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  1. treaty has big suck

    1. Treaty


      Only for you 😉, North Bosnian

    2. Raomir


      lmao he has diamond vip what an airhead

  2. SombreroMan

    Snow Elven Trailer

  3. SombreroMan

    Te shu Horen Monkey Business

    ((U dont own me
  4. SombreroMan

    Te shu Horen Monkey Business

    NORMAL APPLICATION : IGN : SambreroMan Name : it’s SambreroMan I said it already !!! Occupation : i click Experience in Occupation : lal. Anything Te shu needs to know : no... Age : 15 ______________________________________ SPECIAL NEEDS APPLICATION : Nickname : Sambo How high can you count : like 25 What do you want to do : bodyguard Special talent : clicky clicky mineman How many fingers are you holding up : none im typing Can you spell : yeno Are you literate : my teacher says no
  5. SombreroMan

    - Seeking Household Servants -

    [OOC] MC Name - RespectOurTroops Timezone - UTC +2 Discord (if you don’t want it public you can PM it to me) - SombreroMan#1852  [RP] Name - Nugget  Age - Unknown Race - Human  Position - Nugget Deliverer Experience - spent a while delivering nuggets across all the nations Are you a citizen of the Empire? - kind of  Address - none
  6. SombreroMan

    [Poll] Thesis On Race & Culture

    Wheres the classic RideTheSky white text?
  7. SombreroMan

    Persona Database Cleanse

    Snelves r ppl too
  8. SombreroMan


    I will miss linking u a picture of a dog and asking if it makes u hungry. jk but srsly take care and lets play tf2 sometime, i will teach u how to not suck
  9. SombreroMan

    On running and rulechanges

    Okay so I'm gonna speak from my expirience when banditing as I have personaly been doing it almost since the beggining of this map so I'd say I've seen the good and bad of banditing but to start of, if you do not notice my emote when you're all alone running on the roads then either you're running around in F1 which then if I down you without the knowladge of it. To me it would look like you were just making a run for it so it would seem rightful to down you and pop you only if you run again and if you just don't notice it, it's your problem, not mine. Secondly, it's often hard for a bandit to specify who he wants to halt as by the time you type out a player's RP name or whatever other specification you wish, your target is already too far away and catching up to them is not always easy or sometimes possible. Thirdly, the "I wasn't in range" can be a viable argument but most of the time the halting emote is done in /s so that takes care of most of the issues but if you are still out of range, most of the time the bandit can emote once more to make sure you heard it which most of the time will be the case because rarely are you gonna chase somebody who is already 60 blocks away
  10. SombreroMan


    Goodbye my friend, maybe we didnt know each other on a personal level that much but it was always nice talking to you. Youre truly a good man and I wish you all the happiness in the world. It was an honor pvping with you o7
  11. SombreroMan

    [Denied][I] Callum13072's Game Moderator Application

    Nothing against u callum but imo ur still a bit new 4 this as you have only ever got to really know maybe 2 or 3 communities on the server and imo a gm should know multiple sides of a certain story, not just what they hear from one side. By this I mean if he isnt involved with other communities that if something big happens, he's only going to hear about it from one side which usualy means some things maybe his party did will be left out, same if he heard it from the other side but if he heard it from both the groups, he'd have a much better description of what happened instead of a more narrowminded/biased opinion. If you ask me, you should hold on a little and maybe get involved with other communities a little more before going for gm sry if this was harsh or anything, just my honest opinion even if we r friends