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  1. Minecraft Name: Gobbo Skype ID: jocuurTime-zone: GMTDo you, or have you held, any other staff positions: I haven’t held any on LOTC, though I was a moderator and builder on another RP server for over a year. Where do you grab inspiration from: I usually get inspiration from a variety of sources, including real life buildings, games and I also like to look at other people’s builds to see what I can learn from their use of blocks and colours.What type of building are you best with: I’m best with medieval buildings and interiors, though I'm good with just about anything.What are some of your most treasured builds: One of my most treasured builds is also one of my more recent ones, which is the Irongut settlement in the sea just off the dwarves fast travel. There are a few pictures of it below in the underground album. Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: Yes. Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Medieval: http://imgur.com/a/eySD8 Underground: http://imgur.com/a/PiQPi Terraforming: http://imgur.com/a/97Kw2 How long does it take for you to complete a build: Depending on the size of the build, it could take between a few hours for a small build and 1-2 weeks for a large one. Additional details: I have a lot of experience with world edit and a small bit with voxel, not so much with redstone. Tell me a trick about building: Placing sandstone stairs upside down in roads to make a nice, rough sandy texture. Tell me a joke:
  2. Gobbo

    [Accepted] [Actor] Faiz's ET application (FIXED)

    Nice, friendly guy and good at roleplaying! +1