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  1. Jeez calm down sky. +1 though
  2. ET Update Log - February

    Nice job Xarkly.
  3. New Nations?

    That was all supposed to go hand in hand with 501's region plugin. Not sure about currently though.
  4. A Cycle of Rebirth

    This lore is very well written. +1 proud of you gladdy.
  5. LT Update Log - February

    Awesome job Flam. Try to get one thing done at a time and don't overwhelm yourself. The plans laid out here are solid.
  6. AT Update Log- February

    The majority of applications over the past year were from people who found us via Google searches and Planet Minecraft skins. The referrals weren't so significant that it would have this large of an impact, and I'm positive some people still find the server through their friends. I do not have numbers to back up this fact, but for a long time I've read every single server application as I evaluated the performance of AT members. Though seeing as the devs seem to be in charge of recruitment, I understand why you so concretely stand by this point.
  7. AT Update Log- February

    Every month counts. I merely used the ones I could find because I wrote them. So summer into late fall, and you provided the rest on your initial post. It's more so a comparison to number of applications and the percentage accepted than as result, rather than the flow of total applications which certainly will increase with this system in place and more players voting. I'm not saying anything negative about the extra exposure, the voting campaign is going wonderfully. Many of these apps were probably the same guests applying multiple times after their initial denial, due to lack of assistance from AT members. (again, not that they can help it.) Only thing that could possibly counter this issue right now is having AT direct denied guests to the New Player Discord or simply giving out their discord contact info. I do agree that that there could be a separate category created and to not clump them in with apps linked to forum accounts. But if applying as a guest proves to almost always result in a denial, things might have to be changed. Time will tell.
  8. AT Update Log- February

    I suppose I was thinking about average numbers throughout the past year rather than just the past couple months. June- 143 apps. 76% accepted. July- 148 apps. 75% accepted. August- 164 apps. 80% accepted. September- 130 apps. 67% accepted. October- 106 apps. 79% accepted. November- 95 apps. 83% accepted. There was a dip in applicants around the end of Axios, but the numbers speak for themselves. The results this month are completely out of the ordinary, as far as denial rate goes. I've haven't seen one this high the entire time I've been playing on the server. Gaining players through voting couldn't be the cause of it.
  9. AT Update Log- February

    Sky knows how I feel about this, but it seems a close eye needs to be kept on exactly how effective this new system is working, and whether guest applications are really necessary for the server to grow. 152 applications is not a very large number compared to other recent months, and almost half of that total being denied is rather alarming. I don't blame this on the Director or any of the AT, but rather an obvious flaw in the application system itself. Different factors need to be looked into to determine the main problem. One thing to note is that guest applications cannot be placed on pending currently- an issue that clearly needs to be amended. Is it possible info could be released on how many of these denials are from guest applications alone? On another note, welcome to the team new people. Hope you have lots of fun helping out newbies.
  10. LotC's Age Criteria

    You can lie about your age on any website at all yet there are still restrictions. Doesn't mean it should be disregarded because of the possibility to lie. That would be like removing bans because they could use a vpn and alt anyways.
  11. [Denied]WhiteKnight Applies for first staff position

    Seems like a good person. +1 Lovely app.
  12. LotC's Age Criteria

    This rule change was Admin approved before I held the position, while I was AT Director. Voted on by Harold, Wrynn, 501, and Telanir. However I have always largely been in favour of keeping the server PG13 due to the mature content allowed on LOTC- namely sexual themes (not full on scenes, but things leading up to it) and graphic violence. Minecraft itself is for children, but roleplay adds an entirely new element. Before this rule was implemented, we had children 12 years old and younger giving their own consent to be exposed to these things. That's completely unacceptable, and I'm sure the parents of these players would feel the same. It's not a matter of personal opinion. Might be another story if it was altered so anyone younger than 13 years of age required parental permission via email to sign up for the forums. But following that guest applications would have to be removed.
  13. whoever is using my username as their character name, pls cease

    1. Algoda


      Have you filed a copyright claim?

    2. Vaynth


      nah I just think it's odd

  14. Hope life is going well for you bunch.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ThatGuy_777


      Congratulations on getting the job!

    3. Harrison


      life is terrible in every regard

      glad u got a job and stuff though i hope ur enjoying it

    4. Vaynth


      Awe miss you too rukio. <3 Come play mabi, I've been on there a lot lately.

      ty harrison, I hope things get better for you. message me anytime over discord if you wanna chat.

  15. Sure mitto is okay and would do well