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  1. Take care, man.
  2. A foreign-blooded vicar mourns the death of an old friend.
  3. "Acts induced by beasthood are not always foolish, and deeds sown by men are not always benevolent. Regardless, one must always strive for goodness." A martyr remarks, enthroned on a great seat of ice that dares not to melt.
  4. "Our conciliation among that which binds us to this earth will bare to us the true roots of Man; and in rekindling the ancient concord which dwells our blood, Man will rise from ignoble ash to be granted purpose, and thereby endless posterity. Such is the mandate imparted unto our foolish race, so furtively abandoned by men who scorn the heavens and those who reside above it all. Aesh dea, ae kikimorr - good schoolman." A man spoke in words that rung with great vacillation, and yet conviction; for it was at the very least acknowledged that no mere living scholar can achieve tr
  5. "Ah-- The saints, they whisper... And it is quiet. So, quiet." The Vicar from forgotten lands awaited an unspoken miracle by the dregged shores of Almaris, brooding in silence over the fates of a people for whom salvation from torment was falsely sworn, and never delivered. Perhaps it was mere naivety that blessed their venture to restore the faith of mankind and rebreathe posterity into gospel, but in soon time they will war earnestly than see their doctrine all crumble to nought. And as for the Vicar, age had eaten through the very husk of a man he once
  6. He is deriding people that think bronze is an ore. Unless I misconstrued that.
  7. Yeah that's what he said
  8. That's because it did not directly affect mundane roleplay, but it definitely disintegrated the prospect of running a respectable trade (at least for me) because money amounted to nothing and everyone was so self-sufficient that the existence of **** like smithies was deemed negligible. It was just dogshit.
  9. nice meme what? alright I know the narrative here is to go against everything related to the plugin, but there is no denying that the economy was absolutely fucked last map.
  10. Invest in reliable valuables like gold (or whatever is the lotc equivalent) and stow them somewhere safe.
  11. Callistus

    Vortex Memes

    This is unironically one of the few things that are good about the plugin. It incetivitizes players to wisely choose their fights because weaponry and armaments are actually worth something, and discourages duels founded on an unrealistic silly bunnyboy mentality by which death means nothing. Fights do not come with dirt-cheap repercussions anymore.
  12. "... Curse them, those children of the vacuous blood, and curse the very earth on which they reside." "The folk are ornery, their town is damned... I hear beastly pleas in the distance. The moon is gibbous and waning, every door is shut tight - it must be it, that scourge, that accursed night." Rumors are spread by ominous word of mouth of the pestilent fate which has recently depredated the province of Johnstown and the abandoned war-camps extant beside it, a fate eager to upend the sanctuary of the land by forcibly turning men into monstrosities and enveigling
  13. This culture ties heavily into the following post If you wish to discuss involvement in this unfinished project, feel free to message me at Callixtus#6280 While knowledge of the existence of the land of ‘Abrath’ can be assumed by those who wish for originative association, the reality comprised in its events is far from ‘common’ and cannot be expropriated into roleplay. People can look to these lands as Christians to Sodom and Gomorrah; there is an allegory, or biblical fate to be drawn from them that urges men to take heed, but the details as they
  14. Need someone who does skins. Callixtus#6280

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