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  1. Hey there. I'm selling some character art that I no longer use/need, if you purchase the art you are free to use the art. There are starting prices listed beneath the art, and some of the art is listed as packages. The Auction will end tomorrow at 6PM PST Black Haired Female Elf Starting Bid - 250 Mina Farfolk Starting Bid - 100 Mina Woodelf/Farfolk Starting Bid - 175 Mina Vitiligo Elf Starting Bid - 175 Mina
  2. Why is vortex so confusing...

    1. altiar1011


      If you need some help w/ it, hmu on discord and I can try walking you through some of it.

    2. Kuila


      ill give you some ferrum tools so you can skip the mind numbingly boring grind if u want 

    3. Starfelt


      @KuilaUgh, you are wonderful <3 

  3. This is a neat idea, what about me, good sir?
  4. Kaelwyn moved through the war-camp. His form coming upon the bounty board as his burgundy eyes scanned over the various posters that sat pinned to it. He reached a hand out to grasp at one of the posters, tugging it down so he could examine it. He looked it over before sighing out, rolling it up and stuffing it into his robes. He sauntered off out of the rubble that remained, his eyes looking skywards as he released a quick sharp whistle, a shadow moving over his face as a peregrine falcon flew down and landed upon a large pile of rubble staring at the elder druid with intrigue. The druid s
  5. Brother Brimstone wandered through the desolate burnt village that once was Siramenor, a frown cast upon his face as his bare feet kicked aside ash and soot with each step. He sighed out, blade-staff in hand as he moved, following what he could now only assume was the road into the square of the village. He paused, burgundy eyes scanning over the bonfire square that so many ‘ame had sat and conversed.. it remained, even if it was damaged.. it remained. A gentle smile grew over his features as he moved over towards the bench, dusting off the ash with hand before seating himself.. his eyes scann
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