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  1. I agree with this post and think this man deserves to be admin. I mean it says he's a lawyer and lawyers should rule the world. Let's make him president while we're at it. Wait no! He deserves more! Make him the supreme dictator of North Korea! (Which now owns the world)
  2. "Ya'll are dumb." Horton would remark. "Now-a-days orcs usually charge 100 mina and raise it slowly. I would start these wood elves at 200 then slowly rip people off. It's much easier that way."
  3. Naa what I mean is I'd totally be fine with building the whole thing. All you'd have to do is check to see if it's good and would be fine to rp in and just put it on the sheet as another habitat. And also gotta find a good patch of land to put it on of course.
  4. #What'sRight -Well you're looking at this post is a good thing that points in a good direction -We have the potential to be a great community -There's lots of players #What'swrong -There is again too many settlements and such. -We can't freebuild, and while you might say doesn't that contradict eachother, but it really doesn't. Because if someone hobo shacks into a random place in the wilderness they'll eventually come back because they're bored. And really by now it doesn't really matter because usually the king of the land gives it out quite freely if you offer something very simple in return. I just want to do this so I can make pretty structures that don't require people :P. -Nexus; While I am actually okay with this, if a good percentage of the population does not agree with it then there is a problem with it. -Magic; While magic is amazing and all that, the problem is how it's made. Magic seems like one of the best and most straight-forward ways to develop your character because 1; It takes time, and 2; You become stronger because of it. While you may say that for anything the problem with magic is that it has such a tight grasp on it compared to others like simple swordsmanship or archery. I mean a man could come up to me, have no roleplay training, and then say he is the greatest archer in the world and one hit a defenseless man. While with magic you have to do training or someone will absolutely call bs on you. Another problem is that there seems to be too many magics, and most of these magics have orders. These orders not only don't allow you to learn magic but it also separates the population even more. -My next one that is only fueled by annoyance is that every single person always says, "Orcs killed my parents." Or something similar to that. Sorry to tell you this but the only ones who really just kill random people would probably be Schnub and his goons. Most orcs would rather just fight eachother, sometimes catch a slave, and make a sacrifice to a spirit maybe not using a person. I mean the Lur clan appeases the spirit by offering their hunt to Votar, and other spirits have a preference of a good sacrifice as well. -Another problem is the server is very combat driven. "Oh you're a new person? Join my levy as a guard!" While this is okay for new people, veteran players still seem to stick with being a guard or atleast having combat experience. It's understandable with orcs that aren't shamans or goblins (Because goblins are weak af compared to the rest) But like the simple man suddenly becomes something great because he's been training with a sword since he was two. Another problem is that you HAVE to have combat experience else you'll die inevitably because there are so many things out to kill you. -Another problem, but this is just purely a petty problem, is that /lwc flag autoclose false does not work. So whenever I lock something it closes ;n;. But that's just me.
  5. Is this thing still around? Can we still do applications for this stuff? I would like to know because I kinda wanna add a couple (I mean one, I'm just obviously bad at counting) habitats myself :3.
  6. I. Will. Take. Your. Pixels. FEAR ME
  7. "It seems the twiggies think we just purely want war." He laughs, "The uruks, ologs, and goblins... Plus a couple honoraries just want to raid, pillage, and ransack your towns and villages to avenge the great wargoth, Othmgakh." "Also," he remarks, "You elves already hated the uruks for nothing but how they look and their culture. You probably WANTED them to be your own antoganist, didn't you? Well elves here you have it, the grandist of antoganists for you." Horton grins, satisfied of what he has said.
  8. "I wonder if they'll buy my ship designs." Horton says as he designs a spirit shrine at the de Castro keep.
  9. The fact is that everyone is salty in one way or another if an Isle is removed. I mean I think we have produced enough salt to make the ocean look diluted. With that you guys really have no reason to go throwing around, "I THINK YOUR ISLE IS MORE TRASH SO LETS SINK IT!" At each other. If everyone would just calm down and stop yelling at each other maybe we could actually have a compromise or at least better way of going about things. Next is you all talking about how one place is more active then the other place and really that's just stupid because you cannot fully track activity without being a no-life god and being apart of every group in existence. So stop saying that Veris is more active, or Sutica is more active, or Norland and all that is more active. It seems like you aren't arguing about which isle should be destroyed and instead arguing about how great one nation is to compared to another. Then we have rebuilding capitals. Personally I find it quite fun to build and all that, I would also expect other builders to think so as well. And yes I know everyone hates when their creations are destroyed, but when they are it leaves the opportunity to get a better build, a more beautiful build. Every builder can always improve themselves in some way or form. Now not to say I'm slightly biased towards Tahn... But I kind of am, unless there is a way to improve some problems I have with trashing it. First of all is space, and while you might say, "Ceru has tons of land!" How much of that land is claimed by another nation? Most if not all of it, and while you also might say, "Then just war claim them!" Some nations may not have the resources or people to do such. Also if you try joining them good luck orienting your culture into the nation that already has a culture of its own. Then move to Asul you might say but that also comes with its fair share of problems. Problems such as compensation, while Asul may be big it's not big enough to fully compensate every nation and if every nation is not compensated people will get quite pissed and rampage on the forums some more. There's the problem of the pvp just filled with diamond armor and such. And while you might say, "Well that just makes it more fun!" It will just be mostly endgame resources being gathered so the economy will rely on those resources mostly to thrive. And while there might be a couple shops here and there that sell normal supplies there wont be many because everyone is investing into the reliable source of income; diamond armor, potions, and horses. Also Orc's best nation, awesome nation, most active, better then everyone in the universe... Kappa
  10. Horton would draw a wonderful, slightly derpy scetch of a ship, and under it would be a signature and an ad about ship designing. (HortonHeardAWho)