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  1. SombreroMan

    [Your View] Heists

    Because if you payed 10k for a heist and the first door you go to lockpick jamms, the whole heist is done if that's the only way in. I still think the door should be able to jam 3 times with the lockpick plugin as thats how rolling for a door worked. 3 people could try instead of just one. And @L0rdLawyer are ladders allowed to be used?
  2. SombreroMan

    Balor_'s Application Team Application

    He pulled a sword on me -1 but hes a good man so +1
  3. SombreroMan

    Chooshire's AMA

  4. SombreroMan

    Questions On The Landscar That Was Curon

    Nobody owns that, yet there's someone who removes the activity checks. And the sign saying 'rebuilding on build server' has been there ever since Renatus won it the first time. Way before Courland even returned to take it over and nothing has been done since then. It has stayed untouched for too ling and the people who own it either quit or aren't planning anything with it
  5. SombreroMan

    This Server is Dying

    @Medvekoma this is all i have to say
  6. SombreroMan

    This Server is Dying

    Yes, I am aware that the interview isn't the only factor when it comes to deciding who's going to be accepted or not and I didn't mention that as it is stated in this screenshot which I put in my original comment https://gyazo.com/59f42a6ea0ab8b705690413d88c5ae1e And I'm okay with not getting an interview as long as I was informed about it in the first place but since that is to be fixed, I won't go in with this point anymore. But I'd like to go back to another one of my points which was you denying another one of my previous apps because of my plagiarizing on my AT app which has nothing to do with my GM app. At the time I already got punished for it by the AT Director by denying my app which I was fine with as I did a bad thing and I was punished for it, but for you to then go and take that to my GM app which again, I did nothing wrong with and deny it was just scummy in my eyes.
  7. SombreroMan

    This Server is Dying

    The point I'm trying to make isn't that I was denied simply because I didn't have an interview, my point is that I wasn't given the privilege of even having one nor a 30 day period over which I'd be judged and that's what I see as unfair and unjust towards me. And when I asked Fireheart why was I denied he said
  8. SombreroMan

    This Server is Dying

    I was not given an interview for my last GM app. I was judged based on my last GM interview and I was denied with that interview. So I was judged based on something I already failed. https://gyazo.com/59f42a6ea0ab8b705690413d88c5ae1e I wasn't given a chance to even correct the things I felt didn't represent me in my last interview https://gyazo.com/c9839c1a48383fb8c11359686c0ac0fa and I wasn't asking to get a completely new interview, just to correct some things I felt were not the best. And I was also not given an interview for another one of my previous GM apps and was just denied without a word and a reason and when I asked Fireheart about it, his reasoning for denying my GM app was that I plagiarized a part of my 1st AT app which I did and I learnt form my wrong doings and personally apologized to the AT Director for which they can confirm. I feel as this was a bit unfair for him to do as my AT app had nothing to do with my GM app and I already learnt my lesson about the plagiarism way before he denied me. And I'd also like to highlight the fact that in the GM Monthly update for June which was posted on July 4th they said "We have now a streamlined process where every eligible applicant is given an interview." and "...the GM lead selects the new GMs for a month long review period." Neither of which did I have the privilege of having. And when I asked @Fireheart why do I not get an interview he said that you do not get an interview each time you apply which is stated nowhere nor was I even given a warning or a heads up saying this. The day I msg'd fireheart asking about why my app had a (interviewed) in front of it which was on July 30th and my app was denied on the 2nd of August so not even 20 days. And this isn't just my response to you @ZachoSnacko, this is also me calling out the GM team leadership for actions against me which I felt as if it was unfair and unjust. I'd like to thank @Pond for pinging me in this comment session as on my own I would've probably missed this post and the opportunity to tell my side of the story.
  9. SombreroMan

    [Denied][I] 6xdestroyer's Game Moderator Application

    6x is a good man +1
  10. SombreroMan

    [Accepted] Treatycole's Event Team Actor application

    Cole is a good man +1 Now where's my 5$ @Treaty
  11. SombreroMan

    Remove or Nerf Freebuild

    I hate getting online to see 100ppl on but no more than 0-10 ppl in actual Nations. I wonder when will I find this one freebuild where everybody is
  12. SombreroMan

    [I] Jondead going for blue. [Game Moderator Application]

    Personaly I dont know the guy, but from what I've seen he is a vr nice guy and I wouldnt mind someone like him in the team +1
  13. IGN(s): SambreroMan, MidgetsAreTall Age 16 Timezone CEST Discord: SombreroMan#1852 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a Microphone? yes Average Daily Play Time? 5-6h Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? Recently had a job as a babysitter, so basically same as staff on LotC Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I wish to join the GM Team because I feel like my knowledge in PVP Rules and rules in general would be beneficial for the Team as I feel like the PVP area is poorly covered in the Team and I think I can be the one to step into that spot, but I don't want to join souly to enforce only PVP Rules of course. I also wish to join because I think I am responsible and mature enough for the role. I also don't see myself as a biased person and I know that's a complaint a lot of people have/had about the Team and I think I could at least try to fix that bad image about the Team. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/173179-deniedisambreromans-game-moderator-application/?do=findComment&comment=1632401 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/173179-deniedisambreromans-game-moderator-application/?do=findComment&comment=1632553 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/173179-deniedisambreromans-game-moderator-application/?do=findComment&comment=1633546 Anything else you want to tell us?: pls take me i will be good and hardworking i swear
  14. SombreroMan


  15. SombreroMan

    [Accepted] Top_Goon's Application Team Application

    Chris is a good man. A kind guy and honestly nice overall. He can definitely help out in the team. +1