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  1. I just wish people wouldn't insult and trash talk eachother.
  2. Both ye shuddup, I personally don't care what happened then. What I care about is the actual topic. Though... You could make a post specifically for this, @Anty, for some hawt and spicy debates. I'd enjoy a nice debate with ya. Well anyways I could care less if you got the TA or an MA, what I care about, no, what EVERYONE cares about is whether or not you'll actually roleplay it correctly. I'm glad you've spotted your simple mistake but you haven't spotted your "complex" mistake. A mistake most inactive players accidentally do when coming back. That being they assume everything is the same, which is very much not true. This server is ever-changing.
  3. Oof, toxic. Well anyways I just don't want another magic man casting magic he doesn't know how to use. :P
  4. Actually no. You were whitewashed, if I remember correctly, because someone leaked that you were going to coup. As for the "harassment" you speak of do you mean walking into the city AS A WHITEWASH and then getting killed? We barely interact with you outside the city and when we do it's when you involve yourself in the roleplay and target us. Now anyways... Since we have gone off topic we still have the issue with the magic. Just to verify you do realize that you cannot conjure lightning nor control fire via feeding it air as an air elemental, yes?
  5. First of all it seems, Ant, that you are out of date with the current business of elementalism. Since you have only achieved air elementalism that is the obly magic you can teach. Air elementalism. Next is the reasons Ant shouldn't get the TA. On multiple accounts with multiple witnesses Ant has powergamed his magic via saying he had more then one kind. On multiple accounts he powergamed his Lur wolf. He powergames his wolf via retrieving a new one right after it dies. Which is quite rare to domesticate a new, wild, wolf might I mention. Now sure that's possible but I also have not seen roleplay evidence of him taming one of the ferocious beast. Now even with all this said there is still more. On ALMOST every session of roleplay combat Ant has powergamed. Basically anyone that has fought against him can attest that. Now I ask yoy, why do would give this man a TA? Much less the magic itself.
  6. -= The Ascended will Cry. =-

    If Zrarly ever caught word of the fight he would start doing a hot-diggidy dance, thinking about how a bunch of 'zkrubz' got killed. He'd also later break a bottle over Orsul's head.
  7. Mapleshire election signup!

    Name: D Ub r Race: sMaLl OlOg hAfLeEnG* What do ya want to run for?: Pr EsI EnT s d Favorite drink?: DRUG What do you plan on doing if you are elected?: Lub everyone very much <3 Anything else to add?:
  8. Crusader King II - Lord of the Craft Mod

    I'd be up to help with orcish history, though most of my information goes six months back.
  9. Gunpowder Vote

    sA e m

    Doesn't see orc Guess orcs are too great of partiers for this ship.
  11. The Rangers of Castle Frozenheart

    [!] Written across a sheet would be: D Ub r [!] ... In the ugliest handwriting achievable on a forum post.
  12. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Ye I wasn't arguing that. I was just stating why the orcish playerbase, despite having to deal with powergaming, doesn't usually go on a witch hunt to ban someone. Also I think Rin (Africanese) was just venting.
  13. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Alright sorry for the slow response, Jandy, and because I'm a lazy person I'ma just give only one reason this time. The main reason PVP default appeals to me the most is because it is the easiest to regulate. Think about it; what is stopping someone from metagaming? Powergaming? And the like? Sure there are rules, but those rules require a person with higher force to regulate them. The problem is: is that those regulations take time. Usually they take up to an hour of just straight bickering and at that time you just start to question why you are even wasting your time. There's also the chance of bias staff or having to strike a ban on someone. I'm sure that any orc knows the annoyance of a ban. Though on the other side there is PVP default. PVP default is much quicker, denies things such as powergaming and metagaming quite easily, and overall is less intensive on staff. All PVP default relies on is MC mechanics. Those MC mechanics usually last less then ten minutes. Most times when thinking about things I am up for a compromise, but not really PVP default. The only compromise I could see is adding things such as raid cooldowns to deny camping of cities. So onto the next short response. As I've said to Jandy any orc knows the pains of getting banned, and ooooh is it an annoyance. Us orcs tread on a thin line, because like it or not staff watch us very carefully. Though I guess that comes with the reputation they hold. Being PVP goon rule breakers and all. Well anyways, as I was getting a bit off task, most orcs basically refuse to ban people just from the knowledge of what it feels like to get banned.
  14. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Ree! !!! Let's argue with each other over some detail that doesn't really matter. Could just be satisfied with "the conclave was raided a lot" :P.
  15. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Alright you do more then that. If you would like some more information here: Strafing is the one you refer to as spinning around I suppose. Strafing is when you move from one side to the other unpredictably in order to dodge quite a few of hits. Anyone who is experienced in strafing knows its use and effectiveness. Next is Click Speed, which is also quite useful. The faster you click the more chance you'll time it right and have the hit actually register. Hence why people try to up their click speed. Then there is Using Your Surroundings, and while I know you probably think that is the dumbest crap you've ever heard it is actually quite useful. Say Jimmy (gReAtEsT pVpEr) is being smart and cornering you against a wall. By doing that and also kiting you can do some nasty combos. Well there ye go, all quite simple on their own but slightly challenging to multitask and (if in a group fight) keep track of what your other teammates/opponents are doing. Now what about that amazing "oh my computer is too bad to handle clicking" excuse? Well sir you can ask any of my friends and they'd probably say I'm one of the most disadvantaged people on this server in that aspect. Currently when in Cloud Temple I have about ten frames, wilderness is usually 15-20, Sutica and the orc city give me about 5 frames and below. Then there is my ping, and ooooh boi does that get high. My minimum ping is 600, usually it is above. On average when no one in my house is using the internet excessively I have about 700, when my family is actually using the internet it's above 1000. Personally I like the idea of PVP default, because while I hold a severe disadvantage it still is quite fun. For in the total five seconds I am alive I usually am super hyped and into the fighting. While in any roleplay combat it usually goes either as "swings axe" "opponent dies" or "swings axe" "opponent backflips" or "Jimmy holds his axe high in the air before forcing it down upon his opponent. Hoping to pulverize the poor man's skull and put an end to him." "The opponent, seeing the axe raised, side steps almost instantaneously. Then, without hesitation, he pulls a dagger from his pocket and burrows it into Jimmy's chest." (Note that usually Jimmy is behind the man).