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  1. Only Twelve Hours Left Until The Auction Closes.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm selling a few of my old skins that I no longer use! I'll be doing this through an auction, starting bid is 10 mina. The auction will close on March 5th at 12am EST. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on discord at Starfelt#2929 Enjoy! - Bidding will begin at 10 mina. - Bids may be increased by 10 mina. You must make a new comment if you bid higher on a skin. - Please only bid if you will be able to pay the bid amount at the conclusion of the auction. - You MUST follow the format below Bid Format - ---------------------------------------------- Paladin Man Wood Elven Girl High Elf Woman Battle Attire Druid Man Tribal Wood Elf Man High Elf Male Mage Dark Armor High Elf Woman Gown Wine Red Gown Royal Red Gown Red Elegant Coat Red Royalty Pink Shirt & Hat Blue Gown Purple Floral Teal Gown
  3. IGN: Starfelt Discord: Starfelt#2929 Bid: 100 Skin: Disheveld Furs
  4. Not the staff taking down a post exposing a homophobic bully. 

    1. manicfairy


      The staff are homophobic 

  5. As long as they come back at some point.
  6. Why is vortex so confusing...

    1. Valannor


      If you need some help w/ it, hmu on discord and I can try walking you through some of it.

    2. Myleres


      ill give you some ferrum tools so you can skip the mind numbingly boring grind if u want 

    3. Starfelt


      @KuilaUgh, you are wonderful <3 

  7. This is a neat idea, what about me, good sir?
  8. Kaelwyn moved through the war-camp. His form coming upon the bounty board as his burgundy eyes scanned over the various posters that sat pinned to it. He reached a hand out to grasp at one of the posters, tugging it down so he could examine it. He looked it over before sighing out, rolling it up and stuffing it into his robes. He sauntered off out of the rubble that remained, his eyes looking skywards as he released a quick sharp whistle, a shadow moving over his face as a peregrine falcon flew down and landed upon a large pile of rubble staring at the elder druid with intrigue. The druid stepped forwards and moved to grasp a small piece of parchment from his bag, he placed it against a stone wall and began to scribe down a response. "The Father Circle will assist, we will meet with you in the coming days." He then attached the note to the falcons foot before reaching into his pocket to withdraw a small piece of dried fish, tossing it to the bird, which snapped the fish into its maw before flying off. The druid then began to wander off, heading back to the Father Grove to gather his people.
  9. They are crocodile teeth on his head, only orcs with horns currently are older orcs.
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