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  1. SombreroMan


    Goodbye my friend, maybe we didnt know each other on a personal level that much but it was always nice talking to you. Youre truly a good man and I wish you all the happiness in the world. It was an honor pvping with you o7
  2. SombreroMan

    [Denied][I] Callum13072's Game Moderator Application

    Nothing against u callum but imo ur still a bit new 4 this as you have only ever got to really know maybe 2 or 3 communities on the server and imo a gm should know multiple sides of a certain story, not just what they hear from one side. By this I mean if he isnt involved with other communities that if something big happens, he's only going to hear about it from one side which usualy means some things maybe his party did will be left out, same if he heard it from the other side but if he heard it from both the groups, he'd have a much better description of what happened instead of a more narrowminded/biased opinion. If you ask me, you should hold on a little and maybe get involved with other communities a little more before going for gm sry if this was harsh or anything, just my honest opinion even if we r friends
  3. SombreroMan

    [Denied]wolfkite1's Game Moderator (Contributor) Application

  4. Completely homosex +1
  5. SombreroMan

    Farewell lotc my goodbye

  6. IGN(s): SambreroMan, LavrenGar Age 16 Timezone GMT +2 Discord: SombreroMan#1852 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? Around 4 hours I'd say Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? Not in recent times, no but I feel like I'd have no issue doing such as I feel pretty confident in myself when it comes to those things Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I wish to join the Team out of a pure passion to help the server. I want to be there for the community, to help it out and my fellow Team members and other Teams. Just the other day my friend put in a modreq and they waited for over 2 hours to get it taken which was just unacceptable imo especialy since there was a gm online and they did ping the discord after they've waited for the two hours. I don't want that to ever be the case again and am here to offer my services and do the best to my abbilites to do something good for this community. Though, I don't wish to only do modreqs of course, I also wish to fufill other GM duties. I am also thinking of some projects though those are but s thought in my head and will need farther reasearch and feedback. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: There have been a few but here's the most recent one https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/174642-deniedi-sambreroman-midgetsaretalls-game-moderator-application/ Anything else you want to tell us?: In the past I've been denied for multiple reasons and one major being that occasionaly I may show immaturity which can leave a bad image on the Team and so in the past months I've been working on fixing that and I feel like I'm improving. I'm aware GM is a big position for somebody who has never had a staff position before but I have looked into the other Teams and thought long about it but I just didn't see them fit nor would they allow me to help out as much as I'd want to
  7. SombreroMan


  8. SombreroMan

    Community Meeting

    1. Can we remove the requirement to modreq 1h before a raid pls? 2. Deleting magic when? 3. Will we have the pets system or horses back? 4. Will there be ristrictions on one staff member being a part of multiple staff teams because they are just taking up space for other people? 5. Also fast roads r useless if they go around everything. You can just run straight and be there much quicker
  9. SombreroMan

    Community Meeting

    Staff Coup?
  10. SombreroMan

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    I'm not saying it's flawed because there aren't enough pvp numbers. I'm saying it is because like somebody said the "in between" is a very vague term and I could've went about it differently. I knew this the momen I posted it but I decided to leave it. And the data isn't clear because the "in between" is so vague. I'm not trying to deny that there are more RP than PVP numbers, that would be dumb but I see people taking only the numbers in the PvP section as if they are the only PvPers on LoTC af if the ones who clicked on the "in between" option wouldn't care if rules suddenly decided to throw away pvp completely and just please the RP community. LoTC PvP is different than many other servers and many people like myself perefer ir much more. Plus it's also a little about immersion, fighting against other nations, groups, people you don't like, etc... The PvP expirience is nothing like PvP on Hypixel or any other server. Simply because of the way it's executed, the atmosphere and so many other things
  11. SombreroMan

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    Ye, many people prefer to only PvP and they can have the same standpoint about RP. Same how you think PvP is a waste of time, they think RP is a waste of time. You might say "its just clicking" but there's so much more to it. Learning to strafe, jitterclick, tactics, developing your game sense and so much more. People like the rush of adrenaline you sometimes get when it's a risky situation. Not everybody has to like the same thing as you. O you it's maybe boring but to some it's exciting and the other way around. I myself find day to day RP boring and do my best to avoid it. I enjoy PvP and I understand there's more to RP than just slice of life RP. I also find scripted events which you already know the outcome of boring as it's not fun just like a spoiled movie. There is so much more to RP but to some it's just not interesting. I hope I have may given you a new perspecrive on this subject and may have even changed your opinion 😄
  12. SombreroMan

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    I will say myself that the poll is flawed as there are a lot of people who are just in the middle but also may cator towards the RP/PvP side but don't commit fully and chose the middle option instead. I am thinking if redoing this post and instead of the third option I put only PvP and RP but also put in options like "I don't see myself as a part of any but I tend to more agree/like [X or Y community] that numbers could be a bit different. Also, like I said, this might have not reached everybody as I have mostly sent this into rp discords as I myself am no longer in any major pvp discords so this might have not reached them. Thats why I said to take these numbers with a grain of salt. Also a lot of ppl do both rp and pvp so you can't say the pvp community is only around 11% since a lot of them practice both. Look at how many people chose the 3rd option, meaning they are either both or neither and maybe something else but I feel like those numbers for 'other' are even lower and more are in the "i do both"