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  1. Im sorry to have to inform you on here and not the Minecraft.net chat but my Minecraft user is jennyz101 and I have applied

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    2. winterforever


      alright thank you so much I was confused at who and alright thank you so very much

    3. Vaynth


      Don't mention it. I know what you mean, seeing all the teams can be a bit overwhelming at first. Welcome to lotc by the way, we're happy to have you.

  2. winterforever


    Winter was born into a very poor family who lived in kingdom Santegia where the family worked for so little money as farmers. Sadly winter's mother tried to sell her for money for her and winter's younger sister, as a result winter ran away before her mother could sell her as a servant and only with her bag of things her father gave her before he was murdered the bag held a small bag of money and two pairs of clothes.
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