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  1. "Hm, wonder if there looking for new recruits? " Will says to no one in particular.
  2. "Hmm, I wonder what the traders who work for this company actually do? " he says to no one in particular.
  3. I think you can just ask in #support discord... but I'm not verified 😞
  4. I have a problem that is a known bug, where as soon as a try to log it says loading world, but then disconnects me. The only problem is that the solution is to ask someone in discord #support to tp you. But, I had not verified in the LOTC Discord, and the only way to is in the game. So I have a bit of a paradox, is there a staff member that can help by tp-ing me? IGN: Gilan
  5. *document is now lost in history, the one who wrote it, is also lost.
  6. Gilan


    I have edited it.
  7. Gilan


    Garenin is a orphan, raised by human hunters in the woods near Fenn. They taught him to hunt and fend for himself. When he was in his 20’s (very young for an elf) bandits attacked his home and killed the hunters, Garenin ran away. He started to explore the world, hunting, trading, and forageing. He is very wise and knows much about the world, from exploring is of course. He has no alligiances, and only cares for himself. At the moment he is searching for rare artifects and other rare things. Has no permenant house, he is nomadic and sets up tents and shops around the world. Owns a horse that he uses to carry stuff, but also to travel.He has been all around the world to the northern city of Varhavkes and down to the city of Rivid. Loves Nature, he respects animals, but also understands the need of killing animals for food.
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