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  1. To all friends of theater, expression, and art: IN the fair Barony of Nicea is established a guild. It is a guild unlike those of highway forts, of merchant manors and mage towers. The Thespian Guild of Nicea shall educate on and perform all manner of comedy, tragedy, comedic tragedy, et al. Prior knowledge of the dramatic arts is not required, though it would certainly be useful. If you are interested in studying or partaking in drama, you are encouraged to contact me, Lukas Ostwald, as your schedule permits. It is our hope to soon perform across Axios, particularly in the lands of such places as Lorraine and Haense. The Guild also encourages interested patrons of the art to reach out to it. In troubled times, what better way to achieve much sought after fulfillment than through the passions of the stage? The beauty of silken curtains, flowing costume, and honeyed words evokes the deepest and most intimate of all human emotions.
  2. Liberty

    The Tragedians

    Friends of the theater and of all arts! The Tragedians are a fine troupe of actors, writers, and artists. During our stay in Johannesburg we plan to play various shows onstage, as well as smaller acts about the city. We perform all manner of tragedy, comedy, tragicomedy, et al., though the name indicates otherwise. Please, if you find the time to drop by for a show, try to do so!