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  1. MC Name: Starfelt Character Name: Rylas Discord: (You have it) Timezone: PST
  2. Starfelt

    Kry's Art Emporium

    Heyo, I’m interested in getting 2 sketches, colored and shaded 😛 You can message me on discord at Starfelt#2929 (Also, your art has improved so much since you first started, omg good work! ❤️ )
  3. Heyo, I’m curious if you do emblems too.. if so I would be interested in such.
  4. So, question. When a new charter is made do they receive a grace period for activity? I mean when its first created its mostly building and land-shaping, and less so roleplay.. 

    1. Luvvy


      it wouldn’t matter either way because no one wants to go to your smelly charter!!!!!!!!

    2. Starfelt


      @Luv i can’t believe you’ve done this

      at least my coochie don’t stank

    3. z3m0s


      It think you can dip in activity for a month or so definitely without getting any infractions so I’m sure it’s fine there but the point of all the signatures is to ensure you have the activity to maintain your charter, so I don’t imagine you get to much extra time after that. Don’t take that as gospel, just my two cents from what I know, good luck.

  5. I’m looking to try something new on the server, or play in a nation for once. Not really sure whats been going on with the server recently, since I’ve been gone for a little while. Is there any nations or anything looking for new players? Or groups recruiting? Ideas for new characters? Hit me up.
  6. You better still be around to play other games. See you around friend ❤️
  7. Good job everyone! Congratulations to the winners.
  8. I can do that for you if you’d like. Starfelt#2929
  9. Mcname: Starfelt Category: Building Attach Content: (Edit: There should be a category for like multi-media, for somethings that may not exactly fit into the categories above.. just an idea.)
  10. Discord: Starfelt#2929 bid: 3250 Skin: Royal Blue Northern
  11. Teach me how to skin.. 😩
  12. Perhaps make it so you can submit new spells through the creation of a mart? Then you could have someone who is taught the new spell, have a comment on their MA/TA saying they were taught so and so spell
  13. I’m back with another bug report.. ❤️ **MC Names of all involved** Starfelt **Description** I was trying to place a custom tag into my card, using the command /cardex customtag set 1 Theme-Song (link), however when I do /card instead of using the name I gave for the tag, it instead uses ‘Art’. I tried a few times, just doing ‘Theme’ or ‘Song’ and neither worked any differently. **Date of occurance** 2019/08/15 **In game specifications** Starfelt, I was on my Sloane persona. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Do /cardex customtag set 1 (name of tag) (link/writing) 2. Check /card to see if it worked. 3. It doesn’t work, and the tag is named art strangely. **Expected Behavior** The tag should be labeled whatever you named it, in this instance it should be named ‘Theme-Song, Song, or Theme’. **Actual Behavior** It names the tag ‘Art’ **Additional Information** https://gyazo.com/345f2528d622dbf99150ecf63f15406b **Error Message** N/A
  14. **MC Names of all involved** Starfelt, Murlocs **Description** Whisper’s Edge will disappear when thrown and someone tries to pick it up. **Date of occurance** 2019/08/14 **In game specifications** Starfelt, I was on my Sloane persona. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Buy Whisper’s Edge From Shop Of Wonders 2. Throw it down for friend to pick up 3. Item vanishes.. **Expected Behavior** The other player should pick it up **Actual Behavior** It vanishes **Additional Information** I’ve dealt with this a number of times, Pun has had to refund me one, along with Deer and finally Murlocs.. **Error Message** N/A
  15. I think you’re thinking of Thralls, males who were cursed to be slaves, and could turn into ice-creature things. Ivorjurs were witches made from ice, and much more tanky then a typical witch (Thralls and Ivojurs have both been removed) However we’ve replaced them with familiar creatures.
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