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  1. Grouch felt a strange sense in his chest, having only just met the man once before. He did not know it, but his pleasant chat would be the last he’d ever have with Mr. More. ((My, I remember the first time I saw you in Aegis on King’s Road. What a long, strange trip.))
  2. Fire evocationsts are proficient in combat too. Just PvP, jesus.
  3. Rahm wonders how one may join this Company of the Sun.
  4. my guy i do NOT use my /auth anymore please help

  5. Doesn’t seem any stronger than regular Shamanism, just seems to open people up to PK clauses, which will make them be hunted.
  6. THICC FOG: **chokes and freezez you**

    ME: Harder Daddy...

    1. _Hexe_


      what’s your god damned issue, discoliquid

    2. Unwillingly


      are you fuckinh okay

    3. ImCookiie
  7. No, I’m just talking about like, the arbitrary limits in the first place. I get that we need limits, I just don’t get like... why these limits? Why did you cap it at a really big bear? If this guide is USED, it’ll be a reference for powergaming over the whole server. So really, why a big bear?
  8. I’ll be honest, I don’t see the point. A “bear” isn’t even a standard unit of power in the first place. Anyone on LotC can powergame a bear to death. We post guides to say what magic can and can’t do, but who does this benefit outside of arbitrary power scales needed for “adequate” combat role-play?
  9. Looking for a high quality goblin skinner, willing to pay up to 3K minas. Preferring people who can make tattoos on skins, and shade hair. PM me for more. 

    1. _Jandy_


      pm me on discord, I will not charge you homie

  10. Gimme your books.

  11. I used to have a lot more fun on the server when people got along really well and took it all a little less seriously. 

    1. Moribundity


      People are too salty nowadays. :<<

    2. Snelfma


      When was this o.o

    3. SaltAlt


      Agreed. Can’t do **** in RP anymore without pissing someone off oocly. When did people start taking Minecraft so seriously?

  12. Esther is a taller, slimmer Human female with straw-berry blonde hair, copper red eyes, and very pale and flushed skin. She's always smiling, and has a pet goat, too! She likes wearing fancy dresses, mainly with hues of red, gold, pink, and white. Her hair is flowy and pinned up into a shorter look most often.
  13. I'm fine with you using any art you draw of Esther for anything school related!
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