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  1. Starfelt

    Say something nice about the person above you!

    We are the same person.. what more can I say? She’s also super nice, and fun to be around. 😛
  2. Starfelt


    Rakai would frown lightly after hearing the news, he’d withdraw a sunflower and rose tiva he made, it was poorly constructed.. but he seemed happy with it. He’d offer it over to the small child, nodding his head to her. “I was supposed to give this to your father.. but I want you to have it in his absence.” He offered a gentle smile as he turned and moved back to his house in the grove. ((Thanks for teaching me Tiva man, stay safe and have fun.))
  3. Starfelt

    Say You'll Remember Me

    See ya later b, don’t forget to occasionally message me on discord.
  4. Starfelt

    Peace out!

    Cya later.
  5. Starfelt

    ~#~ Corrections & Misconceptions ~#~

    Rakai placed the book down after having read through it, his head nodding lightly as he took everything mentioned into consideration. “More to think about, and strive to be as I head down this path.”
  6. So are we gonna get brewing and enchanting back next map? We were promised it’d return shortly after Atlas begun, yet we still don’t have it.. 😕

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    2. Starfelt


      Ah, hm. You have a point.

    3. Sporadic


      Yeah but it was a 501 promise. 501 promises count as like 10% of an actual promise.

    4. Fireheart_


      That too.. *cough* territories

  7. Starfelt


    “Wub?” Relk’Raguk seemed confused, though in the end he shrugged his shoulders and nodded. “Ukke.”
  8. Starfelt

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

  9. Starfelt

    [Complete]Old Man's Giveaway/Trade

    Form to mail to Nunya’s Business Stall – Name ((and Username)): (Starfelt) Relk Giveaway Item #1: Meteorite Fragment Giveaway Item #2:Wyvern Scale Armor Giveaway Item #3: Elidee
  10. Starfelt

    Votar's Shaati

    -Relk looked over the papers, struggling to read them. “Mi nub knuw thiz wurd!” He’d grumble as he pointed a finger at the page. He skipped along the papers, avoiding words he didn’t yet know. He lifted his head from the page only to quickly and messily pen his response upon it.- -=- Name: Relk Race: Hulf-Uruk Age: Mi nub knuw Discord#: Starfelt#2929
  11. perhaps next map then? or we could always bring parts of a map back in the build world for events?
  12. Issue is then some players have already explored it, and I think it’ll become stale also, we need a map built to fit our nations and a good layout for em.. imo
  13. Starfelt

    [Creature Lore] The Smiling Plant.

    I’m a crappy singer.
  14. Starfelt

    [Creature Lore] The Smiling Plant.

    who wants to hear me sing in creative cafe??!
  15. Can we talk bout why we have a lore team manager that hasn't been round since the start of November? Was something said about this to the community? Are they on a hiatus?

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    2. rukio


      @Starfelt You can be set to appear offline on the forums but still be actively reading/doing your required moderation duties. I was in offline mode 100% of the time for the majority of my first tenure as a FM. Was /I/ inactive? no.

    3. Rickson


      @rukio Yeah but they haven’t even submitted ANYTHING on the forums since August.

    4. Space


      yes you were