, Gretchen was mostly infertile due to birth defects, meaning the chance of bearing his child or in this case anyone's was slim to none, everything they've tried- constant attempts in secret, tonics that would most people retch, herbal teas, you name it, they desperately seeked for an answer, the whole town knew of their shared conflict and had no answer for them. Another few weeks pass, the couple was only after the assistance of a town-faring alchemist that allowed Gretchen to finally squeeze out enough fertility for one child, and his name was Thorvn. To the relieved couples shock several months prior to planned birth that Thorvn came early in-rushed miscarriage, most would've assumed that a child In such harsh environments would've perished without proper care, the funding- the savings to raise a child, the two were no more than 12 years apart from one another In age at the very least Thoromir had an actual professional background, assumed dead the couple rushed the blanketed infant to the local soothsayer, It was found that Thorvn had survived, barely- to their surprise such a petite baby was crying out under the rough-spun blanket, weighing little over an ounce the miracle child that had come to be was their own rightful heir to the family name like it or not.. they had properly given care to a progeny. Several years pass, struggled attempts to treat Thorvn's 'condition' leaving little success, having Gretchen hopelessly tend to the boy while Thoromir made ends meet gave little time for family bonding between father and son, Thorvn struggling with crippling psychical disability could do what only most bed-ridden folks could do, read! Taught by his mother on occasion and with a hell of a-lot of practice the inspiring cripple had developed a knowledge that would surpass all but the wisest within the village. Read, practice walking, watch snow, eat, sleep, repeat: This was Thorvn's daily routine until he could finally walk without assistance at the age of ten.. in another note, the same year the local residential district found Thoromir's body in the snow, frozen to the bone, skin white as porcelain presumably working himself to death to feed his family, the renowned retired smith was barely recognizable , not even to his psychically inept son. Another few years pass, Thorvn completely oblivious to the blacksmith's profession had taken up apprenticeship in alchemy, to his mentors surprise coming on quite fast compared to previous pupils, It was easier said they'd have a mutual relationship in the forthcoming years, seeing the wiser apothecary more as a father that taught basic life lessons than his previously deceased Thoromir, in time forgetting the name entirely, as for Gretchen- her life fell to pieces within the prior year, committing what sounded to be a mercy for herself- and the intellectual Thorvn, burning the house down while he'd sleep- setting herself ablaze, running off and meeting the same fate, the struggling Thorvn had no Idea of what happened.. until at least the fire reached his face.
  11. Holm Falafel is best Falafel, Thorvn approved. *Nod*

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