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  1. Are there plans to have the shop of wonders again this map? Also the other shops for like soulstone pillars and such?

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    2. Fireheart


      Plan is to have it come back soon(tm)

    3. Starfelt
    4. Lockezi


      You’re welcome @Starfelt

  2. Starfelt

    Bug Megathread

    Looks like mypet is also messed up..
  3. Starfelt

    This map sucks...

    Well, considering you already gave me that title long ago.. I’d be mad.
  4. Starfelt

    This map sucks...

    I can’t say for certain, but I believe I’ll reach my ultimate form within the coming months.
  5. Starfelt

    This map sucks...

    soft and hot they’re ******* great.. except like the ones that attack people
  6. Starfelt

    This map sucks...

    I’m not sure how to respond to this.. what even is finland?? stop making up fake countries..
  7. Starfelt

    This map sucks...

    Idk man, this is mostly from me randomly mixing words together until I found one I liked..
  8. Starfelt

    This map sucks...

    Classic or Peach would be my two favorites.
  9. Starfelt

    This map sucks...

  10. Starfelt

    This map sucks...

    Baited I just passed 1k posts, so ask me anything..
  11. Starfelt

    Bug Megathread

    Might be a region issue, but we can’t interact with npcs (at least in ct)
  12. “Everyone’s just trying to steal our damn sled!" Rakai grumbled quietly to himself.
  13. Starfelt

    7.0 Moderation Update Pt. 3

    If you got some land to build on, you could prob plant a sapling and just shear the leaves too 😛
  14. Can we please remove the special types of fish for next map fishing? Or at least make it so there is a way to remove the names.. I just want to have a stack of cooked fish, not 10 5 stacks of different types.. please. ❤️

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    2. Fireheart


      1.13 adds a bunch of fish stop complaining smh

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      fishing was cool when there was Nexus... a guy paid 10 bucks so I could get a profession swap for fisherman and help ppl hop up through walls. Good times

    4. Starfelt
  15. Starfelt

    Say something nice about the person above you!

    We are the same person.. what more can I say? She’s also super nice, and fun to be around. 😛