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  1. jdesarno

    Dael'Ran Disguise Discrepancy

    Thorvn now has something in common with Bottle, he’s literally missing an eye now.
  2. jdesarno

    The Sutica Gank of April 2019

    Silliness was had but oh well. Group photo was fun.
  3. jdesarno

    The Sutica Gank of April 2019

    Thorvn Regrets nothing. Even if he witnessed a sudden murder.
  4. jdesarno


    Thorvn wondered which Chuck, there was two – then again, they’re probably both inbred so it doesn’t really matter. He’d nod approvingly at the paper, promptly shoveling another corpse into what would be hog-pen. “Pigs should be treated as such, no need to worry about a bunch of loud mouthed runts~ Though-“ Thorvn paused, scratching along the bottom of his chin, “What of actual men to do?”
  5. ”All we need now is a feces druid” Stubbornly remarked Thorvn
  6. jdesarno

    The Agreement of the Hookah and Leaf

    Thorvn appreciated the attempts of curbing overpricing, even if it didn’t directly affect the north.
  7. jdesarno

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

  8. jdesarno

    The Marian Fair of 1711

    Thorvn dislikes using this white paper – but handed in both slips regardless. Stall Registration MCName: Jdesarno Name: Thorvn Bronwyn Type of Ware: Misc Joust registration MCName: Jdesarno Name: Thorvn Bronwyn Age: 62 Rank: Houndmaster.
  9. Also.  I found a video about how to get better at Combat Roleplay. 


    1. Wrynn


      Honestly, it helped me.

  10. jdesarno

    Battle of the Bloody Bridge

    Thorvn simply gestured to the more recent events, of how rebellious rats got promptly exterminated, a battle may be won, but in the end - Idiocy was still had.
  11. Nice house Adria.

  12. jdesarno

    A GREAT FACADE, 1711

    Thorvn stared at all this from the throne-room while mounted on his trusty oinker, obliviously- he’d just been sniggering under the cosplay mask, it was too amusing a sight to behold. Stupidity will remain stupidity, no matter how much you try to improve on it.
  13. jdesarno


    Thorvn Stared at one nearby ‘Adrian Meth Baby’ crawl out through some building rubble. ”War is hell”
  14. jdesarno

    I Fought the Lag and the Lag Won

    The server is under HEAVY STRESS
  15. Thorvn signed the document in hopes of getting more grow space.