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    Malthorn was born into a small family within the town of Ker'nor, the only child of his two parents. Tragedy struck the small dark elven family early on, for Malthorn's mother died during her childbirth of the drow. This left his father completely grief-stricken, and he put the blame upon Malthorn rather than himself. Vale, Malthorn's father, stripped the young drow of his family's last name, and passed Malthorn on to a clutch of Mercenaries to allow them to raise and keep him instead. Eventually Malthorn was given a new last name, and thus he became known as Malthorn Valkire; his original last name being lost and forgotten to him. Over the many years of his early elven life and childhood, once he was thought of as responsible enough and strong enough, he was trained in the art of the sword by the mercenaries who had raised him. For many years, he was trained to fight and lent alot of his aid to his 'family' as they went about the land to fulfill contracts they had been tasked with. Salordrias, The leader of this company, which had been dubbed "The Silver Wolves", was a human; and even though he had started to raise Malthorn in his youth, so many years had passed in the process of raising the long-living elf, that by the time Malthorn reached adulthood Salordrias passed away. When this occured, a new leader rose up to replace Salordrias: One that Malthorn disagreed with a great deal. It wasn't long before Malthorn had tired of the quarrels and the brawls, before deciding to leave the mercenary company to find his own path in the walk of life, leaving behind the closest thing he had considered to be his family. He began his journey by traveling across the land to wherever he desired, picking up odd jobs and small contracts of his own along the way. (Reference Picture of the skin: https://prntscr.com/l37p5u)
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