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  1. Often others have come within my personal space, speaking, talking, braying, chattering, about THIS! THIS!
  2. "It's tha Dwarves Anvil and I want it N̵̨̧̰̰̫̲͍̩͇͓̓͐̄̈̓̓̊̃̒̈́͌̀͌̕͝ͅǪ̵̧̧̢̟̪̯͓̖̮̌͂̃̔́̌͛̀͜W̸̡̧̢̭̪͔̪͙̱̮͉̿͑͑!"
  3. https://www.patreon.com/join/TrixyBlox
  4. The Cleric of Urguan lurks at the Anvil of Shadows, appraising all who come to be worthy or unworthy of its mettle.
  5. "As forseen, we left through tha tunnels o' tha lands. Tha seas could nae be trusted, so we fled ta rock & stone." A Dwarven priest raises her arkenlyte rod, displaying the light of a bright torch to lead her people's path.
  6. A Prophet of Grimdugan reads this poster & takes up her obsidian dagger. She raises it in pious ritual, chanting to the Lord Grimdugan. "Grimdugan! Claim Tal'yrro as pious & avaricious Dwedmar, who knew long ago tha we would need this location ta rest in while we fled Almaris. May Dor'Nal and Eldi be blessed in wisdom & power ta lead us inta prosperity!" Auriel Doomforged, Prophet of Grimdugan

    Who Am I?

    The Cleric of Urguan held close her stoney scripture, and wondered where her bright eyed teacher had gone of late.
  8. Excited to hear what you do with ur free time!
  9. "I think he is trying to bait Fa' into staying in power." supposes Smart Dwarf, Auriel. "This Bald Charles Fellow must be quite the reverse psychologist!"
  10. "Ho-Hoom!" gruffs the Low Hall keeper. She drags deep on cigar & plumes sin's smog out from stoney nostrils. "So, at last it is as settled as Stone." She returns to her divining gems; ruby & sapphire.
  11. White Knight Poverty Club

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