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  1. You better still be around to play other games. See you around friend ❤️
  2. Good job everyone! Congratulations to the winners.
  3. I can do that for you if you’d like. Starfelt#2929
  4. Mcname: Starfelt Category: Building Attach Content: (Edit: There should be a category for like multi-media, for somethings that may not exactly fit into the categories above.. just an idea.)
  5. Discord: Starfelt#2929 bid: 3250 Skin: Royal Blue Northern
  6. Teach me how to skin.. 😩
  7. Starfelt

    To the Drui of Arcas

    Sloane raised a brow as she looked over the missive, a sigh escaping her lips as she rolled her eyes and crumbled the paper. “Perhaps its time I pay the druids a visit once again.. I wonder if any of them remember me anymore.”
  8. Perhaps make it so you can submit new spells through the creation of a mart? Then you could have someone who is taught the new spell, have a comment on their MA/TA saying they were taught so and so spell
  9. I’m back with another bug report.. ❤️ **MC Names of all involved** Starfelt **Description** I was trying to place a custom tag into my card, using the command /cardex customtag set 1 Theme-Song (link), however when I do /card instead of using the name I gave for the tag, it instead uses ‘Art’. I tried a few times, just doing ‘Theme’ or ‘Song’ and neither worked any differently. **Date of occurance** 2019/08/15 **In game specifications** Starfelt, I was on my Sloane persona. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Do /cardex customtag set 1 (name of tag) (link/writing) 2. Check /card to see if it worked. 3. It doesn’t work, and the tag is named art strangely. **Expected Behavior** The tag should be labeled whatever you named it, in this instance it should be named ‘Theme-Song, Song, or Theme’. **Actual Behavior** It names the tag ‘Art’ **Additional Information** https://gyazo.com/345f2528d622dbf99150ecf63f15406b **Error Message** N/A
  10. **MC Names of all involved** Starfelt, Murlocs **Description** Whisper’s Edge will disappear when thrown and someone tries to pick it up. **Date of occurance** 2019/08/14 **In game specifications** Starfelt, I was on my Sloane persona. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Buy Whisper’s Edge From Shop Of Wonders 2. Throw it down for friend to pick up 3. Item vanishes.. **Expected Behavior** The other player should pick it up **Actual Behavior** It vanishes **Additional Information** I’ve dealt with this a number of times, Pun has had to refund me one, along with Deer and finally Murlocs.. **Error Message** N/A
  11. Sloane would raise a brow to the missive once more, sighing. “...What the **** did I do? I don’t even live in Llyria..”
  12. Sloane blinks after reading over the letter, pausing before squinting and sighing. “I’m not even a citizen.. what the ****?”
  13. The builder accepts. (Contact me on discord at Starfelt#2929) The Fort Has Been Sold
  14. I’ll be selling a few of my builds that I’ve no longer use for, or have never bothered to move onto the live server. I’m selling a large gothic style manor, a sort of fort, an orc shaman hut, and a church/council building. They all have a starting bid of 1k mina, and the auction will go for twenty four hours. (Auction will end 12am PST tomorrow) Inside each spoiler is a picture of the build, and below it is a link to the album with all the screenshots of the build. If you’re interested in buying something straight out, just message me and I’ll let you know if I accept the offer. Cheers. Gothic Manor: (Six bedrooms, Dining Hall, Living Room (With Fireplace & Bar) Kitchen/Cellar, Icebox, Storage Room) https://imgur.com/a/CQuVAo7 Fort: (A bunch of rooms.. library, council room, 2 bedrooms) SOLD https://imgur.com/a/jpV2Jsp Orc Shaman Hut: (3 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Room, Backyard, Patio, 2 Balconies) https://imgur.com/a/D4oXwNx Church/Council Building: https://imgur.com/a/O9Ai9tw
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