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  1. I identify as a poorly managed tamagotchi.
  2. “Good Riddance.” Commented a red-haired woman, a smirk upon her lips. She passed the notice off to the white-haired woman sharing the cart with her..
  3. The red haired woman would close her eyes and sigh quietly. She’d then turn and wander back into the manor and move upstairs to stare at his door.. “He didn't give me the keys back..” She’d shrug lightly before moving to turn and head up to her room. “Farewell friend.. may the river be calm.”
  4. I could lend a hand with this. Though I normally build on build servers.. then you could litematica the build into the server. If you’re interested in such message me.
  5. Mcname: Starfelt Category: Building Attach Content: https://imgur.com/a/IGGZTJr
  6. Yeah, people currently roleplay gnomes.. its just a halfling/goblin.
  7. so.. can we make it so /koplushhead request works just normally? instead of needing to pvp and execute them.. it would be nice if the command worked for rp deaths.
  8. There is also the demonic children made through naztherak pact system. They are the most similar looking to typical teiflings.
  9. These creatures aren’t a race in themselves. They’re cursed with dark magic to look the way they do. Best way to go about getting one is either to speak with people involved with such. That being said, people normally dislike when people look for something different to play for the soul reason being of being different. Edit: Not trying to be rude or anything! I’m just sharing some insight!
  10. Please leave any bids in the replies, the auction will be ending tomorrow at 4:30pm PST. Starting Bid (1k Mina) - Starting Bid (500 Mina) - Starting Bid (1k Mina)
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