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  1. To all friends of theater, expression, and art: IN the fair Barony of Nicea is established a guild. It is a guild unlike those of highway forts, of merchant manors and mage towers. The Thespian Guild of Nicea shall educate on and perform all manner of comedy, tragedy, comedic tragedy, et al. Prior knowledge of the dramatic arts is not required, though it would certainly be useful. If you are interested in studying or partaking in drama, you are encouraged to contact me, Lukas Ostwald, as your schedule permits. It is our hope to soon perform across Axios, particularly in the lands of such places as Lorraine and Haense. The Guild also encourages interested patrons of the art to reach out to it. In troubled times, what better way to achieve much sought after fulfillment than through the passions of the stage? The beauty of silken curtains, flowing costume, and honeyed words evokes the deepest and most intimate of all human emotions.
  2. The Tragedian takes to the parchment once more. In taking to public addresses, I also intended to elicit an Imperial response. I will refute any attempt to construe me and my partners as having a political interest at stake. We only wish to return to our lives.
  3. Ostwald angrily responds to the further criticism leveled. It is a shame that those choosing to respond would assume such things about my own beliefs. Had I fought against Courland? Had I mocked publicly those the Empire wronged? I had not. That a plea for the preservation of a city of thousands was so received is truly troubling. This conflation of our nobles and our peasantry is a horrid failure in the judgement of Coalition leaders. If they wish to avoid future violence against the innocents of all lands, I suggest the Coalition take the higher ground. The perishing of citizens on all sides shall only continue as no one attempts to stop it.
  4. Yeah, I think Veg makes more sense.
  5. Oswalt responds in agreement with his friend Gailyn. I am not a political man. I write not for the Empire, but for the people of Johannesburg who seek only to preserve their homes. We are to burn in repentance for some abstract sin? Despicable. I can see appeals to the preservation of commoners' livelihood is lost on Rebel ears. I can think of nothing more horrid than living in such a land. Does this satisfy your people? Know this. The citizens of Johannesburg, the innocent and long apathetic, will not take kindly to their crucifixion for the settling of some lofty noble's conflict.
  6. Oswalt prepares another letter. If the Coalition refuses to acknowledge this horrid proposal as merely a continuation of the evil it claims to seek an end to, I have lost hope that the lands of Axios may ever see peace. Johannesburg is my home. Not any of the Kingdoms that seek to destroy it. If the Rebels refuse to hear our cries for peace, they shall surely regret their atrocious deeds in the future.
  7. Ostwalt takes the time to respond to the expected criticism. If the administration Coalition fails to understand why some may wish to preserve their livelihoods, I hold nothing but contempt for it. My plea is independent of the things you say, sir. If it comes to it, I will be leaving Johannesburg. Yet is it truly absurd that the Coalition considers it enough to merely allow us to escape. That is not humanitarian. May we not continue our lives as they were?
  8. Lukas Ostwald, a resident of Johannesburg and a Tragedian, writes an opinion for posting across Oren. With the recent knowledge of Haense's exiting the war, I must restate to the people of the Empire and those who fight for the Coalition my continuing call. It has become clear that continuing war will result only in the slaughter of innocents and in the destruction of so much that is good. Even considering the possibility of some miracle, war will bring carnage. Thus, I call upon the administration of the Empire and those on the opposing side to put an end to this. The Coalition has achieved its desired independence, that is evident. What need is there to push on further? To strip Crownlanders of a state and a city? Johannesburg is a paragon of all that might be achieved in this world, and the Rebels have nothing to gain from it but the resources they might seize. I heart cries on the side of the Rebels of freedom, liberation, and other such ideals. Orenians cry for stability and continued existence. Neither side will gain what it desires by razing Johannesburg. Peace should be reached at any cost, for the benefit of the entire world. What chaos would ensue from forcing Crownlanders to become stateless? Lastly, I urge all that this paper finds: Conflate not the goals and ideals of the sides' respective peoples with their leaders'. I can speak for most of my fellow common man when I assure you that we seek only peace and our own livelihoods.
  9. Lukas Ostwald, resident of Johannesburg and Tragedian, speaks in the city square, later writing his words and posting them outside the city. Despicable! Now, I am no political man, this I will readily admit. Yet I feel that makes my appeal all the stronger. I hear they plan to end innocent lives? To leave Johannesburg in ruin? This is a horrid dead that might be done. Johannesburg is a city of so many wonderful individuals who seek only to continue their lives, rather than get involved in the abstract conflicts of some faraway rebels and an Emperor. It is also a city of culture. No other town in this world is such a hearth of the fine arts. Plays, poetry, paintings, the rest... Johannesburg is a paragon of all that humans as a people have accomplished. I know my words, as those of a lowly playwright, shall mean little, and thus I prepare to return to the countryside. I only hope these words may stir the conscience of one or two rebels.
  10. Friends of the theater and of all arts! The Tragedians are a fine troupe of actors, writers, and artists. During our stay in Johannesburg we plan to play various shows onstage, as well as smaller acts about the city. We perform all manner of tragedy, comedy, tragicomedy, et al., though the name indicates otherwise. Please, if you find the time to drop by for a show, try to do so!
  11. Out-Of-Character Information What’s your Minecraft account name?: liberty001 What timezone are you in?: EST (UTS–5:00) How old are you?: 17 Are you aware the online content on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? You won’t be denied for being under 13: I am. Have you read and agreed to the rules?: I have. What’s the rule you agree with the most?: "Excessive trolling or use of 'memes' in roleplay is are disallowed." This rule, while it may seem silly, is something I think is incredibly important. A lack of a seriousness in roleplay can cheapen the experience on all sides. If I really did seek memes, there are many other ways of going about getting them. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): They all seem clear to me. How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: I was notified about it by several friends. Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable): I have none. Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): I have. Definitions What is roleplaying?: Roleplaying is, put simply, the taking on of a character for use in various scenarios. What is metagaming?: Metagaming is the use of knowledge known only OOC (out of character) in IC (in character) interactions. What is power-emoting (powergaming)?: Power-emoting refers to a roleplayer acting in regard to another without giving them time to respond or have a fair engagement. An example might be "He stabs him brutally, causing immediate death." In-Character Information Character’s name: Lukas Ostwald Character’s sex: Male Character’s race: Human (Heartlander) Character’s age: 27 Biography: (where does your character come from?; where have they traveled to?; what year were they born in? et cetera.) In 1566, where the Crownlands nearly meet Haense, Lukas Ostwald was born to a large family of heartlander farmers. As he was not the eldest, Lukas was often on the periphery of the Ostwald family, though it was expected that he contribute to the family's wealth by working the farms or finding some lucrative role as a merchant in a guild. Chances to educate himself were slim, though Lukas often used his spare time to visit archives or otherwise seek out upheld classics. In particular, Lukas found himself lost in the romances, epics, and whimsical poetry surviving from such old societies as those of Aeldin. Not long after, he developed a passion for the long lost art of high theater. This became the passion of his life, more so than any crop or merchant company. When it came time for Lukas to seek a profession, after much hesitation, he announced his plan to travel to Johannesburg to become a merchant. This was not his true intent, of course; Lukas began performing in taverns and streets throughout the capital. He saw little success, however, thought not due to any lack of talent. Lukas believed his art, though popular among all those who saw it, was not something that could bring him great wealth among the common folk, who had scant time for such things. A chance encounter with Leila Rendes and Gailyn Carlisle after one such performance led to the three founding a trio. Their differing artistic passions caused an interesting synthesis of styles, with the three's new innovative form of quick and raunchy comedy being a hit among tavern-goers. The three, calling themselves The Tragedians after their favorite form of theater, performed in pubs across the country, with aspirations to someday perform for nobles. This is what led the group to return to Johannesburg, where they now reside performing the occasional comedic act. Personality Traits: Lukas, due to years of constant engagement with his profession, often comes across as strange to those he meets. His particular style of comedy lends itself to this, as does his melodramatic and sarcastic wit. Though born to a family of lower status, Lukas enjoys the opportunities presented to him to learn and experience a great variety of things. Ambitions: Lukas seeks to further his understanding of his art, and to someday live out the magnificent life shown in the tales of old. Of this, though, he does not typically admit. Strengths/Talents: Lukas has a near instinctual skill in detecting mannerisms and subtleties, something else gained from his past experiences, in addition to his earlier mentioned humor. In general, Lukas is skilled at working groups of people to curtail favors, as well as giving a good show. In regards to physicality, Lukas is deft and refined in his movements, as he must be to fully perform. Weaknesses/Inabilities: Academically, Lukas has no masterful skill in any area, though he is well educated. Further, he lacks any sort of knowledge in highly specialized areas, such as strategy or mathematics, and is utterly inept in brutal combat. Appearance: Lukas is a man of moderate height, though the markedness of his soft face distracts from the rather unimposing nature of body. His eyes, largely the reason for the striking nature of his face, are bright, and full of a degree of whimsy. Those who encounter Lukas see him as fun-loving, jolly, and jocular. Skin: