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  1. There's no way sending a member of the community an image of a firearm after responding about their origins could be chalked up as a misunderstanding. Very disappointing to see this swept under the rug with a gentle warning instead of actually being taken seriously and with compassion towards people dealing with real life issues. Unprofessionalism in a volunteer minecraft team towards someone trying to provoke them is a nonissue and bringing it up as a defense is just a way of trying to derail the topic.
  2. Namielle reads over the missive with a solemn orchid gaze, muttering to herself about how Laetranis needs a vacation before ripping up the parchment and throwing it into the fireplace at her estate.
  3. He wouldnt even give me time to review his grammar
  4. i helped edit like 3 sentences pls gib rep
  5. Skin Name: Elven Embroidery Skinner’s Username: MikoMonster Discord: Vay#6162 Bid: 400 mina
  6. Skin Name: Elven Embroidery Skinner’s Username: MikoMonster Discord: Vay#6162 Bid: 200 mina
  7. hi i'm one of ur biggest fans

  8. man I really like maple and strawberry SEER UP equally
  9. Because Astral Sorcery is gathering a material, writing a glyph with said material and activating it using mana, we don't see why there would be a permanent physical handicap as it doesn't enhance the body either. The power comes from the material itself, not from the caster; studying a source material and learning how to use it. It is similar to alchemy in this sense. There is always a chance that a spell book could be stolen or damaged in or out of combat which would leave the caster just as defenseless as any regular descendent with no powers, except they might be left with mana exhaustion
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