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  1. Kinda insane how hard Void Magic counters alchemy. Buff alch!

    1. Greehn


      yeah but have you heard of kani

  2. I have to agree with Islamadon, but I enjoy the writing otherwise. It's cultural & thematic.
  3. Haruspice supremacy

    1. Nug


      do you smoke spice

  4. An arbalest? A crank crossbow? This is overpowered.
  5. A concerned, sheep-haired Bard patted his partner on the back. "Very proud of you, mayilu. Now please, the lumine."
  6. Where have you gone :(

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    2. DrHope


      you still owe me that god damn voidal ring, DISCO

    3. The King Of The Moon

      The King Of The Moon

      The MILF RP scene needs you now more than ever...

    4. Spindle


      What they said^

  7. A lone doctor eyed a paper, shrugged her shoulders in disbelief. "A fabrication. There's never just one." Ibisa continued her anatomical study of leeches.
  8. Can I buy out teal robes DiscoLiquid DiscoLiquid#9251 @chartark Pinging you incase you want to buy them out instead
  9. A giddy bard snagged up the letter with a tip offered to the courier. He worked in the attic of an inn, sanding down the edges of some fresh wood-work. In the tightly cramped rooms, he opened the delivery & scanned the invitation. Warmth radiated from him, for he had never been to a wedding and had always wanted to.
  10. I'm suggesting the black company books for people who like darker writing, and 2nding wizard of earth sea!
  11. "Dear First Cousin of the Man Most Strange, I am Bacchus, a tavern-keeper in Vienne. I could use a cookbook to inspire my bartenders to rise to the occasion of preparing fresh meals."
  12. A local tavernkeep wished for a copy of this to be printed as a buyable book.
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