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  1. ((yeah **** it I don’t even do wars but I'm going to fight for Sutica)) Lysander raises his axe excitedly. “let’s get ‘em, boys!”
  2. how can I navigate the forums to find the alleged blood magic feat lore? someone kindly link 

    1. NozLSD


      it should be under the lore submission area.

    2. _Hexe_
    3. _Hexe_


      also this if ur interested


  3. An Islander distantly agreed with this woke man.
  4. As long as this isn’t going to be a circle jerk like Striga always has been, I’m fine with this lore.
  5. can someone argue in favor of nation leaders and the immediate orbiters around them having positions as staff? Is that not a conflict of interests? Genuinely curious, not trying to stir the pot. I’m open to hearing arguments in favor of such because I can’t think of any myself – but present the case and I may very well change my mind! Thanks lads.

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    2. Ark


      The people who are in leadership positions in nations are likely some of the most competent players on the server, you know because if they weren’t they wouldn’t be able to maintain a playerbase. Why wouldn’t you want the most competent players being on the staff?

    3. FlemishSupremacy


      Because competence often goes out the window when a conflict of interests comes into play. Hunwald, for example, might’ve been a competent GM but he was also biased as can be, and he would blatantly disregard guidelines to give his nation a favourable verdict.

    4. Ark


      yeah then remove the people who are being biased, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose competent players for staff just because their might be a conflict of interest lol

  6. Carson


    An Akritian stood with his arms crossed, embracing one of the victim’s family members. “The utter disrespect shown to Her Majesty by the chief representative of Imperials is lower than I’d ever anticipated from them. The agreement of vassalage is reciprocal, is it not? If I am your guardian, I would not enter your home, infringe upon your territory, and try to vandalize it.”
  7. please remember to shower, even if you’re stuck at home and not going anywhere. for the love of god, shower.


    don’t be a human petri dish

    1. Zacho


      people be STANKIN

    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      we must save water

  8. How are the lore games STILL happening? It’s been half a year already. Half a year.

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    2. SquakHawk


      very hot take!!

    3. Old-Rattlesnake


      Poisons have been shelved since at least May. It’s a joke.

    4. _Jandy_


      After 303 days I will now be waiting 24 hours to get a list of things that the LT want me to fix about my lore. Then when those amendments are done I expect to have to wait 4 more months for a final review.


  9. Love your profile art! Who made it?

    1. Ankan


      @reko made it! If you want to see the picture in full resolution:

  10. Pedophilia and racial supremacy need to be rooted out, and complicity is just further ruining the server. Get a backbone and some integrity and do something, unless you really want LoTC to fail.

    Edited by hamberder
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    2. Lionbileti
    3. Amayonnaise


      @Alpheus You can’t really compare ERP’ing to Pedophilia dude, ERP is fine between two consenting adults. Not really fair to compare people who just enjoy being a lil kinky online to people who are literally breaking crimes with underaged youths.

    4. ExcitedEXE


      Narthok is not a racist. Is it bad to joke about racism? Yes. But the context of a situation is important. For instance, rape as an act is beyond deplorable, and it exists within every facet of society. In films we often see rape “acted out” and represented in the story for one reason or another. Does that make the actor a rapist?


      Yes, there are White Supremacists on LoTC. Yes, there are fragile-egoed sissy boys as well who allow deplorable things to happen. But we must remember that this is the Internet, and what we see on here is for the most part just that: an act. Legitimate sex offenders end up banned from the platform, as do legitimate White Supremacists most of the time. 


      From my personal confirmation as a mildly gay Jewish-American man from Commiefornia, I want to say that Narthok is not a racist. Do I agree with his politics oocly? No, but he ran with the “Varg” thing as a joke. This status update was viewed as an attack on him and I don’t know if that’s what you were trying to do or not, but either way it is inappropriate for the LoTC forums and I’m surprised it hasn’t been removed yet. 


      In the future I think you should be a bit more mindful. It is easy to stir controversy on the forums, but it is everyday behavior and interactions that decide how we will get along with one another. Nothing is perfect. But it is sure better than it was a month ago, and six months before that, and years before that.


  11. Morality isn’t simply black or white. There’s way more depth to it. “Good” people are capable of cruelty and “bad” people are capable of kindness. I’m fine with nominal stances against light or dark but there really is more nuance to it imo
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