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  1. A woman in a far off land, tanned in complexion, was not made aware of the news for a while yet. Her lips pursed as she held the missive, a tear streaking down her cheek as she stared at its words. She knew she was estranged -- she knew she didn't agree with the woman's life choices, but ultimately as long as Adryana was happy, it was enough. But it was a life the selfish woman wanted no part in. "I am sorry for everything," she murmured, folding the paper and pressing it to her chest. "But I thank you for Kaia."
  2. Skin: Roses & cream Bid: 60 Discord: you have me, also not comfortable sharing in public Previous Bidder: @Onika
  3. IGN: platypusmania Character name: Leihana SirameWhich game(s) are you signing up for: precision, balance
  4. italian - 80 scandalous - 80 discord: I'll dm it to you, not comfortable sharing publicly
  5. "Aren't they cousins?" queries a Mali'ame druid, retching at the thought of such an unholy, unnatural union having ever existed!
  6. Apollonia de Savin weeps, thoroughly moved by this work of art.
  7. A woman condemned to see the dead amongst the living felt a a sorrowful stir in her heart upon catching wind of the loss of Blanche. She outlived many people she had considered friends, and most deaths to her meant little. But Blanche was different for some reason. The veiled lady made a mental note to contact the fallen duchess at some point upon return from her sabbatical.
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