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    Caulder Marsk was a Hanseti Highlander Human born in Markev. As most Hanseti are, Caulder was raised to be strong and host an equally strong respect for the Canonist Church. Fieldwork over his early years ensured one of those were true, but his devotion to the Canonist Church was moderate at best, opting to believe in what he could see with his own two eyes, rather than what was told to him. Of course to the outside world he feigned deep belief, in order to avoid any persecution. As fieldwork grew dull and Caulder became older he realized it was now time for himself. No longer would he toil away in the fields to feed some noble he'd never meet, instead he set off into the world, using his Hanseti-born traits and his up bringing to act as a sellsword of sorts. To find his own fortune, and become the man he was destined to be.
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