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  1. Two things never change, war and Lotc.

  2. Holm was a nice place, yes. I was saddened to see it come undone.
  3. Dear Lord Of The Craft, and It’s inhabitants. I’ve had a nice run since last year, July I think? I remember Halsworthy, Adria, Marna, my first death in Haense. . ah it was a time, along with those nice events that I occasionally got to participate in, congruent with Aesopians antagonist participation, the friends and new faces i’ve got to skim, the clashing and mixing of races, all the new people I got to meet. . Regardless. . I’ve regret to inform that as of today i’ve to set my prioritizes straight, and as expected Lotc cannot be fit into the slim amount of space i’ve left, despite this – I’m happy to inform that i’m not departing permanently, when the moment arises in the future when i’ve more time on my hands I shall return, to home. But, right now i’ve to set myself straight, I wish thee farewell for the time being, try not to change too much without me, alright? Sincerely, Jdesarno
  4. If trebs are going to be nerfed remove any possible chance of them malfunctioning, doesn’t make sense that by random rng one piece of sturdy siege equipment can be destroyed just because ‘god’ said so.
  5.  When you just want devoted cultists. . 



    1. Vindicant


      hello where may i submit my application i have a vast resume

    2. jdesarno


      Oh heck . .

  6. Thorvn is happy to be quarter deaf.
  7. jdesarno


    Thorvn became despondent, but for other reasons.
  8. jdesarno


    @JokerLow People (Specifically elves) are naturally going to say no for a variety of reasons, I never had a problem with Aesopian but naturally it was for different reasons, I attempted to make the events- at least cultist influenced ones that much more lively but alas, not everyone seemed to enjoy having to fight giant insects and monsters that could spew lava from their mouths, have occasional pvp fits, etc. Regardless, It’s not really my- or the players choice in this, it’s the administration. If they feel he deserves a second chance, sure- if not- well, It happens. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing Aesopian back on the st but. . Not everyone likes to see people progress, specifically when they bear ooc grudges for whatever reason. Ahem- anyway, I put in my two cents, have a good afternoon.
  9. Thorvn is shocked and appalled.
  10. A Developer Is only human as you or I, along with their capacity to work. Sporadic, you’re not always the most talkative at times when it comes to suggestions, but when the times you did made proper impact, i.e the nuller nerf in Atlas. I enjoy what you do, thank-you for allotting your time to lotc to make it better.
  11. “An all of ye fockin wondered why I joined the september prince”
  12. Thorvn doesn’t like the look of this.
  13. Rep this post if you wish for an economy to return.
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