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  1. HortonHeardAWho

    Arcane Incantations

    ya what dingo said It causes lore fluff and as such is kinda unneeded. Not only that but by making it an ma thing you alrrady shoot yourself in the foot.
  2. HortonHeardAWho

    Reviving the Angathgul: The Naakh'Ilzgul

    "Zhamanizm iz a relijun uf peez." Zrarly mutters in his sleep, while on a voyage of course!
  3. HortonHeardAWho

    Sea Bounties

    Pirates - Completed! Ah another few decided to brave the seas, and I was overwhelmed at their capabilities! The helmsman seemed to have a vast knowledge of navigation as well as the crew seeming to be hard workers. They took out those pirates like it was nothing, not a single man was injured! Seemed when a crew of seven battles a crew of four, the crew of seven comes out victorious. Who would've thought?! Ah well the job's done... Reward: 450 mina Pirated Rum A Pirate's Cutlass
  4. HortonHeardAWho

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Land of the Rising Sun Emperor Policies Domestic Affairs Creation of new police force. It is taking applications and will be active in the next post. It shall be dubbed the: Omigawa Recruits are expected to be of the best. Both physically and mentally. Restrictions are put upon whaling Aimed at the Kamchatka region and company’s over-whaling there Infrastructure Railroad system in construction! [Mod] The emperor proclaims this will be one of many rail systems to come! Diplomacy Seeing as [Russia] had no efficient port to the Pacific, the Shogunate of Japan has granted such land! As a gesture of good faith ❤️ Japan wishes to meet with [China] and [Russia] to construct joint rail systems in the near future! Other The Emperor has proclaimed himself a descendant of the emperor that had united almost all of Japan! Emperor Nobunga! Shogun Policies Economy Act of Gaikoku hito nashi [Mod] No foreign companies shall be ported in a Japanese city consecutively. With the exception of Hawaii This is to prevent foreign domination of Japanese trade. Government hires private prospectors in search of marine-based oil wells. [Mod] Any deposits of oil found shall be pumped out of the ground! Military Another fleet sent And another one! Again, telling moderator. Do not worry! Ships that shall be of the government’s use are being constructed. Other Enjoy a map of the Land of the Rising Sun Tl:Dr
  5. HortonHeardAWho

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Land of the Rising Sun Military Policy Ishibashi Norinaga was sitting at his table, wondering what the **** to do when he came across this idea! Ah what a grand idea it was! He shall send fleets to help affirm the borders of his MANY beautiful islands. This shall be the GREATEST plan in the HISTORY of mankind. It’s not like no one’s thought of this before, right? Sends fleets of Navy to places Moderator does indeed know locations, do not worry! Military (Economic) Policy The Shogunate accepts Russia’s trade deal! The Shogunate wishes to trade with China The Shogunate wishes to trade with the Confederate States of America [CSA] Everyone else either hates the Shogunate or is too far away [Dominion of Oceania] [Yugoslav Commune] Big Jerk Faces Military (Domestic) Affairs The Shogunate also begins construction on drydocks [Mod] The Copycat likes ships just as much as a certain Empire The Shogunate opens waters in Hawaii [Mod] To allow for easier commerce between the CSA and Asia as a whole. Military (Other) Policies The Shogunate is cool Especially those Polynesian Land of the Rising Sun guys So why are you still here? You should be writing your post to counteract my post. If you don’t you may be conquered! Or not.
  6. HortonHeardAWho


    Minecraft name: HortonHeardAWho RP name: Jimmy Discord: Horton#4181
  7. HortonHeardAWho

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    Nation: Japanese Shogunate (If available ofc) Discord: Horton#4181
  8. Username HortonHeardAWho Discord Horton#4181 Timezone CST (Best time btw) What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Santegia & Orcs, though I try to hang with others Staff History I am currently an ET Builder. Ban History Never been banned. Blacklist History: Nope What do you want to join the Event Team? I've been doing a simple bounty board recently, and have been enjoying doing the events and I think others have been enjoying them as well. Not only that but someone who participated in one of my recent events suggested that I apply. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I think I should be accepted onto the actor side of things because I have experience in doing events (both aiding an actor as well as independently) and supply good ideas for events. Not only that but I don't have many qualms with doing events for really anyone if they ask so I can hopefully make those who feel there aren't enough events satisfied with the occurrences of events. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: My events will typically range depending on what sounds really cool to do. This means that it could be simple bounties, low fantasy, high fantasy, or anything between. It really depends on what idea hooks me and how I take the idea from paper and into practice. What makes a good event? Many things, just as building, make a good event. This ranges from the quality of your emotes, to the flexibility of the event, and even to how well it caters to the player base that you are providing an event for (because not everyone likes a super serious event, and not everyone likes a lighthearted event either). There's also the factor that an actor enjoys what they are doing. If an actor doesn't like the event, neither will the players. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: Veilport Mafia A mafia has rooted itself deep into Santegia. Some say that it has infected the noble houses even! As such, the guard has been tasked with uprooting these scoundrels and bringing them to justice, any way possible! A Rock A rock on a mountain. Oh, hey, it can talk? Well, it’s a talking rock then. Who would thought? So if the rock can talk, then can the rock produce thought? If it can produce thought, can it walk? Ah, what a rock to live. The Traveler A traveler is seen. He is having some issues. It seems like a normal, uncommon occurrence. It could be bandits, a wheel on his cart has broken, wolves getting him stuck in a tree. Either way, you have two choices: Help him, or leave him.
  9. HortonHeardAWho


  10. HortonHeardAWho

    Sea Bounties

    Whales Spotted Migrating - Completed! A group of orcs decided to try the sea life! And they seemed to do alright I guess... Either way we both got what we wanted. They got a portion of the two whales and their well-earned pay, and I got the rest of the two whales. Perhaps you may see them being auctioned off at the coming Street Bazaar... Reward: 450 mina Whale's Bone Whale's Blubber "Killer's" Head [Ooc: Had fun doing the event with @Pond and all the orc buds. You guys are always super chill and lighthearted, good people to initiate yourself into doing events.]
  11. HortonHeardAWho

    Sea Bounties

    Sea Bounties oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo [!] Vehlrand sailing into the port of Presa de Madera [!] oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo So you've come to read this poster, aye? Catch your eye, hmm? Sea life interests you... Well you better be skilled to join my crew! I want the best sailors available, for I wish to make coin, not to loiter around and lollygag like a certain type of landlubbers, ones with pointy ears... Anyways, as long as you've got some knowledge or at the very least are teachable, then I'll allow you to join. But mind you, some of these expeditions can be a challenge. So choose wisely when you pick a bounty to take part of. The ship currently is located in the port of Presa de Madera, but that may change. I don’t like to stick in a place too long, for then the work becomes monotonous. Now that you know where my ship is, I’ll tell you a little bit about it. It has two masts, the main mast and the mizzen mast. It also has three decks: the top deck, the crew’s quarters, and the place where I store my shizzle. I can hold up to twelve for a short trip but the crew itself will be eight, counting myself. Oh wait... I haven't told you my name, have I? Well I am Zrarly. Previously of clan RAM and currently of clan RAGUK, though typically I prefer simply Zrarly. I'll be the captain of the crew and, if needed, the helmsman. As the captain, I will be ordering you around to have the ship performing at peak efficiency. Not only this, but I will also be assembling all the crew members myself so you lazy bums don't have to. Ain't I nice? Now if you want to operate your own ship with your own crew, I will allow you to do so. Though I will also accompany you, just not as a captain. This is to ensure that you actually get the job done, and get it done right. My clients dislike being displeased, you see. Other than that, I will sit back and relax, allowing you to do all the work. You'll still be paid just as much and the total mina will be given to your captain to dish out. [Ooc Note: This thread will be updated accordingly, so follow it or something to keep up to date with what's available in terms of tasks] oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo Current Easy Tasks These tasks be the ones I was talking about for the starting price. These tasks are typically easy and are simply dirty work that veteran sailors are too lazy to do. That being said, you still get paid and things might not go exactly to plan. This is typically the reason why I hire you, the disposables, to get the work done instead of my actual crew. I don't want my loyal comrades accidentally dying, you see? ... Well that or I can't my crew to do the work themselves. Smuggler’s Den Task: Transport of Stolen Rum from Krugmar to Santegia Suggested Crew: 4-7 Run Down: A couple of smugglers swiped some rum off a random ship. It was likely a random merchant ship, but sometimes those merchants can be resourceful. Not only that but smugglers have a habit of being paranoid and cowardly, that is why we have been employed. If things go sour, they want us to clean up and finish the task. Repairs to the Ship Task: Repair My Ship Suggested Crew: 1+ Run Down: While sailing, we came across a storm. It wasn't deadly but it still did damage. That's why I want you guys to patch it up so that my ship can once again work at peak performance, as it should. Now you ask, "Why doesn't your own crew do it?" And to that I say you must read! For as written before: my crew tends to be lazy on some matters. This just so happens to be one of the matters that they can't be bothered to do. oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo Current Medium Tasks Shark Infested Area Task: Shark to be Killed Suggested Crew: 3+ Run Down: A normally well-populated reef that local fishermen fish at has become lacking in fish. The fishermen believe this is due to a shark roaming the waters, a lot of them claiming they witnessed it themselves. As such, the elder of the fishing village has asked us to find and remove the shark. They don't really care how its done, as long as the thing isn't there anymore and will never be there again. oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo Current Challenging Tasks oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo Other Tasks Writing of Sea Shanties 100 per! Run down: As we all know, crews get bored on the sea, and as such they need something to pass the time; the sea shanties do just that! These increase a sailor’s morale and overall efficiency, as well as keep them occupied and out of the stock of rum we carry in case of unexpected long-term excursions. So when you write one up, send a courier to me so I can teach the crew how to sing it. Well, that is if it sounds good. If it sounds like a bunch of jargon, then you might want to go into hiding for a while...
  12. HortonHeardAWho

    [Pending]vegterble's Lore Moderator Application

    I'm sorry Vege but I'ma have to give the reasons why you wouldn't be a good LT. First of all, while you did apply for this server a year a go, you haven't played actively. Actually you just came back from that inactivity and began playing again. Next, your knowledge of orcish lore and dark magic is severely limited. Especially regarding currently active orcish and magic lore. For as you have even said, you are looking through the Wiki. The Wiki tends to be out of date due to the lack of writers and due to the current lore bloat. The knowledge you have of orcish lore and overall magic lore is also likely to be outdated anyways. For the server changes a lot, rewrites happen, new additions happen, there's a lot to keep up with. Oh ya and you don't know what the current shaman community wishes. You may vote for or against something and the shamans may think it a bad choice. Same with dark magic. Overall you have no idea what the community would like. For you've been focused on the orcish non-magic community, with a few toe dippings into the shaman community. You likely don't even know a singular teacher from the dark magic community, nor have knowledge of a new shaman that has been added to the roster. Basically become more knowledgeable and branch out into different communities and you'll be fine. But it'll take a lot of time, likely extending way past your tenure as a Lore Moderator.
  13. HortonHeardAWho

    [Pending]Grim's "Lore Master" Application

    I want Joel back in staff chat, bring him back. +1!
  14. HortonHeardAWho

    LotC 6.2: *notices minas pouch* owo what's this?

    Possible roof ain't high enough?
  15. HortonHeardAWho

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    No officer it's "holy is healing bad"