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  1. jdesarno

    [Feat] Vivification

  2. jdesarno

    [Your View]Coups

    Agreeing with Unwillingly about this, ooc bias runs too rampant in many cases of actual progression, i.e magic, town leadership, etc. Rules are meant to exist for basic principle, not be twisted in so many ways it turns into a further amalgamation of what it originally was. It’s all fun and laughs until someone comes with a ultimatum on your doorstep, then that’s when people start screaming random sludge at one another and derails further from there. Like seen in some cases with former players upon lotc, once they burn all bridges with high population activity settlements and are unable to return due to ‘ooc toxicity’ they usually have three options. One, attempt to form a new group with little chance of success. Two, pretend like nothing happened and try to go about their own daily routine if not in different location. Three, give up and hiatus/quit until people forget about what even happened in the first place, or just leave entirely. If you want my two cents, it’s a dumb thing to have. Remember, this is only an opinion.
  3. jdesarno

    yooo lmao what is this sub-forum ama

    I’m not familiar with you but, what’re your ambitions for 7.0 when the transition comes?
  4. jdesarno


    Farewell, sinner.
  5. jdesarno

    A Time For Fire, A Time For Steel, A Time for Blood.

    Thorvn rolled his eyes, remembering well enough why he doesn’t fleet to ‘impure’ counties as of late. The man went back to his loaf of seasoned bread, wishing the worlds conflicts away in his mental conscious.
  6. jdesarno

    The Real Problem with the Community

    Thorvn just sat there, chewing on a sliced pickle quarter, shaking his head. Though soon with the food passing his lips he’d raise one finger to pause his oncoming wording. “Ye have nae idea of what’s to come.”
  7. jdesarno

    The Real Problem with the Community

    If I could play a race that wasn’t within the iron-sights of people’s ooc toxicity, I probably would’ve done so months ago. But unfortunately, it just seems to be a common currency around lotc to scream at people on a minecraft server. This might sound idiotic or blind, but I’ll speak for others when saying I haven’t been more put off playing elves, orcs or dwarves other than now.
  8. jdesarno

    An Open Letter to Weak Wilhelm and the Curonites

    ”Why can’t we all jus’get along already-“ Thorvn grumbled, reading a copied letter from atop a nearby tree, much as it pained him to see the south fighting one another he’d have greater things to worry for.
  9. jdesarno

    [September Prince] The Merchant Eucalyptus

    The man shrugged, thinking the blood would’ve probably long since rusted by now considering the timespan, but oh well. Thorvn started assembling his former treasures together in one single box, hoping to get some value from the merchant.
  10. Last I checked? Yes we did. Still feels better than being a grumpy old fart~ Vowed never to play Fortnite~
  11. I felt like doing it for once. If i’m going to be honest I thought of the first thing that came to mind. Better than me screeching something else, yes? It wasn’t aimed at anyone, if you were worried.
  12. I don’t have a favorite color, but a strong preference for blue, black, white and red.
  13. Feel free to ask me anything as long as they’re within proper bounds, I have the right to not answer if uncomfortable with it, otherwise, keep it clean, shoot~
  14. jdesarno

    AMA because its 1:37AM and Im depressed

  15. jdesarno

    i was told to do this

    If you could permanently remove anyone from the internet, who would it be and why? Also, if you had to choose Lotc’s future, Mainstream or traditional?