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  1. Anyone ever think of incorporating D&D to lotc's roll system? It's been said plenty of times i'm sure, but looking more in-depth, wouldn't it add more to the current system, if any?

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    2. nickrocky213


      **** crp, vortex isnt great but at least its not trust based

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      sorry nickrocky I forget that we're still a PvP factions server at heart even without having warclaims all the time

    4. jdesarno


      My point.

  2. Oren is like ice in Texas:

    Nobody wants it around.

  3. Nugget is waiting desperately for the punch line.
  4. Now we play. . the waiting game.

    1. Laeonathan


      waiting for?

  5. Nugget lives on.

  6. The community team concerns me greatly after what I've bear witness. Also, yikes.

  7. Bjorn would roll around in his grave given opertunity.
  8. Death is a preferable alternative to communism.

  9. Bjorn would've been grateful. But rotisserie dwarves can't speak.
  10. A man is fit to choose their own destiny as they see fit, however this one chose abysmally. The day were fine as any other, the sea: roared life, the dream to explore, the thrill of adventure! Would've been preferable A looming monstrous beast lay wait for the party The touch down upon the beaches, the movement of coin, bellowing taverns, the glory of the field! Deemed attractive to all suitors Burning flesh and screams ring out in his mind, the last thing Bjorn heard before the blast of debris and the crack of his ribs against the cindering hillside This on
  11. I am a chicken nugget.

  12. IGN: Jdesarno Rp name: Bjorn Grandaxe Candidate: Duroun Ireheart Bjorn finds the whole democratic system a joke, but votes anyway with grumbling huff.
  13. I also like Vortex.

  14. I like Vortex.

  15. Also, Rando likes Vortex.

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