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  1. And people who bought pillars last maps, they'll need to buy the new tomes?
  2. Year 13 2A: Several travelers arrive to East-Fleet in preparation for a longer journey, lead by a man who calls himself a Prospector, a native to Almaris' underground depths. (Artist) The warm seabreeze of East-Fleet amused an old miner who walked along the crusted docks. He had a moment alone, enough to drink down something amber he bought at the tavern at Southbridge. He rubbed a flat thumb over the cheap label of 'Oaken Nectar', and let the empty bottle plop into the rising & falling tide. The bottle was pulled away by wave and wind, floating towards the horizo
  3. Alright I’ve reread the piece a few times and I really cannot find where it says that Wither requires physical touch
  4. IGN: DiscoLiquid RP NAME: Neph Irongut CANDIDATE: Norli StarBreaker
  5. @SquakHawk This lore is really well written, but I have a problem with balance. This feat, compared to the others, has a rather pesky set of control combat abilities which do not bode well. If I'm wrong about how these spells seem to work, I'd ask that you clarify the lore a little too. I'm just going off of what I can read, but I may be misinterpreting how these abilities are used. Dedicating three slots to voidal magic means that learning this feat pairs up with fighting well through magical means. This Feat (0 slot magic) gains the ability to checkmate any other oppone
  6. "No Elf better than a Dark Elf," Neph "Nine-Fingers" Irongut confirms from a hospital bed, nodding once to affirm her assertion.
  7. Neph Irongut set up her store’s backroom with several toolkits of common make and model. She compared a few diagrams she had managed to scrounge together from the Worker’s Guild that detailed Urguan’s old miner uniforms. Neph began to bind leather and padded cloth together into basic shapes, and followed her own writings on the safety of mining to guide her designs. Between piecing together the outfit, Neph wrote in some spare parchments some
  8. I still like being on the story team, more or less doing events for people and getting to build and tell small time stories. I also like making minecraft skins! Temp map trolling was truly my top tier trick
  9. Zarsies writes incredible works but I'm a Gaius Simp. Yes!
  10. I was begging about this in general storychat, should only be another decade.
  11. sure on youtube never on tiktok, definitely on twitch, and I don't have a twitter My personal style is generosity and bitter satire, so most people know I'm generally nice, that way when I bust out the moronic commentary, everyone knows its mostly good faith Whenever I hate this place I just leave for another 6 months Well I don't spend too much time cultivating close relationships on the server, but Moogle, you, SWGRclan, Heero, and the dearly missed Geoboy66 were probably the people I enjoyed the banter with the most, and give
  12. i just got a splint off for breaking my pinky by hitting my desk, so not well. other than that, I like a good bath.
  13. This was my first account on lord of the craft. I've had a few, but this was my very first. I shall now tell you the story of Rithis and Grakka, one that very few ears have ever been privvy to know. When I first joined LotC I was pretty stupid, and I still am. My first character, I wanted nothing more than to be a Druid in Aegis. However, because SerenityOnyx did not like me, my first account was placed on the Druidic shun list - I was the second person to ever be shunned by the Druids. I was crestfallen, so I made a second account, but not before doubling down to enact a terrible
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