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  1. God App Name: Qhul Symbol: Salt Race: Human Nation Name: Seljukk Tribe Nation Symbol: Sword – Cutlass Nation Terrain: Desert/Coastline/Oasis
  2. Jimmy fears as his imagination runs rampant, imagining what those men are doing to Chuck as he is enclosed in a small area with them. Such disgusting people they are!
  3. The [DEV] Team faction continues to garner more power, soon the [MOD] team will be undermined if action is not performed. Finally a way to replace the corrupt government of old and install a great new leader.
  4. “who’s this Hot_Dip guy?” Says Zteehl, “probebleh azh of doez imperial zkum!”
  5. I want to be banished from Sutica too wtf

    1. Demotheus


      Where’s the upvote button?

  6. Discord Name; Horton#4181 Country of choice; Communist States of America Head of State; William Z. Foster Government type; Democratic Centralism Suggestions/Feedback/Questions; GOD I love communism :3
  7. You must conquer the empire and rename it the People’s Republic of Renatus.
  8. Vassal’s opinion of Liege in Empire of Man just lowered 20 due to changing of crown laws.

    1. IZipZapManI


      Faction formed in the Empire of Man to lower crown authority. 124% of liege lord. 

  9. Play a RAGUK goblin, uruks are overrated anyways!!
  10. Zteehl begins his own journey to the burning lands. Him hearing news of the enclave and growing annoyed of human politics of which he’d had to bend around in order to conduct business.
  11. "Me hope lat better at dwarvish than commun." Orcs an orc
  12. Zteehl sees an opportunity to make a bit of mina, of course he can’t turn this down! Horton#4181 HortonHeardAWho
  13. La Republicca di Genova, “La Superba” Respublica superiorem non recognoscens Military The Silver Company An organization meant to lease soldiers to those in need has just been formed! War can be a dangerous thing and as such the Silver Company is here to make it safe. We take all contracts with the intention of winning you the war and all we ask for in return is a few marks to pay for our services. Two thousand men are transferred to this branch. Ten transports and five galleys are also allocated to the branch Dry dock Twenty ships are contracted for construction Seven of which are galleys The rest are transports Militia To suppress pirates that are determined to make a profit from the ongoing crusade, Genoa sends five ships to the possible supply routes to survey them and possibly deal with such disgusting war profiteers. Another five galleys are sent to the French coastline and checking on how the ports fair. A quota of five thousand enlisted is set Contracts for crossbows, halberds, armor, and other weaponry is made Treasurer’s Report This past year has brought in a great amount of income, as we received a good portion of money from contracts made by the crusaders for transport ships. As well as this, though, our usual taxing of imports and exports has proved well as many find it a good option to use Genoa as a port instead of our sister city-state. Trade with France, however, has Genoa in a worry due to their ongoing war possibly inhibiting such. We worry that France will run out of funds completely and forcefully close any contracts our merchants have with the state. The proper funds are allocated towards the military as well as the improvement of Genoa as a whole. We are excited to receive profits from the newly formed Silver Company once one decides to make use of it. Though some worry that the company will be misused, and as such to quell such worries contracts will be settled directly through the consul. Consul Though these worries are not the most that the current consuls have to worry about. As the annual election for the positions will be beginning soon and people prepare for the upcoming popular assembly. Other than this, it seems Grimaldi has the majority of power in the consulate compared to the other merchant families though most definitely they do not have the complete majority. Fiaechi, Diora, and Spinola all seem to be almost even, however. So the upcoming elections will be interesting and are to be watched by all. Actions - 20 ships in construction o Seven of which galleys, 13 are transports - 5,000 men are to be recruited throughout the year - Contracts for military equipment made - 5 galleys sent to scout the Crusade’s supply routes - 5 more sent to scout out the ports of France - Annual election of consuls begins - “Silver Company” formed o 2,000 men, ten transports, and five galleys transferred to branch
  14. OOC APP Nation name: Republic of Genoa Population: ~300k Summary of History: Though power was initially supposedly held by both the Emperor and Bishop, it was in all reality held by the consuls. Genoa had basically hegemony over the seas along its coast and boasts a strong fleet of ships to keep such superiority that way. Similar to its sister to the east, Genoa is a republic as well as being well equipped for trade due to its location. Genoa has a lot of internal politics as many merchant families contest power. Currently the notable ones would be the Grimaldi, Fieschi, Doria, and Spinola, though there are many other smaller powers within the state. As well as internal politics, Genoa has seen its fair share of external politics; this is obvious by its large fleet and control over the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian. It had colonies along the Mediterranean coast including places such as the Middle East, North Africa, and the Aegean isles Discord: Horton#4181
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