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  1. Crazybisonboys Crazybisonboys #8494 Name: Evyn Brittlefoot Position Wanted: Scallywag
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    Thank you for pointing out both of those things i Changed the lotr stuff too lord of craft lore shire to Dunshire (i looked it up on wiki) i also changed his height from 3'4 to 2'8 Also Brittlefeet Its just a name he dosent where shoes sorry if that was confusing i changed it from he wheres shoes to he has a foot condition, strange i know i just wanted something to tie in with the name. I am now going to return to the wiki to learn more about my race the halflings and the lore of the lord of craft
  3. Crazybisonboys


    He is a stubborn little rascal of a hobbit that never faces down a challenge he never steals but will trick and lie, he is respectful to people of a higher status then him. He was born in small Inn somewhere in the outshirts of the Dunshire he was named after a great eleven prince(not cannon) and he lived in a small farm with his mother father and 2 older brothers. He never really traveled far from Dunshire execpt for selling there harvest sometimes. He Generally likes too charge head into problems sword and shield but he is fine with using a short-bow or crossbow. He does not use any magic but does use potions and knows basic Alchemy. usually wheres commen halfling clothes sometimes a cloak if traveling and likes to where a straw hat while sowing the fields. Likes all races (only met a few) likes dwarves more then most though. Here is my screenshot hope u like it
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