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  1. jdesarno


    We all gather around the burning corpse that was once Nexus, sobbing, clenching our fists and screaming out in anguish, ’Why? Why must you take our beloved from us?’ One yells out in anger. The rain develops into a mighty roar that caused the winds to shake the nearby trees and torn their very roots asunder, and with a slumbering skygod to appear in the monsoon’s wake, only one sentence was spoken. The man opened his lips and came out, “Pvp, was broken.”
  2. jdesarno


    This is what I keep telling people, we need more devs.
  3. jdesarno

    The Natural Union: Our Humble Demands

    Whatever had been written in the document had been smeared, scratched out with finger-nails down to the point and blurred out with charcoal.
  4. jdesarno

    [Q&A] TheDragonsRoost

    Old news, I get It, was a stupid choice. Y’live and learn.
  5. Daily reminder to smile with the sun hitting your face~ It’s a lovely day to be alive~!  -Thorvn

    1. Youngie5500


      Are you promoting skin cancer?

    2. jdesarno


      N-no.. I swear. 

  6. jdesarno

    September Prince Official PVP Poll

    Two things, one: option two mainly for the reason as ET’S and GM’S have brought to light, any party that is over ten people have to use mechanics, aka- you’d have to take the rp fighting function outside of rp combat to remove clutter and time constraint. Example of a 70 vs 70, are you going seriously going to roleplay that out? I wouldn’t it’d take forever on both sides and people would just give up halfway through for the sake of speeding It up. I didn’t come on lotc to have a four hour crp brawl, i’ve been here only three months and I already can tell that this is an issue, the rp mixing with pvp at least for their own communities, hence why small populations of events work so well due to lack of backlog and accurate response, what we learned from malevolence was enough said, smaller groups have bigger impact. Second thing : I was at the event myself that day with the sky-shark, a peaceful September prince protester, the odds were stacked against the attackers but did they give up? No, did I do anything? Hell no, I didn’t want to get popped. Regardless.. Pvp isn’t a bad thing in events, mainly speaking It’s only when either side is at disadvantage when the fun stops for either side.. just imagine If the attackers outnumbered the defenders two to one, do you think people would want to do that event if that kept happening? I surely wouldn’t, what’s the fun in that, hrm? But.. I digress, losing is allowed. You can’t win every event. You can’t succeed every roll, you can’t.. bend will to your favor, because that’d be power-gaming. That is all. -Thorvn (Sorry If this sounds one sided, being up late strains the brain. Forgive me if anyone got angry.)
  7. jdesarno

    [Q&A] TheDragonsRoost

    If you had to put a soft cap on any race’s maximum lifespan, who and why, human’s remind me of disposable trash-bags, they just go too quickly. -Thorvn
  8. jdesarno

    LoTC Imprisonment System Proposal [POLL]

    If you want my opinion on this, sounds fun in context, reality would cause people to bawl and alt to avoid jail-time and screw around while their main gets out Scott free without spending an hour in a cell. That’s just my look on it, unless it’s properly enforced then It’s not going to work, but who am I to know. I’m reading fourms half drunk at 3:15 am, go me. Don’t get me wrong though, i’d like to see some actual hard time and punishment and actual prison break role-play or something similar to bandits liberating one of their friends in an organized raid, personally i’m just one person’s opinion that only has so much weight, but I digress. Youngie It sounds nice the way you put it, but unfortunately it’s only up for the community’s choice for what they ‘really’ want. -Thorvn
  9. jdesarno

    Admin Promotions

    "Late welcome, to the both of you. Don't let us down-" Says the three month old idiot, don't pay him any mind, he's just greatful that there's new admins, he'll remember Knox and W-fffh.. god damnit that was a lie, cue panicked screeching. Stupidity aside, welcome to the chain.
  10. jdesarno

    ~~--+ Carolustadt Masquerade Ball +--~~

    "Guess the crow mask aye bought las'month will come in handy, finally." Thorvn huffed out upon reading the flier, now that he thought further- A large sigh came out, he'll be tasked with defending claudius again, unless otherwise.
  11. jdesarno

    The Dunshire Police Golem

    "B-buh.. I wanna pet the golem.." Murmured Thorvn, a sniffle hidden behind the ivory white mask.
  12. jdesarno

    Fixed Raids, Please Read

    "I think i'll speak for everyone when saying that If the pvp community leaves, so does the rest of Lotc. But that's just an opinion, I'd advise pinpoint details that don't benefit either party too wholesomely. make It fair for both. But then again.. that's like trying to put yourself in two places at once, it's near impossible. Alas, we've tried."
  13. jdesarno


    Thorvn stared upon the public writ and shrugged, tossing the copy within his hearth, didn't matter to him none, at least It was better than having to sit through another court session half aslumber.
  14. "Cue the part where five random people with a grudge have a deathwish of why Raphael shouldn't be an ET" For real though, of my short time knowing this man he's been overly enjoyable to be around, respected at least in my opinion and to top it off- A majorly dedicated friend, by the power vested in me- I commit you to double die Give this man +1, ya'll know this was meant to happen.
  15. The Jewel of Kazulrah Frostbeard has been lost to the September prince~ 


    Truth be told, It was never really that shiny anyway, tut tut~