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  1. I’d never collaborate with a filthy mage! Gimme these syringes.
  2. Grouch Carrington posts a letter on this missive, offering his service as a weapons-designer.
  3. What tier of Alchemist (1,2 or 3) is needed to craft one of these?
  4. PETRICAN Sign(s): Earth Symbol(s): Silence x 3 Blindness x 3 Appearance: Petrican is series of eye-sized black orbs connected by a web of dark blue tendrils. (Blue Glazed Terracotta) Location: Petrican grows just underneath and adjacent the surface of clay, spreading through clay blocks that are not exposed to sunlight. Petrican can grow on the side of clay formations as well, and flourishes wherever clay and darkness meet. Harvesting: Finding Petrican is difficult, as any loud noise or light will cause the plant to shrink back into the clay through a flexing of the blue tendrils inwards. Only complete darkness and near silence will cause the herb to relax and be visible above ground. To harvest Petrican, simply excavate enough of the orbs and web with a trowel to gain an exposed handhold to rip the herb out of the clay substrate. Once Petrican is unearthed, the blue tendrils shrink into the black orbs, giving the herb the impression of very large caviar. Petrican can be farmed, requiring a completely dark set of 3x3 clay blocks with a source-herb (blue glazed terracotta) in the center. This type of dark-garden would allow for one unit of Petrican to be harvested every 3 OOC days from one of the eight adjacent blocks to the source-herb. Raw Effect(s): Harvested Petrican can be dried in sunlight to drain the herb of the water within, leaving you with rigid, empty orbs near the size of eyeballs. These can be used as decoration or eaten as a hearty snack. Redlines: Any light such as a torch, the indirect light from a cave mouth, to even the light from a smoking pipe will cause Petrican to enter its protective mode, whereby it retreats and is undetectable underneath a clay formation. Any noise louder than a whisper will also alert the herb, so care must be taken in the scouting process to not speak, bump into walls, or rattle tools. This makes locating and approaching it incredibly difficult, so the ability to see in the dark is a pre-requisite for harvesting the herb.
  5. Sorcerio sure is looking forward to running these gathering scenes for me for this new reagent!
  6. A letter is written to Mahir Nicolas. Thank you for your application to the Company of Mercers! Please visit our guildhall in Helena and speak to Grouch Carrington in order to secure your apprenticeship. Signed, Grouch Carrington, Master of Mercers
  7. A letter is pinned to the missive, an application to the guild for one prospective Grouch Carrington. Name: Grouch Carrington Persona’s Race: I hail from the grasslands of Southron culture as a mutt elf of nameless lineages. Persona’s Age: The years roll on by, but by the calendar I am somewhere in my 15th decade of life. Any particular skills: I am a master craftsman of many useful tools such as crossbows, bows, spears, shields, saddles, medical equipment, compasses, wands, and more. In matters of warfare, I am an amateur with an arbalest & shield, and battlefield medicine. I also lay claim to the talents of horse-breeding, fletching, and the humble art of accordion-playing. Affiliations and Allegiances: I am a proud member of the Carrington family, and I lead the Merchants and Craftsworkers of Helena. MC Name (IGN): DiscoLiquid Discord: DiscoLiqui#9251 Timezone: EST +5
  8. This is a question for the story team if this is accepted, but once accepted will the Gunpowder item pass as black powder under the ‘herb amnesty’ policy put forth by Riftblade here?
  9. Grouch, a mutt of many bloods who lay claim to the Southron culture, smiled upon seeing a clave of Forest Dwed organize themselves. He noted where he thought he might find them on a map, and went to see if they would accept and house one with Forest Dwarf blood as only a part of their lineage.
  10. Grouch, ever the man busied by work or meetings, gave pause to his toils on a rainy day in Helena to humor Ardashir and heed his wisdom. The two held a calm, bland conversation, navigating the subtleties of a first impression. The Southron Grouch, whose blood was mixed up well from nameless lineages, paid loose attention to the Gnostic lectures of Ardashir. Grouch’s bushy brows raise and furrow in a dance of confusion and comprehension, before finally Ardashir would have returned to his outward paths of travel, speech concluded.
  11. Carrington & Co Company Director and Master of Mercer’s Grouch sends a letter to organize a meeting with the Haberdashers and Drapers. Hail Eleanora, I’ll keep this short, Carrington & Co wishes you will through the establishment of these Liveries. We intend to pay your company dues in material services, and offer ourselves to provide what your company may need in the coming years. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Let me know when you might be free. Grouch, Master of Mercers.
  12. Grouch Carrington, ever the fan of a good boxing match, vows to show up and support the wonderful work of Viktoriya!
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