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  1. Here are a few words for @Jondead. You are an amazingly kind person. While a bit overzealous at times, you’re always a friendly ear to listen and I appreciate that about you kiddo.
  2. Vaynth

    The Creative Cafe

    What if my talent is being bad at everything.
  3. Vaynth

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    i aM aN aMeRiCaN
  4. Vaynth

    [Your View] New Player Integration

    Honestly the best you can do is to not treat the new players like a project. Just reach out and talk to them as fellow community members- ask them why they were interested in the server and get to know them. Help them find an active place where they can roleplay regularly and develop their character. Teach them a little about the server lore without making them scavenge through the wiki and various written guides. While I was Director of the AT in the past, I worked on various “projects” that include some of what the team is putting effort into currently. I noticed a cycle of these same projects beginning and pausing when each director steps down and another is promoted. In the long run not much is ever achieved by them and the Application Team will not be able to retain the new players on their own.. nor should they be expected to. It’s an effort of the entire staff and players that will make a difference. The Admins/Devs could also make a huge difference to retention by not forcing characters to spawn at CT initially, where they will very likely get lost, harassed by bandit characters as their first roleplay experience, or end up in an empty settlement where they get bored and log off.
  5. Vaynth

    New Player Guide Ideas

    Previous new player guides are great references when trying to figure out what to add to your own. There’s never too many guides!
  6. Looking to commission a staff pocket chibi for a friend as a late christmas gift. Contact me with price info and possible examples if you’d be willing to do this. Thank you!

  7. Vaynth

    How’d you get your Username?

    While applying to the server I was searching for names for my dark elf character, and came across Vaynth on an unofficial elder scrolls wiki. (put it in the hyperlink) I ended up not caring much for my first character, however I really liked the name and decided to keep it as a username instead.
  8. omg adorable. My suggestion is these peaceful puppers as an emoji.
  9. Hi, was the most recent community meeting recorded or notes kept? I was unable to attend while I would have liked to.

    1. rukio


      Probably not

    2. Vaynth


      super lame. :c

  10. Vaynth

    AT Monthly Update Log- December

    ❤️❤️ Thank you and congratulations on earning team director, Ivory. I would also like to give my good friend @Lego XBOX some recognition for creating the spreadsheet and data charts that are still used in every AT update log to this day!
  11. Merry Christmas to the EST time zone! The only real time zone. I am 45 minutes late.

  12. Vaynth

    Community Meeting

    Just a general suggestion- might be better to postpone community meetings (or any kind of staff meetings/large events for that matter) until after the Holidays so that more people can make it. ^^ As for questions.. 1.) Will there be a new community manager? 2.) Are there currently any planned or ongoing projects targeted towards advertising the server outside of our own mediums? 3.) Has my buddy Telanir been getting his rest? 4.) This one is mainly towards Flam- what is the lore behind shelving lore on the server? In his opinion, how should a character physically react to suddenly losing their magic/returning back to into mortal etc? 5.) What is the difference between a lore librarian and a wiki team member?
  13. Vaynth

    Merry Christmas 2018

    If the text wasn’t center aligned it would be better. +1 anyways! Happy holidays everyone.
  14. Vaynth

    Dev Update December

  15. Happy friday guys

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      Happy Friday Vaynth. Hit tox for me.

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      Happy happy Friday!