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  1. Builders for a new settlement are needed! the soon to be City of Ithaca is looking for builders to create this Amazing city! We have many Ideas but need builders to put those ideas to use! If you wish to know more please contact Luna_Faithful#4247, there will be three builders accepted at this time and all members of the build team will be allowed space within the charter once we get to a tier 2!, Requirements are as simple as sending me a message on discord with examples of previous builds. thank you all for your time and consideration.
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    Niravan was born into a world of complete chaos. War and famine had touched the land no matter where she went. It seemed almost every other day, her father would be going out to war or her mother would be defending their village. But war was not Niravan’s calling, when she was born she was forced into slavery and her parents thinking this may be a better longer life for her, let the village take Niravan. She wasn’t one to judge whether they were right or wrong, they were her parents and she was raised to not question the authority of others. I guess that's why she made such a good soldier. When Niravan was the age of five she was deemed fit to work for the village and for the next 10 years he would spend his life working on the village or anywhere that needed repair do to the war. At thirteen years of age Niravan Willows was working on a city tower near her village, one of the most beautiful kingdoms in all of the land… New Reza. it was gorgeous. Niravan would often find herself dozing off from her work staring into the glimmer of lake Milena. But no matter how beautiful the city may be, she had work to do and she promised her parents to be home in time for dinner. The tower she was assigned to was the tallest building in the city. They called it the Bastion tower. It took a considerable amount of time to fix but She began to finish up her work when a scruff man approached her sword on his belt. Niravan wondered what she had done to summon a guard to get her. As the man approached he must have realized her caution as he took a step back and introduced himself. “Names Nikolaus Kortrevich sorry I must have startled you but I am simply here on business.” Niravan remained silent for the man to speak, as he had been taught. “Silent type got it. Well that's alright I am here to offer you a job.” Niravan tilted her head in curiosity to show she was listening. The man thant went by Nikolaus Kortrevich continued. ‘As I am sure you are aware. War is always a possibility. I am simply here to prepare for that. I would like to hire you to assist in rebuilding what comes after the Rubern wars. We are in need of builders and soldiers I feel that you fit th-” Niravan cut him off with the wave of a dismissive hand. “As much as I appreciate the offer sir, I have a village I must attend to I have parents there, people there that are counting on me to rebuild were the war has touched our home. Again sir thankyou but war is not my calling.” Niravan looked up to the building she was repairing and realized her work was finished. Niravan packed up her tools and began to walk away. “Remember kid that if we lose this war there won't be anything to rebuild! We need someone like you! Someone with the ability to not only fight but repair the things that break in the war. the Coat of arms need people like you!” Niravan continued to walk. Away from Nikolaus Kortrevich, away from the war. Niravan Willows arrived at her village expecting to return home. But all she returned to was fire. Her village was burning to the ground and the first body she saw was her father lined with many more. Angered by her father's death but frightened for the others at the same time Niravan grabbed her father's sword and charged in looking for the enemy. Through the ash and fire she saw them at least a few dozen ologs bearing the symbol and banner of the AiS, had brought her village to its knees. enraged she charged at the enemy using the skills her father taught her with a sword and cut down three of the orcish creatures before a fourth stabbed her in her back casting her to the ground. She wailed in pain as a meaty foot landed on her back crushing her bones. She tried to fight back but it was no use the Olog was too strong to break. A few moments would pass as she struggled before the rest of her village emerged from the fire from the east side of the village attacking her asalinats. Thankful for their help but too injured to continue to fight she fainted in the midst of battle. It seemed to have been some time before she awoke. Casting a look around the room she resided in she quickly realized this was not her village. She was in the city capital. As she regained her strength she set to find who had brought her here. Sure enough Nikolaus Kortrevich sat just outside the building she awoke in. “I see your awake” he said keeping his eyes on maintaining his sword. “How did I get here? Where are the rest of my people?” Niravan demanded. “Patience young one.” he said solemnly. “I brought you here. We marched a squad down to your village once we saw the fire.” his face grew grim.”but we were too late. You are the soul survivor of the attack” Nikolaus Kortrevich stood to face Niravan and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.”don’t let there deaths be in vain young one.” he said offering my fathers sword.
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