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  1. Happy trails to you Proddy Free yourself from the cycle of character rebirths and achieve moksha by leaving LOTC behind.
  2. You're doing God's work Treshure, thank you for this.
  3. Havelock strokes his prematurely grey beard. "A road is made by people walking it." he remarks. "God be with us."
  4. Havelock reads the proclamation by candlelight at his desk in Castle Sedan. "We danced, but to different music it seems."
  5. THE CYCLES OF HISTORY I tell you, my kinsmen: this world of ours that we walk today will pass away, just as all the others before it. Do you really think it could be otherwise? The sun rises and the sun sets, the moon hides her face and smiles, the stars march relentlessly along their heavenly courses, each returning again to its own, each again in its proper time. Are gods and men so different than these? Within the lifetime of a single generation, the land we have called our home will sink into the sea, leaving us beggars and vagabonds once again. We run ashore on a new continent
  6. THE REALITY OF FORCE Words can trick, mislead, even blind us- but not deeds. Remember, kinsmen, you are what is. Your actions are bound to the Totality; they play a small part in shaping the world into its present form. For what is the world today but the sum total of all our works, and all those of our ancestors? When you forge a new blade in the smithy, when you unleash terror upon a battlefield, when you hold a newborn cub in your arms- that, kinsmen, is Truth- Truth right before your eyes! Is there any doubt, deception, or ambiguity in actual experience? Onl
  7. THE VANITY OF WORDS The world is One. Before thoughts, before words, there is only the one, undifferentiated mass. Nothing exists independently of anything else- things appear as they are because of their relation to all other things. This totality, this wholeness, this One- that kinsmen, is Truth. That is the only Truth there ever could be, for It is all that exists, and all that ever could exist. What then are words? Do we not say that one speaks the truth? When someone pulls the wool over our eyes, do we not call him a liar? Must Truth not take at least tempo
  8. THE PARABLE OF THE DUNES A young uruk was wandering alone across the desert. Full to the brim with cunning and ambition, he had left home with nothing more than his sword and sufficient rations to reach the Rexdom’s eastern border. There, he would raise a mighty warband- strong enough to crush the militias guarding the frontier villages, and loyal enough to follow him on a daring raid into the rich Imperial heartland. With the loot from his conquests, he would construct a fortress bigger and more impenetrable than Kodar’Goi itself- no, it would be bigger! From his new
  9. What is your favorite quote?
  10. Birdman

    All is Vanity

    Idries Irulan wanders dreamily around the Providence streets. A gentle smile marks his face, and his air of contentment strikes those passersbys that he encounters on his saunter towards the front gates. Atop a stack of yellowing parchment in his old chambers sits a ministerial ring, bearing the seal of the Orenian Foreign Affairs Office. Beside it rests an unkempt pile of unfinished paperwork, letters unsealed and unsent, drafts of bills, treaties, diplomatic assignments.... As he passes beneath the city portcullis, the guard on watch might catch a few whispered words
  11. “Good to see you here on this day, brother. We shall begin quite simply. What is your name?” Morgant. “How old are you?” 27 years. “This question is obvious, but it is for the sake of these records. What race of the descendants are you of?” I am human. “You are able to read and write, am I right?” I can. “And with that, I hope you are familiar with the Holy Scrolls and Catechism of our Church?” Yes. “You are of course baptized?”
  12. ON BEAUTY Many who wrestle with unbelief become preoccupied with notions of proof for God’s existence. These anxious souls insist that an ironclad, mathematically sound syllogism is the only antidote for their doubting, and until such proof sits before their minds, they cannot embrace the faith with sincerity. Good men and women, blessed by God with sharp and critical minds, your situation is that of the Lishan monkey. Rheynari hunters have devised a fiendishly simple way of trapping these creatures, which I hope you will find instructive. First, they find a gour
  13. Idries sends in his votes: AYE for the confirmation of Naper. AYE for the Marshall Bill. NAY for the Rain Day act. AYE on the Wick Clarification. NAY on the Budget Stability.
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