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  1. IGN (MC Username):Jdesarno Discord: jdesarno#4834 Likes: Anything to do with roleplay that doesn’t involve memery Dislikes: Anything to do with pvp that involves memery.
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    Third post. Also good on ya atleast.
  3. Thorvin should remind the other folk that they need to make the battlements over three high horse proof. Cough, he coughed ever so loud.
  4. A stray September cultist peeks his head out from one of the barrels, squints at the paper, scoffed- and promptly went back to hiding.
  5. Thorvn is confused is to why- or what AIS even is. The man has no time for politics, as do others. It’s time for b- . . and the man fell asleep on his chair, old man life be a simple one.
  6. Perhaps in a few years lotc will change for the better, for now well . the rest of us can only hope.
  7. This honestly went off rails on page two.
  8. Anthony, since you’re sharing your experiences of pvp and crp i’ll kindly deliver mine from up to. . let’s say 2018, Atlas. Everyone hates crp because if it’s not their friend, they don’t take it seriously. Just about everyone and their dead relative love to pvp because it’s quick, usually doesn’t stir up much trouble (Besides when people are salty, which is very often. .) and generally. . preferred flavor because people don’t got time/just want to crap on somebody less fortunate, bandit rp is usually very similar to this, it’s boring, I dislike it, a-lot. I agree with your statement on raiders moving towards your location mcly, copy pasting crap and whatnot, it’s not exactly realistic, nor is it very engaging, it’s just annoying on the receivers part entirely. Anyway, I got off track, Atlas’s flavor of the year was constant warclaims and people screeching on the forums like a bunch of apes at eachother while some people like to personally target others in them, pvp video’s aren’t fun, nor is watching people you considered/once considered friends yell at one another like a bunch of children in a playpit. . Lotc should’ve been something greater than just having people argue and feud because there’s nothing to do on the server, is it really their fault for not having anything else to do? Yes Nexus encouraged pvp and grinding but at the very least it GAVE people something to do outside of constant pvp, bandit rp and slice of life. I know some people are saying: But Jdes you don’t like to pvp, you’re bias- I honestly couldn’t ffucking care if you think that or not, when you have a ROLEPLAY SERVER and people are coming on for PVP for a ROLEPLAY SERVER it tends to make you wonder what flaws can be fixed to lessen the hemorrhaging of ideals. Event team could be more active, story team could be doing more besides being deadlocked on some loremags, or for the better part, actually give people something to do besides undercut a non existent market, casually pvp and whatnot. But of course, we just lost 80% or so of the Dev team less than a few weeks ago so. . Good bloody luck trying to do any of that. Let me tell you something simple, something that anyone can understand, pvp isn’t healthy, it has it’s uses, but it shouldn’t be a permanent problem fixer because someone has magic, or another person said so. If you don’t want to roleplay. . i don’t even see why you’re even on the server to begin with, besides proving how the norm is flawed and fractured. And before you even go there, no. I don’t care if this post gets dissected piece by piece, people wanna rant, lett’m. It’s not like they’re doing any harm out of it.
  9. You know there’s a problem when your playerbase is more excited for a player versus player warclaim than actually roleplaying on the server itself, s i g h.

    1. Malgonious


      You speak truth.  I wish there were more reasons to login but lack of effort from the ET and Staff as a whole this map is indicative of a lost cause.  No narrative means no reason for RP to develop outside of normal wars and PvP encounters.

    2. Southeron


      It’s funny, but in a sad way.

    3. shoahinsnowyfields


      People are more excited about a huge battle than regular everyday RP? Really? Those ******* PVP TROLLS. 

  10. Being on the story team myself for a couple of months I can. . support the accuracy of this.
  11. Thorvn promptly saluted “Ave Haense, save us’in dire time of barbaric man children’n their brooding forewives of aimless blunderin.” He’d soon spit upon the floor . .somehow through his faceplate, Don’t question it, he probably got it all in his helmet too.
  12. Also for that matter, looking for a golemancer! 

  13. The people in roleplay going to pvp: “Unga bunga insert simple text here, gib big pvp or I yell at gm. Minae or die”




    Bruh. If people actually put effort into their roleplay more than their ooc disposts lotc would actually live up to the name or at the least offer a more realistic atmosphere. But then again. . this is me ranting on a status post, at nearly 2 am, . . and this is probably going to get laughed at. 



    Image result for im going to bed meme


    Leave thoughts and opinions. I’ll probably respond.


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    2. YPJgamer1999


      it’s easier to type in a text editor than it is in minecraft

    3. lev


      heat of the moment lol

    4. jdesarno


      Your inputs have been noted, thank you for your cooperation. Yuhuh.

  14. Thorvn audibly curses at the man who wanted raw chicken from his short dirt nap. “YE NAE GET ANY CHICKEN! FROM HAENSE”
  15. When you didn’t know this existed until the last friggin day.
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