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  1. Can we first just clear up that everyone here knows Tythus isn’t going to sue any of you kiddos. The rules seem to more-so be for server stability. But yeah fair use does sound about right.
  2. Just looks like they’re telling people that if you create something intended to be used for the server like lore, plugins, art, etc then you can’t take it back and say that thing can no longer be utilized for LOTC. For example if you have a character that’s been around for a long time and has become part of the server history, you can’t suddenly remove your character from existence of the world.
  3. What anime do you recommend????

    1. Vaynth


      I’m probably too late here but it depends on what kind of stuff you like really. You can never go wrong with Cowboy Bebop. The English DUBBED version with Steve Blum.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Godlike necroposting skills, I appreciate it. I’ll consider watching Cowboy Bebop.


      Also, what do you think of the Overlord anime? I love the premise, but I fear that the show will turn into a Power Fantasy gone too far with season 4. 

  4. wow some people really expect a lot from a small minecraft server staff
  5. @FlamboyantTyrant pls respond to the cat pics I sent you.

    1. Wrynn


      i sent toe pics, reply please.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      I know what anime ur profile picture is from

    3. Harrison


      i sent you my ****. please reply.

  6. This support request can be closed. A very nice admin boi helped me out. ty!
  7. hey @_Jandy_! I’ve been doing pretty good- recently moved to a new state. Hope you’re well too buddy.
  8. Hi, I returned to the server so that I could roleplay for the first time in probably a year. Despite still having the Google Authenticator app on my phone, the generated code is not giving me access to the server. I would appreciate if a dev or admin could get a hold of me so that auth may be removed from my account entirely. My discord is Vaynth#0330. Thank you!
  9. haven’t played on the server all map but +1 because i like the title
  10. Looking to commission a staff pocket chibi for a friend as a late christmas gift. Contact me with price info and possible examples if you’d be willing to do this. Thank you!

  11. omg adorable. My suggestion is these peaceful puppers as an emoji.
  12. Hi, was the most recent community meeting recorded or notes kept? I was unable to attend while I would have liked to.

    1. rukio


      Probably not

    2. Vaynth


      super lame. :c

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