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  1. The loss of rescue raids

    The main issue with rescue raiding is the ability to abuse. Though it can be abused both ways, a nation that has been raided and is now on cool-down runs no risk while kidnapping an important official of another nation. I understand that you don't want the situation that had gone down with the ban report against Lumii, Suxals, and all those folks but that was mainly due to multiple failures on both sides. It wasn't necessarily due to the vagueness of rescue raids and more to the adherence of those rules as well as several other rules. So the problem you run into when removing rescue raids is the ability to abuse your raid cool downs to deny the rescue of an important official. Really it's merely weighing the scales of would the playerbase rather have rescue raids to rescue an official but run the risk of raid baits (which is still punishable mind you) or not to have rescue raids and run the risk of one nation capturing the nation leader of another nation and executing him without any chance for the other side. Which will only spiral into more OOC politics as you have denied a community's ability to promptly take action rply.
  2. Cosecha - Trading Company

    Cosecha Come one, come all! The Cosecha is now open for business! Yes! That is correct! We sell a multitude of crops in bulk amounts. Need potatoes to feed your army while you slaughter the Dominion forces? No problem! Need bread to help fuel your effort to fight against raiders? No problem! Yes, no longer do you have to harvest the crop yourself. Now you just pick up your goods and go do other things! What a time saver! Pricing - Special Orders For those who wish to take a specific order out once I have you covered! Order this for just a one-time buying. A Crateful of Baked ‘Taters - 700 mina Double Crateful of Baked ‘Taters - 1,200 mina Crateful of Bread - 750 mina Double Crateful of Bread - 1,300 mina Crateful of Hay Bales - 2,400 mina Double crateful of Hay Bales 3,900 mina [!] Note: ALL prices are subject to change [!] Contract Orders These orders are more for those who wish to supply themselves with a fixed amount of food per Saint’s Week. The pricing on these, once the deal has been made, shall not change. A Crateful of Baked ‘Taters - 700 mina per week Double Crateful of Baked ‘Taters - 1,200 mina per week Crateful of Bread - 750 mina per week Double Crateful of Bread - 1,300 mina per week Crateful of Hay Bales - 2,400 mina per week Double crateful of Hay Bales - 3,900 mina per week [!] All prices for "Contract Orders" shall be payed up front. [!] To order simply bird Horton ((HortonHeardAWho)) or post an order down below. --=@ Orders will be picked up by buyer. @=--
  3. Current Username: HortonHeardAWho Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Horton#4181 Timezone(s) you mainly play: CST What group/nation do you consider to be your main? Orcs mainly Have you held a staff position before?: N/A Do you currently hold a staff position? N/A Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? Possibly, though likely not in the near future Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? N/A What style do you prefer to build in? (Low fantasy, High fantasy, dungeons, creatures, terrain, etc.) I've found enjoyment in both high fantasy and low fantasy, really it just depends on what build style I am inspired to build in at the time. Are you comfortable using world edit commands? Yes Build Screenshots Terrain: Creature: Medieval: High Fantasy: Explain what you feel results in a quality build. I feel the way to create a quality build is by adequately setting the mood without violating the requirements or aesthetics. To elaborate I mean that a build must not only create the atmosphere an ET actor, or whoever you are building for, requires without creating something terribly unappealing or unrealistic. By unrealistic I mean unrealistic depending on the circumstances. Anyways what I am saying is that you must create what is requested. To give an example of this: say ET actor Rob required a grand and mystical cave. The builder would then likely create an arch-like entrance with multiple particles (typically represented in singe glass panes), and accents of blue and purple. Not only that but the builder may also make the cave slightly overgrown to drive home that mystical feel. Why do you wish to become an ET Builder Member? I feel I have a mighty bit of free time in my life and it seems the team is in need of people to lighten the load on other builders. Not only that but I wish to put my builds to use other then occasionally seen on the road. What strengths would you bring to the team? I feel I work well with other builders and typically have an open mind on how to do things. I work more efficiently with people and their ideas rather than creating an idea on my own from scratch. I can improve and work on a build very well if I get a good idea of what the person wants built. All I really need is to talk to the person, ask a few questions on what they request, if it's a creature or something then request a concept art possibly. What are your weaknesses? While I do work well with others sometimes that's not the best thing as I'm not very good at creating a build completely from scratch. By that I mean I need ideas churning inside my head prior to the build, not just build on the spot. Which is easily compensated by having someone give me an explanation of what they want and making a few examples. I'm great at improving, not so great at creating if that makes any sense. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? I should have a lot of time on my hands, and really it differs between days. I know I'm willing to put in two hours of time daily typically, with a buff of hours to donate to building for the ET team on the weekends.
  4. On the topic of quartz

    At least they'll know you're rich! Kappa
  5. The Problem with Auto-close Alright so I'm sure everyone's run into the issue of auto-closing doors or trapdoors, especially if you want to use iron trapdoors or doors for builds. Well the thing is, from my understanding, that there is a way to turn it off. There lies one issue: it's not allowed to be used. See for some reason we don't have enough permission to use that command, this command being /lwc flag autoclose [True/False]. I don't really know why this is, and while the auto-close issue is so petty, I still want the command for building with iron trapdoors or trapdoors in general (and not having some troll run through the city and spam open them all). If there is in fact a reason to why this command is disallowed then I'd like to know, other then "it isn't necessary" of course. I just like to have a couple more blocks at my disposal when building, though the blocks aren't really used much anyways unless for their intended purpose (being doors to block certain people from entering). Ya I know this is less of a plugin implantation and more of just allowing us to use a command already implemented.
  6. Freebuild Idea (Suggestion)

    That could... Get people to hire pretty nice builders to help construct their town. I like this idea... *Rubs hands greedily at the idea of being paid to build shiz*
  7. House de Castro Reformation

    Horton scoffs at Louis' attempt for power, "Isn't this the child of Gonzalo? If he's anything like his father then... Ew."
  8. The Pilgrimage of the Strong

    "Mi popo wuz a better buurz'zhaman den lat!!" Dabs over 9000 times before Zratly sacrifices his emote to Ramakhet, never to be seen again. : ^)
  9. But but but if it's a hassle I can sell cooked taters for more!
  10. Zrarly pats Jukha's back, "Nub, diz nayzhum am better. Muur honorable den doez Urguanite dwed an' Marna lordz." His explanation given simply enough, though proceeding more thoroughly in it, "Deez am nub Orenianz eedder, different leedder. A muur HONORABLE leedder." Before finally finishing off.
  11. -=The Ignis Varda=-

    "You could say that you've been forced out of the force. Damn, Firewatch is mighty forceful, don't you think? Forcing such things on people." Inquires 'Duck Face' Horton. : ^)
  12. On Dwarven Monarchy

    Zrarly suddenly sneezes before going about his day once more. That day mostly including banditting and fighting alongside his RAGUK kin.
  13. IGN(s): HortonHeardAWho Age: 15 Timezone: CST Discord: Horton#4181 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes, just might sound a little roboty. Average daily playing time?: 5-6 hours (weekdays) 7-8 hours (weekends) (Though that decreased through my minor break I took) Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I wish to join the GM team because I think I will make a good attribute to it. I hope to help increase the speed in modreqs being taken and overall improve the community. I think the staff, at least sometimes, are a little ban-happy when it comes to ban reports. That's not to say that they shouldn't ban the people in the wrong, that is simply stating that there may be other satisfying resolutions for both parties other then straight banning the wronging party. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?: Though likely unimportant, I have decent experience in world edit.
  14. Generic Clickbait

    Honestly I agree. I feel like we have too much straight creativity and much less controlled creativity. What's the main difference, you ask? Well there are a couple main differences. The first main difference is there is no real theme throughout the server for magic. Sure you have void and deity, but there's this problem of you're not really sure what you can and cannot do. While that may sound good that also leaves a magic creator in a state of, "where do I go?" Which usually ends up with some crazy magic that no one really knows about and no one really understands. Controlled creativity, on the other hand, is that there is set limits and set places you have to amide by. While you think this is bad it really isn't, sometimes it supports out-of-the-box thinking and lots of creativity. A creative writer challenged will likewise input more extravagant, but yet not extravagant, creative writing. Usually the controls are that of understanding, which is understandable, for if only you know the magic it leaves a lot of flaws open. A couple others are the power limits, and while LTs/MTs help handle this, it puts a lot of stress on them. If you were to make a set power limit for the entire server you could just simply deny a lore, state that it is too strong, and not have to worry about those loopholes some writers either purposefully make or unpurposefully make. Instead of having to have a whole team stare at it for a week or more until they're finally like, "Ya I don't really see any loopholes or overpowered shiz, we good." Not only would this speed up the process of writing getting implemented, but it would also make lore more easy to understand overall (at least once you understand the requirements).
  15. Raguk Shamanism - Bone Lords (Bone Muyakelg)

    @Sultan I don't know the actual reason nor your view on it but the reason I feel muyakelgs fit into orcish culture is mainly because of the creation process. It has crazy voodoo pothead feel of witchdoctor potions.