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  1. Ruslan Baruch smiles the Sun's Smile. The Duke looked over towards his cousin, holding the missive up. "Heh. Good fer' 'em, the Barclay heirs will carry strong, Ayrian blood in 'em." @indiana105
  2. THE DUCHY OF VALWYCK; FIEFDOM ELECTIONS OF 392 E.S. [!] a painting depicting the annual gathering of the Baruch Clan along with their Ayrian Subjects. By the will of His Grace, Duke Ruslan Eirik Baruch, the first election of the Fiefdom of Valwyck shall be called for the seat delegated to the House of Baruch. As Duke Ruslan serves as Lord Speaker of Hanseti-Ruska, the seat of House Baruch is without a proper representative who will fully embody Ayrian values and Baruch traditions. His Grace seeks to hold an election for the seat, the first of its kind, in order to allow for proper representation of the Ayrian subjects of Valwyck along with the Baruch family themselves. Representative Representatives are elected to serve the Duchy of Valwyck, encompassing the Fiefdom of Lallybroch, by popular vote. They are tasked with giving voice to their constituents within his Majesty’s Royal Duma by proposing and shaping legislative bills. Representatives may be of any birth, common or noble, as long as they are Ayrian. Representatives serve a six-year tenure or until His Grace, the Duke of Valwyck, calls a new election or removes the representative to reclaim his seat. For a citizen to nominate themselves for any of the above offices, they must satisfy the eligibility criteria: I. Candidates must be at least 13 years of Age. II. Candidates must be residents of the Duchy of Valwyck, or tenants of the Fiefdom of LallyBroch. III. Candidates must be of Ayrian descent. IV. Candidates may only nominate themselves for office. His Grace, Ruslan Eirik Baruch, Lord Speaker of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duke of Valwyck, Count of Ayr, Viscount of Voron, Baron of Gant, Laval,and Riveryn OOC INFORMATION Please Include the Following in your Application: IGN: Character Name: Age: Place of Residence within Valwyck (Lichenstadt/Lallybroch)
  3. Ruslan Baruch looted the bodies of several rebels and Rustlers, including the poor rebel he threw to his death. He ripped off his Ayrian styled beret, breathing heavily from the heat he was not used to. "If ye' think this is somethin', wait 'till Ah' get my hands on those dagger-ears." He said to a random dead Rustler on the ground.
  4. THE GREYGUARD THE DUCAL GUARD OF HOUSE BARUCH For generations, the Greyguard had served as the primary levy within the County of Ayr beneath the House of Baruch. Forgotten for nearly a century, the Greyguard had all but ceased to exist upon the elevation of the House to ducal status. In the wake of the reforms of Koeng Josef I, allowing Haeseni peers to hire and retain personal guards for their own protection, Duke Ruslan I has decreed that the Greyguard is to be reformed. Whereas the Greyguard of old was largely a peasant levy, drawn from demesne of House Baruch, the current iteration of the order shall consist of no more than four elite men of preferably Aryian stock. His Grace, Duke Ruslan I calls forth for any and all willing northmen to present themselves before him in Litchestadt. HISTORY OF THE GREYGUARD The Order of the Unbowed — The Greyguard’s predecessor — was founded during the reign of Otto Marius Baruch, Count of Ayr in 1611 at the start of the Greyspine Rebellion. Count Otto marched the Unbowed down from their mountain keep, Jorenstadt, to reclaim their seat of Saint’s Rest from the imposter Kovachev who had sworn fealty to the Kingdom of Courland. The levy fought well, however they failed to fully reclaim the land and so Count Otto ordered the retreat back to his mountain keep, knowing that he would need as many men as possible to join with his Ruthern allies to eventually launch an attack on the Courlandic invaders. Count Otto eventually led his host to join the Rutherns, where they routed the Courlandic forces during the second battle of the Rothswood to restore the Kingdom of Haense. Ser Aldrik founded the modern Greyguard in Atlas, after the construction of his keep, “Greyguard Hold”. Aldrik and the Greyguard soldiers had multiple small disputes with the monarchy over the legality of having a levy, despite Aldrik reassuring that they would only be used in favor of the King. However, Otto II insisted the Greyguard be reduced to only a few bodyguards instead of an active levy. These bodyguards participated in multiple wars, protecting their Count from enemies such as Renatus-Marna and Norland. During the reign of Marius Karl Baruch, Count of Ayr the Greyguard served as it had in his father’s reign. When Greyguard Hold was infiltrated and taken by Arberrang, Count Marius called the Greyguard and marched upon his old home to vanquish the Arberrang dogs and reclaim his family’s seat. Count Marius and the Greyguard were victorious, and the Greyguard once again were able to defend the lands of the Baruch family and assist in the protection of northern Haense. Count Marius led the Greyguard in the crossing to Arcas, before his abdication in favour of his grandson, Jan Eirik Baruch. Jan Eirik Baruch, Count of Ayr saw the Royal Levy Ban of 1709 and so he integrated the Greyguard into the Royal Army in return for the position of Commandant. He served in this position, with the Greyguard under his control in the now Royal Army, until his expulsion from the Kingdom for conspiring against the King and other allies. The Greyguard then returned home to Ayr, not wanting to serve anyone but a member of House Baruch, swearing now to Sigmar Joren Baruch, Count of Ayr. The Greyguard then saw a period of inactivity spanning nearly the entirety of the next century. It was only in the year 1833 that the great-grandson of Sigmar, Duke Ruslan I of Valwyck, reinstated the order upon hearing of the declaration of war on the elves of Haelun'or. They now serve as an elite guardforce, tasked solely with the defense of His Grace along with the other members of House Baruch. RANKS OF THE GREYGUARD CHOMANNDAIR The Duke of Valwyck | Commander The Chomanndair of the Greyguard is a title assumed by the current head of House Baruch. If the patriarch deems fit, however, he may appoint another member of his house to take up the position. As commander of the Greyguard, he is responsible for the maintenance of the order as a whole. This includes periodically engaging his men in duels in which their skill shall be tested against his, the outcome of which shall determine the continuity of a Greyguard's tenure. GREYGUARD Faithful Guards of House Baruch The Greyguards are men or women sworn to the protection of His Grace and his House whenever they are called upon. They are permitted to live within the village of Lallybroch, located just beyond the walls of Litchestadt, where they will receive room and board free of cost. In addition to this, each Greyguard shall be allocated pay of 10 Mina on the eve of each Saint's Week. Their position is not guaranteed, as they must prove themselves worthy against the Chomanndair whenever he so wishes. Should he deem them unworthy, he may strip them of their title and its benefits on the spot. Signed in 386 ES, His Grace, Ruslan Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck, Count of Ayr, Viscount of Voron, Baron of Laval and Riveryn, and Guardian of the Haeseni Coast Anyone interested shoot me a message via inbox! Or even better, shoot me a msg if you're interested in playing an Ayrian!
  5. ((Username)): _BigDon_ Name: Thormyr Ireheart Age: Please do not ask me my age. Are you a citizen of Urguan?: Yes Are you of Urguan’s Folk? (A Dwarf/Honorary): Dwarf
  6. The Duke of Valwyck, Ruslan Baruch, sat within his keep of Litchestadt after court had finished. He prepared his traditional Ayrian armour, along with a special weapon he had made just for the occasion of killing elves. "The pointy-ears 'ave made their final mistake, Eirik." He told his eight year old son, shoving a freshly made steel sword in to the young boy's hands.
  7. ♜ Discord: Sarmadon#1404 ♜ Skin Name(s) with Skinner’s name: simple gambeson lol @venclair ♜ Bid(s): $10
  8. Duke Ruslan Baruch read over the missive, nodding slowly. He whispered to his close ally, Ailred var Ruthern. "Lord Marshal, Ah' guarantee ye' these pointy-ears will give in. They don' wan' no parts o' this, Ah'm tellin' ye'." He nodded several times after his confident statement.
  9. The famous Ferryman Worm nearly sheds a tear at the Orenian women being auctioned, but he musters the strength to hold it back. While he respects the female kind, he understands why this is being done. He comments to himself, "The way of the world, I suppose. . ."
  10. NOMINATIONS FOR THE 382 ES GENERAL ELECTIONS KRUZAE ZWY KONGZEM 4th of Tov and Yermey, 382 ES DLUM VE EDLERVIK, DRUZ VE EDLERVIK VA BIRODEO HERZENAV E EDLERVIK, By the will of His Majesty, Koeng Heinrik Karl II, the elections of 382 ES shall be called to elect eight officials. Nominations shall now be open for the next month, and citizens of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska are called upon to fulfill their civic duty to vote. Eight of these officials shall be brought onto the Royal Duma, including a Grand Maer to manage and improve the institutions of the city of Karosgrad. These eight officials shall be elected under two offices, which are; ROYAL ALDERMEN Seven Royal Aldermen are elected as representatives of the whole people of Hanseti-Ruska, by popular vote. They are tasked with giving voice to their constituents within his Majesty’s Royal Duma by proposing and shaping legislative bills. Royal Aldermen may be of any birth, common or noble. Royal Aldermen are recommended to produce at least two bills during their four-year tenure. GRAND MAER The Grand Maer of Karosgrad is elected by majority vote to represent the people of Hanseti-Ruska in the Office of the Lord Seneschal and assume the duties of management of the city’s social institutions, assisting in growth of the city’s business and economy, and bringing city wide events to Karosgrad. This role is vital and important to the city, and its abilities depend on the office holder as well as their desires to shape the city to its betterment. The Grand Maer may be of any birth, and does not sit on His Majesty’s Royal Duma. For a citizen to nominate themselves for any of the above offices, they must satisfy the eligibility criteria: 1. Candidates must be at least fourteen years of age; 2. Candidates for Grand Maer must be a resident of Karosgrad; 3. Candidates for Royal Alderman must have a residence within Hanseti-Ruska; 4. Candidates must not have a criminal record; 5. Candidates must not be a titled peer or regent; 6. Candidates for Grand Maer cannot be a Laurir; 7. Candidates may only nominate themselves to run for one office; 8. Candidates cannot bribe potential voters, or otherwise purchase votes; 9. Candidates must not use any signs for their campaigning process on Private property (unless given consent of the owner) , and thus they are strictly prohibited to do so and will result in a fine. 10. Candidates may make public missives, speeches, and host rallies. It is highly encouraged that ALL candidates make campaign posts and host public rallies to boost their chances of election! NOTE: You may still campaign while nominations are being verified ((OOC : CANDIDATES HAVE UNTIL THURSDAY 5 PM EST TO RUN)) CAMPAIGN POST TEMPLATE Please include the following in your application: IGN: Character Name: Age: Place of Residence / Street Address: Position: (Alderman or Maer) [Link to Campaign Post] IV JOVEO MAAN, His Excellency, Ruslan Baruch, Lord Speaker of Hanseti-Ruska
  11. A DUKE’S GRACE With great elation from the Duchy of Valwyck, does the announcement of His Grace, Duke Ruslan Baruch triumphing over the dunce Orenian man come. From the wreckage and ruins of Lichtestadt came the strength from the Lorded duel combatant. Though this tale is not just of steel meeting the steel of another, for there was much peculiarity behind it. An ungodly presence was at play, only being akin to the profane, protectors of the undead hailing from Haelun’or. Through the eyes of others, shall this story be told, one of a god-fearing humble man besting the Iblees spawn that stood at his front. Which took place within the heart of Hanseti-Ruska, the stridently patriotic square of Karosgrad. A thud and the resounding jeers of Haeseni men and women, situated at the square stirred the Lord to light. His Grace, Ruslan had exhausted the majority of his day sitting between the pews of the church of Heinzreich, hands of his had been glued together in prayer. His utterance reached out for Godan; “Holy God, I have sinned in thought and in flesh. Thou art mercy, Thou art goodness, Thou art charity. With my own weeping spirit do I acknowledge that I have offended Thee. I know my sin, and do in Thy Name enact righteous penance as did Exalted Owyn. Forgive Thou me, O Fount of mercy, and accept my penance, that my spirit might return to a place of purity, and that I may strive to love Thee and do Thy will in all things. Amen.” Those boos soon turned to cheers as the stirred Duke rose from the pews and through the church doors. The crowds applauded, yet his eyes never once faltered, remaining sedate and glowering on the Othoman; his rival for three rounds of bloodshed. Minatory boots dragged along the cardinal grounds of Karosgrad, to the very center and heart of the square. A blaring voice, echoed from the Lord Marshal, sounding that the duel-watchers back away as to form a circle around the combatants. Glazing a look down the metal of his blade, only the command of the Marshal saw the Duke’s gaze drift over to the man. The Marshal who had been thinking; He is a natural, nie mere Orenian man could stand toe-to-toe with him. Scrutinizing the form of Ruslan, His Lordship, Ailred Ruthern stood proudly and firm on his very spot. His form lowered as the duel commenced, the intuition of Ruslan took straight to the weasley and scared facade of the Othoman. He had disassembled the quaking-of-foot Orenian exactly like how a child would dissemble a stack of toy building blocks. It was an easy first round and victory for the Duke. Though it was truly what everybody had expected, Ailred’s guard was loose and his boots planted less firm. His interest panned elsewhere, but as he circled off, the Duke caught unworldly incantations seeping from the bloodied lip of the Othaman. It was startling but he had no time to think about it as the second round was called into play. Rorislav who had previously donned a timid expression now heralded only aplomb, each and every strike to come from his blade was precise and completely in contrast to his first round. “What ill-will did he spew from his lips?” Pondered the Duke as the crowd broke their cheers, in place of an eerie tangible silence. The second round was all over, Ruslan had wobbled down onto a knee after the seemingly ethereal blade of Rorislav pierced immaculately to the armpit of himself. It felt off; strange. Only fleeting seconds of recovery were granted to the Baruch duelist, who had meekly returned back over to his starting position. Each and every eye in that square were placed on the man. His northern honour was at stake, his dignity, after all, it had been him who had called out the Othoman and not vice-versa. To oppose his caution of the peculiar man, at the go of the third round, another prayer parted his cracked lips; “My God; I love Thee, make me love Thee more.” Knowing something was astray, Ruslan allowed himself not to concede even any thought of defeat, his mind was pure and clear. But- the hands of Rorislav seemed deft and if not unordinary. No man could muster the way his hands moved around the hilt and handle of his blade. Precise to a tee and even against the resolved mind and form of Ruslan, the evidently preternatural Othaman brought his might in a chaotic swing to the helmet of Ruslan. It cracked under the immense and anomalous weight of the blow, splitting exactly in two. Fortunately not a scratch was visible on the exposed head of Ruslan, but it did pose a dangerous threat. It was first to blood, but his opponent’s intent was clearly something else. Of Murderous intent. Worried eyes scoured Ruslan, a nearly perpetual and terrified expression plastered the faces of his family. His daughter hid behind her mother’s skirts and his son peered through clammy fingers. A spark ignited as Ruslan amidst stumbling back caught sight of his family’s sheer fright. He had gathered all the strength he still had left, every muscle in his body twanged with a newfound vigour. Even an unshakeable remark passed; ”Nae helmet, nae problem. Godan prevails!” Having always been a pious man, since birth and baptism, daily penance; prayer, all of it. Godan was on the side of Ruslan. And when one has Godan on their side, to falter would be to disprove the will of God, or to show it was meant to be. Bearing a last herculean pass of his blade across the head of the man, Rorislav collapsed to the floor. Not a single conscious thought was bore from the man, though. . . “SPAWN OF IBLEES!” Bellowed out the only individual who had not been praising and huddling around Ruslan, but instead he had kept his eyes on the fallen duelist. The duelist who despite being rendered to darkness, moved his hands, arms and legs - whoosh - he had still been swinging about with his blade! His eyes cracked open, glanced at those gawking and then rolled to the back of his head. Something evil had overcome him, something which he had brought upon himself. Ruslan had seen the man’s lips incant after his defeat in their first bout. Screams rang like the bell of the gatehouse, the crowds backed away from what they thought was the devil. But not Patriarch Yaromir. A man of Godan approached the now frozen and unconscious man. Abruptly, Rorislav began swinging his sword upwards in a frail, but certainly unholy arc towards the pious man. Yaromir thudded onto his behind as Rorislav’s unconscious body clambered to the ground. The Patriarch needed not to say what it was, what he was, for the entire crowd knew; it was the evil work of Iblees. His spawn. The crowds dispersed and the unconscious unholy man was dealt with. Talks of the leaving crowd were heard through the air; “Ruslan bested the spawn of Iblees!” “The Duke has Godan on his side.” “He is a remarkable swordsman!” Might Godan continue to bless the household of Baruch, for they have surely done the world a good ridding this devil and hell-spawn. Iv Joveo Maan
  12. [!] A letter found itself drafted to one Rorislav 'Robert' Othaman @Gridlock To the pea brained dullard bootlicker of Orenian Society, Since our last meet in which you provided naught but senseless reviles, it is blatant that you should have come away from your lackluster and half-witted guard duty. I assure you would likely come up with another excuse, one common from the frail boned Orenian Ilk, being; duels are not permitted in Orenian law! Well, in that case if you desire to run that ill-washed mouth of yours for a moment longer I should challenge you to a duel on Haeseni soil. From where honour is gained akin to times of old, where men would clash steel with steel to settle disputes rather than to cry to the next pench-pinching laywerman. So if you wish to back your words behind true mettle, present yourself within Haeseni lands, and we’ll even make a show of it while you’re here. A duel. Though, with your first excuse offered, I can only surmise your boots would have too much of a woman’s tremble to come along? With hopes that you’ll not be an afeared shitbag, His Grace, Ruslan Baruch
  13. Ruslan Baruch had sat in his office, gently thumbing the head of one of his turtles. A red haired Ayrian servant entered, delivering the sad news before departing. The Duke of Valwyck was not close with Igor Kort, though he saw the former Lord Speaker as a man he could somewhat respect. He exited his office, leaving towards a nearby mountain with bagpipes in hand. When arrived, he'd say a few words. "A good enough man, Ah' suppose. Wha'ever flaws he had, he deserved a better death. May ye' find rest, Lord Speaker." With that, he blew on the mouthpiece of the bagpipes for a few moments before heading back towards Karosgrad.
  14. Duke Ruslan Baruch had just received the missive from one of his Ayrian servants, dismissing the red-haired man afterwards. His thumb would gently pet the head of one of his turtles as he read over the missive, eyes narrowed. "Interestin'. Ah' suppose his time was comin' t' an end. A controversial speaker, but a man Ah' did niet have t' many issues wit'. Here's t' his well-earned retiremen'." Ruslan took a sip from his Carrion Black, before standing to depart towards a certain treehouse near Karosgrad.
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