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  1. For the past 3 days Crimsonmeme or Crim_Crim as he's now called has been griefing at Kaz'Ulrah. By placeing buttons at the door that leads to the mine. This door is owned by me, as I am the Miners guild leader. And He places buttons as to open the door for anyone who want's to enter. Even though the rules say that only the Miners guild are allowed to enter for now. So I've had to use signs to lock the blocks around the door and change the blocks infront of the door to Cobblestairs. The second reason for this Report is due to metagameing So as you can see I sent to my friend: Discord LionEY Aka Dwarger Silvervein that I wanted to kill His irp fiance And this was a joke. But she aparently sent him to kill me. as you can see here At this point he had allready told me that he was comeing to kill me. Sadly enough I did not get a picture of that.