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  1. SombreroMan

    Community Meeting

    Staff Coup?
  2. SombreroMan

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    I'm not saying it's flawed because there aren't enough pvp numbers. I'm saying it is because like somebody said the "in between" is a very vague term and I could've went about it differently. I knew this the momen I posted it but I decided to leave it. And the data isn't clear because the "in between" is so vague. I'm not trying to deny that there are more RP than PVP numbers, that would be dumb but I see people taking only the numbers in the PvP section as if they are the only PvPers on LoTC af if the ones who clicked on the "in between" option wouldn't care if rules suddenly decided to throw away pvp completely and just please the RP community. LoTC PvP is different than many other servers and many people like myself perefer ir much more. Plus it's also a little about immersion, fighting against other nations, groups, people you don't like, etc... The PvP expirience is nothing like PvP on Hypixel or any other server. Simply because of the way it's executed, the atmosphere and so many other things
  3. SombreroMan

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    Ye, many people prefer to only PvP and they can have the same standpoint about RP. Same how you think PvP is a waste of time, they think RP is a waste of time. You might say "its just clicking" but there's so much more to it. Learning to strafe, jitterclick, tactics, developing your game sense and so much more. People like the rush of adrenaline you sometimes get when it's a risky situation. Not everybody has to like the same thing as you. O you it's maybe boring but to some it's exciting and the other way around. I myself find day to day RP boring and do my best to avoid it. I enjoy PvP and I understand there's more to RP than just slice of life RP. I also find scripted events which you already know the outcome of boring as it's not fun just like a spoiled movie. There is so much more to RP but to some it's just not interesting. I hope I have may given you a new perspecrive on this subject and may have even changed your opinion 😄
  4. SombreroMan

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    I will say myself that the poll is flawed as there are a lot of people who are just in the middle but also may cator towards the RP/PvP side but don't commit fully and chose the middle option instead. I am thinking if redoing this post and instead of the third option I put only PvP and RP but also put in options like "I don't see myself as a part of any but I tend to more agree/like [X or Y community] that numbers could be a bit different. Also, like I said, this might have not reached everybody as I have mostly sent this into rp discords as I myself am no longer in any major pvp discords so this might have not reached them. Thats why I said to take these numbers with a grain of salt. Also a lot of ppl do both rp and pvp so you can't say the pvp community is only around 11% since a lot of them practice both. Look at how many people chose the 3rd option, meaning they are either both or neither and maybe something else but I feel like those numbers for 'other' are even lower and more are in the "i do both"
  5. SombreroMan

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    ye i do. i never denied that
  6. SombreroMan

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    I mean what do you enjoy doing more, which do you prefer more than the other, doing which one are you having most fun doing, etc...
  7. Hello everyone c:, so this is something I wanted to do for a while as it is something which I've been wondering about for a while and plus there has been some debate over how big was the difference on this matter and I just wanted to get a baseline. I understand this might not get to everyone so just take these numbers with a grain of salt and lets hope this poll finally clears some things up between the two communities. Also if you can I'd ask you to share this post to other people on the server so we can get this as accurate as possible Thanks edit. I see a lot of people in the comments and discord chats saying "haha pvp community only has so little votes compared to rp! we win haha" but you don't take into concideration that a lot of PvPers also actively RP and so chose the 3rd option. So if you are going to use this post as an argument for "pvp only has such and such numbers" do note that people who chose the PvP option and RP option are the people who only do that one thing. There are many who actively practice both so take that into concideration
  8. SombreroMan

    7.0 Annoucement!

    LC is good. Removing it will discourage many ppl from every actually finishing their cities. Saying that its removed cause immwrsion is ruined is retarded. Plus freebuild is what killed this map's natiom activity and what made the whole map ugly and trash. So many people have went out of nations and started their own little freebuild with 5-15 in them and when u have over 20 of these u just ruin nations. This is activity nations could have and i get that places like belvitz and holm get a lot of activity but the cons that come with having freebuild outweigh the pros by a large amount plus wasnt it said that there wont be any freebuild at all?
  9. SombreroMan

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    The clear definition of a raid is According to this i'ts a surprise attack not a "hey we'll come and **** your **** up" that's a war. This Rule does not need to exist, Raids were fine without it. This is another incredibly stupid rule which will never be enforced. Nobody will go out and search for where a raid is starting nor does it also have a place in the Raid Rules. Who cares where a raid is launched from. Nobody has ever complained about this because nobody cares. It's obvious that this rule was only put on the list to so GMs can bend that rule and say if a freebuild can be seen as a valid place to raid from or not. This only exists as a way for biased GMs to harass people who raid their friends. Also another useless rule which will never be enforced. If I have a character I haven't played in a while and I bring him back and a GM says that character is just a one day raid character, there is a small to no amount of proof that I have already rp'd on that character. If you pop someone you shouldn't be allowed to also capture them. As an attacker it's yours to keep the target alive. If anything when you emote capturing someone who is downed, a GM should tp the person to a little waiting spot to wait the Raid out so that the raiders can take him to where ever they wanted to. A raid begins once both sides say that they are ready. Lava traps should be allowed to used as traps especially in Gates and entrances into a Castle/Palace/whatever Revenge Raids imo should at least have 3 hours to be done from the victory of the attackers Max should be 15 as huge Nations can then literally come with a warclaim rally. Just no. Static cooldowns are fine. No raid cooldown should be longer than 3 days. Going to almost a month is just a brainmelt idea. Especially when combined with the rule from above about raids not being capped. If a settlement loses a raid and then they show up with a warclaim rally which some settlements will do then they get almost a month off without raiding. Static cooldowns of 3 days are perfect as it is a comfortable balance on which most pvpers and rpers can agree on. GM shouldn't call pvp off unless the time runs out or one side is dead or both sides agree to a 'PVP off'. People may look like they are running away but are actually kiting and come back/bait the attackers etc etc. No verdict should be made until one side is killed off or time has run out. I again disagree with this. If you and a few friends (but no more than the max amount before its a raid) are doing **** in a city and some other people decide to join you, you all must leave and break the rp? No, the situation gets turned into a raid and PvP is started and if not then rp fight it. As I said previously, some people may see the situation and want to join the attacker's side. Are they just suppose to stand aside if the attackers already have 4? No, they join and it turns into a raid which is fine. Unless the settlement has a cooldown of course. All members should be punished equally.
  10. SombreroMan

    A Missive to the Haelun'orian Refugees, 1684

    "If High Elves wish to swing from tree to tree in Dominion like a monkey, they are free to" a random dark elf would say
  11. SombreroMan

    [Denied][I] Blagofruit's Game Moderator Application

    When this man was on the gm team he was like the one night stand u tell ur girlfriend about. Mans had 50second respond times 90% of the time. Vry active and vry big brain when it comes to resolving situations and a nice guy in general so yes pls, put him back in +1
  12. SombreroMan

    Blago's Game Moderator Application

    xoxo c u in discord later ;}}}}
  13. SombreroMan

    Blago's Game Moderator Application

    Fav delf bandit?
  14. SombreroMan

    Blago's Game Moderator Application

    X to doubt
  15. While I understand being going straight for gm isnt the greatest, you cant tell ppl not to pursue their 'dreams' and say "no, go do that instead". I myself applied for the gm team many times and ppl have told me to go for other staff teams first too but I wanted to do the job of a gm not an et, fm, at, wt, lt, dev. I picked the team at which I feel my skills would be te most useful at. If I wished to work on magic Id go for MT but thats not what I wanted. If he has overlooked other staff teams as options and decided this one fits him the best, why -1 him? And sure if he's a newer player than maybe not yet but its all up to him and the ppl he interacts with. If he ever doesn't know somebody, a quick msg in gm chat can do wonders.