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  1. HortonHeardAWho

    [Reformatting][Feat] The Feats of Gazigash

    It’s cute and small but really unneeded because of that. Tbh idk why this is really a lore submission other than the fact that it has drugs that take you to the spirit realm and it doesn’t even really say that. One could just say they were high enough to see the spirits without actually seeing them and only think they get blessings.
  2. HortonHeardAWho

    Reviving the Orc Race(and its subtypes)

    Ya staff immediately spazzing when they see “orc” in race on character card has always been an issue it seems 😕
  3. HortonHeardAWho

    give orcs and halflings land next map

    Duh. Hey random question but do you happen to know DPM’s discord tag? Just wanted to talk to him is all 😄
  4. HortonHeardAWho

    The Disunited States of America

    My one action this turn is basically “grr grr don’t trade or do nuffin’ with Arsenal Island or bad things !!” That and also cutting off trade between us and Arsenal Island as well.
  5. Wtf bro why u stalkin me? Gonna ban u for harassment !

  6. HortonHeardAWho

    Enforce Aging or Remove Age Limits

    Just be decent people lmfao. That's all it takes !! No rules needed!!
  7. HortonHeardAWho

    Community Meeting

    I'm not going to be at the meeting, likely, so instead I'll just voice my opinions and suggestions. During/before community meetings staff should state, and link, changes that have been had between the community meetings. If you just had your meeting after a year then simply link relevant/recent changes. Next thing is me just shitting: if something can be easily done RPly, do it RPly. Don't rely on staff unless it's sonething that you can't do reasonably. Basically common sense rule IMO
  8. He’s a Dominion screamer so he must get accepted 😄 He also has a Renatian character so even more reason guys!!
  9. HortonHeardAWho

    The September Prince Eventline

    It fucks with druid lore and as an orc who has had his lore attempted to be meddled by druids, while it’s ironic, I can sympathize. Aesop tried ******* with spirit lore as well but sadly for him us orcs know how to focus our toxicity on a specific person until that person fucks off and stops ******* attempting to do **** that makes no ******* sense – at least if it’s touching shamanism and orc lore ofc. Another issue is the way Aesop does events is horribly disgusting-- I was an ET for a time and his idea of progression in an eventline is no progression. You think I’m lying but most of the **** you do has no impact on the story and 90% of the time it’s pre-planned outcomes. These events are good for new players but he tried dragging in jaded players and didn’t expect the recoil – old players tend to have higher standards and have set opinions on what’s good and bad. Again, though, Joel’s not asking for Aesop to get ******* hanged and not only that but you look like someone you’d see begging for money or w/e because they did heroine or their husband abuses them.
  10. HortonHeardAWho

    A New Challenger Appears.

    The great Oracle, Zteehl, hypothesizes: “Mi fihnkz dat dehr will be a waghguff of Raguhk.”
  11. HortonHeardAWho

    [✗] [Mysticism Addition] Tides of the Ebrietaes

    Can i make a McEctoplasm? Can i make an all-you-can-eat buffet? Can i just make the restaurant? I weally want twu be heawd so can I cwy tiww evweeone heawz me? I curse you with dying! Mwahahahaha !!
  12. HortonHeardAWho

    Dev Update December

  13. HortonHeardAWho

    Who do you look up to?

    Dingo and MinionMan are kinda hawt uwu