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  1. In this game, there are no victors, everyone loses. Welcome to Lotc.

  2. Zzz.


  3. Brace for stingy behavior.

  4. Mordhau pvp or i'm not interested.
  5. Llama trading HYPE

  6. The truth is often the most twisted.

  7. Nugget is visibly amused amidst his melon crusade on Oren.
  8. Nugget happily pretends the next batch of melons are Orenian heads, humming 'Iron from Ice' On occasion. The Dwarflet can dream, don't mind him, go about your business~
  9. Wiki being edited, turning into fake news.Β 

  10. Nugget would personally try to clean his own bottom of this waste paper if he wasn't physically encased in wrought ferrum. Instead, Nugget proceeds to dig a moderate sized hole and stuffs in dozens of these papers he found all about the outer slums of Providence, weirdly enough. . Plenty floating down river too. Nugget should bring this up to the druids, surely atleast one of them would be annoyed at the incredible waste of precious trees. ahem, that being said, he covers the hole up with dirt, patting it down and planting a sapling in the mound. Atleast
  11. "Nugget does not see the point in skinny wig men 'flexing' about person drowning when wig men spent whole hour fleeing 'barburians'" Nugget shrugged, several watermelon corpses lie dormant around the visibly soaked anvil, the executioner of many liars. Nugget scooped up the remains of his fruity labors and deposited them into his llama pen, "Nugget finds no amusement in falseness"
  12. "Nugget is aware Nugget is not the smartest person, so Nugget will make this short." The miniature sized armored dwarf creature pulls out a melon from behind a nearby crate, above him looks to be a wrought ferrum anvil. "For every lie Nugget hears Nugget will crush a melon wif this anvil-" Nugget then demonstrates his word, pushing said anvil over the wooden edge, the sheer weight of the ferrum crushing the fruit in violent display, what lay underneath, a fruity mess- "Nugget will continue to crush melons as long as it takes for wig-people to not app
  13. Nugget merely set up a mirror in Oren's direction at the word hypocrite. Nugget tore down whatever low quality pole this ragged piece of parchment this came from right after, he threw it right in the river, not even fit for llama consumption. "Nugget knows stupid when he sees it. Yes."
  14. Ask Joe for Peace.

    1. jolfrey


      joe will save us all

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      joe is my favorite person

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