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  1. Leroy


    I was born in 1617, I lived in Atlas In the kingdom of Renatus. My father name's was Abraham, My mother died somehow, Only Abraham knew How she died and he didn't want to tell me. I was a 7 Years old kid, I loved to help him everyday In his work and jobs he Had to do. We lived in a Big wood hut, 4 Rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 Bedrooms. I loved everything we had to do everyday, One time he toke me to hunt with him. I've had a Long wood bow, He gave me a green pack of sharp arrows. He told me to slow down but I didn't, when i found a deer I've just toke arrows and started shooting, The deer escaped and Abraham was a little angry, But he knew I wasn't really ready. I've found the deer again But then i slowed down Like he said, He teach me how to Hold correctly the bow and how to shoot and aim correctly. I've shoot the arrow to the middle body of the deer. After that He gave me a small dagger And told me to finish it. But i couldn't, He toke the dagger from me And put only the sharp start part of the dagger, He put my hand on the dagger and slowly let me put it inside of the body. After that I killed my First deer, That is the deer's blood. Some years later, I was a 14 years old. I was more smart, Abraham Finally toke me to a cave that inside of it there were Monsters. He told me how much is the difficulty he had with them, So i already knew that It'll be A little hard to kill them. I've had a normal reforged Sword to kill them. One of them got me right where he wanted me to be and Aimed on me a dagger to my heart, Abraham Quickly Toke his Axe and throw it on the Monster's Head, He helped me get up And then we returned home. Few years later I was a 20 years old. Abraham Got for me some new Armour. It was made from leather and some Iron. He got me a Job aswell, It was a hunting job. I was there, They trained the new people how to become hunters, But i already Knew because of Abraham. I've hunted Many animals to the community to grow. It was really fun but then I've started to hunt only bears for a little while. 10 Years later I'm already a 30 years old Hunter, I hunted many more animals. I remember I killed some monsters aswell... One time Me and Abraham Were going to a tour at the mountains we're nearby, Somehow a big Monster showed his face and then kicked us off the mountain really strong. I survived, But when I've found Abraham He was dead.. I've made a decorated grave for him And putted him inside. 10 Years later again, I'm already 40 years old. One time I was walking in the street, And 2 Bandits are showing up and telling me "Give us all your gold Or you'll suffer!" And my answer was cutting their Heads off, It's written with their blood. I lost everything i Had because Someone talked on me That i killed them, They toke everything I had and now I need to earn everything again.. This is my end for now!
  2. Leroy


    I forgot to login so you'll see it as guest but it's my application actually. It's really mine. Here's a screenshot if you need a proof: