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  1. Soraya the Relentless smiles fondly at her great(?) nephew.
  2. halfling 1100 minas Discord: I’ll DM it if won
  3. “Race traitor,” uttered an elven figure, discarding the missive after reading that Tanith had betrayed her people to become a loyal Orenian.
  4. is housemagery a feat or a 1 slot magic

  5. highlanders and heartlanders should not be different races when farfolk are comprised of LITERALLY everything that’s not white (including entirely different races). mechanically on character cards, there are highlanders, heartlanders and far folk. that's what should be merged. not snow elves and high elves.

    Edited by Carson
    1. AnonymousAlexa


      But I like my snelf on the shelf.....

  7. Did telekinesis get shelved along with arcanism?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sorcerio


      Telekinesis and Arcanism are both shelved at this time.

    3. rukio
    4. Carson


      IS a rewrite due for telekinesis in the near future? or is that a futile endeavor for the time being

  8. A figure clad in crimson let out a cruelly joyous chuckle, their lips curling into a grin that would not fade for the longest time. “Ding dong, the ***** is dead. Clearly sinners live longer.”
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