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  1. Maxistraw

    ~Maxistraw Orion - The Mute Orc~

    Heavy update! Got a scar or two and many more relationships! Flushing him out more as well!
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    ~Maxistraw Orion - The Mute Orc~

    Edited! Added many other relationships...interesting day. The relationships will update frequently! So if you meet Max and talk with him be sure to check back on this post later!
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    ~Maxistraw Orion - The Mute Orc~

    Oh! Thanks for that. I'll fix that soon then.
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    ~Maxistraw Orion - The Mute Orc~

    ________________________________________________________________________________ Maxistraw ~ Orion (Also known as Max Orion) ________________________________________________________________________________ (Heavily inspired by...will draw in future.) ________________________________________________________________________________ <!>Key Information<!> ________________________________________________________________________________ (Note: This is how I made him to be. I basically threw him into being a whitewash. He is an oddball yes I know. And to tell you the truth playing a mute has to be one of the hardest things I've roleplayed so far. You should try it out. Yes, Max is a mute. And yes Max doesn't sound Orcish but Maxistraw works.) Full Name: Maxistraw' (As a way of separating himself from other Orcs...he gave himself a last name.) Alias: Max, Orc, Oddball, Whitewash, Disgusting, Ork, Fuckin Orc Race: Orc Age: 29 Status: Single Pringle Profession: N/A Height: He lacks in height, standing at about 6'0 Build: Not what you would expect from another orc, as he is smaller in stature and not as muscular. Scars: As he has many scars around his body, his most prominent one would be his scar on his face. It is just dead black skin under his right eye all the way down to his neck. ________________________________________________________________________________ <--Personality and Others--> ________________________________________________________________________________ Personality (+ Good Traits | - Negative Traits) (Just the ones I'm willing to share for the moment. Find out more about his traits IC!) + Empathetic He does his best to try to separate his brethren from himself. He can't help but feel for the small guys that get picked on. Though that has usually led to him getting the **** beaten out of him by others. + Hard Working As like others though he works extremely hard at any job he finds himself doing. He will push himself over his limits especially if he has a passion for whatever he is doing. + Loyal Get him working for you and he will do whatever it is you want. He is usually homeless half the time, when you're in desperate times you try to be as loyal as you can to the people around you. - Distractive Max isn't known for staying focused on one thing, he can get distracted fairly easily when it comes down to it. Unless it is very crucial and important. - Clumsy Knocking down objects is his specialty when it comes down to it. He as a steady hand...yet sometimes just whacks a vase or two off a pedestal by accident. - Awkward As being a mute he can be awkward at times, unsure how to tell people he can't speak or just usually finding himself in awkward situations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quirks and Talents Artistic: No doubt you won't see him without a animal hide booklet, if you were to look inside there would be beautifully detailed charcoal drawings of all his ventures. Cook: Meats, stews, anything he will try to cook up! He tends to make food that most people can't pass up. Hand to Hand: Of course, being an Orc has its natural abilities to fight. Max has always found himself good at using hand to hand combat. But when he needs to he will take up an axe or any other weapon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Relationships | Arch Enemy | | Hate | | Dislike | | Wary | | Acquaintance | | Good Person | | Friend | | Good Friend | | Best Friend | | Crush | | Love | [ Ellie Dawson ] - To him, a good little lady. Prim. Pretty. [ Mirdan Torena ] - Max doesn't really like his personal space being broken... [ Geldmaster ] - Gave him food. He's a friend. [ Hengest ] - You helped him while he was injured...he won't forget your kindness. [ Florian ] - All he knows is that the man is a bad person. Liar. [ Arstan av Tosali ] - As if he really should think of himself as a guard... [ Fin ] - Racist bastard. All he thinks. He usually doesn't think this way. [ Arthas Ruric ] - Gave him shelter and understood his longings and his situation. The kind man now holds his highest respect. [ Otto von Kriegen ] - A simple man. Very thankful for allowing him to stay. [ Captain Beetroot ] - Max is glad to have found another whitewash orc, half at least. He sees himself getting along with Beetroot well. [ Gilgamesh'Braduk ] - Full on brutish orc...against a whitewash...much avoiding. [ Harry Ragnarson ] - Is glad to have met him, a good man who Max is glad to fight by. Helped him out in a very dire situation and won't forget it. Will stay loyal to him till the end. [ Ser Ajax ] - First time they talked...he wasn't wearing anything but his briefs. Very humorous. [ Corvisange Daevear ] - This creature of a humanoid has gain the favor of Max, as they both get spat on. Max can relate. [ Feremyr af Highcliffe ] - Racist to his friend Corvisange, instant dislike. [ Bastion Serene ] - The little guy is a cute and curious one, will remember him for sure. Not to mention it seems Max has influenced him in a good way. Now they both can sketch with charcoal. [ Azel Naeren ] - The racist dark elf has a special place in Max's mind, for not only picking on a helpless half elf child but for picking on multiple kids in general. Pick on an elf your own size you prick. Maybe when you do you will see how pathetic you are to Max. [ Bee ] - A hilarious little child with much excitement and took to Max quite quickly. Their friendship will surely grow the more they meet. For now she will just be a small friend. [ Loretra Dahiel ] - Max finds her confusing for a Dark Elf. For some reason he can't help but feel a bit for her...really grabbing his arm...complimenting them. He is a bit skeptical but...she has gained a little piece of his heart already. He doesn't understand what she is doing to him, saying Max is her favorite orc haha. Giving him that much time with her...be careful girl. [ Durvek ] - Not used to living with a Dwarf. As long as he doesn't betray Harry in anyway...Max is fine with him. [ Carolyn Ragnarson ] - As having be Harry's wife, he finds her quite simple and sweet. Max can see the good its doing for Harry. [ Princess Titania ] - Don't let her see this. The few times Max has been around her though...man he just doesn't have the guts. Forever it will be, silent, unknowing and never getting noticed. [ Eurielle ] - A soft kind lady who Max has taken a liking to. Always in a joyful mood which Max appreciates. [ Big Boy Bob ] - A slimy...obese man...just disgusts him in most every sense. [ Gnacks'Lak ] - Another whitewash and he gave Max a cannoli...this little goblin is great. [ Nesrine ] - Instant love for this half orc woman. Everything about her is wondrous to Max...if only he could just talk to his crushes instead of awkwardly staring at them. That would be great. But for the most part, this crush was inevitable ever since he laid eyes on her. ________________________________________________________________________________ IGN: AshNCinder Discord: Mavlin_#8911 ________________________________________________________________________________