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  1. This support request can be closed. A very nice admin boi helped me out. ty!
  2. hey @_Jandy_! I’ve been doing pretty good- recently moved to a new state. Hope you’re well too buddy.
  3. Hi, I returned to the server so that I could roleplay for the first time in probably a year. Despite still having the Google Authenticator app on my phone, the generated code is not giving me access to the server. I would appreciate if a dev or admin could get a hold of me so that auth may be removed from my account entirely. My discord is Vaynth#0330. Thank you!
  4. haven’t played on the server all map but +1 because i like the title
  5. Looking to commission a staff pocket chibi for a friend as a late christmas gift. Contact me with price info and possible examples if you’d be willing to do this. Thank you!

  6. omg adorable. My suggestion is these peaceful puppers as an emoji.
  7. Hi, was the most recent community meeting recorded or notes kept? I was unable to attend while I would have liked to.

    1. rukio


      Probably not

    2. Vaynth


      super lame. :c

  8. Merry Christmas to the EST time zone! The only real time zone. I am 45 minutes late.

  9. If the text wasn’t center aligned it would be better. +1 anyways! Happy holidays everyone.
  10. Happy friday guys

    1. gandalfo


      happy friday


    2. Deer__


      Happy Friday Vaynth. Hit tox for me.

    3. ThatGuy_777


      Happy happy Friday!

  11. will you give me attention if I message you here

    1. Vaynth


      boi I pmed you in discord

  12. Vaynth

    woAH look at you with that green tag !!

    1. Tox


      mistakes were made

    2. z3m0s
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