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  1. Vaynth

    Safety Team

    Who is currently handling the situations that would have initially been under the Safety Team? Did you designate anyone at all to assist with your duties on this extremely long hiatus?
  2. Hey there. Just letting you know this isn’t a LOTR server. We have our own unique lore and the land we’re currently on is called Arcas. If you read through the wiki you should be able to find some little bits of lore to throw into your application, as well as info about whichever race you want to play. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Main_Page It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with wandering soul chat so I’m not entirely sure why it’s not letting you interact there. But you can find lots of help on the forums anyways.
  3. What’s the point of giving mod duties to the community team?
  4. Wow they should give you admin perms already
  5. Aaah these are so cute Rella. ❤️
  6. I just watched the audio recording and it seems to have gone really well. Maybe organize the questions a day prior to the meeting. There were a lot of repeat and personal questions that could have been left out to save some time. Also if a question doesn't fully make sense, ask the person who presented it to elaborate beforehand so you guys don’t have to decipher what it means during the meeting. I agree with others that a LOT of changes will occur on the server within 6 months. Imo community meetings they should be hosted every other month. As for people complaining about time zones, take into consideration there is not going to be a perfect time for everyone to participate. Even if you make it convenient for the American and European time zones, the Oceania time zones will be left out etc. No one truly misses anything anyways because it’s all recorded. So just do what time is best for most of the staff members to be around.
  7. I wish you all a meowy christmas

  8. @rukio I haven’t been logging onto the server to play a whole lot but I’ve definitely been keeping tabs on things. It’s still an issue that no one has fixed. People should never jump to conclusions and immediately ban a person over a situation they know nothing about. It’s one of the main reasons I reached out to Telanir about this safety group in the first place. People are being harassed over bad decisions like this. But you’re right I don’t know the guy and everyone makes mistakes. I know I did dumb things as staff. Hopefully this team is careful about their decisions.
  9. you mean the guy that permabanned leowarrior over a false report. big yikes
  10. I’ve been trying to join this group for a month. Also I think this should be a sect under the moderation team- reviewing player bans and ooc harassment is a form of server moderation. The only new addition is someone other than Telanir handling sensitive cases like reports of potential child grooming. Which is a good thing imo, we need more people looking into those cases and making sure the reports are correctly handled. edit- this was handled really weird I agree that the members shouldnt have been kept a secret until now. Something like this is important for people to know who’s a part of it.
  11. Unpopular opinion I KNOW but I would like if fast travel was reintroduced at CT so that it’s more convenient to hop between places when our usual RP hub isn’t very active or when people just want to find somewhere new to hang out. We use our soulstones to travel from point a to b anyways and the limited slots are keeping many players from exploring further than their comfort zone rather than encouraging them to navigate the roads. In my experience most new players settle wherever they first visit rather than looking around at the different locations. Perhaps have ft lead close to nations (i.e nearby forks in the road) rather than directly in front of them.
  12. In a case where no body can agree and it leads to a player report rather than a solution, does this permit combat logging/leaving the situation so that people who actually want to enjoy their roleplay don’t have to be held up for 30+ minutes over something insignificant?
  13. Vaynth

    Simple Request

    If I recall how it works correctly, a GM should be able to use hawkeye to let you know who opened the chest so that you can ask directly. I don’t see any harm in it personally.
  14. Sounds fun. Maybe I’ll enter one of these things for once. When is the deadline?
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