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  1. Maybe instead of adding an entirely separate potion, we could collapse both Babbling Concoction & Nim’s Babbling Unction into one potion with two recipes? You are saying that you wrote the original lore for Nim’s Babbling Unction, so I agree that I would rather the piece of lore for the Babbling Concoction be changed or expanded for the original RP item.
  2. As the potion requires no ST signing and is only Tier 1, I would lower the requirements of order, strength, and slowness from 2 counts to one. Excepting strength, those symbols are currently hard to get ahold of, and this will make your cosmetic potion more accessible to low level alchemists. Great potion idea!
  3. progratulations

  4. 2nd Helena Livery Board, 1772 Having been elected as Lord Mayor by popular vote of the citizenry of the Imperial City of Helena, Grouch Carrington takes the stand alongside the City Clerk. As the Livery Masters find their seats in Varoche Hall, he begins at once. “Honorable Masters, first, the roll! “The Lord Mayor of Helena, Grouch Carrington! City Clerk of Helena@BobBox Master of the Honorable Company of Mercers@Slapacookie Master of the Honorable Company of Vintners, Brewers and Innkeepers@Merqurie Master of the Honorable Company of Ironmongers, Blacksmiths and Founders@howard Master of the Honorable Company of Grocers and Cooks@Ozziemine Master of the Honorable Company of Tylers, Bricklayers and Paviors @cap Master of the Honorable Company of Barbers and Surgeons @jmeatball Master of the Honorable Company of Drapers and Haberdashers – To be electected Master of the Honorable Company of Thespians and Revelers @Heff Master of the Honorable Company of Scriveners @Neon123 Master of the Honorable Company of Publicans @libertyybelle As is our obligation at the beginning of every livery board, each Livery Master must recite the ancient Nauzican Oath of fealty to the Crown in order to sit.” Grouch raises his hand as he stands alongside the City Clerk before the lectern, imploring all of his colleagues to follow suit: at once the Livery Masters rise, as individual assistants scramble to provide their superiors with the proper paperwork. Once all were ready, they collectively spoke: ”I swear to be true to the Emperor and the realm and not to maintain silence about any evil that I may know which is being contemplated against them. I swear to work tirelessly to the betterment of the Empire and the Orenian people that comprise it. I swear also not to eat or drink with traitors and not to have anything in common with them, and always to defend the honor of the gentlemen I serve. This I swear by the Holy Scrolls.” Grouch sits and helps himself to a nice ale as he leads the livery guilds to discuss issues of budget & term goals. This is a role-play post, please stay in character. You may not post unless your character would be allowed into Varoche Hall of Helena during this meeting. [SPACE RESERVED]
  5. a forged signature demands christ punchsteel’s return
  6. Wow, yeah. Imagine a team of 5 IRP 3 Horse-Archers & 2 Wagonmen on the roads – not technically a toll road, executing mass kidnappings!
  7. A keen eared Grouch hears thunderous cries; his bulbous nose sniffing no rain clouds, only the dry and summerish grass thriving below. “Curious.”
  8. No, I really hope we don’t keep these techlock weapon designs because of how obviously better some of these weapons are than others. As it was before these posts, most people just threw three emotes behind projectiles, bow and crossbow alike, and called it a day. No one shot at each other from fourty+ blocks unless they were in an event. Having the techlock level of specificity that certain weapons are just flat out better like the recurve bow is just going to lead to emotes like Johnny Snipes laughing at fools entering the kill-zone.
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