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  1. “By decree of the enshadowed, thou shall not be granted passage.” Far to the darklit reaches and hyperborean depths of a cold land abandoned by sunlight, impending evil awaited birth by sacrilege at the hand of an occult tribe abound old woods, accosted by defiant devil-flames cultivating even within the taigan frost. Nearer to the provenance of this sabbath, inaudible chantry could be heard below the earth, where hideous shrieks made clear by shifts in the wind deposed one clear phrase; The second child will soon be born.
  2. unfortunately the piece can only be as good as the general community behind it allows. the voidal people can’t even rightly use the tools at their disposal, so what makes you think hurling fuel to the fire makes it better?
  3. what’s with all the horned dark elves? 

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      I was wondering the same thing!

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  4. It’s sad to see the promising concept of immortality, prevalent already as it is in the scape of implemented lore, being swung around like a plaything and pitifully reduced to a corpse without import or signifance by nature to the overarching narrative. I am of the ideal that eternlization must at its worse expose the aspiring mortal to clearly defined and resolute methods of contingency, and five consecutive deaths being requisite to any actual consequence is never the way to go about it. I can’t picture someone actually going through the effort of hunting an already biologically immortal entity, which stands by itself in the subject world as an already prodigious feat, five different times in tedious repetition just to impose death, and that alone is not to mention the fallible technicality of victimized Archon going on hiatus at their last life to outrun being stapled or killed. I am not stuck-up or adverse to ideas that don’t align with my personal beliefs, but I think you guys rushed it through and did not take your times thinking out these flaws. Good luck.
  5. yes but unironically
  6. “The Wrath of the Beast is an undying flame, kindled by blood of the Heathen.” In a time long predating the incursion of mortal-kind into occult knowledges and forbidden lore, the collective of humanity championed a grasp over primeval instinct and established an equity with the inborn Shadow that made men, men. Throughout this age instinct alone arbitrated the senses of the mortal man, who by design was a being formed through both sentience and primitive beasthood. But with progression came the age of apostasy, and the contravention of sorcerers who first ventured into the pit of the ancient world in vain pursuit of power, and by so doing incised a mortal stain upon the living concord and the darkness that bound them therein. Thus, Sin was born, conscience was made, and the Beast was riven from its bosom. In their liberation decadent men and spirits staked claims over Godhood, forming in falsity covenants alike those of Xan and the Ascended, whereas perfidious Aenguls extorted veneration and usurped the natural way of Man. The Beast was revoked. Without it, Order was lost, and a great line severed progeny from ancestry. All was washed beneath a tide of falsehood, and newfound ethics and morals ruled in place, casting an artificial dark upon primeval instinct. But the Beast still lives on, only fallow within every true-born mortal. By Assimilation, the lost will be born again, wont to cleanse the land of its growing rot. “Thus, man was made unto flesh, and flesh twice-over unto beast. By the shadows in our blood, The New World shall be mended.”
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqXPW0oBKgg “The Ailing Child is born, whose blood defiles the earth. Are we left no other choice, than to raze it all to ash?” With the enaction of sacrilege at the sacred grounds of the riverside chapel, an apotheosis of great wrath and darkness roused from the death of sleep, and the scourge of the ailing beast soon took root in the Gods-accursed hamlet of Johnstown. Once, a maiden with pledged claim to virginity harbored an unwanted thing deep within her womb, and with what condensed into fear at the time came despair, where she turned to the local priests of the village to ask of them a cleansing of her mortal defilement. When the woman made known her predicament to the vicarage, a pact was soon forged and another broken, for the ignorant scholars had conceded to her wish and unwittingly ventured upon the immortal sins of feticide and God-slaughter. The scholars of the Aemesh caved in to her sinful wish, and so began preaching their foreign form of exorcism to deliver the child stillborn, faced with death. Fate itself did not requite in kind, however, when the caste staked upon this mortal sacrilege, for it was a great beast that had usurped the virgin as it’s mother-surrogate by parasitic incursion, and the rapid growth that ensued was only symbolic of it’s beastly origin. Before they could realize the gravity of what they had truly imposed against all that was human and divine, the Beast-child was bequeathed a life through their sin, and without disparity massacred men and beasts alike in the most hideous of manners, enacting in turn to their sacrilege an inhuman desecration that later came to be coined the Precipitation of Blood. For what their cantations had evoked was of no mortal provenance, but heinous sin in the scape of a God-child, through whom depravity was woven into corporeal being by rites that date back to the forbidden age where the Larian Wretch had usurped secrets of the blood in order to coax a beast that was always existent within Man. Thus it was that the First of Kin, Karzelak, so-called God-child was reborn into the world by a sacrilege of flesh and great-blood, heralding a new age defined by decadence and false Godhood. The body of an unnamed faceless priest involved in the late sacrilege can be witnessed upturned and hanging as a centre-piece of the altar of Johnstown’s chapel, a retributive omen contrived at the hand of the beast. The priest’s entrails appear to spill, and dark viscera pools below at the bloodstained wood.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyknBTm_YyM Indexium Lupus, vol ii, on the palliation of the beast, M. Horst writes; “... those anguishing under beasthood traverse the earth at the break of midnight, intimating beasts in all manner of conduct and prowling by upturned sepulchures until sunrise. On the matter of their identification we have dealt thoroughly and at length, and assure that to the end of recognition one ought to distinguish these fiend by the following marks: they are of distinctly olive-complexion, their visions are feeble, their tongues are dry, their eyes drier, and they are wholly famished of saliva; but they are more than ever starved for bloods like the vampiric broods of Belvitz, and their limbs are afflicted by numerous ulcerations from lengthy falls. Let it be known however that the ailment, as any other plague in this world, is not without remedy, for it is at the very root a mere variant of dissipation in the sin of gluttony, a farther stage of inhuman indulgence cursed unto men should they subject themselves under the reign of primeval instinct and liken themselves in that fashion to lesser, foolishly desirous beasts. This we exorcise by first opening a vein and dissipating the blood to the degree of fainting, and ministering to the patient an alternative and healthier source of sustenance. After this, let them be basked in wine so that they may rediscover revelry in mortal delights, and then holy water for several days, and by purgatory measure infuse the hiera from colocynth twice or thrice. Once absolved by cleansing let them imbibe the theriac of serpentine venoms, and administer the following: wormwood after purging; epithymus, dodder of thyme, acrid vinegar as a beverage, poley, squills, slender birthwort; phlebotomy and cataplasms. When the parasitic ailment is already thoroughly formed into the body, rub the nostrils with fisstech prior to sleep.”
  9. A pilgriming man of holy cloth is soon apprised on his path through the earth of the posture so bravely seized by the Church, in whom he had once seen a severed and sedentary people with idle hands and lesser regard for worldly affairs. With greater respect thus, he ensures a letter is penned that conveys a concurrent stance by the Vicarage in this regard, and makes known also his desire to soon establish covenant with the body in mutual interest of their inclusive faith (be it only for the period of this war).
  10. 3rd week as a lore-holder. I notice the elves are staring at me more and cave in a lot easier. The sutican housewives flash their shoulders as soon as I'm around now and their liberal boyfriends no longer make eye-contact. Will update soon.

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  11. if only half this effort went into reinforcing a real standard to the game

  12. “Dawn draws as men are called to feast Fire fades as darkness begets the beast When flesh and blood become as one with wine, Damned are They who in sin intertwine.” Beneath a great shadow risen by cries and tales of hideous daemons assailing the land, the darkness of an infantile thing long deprived of humanity awakens in the cradle of a hamlet. “Rise, Karzełek, first of your kin. Rise, arm of horror, to mirror the fiend suffused in Man.” Borne by sin and that heinous scourge aflame within the putrid human soul, the beast naturally feasts upon such corruptions and dines on the abominable among mortals in order to suffice an intrinsic hatred. At this early time of growth greater focus is given by the sickly creature towards devouring nearby beasts of wood and at staggering rates disrupting the primitive course of nature and it’s fauna, thereby possibly exhorting the attention of nearby druidic herds. Wood-hunters tasked to root out the heart of this evil and retrieve it’s head had met as expected with great failure, but report that the beast whose origin is not entirely known senses deeply for the demise of its parent, slaughtered at birth at its own hand, and so holds all men responsible for the blood there shed. It is heard to cry in the quiet, uttering words believed to be the last spoken by it’s mother prior to death in blurred lines among pleas and calls for help. Most assets of the ego thought possessed by a child are here plainly manifest; hatred, jealousy, curiosity, but also vengeful afflictions that bend toward bestial partiality, and those instincts are pointed in the highest degree towards the objects of its vengeance, namely humans and the sickness they harbor so deep. With the sprouting ego of this grieving newborn there is also a growth of morbid desires and wants of a pleasure which can only be sufficed by the mother, but who is now dead, hence there is in recompense aroused within the little child a feeling of deprivation and hatred toward Man.
  13. for people with interest in literary / playwright roleplay through an upcoming sequence of performances, seek contact with either publius or myself so we may we establish roles


  14. druidic ideology schisms were kinda based where rightly driven. I sense unventured potentials...

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