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  1. That's pretty cool, does it function in a way similar to a rosary?
  2. The Oracle, a dear friend to both his father and mother, writes a note advising some degree of isolationism and that the other kingdoms are subpar.
  3. Bid: 15 skin: German blue discord: simppulverizer
  4. “Abandonment as in treason, or just absence?” Wonders aloud the Oracle of Balian, Red. “Because if they’re just away, I don’t think it’s necessary to disown them. That feels a bit extreme. But it is not my monkey, not my circus.”
  5. “This is why I hate humans,” sighed Red, a human.
  6. I am an eminent and i had no idea this was even a thing, i had not even heard of a Don Juan complex until now should be removed
  7. Carson

    please advise

    Sadly i don’t have even 1k in my bank. Do you plan to open usd commissions? I would pay at least 50 for really good art
  8. Solheim sends a letter requesting a longer transcript! @DrakeHaze
  9. My previous discord has been hacked, please add me at amoeba4976 while i get this sorted out

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    2. Carson


      Turbo dog add me to the Pleiades discord pls

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      The who’s?

    4. Honourary


      it was me.

  10. Apollonia of Akritos unfolded her invitation and beckoned her granddaughter Nina over. “Would you like to meet an aengul with Yiayia?” @latte
  11. Red’s eyes flickered open. She sat upright, startled. “Even still, I’ll never escape these impressions of my past.”
  12. Yr-Solheim had nearly escaped what she thought was a sticky situation, having evaded questions about whether or not she was a paladin. “My son is the paladin I ask about.” That much wasn’t a lie, more so a half-truth. What had initially been a desire to live within the horde lands transformed into a complete and utter opposition to it in a split second. Minto had assured her that paladins could visit, so long as they did not live there. That was not enough for Yr-Solheim. She wanted to live amongst her people, the Kwee, as much as she wanted to live amongst her other kin in Hefrumm. Her loyalty was to both, inalienable.
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