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  1. Starfelt

    GM's verdict contest.

    Alright, now that I'm awake I can respond to this. After looking through the logs, I had decided myself that the roleplay would be voided and both parties would leave each other alone. This was mostly due to the fact that the player in which modreq'd was a new player. I wasn't threatening to ban you, simply saying how it was normally dealt with when it comes to powergaming. Instead of banning, I solved the issue in game. Having the items returned to the player, and both parties go on their ways. I told you while speaking with you, and on the lotc discord where you messaged, that if you wish to talk to a manager or Knox as you mentioned I'd be happy to throw us both into a discord chat to speak about it.
  2. Starfelt

    Off to the Army

    Cya Nate. Hopefully we can catch up again sometime soon!
  3. Starfelt

    Enough is Enough.

    I know emotions are high right now, but please keep comments civil. We don't need to tear each other apart.
  4. Starfelt

    The iMattyz question

    I don't understand why this was something ban worthy. Lots of people **** talk staff teams, so what?
  5. Starfelt

    We shall rebuild..

    16th Of The Deep Cold | 1668 Fauth of clan Yar sat within one of the thick forests of Atlas. The smell of smoke hung in the air though was accompanied by a horrendous smell, that of burning flesh. In front of the half-orc was a wildfire, it spread from tree to tree, burning everything within its path though the man seemed unafraid. Within the fire one could spot something; a figure. The figure screamed in pain for a short while, arms flailing about as the flames licked at his skin and burned away his being. Fauth spoke beneath his breath, chanting “Fur zhe zpiritz...Fur zhe zpiritz.. Fur zhe zpiritz!” His body rocking in place as he chanted, the screams of the figure mixing in with his chants to create a truly haunting song of worship. Fauth continued his chanting, tossing cactus green into the fire which sizzled and popped, burning away within the heat. The green created a new smell within the air, the orc taking a long deep breath inwards. “Fur zhe zpiritz...Fur zhe zpiritz.. Fur zhe zpiritz!” As the orc finished the chant the figures screams of agony fell silent. Fauth slowly opened his eyes and stared into the fire, the roar filling his ears. “Fur Yar” He’d mumble beneath his breath, he’d reach within his pocket and withdraw a small topaz, tossing it into the fire alongside the green, and now quiet figure. He’d lift himself to his feet, turning and walking away as the fire raged on. He walked through the thick forest into the dry deserts and across the scorching sand, not a word spoken. He walked and walked. When he arrived at the mighty walls of Krugmar, he was nothing more than skin and bones, weak. His skin cracked and burned from the sun. Though he didn’t stop, he continued past the gates, into the city. Past his brothers, and into the empty clan hall of the Yars. He fell to a knee, looking upwards upon the seat in which the wargoth should have sat, a snarl escaping him as he slammed his weakened hand into the ground, a vile cracking noise filling the air as he did so, though he did not react, his mind racing. “Lat shuuld be seeted there.. Yet lat am nubwhere tu be fund!” He’d scream, lifting himself to his feet though with some struggle. He’d step forwards towards the seat, and stare down at it. He’d turn and lower himself into the seat, looking out upon the empty clan hall, his eyes flicking shut as he whispered “Wi shall rebuild, Mi will bring uz back. Zhiz iz mi vuw” He’d open his eyes. “Mi am zhe Wargoth.”
  6. Starfelt

    [✗] [APPEAL] BannedForDissent

    Alright, this post is being locked.
  7. Starfelt

    [✗] [APPEAL] BannedForDissent

    Reminder to keep things civil. Do not post if you're not mentioned in the 'involved' section.
  8. Starfelt

    [Arcane][MA] _Lackless_ *teleports behind you*

    Yup (1/3)
  9. Starfelt


    MC Name: Starfelt Character's Name: Fauth Character's Age: 168 Character's Race: Half-Orc What magic(s) will you be learning? Earth Elementalism Teacher's MC Name: Tayelikel Teacher's RP Name: Elphaba'Yar Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  10. Starfelt


  11. Starfelt

    [Pending]Toxcat's Lore Moderator Application

    Is he even around anymore? wat
  12. MC name: Starfelt Character's name and age: Mlzkri - Unknown Character’s Race: Voidal Horror Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/170061-arcanestmlzkri/?tab=comments#comment-1604411 What magic(s) do you desire to teach?: Voidal Shifting Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Voidal shifting is much like Translocation, as you move into the void just like a translocator placing something within the void. However in this version an anchor is required to pull you out of the void. That is what makes this magic so different then translocation. In order for the anchor to pull you through, you must first fill you body with mana, matching the amount of mana of your form. Doing so will allow the anchor to function correct and pull you to the desired location. Once within the void you cannot change the location of your anchor. While horizontal shifts are do-able, strong vertical shifts are impossible, the void being to complex to do this. Along with this, you cannot shift to a place you cannot see, or cannot reach, for example you cannot shift behind a wall, or out of a iron-bar cage. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Mlzkri sat within a library, looking to his student. He'd then slowly pat the table in front of him, gaining the attention of his student. "Alright, now that we've explained anchors and you're able to create them, I'd like you to shift. Create an anchor at the table next to us, its fairly close so it should be possible at this point." The student nodded lightly as they moved to stand up and looked the table next to them, their eyes twitched slightly, hands shaking a tad. Mana began to build into a small purple dot atop the table next to the student. Mlzkri's eyes flicked over towards the student occasionally, though mostly reading the book within his hands, a low hum coming from the man at that. The student would continue to focus on the spot as more and more mana built into the anchor, it was now medium sized and a deep purple color. Within a few moments the student suddenly vanished into a strange purple colored mist, and within the same moment reappeared standing atop the table next to them, shifting about a meter or so. He coughed loudly as he fell to his kneels and struggled to catch his breath Mlzkri nodded lightly as he closed the book, smiling to the student "Good, at least you didn't pass out like most do." He'd then toss the book at the table the man knelt on "Read up, and get in a few more shifts before we have another lesson." With that Mlzkri walked off out of the library. The novice nodded as he sat there on the table, sweat covered and struggling to calm his breathing. After a moment he'd scoop up and book and begin reading. Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yup Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
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    honestly please
  14. Starfelt

    Drop the beat

    I tried to think of some of my songs you might like edit- outkast ms.jackson is good too, like the person who posted above me ^^^