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  1. I just saw the update and well. . I’ve not much to say. Let this rat convey my feelings. Hope ya’ll are doing fine in these trying times. o/zzbus3dajqk21.png

  2. Thorvn slit his throat upon hearing the news, his only regret is not having the Gaul to open his own fox sanctuary. Alas, Thorvn was finally brought before mortal coil, not a soul would remember him in the end and this was the way he had wished it. Thorvn is dead, Justice has been served.
  3. Everything crumbles


    1. NotEvilAtAll


      My favorite factions PvP server 

  4. Remove the fighting from lotc, what do you get?~

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    2. Stargush


      LoTC SMP since role-play won’t have much energy other than slice of life

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Halfling world conquest

    4. howard


      club penguin

  5. Bamboo is added yet berries are not, HERESY? Later at 11: Local man tries to make fox village.

  6. You can now recycle seeds with compost bins at cloud temple! No longer will we have clogged chests! HUZZAH

  7. Fox Berries or Riot.

  8. IGN (MC Username):Jdesarno Discord: jdesarno#4834 Likes: Anything to do with roleplay that doesn’t involve memery Dislikes: Anything to do with pvp that involves memery.
  9. I just hope people don’t confuse it for a potion of mending like in Atlas, I really like the thought though! Good on you.
  10. Third post. Also good on ya atleast.
  11. Thorvin should remind the other folk that they need to make the battlements over three high horse proof. Cough, he coughed ever so loud.
  12. A stray September cultist peeks his head out from one of the barrels, squints at the paper, scoffed- and promptly went back to hiding.
  13. Thorvn is confused is to why- or what AIS even is. The man has no time for politics, as do others. It’s time for b- . . and the man fell asleep on his chair, old man life be a simple one.
  14. Perhaps in a few years lotc will change for the better, for now well . the rest of us can only hope.
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