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    Mmos, Runescape, grinding items, making people smile with terrible jokes! What more could a person want~?

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  1. jdesarno

    Boats in 7.0

    I remember other places doing this, was fun, didn’t have to depend upon soulstone pillars. Why not?
  2. jdesarno

    Feedback - Nuclear Devices

    Lotc’s playerbase in a nutshell, I second this.
  3. jdesarno

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    There is no nuke, period.
  4. jdesarno

    Numirya's Event Team Actor application

    If i’m to be full on honest, Numirya’s a compassionate person who you can relate to on many different levels, both ic and ooc, if this sole individual were to be accepted into the event team no doubt it would surely improve. +1
  5. jdesarno

    When a Curonian woman walks into a room

    The urge to make so many puns.. Grr, I have to restrain myself.
  6. jdesarno


    Within my current four months of being upon lotc i’ve not time to experience the orcs in a wholesome way, regardless if we’ve ever talked or not, I wish you the best of luck in the future. As some might find it foolish to say, I hope to see you back upon lotc one day.
  7. jdesarno

    Suggestion to '/vault'

    Sounds fine to me.
  8. jdesarno

    this server is in shambles

    Speaking from an actual player’s perspective, this is entirely accurate.
  9. My mind when I saw the dominion merge with Gladewynn. 


  10. jdesarno

    lucasking321's Application Team Application

    Upon sharing experiences with Borin it’s easy for me to say he can be entirely random and unpredictable, however- this doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. In my real honest opinion, this man would make a good contributor to the current application team. Gotta start somewhere, right? +1
  11. jdesarno

    Of Princes and Kings

    Thorvn sat there upon reading the parchment, snapping orcish arrows out of his protective gear, this does not surprise him.
  12. jdesarno

    Hacking During Nordengrad Vs Empire

    :Ok hand:
  13. jdesarno


  14. jdesarno

    The War for Oblivion

    Thorvn watched from the sidelines, casually chewing on sandwich. As usual- this doesn’t surprise him.
  15. The cultist of malice begun to prepare MANY fire arrows, the grove, shall- BURN!