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  1. he always beat me in quota percentage : (
  2. water is wet

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      And fire is on fire

    3. Vaynth


      noun definition of wet; liquid that makes something damp. aka water and most other liquids.

    4. tenredux


      fact. u have no brain if think otherwise

  3. Vaynth

    Cukie1's Art Pile

    Welcome to the server! Excited to see your lotc art collection grow.
  4. ye edit: the other day I emoted sitting on a horse with someone but I couldnt mechanically and it was a sad moment
  5. Vaynth


  6. Vaynth

    [ Staff ] Position Limitations

    This should remain the director's choice. Some people are better at multi-tasking and/or have more free time than others. There are also certain staff teams that correlate well with each other so that one doesn't detract from the other- AT and FM for example, or LT and WT.
  7. Vaynth

    The Current State of Applications

    Both jobs and universities have a limited amount of space available, and typically too many applicants to allow everyone a chance at proving they can skillfully handle with position. Community colleges allow just about everybody in, unless of course they have no room for more students. The difference with this and a Minecraft server white list application, is that we don't have a limited number of open spaces- our goal is to grow in numbers and allow as many different RP opportunities as we can. Quality of writing almost always improves over time- some people even learned English through role playing with members of this community. So if you find a new player that isn't quite up to par with the style of writing you prefer seeing on the server, interact with them and teach by example or bring them to someone who would. Lots of people are better at learning by actually immersing themselves in the environment. tldr; you should learn to give people a chance before writing them off as incompetent and unable to keep up with the RP around them just because they didn't have a long, detailed application. I don't see why anyone thinks letting them try it out is harmful in any way unless they have zero understanding of the basic server rules.
  8. Vaynth

    The Current State of Applications

    This has been covered multiple times recently.
  9. Vaynth

    Last Will and Final Goodbyes from the Late Elven King

    "With your loss, Brother Caribou, this will certainly be a time of great woe." Sirari said with a frown etched into her features, brows furrowed in sadness. "You always made me feel welcome as a member of the Caerme’onn seed, and I appreciate that more than you know. Aspects bless you."
  10. Vaynth

    New Persona Spawning

    I do see where you're coming from with this. I thought of a clickable selection myself, but passed on the idea when I realized it would just lead to new players choosing the first option they see and accidentally ending up in the wrong place because they didn't know better. I was thinking that just like when choosing a race, it can offer a list of valid options to type. There can also be a direct link to a list of the nations and a small description of each. If someone is too lazy to figure out where they want to go, they can just spawn at CT. x I like this proposal as well.
  11. Vaynth

    New Persona Spawning

    I'll keep this short and to the point. When a new persona is created, it's extremely boring having to navigate all the way to your nation for the first time. There should be two options- spawn at cloud temple, or at your race's designated nation like it used to be. OR for people who think racial nations are dumb because it takes away activity from their own settlement, the second option could be "other" and you type in the name of the nation you want to go to just like how you type in your race. It would automatically warp your new persona to the place you type in.
  12. Vaynth

    Your View: Raids

    Well yeah. But in the context I was saying this in, for a larger scale raid either the defending settlement would have to rally up an equal or greater amount of people every time raid cd expires or get slaughtered. This would just lead to people clearing the area every time there's a raid- which wouldn't be fun for either party.
  13. Vaynth

    Your View: Raids

    dang you're right. I deserve this.
  14. Vaynth

    AT Update Log- August

    Super excited to see the Tailor's Guild up and running again soon! Definitely count me in when you're looking for members. ❤️ also awe that little shout out made me smile. I'll always be here for you guys and I hope you're feeling better Britt.