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Found 6 results

  1. please give the current orc nation and the halflings regions in the next map they don’t have to be big or even tile-sized, to be fair to everyone else. just give them a place where they can huddle together for warmth pros: as a new player I won’t get confused if I join as a halfling/orc because there’s nowhere to go orc players and halfling players will not quit, and may be Grateful it’s only fair cons: none addendum, since people think the halflings and orcs “aren’t equivalent:” both nations have been around for the entire server’s history both provide niche roleplay and don’t pull as many players as big tents like oren or sutica. but as niche groups, they don’t steal traffic from major nations both nations were falsely deemed “inactive” by staff. in the halflings’ case, GMs flew over on australian hours and took screenshots of an ‘inactive’ nation. in the orcs’ case, staff illegitimately revoked a tile both deserve a plot and a chance to grow their playerbase. like dalek said in this thread:
  2. TankM1A2

    Plot Size in 7.0

    So as well all know, 7.0 is on the horizon, though not quite around the corner yet. With the official announcement by our resident Administrator and World Dev Director, SeventhCircle, we were given a large dump of information. Part of which regarded the downsizing of nation plots from 200 x 200 from 350x350. The reasons they gave for this were fair enough - that the players would attempt to fill the entirety of their plot - leaving vast and empty feeling parts of the city. However, I feel like the benefits of having large (larger) nation plots outweighs the negatives. Simply put, with a smaller size plot, we’re able to do less things. For one, we cannot build grand structures, and will be forced to build on a small scale. Larger areas mean more freedom, and more opportunities to create a nice cityscape. With restricted nation plots, we can’t construct things like large basilicas for ecclesiastical rp or colosseums in which to fight for sport. Sure a small chapel or a hole in the ground works, but why not go big? These large builds are often something to be proud of and are often nice to behold (depending on the builder). With smaller plots, I fear we won’t have to be able to have iconic locations or landmarks. In essence, there needs to be a form of ‘wiggle room’ in terms of your build projects. When I asked about the issue of nation plots in support chat and the possibility of having them expanded, I was told that they will remain as they are because ‘smaller plots means more centralized RP’. Which I disagree with. Sure, smaller plots will mean that you’ll see nametags from wherever you stand, but isn’t the sole deciding factor. More blame should be put on the designers of the city and their administrations for the vast ghost towns that ‘sprawl Atlas’. Good planning, active and competent administration, and city layouts are objectively the deciding factors of good flow of RP. I can confidently say, the axiality of Carolustadt draws people in. Were the buildings their current size or expanded would make no difference. Another solution I’ve heard from some friends of mine include bigger land for bigger nations. Seems like the staff is already monitoring ‘activity’ at their own discretion. Why not put their activity checks into play and see if nations could get plot size proportionate to the size of their player base. If they don’t maintain that standard of activity and perhaps have them liable to lose it? Or maybe just start small for now or have the option to expand at a later date? Perhaps mina may come into play or if they reach a certain threshold than they would be able to expand the dimensions of their plot? Regardless, I feel that 200x200 is limited. Regardless if the decision reached by the World Dev team is final, I still want to hear the communities thoughts. I think it’s time for nation leaders to stop believing RP will flow right into their grasps. In regards to empty cities, we should be looking at the intricacies of how they’re constructed rather than how big we can make them. The biggest offender I’m assuming any player of Atlas knows was Senntisten. Senntisten, former capital of Renatus, was a convoluted, with no structure to the city’s layout. As such, it wasn’t conducive to roleplay and had another city constructed. This new city, Carolustadt, thrived not due to size, but rather because of the vision had in mind and the hard work of the administration. In addition, with how land distribution will function in 7.0. Many groups, who might find themselves displaced due to the clauses stating nations must be independent, etc, may find themselves displaced. Allowing the current existing nations to have larger plots will allow them to accommodate all the players, old and new, and returning to have a place to stay. If not a 350x350, how about a little bigger than a 200x200? TL;DR I think 200x200 for a nation plot size is too small, World Devs should consider expanding it
  3. wolfbluewalker

    Snow. The graphics and lag.

    The lag from snow in the server at some points gets really annoying and hard to deal with. I want to know how others would react compared to my reaction in this situation. Sometimes the snow lag gets to a point where it even gets you killed and that can cause some rage, some rage that does not want to be unleashed. AKA the gamer rage. (If you want anything added to the poll please leave it in the comments or reply's or whatever and I will see to adding it as soon as possible!) See that pretty girl in the mirror there?
  4. wolfbluewalker

    The Law In The Empire Of Man

    Answer this poll telling the truth of what you would do without lying! Would you roleplay correct? Or would you cheat? You have committed crimes against Atlas and her people, what say you in your defense?
  5. Hello everyone c:, so this is something I wanted to do for a while as it is something which I've been wondering about for a while and plus there has been some debate over how big was the difference on this matter and I just wanted to get a baseline. I understand this might not get to everyone so just take these numbers with a grain of salt and lets hope this poll finally clears some things up between the two communities. Also if you can I'd ask you to share this post to other people on the server so we can get this as accurate as possible Thanks edit. I see a lot of people in the comments and discord chats saying "haha pvp community only has so little votes compared to rp! we win haha" but you don't take into concideration that a lot of PvPers also actively RP and so chose the 3rd option. So if you are going to use this post as an argument for "pvp only has such and such numbers" do note that people who chose the PvP option and RP option are the people who only do that one thing. There are many who actively practice both so take that into concideration
  6. So, recently it struck me that Skeletons aren't actualy playable, only Darkstalkers, Liches and occasionaly some Skeleton bodies for a necromancer. It saddens me that one cannot be a simple, plain skeleton without being a super powerfull warrior or a 'wise' Wizard. Why can we not have weak skeletons playable by people? Some may deem it unnecessary (Probably butchered that word) with the amount of spooks we have roaming around but i don't. I think it would be a great addition to hand these feeble, fun creatures into the hand of players. Although they do need lore this is something i''m willing to write but i thought i'd make a post on it first to see the results. It's that spooky time of year!